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Complaint Review: Trackem, Ian Newhouse - Hamilton Internet Ontario

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  • Reported By: Police — Hamilton Ontario Canada
  • Trackem, Ian Newhouse
    150 Chatham St., Units 7 & 12
    Hamilton Internet, Ontario
    United States of America

Trackem, Ian Newhouse Total Tracking Solutions Ian Newhouse Your brother Peter Newhouse is Pedophile degenerate, deviant, pervert, wicked, twisted. Hamilton Internet, Ontario

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Victim Who????

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Ian Newhouse, stop covering up for your brother Peter Newhouse! As CEO of Perimeter Security Solutions Inc. You are responsible for your staff. How can you not know what he is doing!

The question needs to be asked, is it your technology that gave Peter Newhouse the ability to track his victims. To watch them, follow then, to spy on them? To open up their web cams or emails!

There was a news report about youre company and the comments posted are concerning to parents, if they can watch their children, so can Peter Newhouse and since your business and his business share the same address,  it is clear that this is how Peter Newhouse tracks his victims.

Trackem dba Total Tracking Solutions

Vince Poloniato


601 Tradewind

Drive Suite 4 Ancaster, Ontario Canada



Chatham St., Units 7 & 12


ON, L8P 2B6


you can reach them at 866.257.6180



WARNING: Pedophile degenerate, deviant, pervert,wicked, twisted, Peter Newhouse wanted by Hamilton Ontario Police. 


Peter M. Newhouse, BBA, BADip. (Owner and CEO)

e: info@perimetersecurity.ca

t: 905.529.4000

toll free: 866.257.6180

f: 866.700.0248

150 Chatham Street, Unit 7

Hamilton, Ontario L8P 2B6

I am a recently retired police officer with the Hamilton Police Services. For years I have been investigating Peter Newhouse, father of two and child molester of many. Peter Newhouse is the one that got away. 

Newhouse has been under investigation since 1997. Newhouse then came to our attention when complaints arose from those who Newhouse had visited selling encyclopaedias door to door. 

Newhouses -mo- (Modus operandi) was to target young boys, single them out by offering free books. This was skillfully done while the parents were distracted looking at the encyclopaedias. Innocent video games based on the companys encyclopaedias were given to the young boys, however, expertly inserted into the video games was an internet key allowing Newhouse to open up the home computer and chat with the children luring them into his twisted and sick world. Because this video games were given by Newhouse and because these video games were not his, but the encyclopaedia companies, and it is believed that after the fact Newhouse planted the software program allowing him to open up a chat room with his victims, the cunning scheme perpetrated has too many loop holes for police to lay a charge. After it was discovered, Newhouse quickly moved on and entered into the home security business.

The home security business allows Newhouse the opportunity to enter the homes of his victims a multiple of times, while installing the cameras and door alarms and his real and only purpose is to scope out where children sleep, play and eat. Some of Newhouses more sophisticated security systems tie into the homes PC allowing Newhouse to watch on-line the daily goings on. As a voyeur, he now is able to satisfy his sick and twisted behavior. 


If Newhouse or anyone from his company Perimeter Security located in Hamilton Ontario, I urgently encourage you to change companies, especially if they are monitoring you 24/7. Also change your door locks, remember Newhouse was in your house, he has the key code, and protect your children at all costs.

Below, I have highlighted some of the identifying markers of a Pedophile, but before you read these, go to Perimeter Security video, and see for yourself just how deviant Newhouse can be. 


If you notice Newhouse comes across smooth, unassuming. His attire is none threatening and what does he speak of first? Dawson and Mathew his boys, and he uses a Lego model of a home. Now as a adult, does that appeal to you, of course not, its rather adolescent, however, if your boys were watching this on TV, they would think, how cool. 

Newhouse isnt selling security products; he is selling himself to your children as a trusted cool security guy. 

What do Dawson and Mathew have to do with Newhouses sales pitch? Nothing, other than that is where Newhouse brain goes; he is subconsciously luring your children. Newhouse is wired that way. Anyone ever dealing with him will find that he rarely speaks of his wife; however his children are always a topic of discussion. Why, it is to bring your defenses down so that you volunteer information about your kids. 

Tips To Catch A Pedophile

These predators are excellent actors. To catch one in his or her act, you have to know what youre looking for.

Tip #1: Watch His Behavior

Is he interested more in kids than adults?

Does he offer to baby-sit or take the kids to give you a break?

Does he work closely with kids?

Is he especially affectionate toward kids?

Does he have activities with kids when parents are not invited or involved?

As a pedophile, he is drawn to children. He places himself in a position with easy access and trust - like working at schools, churches or scouts - so he can choose his targets.

Then the pedophile courts his latest victim buying her gifts, taking her on excursions, anything that makes her feel special to gain friendship and trust. It works pretty well.

Pedophiles are also good listeners. Once he learns his victims strengths and weaknesses, he can toy with her emotions - building self-esteem while he plays on her biggest loves or fears.

To listen to and manipulate a child are elements of the profile of a pedophile.

Tip #2: Watch His Relationships

Is he single, not interested in dating people his age or dating at all?

Is he more interested in his girlfriend or her kids?

Is he married but more affectionate with kids than his spouse?

Is he married to someone with no sexual expectations?

A key distinction in the profile of pedophiles is his sexual interest in kids... but this may not be his only sexual interest. He may even be married.

As in Newhouses case. But consider his partner.

If she is a pushover or a powerhouse, she may not have any need for intimacy.  Marriage is an excellent disguise.

And if he really is sexually interested in his wife... marriage tends to produce more victims more kids.

If he finds a particularly needy partner, he can threaten to leave her if she wont help him molest or get his next victim. After a while, she also becomes addicted to abusing. She becomes a genuine predator herself. Many female child molesters emerge this way.

Tip #3: Watch His Circle of Friends

Does he identify better with kids than people his age? (remember the video from his security company!)

Does he have lots of friends who are kids but not many adult friends?

Do his friends (who are kids) fall within a particular age group?

All pedophiles are interested in kids, but each has his favorite flavor. He usually has a circle of friends within the age group he prefers.

Here is something to note: The older the victims are, the more the pedophile leans toward a specific gender. The younger the children, the less gender matters.

Notice if he lavishes affection on one gender over the other within his young group of friends. This may be a clue as to his preference.

Tip #4: Watch Your Child

Do you notice a sudden change in her typical behavior?

Does she have sudden sleep problems or nightmares?

Does she draw pictures about sex?

Does she do sexual things or act sexual with other kids?

Does she suddenly fear people or places she didnt fear before?

These may be tell-tale signs that your child is currently under attack.

Notice the childs apparel. Does he or she have torn or stained underwear? Or suddenly wear layers of clothes?

Sometimes you can tell by noticing differences in your childs body. Difficulty walking or sitting, bruises in the genital area, or stomach pains and problems could be warnings. And of course, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or pregnancy are more obvious signs.

These tips outline the general characteristics you find in the profile of a pedophile. Study these. Take note of the people around you and your kids.

If you suspect it, report it. You owe it to your child. Call your local police station and ask how to report a child predator. You should be able to report them anonymously.

Be prepared with any evidences you may have names, dates, times, places, victims, anything that may help the investigation. If you notice internet assaults on a child, print the offensive online chat.

Better to investigate an innocent person than to let a real monster roam free.

Remember, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys have sexual contact with an adult before the age of 18.

I cannot tell you how many times I hear on the news that the neighbor of an arrested predator suspected something, heard something, noticed something but shrugged their shoulders and said, Eh, live and let live.

No. Report it. Please.

It is not only your moral obligation, but your legal obligation. There are programs in place to protect those who report abuse. 

You may save more than your own children. 

Hats off to the OPP

It was during this investigation that we got close to catching Peter Newhouse.

But he managed to get away. Lets not let that happen again.

Police conduct Ontario's largest province-wide sweep of child pornography offenders TORONTO, Feb. 12 /CNW/ - Police services across Ontario have arrested 22 individuals in the largest coordinated child pornography investigations in the history of Ontario.

The investigation and subsequent arrests were carried out by The Provincial Strategy To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse And Exploitation On The Internet. This multi-jurisdictional strategy is made up of the OPP and 18 municipal police services from across Ontario, 14 of which were involved in the sweeping arrests that occurred.

At a news conference today, OPP Commissioner Fantino and Provincial Strategy police partners who were instrumental in conducting this province-wide sweep announced details about the investigation and the resulting charges.

"Today is a great day for children and communities right across the province," Fantino said. "The exploitation of children - by whatever means - is appalling and unconscionable."

"It is appropriate that we are here today, making this announcement on Safer Internet Day," Fantino added. "It is a day recognized in 43 countries world-wide to highlight the need to make the Internet a safe and useful tool for our children to access for both educational and personal use."

The investigation began in January 2008, and revealed a large number of individuals who were using the Internet to distribute images of child sexual abuse. As a result of the investigation, 25 search warrants were executed in 16 communities across Ontario, resulting in 73 criminal charges being laid.

Charges are as follows:

- Jay Hutchinson, age 24, of Hamilton, 1 count of Make Available Child Pornography, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography.

- Doug MacDonald, age 50, of Ottawa, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Make Available Child Pornography.

- Edwin Morris, age 63, of Burlington, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Access Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Michael E. Shipley, age 31, of Milton, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Access Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Thomas Webb, age 56, of Brantford, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Wendy Allison Potter, age 28, of Whitby, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Harry James Aseltine, age 57, of Oshawa, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Nathan Armstrong, age, 27, of Peterborough, Ontario, 2 counts of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Matthew McDougall, age 20, of Red Lake, Ontario, 2 counts of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Making Available Child Pornography.

- Matthew Brunton, age 22, of Cornwall, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Access Child Pornography.

- Guilio Carere, age 46, of Guelph, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography, 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

- Michael Avison, age 33, of Mississauga, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography.

- Lawrence Bouillon, age 44, of Espanola, Ontario, 2 counts Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography, 1 count Access Child Pornography, 1 count Possession of a controlled substance.

- Eric Brown, age 25, of Brampton, Ontario, 1 count Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Make Available Child Pornography, 1 count of Access Child Pornography.

- Stephen Burritt, age 39, of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count Make Available Child Pornography, 1 count of Distribution of Child Pornography, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography For The Purpose Of Distribution, 5 counts of Unsafe Storage of Firearm, 1 count of Unsafe Storage of Ammunition, 1 count of Knowingly Posess A Prohibited Firearm Without Authorization, 1 count of Possession of Prohibited Firearm.

- Karl Herman, age 64, of Cambridge, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Make Available Child Pornography.

- Nicola Sisi, age 26, of Toronto, Ontario, 2 counts of Luring Under 14, 1 count of Invitation to Sexual Touch, 1 count of Exposure to person under 14, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Distribution of Child Pornography.

- Glenn Albert Laurin, age 45, of Toronto, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Make Available Child Pornography.

- Leonard Legros, age 60, of Ottawa, Ontario, 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography, 1 count of Making Available Child Pornography.

- One young offender from Hamilton, Ontario who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act has also been charged with 1 count of Possession of Child Pornography.

Additional arrests are pending and the investigation is continuing. The following people have been seen in Newhouse company and have worked with him:

Glenn Albert Laurin, age 45, of Toronto, Ontario

Jay Hutchinson, age 24, of Hamilton, Ontario

Nathan Armstrong, age, 27, of Peterborough, Ontario

Nicola Sisi, age 26, of Toronto, Ontario

If you have any evidence that can assist Hamilton Police Services, please contact them:

Hamilton Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

The Vice Unit is responsible for the investigation of pornography, prostitution and massage parlours as well as Liquor License Act and gambling offences. The Unit also works diligently to ensure that the proceeds of such crimes are tracked and seized. This removes the incentive to commit such crimes in our community.


Tel 905-546-4904

Fax 905-546-4914

                                                                               END -30-

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#1 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Victim Who????

AUTHOR: Victim SLANDER - (Canada)

POSTED: Friday, December 14, 2012
This attempt to slander our company, all of our employees, and our business is worthy of further action on a legal front as it would truly appear to be an attempt to tarnish our valued reputation, business and personal lives. 
Trackem has no relationship with Total Tracking Solutions - although Ian once worked fro Trackem years ago and is no longer affiliated in anyway,let it be noted that Perimeter does not sell or use Trackem services, is not affiliated with Trackem in any way.
The editors of such publications I believe must be more responsible in validating such posts as it would appear they are simply creating more victims and lawsuits (would this website be funded by lawyers) in an attempt to gain website activity and or perhaps it has been designed as a vehicle for competitors to slander their peers as this truly is what this appears to be.  Why is the body responsible for such complaints not also publishing their own name , company affiliations and other contact information - perhaps because it is all a lies?
I direct you to the news report from CBC news and invite any other victims of such to reach out to me as I believe such activity is worthy of further actions.
CBC News report on this website;    http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/TV+Shows/The+National/ID/2307540400/
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