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Ripoff Report | Update June 1, 2015: Review - Costa Mesa, Nationwide
Report: #839253

Complaint Review: Update June 1, 2015: INVESTIGATION UPDATE – Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Attorney; Charges against Darren Meade dropped! Sac County Attorney Ben Smith dismisses all criminal charges against Darren Meade related to his posts on Ripoff Report. | Sac County Iowa Attorney Ben Smith fails to identify false statements, fails to support his accusations with clarifications. - Costa Mesa Nationwide

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  • Reported By: Darren M. Meade — Laguna Beach California United States of America
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  • Update June 1, 2015: INVESTIGATION UPDATE – Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Attorney; Charges against Darren Meade dropped! Sac County Attorney Ben Smith dismisses all criminal charges against Darren Meade related to his posts on Ripoff Report. | Sac County Iowa Attorney Ben Smith fails to identify false statements, fails to support his accusations with clarifications. 3197 B Airport Loop Drive Nationwide United States of America

***Update June 1, 2015: INVESTIGATION UPDATE – Charges against Darren Meade dropped!!!**UPDATE January 10, 2015: Ripoff Report reveals initial findings, while Ben Smith’s minions race to have documents, articles and other evidence removed from the internet.  *NOTICE: July 13, 2014: Sac County Iowa Prosecutor’s Allegations Warrant Unprecedented Action from Ripoffreport.com regarding Darren Meade Posts | ...Google-Cide Exposed By The Man Who Knew Too Much, Darren Meade. Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Michael Roberts, Paul Pirelli of Rexxfield & Matthew Cooke of RemoveYourName.com censored the Internet to silence the voice of victims world-wide by removing personal blogs and functionality of the Internet controlled by hackers disguised as Online Reputation Management and SEO companies, censorship of the Internet (googlecide) available for hire, victims lose voice on cons, First Amendment Rights Costa Mesa, Nationwide Internet


*Consumer Comment: Desperate mom exploited and traumatized

*UPDATE EX-employee responds: Here is what happens if you word for Michael Roberts and Rexxfield.com

*Consumer Comment: And yet

*UPDATE EX-employee responds: Rexxfield, Nathan Shrewsbury, businessreputationrepair.com and Paul Portelli

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*General Comment: i think this is ridiculous. there are more important issues such as frauds who say they are experst in their field when there is no viable filed and they sound so stupid

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*Author of original report: Rexxfield Fraud - Evidence Manufactured by Michael Roberts, Adam Zuckerman, Paul Portelli and Ryan Page. False Police Report filed with Costa Mesa Police, Google-Cide shakedown next.


*Consumer Comment: Fraud Factory - Matthew G. Cooke and Reputation Defender = Rexxfield, Ryan Steven Page, Aaron Thomas, Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Paul Anthony Portelli, Michael Ross Roberts, Reputation Management


*Author of original report: Rexxfield: 'Masters of Spin' Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Michael Ross Roberts and Paul Portelli conspire to avoid criminal prosecution. | Roberts will claim he was setting up Zuckerman and therefore his words are not indicative of his intent. Then he will claim it was Matthew Cooke whom did the hacking. | Paul Portelli will claim he was boasting on the tapes and his words are not indicative of his intent

*UPDATE EX-employee responds: Harassment and threats by Adam Stuart Zuckerman

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August 25, 2015.   On July 13, 2014 Ripoff Report announced its investigation of this post and others.  At that time, we stated that if Ripoff Report’s investigation revealed that any of the allegations made in these posts about the four witnesses identified in Sac County Prosecutor’s affidavit contained false statements of fact, the false facts would be redacted. 

As part of our investigation, we reached out multiple times to the author of the posts requesting verification.  The author has not cooperated multiple requests for verification.

We have now removed all statements in these posts that are about the four witnesses and that we do not have evidence to verify. We have not limited our redactions to just statements that we could confirm were false.  

June 1, 2015.  Sac County Attorney Ben Smith dismissed all charges against Darren Meade on May 27, 2015, with prejudice.  That means that Smith stopped prosecuting Meade for the things Meade posted on this website, and Smith cannot change his mind again and re-file the charges.  It is not immediately clear what impact this will have on Ripoff Report’s investigation, or whether Ben Smith’s actions simply show that his accusations against Meade for posting reports have no merit. Here is a link to the order dismissing charges against Meade.

In July, 2014, Smith published a vague affidavit claiming that Meade had written false and defamatory things about witnesses in the Tracy Richter Murder trial.  Smith later filed criminal charges against Meade, claiming that Meade’s writings and postings were criminal offenses, making further vague accusations that at least some of the things Meade wrote and posted were false and defamatory. 

Meade’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss, claiming, among other things, that Smith had no evidence to support that what Meade wrote was false or defamatory and that  what Meade wrote is protected by the U.S. Constitution as free speech, and could not be a crime. Meade’s attorney also asked the Court to disqualify Prosecutor Ben Smith from the case for a conflict of interest.  Meade’s attorney argued that Smith was retaliating against Meade with the power of his government office, because Meade had made harsh professional criticisms against Smith in his postings on the Ripoff Report.

When the day came for Prosecutor Ben Smith to face Meade’s defense attorney in court, and present some kind of evidence to show that Meade made false statements, Ben Smith gave up instead of fighting. Smith did not present any evidence to show that Meade did anything wrong. Smith did not identify what statements, if any, were supposedly false. Smith did not present any evidence to show that anything Meade wrote was false.   Instead, on the morning of the hearing, Ben Smith filed a motion to have the Court dismiss all charges against Meade, with prejudice, so that no charges could ever be re-filed.

As explained in a previous update, Ripoff Report has asked Smith to specifically identify what statements posted on the website about trial witnesses are accused as false statements. He has consistently and repeatedly refused to do that.  Now, even after accusing Meade of a crime in court filings, Smith failed to present any proof of false statements, and instead dropped the charges and dismissed the case.


Read this ruling and other rulings on our Scribd page:



----- End of Update June 1, 2015 -----


January 10, 2015 - INVESTIGATION UPDATE .. Documents, articles and other evidence removed from the internet to hinder investigation..


RipoffReport.com pledged thoroughly investigate allegations presented in a 124 page Application for a search warrant by Sac County Attorney Ben Smith (Sac County, Iowa).  Smith alleged under penalty of perjury that Darren Meade authored and posted false reports on RipoffReport.com about “States witnesses.” But he did not identify what statements he claims to be false statements.

The first question that must be investigated and answered is “What are the false statements?” 

Sac County Attorney Ben Smith will not tell us.  That impedes Ripoff Report’s investigation.

Ripoff Report will investigate allegedly false statements based on the accusations of Sac County Attorney Ben Smith.  However, Ripoff Report cannot start by assuming that every word of every report is in question.  In order to make a sufficient investigation with legitimate findings, the accusations must be specific.

The first project in investigation was to read the 124 page Application for a search warrant, including County Attorney Ben Smith’s affidavit under oath, to try to determine exactly what Smith was accusing as a false statement.  After reading Smith’s affidavit, it is difficult to tell exactly what he is talking about.  The document rambles, and it makes accusatory statements, but it is not clear about the question most basic to the investigation:

What statement that is posted on the RipoffReport.com website is false?  Smith really does not answer that question. 
What report number? 
What sentence or paragraph? 
What is the alleged falsehood? 
Ben Smith does not identify specific statements with an explanation that they are false.  Smith’s affidavit makes general accusations, but avoids making specific identifications of statements that are allegedly not true.

NOTE: Other things that has also impedes our investigation. Smith and or those connected with Ben Smith have gone on a campaign to remove documents, photos, articles and court documents from various websites including Scribd. In some cases using the warrant that was obtained under false pretenses and used  in ways that we think are illegal. We are investigating.

So we asked Sac County Prosecutor Ben Smith to be more specific.
We sent him this question through an Iowa attorney:

“ . . . Xcentric [RipoffReport] has been investigating your accusation that Darren Meade posted false and defamatory statements of fact on the Ripoff Report webpage.  Statements found to be false will be redacted.  Xcentric [RipoffReport] has asked me to reach out to you for assistance with this, by helping to identify which statements posted on the Ripoff Report you claim to be factually false. 

If you will identify anyitems described above, soon, that would be a good start, and would prove to be very helpful. Xcentric [RipoffReport] understands that you may be able to identify additional posted statements at a later time.  The request to immediately identify some specific statements of fact is intended to encourage you to give immediate specific input, if the goal is in fact, as you have stated and written, to provide relief to witnesses in the Richter case, if and where it is appropriate to do so.


  Please identify specific statements of fact by providing the number of the report, and if appropriate the identifier of the specific update, comment, or rebuttal, as well as the exact text making the statement you claim is false and defamatory.


My client would like a specific response by the close of business, December 22, 2014. ”


(Quotes from email to Ben Smith. Note: Xcentric Ventures LLC is the company that operates the RipoffReport.com website)


County Attorney Ben Smith did not respond.


Sac County Attorney Ben Smith has also failed to make specific accusations in the criminal charges he personally filed against Darren Meade.  Meade’s attorney has been forced to file a “Bill of Particulars” in court in an attempt to force CA Smith to fix the vague accusations, if he can.  The Bill of Particulars does an excellent job explaining how CA Smith has been vague in the accusations he makes:


Smith makes only conclusory assertions about which “complaints” or statements he alleges were intended to harass the witness. Without specific reference to the exact “complaints” or statements Smith is alleging Meade published to harass the witnesses [. . .]


(emphasis added) Meade’s attorney points out that CA Smith’s paperwork is vague and sloppy:


[. . .] Smith attached well over a thousand pages of exhibits to the Minutes of Testimony in this action, Smith’s avalanche of almost entirely superfluous paperwork (that has almost nothing to do with Darren Meade and even less to do with anything that Darren Meade may or may not have done in Iowa) does not reveal the exact “defamatory” complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published to harass the witnesses.


(emphasis added)  Ripoff Report must agree and note that, in our opinion, the writing of CA Smith’s affidavit in his Application for a search warrant is similarly vague and sloppy. 


In the Bill of Particulars Meade’s attorney also explains why that kind of sloppy vagueness is a problem, and possibly a violation of Constitutional Rights from the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech and Press), the Sixth Amendment (fair trial process) and the Fourteenth Amendment (the right to due process of law). Here are some excerpts from that court document, with emphasis made on those points, as well as detailed specifics about the information that is missing from criminal charges against Meade that are directly on point with Ripoff Report’s investigation of accusations in the Application for search warrant:


COMES NOW Darren Mitchell Meade, by and through undersigned counsel, Glen S. Downey, and hereby moves this Honorable Court for an order requiring the county attorney to furnish a Bill of Particulars setting forth the specific nature of the offenses charged in the Trial Information and Minutes of Testimony. As presently constituted, the State’s charges fail to adequately identify the specific acts upon which his charges are based. As grounds for this Motion, it is stated:




1. The September 2, 2014 Trial Information lodged against Meade contains ten counts of general conduct which do not provide Meade under Iowa Rule of Criminal Procedure 2.11(6) with the necessary information to prepare an adequate defense.

2. In order for counsel to provide effective representation to Meade, and in order for Meade to adequately prepare a defense by making clear the nature and boundary of the charges against him, and in order to avoid prejudicial surprise at trial, the following information is required:

[. . . ]

r. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Marie Friedman in a purported attempted to retaliate against Ms. Friedman for her testimony in State v. Richter;

s. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Mona Wehde in a purported attempted to retaliate against Wehde for her testimony in State v. Richter;

t. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Michael Roberts in a purported attempted to retaliate against Roberts for his testimony in State v. Richter;

[ . . .]

v. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Sac County Sherriff Ken McClure in a purported attempted to retaliate against McClure for his testimony in State v. Richter;

w. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Iowa DCI Special Agent Trent Vileta in a purported attempted to retaliate against Vileta for his testimony in State v. Richter;

x. The exact RipOff Report complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published about Dr. John Pitman in a purported attempted to retaliate against Pitman for his testimony in State v. Richter;

[. . . ]


Iowa Rule of Criminal Procedure 2.11(6) provides for a bill of particulars as follows:

When an indictment or information charges an offense in accordance with this rule, but fails to specify the particulars of the offense sufficiently to fairly enable the defendant to prepare a defense, the court may, on written motion of the defendant, require the prosecuting attorney to furnish the defendant with a bill of particulars containing such particulars as may be necessary for the preparation of the defense. A motion for a bill of particulars may be made any time prior to or within ten days after arraignment unless the time be extended by the court for good cause shown.

This rule codifies the due process protections afforded by the Sixth Amendment that require the accused be advised of the crime charged with sufficient certainty to enable him to prepare his defense. See Cole v. Arkansas, 222 U.S. 196, 201 (1948); Rosen v. United States, 161 U.S. 29, 40 (1896). Indeed, the purpose of a bill of particulars is to inform the defendant of the nature of the charges against him and to prevent or minimize the element of surprise at trial. United States v. Garrett, 797 F.2d 656, 665 (8th Cir. 1986). A Defendant’s motion to for a bill of particulars should be granted when the Trial Information and Minutes of Testimony fail to apprise him of the particulars of the offense sufficiently to fairly enable him to prepare his defense. State v. Marti, 290 N.W.2d 570 (Iowa).

[. . . ]

Apparently Smith’s theory is that Meade’s investigative journalism was conducted and published with the intent to harass the states witnesses in the Richter case. Apart from the obvious problem that such journalism is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (which shall be asserted separately, along with other issues, in a distinct Motion to Dismiss), Smith makes only conclusory assertions about which “complaints” or statements he alleges were intended to harass the witness. Without specific reference to the exact “complaints” or statements Smith is alleging Meade published to harass the witnesses, Meade has no ability to prepare a defense to such charges.

Although Smith attached well over a thousand pages of exhibits to the Minutes of Testimony in this action, Smith’s avalanche of almost entirely superfluous paperwork (that has almost nothing to do with Darren Meade and even less to do with anything that Darren Meade may or may not have done in Iowa) does not reveal the exact “defamatory” complaints or statements that Meade allegedly published to harass the witnesses. At a bare minimum, Smith and the State have an obligation to provide due process to Meade and inform him of the exact statements that they intend to show were meant to harass the State’s witnesses. Cole v. Arkansas, 333 U.S. 196, 201 (1948) (holding that the due process guarantees of the fourteenth amendment requires the accused to be advised of the specific charge against him).

WHEREFORE, Defendant Meade moves the court to compel the State to plead the witness tampering, on-going criminal conduct and obstructing prosecution with sufficient particularity as to allow Meade to mount a constitutionally adequate defense.

[Attorney Signature]


(Darren Meade’s Motion to Disqualify County Attorney Smith for conflict of interest, excerpts)


It may be significant that Sac County Attorney Ben Smith did not file any dispute against Meade’s Bill of Particulars.  Perhaps Smith admits, at least tacitly, that the accusations he made in his criminal charge and in the Application for a search warrant are too vague and unspecific to be investigated.  On December 1, 2014, there was a court hearing on both the Bill of Particulars and Meade’s Motion to Disqualify Smith.   There is one paragraph in Sac County Attorney Ben Smith’s Resistance to the Motion to Disqualify that MAY be his answer about what statements specific statements he claims are false.


Defendant’s “complaints” concerning the undersigned and the State’s witnesses are nonsensical and unworthy of belief on any level. It is not the substantive content of Defendant’s “complaints” which are damaging the State’s witnesses beyond repair, but rather the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques Defendant used to cause his “complaints” to appear at the top of the first page of Google-type search results, juxtaposed and associated with reprehensible criminal conduct.


(Sac County Attorney Ben Smith’s Resistance to Meade’s Motion to Disqualify) 


First, let us admit that it is not clear what Smith is talking about.  His phrase “Defendant’s ‘complaints’ concerning the undersigned [Smith] and the State’s witnesses” refers to every posting Meade made about Smith and any State’s witness in the Richter murder trial, without limitation. That is not very specific.  He seems to be saying that it is NOT the substance of the postings that are the problem, but the fact that the posting appear at the top of search engine results “juxtaposed and associated” with other bad things.  Is he actually be saying that Meade’s postings are not factually false, but they are damaging because of outside factors?  To be fair, he does say that they are “nonsensical and unworthy of belief on any level” but it is not clear exactly what that means, and it is certainly not specific or precise.


Second, let us make an editorial comment.  It is a complete abuse of government power for a prosecutor to make vague and sloppy accusations in a criminal charge. Imagine if you were charged by a prosecutor for “bank robbery” but you never robbed a bank.  In order to defend yourself you would need to know specific accusations. What bank?  What date? What time?  What evidence suggests that you were the bank robber?  If the prosecutor refused to be specific, you would stand accused and charged of a crime with no ability to defend yourself.  In this case Sac County Attorney Ben Smith has accused Meade of making false statements about “States witnesses” but he will not identify which statement or which witness or what exactly was false. The Constitution forbids exactly the kind of abuse of power.


If Sac County Attorney Smith would identify specific statements that he claims are false, Ripoff Report would investigate those statements. If those statements are false, the Ripoff Report will redact them.  That invitation is open. If Ben Smith is sincere, he should take advantage of that and point out what he claims to be false.


Unfortunately, at present, the most important thing to update this investigation is that the accusations Sac County Attorney Ben Smith made in the Application for Search Warrant are so vague and sloppy that they impede an investigation into whether statements made by Meade are true or false.   As constituted, the accusations in the Warrant Application require Ripoff Report to mostly guess what statements Smith might really think are false.  The Bill of Particular’s filed by Meade’s attorney may force Smith to shed light on this most important preliminary question. Ripoff Report will monitor the outcome of that in court, in hopes that Smith will be forced to make specific accusations.

Read more in a recent Editorial here..


More to come … 



*NOTICE July 13, 2014: Ripoff Report Launches Full Investigation!!!  Sac County Iowa Prosecutor’sAllegations Warrant Unprecedented Action from Ripoffreport.com regarding Darren Meade Posts. 

RipoffReport.com will thoroughly investigate allegations presented in a 124 page affidavit by County Prosecutor Ben Smith of Sac County Iowa.  Smith alleged under penalty of perjury that Darren Meade authored and posted false reports on RipoffReport.com about at least four specific people.  If RipoffReport.com's investigation reveals that any of the allegations made in any post about those witnesses contain false statements of fact, the false facts will be redacted from the postings. "We will get to the bottom of Ben Smith's allegations and publish the evidence and conclusions," states Ripoff Report Editor and Founder Ed Magedson. 

Author Darren Meade's writings (some of which are in this link list) (see email from Darren Meade) challenge the fairness and credibility of the homicide investigation, trial, murder conviction, and subsequent treatment of Iowa mother Tracy Richter at the hands of County Prosecutor Ben Smith and Michael Roberts (Rexxfield), Tracy Richter's former husband. The Previous County Prosecutor had declined to prosecute Richter, who claims to have been acting in defense of herself and her children against multiple attackers when she shot at Dustin Whede during a home invasion in December of 2001.  Ed Magedson had been convinced by Meade that the shooting was morally and legally justified and that an innocent woman was imprisoned.

While County Prosecutor Smith's affidavit contains certain incorrect assertions and many material omissions, it also raises some shocking facts, sufficient to justify a full investigation by  Ripoffreport into Meade's assertions and motivations.  

Ripoff Report's investigation is an unprecedented action for the consumer website.  Ripoff Report accepts reports from authors who certify the honesty of the content of their reports, and encourages rebuttals to provide readers with both sides of a disputed story. Generally, Ripoff Report allows the public, the courts or an independent arbitrator to judge the truth and does not do an investigation to supplement or challenge postings. Gathering evidence and passing judgment on the statements of outside authors departs from its standard practice.

County Prosecutor Smith's aggressive actions justify extraordinary measures.  Smith not only states that Darren Meade's factual allegations are false, he asserts that they violate Iowa's criminal laws and that Ed Magedson knowingly conspired with Meade and others.  Ed Magedson did no such thing.  

County Prosecutor Smith has used the full power of his elected office in attempts to crush criticism of his prosecution and he has relied heavily on advice, information and guidance from Michael Roberts, a known liar and extortionist.   Roberts   was involved in a scheme to illegally hack the Ripoff Report website and Roberts attempted to sell information regarding the hack to Ripoff Report for  €105,000. http://www.ripoffreport.com/lhc/common/files/MichaelRobertsRexxfieldAttemptedExtortion.pdf

As a website dedicated to providing a voice to the common person through open information and free speech rights, Ripoff Report asserts its own voice on these matters of public interest and concern, and pledges full investigation of the issues.

As progress is made with our investigation, it will be posted here as an UPDATE to this statement.

Now to the original report that was posted …


MY NAME IS DARREN MEADE, AND I AM A DEAD MAN. Or so I was told when I refused to go along with a so-called "reputation management" company's plan to use weapons-grade hacking technology to help fraudsters, quacks, and other scumbags avoid being exposed online.

Darren Meade

Darren Meade, Dead Man

Imagine: You're a successful cosmetic surgeon and a patient dies in your care. It's a terrible tragedy, but you've got to move on. Two years later, complaints about you begin to surface on the consumer advocacy websites, charges that you've never been accredited as a plastic surgeon, hold no surgical designation, and have no hospital privileges all of which are true, culminating in the State medical board finding you "incompetent," displaying "disgraceful, dishonorable or unprofessional" conduct in your care of five different patients, including the 32-year-old mother you left dying in your recovery room while you went out to dinner. The downward spiral accelerates when the information hits RipoffReport.com, and consequently, page 1 of Google.

What's a quack to do? If you're Behnaz Yazdanfarthe real-life Toronto physician thumb nailed above you contract with Michael Roberts and the "reputation management specialists" at Rexxfield & Think Basis who offer you a way to not just bury bad press on the search engines, but make it disappear completely. As in abracadabra. Presto.

How do I know this? We'll get to that later. The bigger question is, how is it even possible? In geek-speak, it's called a SQL injection hack. This particular variety was created to do a number of things, including the de-indexing (hiding) of specific pages from search engines.

Krista Stryland

This is a photo of young mother and wife Krista Stryland who died at the hand of Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar of Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Krista was left to die as Dr. Yazdanfar went to dinner. Consumers and patients began to warn others via Ripoff Report and it caused a 50% drop in revenue to herself and the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Dr. Yazdanfar hired a webmaster from Think Basis and paid $18,000 to Rexxfield in order to purchase the hacking code from Matthew Cooke of RemoveYourName.com to hack into and delete complaints filed on Ripoff Report

So with the click of a button, the meddlesome Ripoff Reports Dr. Yazdanfar blamed for a 50% drop in revenue were gone. At a price tag of $18,000, the magic show didn't come cheap, but the truth was far more expensive. For consumers, it's an frontal assault on our First Amendment right to speak the truth; for companies like Rexxfield, it's a veritable gold mine. A forensic audit of RipoffReport.com confirmed thousands of individual reports were removed by SQL injection attacks. Were all of them crooks with deep pockets Dr. Yazdanfar? Perhaps not, but even the conservative math is staggering.

No matter how you slice it, there is a long line of people who will pay handsomely for their own private kill-switch on Internet free speech. Even so, every good arms dealer knows if the market isn't big enough (and it never is), you have to create new ones. Rexxfield has a plan for that, using automated technology to generate defamatory content about individuals and corporations that value their reputations the bigger the better. We're talking about a whole new strain of WMDs weapons of mass defamation. Think about it: What if allegations of pedophilia were to pop up the next time you Google your name? Or obscene stories about your wife or your daughter? When we're talking about the potential ruin of your career, your marriage, or your child's future, money is no object and these predators know it. When the time is right, you'll get an email and it'll be Rexxfield to the rescue antidote in one hand, anthrax in the other.

Which brings us back to the question, how do I know all of this? It's simple: I was in the room while the plot was being hatched. I now know and can provethat Rexxfield isn't just another reputation management company: It's a bonafide criminal enterprise financed and controlled by a convicted felon by the name of Adam Stuart Zuckerman, a thug currently awaiting sentencing for his role as mastermind-turned-snitch in a $20 million equipment leasing scam..

I was recruited as the CEO of another Zuckerman-controlled entity, Progenex, from which he embezzled the funds to acquire both a controlling interest in Rexxfield and the rights to the SQL injection code. In completely unrelated news, the hacker who wrote it Matthew Cooke was the brain behind RemoveYourName.com. That is, until he sold the domain (is that all?) to the well-meaning folks at Reputation.com. Draw your own conclusions.

When I told Zuckerman I would not be involved, I was offered a six-figure bribe and an equity stake in the venture. I chose option B, tendering my resignation. Shortly thereafter, I received an audio recording wherein Zuckerman and Rexxfield operatives describe in great detail the effects a .50 caliber bullet will have on my brain  should I ever go public with this information. I suppose it's mildly amusing audio if you can ignore the fact that it's coming from someone with a history of criminal violence

Look, I know I can't expect you to take my word for all this, partly because Zuckerman and the Rexxfield gang have already made good on their first threat to destroy my reputation online. Go ahead Google my name. It's mud if you don't already know me. But unfortunately for these guys, their death threats aren't the only thing I have on tape. I have the two-hour Rexxfield strategy session where Zuckerman proposes how they can extort parents over their kids' futures. Here's a taste of that sermon. I also have over 20 additional hours of recordings all consensual that tie the entire operation together. They're now hosted offshore, beyond the reach of Zuckerman's goon attorneys, backed with detailed instructions in the event of my untimely demise.

THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP. I am literally putting my life on the line to expose not just another Internet scam, but a threat against the very fabric of our society: The right to speak the truth and be heard. I only hope someone hears me before it's too late. 

The Article Above & Comments Below Are My Personal Opinion and News Analysis

Copyright Notice

All audio and images used here in are in accordance with Title 17, U.S. Code section 107.


The full Google-Cide sermon is available here. This consensual recording was made on 1-28-2011 in Costa Mesa, California. Michael Roberts following this meeting sold 60% of Rexxfield and rights to the hacking code to Adam Stuart Zuckerman and Ryan Steven Page.

The voices in order of appearance:

1st  voice Adam Stuart Zuckerman (on supervised release for Operation Lease Fleece)

2nd voice Ryan Steven Page          (front man for Adam Zuckerman)

3rd  voice Kirk McMahan                (on supervised release for Operation Lease Fleece)

4th  voice Paul Portelli                   (Rexxfield Employee)

5th  voice Michael Ross Roberts      (Rexxfield CEO and Founder)

In order to end the censorship of the Internet and return the voice to victims world-wide affected by this hack explicit details including consensually recorded audio of planning sessions, emails, signed contracts and the hacking code itself is available to any verifiable reporter.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/14/2012 07:48 PM and is a permanent record located here: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/update-june-1-2015-investigation-update-ben-smith-sac-county-iowa-attorney-charges-against-darren-meade-dropped-sac-county-attorney-ben-smith-dismisses-all-criminal-charges-against-darren-meade-related-to-his-posts-on-ripoff-report-sac-county-iowa-attorney-ben-smith-fails-to-identify-false-statements-fails-to-support-his-accusations-with-clarifications/nationwide/update-june-1-2015-investigation-update-charges-against-darren-meade-dropped-839253. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#16 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: AnonymusCleansing - ()

POSTED: Monday, June 30, 2014

That is what this county and this county alone needs. f**k North Korea and China. It seems to me and my ignorant mind that this whole time they have it down correct. No freedom of religion. No freedom of speech. Let alone have the chance to speak badly or express a negative opinion about their government.

U.S.A = Freedom of....ANYTHING? I call BULLSHIT. Money will buy you more money, power but most importantly respect. Looks like we've sold out dumb-ed down and sold our dignity and morals while at it.

EVERYONE has a price tag and the rich know it. Everyone is hungry ..... no, they're PARCHED and dying for more money and more money only to spend it all on the next iPhone or internet upgrade to speed up their connection. In this case, it looks like they're thirsty to clear their name, clear their business or perhaps save their family member from inevitable suicide due to their bad decisions and misadvise guidance.

Where AND who the f**k are the people with good hearts.....? Good motives still left in their dying hearts. I mean really there's a lot of people with money out there sitting back and enjoying themselves while the world they live in, is the same where these atrocities are going on.

I'm aware that life is un-just but this internet "thing" is really getting out of hand. This is looking as if the U.S. should be the next North Korea and control the media just a bit more. Control us just a bit more. Control the food we consume just a bit more and leave us to have a peaceful death, AT LEAST.

Can you leave us that much??

A peaceful death.

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#15 Consumer Comment

Desperate mom exploited and traumatized

AUTHOR: Ashley Norwood - ()

POSTED: Saturday, March 30, 2013

Imagine knowing your one and only son was getting severely bullied and finally believing you found the solution. I was desperate like any other mom, the bullying almost suddenly stopped after me and my family began to pay this reputation management company. Not only me but my family are more than grateful for Ripoff Report because we would have never known who these people really were. We finally confronted this reputation management mafia who told us they could stop so much and I let them know we were going to the police and they would shut down their operation, put everyone behind bars where they belong and revisit all their clients.

Without Ripoff Report we would be continually entangled in this cynical, ruthless and absolutely horrendous scandal. Thank you for exposing them and aiding true justice, I would never want another mother to go through what me and my family went through again.

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#14 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Here is what happens if you word for Michael Roberts and Rexxfield.com

AUTHOR: pythrias - (United States of America)

POSTED: Friday, February 08, 2013

I know the owner of Rexxfield, Michael Roberts, and used to work for him. I can tell you for a fact that he was never an investigator with the ASIO, and has no degrees, or schooling in his area of forensics. And even worse, the man has a history of mental disorders, criminal cyber hacking, and he victimizes ALL his workers by making big promises, failing to keep them, and then blaming it all on them to start a fight. Eventually they all part on bad terms with him.

There's lots of proof of this online. Just go to Google and type in "Michael Roberts Ripoff" or "Rexxfield.com reviews" and you will see the numerous horror stories and complaints about this man, as well as reports of his illegal cyber hacking activities and impersonations of others. Here is one, if this site will allow me to post it:


Here is what happens when you work for him:

He will offer you a very generous salary and equity in the beginning of your employment, which he NEVER pays. And there are some BIG catches you will find out later on that will hit you rudely:

1. First, you are NOT allowed to ask him any questions about your work. In his mind, you should know what to do without being asked, which is absolutely unreasonable. In his eyes, his faults are always YOURS! That makes working for him a no win situation guaranteed to get worse, because if anything goes wrong, he will use you as his scapegoat and punching bag, pinning the blame on you. As this goes on, he will amass hatred against you which will only get worse and worse until it reaches a breaking point. That's why EVERYONE who has ever worked for him has left with bitterness, anger and resentment for the way they were victimized by him through no fault of their own. I've seen this happen many times.

2. Every little thing you do will be inflated and used against you. You will literally be "walking on eggshells" so to speak. It will make you uncomfortable and nervous, which will only make things worse and give him more reasons to spite you. At some point, he will be filled with cold consuming hatred for you. You will see it in his eyes. Then he will treat you like s**t, kick you around, break his promises, be disrespectful and rude to you, or just ignore you and make conditions unbearable for you so that you will be forced to quit. One way or another this breaking point will be reached. Even if you are a nice innocent angel who is reliable, responsible and does no wrong, this will happen to you. It's guaranteed. No one has ever been exempt from this nasty outcome. NO ONE! Not even a carbon copy of Roberts himself would be exempt, and that should tell you a lot(just ask his son whom he placed in an institution) I've seen it happen many times.

Based on these "catches" above, which are more like a Trojan Horse in his promising generous offers to you, there is no question that Mr. Roberts must be majorly F***ed in the head! Many of his victims have posted horror stories about Roberts here. They were all VICTIMIZED and YOU will be too! Now, if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you feel the need to warn others about him too?

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#13 Consumer Comment

And yet


POSTED: Wednesday, February 06, 2013

we will never see a prosecution because hallucinations aren't admissable in court.

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#12 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Rexxfield, Nathan Shrewsbury, businessreputationrepair.com and Paul Portelli

AUTHOR: Huge medium - (United States of America)

POSTED: Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The original story highlighted a particularly disturbing element of the groups go forward business plans, which included a mechanism to post untruthful and psychologically damaging content about teenagers online in various popular social media outlets. The next step in the depraved scheme apparently involved an unsolicited sales pitch to the parents of the targeted teens based on a fear mongering premise that unless the offer was accepted their children might commit suicide in an attempt to escape the online terror

campaign. The sick and twisted details of this component were captured in court transcripts and can be read here : http://www.ripoffreport.com/Common/files/Meeting_Transcript_2011_01_28.pdf

The Managing Director of the California Company, Michael Ross Roberts, who has purportedly organized and directed the creation of multiple online properties to disseminate the illegal code enlisted patent examiner Nathan Shrewsbury of the USPTO. Investigators contributing to the discovery of the

facts of the case continue to document the identities of the online cabal Roberts has created by meticulously tracing the use of the offending SQL code.

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#11 Consumer Comment



POSTED: Saturday, February 02, 2013

So, you, living in Iowa, found your fiance, having commited suicide by hanging himself.

Do you know how many suicides by hanging have been reported in Iowa since that report? It's public record, did you think about that before you decided on hanging?

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#10 Consumer Suggestion

Victim of FOX 5 Las Vegas...The Cyber Terrorism Grew Worse After We Contacted Rexxfield

AUTHOR: Victim of Fox 5 News John Huck / Re - (United States of America)

POSTED: Wednesday, January 09, 2013

One month ago my brother hung himself. He just turned 45 and left 3 children. We feel so guilty, that we led him to kill himself because of a program we saw on FOX 5.

When we got into his house after his death, we found that there was not any food in the house, not laundry detergent. How did we not know this is how he was living. It then dawned on us, we had convinced him to call a Reputation Management company based in Las Vegas. He had had his landscaping company destroyed on the Internet, and we saw John Huck talk about a photographer Melissa Tomsik who hired a company called Rexxfield to found out who was destroying her business, and stopped the attacks.

Both my sister and I have tremendous guilt that we convinced him to not only call Rexxfield but pay a total of $7500. His problem grew worse and the more he paid Rexxfield the more his problems grew, and then his children started to be Cyber Bullied. Now I feel so bad that we gave him this advice.

We called Melissa Tomsik and learned she never hired Rexxfield, infact, she warned us to not hire him and that FOX News misled her into the interview. Becareful, Bewarned, protect your family.

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#9 General Comment

i think this is ridiculous. there are more important issues such as frauds who say they are experst in their field when there is no viable filed and they sound so stupid

AUTHOR: anon - (United States of America)

POSTED: Tuesday, January 08, 2013

it intrigues me that there are so many people who are simply sheep--let's all go over the cliff! for crying out loud does no one have any brains but to follow those who are stupider? I am sickened in my heart that I am related to such stupid people. My father always told me that his youngest sister was too smart to be so stupid but I now understand what he meant.Kind of makes me interested in sterilization; some people should not procreate or be allowed to fornicate for reproductive purposes. I'm just disgusted that my family is so superficial.

i just hope no one is duped into buying a book called the creative child. all children are creative because they have no life experience to make them interesting. There are only very stupid parents that think their kids are so "creative"--all kids have an imagination because they have no common sense until they have some life experience-which, my dear cousin, you had always lacked in such common sense even when given some experience. Do you not remember what a loose girl you were in junior hi? Yes, I'M UPSET THAT THE MONEY SPENT ON YOUR EDUCATION WAS SUCH A WASTE!!!

All you did at SDSU was screw your brains out. You came home and proudly proclaimed that your major was creative dance-whoa what a concept; isn't all dance subjective unless of course you tango or do something classic. Just what do you contribute to humanity? Your daddy made your bed for crying out everybody scoffed at how pu--y your dad was. And your mom was a gambling junkie--so where does that leave you? You have no sense of family at all. I was always there for you but you are so selfish you have never, ever asked how I was.

You never even asked how my dad was until Marilyn made you sound so important. I don't like you and don't care if I ever do. You made that perfectly clear when you were a selfish little girl. You still try to look down that ugly nose of yours at me but I'm a much better person than you could ever be-just wish John hadn't wasted his sperm in you-Don't get me wrong, by some miracle your boys turned out fine even tho Marilyn and my dad snicker that thy are both "soft" which I hope you figure that out, my stupid little cousin; you are a moose in more ways than one...

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#8 Consumer Comment

Fox 5 Las Vegas Rexxfield / Suicide Because of Michael Roberts

AUTHOR: All Alone Because of John Huck Fox - (United States of America)

POSTED: Monday, December 31, 2012

We use to always watch Fox 5 News in Las Vegas because we loved John Huck. A little over a year ago, Fox 5 Las Vegas ran a segment on what to do if someone decided to destroy your business and Reputation online. A few weeks later, my Father's business was attacked and we all remembered the segment, but could not remember the companies name. That is when we found the segment on You Tube, watched it again, and trusted in Fox 5 and John Huck.

The person we contacted was the same person mentioned in this report Michael Roberts of Rexxfield. The price he wanted was nearly $20,000, it was to high. However, after we called him, the online attacks intensified and grew worse, finally we paid his fee (we had to make payments).

Nothing happened, my Fathers tried to get a refund, he was refused. They claimed to never guarantee service only 'best effort', my father felt like a fool. My step-mother called me she was out of town and hadn't been able to reach my dad since the night before.  Losing his business made him have to move into Mothers house...I'm sure that was a humbling experience for him. I tried calling him while I was at work and couldn't reach him.  Something inside me told me that I need to leave work early and drive over to the house.  I found him around in the afternoon slumped against the wall...dead from a gun shot wound to the chest.  The police came by a while later and notified me that they found the note.  I'll never forget how perfect his hand writing was.  Not a single word misspelled or scratched out.  It was obvious to me that he had planned this letter for some time and knew exactly what he was going to write.

At this point, all I felt was sadness for him.  Then I started interacting with the rest of the family.  Turns out, he had mentioned suicide to EVERYONE in the family on multiple occasions.  Everyone, that is except for me and my husband (who is a licensed clinical therapist).  

I don't want to be an angry person with Fox 5 and John Huck but it isn't going away.  I find myself lashing out at innocent people over really petty things.  I came very close to getting myself arrested for assault for "attacking" his brother when he made an insensitive comment a few feet from the spot where I found him.  How do you deal rage you feel from something like this?  Does it just go away after a while? Why would someone be promoted by the News about helping people in despair and he is nothing more than a con-man. Does the News not Google a person prior to offering them as a hero to your troubles? The segment is still on You Tube. Turns out the lady in the segment never was a client of Rexxfield, she actually warns people not to use him because she believes he is a con man and desperate for money.

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#7 Consumer Suggestion

Fox 5 Las Vegas - Fox 11 Los Angeles - Causing Suicide By Promoting Rexxfield

AUTHOR: IowaCorruption - (United States of America)

POSTED: Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear Fox News - 

You ruined my life and stole my fiancees.

It seems like only yesterday when we watched the evening news, and saw you promote the 'Internet Bounty Hunter' or Rexxfield.

Being that it was Fox News, promoting this person named Michael Roberts, we felt safe in paying his $10,000 retained fee with the promise of deleting a negative review about my fiancees new business. While $10,000 may not seem like much, it was our life savings, the money we had saved for our wedding.

A week after paying the retainer fee to Rexxfield, I began to get horrible emails, more negative reviews and soon we had to pay more money. I do not know why we went along and paid more money, but we did.

We watched again on You Tube the Fox News piece bragging about Rexxfield to assure us we were not being scammed. Yet the problem grew worse, and once again we gave more money to Rexxfield, the problem only escalated and now, are daughter was getting disturbing emails.

I found my fiancee hanging in the basement of our home and had to cut him down. He left a note that he felt he let us down by spending all the money we had on Rexxfield. Worse, he felt that by continually paying Rexxfield, he made the attacks grow worse, he felt he became a mark by continually paying and never demanding the promised results.

Fox News, I feel so alone that I break down just doing the little things like grocery shopping. He always carried the bags home. Or watching tv because he always wanted to cuddle. And sleeping. If I ever it's for an hour max and I wake up from a nightmare and realize I'm all alone.

I do however have support from my fiancees family. But not my own. My own family thinks I should be over it by now. Like start living again. How can I do that when the biggest part of my life is dead? He will always be missing. I get paralysed when I think of our wedding we were supposed to have this summer. My dress hanging in the closet. Or the thought of us trying to conceive another child this year. It's all gone. All gone. All our hopes a dreams poof gone.

And I'm left here all alone.

I miss him with every breath I take. Every move I make, every morning coffee or every walk by the ocean. He is not here and it burns a hole in my heart.

Be very careful of these people, and don't believe anythng you watch on Fox News.

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#6 Author of original report

Rexxfield Fraud - Evidence Manufactured by Michael Roberts, Adam Zuckerman, Paul Portelli and Ryan Page. False Police Report filed with Costa Mesa Police, Google-Cide shakedown next.

AUTHOR: Darren M. Meade - (United States of America)

POSTED: Monday, April 02, 2012

Dear Reader,

This rebuttal has been building up in me for days. It is different and unusual, so please re-read the original report, and listen to all the audio tapes for its full impact.

Let's begin by understanding that Rexxfield partners Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Ryan Steven Page, Michael Ross Roberts and Paul Anthony Portelli plotted from December 2010 and early 2012 how to deflect and confuse any law enfocement investigation.

Rexxfield even went to such lengths as to knowingly file false police reports against one another to give the appearance of a false fractious dichotomy.

Remember, it was fund from  Progenex Dairy Bioactives  which were embezzled to pay for the 'Cool Technique'.

In the original report is the audio clip in which Michael Roberts, Paul Portelli and Adam Zuckerman describe how they will kill me in the event I try to warn the public. This tape of 1-26-2011 details the knowingly false police report that will be filed in order to make people believe 'Rexxfield' is no longer a partnership with Zuckerman.

Let's look at a transcription:

Paul Portelli : "What time is Darren supposed to be in because his office is right there if he walks in

Ryan Page : I have Cameron on look out - Cameraon is on look out and he will text me, you're in the big leagues, you're with pro's..."

Ryan Page speaking to Michael Roberts and Paul Portelli : "Then what we can do is --I mean, if you guys came in tomorrow morning, see thing is like -- yeah. Darren will never be in this office before 11:00.

Adam Zuckerman : 11 at best

Ryan Page : So I, we could even have a meeting if we want to make sure he's here o that we can have him here to address this issue.

Adam Zuckerman : Address what issue not at, Michael

Ryan Page : N0

Adam Zuckerman : What are you doing

Ryan Page : Paul, Paul would send an e-mail when he's here in the office tomorrow to Michael so it's time-stamped.

manufacturing evidence to be used in the false police report and to no doubt misdirect news reporters. Let's continue:

Michael Roberts : I don't know what to do Fox wants me to come into the studio tomorrow there's half a day I can kill there

Ryan Page : Well, I think what would be best is if there's a time-stamped e-mail from Paul

Michael Roberts : To me

Ryan Page : To you that would take place while -- during office hours while you're here in this office, then you guys take your monitors down

Adam Zuckerman : Take all your stuff

Ryan Page : Take your stuff

Adam Zuckerman : And store it

Ryan Page : And then Michael forward your email

Michael Roberts : Just storm out of the room"

It is immediatley apparent that Zuckerman, Roberts, Page and Portelli planned for him (Portelli) to manufacture evidence, remove property from PDB and 'storm' out of the offices.

In case number 1:11-cv-00169-DB filed in Utah PDB corporate counsel filed an action  and on Page 8 item 31 it reads:

"...Upon discovery of Rexxfield's/Roberts plot, Portelli, at the direction of Rexxfield/Roberts, stormed the offices of PDB, assaulting three people in the process, in an attempt to remove property. PDB filed a police report with respect to the Portelli incident...."

Look at the phrase "stormed the offices...remove property" , and go back and read the instructions from Page, Zuckerman and Roberts to Portelli, he executed the plan perfectly and according to court documents the false police report was filed to continue to hide the Zuckerman, Page, Portelli and Roberts enterprise.

Here is the entire audio recording - the time markers are 5:27-5:40, 33:58-34:51,  26:43-27:42

Background on Case # 1:11-cv-00169-DB

My attorney filed a motion on 2-27-2012 which explain the PDB / Rexxfield connection :

"Progenex, began brnaching out into a new business venture - online reputation management. Using Progenex funds, Plaintiff's purchased an interest in a reputation management company known as Rexxfield, ("Rexxfield"). Sometime between October 2010 and February 2011, it became apparent that Rexxfield's "products" were unlike any other reputation management products on the market. Rather than "smother", "bury" or "shout over" negative online content thus forcing it to fall to the second, third, or tenth page of online search results, Rexxfield possessed an esionage-grade hacking code that allowed the company to illegally access various websites and delete or manipulate the negative content from the website. It also became apparent during that time that plaintiff Adam Zuckerman ("Zuckerman") was not the trustworthy businessmen that he portrayed himself to be Zuckerman had pled guilty to $20 million white-collar fraud scheme, which prosecutors dubbed Operation Lease Fleece. See United States District for the Central District of California, Case No. SA CR 07-00239. In or around February 2011, Zuckerman and Plaintiff Ryan Page ("Page") develped a marketing plan that included: (1) selecting targeted persons and companies who would be concerned about their online reputation, (2) intentionally posting negative and disturbing information on the internet about the target, (3) and contacting those targets to sell them the Rexxfield product to fix the damage that Rexxfield had caused itself. For example, in one recorded meeting Zuckerman and Page are heard illustrating their proposed marketing startegy of sending the parents of "Little Johhny" a fabricated picture of Little Johnny with a gun in his mouth.

Because of Plaintiff's criminal and proposed unehtical conduct, Meade promptly terminated his business relationship with Plaintiff's. Meade resigned as the CEO of Progeenx in February 2011....Meade promptly provided the recording to the FBI, US Attorneys Office, Pre Trial Services, Laguna Beach Police, DOJ of California and the SEC to hopefully halt Plaintiff's illegal conduct. After finding law enfocement slow to respond, and fearing for his life, Meade turned to the public including FoxNews.con to expose Plaintiff's illegal conduct.

Look at that phrase "contacting targets (victims) to sell them the Rexxfield product to fix the damage that Rexxfield had caused itself."

That coupled along with sanitizing the horrible acts that happened to people like Krista Stryland and you see why I am speaking out, no matter the cost to me my personal and professional reputation.

How, then, do we stop this?

First, understanding the brillance of the plan. Create the illusion that Portelli and Roberts have split with Zuckerman.

Portelli and Roberts can then present themselves to law enforcement and get the inside track on any investigation and also supply the manufactured information which was designed to allow them all to avoid prosecution.

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

POSTED: Friday, March 30, 2012

according to information that is available on the web.

Feel free to 'Google' this- WHO OWNS THE FED?, and go to the site with the five charts. Twentieth Century Fox Corporation is listed in 'Chart 4', right?

General Electric (NBC) is listed in 'Chart 5', correct? Take a look at who is listed in 'Chart 1'. J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Lehman Brothers are all listed. These are just some of the banks that were responsible for the 'meltdown' of the banking system in 2008, due to all of the toxic mortgages and mortgage-backed securities, right?

Simply 'Google' this- FRONTLINE: INSIDE THE MELTDOWN, and watch that video on the web for proof.

Then 'Google' all of the following videos and watch them on the web in order to understand that our entire system in America (Wall Street and the U.S. Government) is corrupt and diseased-








**Here is a quote from the interview in video #2 above-

QUOTE: "We launched the Justice Party because the entire system is so corrupt. It's so diseased." - Rocky Anderson

Thank You

***NATIONWIDE BANK ALERT: Make sure to stay at this site and type in- BANK, and read the Ripoff Reports from people all over America for important information if you have a bank account or a mortgage in the USA.

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#4 Consumer Comment

Fraud Factory - Matthew G. Cooke and Reputation Defender = Rexxfield, Ryan Steven Page, Aaron Thomas, Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Paul Anthony Portelli, Michael Ross Roberts, Reputation Management

AUTHOR: Fox News Scam - (United States of America)

POSTED: Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wait a minute, is d****e-bag Matthew G. Cooke of RemoveYourName & Reputation Defender also a part of Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Ryan Steven Page, Aaron Thomas and Rexxfield?

PLEASE link this report to the one on Matthew G. Cooke.

This guy and RemoveYourName.com aka Reputation.com stole my money!

What else has been deleted from the internet outside of Ripoff Report that has never been restored? What is being censored from us in the search engines we use every day? If a website like Ripoff Report was targeted for attack, what other sites or search engines are being tampered with? What information has been deleted from the internet that we will never be exposed to? The truth, which we have every right to know or at least be made witness to, is being taken away by the hacking of RemoveYourName.com and Rexxfield. How does one protect herself, if there is no line of defense by truth? What frightens me most is that once you hire these companies and ask then to refund your money when they cannot perform is the threats they make against you. How did these people ever get promoted by Fox News or pay for ads on the radio?

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#3 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: PrivateEye4Hire - (USA)

POSTED: Saturday, March 10, 2012


  I Swear... watching you internet thugs argue and call each other names is so much fun...

  Keep up the great work!

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#2 Author of original report

Rexxfield: 'Masters of Spin' Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Michael Ross Roberts and Paul Portelli conspire to avoid criminal prosecution. | Roberts will claim he was setting up Zuckerman and therefore his words are not indicative of his intent. Then he will claim it was Matthew Cooke whom did the hacking. | Paul Portelli will claim he was boasting on the tapes and his words are not indicative of his intent

AUTHOR: Darren M. Meade - (United States of America)

POSTED: Friday, March 09, 2012

Dear reader,

Please listen again to this tape again.

The participants in the tape are Adam Stuart Zuckerman, Paul Portelli, and Michael Roberts aka Rexxfield.

The tape begins with Mr. Portelli detailing how he wishes to 'kick me in the balls' and 3/4 of the way through - Mr. Zuckerman expresses how we would really like to watch my brain explode after shooting me with  a .50 caliber hollow-point bullet - Mr. Roberts finds it amusing that my head would explode.

Portelli, Zuckerman and Roberts (and the multiple online reputation management / SEO entities they operated under) were worried that if anyone of them couldn't remember the others lies around me, "their whole plan would go to hell."

The plan?

Continue making large sums of money by censoring the internet and bringing to fruition 'Google-Cide'.

There is a reason that the right to free speech is in the First Amendment, and not the Second, Third, Fourth, etc. It is the most important constitutional right we have. Rexxfield knew the ability to censor the Internet,  in a election year is a gold mine.

Please read this report on Matthew G. Cooke before continuing.

Michael Ross Roberts and Paul Anthony Portelli have continually refused to help bring to justice Adam Stuart Zuckerman and his 'white collar criminal' enterprise.

I've asked them to speak with the FBI and US Attorneys Office.


The masters of spin gave forethought, and intentionally set up Matthew G. Cooke by having him fulfill the majority of the hacking orders for Rexxfield so that they could avoid responsibility for their (Rexxfield) actions and knowledge.

Roberts, and, Portelli in order to prevent any criminal blow-back from the consensual audio recordings by claiming they were setting up their business partner Adam Zuckerman on the recording.

1-27-2011 Zuckerman, Portelli and Roberts contrived the best way to lie to me about their criminal enterprise and plotted to kill me if I tried to warn the public.

1-28-2011 Adam Zuckerman became a 60% owner in Rexxfield.

Fox News went to investigate the hacking technology with a focus on Adam Zuckerman.

I supplied Fox News with consensual audio recordings, signed documents, and, key emails all implicating Zuckerman.

Fearing the potential impact on Adam Stuart Zuckerman sentencing for Operation Lease Fleece , Roberts deflected the evidence I provided to Fox News, and, sanitized Zuckerman as per their agreement / plan.

The filing of my report has been problematic for Roberts, and, Zuckerman / Portelli are now deflecting for Roberts.

Neither Roberts or Portelli would go to law enforcement with me. Nor, will the comment, condemn, or admit any criminal activity.

Paul Portelli's reply to my report was further deflection as is the plan for all Rexxfield partners.

Paul Portelli will continue to deflect just as Roberts has for their partner Zuckerman.

Roberts will claim he was setting up Zuckerman and therefore his words are not indicative of his intent. Then he will claim it was Matthew Cooke whom did the hacking.

Paul Portelli will claim he was boasting on the tapes and his words are not indicative of his intent, that he was a low level intern with no real knowledge of the hack and that it was Matthew Cooke whom did the hacking.

Deflect - Deflect - Deflect

I resigned on February 27, 2011.

Michael Roberts on February 27, 2011 offers to sign a mutual NDA with Zuckerman / Cooke attorney provided he can still sell the hack but have Matthew Cook handle fulfillment.

I had notified the FBI, US Attorney Office, Pretrial Service and SEC.

Michael Ross Roberts on March 10, 2011 was attempting  to extort Ripoff Report by selling them Matthew Cookes 'Cool Technique'.

Dear reader, this is what I ask you to remember as you see these people post on the site, understand their intentions and the crimes they committed and the voice of victims they silenced.

From:Michael Roberts michael.roberts@rexxfield.com

:Sun, Feb 27, 2011 9:57 am

To:David J. Vendler <DVendler@mpplaw.com>

Cc:Aman Bhar <aman.bhar@amanbhar.com>, Matthew Cooke mcooke.mail@gmail.com

Dear David,

Please present to Rexxfield an offer from Adam's group to purchase Rexxfield's rights to "Cool Technique" with the following conditions (with Matthew's blessing):

(1) Rexxfield will not promote the Technique with any outgoing campaigns.

(2) Rexxfield will not SEO its websites for the techniques.

(3) Rexxfield will ONLY sell the technique to inbound calls or registrations who by happenstance have RipOffReport and other sites that CT can handle as part of their problem. Rexx will outsource all such cases to Matthew Cooke for execution.

(4) Mutual NDA and Non everything agreement

(5) We all pretend that we never met.

Please ask your clients to put their best foot forward for a quick and painless parting of ways.

With my kindest regards,

Michael Roberts

> ----- Original Message -----

> From: David J. Vendler

Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 04:40 PM

 To: 'mrr7@me.com' <mrr7@me.com>; 'schapman@merritt-chapman.com' <schapman@merritt-chapman.com>; 'paul.p@rexxfield.com' paul.p@rexxfield.com>; 'michael.roberts@rexxfield.com' <michael.roberts@rexxfield.com>

> Subject: Rexxfield Matters

> Dear Sirs:

> I have been retained related to matters that concern Rexxfield LLC, Rexxfield Ltd LLC, Sons Ltd, Paul Portelli, and you personally.

> In consideration of the severity of your bad faith dealings and collusion, I have been instructed to vigorously pursue an action against you and the entities above on behalf of my clients,

including, but not limited to, seeking damages, restraining orders, and other injunctive relief.

> I have already reviewed several communications involving bizarre threats of criminal prosecution and other extortion tactics by parties involved in these matters. Should any sort of activities along these lines take place with respect to my clients, you should be prepared for the consequences. I am also aware of the incident where Mr. Portelli stormed into the Progenex offices in front of numerous persons, trespassed, removed property and assaulted several employees. My clients have yet to determine what actions, if any, they will take with respect this action.

> If you are represented by counsel, please provide me with their contact information so that I can contact them directly. Otherwise, if you are interested in avoiding an immediate action, you should contact me by no later than Monday at noon.

> If you have any questions about any of the above, you can of course contact me.
> Yours,

> David Vendler

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#1 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Harassment and threats by Adam Stuart Zuckerman

AUTHOR: Paul Portelli - (USA)

POSTED: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My name is Paul Anthony Portelli and this is a genuine comment being posted by me personally.

I was recently tracked down by Adam Stuart Zuckerman and threatened. I am posting this because I will not be intimidated.

Three days ago, on Sunday Febuary 12 2012 Adam Zuckerman came to the church that I attend and approached me. We stepped outside the church where we had a short conversation. After some questioning of where he could find Michael Roberts I explained to him that I was not aware of where Michael was. 

He told me that Michael Roberts and Darren Meade are on their 'hit list'. When I asked why, he said it is due to the incriminating audio recordings which have been released and disseminated on the internet. He then pointed a finger at me and said, "And you made a lot of the recordings."

I shrugged off his threat and pulled out my phone to start recording the rest of the conversation as evidence. At this point he began to leave toward his car. As I followed him toward his car, I asked him how he had tracked me down at the church. He said that someone had told him that Michael Roberts was attending. 

As we walked by a group of four men standing in front of the church I made a point to tell the group that Adam was stalking and harrassing me. Adam walked by without a word and I followed him to his car and watched as he drove away.

I spoke with the group who had witnessed this take place, and I asked them if they had seen Adam at the church before. All of the men had seen Adam creeping around the church. One of the men said that Adam had come into the church before the service and had asked him if a man named Michael Roberts was a member of the church. Adam told him that he had a meeting with Michael after service and that he was supposed to meet him at the church. He said that Adam asked multiple times and asked if there was a membership database that they could search for him.

I post this as a warning. Adam Stuart Zuckerman is a reckless, dangerous sociopath. For over a decade he has wrecked carnage in the lives of the citizens of Orange County and Irvine. How bad has it gotten when the citizens have to face further harassment by Zuckerman and his crew by exposing their crimes, which may follow after I post this?

If you google my name today, 2/15/2012, the results come back "clean". How much garbage will begin to show up after this post? It doesn't matter to me. If Adam Stuart Zuckerman's criminal empire is not stopped, it's going to be happening to everyone all over the internet.

Adam: Your threats will only encourage me. Critical mass is looming.

More to come!

Perpetrators, collaborators, bystanders, victims: we can be clear about three of these categories. The bystander, however, is the fulcrum. If there are enough notable exceptions, then protest reaches a critical mass. We dont usually think of history as being shaped by silence, but, as English philosopher Edmund Burke said, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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