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Complaint Review: Reuel Christensen - Provo Utah

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  • Reuel Christensen Provo, Utah USA

Reuel Christensen Reuel Burton Christensen Reuel B Christensen  Professional Con/Scam Artist Provo Utah

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I am writing this novella to protect you or a business partner from Reuel Christensen and his company “Protection 1” or “Protection One” managed by Brett Kesler out of Rexburg Idaho.  My emphasis is more on Reuel Christensen because we’ve had more dealings with him, but as you will see Brett Kesler is not innocent here.



Let me share the overview of this elaborate scam with Brett Kesler and Reuel Christensen in case you don’t feel like reading the 22 paragraphs of detail below.  We own a small call center in Phoenix, AZ.  Reuel Christensen lives in Utah and is a Sales Manager for Brett Kesler out of the Protection 1 office in Rexburg Idaho.  Reuel flew down to our office in Phoenix and bathed us in praise, stroked our egos, and held out a big carrot of “millions of dollars” and claimed he wanted to partner with us to make us successful.  He said he and Brett Kesler struck a deal with Protection 1 that literally had never been done before in their entire history, and our little call center would be the lucky recipients of this deal! Believing all of their lies, we converted our 3-year old CenturyLink business to door knocking and/or making up to 150 calls a day selling security systems for Reuel and Brett at Protection 1.  We were promised bonuses and crazy commissions which were never delivered.  We were also told that Protection 1 had taken over ouroffice and all expenses would be covered directly by Protection 1. Who could resist such a deal?  We couldn’t.  After four months of and sending them nearly 200 referrals for sales and making these guys tens of thousands of dollars, we were paid ZERO.  Our small company fronted the commissions and office expenses that Brett and Reuel were supposed to cover for four months!  As a small 3-year old company the financial blow was so devastating that on July 3rd, 2015 we went out of business and closed our doors. 



I am nearing 50 years of age and have owned and managed businesses most of my life.  I can say unequivocally this was the most elaborate scam I had ever been a part of.  You need to know something about me first I feel.  I am not one to complain about anything, and it drives my wife crazy.  For example, I ordered a rare steak on my birthday but instead was served an over-cooked leather shoe—I still did not complain to the waiter!  The reason is it takes a lot to really bother me.  I have been to hell and back literally in my business and personal life, so I get along with pretty much everyone and can handle pretty much anything. I have been cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars over the many years I have been alive, and it has only garnished my attention for a few minutes. I am telling you…I am easy going!


But what happens when you take this easy going, passive guy and scam him, and all of his friends, business partners, and members of his church out of tens of thousands of dollars, cause his company to go completely belly up resulting in nearly a dozen friends and family members losing their jobs, and all of their hard earned money invested? 


You would get my attention that’s what! 


And in this case you would be describing what Brett Kesler and Reuel Christensen did to us, and right now they have earned ALL MY ATTENTION with an endless endurance and passion for righteous vengeance!  



Vengeance.  Let’s be real we are pissed and want our commissions, bonuses, and expenses covered that were promised to us!  But please understand that this letter is not just about righteous vengeance.  Truly I tell you, we are also here to defend the innocent and sometimes the helpless, so that we may be of service to someone else--some poor, unsuspecting, innocent person who doesn't see Brett Kesler and Reuel Christensen coming!  Maybe because of our letters they will now see him coming, and in clear conscience I can say, “I warned you about these guys!”. 



I will let you know what happened to us in an overview here, but for more detail about what Reuel Christensen and Protection 1 please contact me directly.  In summary here’s where Brett Kesler and Reul Christensen scammed us:



·      We were promised commissions ranging from $500 to $850 for any sales made.  After four months and dozens of sales closed, we have NEVER been paid!


·      Everyone was promised a signing bonus.  These ranged from $500 to $20,000. Not EVER signing bonus was ever paid!


·      We were promised they would never “poach” our employees.  That was not true either, as our sales manager was hired away from us.  We have many affidavits proving that reps were romanced to go to Protection 1 directly.  We still have access to our emails that shows even to this day Reuel and Brett are working with our X-employees!  So we are out of business, and they are profiting still from working with our people! 


·      All our employees were promised their hourly wages were covered during the two-month ramp up period. They said, "Protection 1 is taking over all your wages as well."  Reuel actually stood in front of our entireoffice and told everyone that wages were now his (Protection 1) issue.  He even apologized for our checks being late on July 3rd and promised they would be deposited on the next Monday July 6th!  This was never done, as Reuel Christensen never paid a single dime to our employees.


·      We were promised that Protection 1 would cover all theoffice expenses too.  Reuel had me put together a list of all office expenses for Brett.  I had asked what expenses and Reuel said, “All of them” from the rent to the cost of our admin to paper and staplers even!  We waited weeks and weeks for this to get covered as we fell deeper in the hole working with these guys.  In the end, this was another promise NEVER fulfilled!


·      Some of us were told we would personally get $80 per sale that came through our office just because of our position in the company.  To date we have NEVERreceived a penny! 



Sometimes when I read these reports I wonder if that party complaining didn’t get paid, because they did not fulfill their end of the contract.  Over the years I have worked with some really bad employees as well as contractors, and I understand what many people miss--contracts are BI-lateral--they are two-sided.  There is a promise to pay from one party but also from the other party is the expected work ethic to receive that pay!  Let’s entertain the question:


Is it possible that we didn’t fulfill our end of the agreement to receive that pay?  Maybe we sucked at sales and cost Protection 1 a bunch of money versus profiting them? 


These are valid questions, right?  Well, as you will soon read that is not the case with our particular office but nice try.



Reuel claimed our referrals were so good, better than any other business he had ever worked with in his entire life.  He bragged to many (affidavits a plenty) that we were hands down the best call center he had ever worked with, and he said he’s been around the country working with hundreds of partners over the last decade or so.  He also said he was closing 80% of our leads!  Really?  That’s a crazy high percentage, but this is from the horse’s mouth!  In fact, he says he was making so many sales that he could not keep up with our deals.  We had customers and agents upset, because Reuel was apparently the only one making the calls to help us close the deals.  Over time he began driving and flying down to Phoenix several times to praise us.  He said we had done so well and “have been noticed” by Protection 1 to the point he was approved for over $500,000 to draw from to keep our office afloat.  This number scared us and we asked, “What if we don’t perform to this level for the entire year” to which Reuel replied (in front of all our managers see affidavits) that “he would cover it”.  He went on to explain that his pedigree was such that this deal is already done and we couldn’t fail.  To us it sounded risky, but Reuel assured us we could take the full amount of the money upfront but since his name was on the line not ours he would rather pull it out “as needed” (see affidavits).  So he promised us various installments over the course of the next 12 months (see letter from attorney with Calendar of Events from January to present).  In front of all our office managers he charted this on our white board in Phoenix, and got us really pumped!  We had done it!  After 3 plus years of toiling and making scraps here and there we finally broke through and were successful! 

Or so we had thought. 



We never received a penny.  Well, that's sort of a lie…sort of.  Let me explain.  Seven (7) times over text, email, and with key witness testimony (on different dates by the way spanning a 6 to 8 week period please see Calendar of Events) Reuel Christensen lied and said he was wiring money into our account.  He had all of our account numbers and he also got all the account numbers from all of our reps, sales managers, etc.  We put together a “Calendar of Lies for Reuel Christensen of Protection 1” that details the many days Reuel said, “I just sent the money by wire did you not get this?”  We have recordings, emails, text messages and key witnesses galore to testify to show his intent in paying us over and over—yet we’ve NEVER received a single penny! 


Wait…that’s not entirely true.  One day instead of wiring us $20,000 Reuel wired us $1.  Yes...one dollar.  Why $1 you might ask?  Maybe that's all he had who knows?  Maybe it was so he could legally say, “I sent them money”???  I am still curious about this one. 



Come on…aren’t you curious what Reuel might have to say in his defense?  When asked Reuel why he refused to pay us the tens of thousands of dollars he owed our company and our reps he said very simply, "It just didn’t feel right".  


It didn’t feel right???


We retorted to Reuel:


Let’s get this straight.  So it does not “feel right” to pay us what you owe us?  But what “feels right” to you is taking our sales and pocketing OUR money for 4 months? 


What feels right to you is scamming a small business of over $50,000 and keeping that money to yourself? 


What feels right to you is lying to us over and over about how you wired the money when all along you never did because it didn’t “feel right”???


So what “feels right” to you is to promise a small business all of these amazing things only to rip the rug out from under them and put them out of business? 


This “feels right” to you, Reuel? 


I am curious.  Did it “feel right” when you sat in our office countless times and lied to good and honest people who believed you?  Who trusted you?  Did it “feel right” to lie, cheat and scam them?


So if all that feels right to you, Reuel Christensen, I wonder what “feels wrong” to you?    


You now have OUR attention--ALL OF IT!



Per Reuel Christensen our special deal was made through Brett Kesler of Protection 1 out of Rexburg Idaho.  We did have some face-to-face time with Brett when our sales manager was flown to the Rexburg office to finalize “the deal”, but most of our interaction was with Reuel.  Yes, Brett knows what’s going on, and even recently he foolishly sent an email to one of our reps (email is forwarded to us!).  Nevertheless, I always like to give someone the benefit of the doubt in being innocent.  Maybe Sales Manager Reuel has been hiding all of this from Brett?  Maybe Reuel snuck into Brett’s office to generate all of our contracts, all the while Brett had no clue?  You never know, right? 


To give Brett the benefit of the doubt, before posting this, we reached out to Brett personally to get hear his side of the story and to hear ours. Since then we have sent Brett several emails asking him to please come to the table to discuss this matter, and we even invited his legal team.  Brett may still be innocent in this matter, but I feel he lost his innocence when he refused to get on a call with us and is completely unresponsive via email.  Let me ask you the reader a question:



If someone called you about negative things about your business and you were innocent of these charges would you A or B?

A).  Ignore all emails and phone calls? 

B).  Or in the name of good customer service to your client and/or agent would you move heaven and earth to get on a call to resolve things? 


But Brett does not seem to care that we were scammed, and he is still communicating with our employees who lost their jobs (obviously recruiting our people as the he and Reuel contractually promised not to), so at this point we have to assume he is 100% guilt and in on the scam with Reuel. 





We have tried to reason with Reuel and Brett for weeks on end, and this letter is the result of us giving up trying to reason with unreasonable people.  We are done!  I submitted all my information to an attorney and today begins the beginning of a lot of hard days of making sure Reuel and Brett do not cheat anyone else.  I am open to resolution if that is possible, but Reuel made it very clear that he doesn't feel comfortable paying us...he only feels comfortable closing our deals/sales and taking innocent people'smoney…and Brett Kesler is 100% unresponsive.




I am only one of maybe a dozen authors who will be posting on here over the next few months as the truth comes to life for others.  My business partners, employees, and some contractors in our company are writing to Rip Off Report as well as talking to the agencies below.  Not to mention we have an aggressive plan of interviewing businesses who may know Brett & Reuel and who may have been affected by their ruthless business practices and scams:


·      AZ Department of Labor

o   These guys violated AZ Labor Laws when we were told that Protection “took over hourly wages”. 

o   The AZ Department of Labor is reviewing our documents, and will go after Protection 1/Rexburg for the hourly wages promised. 

o   Every salesperson filled out a form, and we are assisting in submitting these this week.

·      Attorney General’s Office

o   The AG was very interested in this scam, because they said it fell into their jurisdiction of FRAUD

o   The AG has always helped us in the past when going after large carriers such as ATT, CenturyLink and Verizon who have cheated our clients.  “Fraudulent business schemes” fall right in line with this.  We already have the forms filled out and just need to hit “submit”.    

·      Better Business Bureau

o   This was our classic first step and has always been very effective in the past. 

o   The BBB said they would help mediate between the parties engaged. 

o   We are still finishing our claim, but we should have this submitted by next week.    

o   When going after ATT, CenturyLink and Verizon in our past business dealings, the BBB was very effective at helping us get our money.

·      Protection 1 Legal Department

o   We have had many conversations with Protection 1 Legal, Betsy Scott, Michelle Wickham, Nicole Green, etc.  We have some follow-ups today to provide them with more documents.  Protection 1 needs to know how Brett Kesler & Reuel Christensen are using fraudulent means to acquire new business and are improperly representing the fine name of Protection 1!

·      Our Attorneys

o   With all of our contacts we have 3 attorneys reviewing the matter at no charge.  One of my best friends is a local attorney here in Arizona and has chosen to take the case on at no fee to us.  It’s wonderful having friends who are willing to help a brother and stand for Truth!

·      National White Collar Crime Center

o   We have spoken to the NW3C and they were most interested in this case.  There were items about the case that potentially made it their Federal jurisdiction such as crossing state line and using the internet to “dangle the carrot” (their words not mine). 

·      Corporation Commission

o   We have spoken to the CC about the Protection 1 corporation based in Rexburg Idaho that Brett Kesler manages.  Brett is authorizing Reuel Christensen to scam businesses. 

·      Websites

o   There are three truth-filled websites going up that fall under “free speech”. 

o   We are not allowed to post them here but if you are creative and add the word “scam” or “ripoff” or “con-artist” to Reul’s and Brett’s names you can figure it out. 

o   We checked with proper our attorneys and as long as the website is factual we can post virtually anything we want.  We have plenty of implicating facts to post!

·      Other Sites Like Rip Off Report

o   Most of the folks in our office are now unemployed so they have plenty of time to report Brett & Reuel. 

o   Can you believe we have found 52 other sites similar toRip Off Report that we will all be reporting to such as:

·      Consumer Fraud Reporting

·      National Fraud Information Center

·      Consumer Affairs, the FTC

·      The Gripe

·      Complaints

·      Bad Business Bureau

·      Rip Off Revenge. 

·      Facebook

·      Linkedin

·      Etcetera



Surely this is all here say, right?  Surely these guys weren’t so foolish to put things into writing, right?  Here’s the crazy part.  We have so much evidence it’s incredible!!!  We have everything from contracts signed by Reuel, text messages, emails, and over a dozen eye witnesses who are willing to either testify in court or give us legal signed statements/affidavits against Brett & Reuel. All evidence points to their INTENT and that BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT they made oral and written contracts giving us these financial promises I have mentioned above.  By the way, all of our phones automatically call record, so almost every Reuel conversation was recorded.  And when Reuel came into ouroffice some of us made it a habit to record his every word!  Our attorney let us know that in Arizona verbal contracts are legal and binding up to 3 years and are AS VALID as a written contract.  But we have written contracts too! In other words, if this goes to court our lawyers are going to have a field day! 



Here’s a humble confession for you the reader.  We should have been less trusting.  We also should have trusted the people who told us that Reuel was not a good man to work with.  We should have listened to Reuel’s X-business partners!  Touche, Reuel!  We were wooed by your kind words and your claims that you were "a man of faith".  With an office full of church folks I suppose we were easy prey for you, “dark prince” riding in on your black horse like a knight in shining armor with fists full of "fake" hundred dollar bills.  Yes we are naïve.  Yes we are gullible.  Yes we are overly trusting.  But does that make scamming us right, Reuel?!! 



Brett…Reuel…was it your plan all along to scam innocent people? If so you guys are AMAZING ACTORS!  You might be the best scam artists we had ever encountered!  I will admit we were so gullible you had us wrapped around your fingers, guys!  Touche!!!  Or did your lavish lifestyles of big boats, big parties and many big homes just cost more than you thought?  If you truly ran out of moneywhy didn’t you make payment arrangements with us?  As foolish as this may sound to the world, we are still willing to work something out.  We are not going to treat you as you treated us—we will communicate, we will respect, we will respect, we will love.  Just talk to us if you are broke!!!



What you intended for our demise will end up being for our good.  In Romans 8:28 it says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”. 


Your evil scams taking advantage of our employees, business partners, friends, our family, members of our church—they will not go unpunished!  There is a higher power you all will eventually answer to.  That will be between you and God or you and nature whatever you believe I don’t know. 



Anytime we have been scammed in the past we try to look at the positive side of the scam.  I call it “TUITION” to lessen the financial blow (we all know how expensive school is!).  So let’s look at the positive side of things and say, “Thank you, Brett!  Thank you, Reuel!” 


For what you ask?


Despite lying, cheating, and scamming us of our life savings, we would like to thank you for the following:

·      Brett & Reuel, thank you for the training you provided us! It was extremely informative and you really are good salespeople! 

·      Brett & Reuel, thank you for getting us into the security business.  Our management team has a combined experience of over 200 years in telecom!  Up to January we knew NOTHING about security and the business.  I am thankful you introduced us to a new business path that is soooooo lucrative!

·      Brett & Reuel, thank you for showing your cards so early on.  Maybe we lost just shy of $100,000.  That’s a lot ofmoney to us, but I keep thinking, “What if we had been working with these guys for 5 years before they showed their true colors?  We could have been scammed of millions of dollars not tens of thousands!  Thank you for being you EARLY!!!

·      Brett & Reuel, thank you for pushing us away, so we can someday do business with a legitimate partner!  Some of us are divorced and remarried and can appreciate divorce on some level.  So thank you for screwing us over and divorcing us, so we can be the best “partner” for the next security company.  Maybe they will appreciate it us unlike you have not. 

·      Let me thank you for one other thing—PASSION!!!  You have given us a passion to not only make sure the world knows who both are but you have given us a passion to succeed in an industry that seems to be made up of scam artists such as yourself.  You see, we turned telecom around single handedly we feel and made an honest business about it!  We became famous in three years by doing the right thing in an industry where everyone did wrong.  We hear the security industry is full scammers like you guys.  In fact, after this whole event all we’ve heard of over and over has been, “Yeah, that’s the security business for sure.  It’s very common.” So our new goal is to compete in the security world and do ithonestly and justly.  Can you guys imagine that?  In other words, our goal is to conduct our business exactly the opposite of the way you appear to conduct your business. 



Losing all that money hurts.  All of my friends losing their jobs really hurt!  Closing down our call center hurt mightily!  But we will use that pain to dig deep and become better people.  Despite the many lies, tricks, lies and scams you have committed here, “illegal revenge” will never be our thought.  Nor will cheating the next guy be a thought because someone as ruthless as you cheated us.  We will not return an eye for an eye and will instead lovingly turn our cheek (as we write these letters) towards you and others.  We will move forward like real businessmen and woman and build a business that uses these incidences for good not bad.  We will continue to be Good Guys and treat others with respect, integrity and honesty.  We are Christians.  That’s who we are.  We believe God will deal with you better than we could ever.   Even now after you've scammed and cheated us from our income and our company is now bankrupted and we are completely out of business because of you, we would still consider you with respect, open the door for conversation and reconciliation!  We still care about you despite who you are and what you have done.


We are Good Guys and your evils can’t change that, my friend! 


We forgive you guys. 


May God bless you regardless!  

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 06/25/2016 07:45 AM and is a permanent record located here: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/reuel-christensen/provo-utah/reuel-christensen-reuel-burton-christensen-reuel-b-christensen-nbspprofessional-consca-1313460. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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