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Complaint Review: Burger King

  • Submitted: Fri, July 06, 2012
  • Updated: Tue, July 01, 2014
  • Reported By: ANGRYCUSTOMER — United States of America
  • Burger King

    United States of America

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Fast food restaurants are disgusting. I've walked in and right out of a Tampa Bay McDonald's after noticing no soap in the men's bathroom (meaning that employees aren't not properly washing their hands).

Burger King tables are notoriously dirty; it's usually impossible to find a clean table at a Burger King "restaurant".

It's also known that these fast food chains hire convicted felons with nothing to lose and nothing to look forward to in life. These creeps will happily spit in your food for any reason, or no reason.

The quality of their food is often inconsistent. Sometimes it's ok, other times the bread is hard like it's been sitting in liquid and dried. I personally know of a former burger king employee who admitted that they used to kick hamburger patties around on the floor and then serve them.

Obviously, these restaurants CANNOT be trusted. [continued below]....
..... But, we can't just get rid of them. But we can do is demand that they open their kitchen up so that you can see everything that is going on from the dining room - with no where to hide to do anything sneaky or illegal.

Until these junk food joints take the initiative make their kitchens 100% visible, I will not purchase any food from them. I encourage you to BOYCOTT all fast food restaurants until the kitchen is re-configured to be completely visible.

Some air headed corporate exective will likely respond to this message with a superficially friendly message "we assure you our quality is..."  No. We're not going to take your word for it.  You make millions of dollars each and every day. You can afford to re-arrange your kitchen so that we can see what's going on.

And McDonald's you can definitely afford to put soap in your bathrooms. You should have been shut down for that.

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#1 Consumer Suggestion

McDonalds Situation

AUTHOR: William - ()

There used to be issues as indicated in the above report but things have been changing per the information on many different web sites such as McDonalds Jobs and many many others.  The amount of business the stores do causes them to continually stay up on how things ought to be as well as what consumers want.

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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - ()

It appears that some of the large fast-food chains are using a chemical in their bread that is also used to make yoga mats and the soles of shoes, according to information that is available on the web. You can 'Google' the following and read the related articles for additional information-



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#3 Consumer Comment

Why just fast food

AUTHOR: Ramjet - ()

You should be aware that the kitchen area in fast food places is far more visible than the kitchen in most fancy restaurants.  A good share of the time you don't even know where the kitchen is.  Maybe they should be required to have the kitchen visible too.

I have, and will continue, to go to fast food restaurants when I feel like it.  the ones I am familiar with mostly hire kids and the ones I've dealt with are just fine if you treat them halfway decent.  I expect that the OPs attitude may have something to do with his/her perception. Treat them with respect and in most cases they will treat you with respect.

If they are super busy it may take a while to get all the tables cleaned off just like any restaurant. 

The OP sounds like a jerk to me and they should avoid all restaurants so the rest of us don't have experience their snotty attitude.
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#4 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - ()

Feel free to give us an update to your Ripoff Report when you have time. Thank You.
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#5 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Some are franchises.

AUTHOR: Crim - (United States of America)

I used to work at a Burger King that was owned by the Franchise Dolphin Fast Food in Minnesota.

I am aware of at least 1 other chain in this state that had similar descriptions to the one this complaint had. They are all the stores of the Red King chain.

The description you stated is because of how the managers run that store. Not ALL fast food restaurants fit that. In Minnesota, I am not even aware of a fast food chain that does not have open assembly stations. You can seriously see everything that is being done to your food. That does not mean some jerk wont still sneak in some spit or use bad product. I know these stores have cameras running on all the stations as well as the registers, but rarely are they viewed completely because who would check their dozen+ cameras for each second of the day that happened.

As for ripping on hiring felons... Are you retarded? Would you rather no one ever hire them and they what? Go back to crime? People like you need to get charged with a felony and spend 1 day in jail to really know the hell those people go through. Also, you don't need to be felon to be a jerk. These places hire teens, and they are just as likely if not more likely to mess with people's food. But are we going to not hire teens? So they never get work experience, and any real job wants work experience, so where do they get it from?

Lastly. Do not waste people's time by taking pictures of a dirty table or bathroom during a lunch rush. I'm sure you are the type of person who will complain that your food is taking too long, but just be calm, they need to check the soap level in the bathroom first before finishing your food. Or maybe they need to hire bathroom attendants. Or maybe we can just blame all the Walmart slobs that think everything is for them and they dirty bathrooms because they couldn't care less. I don't know if you ever thought of this, but did you try to tell them they were out of soap? Could it be possible they just recently ran out even?

And my final thoughts. Don't judge all Burger Kings, and somehow all fast food chains in general because of 1 bad store. If that one store sucks, then don't go there. Starting a fast food boycott because your local stores suck? Idiotic...
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#6 Consumer Comment

Too bad, so sad

AUTHOR: Chad - (USA)

Yes, you will have to take their word for it. They're not going to go to the trouble of remodeling because one person thinks the kitchen should be visible. No place would get shut down for not having soap in the customer bathrooms. Besides, employees don't wash their hands in there, they have wash stations in back.
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#7 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

Maybe one of the reasons that Subway has become so successful is because all of the food is prepared in front of their customers.

I believe that people should be able to see their sandwiches and burgers being prepared in order to feel safer about the food that they are purchasing, wouldn't you agree?

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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#8 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

Feel free to give us an update to your Ripoff Report. Thank You.
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#9 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

If a fast food chain, like Burger King, simply installed video cameras in their kitchens and allowed all customers to watch what was taking place, then the customers would most likely feel more at ease regarding the food that they ordered, wouldn't you agree?

Heck, any fast food chain that installed video cameras that allowed its customers to watch the employees prepare the food would probably see a substantial increase in their sales, right? Just think, customers could link up with the fast food chain's video system, using their smart phones or their iPads, and watch how all of the food is being prepared while they sit in the restaurant enjoying their juicy burgers and delicious fries, correct?

Have a nice day.
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#10 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Speculative Report is Speculative

AUTHOR: IceSage - (United States of America)

While I can agree with you on the subject that fast food chains aren't exactly the cleanest and most amazing dining establishments in the world... I can say, however, that most of your "report" is speculative and depending on the company, outright false.

Your title includes Wendys in the title, and as an ex-employee of Wendys, I can give you my side of the story about what I know about the company and the stores that I've worked at. I'm going to assume that the same policies are in place for most other fast food restaurants, as usually most of the policies and training you learn in 1 fast food joint is usually the same with all fast food joints. Not due to business practice in general, but due to intense health codes and core business practices that any company that serves food should not only be made aware of, but also have it drilled into their brain and company so much it might as well be second nature.

I'm going to start off with your line about McDonald's and there being no soap in the restroom. Having no soap in a restroom is quite unfortunate, and does happen in a lot of fast food joints. The next thing you say is highly erroneous though.

You assume that there being no soap in the restroom implies that the employee didn't wash their hands properly. I know for a fact that, again, I'm stating from the point of view of where I worked, at Wendys, that hand washing is drilled into your brain no matter what position you work in. Most companies, including all the places where I've worked, have a "Hand Wash Station" somewhere in the back. It's supplied with plenty of soap, water, and paper towels. So even if you noticed soap missing from the bathroom... That doesn't mean employees are unable to wash their hands properly. They're able to wash their hands quite well from the hand washing stations, which are usually in the back slightly out of sight.

When I worked at Wendys, I washed my hands after literally everything I did. Seriously. If my role was to take a customer's money in the drive through, I'd wash my hands before I did anything else. If I had to use the restroom, even if I already washed my hands in the restroom, I'd still be required to wash them again at the "Hand Washing Station." There's also a mandatory rule when washing your hands to... something like 8-10 seconds, I honestly forget, I haven't worked there in quite some time. 

I'm going to take a guess and say it's safe to say that most other fast food establishments have these rules in place as well. If your excuse is, "Sure, you could get away with not washing your hands" you'd be semi-right... You COULD. But let me tell you something... When you're working in the fast food business, your mind is basically engraved with the phrase "MUST WASH HANDS." Not only are you monitored by a manager, who, actually does care about this crap... You personally will want to wash your hands, just because it gives you a feeling of being clean while working at perhaps one of the crappiest jobs ever.

As for tables being dirty, I want to say that Burger King I'd probably expect dirty tables from... but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Almost all Burger Kings I've been to have had clean tables. That's my own opinion though, maybe the ones you go to aren't managed properly.

Convicted Felons:

I have never worked at any store, at least in Wendys, that ever hired a convicted felon, EVER. Even if they did hire felons who got out of jail... That doesn't mean they're going to spit in your food.

I know for a fact it's difficult to get away with something like that, especially at Wendys. Which brings me to your next point, is that  Wendys DOES have their kitchen opened up to their dining room. You can see what the employees are doing at all times. The only parts you are unable to see is perhaps a small portion of the drive-thru window, and the area where the dishwasher area is. Other than that, I'm pretty sure Wendys passes this accusation you've hit it with shoving it in the group with those other fast food chains.

I'd also like to ask if you've ever complained about any issues you've ever had at Fast Food Restaurants? I can say for certain that if you complain enough about a valid reason, they actually DO take action.

You didn't happen to tell the manager on duty that there wasn't any soap in the bathroom by chance, did you? Because I'm betting you didn't.

While you may believe that fast food establishments are some sort of hardcore business that's extremely strict and never does anything to accommodate customers, you'd be surprised to learn that most fast food businesses actually do more for their customers than any other restaurant, and perhaps any other business.

These places are pretty much fool proof... setup systematically doing the same drone work each day, it's rather hard to screw something up. In the cases where the dining area is a mess, or there's no soap, or they did mess something up... You do realize you have the right to complain and 99% of the time they're more than happy to help with it. If they don't, you can always ask for the district manager's number and put up a fuss, which you should do if you're experiencing earth-shattering issues like a lack of soap in the bathroom. Trust me, General Managers don't like to be talked down to by the District Mangers.
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#11 Consumer Comment

Hamburger patty soccer

AUTHOR: Stiles - (United States of America)

I'm going to agree with the above rebuttals.....seems like a fair idea, wrong representative and probably won't have the envisioned outcome.

So they open up the kitchen, do you really think that is going to stop someone with malicious intent? Not likely. We aren't at the top of the food chain (pardon the reference) because we lack the ability to overcome obstacles. Opening up the kitchen won't stop the employees from their daily game of hamburger patty soccer either. They will likely just move it to the back.....don't you think?

In most fast food establishments, the employee who takes your order also pours the drink. They touch hundreds of dirty monies, then your drink cup and you in turn grab that cup, then some fries or your sandwich and stick it in your mouth. What youre asking is for them to simply improve the perception of "clean" so you feel more comfortable. I guess its just a matter of where your "line" is drawn, which explains your failure to rally the troops against those " air headed corporate executives" in the industry. Not that i've done the research, but spit just might be healthier than the cleanest Mc Double ( ok, that might be a stretch :) )

Do you think your own hands are that much cleaner? Even if you do wash them, what about the doorknob to the bathroom? The chair you pull out when you sit? The ketchup packets that everyone has had their hands in?

The point is, yes its probably not all that clean and could surely be improved but, not many of us get sick from these places so they appear to be safe for the most part. there is always medication if your concern is overwhelming.

Besides, a boycott of fast food? In America??? Hmm....yeah....

You lost me with the felon comment though, that just makes you look like a judgmental a$$

I'm writing this on my mobile phone in a taco bell bathroom with no soap, discolored dollar bills in 1 hand, bean burrito in the other ;)....j/k but do have a good day though.
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#12 Consumer Comment

Silly at best

AUTHOR: OPOSTERBKMC - (United States of America)

It doesn't surprise that someone is going to be skeptical. So, where's what I am going to do. Over the next several months, I am going to visit various fast food restaurants, and I will be taking pictures.

I will then have tangible evidence that fast food restaurants are disgusting. This will put pressure on them to change.  I will take snapshots of dirty tables, nasty drink sections, poor employee hygiene - everything I can find.

You want proof that these restaurants are filthy? Check back often. I'll get you more proof than you can handle.
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#13 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)


Feeling sick
What's that thing
Oh my goodness
Booger King!
Let's have fun
Close the door
Kick some patties
On the floor
End of poem
Time to quit
Juicy burger
Filled with spit?


Anyone can 'Google' this- BOOGER DEFINITION, and read the definitions on the web. Here is one of them-

'Booger' (definition) - A piece of dried nasal mucus.

Thank You

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#14 Consumer Comment

Agreed, for the most part

AUTHOR: xononeofyourbusiness - (USA)

I do agree with much of what you're saying, I personally RARELY eat at these places, mainly due to the poor nutrition.

However I do have one comment, these places (same with all establishments) really can't discriminate against felons. It's illegal and unfair for anyone rehabilitated. I highly doubt these people are more likely to spit in your food than other minimum wage employees.  That's a bit of an unfair stereotype.
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#15 Consumer Comment

What's the real problem

AUTHOR: Ramjet - (U.S.A.)

I expect there is a subtext to this report that we're not 'hearing'. Your generalized accusations are silly at best.

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