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Report: #707910

Complaint Review: Senora C - Internet

  • Submitted: Fri, March 18, 2011
  • Updated: Sat, August 02, 2014
  • Reported By: WorriedParent — Arroyo Seco New Mexico United States of America
  • Senora C
    505 Highway 150
    United States of America

Senora C Melissa Bryan Horrifying Character Scares Children, Internet

*General Comment: Artist? Working? What?

*Consumer Comment: Seriously

*Consumer Comment: This Tidbit

*General Comment: I Have a Question About this Person

*General Comment: I Have a Question About this Person

*Consumer Comment: 2 years and she's still going....

*General Comment: hey dave

*General Comment: Native Dreams Are Scammers Too

*General Comment: About Native Dreams Inc.

*General Comment: Beware, Citizens of Seco!

*General Comment: Still tryibg to stir things up

*Consumer Comment: I too have had a problem!

*General Comment: Waiting for the new book

*General Comment: i can't wait for that book

*General Comment: Somebody please help me understand

*Consumer Comment: Community is taking action

*Consumer Comment: Idle threats no more

*Consumer Comment: Dont Feed The Psyco

*Consumer Comment: No days off We are not fooled


*General Comment: Good!

*Consumer Comment: Thare are screenshots galore

*General Comment: You do realize Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: Roses are red...

*General Comment: Under The Gun?

*General Comment: Oh, Now. C'Mon, It's Easter, by gee golly jiminies.

*General Comment: Back To The Future

*General Comment: Why would anyone have to EXPLAIN that they are an "artist?"

*Consumer Comment: Holy Heckfire and goodie goodie and other weird exclamations only Missy makes...


*General Comment: Hey! You forgot...

*General Comment: Blah Blah Blah Colleen


*Consumer Comment: A real concern has surfaced...

*Consumer Comment: New Fraudulent behavior revealed!!

*Consumer Comment: She claims she was forced

*Consumer Comment: Lord help us she's back.

*General Comment: Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie attention

*General Comment: How an overdramatic attention seeker "negotiates" a television role

*Consumer Comment: The Real Culprits (?)

*General Comment: I take one little break...

*General Comment: Spewing death threats from a funeral?

*General Comment: "Family Embarrassment."

*General Comment: No regret.

*Consumer Comment: Missy never ceases to amaze

*Consumer Comment: Isabella, Ruby and Missy.

*General Comment: Getting ready for the Lulz of the century

*General Comment: Senora C. vs the World

*General Comment: Bullying

*General Comment: FYI Ruby

*General Comment: comment for entire group

*General Comment: Can you believe Melissa Bryan's Lies?

*Consumer Comment: Really Scajaquada

*General Comment: Really?

*General Comment: MOAR lies!

*Consumer Comment: Goodie Goodie she has a TV spot!

*General Comment: oops.

*Consumer Suggestion: Hello; Melissa Bryan and Ronald R. Dressler II.

*General Comment: Hurry up and what?

*General Comment: When Nobody Cares

*Consumer Comment: And Mario Batali too


*Consumer Comment: Here we go again.

*Consumer Comment: It's not quiet Coleslaw...

*Consumer Comment: Coleslaw... It isn't quiet

*General Comment: Thanks

*Consumer Comment: Apparently Links are not allowed?

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor -

*Consumer Comment: Well just when you thought you had seen it all..

*Consumer Comment: Wanda speaks.

*Consumer Comment: Who needs a day off?

*General Comment: Wanda, Coleslaw, and Anonymous

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: Who/Whatever you are I am asking...

*Consumer Comment: Once more We See You.

*General Comment: let well enough alone drop the harassment let her live her life as she so chooses who are you to play GOD or judge and jury

*Consumer Comment: Hey Wanda

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: are a REAL MAN arent you?

*Consumer Comment: Where is the Justice?

*Consumer Comment: NO worries for that guy from NY and GO Elbert!!

*General Comment: Seco Native

*Consumer Comment: Wuss!

*General Comment: THAR SHE BLOWS!

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*General Comment: FAIL ALERT

*Consumer Comment: Hmmm

*General Comment: With that much cash flow,

*Consumer Comment: What is a Goonie/Gooney Bird???

*Consumer Comment: See it all before

*General Comment: the anti-artisan

*General Comment: She accepts too!

*Consumer Comment: We Accept

*General Comment: There is an archive

*General Comment: BZ007

*General Comment: CORRECTION (and apology. Sort of.)

*General Comment: Who is she freaking out about?

*General Comment: Who is she freaking out about?

*General Comment: This is not the only site where people discuss Melissa Bryan apparently!

*General Comment: I'm no Attorney, BUT...

*General Comment: Does she take this seriously?

*General Comment: Logical Common Sense Advice: NOT An Attack

*General Comment: Again?

*General Comment: Well dang!

*General Comment: Like sands through the hourglass...

*Consumer Comment: Ummm

*General Comment: Lulz.

*General Comment: Boreen , Melissa

*General Comment: Missy-ing the point

*General Comment: Missy-ing the point

*General Comment: Nice try Doreen

*General Comment: Doreen

*General Comment: Doreen

*General Comment: You all are fascist banker scum!!!!! Leave Missy alone!!

*Consumer Comment: Thank goodness!!

*General Comment: Sea.

*General Comment: Enough is enough

*Consumer Comment: Irish Miss - Lander

*General Comment: Melissa and Dan's marriage

*General Comment: The discount lolfirm of Coleslaw et al

*Consumer Comment: Idle No More Has Been Informed...


*General Comment: That's all there is. There is no more.

*General Comment: Hey Sergei

*General Comment: Sergei

*General Comment: Oh my God

*Consumer Comment: This has to be said...

*Consumer Comment: Ooops no disappearing...

*Consumer Comment: It Is Called Gross Receipts Tax Missy

*Consumer Comment: Nice Quiet Day... Of SCAMMING people

*General Comment: Dumb heads? Really?

*Consumer Suggestion: No longer supporting Native American Causes


*Consumer Comment: Better Watch Out

*Consumer Comment: Oh No She Didn't...

*Consumer Comment: Are You Unable To Read Missy?


*General Comment: You're not a very good Christian, Colleen.


*Consumer Comment: Interesting update...

*Consumer Suggestion: CRAZY.

*Consumer Comment: Score One For The Good Guys

*Consumer Comment: The poor landlady

*Consumer Comment: summer cabin

*Consumer Comment: They really need their stove.

*Consumer Comment: FYI For Missy

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: Hate to say we told you so but...

*General Comment: Someone needs serious help!

*General Comment: Yeah Yeah Right...

*General Comment: Oh OK

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Suggestion: One Correction for Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: WOW, just WOW

*Consumer Suggestion: The ugly reality

*Consumer Comment: Coleslaw - Melissa Bryan

*Consumer Comment: Holy (no pun intended) crap!

*General Comment: No, Colleen you listen and listen carefully...

*Consumer Comment: Tourists Beware!!


*Consumer Comment: response to photos

*Consumer Comment: Oh dear...

*General Comment: HOW DARE YOU...

*Consumer Comment: LEAVE MY BFF ALONE!!!

*General Comment: MoonFlower

*General Comment: Relatives

*Consumer Comment: Truth

*General Comment: thoughtI'dhearditall...

*Consumer Comment: Artisan... HA

*Consumer Comment: Irish Miss

*General Comment: Nope

*General Comment: buh

*General Comment: buh

*Consumer Suggestion: Seen it all Before

*Consumer Comment: Don't Hold Your Breath Though...

*General Comment: See what i mean?

*Consumer Comment: The REAL reason she is no longer doing radio...

*General Comment: Her websites

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: Another day another scam again...

*Consumer Comment: The Point Being...

*Consumer Suggestion: We need to think about this

*Consumer Suggestion: Irish Miss

*Consumer Suggestion: Live and Let Live

*Consumer Suggestion: moon flower

*General Comment: bz007

*Consumer Comment: Another Day Another Scam...

*Consumer Suggestion: BE CAREFUL!

*General Comment: Not the first time

*General Comment: Not the first time

*General Comment: Emilio Estevez

*Consumer Comment: One More... One more report....

*Consumer Comment: Happy New Year!!

*General Comment: Again...

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: Really Moonflower?

*Consumer Comment: wow!

*General Comment: Also...

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*Consumer Comment: Sad, very sad

*General Comment: Moonflower

*General Comment: To Anonymous

*General Comment: Hey Moonflower

*Consumer Suggestion: Really Moonflower?

*General Comment: To Anonymous

*General Comment: Arroyo Seco should Sue!

*Consumer Comment: This is SWEET!

*Consumer Comment: How shall we spell fool?

*Consumer Suggestion: Hold on a second!

*General Comment: How Sad

*Consumer Comment: Setting the record straight...

*General Comment: Not So Bad

*Consumer Comment: It just gets worse and worse

*Consumer Comment: There's nothing she can do....

*Consumer Comment: Consumer Beware

*Consumer Comment: WOW really?

*Consumer Suggestion: An apology

*Consumer Suggestion: Unreal!

*General Comment: What tha...?

*Consumer Comment: Made it through Halloween!

*General Comment: Give it a rest, let the nice lady go in peace

*General Comment: MissPriss

*General Comment: My Stars and Garters!!!

*Consumer Comment: Irish Miss aka COLLEEN

*General Comment: Seco Native

*Consumer Comment: We are not stupid.

*General Comment: Ya know Scared neighbor

*General Comment: PLEASE LET HER ALONE!

*Consumer Comment: Immensely disappointed...

*General Comment: Oh Please Colleen

*General Comment: Irish Miss~

*General Comment: LIVE AND LET LIVE

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor

*General Comment: Where Coleen?

*Consumer Comment: It is all in black and white

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor~Where did you read that?


*Consumer Comment: What Kind Of Person Is This???

*Consumer Comment: The Book Scam

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Missy is your Leader Colleen.


*Consumer Comment: Thanks Colleen

*General Comment: Ooooooooh, Colleen, you so funny! Scary, too, of course. ;)

*General Comment: i have known her 15 years

*General Comment: GET WITH THE PROGRAM

*General Comment: Bwahahahahaha@Moonbat oops, I mean Moon Flower

*General Comment: Jeez Colleen...



*General Comment: Flowers don't grow on the moon, dear

*Consumer Comment: ED

*Consumer Comment: People, please!

*General Comment: Oh for Crying out loud Colleen

*Consumer Comment: She's Still At It?

*General Comment: @BC


*Consumer Comment: Please provide proof

*Consumer Comment: Halloween Horrors

*General Comment: Oh My Goodness!

*General Comment: In all due respect....

*Consumer Comment: A very disturbing update...

*General Comment: Scared Neighbor, that's very interesting...

*Consumer Comment: She is nuts.

*General Comment: Correct me if I'm wrong but....

*Consumer Comment: Now I have heard everything

*General Comment: I apologise for the "naive" remark, then

*Consumer Comment: Coincidence or no?

*Consumer Comment: I had hoped...

*General Comment: Seriously?

*Consumer Comment: Okay, so I made a mistake...

*Consumer Comment: Well its time to call in the neighbors again.

*Consumer Suggestion: Mental Illness

*Consumer Comment: Now it is getting scary...

*General Comment: @Piddykins

*General Comment: Figured this out..

*General Comment: Figured this out..

*Consumer Comment: UGH

*Consumer Comment: Yeah. I know.

*General Comment: Ya know Fella from NY

*Consumer Comment: Why no charges...

*Consumer Comment: Wednesday or Thursday is good for me

*Consumer Comment: Scared Neighbor;

*General Comment: With all sympathy to the guy from NY

*General Comment: Bark worse than bite

*Consumer Comment: Scared Neighbor:

*Consumer Comment: Guess it is time to hand out warning flyers...

*Consumer Comment: There, now, can't you see?

*Consumer Comment: Seriously though...

*Consumer Comment: Well see there's your trouble...

*General Comment: She just gets funnier and funnier!

*Consumer Comment: You are a funny one

*Consumer Comment: Question....

*Consumer Comment: She can't stop

*Consumer Comment: Melissa's intent to defraud

*Consumer Comment: Wasting Your Time.

*Consumer Comment: FYI For Missy

*Consumer Comment: Oh for Pete's sake!

*Consumer Comment: The story behind Melissa's "TOS attacks"

*Consumer Comment: *SIGH*

*Consumer Comment: 100 likes, yet still a fraud

*Consumer Comment: Still waiting...

*Consumer Comment: almost forgot

*Consumer Comment: Melissa's lucky day!

*Consumer Comment: *facepalm*

*Consumer Comment: A Message.

*Consumer Comment: Just my luck...

*Consumer Comment: o.O

*Consumer Comment: First, let this be known that I do not care if I know any of you...

*Consumer Comment: Denial. And stupidity.

*General Comment: You have absolutely NO proof of this allegation

*Consumer Comment: Melissa is in total denial, not bright enough to realize what she has done

*Consumer Comment: Well... Alrighty then...

*Consumer Comment: Melissa Threatens Two Children Under Age 6

*Consumer Comment: for the record..

*Consumer Comment: Senora Hypocrite

*Consumer Comment: Well

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: This stalker is bullying me

*Consumer Comment: I knooOOOOOoooow!

*Consumer Comment: What Melissa did yesterday;

*Consumer Comment: Update

*Consumer Comment: Printed AND Filed (again)

*Consumer Comment: she's not. Now she is. Now she's not. Now she is.

*Consumer Comment: Begging for Attention

*General Comment: *Rolls Eyes*

*Consumer Comment: Okay let's get it all straight...

*Consumer Comment: Since when...

*Consumer Comment: oh no!

*Consumer Comment: Oh believe me

*Consumer Comment: remember..

*Consumer Comment: Well darn....

*Consumer Comment: Sue! Sue! Sue!

*Consumer Comment: Asperger's Syndrome: In Full Display.

*Consumer Comment: dang...

*Consumer Comment: Update

*Consumer Comment: Update

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Hmmmmmmm

*Consumer Comment: To Missy's Family

*Consumer Comment: What goes around...

*Consumer Comment: Please...

*Consumer Comment: update

*Consumer Comment: Let's total this up...

*Consumer Comment: Grrrrr....

*Consumer Comment: Really?

*Consumer Comment: ooooo! Do tell!

*Consumer Comment: Might want to mention

*Consumer Comment: EVERYONE is goung to court!

*Consumer Comment: A Network of Stalkers and HarASSers!

*Consumer Comment: Well...

*Consumer Comment: can you believe this?

*Consumer Comment: No honor. All lies.

*Consumer Comment: So you are just going to lie?

*General Comment: Maybe...


*Consumer Comment: Wait... ...What?

*General Comment: Sweet Baby Jesus in a Manger, how can so many insane people have access to the internet?

*General Comment: The original complaint is just plain retarded

*General Comment: Oh, so you saw her on Facebook? Ooooooh...

*Consumer Comment: What is This all About?

*General Comment: Wow...

*Consumer Comment: Very Interesting

*Consumer Comment: Utterly Pathetic

*Consumer Comment: Seco Native, I have some news for you


*Consumer Comment: L. O. L.


*Consumer Comment: Really Understand

*Consumer Comment: Please...

*Consumer Comment: Ignoring the problems will not make anything or anyone go away

*Consumer Comment: There may be a serious racial conflict going on here


*Consumer Comment: Give up already

*Consumer Comment: It's about time

*Consumer Comment: Kashmir, Get a Clue

*General Comment: Thanks for your support

*Consumer Comment: This is too much!

*Consumer Comment: Enough Already

*Consumer Comment: Missy, Missy, Missy

*Consumer Comment: Hey, Um...

*Consumer Comment: Irish Alterego

*General Comment: you have said she lies about her heritage! FALSE!

*Consumer Comment: on the ACLU

*Consumer Comment: Creeps like YOU?

*Consumer Comment: 2nd Amendment Nonsense

*Consumer Comment: Ignorish Missy

*Consumer Comment: Ignorish Missy

*Consumer Comment: irish sock account

*General Comment: CONSTITUTION

*Consumer Comment: Seriously

*General Comment: Constitutional Rights

*Consumer Comment: Lame?

*Consumer Comment: So Sick Of This Crap

*Consumer Comment: Lame

*Consumer Comment: You rang?

*Consumer Comment: FYI

*Consumer Comment: dave

*General Comment: OK Now I see

*Consumer Comment: oops!

*Consumer Comment: Interesting

*Consumer Comment: Irish Missy... (an observation)

*Consumer Comment: There are rules in the State of New Mexico

*Consumer Comment: fyi

*Consumer Comment: Irish Missy...

*General Comment: I HAVE MORE NEWS FOR YOU !!!!

*Consumer Comment: HAHAHAHHAHAHHHAA!


*Consumer Comment: wait a sec..

*Consumer Comment: LLC

*Consumer Comment: Beware...

*Consumer Comment: She is no lady

*General Comment: LET THIS LADY ALONE!!!!

*Consumer Comment: Unreal

*Consumer Comment: Irish Sock Puppet

*Consumer Comment: Irish Sock Puppet

*General Comment: She is defending herself against these so called alleged statements against herself

*Consumer Comment: Thank you

*Consumer Comment: Wait for it....

*Consumer Comment: We DO know her.

*General Comment: Unless you know this person personally........

*Consumer Comment: I almost forgot

*Consumer Comment: that bad?

*Consumer Suggestion: Bravo!

*Consumer Comment: Protect your Company, your Community, and especially your family!

*Consumer Comment: Like we said

*Consumer Comment: Sheesh.

*General Comment: I AM NOT AND HAVE NEVER BEEN.......

*Consumer Comment: To the stalker retard:

*Consumer Comment: Sorry for the delay...

*General Comment: This person makes alot of sense to me as well

*Consumer Comment: Hello, FBI?

*Consumer Comment: Need to use something other than English?

*Consumer Comment: chugga chugga chugga chugga shooooo shoooooo...

*Consumer Comment: mcAlterego

*Consumer Comment: Still no proof

*General Comment: I AGREE WITH THIS

*Consumer Comment: lolWUT?

*Consumer Comment: Proof


*Consumer Comment: Proof

*Consumer Comment: to Old Jeff

*Consumer Comment: I'm old

*Consumer Comment: Oh, YEAH!?!?

*Consumer Comment: Please you people do not have to live near this woman

*Consumer Comment: case in point

*Consumer Comment: jeff

*General Comment: This report is all fabrications and bald face lies!

*Consumer Comment: Over a year now

*Consumer Comment: to Jeff (again)

*Consumer Comment: to Jeff

*Consumer Comment: Nothing better to do?

*Consumer Comment: The Truthtrain

*Consumer Comment: Thank you for calling out this fraud/scammer

*General Comment: Calling out the fraud

*Consumer Comment: You must be kidding!

*General Comment: Please leave her alone

*Consumer Comment: Very Concerned

*General Comment: Its time to say this

*Consumer Comment: Senora C:

*General Comment: Follow up...

*General Comment: Let's make sure we're clear on this


*General Comment: Get a grip, lady.

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Once AGAIN - LEAVE ME ALONE!

*General Comment: Be reasonable, please.

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: SHUT THE F*K UP! The More Lies YOU Tell about ME - The Worse it WILL be for YOU!

*General Comment: Really?

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: F Off you God Damned Piece of Sh*t Bast*d!

*General Comment: As I was saying...


*REBUTTAL Owner of company: F the H**l Out of ALL of You! Go to F'Ing H**l and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

*General Comment: This is MADNESS!

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: The Truth about the Arroyo Seco Garcias

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: WHERE IS THE F'ING PROOF?!?!


*General Comment: RE: Question back...

*General Comment: All the more reason for this report thread to be redacted

*Consumer Comment: This is crazy

*General Comment: Why was this even reported - Leave her alone

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Question back...

*General Comment: Question

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: NOT Sorry for being Senora C!!!


*REBUTTAL Owner of company: YOU ROTTEN NO GOOD FOR NOTHING JERK!!! Posted on behalf of Ms. Coleen Coleman, at her Request

*Consumer Comment: WARNING!



*General Comment: Hey Fraud Buster!

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Posting this on behalf of Ms. Coleen Coleman, at her request

*General Comment: FraudBuster you are a lying sack of Manure

*General Comment: Trolling to an amazing degree

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: The God's HONEST Truth about Taos Christmas Parade 2010 - THE TRUTH!!!

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Posting this also on behalf of Ms. Coleen Coleman, at her Request

*Consumer Comment: Please you people

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Posting this on behalf of Ms. Coleen Coleman, at her request

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: The God's HONEST Truth about Taos Christmas Parade 2010 - THE TRUTH!!!

*Consumer Comment: youre such a stalker loser man,get a life

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: I Know who Fraudbuster is...

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Lies, Lies and yet... MORE Lies!!!

*Consumer Comment: Big Jeff

*Consumer Comment: Stalker?

*Consumer Comment: Hogwash

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: I have said it before and I will say it again...

*Consumer Comment: Don't be stupid

*General Comment: This is s load!

*Consumer Comment: Baloney

*General Comment: Senora C

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: To Continue what I was trying to say in my original Posting

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: I am Posting this on behalf of Ms. Coleen Coleman, at her request

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: I am who used to be Senora C

*UPDATE Employee: This Report is 100% False

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Our family had the unfortunate circumstance to run across this supposedly "lovable" Christmas Character that is supposed to be a Spanish version of Mrs. Claus.   We encountered this creature at the Taos Christmas Parade and instead of making my young children laugh and be happy in the season, they were terrified to see this enormous goth-like woman with black lipstick and makeup wearing a very garish costume.  They would have been okay except this woman after the parade commenced to clomp up and down the street demanding to speak to the little children, demanding they pay attention to her and not the true Santa and Mrs. Claus who were hired to be at the event and wanted us to pay to take a photo with her and also pay for a bag of what looked like crumbled and stale cookies. 

My children would have nothing to do with her so there was no way that they would have sat still for a photo with the creature, nor were we going to pay this person. [continued below]....
.....  She continued to screech and let out these horrendous chuckles and we had to leave the event early because my children didn't want to stick around to talk to the real santa with that creature on the prowl around them in the dark.  As we left and were approaching our vehicle this creature swooped out of the darkness to shove fliers about her business and to demand we come to her home to buy her "cooking" book and eat the food she had prepared.  When we nicely declined the offer she turned and tried to shove the fliers on another unsuspecting elderly woman who was then thrown to the pavement by the movement of this huge woman. My children to this day talk of the "Christmas Monster" and beg me to say that it cannot come into our home from the chimney.

After this incident we were hoping that the whole terrible memory would go away but no.  The woman continues to put fliers and business cards on our cars at our homes and make our children fear that she "knows where we live"  We have tried to tell her we are not interested which only lead to her screeching about her rights and that we should be grateful for her wonderful contribution to the community and how we are persecuting her because she is "psychic".  She has even threatened to bring out her "vaquero" gun if we do not visit and take part in her business ideas.   The police have been told of this woman repeatedly and not just by our family, many in the neighborhood are terrified she will lose her mind and do something violent as she often gets angry at the store if they do not have exactly what it is she wants at that very moment.

All I can say is don't hire this person for your Christmas function or any other event unless you want it to turn into a horror/goth show instead of a fun family event.

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#1 General Comment

Artist? Working? What?

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

I have to admit that I got a good laugh out of Melissa's Facebook posts this week. But I don't understand why she refers to herself as "working" or as an "artist." She does not have a job, and she refuses to get one, and the only products that she has to offer are her plagiarized cook book and the tee shirts in her cafe press store that feature state flags and stolen artwork. It doesn't make sense that she presents herself as an "artist." I'm sorry, but a cafepress "store" full of unoriginal graphics on third world produced garments does not constitute a job. Her own "logo" is stolen artwork. She is a fraud, as clear as day.

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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I just read that Missy is going to have her new website go live today so I googled the name she gave and voila up came a rip off report of a business with that name that is being complained about.  You would think that if you were starting a new business with a new business name you would sort of check out the name you wanted to use first so you don't choose one with a bad reputation.
Good job Missy, Good job.
But ya know, she is probably just going to blame the fake stalkers for this....

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#3 Consumer Comment

This Tidbit

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Why would anyone have a change of costume for their grand mama's wake and funeral, then change during a quick photoshoot while claiming that they were being begged and cajoled into it? I call bulls***. 

If anyone needed proof that this is an insane attention w**** here it is. Nobody else nipped out for a quick change of costume, Missy did. 

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#4 General Comment

I Have a Question About this Person

AUTHOR: AnonymousVictim - ()


 Hey, she would't also be this person with the username whimsy_cruelty, would she? Can someone please check and report back to this website? Its pretty important. You can only find her, at least with that username on Twitter.

She retweets excessively about fraud and bullying, like she is obsessed with it, but there are way bigger concerns. She has it in for a Website that no longer even exists called Regretsy (only the forum exists and the forum is called, because whimsy_cruelty had it shut down last year. Her hatred for a website that no longer exist and an actress (April Winchell) are so intense that she got a disabled person fired from her job, then blamed Regretsy, she is intering with the Mental Health treatment of this poor girl. She is very paronoid and thinks the folks on Regretsy want to do her harm. No one wants to do her any harm.

She makes claims that Regretsy has gotten her Facebook page closed down under false pretenses. Lawyers on Twitter have blocked her cause she harasses them, even. She retweets excessively about the Doxbin and the Warriorelihoax.

It is strongly suspected that she was behind the Holly Biffle incident that occurred with Regretsy about 2 years back. She stalks April Winchell like crazy and she goes looking for anyone who has a complaint against that website and stalks them. It is very sick what she does. While Regretsy might be Snarky, she is plain evil.

It is suspected that she has gotten many accounts in my name too. She will go and stalk forums and then report back what was said. There is a whole lot more.  Does that sound anything like her? Please, someone, read her tweets and report back. I Would really appreciate it if someone would look into this. thanks.

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#5 General Comment

I Have a Question About this Person

AUTHOR: AnonymousVictim - ()

 Hey, she would't also be this person with the username whimsy_cruelty, would she? Can someone please check and report back to this website? Its pretty important. You can only find her, at least with that username on Twitter.

She retweets excessively about fraud and bullying, like she is obsessed with it, but there are way bigger concerns. She has it in for a Website that no longer even exists called Regretsy (only the forum exists and the forum is called, because whimsy_cruelty had it shut down last year. Her hatred for a website that no longer exist and an actress (April Winchell) are so intense that she got a disabled person fired from her job, then blamed Regretsy, she is intering with the Mental Health treatment of this poor girl. She is very paronoid and thinks the folks on Regretsy want to do her harm. No one wants to do her any harm.

She makes claims that Regretsy has gotten her Facebook page closed down under false pretenses. Lawyers on Twitter have blocked her cause she harasses them, even. She retweets excessively about the Doxbin and the Warriorelihoax.

It is strongly suspected that she was behind the Holly Biffle incident that occurred with Regretsy about 2 years back. She stalks April Winchell like crazy and she goes looking for anyone who has a complaint against that website and stalks them. It is very sick what she does. While Regretsy might be Snarky, she is plain evil.

It is suspected that she has gotten many accounts in my name too. She will go and stalk forums and then report back what was said. There is a whole lot more.  Does that sound anything like her? Please, someone, read her tweets and report back. Thanks.

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#6 Consumer Comment

2 years and she's still going....

AUTHOR: It is what it is - ()

I had completely forgotten about this woman and these reports until just recently.  So out of curiousity I logged back into my account and be damned, she's still going at it.  Wow.  To be honest I'm not sure if I should be amused or saddened.  Probably a little of both.  I'm amused that she still rants about the same things and the same people.  However, I'm saddened by the fact that she still has not gained the insight into her own life to see that she appears to be in desperate need of mental help.  I've seen different websites where she speaks psychotically of killing people and how her paranoia has basically grown to include all of humanity and how "they" are all out to get her.  Poor, poor thing.  But for all of her faults and short comings I do have to hand it to her for keeping her name out there by constantly doing and saying things that will bring reactions from everyone who hears and sees her.  It's almot a shame that she is on the other end of the country.  I'd probably enjoy pulling up a chair and munching some popcorn just to see her rants in real life.  

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#7 General Comment

hey dave

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

whats up.....didnt know you were here.....ha ha she is friends with gaywolf? figures....these twinkies stick together

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#8 General Comment

Native Dreams Are Scammers Too

AUTHOR: Dave Associan - ()

They are absolutely NOT Native. They are alos in the business of selling other peoples works as theirs and selling on consignment. After they sell your stuff they claim they can't pay you because it was "stolen". Google search Native Dreams Inc and Eliase and you will see how its no surprise these 2 entities work together.

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#9 General Comment

About Native Dreams Inc.

AUTHOR: Dave Associan - ()

They also are on this site. They are absolutely NOT Native Americans but fellow scammers. Scammers flock together. Anyways look for them here or better yet, google Native Dreams Inc. and owner Eliase Graywolf aka the Ethiopian Prince Eliase Yenageta (Yenegata) and you will find some very interesting stuff out. It is no surprise he hooked up with this loser as he is delusional himself and living in a fantasy land.

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#10 General Comment

Beware, Citizens of Seco!

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

Please be careful on your 4th of July celebrations.  Melissa has promised to attend the parade, armed and ready for a fight!  She has put out her intentions for all to see and claims to be backed up by State Police. "If I decide to go to Seco Parade Anyway, I Promise to be armed and ready for a fight." 

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#11 General Comment

Still tryibg to stir things up

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

 Melissa just plain can't resist stirring things up when things get quiet. Her continued failure at life makes her lash out and blame other, even when they leave her alone. Her book has been stopped, and she thinks that it is because of the length lol. After she "starts over from scratch" and splits the manuscript into multiple books, we'll make another call to Amazon HQ and get those rejected too. She just can't seem to grasp the idea that if you are going to publish a book about crimes committed by people that you are naming by name that you MUST accompany your publication with legal evidence that the people you are naming have actually been charged and convicted of the crimes. Unfortunately for Missy, she has no documentation from any court or police department. She lacks so much as an incident report from any legal entity. She can't even get an attorney to back her up on anything. Simply resorting to making crap up to put in a book so she can try to make money off of her delusions is the best she can do lol. I doubt that deejay's report is authentic, because I have never heard of Melissa ever expressing sexual interest in anyone who hasn't been dead for at least 125 years lol. Nice try deejay. Or should I say deejeetal lol.

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#12 Consumer Comment

I too have had a problem!

AUTHOR: Deejay - ()

Hello, I see this woman has caused problems with a lot of people. I was recently planning a Christmas in July party for my office and contacted señora c to be a character.. i will get to my point here.. On the telephone when trying to book her, she mentioned that she could do "something extra" for me.. At first I didn't catch on and told her that I might be interested.. I expected to be sold on her bringing some of the "treats" she sells at fairs and places. I was shocked to find out she was trying to proposition me for a sexual encounter!! She explained that she really needed money and said she would "please me in so many ways" for $100. I can't believe this woman is allowed to be around children! I have half a mind to let the local sheriff know about her prostitution exploits! 

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#13 General Comment

Waiting for the new book

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

In case you haven't read, Melissa intends to release a book claiming that it is about surviving cyberterrorism, when in reality all she plans to do is try to make a buck off of a book that falsely names people who have left her alone for months, if not years.  Her immature and paranoid obsession with trying to destroy the lives of everyone she THINKS has been systematically destroying her life has pushed her to the point of publishing her lies and selling them despite Amazon's policy on literary works of the sort.

I posted on the Outlaw Life Enterprises article here on Ripoff Report my own project, specifically designed to destroy Melissa and shut her up once and for all.  I am posting this message here to make absolutely sure that she reads this and understands the can of worms that she will be opening if she publishes her of paranoid delusions.

When I read about Melissa's intentions to release that book, I pulled up my archive of her email messages, facebook posts, and blog entries.  For the last couple years I have saved every forwarded email message and every post she has made that threatens to murder, committ suicide, or just plain shows her snapping and spewing obscenities over menial mundane crap that nobody cares about.  The resulting document, on letter sized paper, at a 10 point font, single spaced with default margins is FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY TWO PAGES long.  Printed in book format, it is over 700 pages long.

Here is the best part:  The ENTIRE book is written by MISSY.  That's right! 422 pages in Missy's own words, detailing how she is going to kill people for not believing that she was banged by the ghost of Billy the Kid over 100 years ago, telling how she is going to kidnap and kill some dude's family one by one because she insists that the loser hacked her facebook page and got her banned, curseword filled pledges that she will carry firearms and use them to kill anyone who looks at her wrong even if they are holding children, and a 228 page chapter dedicated to all of the nasty things she has posted about her own husband, Dan.

To make absolutely sure that Melissa cannot trace the book, and to make sure that she cannot sue anyone for making money from her own words, and to make sure that companies like Amazon won't remove the book, I will be posting it as a free PDF download somewhere on the internet.  I figure that by making it free, everyone who buys her book will have free access to it as well as anyone and everyone on this planet who doubts that she is a vindictive delusional violent idiot.

I can't wait for her to publish her book!

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#14 General Comment

i can't wait for that book

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

Senora Paranoia says she's almost done with her third bound collection of delusions and lies. I can't wait for its release, and neither can some of the people she keeps naming. Her retarded mind thinks that her own paranoid list of suspicions justifies it. Too bad her damaged brain can't grasp that those people are long gone and now she has other people who have recognized how easy it is to troll her. I can't wait until Amazon gets a letter from some local court asking for police reports and court documents to verify details in the book that they published. They'll discontinue her book and throw her under the bus. How can someone who whines about defamation so often commit defamation to this extent- in writing- and try to profit off it- yet claim to be knowledgeable of the law? I can't wait. She's going to self destruct worse than ever before and all we have to do is sit back and wait. This is beautiful. I wonder how she will react to being banned from selling anything at all online and get stuck with a nice fine. I promise to post the court transcripts on this site once they are available so the world will know forever that Melissa Bryan of Outlaw Life Enterprises LLC, Northern New Mexico Spirit Research, Cactus Flats and Enchanted Circle Fair, Haunted Hacienda and Senora C Christmas (fat) figure is a liar and a fraud. In other words, the burden of proof is on Senora Crap to prove that ALL points in her new book are accurate. ANY misstatements at all will thrust lots of negative press and harassment from anonymous users online as well as very expensive legal problems. I hope she releases her new book. I'm so excited about it, I can't stop smiling. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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#15 General Comment

Somebody please help me understand

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

 For months now I have read about Melissa's mystical and magical psychic powers, how she is trying to develop them, how hard they are to understand, and how they are exclusive to just her because she inherited them from somebody that she made up some story about how she is related to them. Seriously. First she said she was descended from generations of witches and has the power to d**n people to hell, then all of the sudden she's descended from powerful Indian shamans and her family on the reservation is going to show her how to cast spells and repel the boogie man so he doesn't look at her cat hair cookies without her permission. Then, yesterday, she posted this: Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 7 hours ago near Arroyo Seco, NM · Never in all my life did I think I would be teaching Mediumship as well as doing it and stepping full force into my own abilities. I am really loving this. Really? One moment she doesn't understand her sooper powarz or how she got them, but insists that they are exclusive to her, and the next moment she actually publishes that she is going to accept cash on the barrel head to teach some poor unsuspecting student her fictional scheme? It's a good thing her new student doesn't use the internet.* * Just kidding. They do. I'll let you know what happens with these "classes" LOL.

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#16 Consumer Comment

Community is taking action

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

I don't know if you remember but at the last city council meeting it was resolved to put up warning signs around town to counteract the INCREASE of visitors into our fair township looking for Missy.  The  usual MO is young out of town people looking for somebody to throw bricks at and taunt. Riffraff in so many words.  We dont want people like that pestering us and scaring tourists. So the plan is to put up a series of signs in town saying Dont Feed the Trolls and Tolls Go Home. Then we will have some traffic direction signs saying A New Christmas Character, this way! and those should lead people BACK to Taos and Los Vegas where a few more freaks wont be noticed. 

I also spoke to her landlord and they were hinting around about some move this summer. I certainly hope thats true and they can find a nice low-rent place in Taos. Then she can sit online and gamble all day on somebody elses wifi hotspot and leave us nice people in Seco alone.  
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#17 Consumer Comment

Idle threats no more

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

I recently heard Missy is putting all the names of innocent people she claims are stalking her in a book. It's not like anyone will buy her book as no one has bought even one copy of her other books (no Missy your mommy getting one doesn't count). But this will open the line for any of those named in the book to sue her and since she has no money sue Amazon for defamation of character. Perhaps we should write a book all about Missy. Of course it will be a comedy.

But the chapters can be as follows: chapter 1 It is born. Chapter 2 The family shame. Chapter 3 it tries to harm its baby sister. chapter 4 The first institutionalization. chapter 5 Someone wants to marry it? really? chapter 6 she still believes in Santa. chapter 7 the cactus flats debacle. Chapter 8 how to Sam people . chapter 9 how to stalk people and blame them for it. chapter 10 how to fake your ancestory.

Chapter 11 how to pretend to be native American. chapter 12 how to pretend to be a medium and scam people. chapter 13 how to be not famous while having a radio show stalking the governor going on tv long about billy the kid going on ghost shows and being a movie extra. Chapter 14 how to threaten suicide and claim the end of your marriage. hundred. of times for attention .Iam
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#18 Consumer Comment

Dont Feed The Psyco

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

Perhaps those who are going to be wrongly named in her supposed tell all book should compile a book all about Missy her hubby and her mummified can. What is good for the Seco Psycho is good for the rational fraud fighters. Plus your book may actually be grammatically correct, be spelled correctly, and not be full of lies.

As for us in Seco Town, we want to make a beware sign for tourists that warn them to avoid her part of town so she can't scare the away. We could title it Don't Feed The Seco Psycho and don't be afraid of her fake guns. Don't eat any food or water offered by "it" and all will be well. Those who ignore the warning could be captured and eaten (she has to feed hubby and jukie something).
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#19 Consumer Comment

No days off We are not fooled

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

Missy is running around town trying to get a man, any man, to take her to Idaho during her hubbys circle fair thing. But we all know she can't afford the trip, the hotel, or the conference fee. So she is either putting on this show so she can claim she was not part of the fair scam but went because she didn't have money to go where she wanted OR she is trying to scam someone into paying her way. Missy leave our men folk be. Nobody is going to lend you their man any NO man would want to go alone with you on a road trip. We all know you would never give up the opportunity to scam at your hubbys fair and ruin it with your presence just like everything else you touch or try to do.
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#20 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

" Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Wednesday at 7:29pm near Arroyo Seco, NM


How does NOBODY recognize that she desperately needs serious psychological help?? Especially after she posts photos of herself with multiple firearms!
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#21 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

am glad someone has them all saved in files...She scares me with her threats...I live over 1000 miles from her and it still scares me for those that live near her...I listened to her last radio show and was stunned at the threats she made...What the heck is wrong with her? Doesn't she see what she may be getting herself into? The threats against Obama are enough to get her tail in hot water, deep hot water...I just can't figure out what her problem is...
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#22 Consumer Comment

Thare are screenshots galore

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

that have been saved as proof in case she ever does go off the deep end and comes after any of the innocent people she keeps naming.
Not to mention that there are radio show archives that have been downloaded and saved.  The most recent one being March 29th where she ranted and raved for a little under an hour about how she was going to kill them all, how she was going to smack the President on the head and yell in his face.  
Don't think the proof and evidence of HER actions have not been saved. Every stinking threat and rant and rave has been saved. Every threat of using her two firearms against innocent people in parades, crossing state lines and coming to "get them" and all of it have been filed away.  If at any point she actually does find the name of the people who are shining the light on her scams and sends the authorities against them, the authorities will be shown the real proof and they will turn around and arrest her for what she has done.  That is why her and coleslaw's threats are so empty. They both know if they complain to the Feds or any authority their past actions will be revealed and they will be shamed into admitting the truth.
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#23 General Comment

You do realize Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

That unless someone has screen shots and not a copy and paste job that it is impossible to accuse her of anything? She has in the past deleted her comments in order to stay out of trouble...Just a reminder is all.. 
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#24 Consumer Comment

Roses are red...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

the sky is blue.
Missy is stupid
and so is anyone who supports her (sorry it doesn't rhyme).
She is now ranting how she will take everything she has against the people on this report to the Feds and the media.
Am I the only one who hopes she DOES do this so the Feds can then see her threats against our President and so that the media can expose her as the psychopathic liar and violent fraud that she is?  It would be a wonderful way to tie everything up neatly.  She rants and raves to the Feds that people are picking on her so she has repeatedly said via the internet and on her radio shows she is going to cross state lines to kill them with her unlicensed and unregistered firearms not to mention the numerous and credible threats she has made against our President.  They question her, she blames AH and all of these other garbage can goons who she has no clue who they really are and they slap a straight jacket on her faster than her head can spin, and the media is there to regale everyone with how the Feds have saved us from a domestic terrorist.
Meanwhile you get to see a skinny malnourished man and a mummified cat walking off into the sunset whistling a happy tune and clicking their heels together to be free of the oppression that has kept them trapped.
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#25 General Comment

Under The Gun?

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

In response to some "poetry' she has posted on her FB:
Showdown At The Ofay Corral
Hey there h*o',
I'ma comin' to your doh,
Get out your gun!
Start on the run!
Ready for the Showdown?
Gonna be a h*o' down!
Howlin' like a hound!
You'll be on the ground!
World be a better place
Without your skanky face!

Ella se ha ido para siempre
Vamosa ser felices para seimpre

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#26 General Comment

Oh, Now. C'Mon, It's Easter, by gee golly jiminies.

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

I figured that if I open with something kinda slaw-ish, it might ward off some of the "crazies" if they thought that their work was already done here.  Yes, Colleen.  There is an Eischter Bunneh.  Wif pwetty eggs and pwastic gwass.  Tee hee.  Happy Easter.  May God and Peace be with you.

I am so proud that Melissa has accomplished so much with her business.  I was really enjoying reading about her progress as she plans and contemplates and even schedules each and every single turning point and speedbump that she anticipates no matter what time day or night that she experiences these triumphs and setbacks without any self demand at all just willingly sharing with her fans and readers and potential customers who really need to know and understand about her because there is nothing better than letting every single person know who and what you are all about whose trust you are trying to win so that you can run a successful business to support your family and yes a cat is family because they just entangle themselves all up in your life and they are always aware of every emotion that their masters go through and it is through that relationship that we as cat owners channel as our discipline keeping ourselves focused toward that ultimate goal of achievement that is ultimately the spontaneous and glorious occasion of a well earned SUCCESS could would and even farther so (oo teh lulz) should be available to every single other person ever who ever wanted to ever start a business themselves as is thare due rite under teh constipations riggts amen so my bff AMEN SO LET IT BE WRIT AS DO IS DID you big jerkhead meanie fing a holes yadda yadda blah blah.

Okay then.

Happy Easter.  I don't care what she does.  Her "biz" is destined for failure due to sheer lack of any reasonable business sense whatsoever.  It probably won't reach the point of collapsing in on her because she'll quit (without putting any additional effort at all into it) and blame "haters" and "stalkers" and whatever childish first-grade-ish name calling she's going to blame this round CVCXXXVI of epic failure upon.  There is no need to egg upon this trainwreck.  Let her do what she will.  She has a plan for success, and we will all be able to read about it.  It was just getting interesting as her third tee shirt client "backed out" with NO intervention by ANYONE here, and the success of an insanely huge tee shirt deal (at $30 each) slipped away.  If she doesn't see a threat from someone online, then maybe she will inflate the Senora Santa Haunted Tee Shirt industry bubble to the point where, when she finally does find someone to blame for the non-success of her Biz Empire, it will be someone local, someone with an actual dire need for police presence and attention, rather than some soul-less nobody from the internet that no law enforcement official should ever have to worry about somehow compromising poor Melissa's civil liberties, rights, privileges or entitlements, that bubble collapse will cause her to get on local authorities' maps a bit more so than she has from her past melt downs.

Missy: Ignore the online taunts.  Do your thing.  May God bless YOU with SUCCESS, or your FANS with EPIC LULZ.  It's all on you.  Nobody here can or would hurt you.  They might upset you by discussing what you post.  They may laugh (a lot) when you lose it and go off, but it's 2013, and this is the internet.  Go do your thing.  Don't give up.  Don't get off track.  You have a plan and you need to stick to it if you are ever going to be successful and powerful and awesome and famous.  Hold your head up high and don't give up.  Prove all those haters wrong.  Make Dan proud of you.  Become a shining beacon of confidence and professionalism that all BFF's can look up to for inspiration and confidence.  Hallelujah!  Happy Easter.  Don't eat too much chocolate, what with so much diabetes going around nowadays.  Can't be too safe.  Take care.  And say hi to the Easter Bunny for me.  And Senorita Easterita Bunnita too.  If there is one.  Come to think of it, I'll bet that she wears big floppy ears and black lipstick. 

Happy Easter 2013.

Stay in school, kids.
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#27 General Comment

Back To The Future

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

She's Baaaack!  Having listened to her maniacal rantings and  psychotic ravings last night on her "Paranormal" broadcast, I believe the predictions of people who know her anger cycles were right. She broadcasts from her home and I have a feeling that her husband made himself very scarce and her poor kitty hid from her, and perhaps isn't out of hiding yet. I heard her curse and use language that surprised even me, who has heard a lot of angry, demeaning, threatening words in my life.  At one point, early in the broadcast, she actually screamed hysterically at the audience, using threats and language that would raise the hair on the back of a longshoreman's neck. She threatened bodily harm again to President Obama, various people, whom she called out by name, called them out with words that were totally inappropriate (various body parts) and generally wanted to shoot everyone who came to her door.  If someone had just happened on her broadcast, not knowing her history,or histrionic leanings, it would have appeared that 911 should be called with  police intervention and some serious calming down.
 All this because another report was filed regarding her "Products".  True or not, she could have rebutted the report in a way that would leave the door open for people to test her veracity about the quality of her goods.  Yes, in a free democratic country, such as North America, we have the right to express our opinions and rebut criticism, but threatening bodily harm is not a right, or a privilege. She cannot deny any of her words as I have downloaded all of her broadcasts.
People of Arroyo Seco, watch out, she's on a rampage again! Hide your women and children, lock up your valuables and get out your weapons!! LOL
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#28 General Comment

Why would anyone have to EXPLAIN that they are an "artist?"

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

Because even when it comes to art, Melissa is a FRAUD.

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 3:24pm

Some people ask me what it is I do. Quite simply; I am an Artist. I didn't quite plan on being one, it just happened. 1.) I am a Background Actress for the Film Industry. 2.) I am an Author. Both my Books are at Amazon, Kindle and Create Space. 3.) I design and build things for my Business. 4.) I make Products to sell. Some Homemade and others Outsourced. 5.) I am a Medium (Spirit Communicator). 6.) I do Family History and Heraldry. 7.) I do Holiday Houses. One for Halloween, the other for Christmas. I get my inspiration from the local area.

NOTHING "happened." Nothing except Melissa found a black and white drawing online of a skull with crossed "pistolas" (haha!) and she used Microsoft Paint to add the words "Outlaw Life Enterprises" to it, and now the graphic is called her logo, even though Getty Images' artist who made the skull and crossgun graphic gets absolutely NO credit or pay for their work. Thus why Melissa is a FRAUD and a thief.

Melissa is NOT a background actress. She answered a Craigslist ad and got to dress up like a fat emo in the old west in the background of a Christian produced anti-abortion film. She has had NO "film" work since, and if you have ever heard her speak, you'd understand why nobody will EVER hire her for a scripted part, unless they ever film a sequel to "The goonies" and introduce fans to Sloth's sister. Ew. Just rw.

The "spirit communicator," family genealogy and inflatable lawn decorations during holidays amount to nothing more than her deranged fantasy life k her reality inside her mind.

The "author" crap is nothing but her collection of recipes that she found online and some poor-selling pamphlets that detail some of the delusions she has experienced, all presented in glorious Missyview- complete with countless mis-capitalizations and mis-spellings.

It is all definitely worth the read for a good laugh.
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#29 Consumer Comment

Holy Heckfire and goodie goodie and other weird exclamations only Missy makes...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

Well looky here, Missy says: This is from an Expert on Heraldry Studies Re: my Family Heraldry;  Congratulations on the long and distinguished armigerous history of your family." This is from same said Expert: "Heraldic heiresses are fairly rare." THERE! I AM BONAFIED AND VERIFIED - LEGIT! Sadly it looks as if Missy has been hoaxed again.  This time by one of those websites that says it can find the history of your surname, then tells you how great your family history is and then tries to sell you a book with your family's name in it for $75 or maybe more.  But Wait! There's More!! Sorry Missy, that side does nothing to verify or bonify your crazy rantings about being related to everyone on earth and their dogs too.  And now you have again shown the world you are naive and not very intelligent for falling for this age old scam.  The only good to come out of this is to see the worlds biggest scammer and fraud being scammed!! lol OH and as a side question do you even know what armigerous means?  I am willing to bet that you didn't until you just googled it when I asked you lol

P.S. OH and Coleslaw, shut up nobody is listening to your Bible thumping and your very ignorant way of speaking. You just make Missy look even more stupid.
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#30 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - ()

All of us were created with certain inalienable rights, those being the Right to Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness as guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the USA. You can not and will Not infringe on someone else's rights! My friend as the right to be her own business woman her own entrepreneur as it were and you can NOT and will NOT infringe on her rightds to do as she pleases with her own life! She can do as she d**n well pleases and to HELL with you little back biting, sniping little boys wearing grown up clothes but can't grow up and act your ages. I for one agree with this person wholly and say matterof factly

 is this the way you want your children to grow up believing they are superior to anyone else! I think NOT! go find someone else to toy with you have done enough damage to her and her family and her ability to think clearly. Leave her alone! Let her be! Let her live and breathe for God's sake. 

  Go to Church, pray that God forgives your souls because I can not and will not forgive you at least not now possibly never but I can and will pray for your souls. 
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#31 General Comment

Hey! You forgot...

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

...the people from thousands of miles away that Missy and her Hubby It's all about the publicity and attention. I just enjoy reading it all, seeing it all come back to her. She knows it all. Who's evil. Who's good. (Not many on that end.). And she's more interested in documenting every single non-event while claiming she's busy, that it has consumed all normal human cognizant form of reality from her conscience, and now its ALL UR FAULT.

She needs help. Not a hug. She needs psychological help. Its just my opinion. And I'm no psychologist. I'm not even a parapsychologist. That stuff all takes a lot of schooling, and I was never one for such time vampires. All that I'm saying is that she seems awful crazy to an observer who has had the opportunity to read some of the threats she has emailed, called, and mailed to people, their families, their employers, and anyone else they feel like harassing all in the name of revenge for quotation.

So, yeah. Coleslaw, you just don't get that you don't help when you lie for a liar. Your cuddly bff has infuriated a LOT of people over the years, and nothing you could ever say would ever be considered honest by the people that poor Melissa has relentlessly tried to destroy.

So there.
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#32 General Comment

Blah Blah Blah Colleen

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

Go away and stop trying to preach to those she's threatened and stalked...There are 2 that do live where she lives. I would think they know her better than you do where her actions are concerned... I don't believe anything Melissa posts when it comes to her family life. She's a drama queen period. She thrives on and when she can't find it she goes out and creates it...No one is stopping her from grieving...So get over yourself...AND remember Colleen...Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones...You lie as much as she does....

See ya Wouldn't wanna be ya
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#33 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - ()

I have been a friend of Mrs. Bryan for 15 years, this all got started when she and I were alleged members of the BTKOG. We had some information that we had gathered about this famous or infamous person in history and is just started from that and keeps on going and going and going kind of like the Energizer Bunny. These people will Not stop until they have caused her to go bankrupt by not allowing her to open her own business, besides they have NO idea about her baked goods as they DO NOT live in her area nor have then sampled any of her products.

  This site is allowing attacks against someone for reasons for which this board was NOT opened for. All she is doing is trying to make an honest living doing what she loves. They are HATERS and have an agenda against her which is to cvause her mental grief and anguish, they would not even let her grieve for her late grandmother when she passed away. They have been causing her not only mental but emotional upheaval as her and her husband have screaming matches every day over this which could and probably will cause  their divorce and her moving to another location to live her life alone and no one around to give her the emotional support she desperately needs. Leave her alone for the last time. Drop it and let her live her life and you live yours. Get God in your lives. Come the day of the final reckoning God will turn his back on you and not allow you into his kingdom
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#34 Consumer Comment

A real concern has surfaced...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

It has come to my attention that Missy is authoring a letter that is, according to her "nasty and threatening" that she intends to mail to the President of the United States because of obama care.  Now I am all for freedom of speach but nobody is allowed to actually threaten the president with harm and she has done it several times over the last week or so and in one rant said she was going to smack him on the back of his head.  I don't know about you but I am going to be looking out for secret service agents around town.

.And she wonders why her husband complains about her and her actions and how they affect their family?  He has to put up with this psychotic behavior day in and day out.  Is there any wonder why the poor man cannot get work.  Missy is a part of that package and nobody wants to hire him so they won't have to deal with her.

.Now she has continued her conversation with Drew Gomber and has said aloud to him about her Fake gun from China it is only a matter of time when he questions her authenticity and then she starts claiming dead relatives and it will be the end of her credibility with Drew.

.There are also enablers on her facebook page who are having her thinking she can get real celebrities on her h*o-hum radio show.  Yeah as if Emilio Estevez or Brian Hornynose is going to lower themselves to that and listen to her Ummmmm umm umm a thousand times.   Good luck with that one Missy!!

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#35 Consumer Comment

New Fraudulent behavior revealed!!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

Missy has returned from her "whirlwind" of a trip to bury her poor nana armed with more money, a tea set and determination to fraud and scam people like never before! 

She has launched her new website outlaw life enterprises dot com and failed to google that business name and for her information there is already several rip off reports against that business name with another person running it.  But of course she will blame it all on her fake stalkers. 

She has produced hundreds of t-shirt designs and spent hours upon hours creating them from stolen art works only to have people not buy any of them nor will anyone buy them because they are over priced and the idle no more people have warned their people against them. 

She also has started a tupperware party online with the help of some poor lady who thinks she can use missy to make money too only to later find no one will attend the party or buy anything from Missy because everyone already knows she is a fraud and won't touch anything she does with a 1000 foot pole..

Add to that her wonderful radio show that started yesterday at 9pm MT and how wonderful it is to listen to her say UMMM over and over the whole time and babble on about things nobody could understand or care about if they did understand and you have a week's worth of notworthy activity from Missy the fraud.   If she starts to take callers to that show I urge all and anyone who will call in to ask her if she is married to her mummified cat lol

OH and the latest lacivious thing she is doing is talking to a real western historian on facebook and embarrassing herself by saying he would drool over her bill the kid collection of which the centerpeice is her fake gun from China.  And when Mr. Gomber calls her out for not being related to Billy the Kid nor believe her claim of being his long dead never heard of before wife she will flip a fit and call him a fake when it really IS her that is the fake. 
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#36 Consumer Comment

She claims she was forced

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

She is claiming on facebook her family FORCED her into taking pictures. To me it looks like she is lapping up all of the attention she can get!
You too can dress like Missy all you need to do is shop at!
She is also claiming she and her hubby are fighting again....  I am not buying it.
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#37 Consumer Comment

Lord help us she's back.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

It was too good to be true. Out little town has been so peaceful for the last few weeks. But now; Missy's back and we have lots of screaming fights between her and Hubby to look forward to. Behind her hand scratched NO TRESPASSING sign she's going to hatch yet another insane plot to get rich. What's it going to be this time? Re-boxing Swiss-Miss hot coco and trying to pass it off as Senora C coco? Buying more high fructose corn syrup in bulk, adding imitation maple flavoring and trying to pass that off as real maple syrup? 

  This time it's by being an extra in one of several local film productions. She won't make any money doing that. When she's filling out the application. and I'd advise her stop putting down her paranormal experiences in the space marked "experience." I think they want experience with space aliens and judging from the photos of her Grandma's' wake I can believe she's had plenty! 

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#38 General Comment

Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie attention

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Reading Melissa's Facebook posts today, I see that repeatedly she posts about how much work it has been for the last 3 days to get her life back to normal. How much work does it take for an unemployed crazy person to get her life back to its unemployed normal state after having a few days off? Seriously. That is stupider than stating that she "senses" that her grandmother is "transitioning" to a "spirit" state after being updated for weeks that she has been ill and dying.

I am glad life is back to normal. That means she's going to get back to her death threats and abbreviating obscenities. LOL.

And what's with the bugeye glasses, 5 gallon hat, and chin collection? I saw that and almost spit coffee all over my car's dashboard. Yee haw. Is it Halloween in the land of atomic radiation and crazy people?

Always always ALWAYS seek the lulz, and even the scary Goth cowcow (as opposed to cowgirl in case you didn't get that one) looks funny.
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#39 General Comment

How an overdramatic attention seeker "negotiates" a television role

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

ou may recall, a couple weeks back, how senora FRAUD claimed that she was "in negotiations and discussions" for some breakthrough role on a television show. Well, I finally found what she was lying about on her "event calendar" on her Senora C "Store" (LOL) site:

March 2013 - 24 - "My Ghost Story" Try Out's - San Antonio, TX

Yeah. She's auditioning for a paranormal "reality" show. How appropriate.

How, exactly, does one "negotiate" for something that they haven't even auditioned for?

All lies and attention grabbing whorism. Nobody is surprised.

In no way do I wish for melissa to leave the internet. As long as she's here, we have something to laugh about. Let her spew her threats and lies. That's what a fraud does. Every time she posts there is so much to laugh at. I just feel sorry for the rest of the poor people of Taos and Arroyo Seco who have to deal with her lashing out.

Hey, Missy, did you know you can make your own entry on IMDB? You should get to filling it out before someone else does it for you. ;)
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#40 Consumer Comment

The Real Culprits (?)

AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

She has finally found out who the REAL CULPRITS are!!!!

Whew.. we can now stop hiding, as our Leaders have been exposed!!! NOT!!!

Missy has posted on her FB page (see below) that her cousins (who would have thot!) are responsible for EVERYTHING.  Here's a news flash Missy...We don't know your 'cousins'.  We don't work for them.  We are independent of them.  They don't have mind control over us.  You are the Author of your Misery!  What you put out, you get back.  Karma does exist, and she's the one Stalking you.

"Finally Home and taking care of finalities.  Got to the Ripoff Report.  I know who is behind these now.  (names removed)
My two Screwball, Idiot Cousins who just cannot let the Past drop determined to run me off of, out of and away from the Net and my own life at ALL Cost.  Well, I have a surprise for them.  Won't say what that is, but they will know when it comes around."

Hey cousins, we all wish you well and don't worry about yer Cuz,; Cuz she is powerless and pitiful in her "FING RAGE"! C'est la vie, c'est la guerre, we are all out there!
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#41 General Comment

I take one little break...

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

...and not only do I miss Anonymous giving Missy a taste of her own medicine, but I also miss the Ruby/Isabella person being very stern and biblical at us in bold font.  d**n.

I have lawled.

I also spied this:  'Coleen Coleman says "why would you want to make your family hate you
more than ever, family needs to pull together your grandma would want
her family to pull together and be strong united for her not bickering,
being nasty and snapping at each other."

To which Missy replies "Because that is what happens when I am around. That is why I live out of state."'

Oh Missy, Missy, Missy--don't you see (I know you don't, I'm being rhetorical for my own amusement)?  The bickering, snapping, nastiness happens WHEN YOU ARE AROUND--you are the cause of it, you poor fool.  You live out of state because that was a condition of your Trust, wasn't it?  You're a 21st century remittance man, you silly git.  Your family--your grandmother--didn't want you around because of the trouble you cause and have caused since you first started to refuse your medication.  You cause trouble for them just as you have done, or have tried to do, for countless others on the internet, but your family can't hide from you as easily as others can so they paid you to go away.  That you can't or won't restrain yourself from acting like a nasty, filthy guttersnipe at your grandmother's funeral speaks volumes about your character, or rather the lack thereof. 

I'm deeply sorry for your family.  To have first suffered the loss of a beloved relative, then to have that loss compounded with the descent of the family devil must have been extremely hard to bear.  For you, however, I have no sympathy.  I know you too well.

Yes, Missy, I do.
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#42 General Comment

Spewing death threats from a funeral?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

The pathetic photo child of aspergers syndrome has decided that grandma's funeral is no reason to cease spewing death threats:




In all, there are 23 curse word filled mini tantrums in the post that can be easily summarized with "nothing is my fault. Everybody, including my family, does to me everything that they keep saying I do and I never ever do any of those things, and I am going to kill everyone for reading my Facebook then talking about my tantrums and threats."

I laughed. A lot. Out loud. On the floor. Until my rear quarters fell clean off. No lie.

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#43 General Comment

"Family Embarrassment."

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

The title of this post comes directly from the "Outlaw Life" Facebook page. I encourage everyone, especially Missy's family, to read it.

In 48 hours, missy has gone from "going to head home early because there is nothing left for me here" to "family will not let me fing make any food for the wake" to "I'm leaving early because I am the family embarrassment/the kids in my family are mini versions of me.".


Yes, Melissa. On the embarrassment thing, you are correct. I am so relieved that you finally recognize this.

On the kids being mini versions of you: No. They are just children. That is why they don't have jobs yet. YET. Don't worry. Their parents tell them regularly that they have to work hard, be polite and professional to people you meet, and be considerate of the opinions of others. See? They are being raised to be NOTHING like the "family embarrassment."

Thank you for the lulz. Again. Lol.
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#44 General Comment

No regret.

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Missy and her hubtard have shown absolutely no regret for calling wives, landlords, employers, or other totally unrelated people and businesses in the communities of the people they have blamed over the years. Why would anyone show them a modicum of civility? They have tried to break up families, get people thrown out of their homes, fired, and even tries to get others in those far away communities to turn on the people they target, blaming for their own years of epic failures. She begs and begs on her own Facebook page for peace from online taunts, then follows up those posts with declarations of " CLEANSING GUNFIRE" to somehow assert that she is a reasonable victim.

I call bulls**t.

Since she insists on posting her death threats mired with FING this and FING that while turning grandma's funeral into a TAPS wannabe Tourette's syndrome attention w***e ghost hunt and death threat bonanza, she can simply deal with the reactions from other people and readers online.

And if she thinks that repeatedly pointing fingers at "TRANK FACE" is going to somehow get anyone here to back off, she's stupider than we thought. That's stupider than blaming Obama for bush's wars.

Keep squealing, piggy. We'll keep poking.
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#45 Consumer Comment

Missy never ceases to amaze

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Well I was saddened to hear of the death of Missy's beloved grandmother and I was being silent out of respect for what must be a really difficult time for her.  Imagine my surprise to see the terrible posts she made before leaving for California:

"Even though I am disheartened that Grandmother is no longer around, it frees me to be who I want to be.  That was the last remaining vestige of what was holding me tied to CA.  I am now going to be able to pursue what I want to pursue without limits on what I want to get done.  While I am there, I plan to scare a few Realtions, wear what I want to wear, be who and what I want to be. Make sure I won't be welcomed back because now, I won't have to ever go visit anyone if I don't want to."

In this post one of her friends tells her to enjoy her trip and even though Coleslaw tries to talk reasonably to her she still doesn't understand that the death of loved ones should be a family coming together to support one another not some rogue fool coming to make everyone else miserable. She is miffed because her family made all the arrangements for the wake and the after party for this funeral and would not hear of her cooking a thing for the event.  So instead of being a supportive daughter she is going in there like a pariah.  Real nice Missy, real nice:

"Thanks. We will have a great time, I am certain. Or at least will try to have a great time. I plan to scare a few Relations, make my Parents hate me even worse thatn they do now and generally raise mayhem. Even wear the worst things I can think of to the Funeral, so that no one will want me to come back. Nothing in CA for me anyway. With my Grandmother gone, it frees me to be the person I want to be."

Coleen Coleman says "why would you want to make your family hate you more than ever, family needs to pull together your grandma would want her family to pull together and be strong united for her not bickering, being nasty and snapping at each other."

To which Missy replies "Because that is what happens when I am around. That is why I live out of state."

What kind of person purposely sets out to make people miserable when they are already grieving?
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#46 Consumer Comment

Isabella, Ruby and Missy.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

In truth, bullies hate to be bullied back. That is exactly what is going on here Cauliflower. Its not about God, its not about the Bible or charity or right and wrong. It is all about a fraud and a scammer and a bully being called out for what she is. She steals from people, scams people, abuses people, harms people then screams about how shes being victimized when people say they've had enough. and tell her to stop.

I would be happy to ignore her, except ignoring her is like ignore a pack of hungry wolves. She attacks if she thinks she can get away with it. If you show strength she retreats, then squalls about how people are stalking her. At least shes not attacking. If you remain silent she tries  to get away with whatever she can. She likes to hurt people.

I for one am sick of seeing people put in danger by this reckless, feckless, unrestrained and stupid person. The internet was not created so that she could abuse and hurt people. If you dont like this Ruby. You can just close your browser and go away, nobody here will care one way or another. We have to live with this sick individual. You can go away and take your Bible thumping with you.

Missy could do the same and people here and elsewhere would have nothing more to talk about . They would get bored and go away. But no; Missy and her henchmen have to keep stoking the drama and drawing attention to themselves. 

Oh, here is a good one.
ROFL! My Aunt and Uncle are staying in the bad room at my Parents' place. 
This is going to be fun!
I can't wait for my Aunt to come screaming out of that room in a Panic because something grabbed her.

Maybe they will sleep well because they dont hallucinate like you do Missy. 
I am so glad you are gone We forget how peaceful our little town is without your delusions messing it up. 

Or this?

?17 more lies to truth out.
I am sick to death of the F*KING LIES!
Give me just 2 whole weeks to get my life back!
Let me deal with my Grandmother's passing IN PEACE!

You ask? What about all the people you abused? All they wanted was a little peace. They didn't ask for you to talk them. They didn't ask for you to harass them. Stop stalking, stop harassing and stay in the land of fruits and nuts where you belong. 
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#47 General Comment

Getting ready for the Lulz of the century

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Melissa is going back to her native lands rich with culture and history of her native people, the forefront of the confederacy's epicenter. Yes. I'm talking about southern California.

Meanwhile, as she prepares, she goes off on her Facebook about how stupid and unreasonable her family is because they won't let her cook ANYTHING for the wake. So senora tub-o-drama makes secret plans to "inject" her presence into her poor grandmothers wake. Ew.

To take the edge off of the ridicule she is about to face, she published another swear filled "truth" about her supposed attacks and... ...threats (?) She has received from somebody, even though he has disappeared, and lots of other people remain to discuss her lies and, fraud, dramaraderie.

We hope and pray that she complains to her family about this stuff so they will know to step up and get the ignorant lazy slob under control.

Remember, the person she names in this blame rant has been SILENT for many months now, but just refuses to STFU and let anyone from her past move on:


Coleen Coleman likes this..





Coleen Coleman likes this..



Coleen Coleman likes this






Coleen Coleman likes this..


3 people like this..

Such an ignorant drama w***e and liar. Nobody chased her out of anywhere, posted any lies, or threatened her in any way. Thus why there is no police intervention. Melissa is just a big crybaby attention w***e fraud who points fingers of blame to explain her continued failures rather than get off her big fat butt and get a job.

She seriously needs to quit going off on people like this who leave her alone.

I hope and pray that her family reads this. This is from melissa about a person that helped her, then left her alone after she threatened to kill him and his family, after posting his full name, address, personal cell phone number, and publicly asked people to target this poor man's FAMILY'S businesses in retaliation for.... ....not forcing other people to stop talking about her... ....even though he didn't know any of those people personally.

She is a sadistic lazy fraudulent psycho and she needs to be locked up.
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#48 General Comment

Senora C. vs the World

AUTHOR: Ruby - (USA)

Do not project your anger and hatred onto others. You have no one to blame but yourself for the way things have gone with this little vendetta. I take neither side, but am only trying to mirror your psychotic behavior so you can see what you have become.

Senora C. Take the high road and cut them off at the knees. Do not respond to any attacks. You are better than they are. Continue with your life and continue to do good things.

Entire town of people who have ganged up on Senora C.- You're on a witch hunt. Remember those? Some one had a cat or a birth mark on their neck and were burned at the stake. So what if she's a little different than you are? You're a gang of bullies. It kind of does sound like I'm taking up for her, doesn't it? Well, I kind of am. I will always be on the side of a single person who is bullied by many. Maybe she said something and you took it wrong, or maybe she was defending herself. Who the f cares? It's been two years! Get over it and go on with your lives! You need to spend more time on your knees talking to God and less time gossiping about others. Let me guess, you're in the KKK? Get on with it. Is there nothing more important to you than this? You're wasting your time on this when you could be spending quality time with your families and friends. You think you're putting her down, but in actuality, she has all this power over you. It's all about her. Stupid stupid people. Get a life.

You can rage back if you want, I'm done with you and won't be back. She's got the power!
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#49 General Comment


AUTHOR: Isabella - (United States of America)

This is called bullying. No matter what you say, no matter how indignant you are, no matter who thinks they're right, it's plain bullying, and you are modeling this behavior for your kids. Not a single one of you in this dispute are right. Everybody is wrong. The more you pick at this wound, the more infected it will get. I think you all could use Dr. Phil to mediate this situation. How hard would it be to simply turn off the computer? Take the high road, stop dragging all of yourselves through the mud? No matter who started it, it's morphed into a nasty, stinking pit of human waste that none of you can climb out of. And it's getting deeper and deeper with every post you make, every bit of gossip and every piece of hatred you spew from your mouths. I am on neither "side". I am just someone who is trying to get you all to see how stupid this whole thing has become. No one has been hurt (yet) but it's working up to that. Remember my words when someone does get hurt.
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#50 General Comment

FYI Ruby

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Things settle down, she is left alone and what does she do? She goes looking until she finds someone, anyone she can start with...You must be one of her fan's and obviously haven't read all of the posts made here. The only one that has stated they take guns to parades where children are is MELISSA! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Melissa is nothing more than a brat that throws tantrums when someone doesn't agree with her or disputes something she has said that was wrong. She thrives on drama that she alone creates...It's her way or no way period! Those that live around her have posted here on her behavior. Don't come here telling those that post here to stop and let it go..Why don't you tell her to stop. Tell her to stop accusing some innocent guy in NY that at one time tried to help her...Oh and while you're at it tell her to stop threatening to kill people and then throwing a tantrum when she get's a page closed down due to TOS..You're the one that needs to grow up and stop acting like a 7 year old...and if you decide to post again read it all of the posts before you start defending some phyco that is kin to everybody and his brother and lives in her own fantasy world...
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#51 General Comment

comment for entire group

AUTHOR: Ruby - (USA)

I was reading some of your rebuttals and have a suggestion. The one line that grabbed my attention was, "I'm so stressed out and I know the stress will kill me in 30 or 40 years!" (That's not the exact quote, but close.) Are ya'll serious? You are killing yourselves!

You are putting on a display of gigantic immaturity in this time and age! Are any of you over the age of 7? Not a one of you is right here, everyone is wrong. Look what you are teaching your children! And a couple of you are willing to bring firearms to a children's parade and actually take someone's life! Look how far this has gone.

I have a simple solution for you. Just stop. Turn your backs and walk away. You are letting this consume you. Do you realize how stupid you all sound? Turn your backs and walk to the nearest church and ask God to take this stupid argument from your lives. Look at all the time you've wasted that could have been spent on helping people, doing good for others and your children. You have let the devil take over your lives.

Let. It. Go.
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#52 General Comment

Can you believe Melissa Bryan's Lies?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

What a pathetic liar:


This woman spends years posting time and time again how she is going to find and kill every single person, by name if she thinks she has the right one, and then, when she has a real crisis, and she is going to be around her family, she tries to make it out as though she's little miss innocent and claims she never threatened anyone except one person, but rather than post a name, she posts swear filled junk like what you see here.

When she goes back to her richly Indian and southern homeland of SoCal, if she even mentions ANY of this to her family, they will all laugh at her. I'm sorry her grandmother (and trust fund source) passed away. But now Melissa MUST find a job and work, just like everybody here AND her entire family warned her.

Ghost hunting, cooking booking printing, Mexican mrs Clausing, and perpetual blaming just don't pay the bills.

Told ya so. Lol.
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#53 Consumer Comment

Really Scajaquada

AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

Hi there!  Be careful that you don't break the stick that's up your butt when you fall off your High Horse!  The woman has threatened everyone, including her own government with death and/or dismemberment.  She needs to know that will not be tolerated!
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#54 General Comment


AUTHOR: Scajaquada - (United States of America)

Its been almost 2 years and this post is still alive?  Seriously?  You people must really be getting bored.  Sure this woman is nuts, but I am stating to question the sanity of everyone else.
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#55 General Comment

MOAR lies!

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


I have to apologize again for posting another correction. Melissa, nobody stole anything from you. If you called the police and claimed that somebody stole, let's say, Jukebox, then when the cops got to your house, and found you sitting in your Lazy-Cow chair, petting Jukebox, you wouldn't have any case, since Jukebox was not missing, therefore he wasn't stolen. Right? So why do you complain that people are stealing things from your Facebook page when nothing is missing?

Kinda looks to me like somebody is just lying to get attention.
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#56 Consumer Comment

Goodie Goodie she has a TV spot!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We can't wait to see what show she will be appearing on!  Maybe it will be "oddities" or "Freaks and Geeks"!!  But seriously whoever would really have her on a TV show must be looking for the freakiest and scariest people to have on the show.  But nevertheless I am sure we will all enjoy seeing the said spot and tivoing it so we can laugh and laugh over and over again.
oh and bond, she was making revisions to her first manuscript.  She has released and the re-released that book 3 times now and it is because she keeps adding more delusional paragraphs full of fantasy to some how magically make people want to pay $30 for her very limited work.
On another note, she claims to have found more lineage to Native Americans.  Problem is just like in her other geneology works she chooses the "famous" or infamous ones to claim as her relatives and just like in her other work it is false and full of lies.  Because everyone knows if she really had proof of Native American Heritage she would be at the reservation enrolling as fast as she could so she could get her sticky fingers on the Native American per caps that are given when a real Native American turns 18.  Oh and she said we can "put it in our pipe and smoke it".  But really when there is nothing there to prove anything she is the one who is smoking something lol
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#57 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I goofed up in my last post. I meant to quote missy's status where she points out that she's "almost done" with the manuscript to her first book, which makes no sense, since she has already released two books. Sounds like a desperate grasp for attention. Which is funny, because when anyone DOES give her the attention she cries for, she posts crap like this:


Don't worry though. Sources say that she's nothing but a big liar and fraud, full of hot air, and even her threats are NOTHING but a big ol' lie too.
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#58 Consumer Suggestion

Hello; Melissa Bryan and Ronald R. Dressler II.

AUTHOR: BlanketAnon - (USA)

Mr. Dressler, recently you commented; "Label them as a para drama starter and send everyone the info to black ball them from the community."

Mr. Dressler, we have no community and our community is the entire Internet. We have nothing to be blackballed from, while you have much. We know that you value reputation; we sympathize and understand that finding employment in your specialty is difficult.
We thank you for becoming a protector of Melissa Bryans many foes for, should she hand you names and should any of them to harm, you and Ms Bryan could be held responsible.  This is the burden of knowing too much.

One of your favorite quotes is "Fight to be Just and Righteous, Not to Destroy or Conquer!" Mr Dressler; to be just and righteous, you simply have to be just and righteous. There is no fight unless you do battle with yourself.

Understand that to join a fight with Ms Bryan for reasons, which are far from just or righteous, is to destroy yourself.  If Ms Bryan is to face the wrath of those she has stalked and harassed over these many years, than she must do so alone. She created them with no help from anyone.
Or she can get help by those like you. It makes no matter to us. Our victory is assured as long as she plays the game.

Expect us.
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#59 General Comment

Hurry up and what?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 7:02pm Just got the Message back, I am in Negotiations to possibly do a small and brief TV Spot. Now I wait again. That is TV for you. Lots of hurry up and wait.

What? In negotiations? Hahahahaha! She posts as though she has had a career in TV! Ha! Did missy hurry up and wait when she revisited the scene of that arson where the guy died in the basement? Did she hurry up and wait when her local TV station found out about her crazy Billy the Kid dreams and they got her on film so the WHOLE WORLD could laugh at her?

She is in negotiations to get more attention. So much for selling stolen artwork on Chinese tee shirts. I guess that was all a lie like usual. No tee shirts sold.

And what about this one?:

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 7:02pm Just got the Message back, I am in Negotitions to possibly do a small and brief TV Spot. Now I wait again. That is TV for you. Lots of hurry up and wait.

How does one finish her FIRST book manuscript MONTHS after releasing her SECOND book? Sound like a crock of attention w***e bullcrap to me.
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#60 General Comment

When Nobody Cares

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 3:44pm

Thing is, things are Not working out with getting the New Website going nor the Radio Show either. So I think I am just going to Forget it and not do either one until things can work out.

Oh, Melissa, take some sound advice, please. You are trying to open a store so you can sell your cat air cupcakes and stolen art tee shirts in the name of Native American Affairs even though you have other plans for the money, and so that you will have a central location to serve as headquarters for your Mrs. Mexican Santa Claus and your wannabe TAPS Ghostbusting operations. Oh, hooray. You go, you liberated entrepreneuress.

But WHY in God's name do you even discuss a radio show? Do you seriously think that YOU hosting an online one sided discussion about whatever is going to help your business?

Believe me that if I could somehow find a photo of a very grumpy looking cat with the word "No." on it as though grumpy cat was saying it, I would post it here. But I'm not mean like that.

I am from the government, and I'm here to help. Lol.
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#61 Consumer Comment

And Mario Batali too

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Basic Internet 101:  Celebrities do not sit on facebook all day and talk about their pets. Celebrities do not monitor their facebooks as they are too busy doing their jobs!
And yes she will more than likely try to seel t-shirts with Emilo's picture on them or try to get him to buy thousands of them to promote his new movie "The Way".  Or even better browbeat him to let her be an extra on his movie.  Problem is the person she is friends on facebook with is probably sitting in his mom's basement quoting Emilio's movies to try and get a girlfriend lol
On a non-related topic, her hubby refuses to spend money on Valentine's Day.  Probably because they don't have money to waste on flowers and unnecessary chocolates.  But this is the prime example of why Missy is the attention seeking person she is.  She doesn't even get something as simple as a Valentine from her hubby, he won't even get her a gas station single rose that are everywhere for a dollar. 

I guess that she seeks attention, good or bad, because she never had any attention growing up and now that she is married is still on the bottom of the list.   She had said she wanted to do something simple like having chocolate dipped strawberries and maybe some flowers because she never gets flowers and then a few moments later said hubby said no to that so she just hopes it comes and goes silently.  It is almost enough to make us feel sorry for her but no, she will just turn around and throw a big fit about something and change our minds.
AND in the wintertime she can fight in the snow but what about in the summer time?  Fight in the dust? LOL   And I really would like to know what Gunfire for Truth means.  BUT everytime I ask what some weird saying she comes up with means I never get an answer.  Like the Goonie Birds and the chalk and marbles thing.   I love how she claims she and her posse are going to go to someone's doorstep when she doesn't even know who we are or where our doorsteps are.
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#62 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 12:05am

By Week's end, I hope to have the New Radio Show going, the New Website up and starting back on the T Shirts project again. Hope to have all of these Large Projects wrapped by months' end.

. . Get the "new" radio show going...? So all episodes of "emo talk with psychic senora kill kill" is now considered the "old" show? Will the new show actually have content? That would be a HUGE improvement.

New website too? Is it another free server where she just registers a domain and redirects to it? Or will she actually develop a legitimate ecommerce website that offers real products? Or will it just be one page of butt hurt"policy" and 37 pages of stuff made at cafe press and 95 pages of "why every single business venture melissa touches fails and who she blames for it?"

And tee shirts. Smh. Tee shirts that she claims are to benefit a legitimate cause, which feature stolen artwork and an express wire direct to missy's easy bake credit account? No. I think it's going to be the same lame attention w***e crap filled with whining and blame.

And what happened to that huge shirt order? With over $150,000 in one sale, missy should be good to go. Or did she make that up too. My guess is that she made it up. You see, that is what liars and frauds do. They make stuff up. They lie. They are losers, frauds, and will fail forever.

It's called karma. And missy gets to experience liar's karma. And we all get to laugh at it. Hahahahahahahahaha.
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#63 Consumer Comment

Here we go again.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Thats not Emilio Estevezs Facebook page. This is just like the time Missy went to Vegas and saw some professional cosplayer dressed like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Like sure; Johnny Depp has nothing do but dress as one of his characters all day and run around the streets of Las Vegas bumming cash for photos. Missy ran around for WEEKS telling everyone shed met the real Johnny Depp. Shes so gullible. Maybe thats why shes always trying to scam people, 

Now shes stalking what she thinks is Emilio Estevezs Facebook. They way she keeps obsessively looking at it and grabbing all of the pictures and whatever. I guess is Emilio Estevez should be worried that an obsessive stalker like Missy is on his case, except thats not really his Facebook page. I bet she's going to try and sell tee shirts with his picture on them, now that they are such good friends. 

And I predict Missy is going to scream and rant, then threaten to have a final battle in the snow. (yawn zzzzzzzz0 
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#64 Consumer Comment

It's not quiet Coleslaw...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We simply wait for there to be something to talk about and since there is...
Missy may be the one being scammed this time.  Seems she believes she was friended by the real Emilio Estevez.  I can't believe that she is naive enough to believe that a celebrity sits on facebook and personally friends people.  OH and she is playing the role of "big girl on campus" because she has one of her delusional friends believing that she got Emilio to friend them too lol.  Everyone who is sane knows that if celebrities have a facebook it is run by their "people" and not by them and they do not even have time to be facebooking.  Get a clue and get a life Missy.  Google Emilio's offical website and it will show you if he has a real facebook or not and you can then see how foolish you are being.
And do not mistake silence for our disappearance.  We still watch and wait for the next opportunity to ward off innocent people from being scammed by you and your fraudulent behaviors!
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#65 Consumer Comment

Coleslaw... It isn't quiet

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We were just waiting for the next thing Missy does to comment on it and warn people against.
With that said, Missy may be the one who is getting scammed this time as someone posing as Emilio Estevez.  Everyone knows that no celebrity is on facebook.  It is their "people" who take care of the celebrity's facebook.  AND the "official" Emilio Estevez site is not the one she is claiming is him.  She even has one of her poor facebook friends believing she got her friended to emilio's facebook because they are "cousins" lol  Do a google on Emilio and you can find his official page and from that his official facebook.  No other pages are the real him.
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#66 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

 Thanks! She must really not like herself very much if she has to live so deeply in a made up fantasy world at her age pretending to be someone she isnt. But im sure, to her by now, it has become real.  Melissa, face the truth. There is no such thing as reincarnation. It's all wishful thinking. Perhaps you can do better at becoming a fiction writer since your imagination is so hyperactive & vivid.
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#67 Consumer Comment

Apparently Links are not allowed?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I tried to put 3 links for you all to peruse but apparently it won't post the report if they are there SO unfortunately I have to actually show you the pictures.
Now, be warned it is like I said don't be eating or drinking anything or you may choke and/or spit whatever is in your mouth out.
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#68 General Comment

Scared Neighbor -

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Could you at least post the link to the photos for those of us that cant see them?
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#69 Consumer Comment

Well just when you thought you had seen it all..

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Missy is continuing her fraudulent geneology crap by posting a picture of some poor lady she got off the internet and claiming it is coleslaw and then comparing it to her picture to prove they are not the same person. 
And THEN she put the same two pictures up against some past alleged relations and saying they are the reincarnated of these people.  Those poor people, who are not even related to Missy are probably spinning in their graves being compared to those people.  And then she had the audacity to put up a picture of a chubby bunny and saying the guy is reincarnated of billy the kid. 
UM get a clue you and that fake picture you pulled off the internet do not look like Abrana and Deluvina and the chubby bunny guy does not look like Billy the Kid.  You need to stop the delusions and stop trying to scam people into thinking they are reincarnated and brainwashing them.
I am not posting those photos here because I don't want the internet to break under the weight of having those pictures out there more than they already are.  They are SCAREY and disgusting when you think about her trying to scam people into thinking they are famous people. UGH
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#70 Consumer Comment

Wanda speaks.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

"Does anyone else find this as amusing as I do??? seems I struck a nerve with this person...oh well the battle is over...and I HAVE WON....I will not dignify this GARBAGE he/she/it is spewing with an answer...I just wanted EVERYONE to know what kind of HATERS are out there...he/she/it would be kind of amusing if they weren't SO PATHETIC! ...Jealousy rears its ugly head again"

Jealousy? Who could be jealous of a pathetic founder of a ghost hunting group? Your "simple remarks" were a threat to do bodily harm to somebody you've never met. You are a fraud, like Missy. You lie to people to bolster your feelings. You lie because you don't have a life of your own. 

Oh and I am sorry that I mistook you for that fellow you have representing you on your profile. I'm sorry you are too stupid to understand how you dragged him into a tussle that has nothing to do with him. I'm also sorry you had to get involved with one of Missy's stupid fights.


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#71 Consumer Comment

Who needs a day off?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Not Missy!  If she had a real job and actually did do something other than sitting on the couch with her cat she would deserve a day off.
I do have a question though.  She is constantly talking about having a day to herself so she can take a bath and dye her hair black so she looks Indian again.   Does she not take a bath on any of the other days of the week?  Does she not shower in the morning and then bathe at night so that she has good hygeine?  If she doesn't, no wonder Seco stinks so bad near the post office.
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#72 General Comment

Wanda, Coleslaw, and Anonymous

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Wanda: When you asked whose a*s you have to kick, and Melissa replied with a name, and you answered back with "lemme see what I can do", what were you looking in to doing? Do you feel like this is any of your concern? Do you feel that you have any power over Melissa and the people she has harassed and instigated for so long? Were you making a joke at the expense of Melissa and this situation which so infuriates her and her mildly mentally challenged bff? And please bear in mind that YOU posted the photo of your I'll friend before you answered Missy's cry for attention and offered to look in to doing something about Missy's alleged hater without even knowing if he is even involved in any of this BEFORE everyone assumed that YOU were the person pictured in YOUR profile image on YOUR Facebook profile. *

Coleslaw: Blah blah blah bff blah blah blah FBI blah blah blah gonna tell on you blah blah tapping phones blah blah. You offer nothing of substance to this discussion. You are the weakest link. Good bye.

Anonymous: Um. Hi. Sup?

* If you don't want people thinking that your sick friend is an a*s and a bully, then don't issue threats from your Facebook account after you post your sick friend's photo as your profile picture.

I swear that the characters in this story just get stupider and stupider.

Oh, and wait for more Lolcano as Wanda realizes how ripoff report works, how nothing ever gets deleted, and how her photo here will outlast bleach bottles.

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#73 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Who/Whatever you are I am asking...

AUTHOR: Casprfounder - (United States of America)

 you to willingly remove my name and my picture from this website...YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO USE IT!

and as far as me being a blowhard I wont even dignify that with an answer I will let my actions speak for me.

I am still waiting on that apology for calling someone whom as you said to me "you dont even know"  a wuss and a let me quote you here:

"So she's going to send some fat, useless security guard - c*m ghost-buster from Long Island to scare someone in upstate New York?  That fellow looks like a complete  a** wipe. Missy's husband could kick that jerk's a**. Fight your own battles Missy!  Caspr Founder Wanda is nothing but a big fat wuss! "

and because YOU assumed he was me,  you had the NERVE to say something about someone who had NOTHING to do with this!  and is DYING from Cancer?! GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU SAY STUPID SH*T!  You should feel really good about yourself right about now HUH??


I DID NOT Threaten ANYONE with bodily harm who doesnt deserve it and I MEAN that. I DID NOT use any ones name nor did I say it to them. I believe I said and let me quote"whos a** I gotta kick" no names were named, and I believe my other quote "hmmm lemme see what I can do" had NOTHING to do with kicking any ones a** an assumption on YOUR part and an ignorant one at that.

Personally I dont give a d**n what you or anyone else thinks about me here or anywhere else. I DO however care about what you said about Bob and I believe an apology is in order IF you are human enough to do betting you think you are right in what you said and did, and Bob will get NO apology.
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#74 Consumer Comment

Once more We See You.

AUTHOR: randomanon - (USA)

Good evening Melissa Bryan and Wanda;

On your social network site you made this promise to all of your friends.

Until I find the BASTARDS who are smearing my name and put them to rest.... my page and profile will be set to private and for friends only...sorry everyone can thank the little pr*cks who have nothing better to do but sit behind a computer screen and hack peoples lives because they dont have THE B*LLS to stand up to you in lavie ...A**HOLES

Congratulations Wanda, between yourself and Melissa Bryan you have both managed to make this report the most popular in RipoffReport's long history. This is your accomplishment and your legacy. By your very actions you will make this report and the many others which will come after more popular.  Just like Melissa you will create your own legacy, here and in many other places for all to see. This is not a threat, but a promise. From experience we can tell you and Melissa Brian can tell you how things will go. If you play the game you have already lost. 



Once again Melissa Bryan you convict yourself. Once again we have mirth at your expense. We laugh at you, we laugh at what you do and we laugh at your friends. 

Good night Melissa Bryan, I hope you sleep well in the knowledge of what you have brought to your doorstep. 

Expect us. 
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#75 General Comment

let well enough alone drop the harassment let her live her life as she so chooses who are you to play GOD or judge and jury

AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

Personally I am tired of the hassles against my BFF let well enough alone! drop yhe crap you all are dishing out! I have had it. reports are filed with the authorities here as well as the State where I live and the phone company for your constant tapping into my phone line! oh yeah I am having the phone company come by and put something on my line that will trace you where you all live! also I am contacting the authorities to let them know I found several reports on Google about some of you so called hypocrites! You who are so inocent step up and say so, you are not GOD you are not JESUS. You are not so innocent. I have found reports on several of you out there that were in trouble with the FBI pulled into court and are still being looked and and investigated by said FBI. Oh yeah, not hard to find these records they are online! Back off or there will be a civil siut filed! Leave Wanda the Hell alone! she is also a friend of my BFF. You all are the scum of the earth, members of the group anonymous and that other so called group Encyclopedia Dramatica who are a hate group, also you are anti-everyone that does not agree with you! Cool it you little dweebs and no good for nothing scum bags, trolls and law breakers! You use your computers to hack into other computers this is a felony in and of itself! Oh yeah, I read about that too! Back off and let others have their own lives, who do you think you are the Federal Government! oh yes, I have sent stuff to my local FBI an the State FBI where I live as well! You will be taken down one by one!
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#76 Consumer Comment

Hey Wanda

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

 I DID NOT and would NEVER threaten ANYONE with bodily harm unless they deserved it. 

But you DID threaten bodily harm to somebody you never met and don't know. You should never threaten anyone. Missy may learn that the hard way before long, so will you. 

You sound like a blowhard, just like Missy. Just like Missy you can't do anything more than make increasingly violent but empty threats. Just give it up! Nobody is impressed. You guys are going to be a subject of mirth over at the Cow for the next couple of days. Nothing more. 

Missy, you should stop dragging Elbert into all this. I spoke to him a short time ago and he want's nothing more to do with you.

"And Lastly......DO NOT judge others BEFORE you look at yourself...."

You and Missy might start doing that yourselves. And what makes you think I'm a man?
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#77 REBUTTAL Individual responds are a REAL MAN arent you?

AUTHOR: Casprfounder - (United States of America)

Your a real man sitting behind a computer screen using words to try to make people believe and smell what you are shoveling ? First off I did NOT give you nor do you have my permission to use my Picture and/or my name. I am asking you publicly to remove this. I am giving you 30 days to do so, and this my good man is NOT a threat. IF you DO NOT remove my name and or my Picture from this website I will have no other recourse but to file a lawsuit for defamation of Character. I DID NOT and would NEVER threaten ANYONE with bodily harm unless they deserved it. You only used part of this conversation which you obtained without my permission yet AGAIN. I LOVE how you only use certain parts of a conversation to make yourself look like the one being threatened,and by the way that "fat biker dude"  and WUSS who you referred to is battling cancer you unfeeling oaf. Next time get your information STRAIGHT BEFORE you spew your Garbage

Scared Neighbor:"So she's going to send some fat, useless security guard - c*m ghost-buster from Long Island to scare someone in upstate New York?  That fellow looks like a complete  a*s wipe. Missy's husband could kick that jerk's a*s. Fight your own battles Missy!  Caspr Founder Wanda is nothing but a big fat wuss! "

Really? WOW Big man that you are talking about a man who is in hospice battling for his should feel REALLY good about yourself right now...disgusting waste of DNA.

I am asking you to willingly remove this from your site before it gets out of hand...Thank You

And Lastly......DO NOT judge others BEFORE you look at yourself....
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#78 Consumer Comment

Where is the Justice?

AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

I don't understand how she can outright threaten bodily harm and even death to someone, solicit help from others to do that harm, and she doesn't get thrown in jail!  If one of us, or any of her so-called "stalkers/ruinators" were to even HINT that we are going to do her harm she would have the law on us so fast even Superman couldn't rescue us in time.  I believe the charges at least would be Utterance (of threat), Solicitation (getting others involved), Premeditation and Instigation.  Her butt should be in jail right now.  Doesn't Facebook have an obligation to report threats to others by their users? 

Facebook should be charged as an accomplice in this deranged person's plan to kill or harm anyone who gets in her way! Her plead might be diminished capacity, but how 'diminished' does one have to be to get away with all the crap she throws out there.  Honestly, it's hard for me to keep my blood pressure down when I think of how demented she is getting, to again threaten to harm someone with outside help.  Oh, please, please, please get some help for your dementia Melissa, you are going down a really bad path and someday someone will confront you with all your threats and it won't have a good ending.
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#79 Consumer Comment

NO worries for that guy from NY and GO Elbert!!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

The picture of the big guy on that profile of caspar founder Wanda was just a friend of hers she had put up to pray for.  The REAL Wanda is pictured below. She is also located in North Carolina not in NY.
With that said, I can't say much for Wanda or her class because according to what Missy posted she is a woman with no class as she seems to cuss like a sailor just like Missy and made a very disgusting comment that I would never post on a public website for others to view.
Upon perusing Wanda's website she has just as many screws loose as Missy does in regard to politics and all of that right wing gun loving, bible thumping crap.  So birds of a feather flock together.   But the Jay guy from NY doesn't have anything to fear from the geriactric lowlife of Wanda.
On an unrelated note, Elbert Garcia deserves a shout out because he said what ever other person who reads Missy's crap on facebook is thinking when it comes to her "expertise" in geneology. He said and I quote: "If it can't be found MB makes it up".  A truer sentence has never been uttered. She has tried to malign Mr. Garcia for years because he would not give up precious family heirlooms when Missy showed up and stomped around their home demanding he hand the heirlooms over because they belonged to her in a past life.  She still holds a grudge on the poor man and his family for not giving her what she demanded. She tries to say he is a drunk but he is more sober than anyone could be.  She is the one who has been discredited over and over.
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#80 General Comment

Seco Native

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I emailed jay that guy's photo and your post, but I don't expect to hear back from him. He hasn't replied in months. It's like he's sick of missy's crap or something.

. Jay, Just a heads up. Seco Native posted a rebuttal on ripoff report with an entry from missy's Facebook where she's trying to get some fat biker looking rent a cop from long island named Wanda to come and Buffalo and kill you. Print this message and the attached photo several times and keep copies at home, at your job, and in your vehicle at all times. That way, if something happens, you have leads and motives for the police. I'm sorry missy is too stupid to move on from you and keeps causing so much trouble for you. Take care! F....

. I'm sure he will be fine.
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#81 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

I have to laugh! This was from her Facebook the other day. 

Melissa BryanI guess all the Locking Out and Blocking Out didnt do a d**n bit of good. 
This still continues.
Like    Yesterday at 4:34pm

Caspr Founder Wanda whos a*s I gotta kick???
Yesterday at 4:35pm  Like

 Melissa Bryan Jxxxxx Txxxxx and his Goonie Birds
.Yesterday at 4:36pm  Like 

Caspr Founder Wanda hmmm.lemme seewhat I can do
Yesterday at 4:37pm  Like 

Melissa Bryan Ok.
Yesterday at 4:37pm  Like

So she's going to send some fat, useless security guard - c*m ghost-buster from Long Island to scare someone in upstate New York?  That fellow looks like a complete  a*s wipe. Missy's husband could kick that jerk's a*s. Fight your own battles Missy!  Caspr Founder Wanda is nothing but a big fat wuss! 
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#82 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 6:17pm

NOPE - STILL NO LUCK WITH BLOCKING AND LOCKING OUT! WHOMEVER IS DOING THIS IS ON MY FRIENDS LIST AND I AM PISSED - ON THE FING WAR PATH! I AM SICK, TIREED AND EXHAUSTED! a*s HOLE IS DEMANDING THIS FING PAGE BE FING CLOSED DOWN TO BWEING SPAM - IT IS NOT FING SPAM! I AM KEEPING THIS PAGE AND ALL OF MY FING WORK! I REFUSE$$ TO STOP! I WILL KEEP SCREAMING AND FIGHTING AND PROTESTING!. . . Nope. Don't see any demands that her page gets shut down. I do however see people pointing out that her artwork is stolen, used without permission or credit to the artist. And why the random dollar signs? Is that because all she cares about is making money without regard to the starving artists that she steals her artwork from? FING FING FING FING WHAT A FING FRAUD.
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#83 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

A "gooney bird" as i know it is someone who is looney tunes- crazy. Where did you read that term at?
 Also, if she is psychic (yeah right! LOL ) Wouldnt she know who is doing this?  LOL All psychics are full of BS.
And didnt you report her to the place she got her t shirt design from (the native american place- cant remember the name)? Obviously it's OK, because they havent done anything about it.
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#84 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 11:47pm

Completed the Block List on this Page. Hopefully, there won't be any more Problems.

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 9:09pm

I went on a Full Blocking Spree tonight. I believe I have Blocked the ones that were driving away my Business and my life. Am going to know in the morning if this holds.

. . . . I can't help but laugh.
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#85 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Still no answer about what a goonie bird is.  I would like a definition not an fing comment that it is in general us who report against her.
I would also like to know who she is blocking because none of us has had any problem reading her facebook pages lol
All I know is that if she actually gets some poor schlub to pay her $156,000 for t-shirts that poor person will never see a t-shirt or anything else from Missy and she will simply buy a store or even a house with that money and then complain about the taxes she has to pay on that lol  OH and by the way she will be needing to pay personal and business income tax on $156,000 too. 
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#86 General Comment

With that much cash flow,

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

If the artists she stole the artwork from filed charges, Missy would be a felon, wouldn't she? And wouldn't she, per cafe press's terms of service, also be liable for all of THEIR legal fees too? HAHAHAHA. I sent a message to Getty Images along with links to Missy's stolen artwork too. They'll scoop up every nickel she thinks she's gonna get. Lol.
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#87 Consumer Comment

What is a Goonie/Gooney Bird???

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I find it interesting she claims to have sold 5,200 t-shirts.  At $30 a shirt that is $156,000 of scammed fraudulent money she will be pocketing.  I hope whoever it is who wanted these shirts had 2nd thoughts when she quoted that price.  I doubt they could make a profit on them if they had to mark up the price from $30 to sell them a 2nd time Wow.   I also like how she switched from saying she will take "her cut off the top" to saying she would use the profits to give to Native American charities.  Which is it?  Giving to charity or having her "brick and mortar" store up and running?  It won't be both.
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#88 Consumer Comment

See it all before

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Missy's hit the big-time! 

"OMG! Yay! I Finally just got my Larest T Shirt Order to date! 
5,200 T Shirts! 
Holy Heckfire! 
My cut of this is going to Launch my Biz - Big time! 
And also enable me to Travel, do Book Signings and really make things take off!
By around Mid Year, I should have a Brick and Mortar Store Open and ready for Business."

Except she's done it all before. Here is how she works. First she makes BIG PLANS. it could be self-publishing a new book or baking for the state fair. She brags about how much money she's going to make or how famous she's going to be. Then people comment, some of the comments might be negative. Missy freaks, then she announces how her BIG PLANS were ruined by haters.

5000 tee shirts from Cafe Press?  She won't make much of a profit from this even if she succeeds. This is a scam, nothing more. She's out to blame somebody
 for her failure and run to the police wailing "boo-h*o! Look what the stalkers DID TO ME?!!"

Grow up Missy! Nobody is buying it. 
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#89 General Comment

the anti-artisan

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

On Melissa's self-made fan spam page on Facebook she details "the t shirt making process":

" Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 7:11pm I am going to explain how the T Shirt Making and Selling Process works. First, the Client Orders the Product, Size, Color, Men's, Women's Children's. 2nd, I do the Mock Up of the Content of the Product and give a Pre Order Product Check, clear it with the Client to Specifications. 3rd, the Client Pays me for the work done. 4th, I send the Payment to the Bank, then order from my Distributor. 5th, at this point, once the Order from my Distributor is made, I have the Product Drop Shipped to the Client. 6th, I take my cut off the top. This mostly goes for the majority of the Products I make and sell for Income."

Notice that at no point at all whatsoever does she ever personally touch or even know the actual location of the shirts. She just uploads the stolen artwork and collects her money.

What a pathetic fraud.
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#90 General Comment

She accepts too!

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


Missy is going to take on Anonymous.


That's as stupid as saying that you're related to every Tom, d**k and Harry through history or blaming people you've never met because you eat like a pig and ended up developing diabetes that has made you blind to the point that you couldn't accurately fire a gun if you tried.

Wait. No. That's not stupid. That's Melissa Bryan.

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#91 Consumer Comment

We Accept

AUTHOR: MA Advocate - (United States of America)

Good evening Melissa Bryan, this is Anonymous. We have been watching you, your tendency to stalk and harass. When you make empty threats on Facebook and other social media.  Your habit of spreading private information of people who have no quarrel with you, of people you do not know and more importantly, people who do not know you, and most recently your challenge to us  for an all out war. A war you cannot hope to win. A war which will cost you all of your time and all of your treasure. A war that will cost us nothing. We accept your challenge!

We are not dismayed by your threats, we laugh at them. Your threats are as empty as your get-rich scams which are all laughable attempts to fleece people. We laughed when you made yourself homeless, we laughed when you perpetrated the Cactus Flats scam. We laughed when you were driven out of Arizona, when you were driven out of Utah. We laugh at your current scams, the Enchanted Circle fair and your attempt to cash in on the Idle no More movement. Your antics amuse us.

We welcome your shaman for he or she is likely to a member of Anonymous. We know the power released by the shaman will invariably circle back and seek you out your energy which will diminish as you send your anger at others. As you hate, so will you be hated. As you attack, so you will be attacked. As you hate others, so you will be reviled.
You have no hope in this game. This is our game. You can only win if you do not play.
If you play, so shall we all.

We are Anonymous;
We are legion;
We do not forgive;
We do not forget;
Expect us!
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#92 General Comment

There is an archive

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Of missy's threats and tantrums at

It is usually a couple days behind until whoever is maintaining it updates it with her latest posts. Not that I'm being critical.

Thank you to whoever maintains that page.
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#93 General Comment


AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

Where do you find her posts? The page I see has nothing.
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#94 General Comment

CORRECTION (and apology. Sort of.)

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I guess that there ISN'T another page where people discuss the INSANE things she posts. I just read on her personal Facebook page entry after curse word filled entry about specific people that she thinks are somehow violating her rights, server information about business and reference websites that she thinks are somehow involved with some unseen attack on her "biz," and a bunch of posts by Coleslaw warning the world that ONLY she and Melissa are allowed to read or post on Facebook! Can you believe this stuff?

Here's a sample:

" Melissa Bryan 9 hours ago






I am interested to know how "fingers of blame" would hold up in a court of law.

On a side note, Melissa says that she has a shaman who is going to put an end to all of the problems caused by certain specific people. Really? An honest to goodness shaman? Is he going to turn those people into toads? What about ME? Don't you have to have a clue as to who you are putting a curse on in order to cast it? Or is this going to be like Hurricane Sandy- when melissa wished death and destruction on the entire Massachusetts region because she believed that someone who talked about her lived there?

And I am very relieved to see so many people posting her Facebook status updates on so many blogs and sites. If she ever does try to take anybody to court over anything ever, when judges, attorneys, or police read her own posts, they will laugh at her too. Just like we do. Just like I am.
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#95 General Comment

Who is she freaking out about?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

And where is the page where these demands are posted?

"Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 3 hours ago

Another Fing Demand to Close this Page and More Abuse against me for Not closing this Page! I will Hold Tight to what is Clearly MINE! This Page is NOT Closing! A** Hole can beat me Bloody and I will Never Close this Page!"
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#96 General Comment

Who is she freaking out about?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

And where is the page where these demands are posted?

"Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 3 hours ago

Another Fing Demand to Close this Page and More Abuse against me for Not closing this Page! I will Hold Tight to what is Clearly MINE! This Page is NOT Closing! A** Hole can beat me Bloody and I will Never Close this Page!"
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#97 General Comment

This is not the only site where people discuss Melissa Bryan apparently!

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Yesterday I suggested that Melissa's self-deducated "fan page" might constitute spam according to face book's terms of service. I guess somebody on some other site posted some kind of an order for her to take the page down!

" Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 1 hour ago a*s Hole is now Dictating to me that this Fan Page is to be Closed as Spam. Well the same answer as before Prevails - NO! I REFUSE TO CLOSE THIS PAGE!"

Wow! They got her so worked up that she's posting vulgar language to that page! I thought she was trying to INCREASE her business, not destroy it! How unprofessional!
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#98 General Comment

I'm no Attorney, BUT...

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

...last I knew, if somebody tried to use the SOCIAL networking site called Facebook as a FREE MARKETING SITE by starting a fan page dedicated to themselves in order to peddle products without paying an advertising fee to Facebook it was called SPAM.

Just bringing it up for discussion.
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#99 General Comment

Does she take this seriously?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Why would you post activity like this, unless you were testing the blocking strategy out?

" Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 1 hour ago

Finished Blocking on my Social pages. Feeling slightly safer now that this is completed. Still remaining vigilant and watchful, cautious."

So much for blocking.

I have an idea! If you don't want people to take notice of what you do or say, don't post it on Facebook.

Thank you. That is all.
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#100 General Comment

Logical Common Sense Advice: NOT An Attack

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

One would think that instead of reacting to discussions about her threats with stuff like " YOU ARE A GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECE OF GARBAGE s**t!" that Melissa would eventually come to her senses and post something along the lines of "I am sorry that I got offended when you helped me when I ordered you to, and I over reacted with my murder and suicide threats. I apologize for posting your personal information and asking people to kill you. I am sorry that I called your employer, your family, and other people who have nothing to do with you and for trying to get you fired, evicted, or divorced. I swear that I will never do any of that again, especially since it creates such a huge problem for me when people react to my threats. I recognize that people are fed up with me online and in real life, so I will no longer be acting like that."

But, alas, she is mentally ill. So we will continue to read her tantrums and laugh our butts off and more people climb on board the "reality train."

Epic lulz.
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#101 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

" Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 2 hours ago I got an idea to grab all the Info of the people behind the Rising Tide of Hate and Contempt against me. I found a Ton of stuff, Including IP Addresses and other Related Info. I have All the Info I need in case anyone attempts to Topple me and my life, sending me exactly 20 years into the past, back to the Nightmare of age 14, when I first started finding out about my Abilities and what I now know to be my Truth. I have enough Related Materials to Launch a Defamation Case against these same individuals along with all Related Records and other Info. I will be making a File of Everything and save it along with my other Info from years of being Stalked, Harassed and Defamed."

I thought that defamation involved LIES?!?

If Melissa doesn't want people saying that she threatens to kill people, shouldn't she have NOT emailed people directly messages that directly threatened to kill them? If she doesn't want people talking about how she steals artwork on the internet and tries to pass it off as her own, shouldn't she quit using stolen artwork as her logo and shouldn't she quit trying to sell stuff that features that artwork?

This crap about her not being "human" because she is broke is absurd. She has no case for anything because she brings all of this crap on herself. You can't sue anyone for loss of funds when you never earned anything in your life to begin with. Nobody is jealous of a business that has never made money. People just plain don't support fly by night get rich quick losers who keep trying to screw the system while they point fingers at everyone else blaming them for the failure of that business to sell its stolen artwork on third world sweat shop produced garments being fraudulently presented as "original artisan products" especially when those items exploit legitimate charities without contributing anything to that charity.

And no missy. "Awareness" is not a contribution. Especially when it is associated with your fraud and theft of other people's intellectual property.

So here we go again with another threat to sue. Notice that she is still peddling her Chinese crap with the artwork she did not create. Notice that somehow others are to blame for her inability to sell her cafe press clothing.

Melissa, how much are you suing for this time? Is it billions of dollars again? Or are you just trying to get the courts to declare that people you said you were going to kill are not allowed to talk about your threats or your bootleg cafe press fund raising gear?

If history serves as a reference, her Facebook page should be loaded with lots more lulz really soon. Get ready for more murder and suicide threats, names and addresses and phone numbers of the people she mistakenly blames, and her upcoming Facebook suspension HAHAHAHA!

Reminder to self: Buy popcorn today!
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#102 General Comment

Well dang!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

she just went the hell-o off on them with no warning! I wonder how many different people she has accused of stalking her...Looks to be more than poor a$$hole! I read that whole thread...

I have to admit I did read some of the other forums there and they may be a shade crazy but they're funny..Some of that stuff had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! Anyway, I'm going to do something I know better than to do and that's to assume the only reason she left those folks alone was because she had no real names or personal information on any of them...she needs help and the sooner the better...Nice to know that perhaps she won't be scamming Idle No More....Hard to say though...Thanks for posting Sea...That thread gave a lot of insight into the real Missy...She's nuts!
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#103 General Comment

Like sands through the hourglass...

AUTHOR: sea.of.stars. - (United States of America)

If you're just tuning in to our program, read this thread for a sample of Missy's hysterical modus operandi:

As you can see, without so much as an introduction, she descended on the poor members of this innocent Billy the Kid REENACTMENT forum and accused them of stalking her, stealing her identity, trying to access her property, stealing and altering pictures of her, stealing her cake recipes, and plotting to "Destroy [her] Business and [her] Person." She breathlessly commanded everyone to cease and desist giving out her address, but not before POSTING HER ENTIRE ADDRESS FOR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WITH INTERNET ACCESS TO SEE. "I live here, and here, and here! Now don't you DARE tell anybody where I live!" 

She proceeded to demand that the forum be purged from the internet 5ever. "How F***ing Dare ANY of you?!" she bleated, "I will continue to complain to your Server until this Board has seen its Dying Breath!"

Disgusted and exasperated, the forum's administrator shot back with, "First of all, you wicked freak, you DO NOT get to tell us what to do with our board. Period. Take your demands and shove them up your ample a**. Did you really think you could just trounce in here and bark orders and throw fits like some demented child, and we would comply?" 

The most side-splittingly hilarious thing about this incident was that Missy, in all her frantic, wide-eyed paranoia, failed to understand that this board's members were effectively playing a role-playing game; no one was ACTUALLY claiming to know Billy the Kid or to be related to him or to even live in New Mexico in real life. "Oh good lord," said one member, "You really must stop confusing fictional stories with reality. We have no idea who you are. If you happen to live in a place mentioned in one of our stories, well, so would a lot of people ... To draw conclusions that our fictional (which means make-believe) stories are about you, a complete stranger, is not only utter nonsense but a bit egomaniacal, as well." Surely Missy deserves some sort of medal for managing to irritate these Billy the Kid role-players (who, it must be admitted, are a shade crazy in their own right) to the point that they would let slip such out-of-character utterances as, "You need to shut the eff up." 

Our poor dear Suicidal Seorita still didn't quite get a clue and replied with a genuinely disoriented "What the Hell is the f**king Matter with you People!?!? If I so much as catch ANY of you trying to Sell my Cake Recipe in ANY Cooking Book, I will Sue the Living Hell out of ANY and ALL of you and then Some!" 

Another member, presumably in character, astutely asked the question that has puzzled this little corner of the web for much of the past decade: "I'm wonderin' how she eats with a mouth like that?"

Soon thereafter, the admins had had enough with the Black b***h's antics and permabanned her, an occasion that user SallieChisum marked in a delectably sarcastic post that included such gems as, "A plastic spoon is more psychic than she is." 

Ah think this li'l vignette speaks for itself, don't it? 
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#104 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

No one is blocked from seeing your profile.  We can all see you have posted about 100 stupid picture memes in the last hour like a child throwing a tantrum.

And the rip off reports will keep on going FURTHER (not farther) until you stop being a scamming fraud and get a real job.

It is pretty clear that Coleslaw/Doreen/Irish Miss are you because all three have your signature of capitalizing random letters in the middle of sentences using ALL CAPS for no real apparent reason and having the same feeble grasp of grammar or the English language.  So quit trying to fool people who are way smarter than you by pretending you are 3 separate people.

Obama is the president of the united states of america.  And if you don't like his policies or laws or ideals then you are very free to move the heck out of OUR country.  There will be a lot of happy real americans and a lot of unhappy europeans or mexicans or whatevercans wherever you go but by all means take your mummified cat and your beanpole ugly husband, and your ugly snaggled toothed self and GO.
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#105 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 31 minutes ago

The Person or Persons Responsible for All of the Hell and Mayhem in the last few years is now Blocked! He is Blocked from Communicating with or seeing my Profile or any of my other Work from this Minute forward!
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#106 General Comment

Boreen , Melissa

AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

Wow! Who would have believed that anyone could type such drivel. Oh wait, Missy B does that.  It is so apparent that she now has another persona (read trollname) and as usual, has no imagination when it comes to writing anything remotely intelligent!  She has, again, insulted President Obama and anyone who voted him in as President of a Free Country!  A country where people are free to let everyone know who is a scammer. Free to let people know who is out to take their hard earned money by marketing junk, posing as quality.  Free to use this forum to let all the world know how fakefakefakefake she is!  I support the  Idle No More Movement and the brave women who started it all up here and spread the word to the world with legitimate goods and services.  God Bless all who speak the TRUTH!
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#107 General Comment

Missy-ing the point

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


Somebody appears to be at her breaking point. Normally this would be a good time to point out the flaw in her thinking, but with Missy, this is usually (always) not the case.

The idea that Melissa's businesses (and life etc.) are lies and scams originated with her reactions to constructive criticism. Offering actual positive reinforcement or advice is usually called an "attack" and gets nothing from her but murder threats and harassment. Calling her a liar and fraud after that fact will at least get a troll the satisfaction of reading along as she has another temper tantrum. Lulz.

Seriously, Melissa should have shown some in entice to take advantage of education and training in the past. Then she would have a skill or two (besides e-z bake ovenry and cat grooming) and a good shot at a job. She just doesn't realize that the first round or two that she had with people in her past was people suggesting ways that she could better her life. But no. She had to spaz out and post all over Facebook and her blogs that people were going to DIE for not having faith in her. Moar lulz.

Your life was never destroyed, Melissa. You never had one in the first place.

But don't worry. I'm sure you'll have plenty of company with Colleen and Doreen.
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#108 General Comment

Missy-ing the point

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


Somebody appears to be at her breaking point. Normally this would be a good time to point out the flaw in her thinking, but with Missy, this is usually (always) not the case.

The idea that Melissa's businesses (and life etc.) are lies and scams originated with her reactions to constructive criticism. Offering actual positive reinforcement or advice is usually called an "attack" and gets nothing from her but murder threats and harassment. Calling her a liar and fraud after that fact will at least get a troll the satisfaction of reading along as she has another temper tantrum. Lulz.

Seriously, Melissa should have shown some in entice to take advantage of education and training in the past. Then she would have a skill or two (besides e-z bake ovenry and cat grooming) and a good shot at a job. She just doesn't realize that the first round or two that she had with people in her past was people suggesting ways that she could better her life. But no. She had to spaz out and post all over Facebook and her blogs that people were going to DIE for not having faith in her. Moar lulz.

Your life was never destroyed, Melissa. You never had one in the first place.

But don't worry. I'm sure you'll have plenty of company with Colleen and Doreen.
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#109 General Comment

Nice try Doreen

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

but no cigar...Oh how cute another sock maybe it should be nice try Colleen or Missy...
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#110 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I don't know how you figured it out. I am so busted. I am personally responsible for each and every anti-missy post EVER, all the way back to the rumors that were spread about her in high school. I am personally responsible for the destruction of her businesses, of which I am insanely jealous, even though in the last 2+ years she has sold 2 copies of her books, 5 tee shirts with stolen copyrighted artwork, and one Betty crocker instant "red velvet and cat hair" cupcake. The 30+ forwarded email messages where she clearly states that she is going to commit murder, kidnap and commit murder, commit suicide, etc. were all forged by me. I personally forced melissa to focus on what people were saying about her online, and I distracted her for the past 36 years to make sure she never got a degree, learned any skills at all, or could ever get a job.

No go back under your bridge and occupy yourself.
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#111 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I don't know how you figured it out. I am so busted. I am personally responsible for each and every anti-missy post EVER, all the way back to the rumors that were spread about her in high school. I am personally responsible for the destruction of her businesses, of which I am insanely jealous, even though in the last 2+ years she has sold 2 copies of her books, 5 tee shirts with stolen copyrighted artwork, and one Betty crocker instant "red velvet and cat hair" cupcake. The 30+ forwarded email messages where she clearly states that she is going to commit murder, kidnap and commit murder, commit suicide, etc. were all forged by me. I personally forced melissa to focus on what people were saying about her online, and I distracted her for the past 36 years to make sure she never got a degree, learned any skills at all, or could ever get a job.

No go back under your bridge and occupy yourself.
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#112 General Comment

You all are fascist banker scum!!!!! Leave Missy alone!!

AUTHOR: Doreen - (United States of America)

It is clear that you are all jealous of Senora C and her successful ventures. When people are too weak morally or financially like most of you here you get jealous and attack those such as Senora C who have been able to start successful businesses from scratch. Unfortunately in MaoRack HusStalin HitlBama's America that kind of thing is all too common.

I would not be surprised if the whole lot of you were shills for the federal government. You probably all belong to Banker Families like the Rothschilds and your federo-fascistCorporate masters are watching over you and whispering in your ear to destroy the lives of innocent, law-abiding people like Melissa Bryan. And you're probably all rolling in money because the federal government PAYS people BIG money to destroy the lives of law abiding Americans!!!!  WATCH, LOOK, AND LISTEN!!!! OMG!!!!

You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Look at how you have ruined this sweet woman's life and pushed her to the brink of suicide!! A woman's life is at stake and you will all be dancing on her grave singing songs. You are vile, vile people, all of you. You have ruined her marriage and her family is destroyed because none of you have any G*d d**n manners. Read Irish Miss's posts carefully, she KNOWS Missy and lived with her 10 years. NONE of you know or have seen Melissa in real life! I have followed this for a while and it is my understanding that you people have been stalking Melissa for more then a decade and that you have threatened to KILL her and BURN her house.

Who the hell does that??? And Jay is a liar because none of that could have ever happened. But Jay Boy lives in New York and so he's most likely a Banking Family Illuminati shill just like some of the rest of you and the same kind of person that says no it's okay to consume fluoride, it's okay to eat GMO food. Well the average citizen of the US is MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! STOP torturing Senora C right now. You are all delusional and you need to see therapists or better yet die and make room for more better people in world . 

JUSTICE for SENORA C RIGHT NOW! We are behind you 100 percent, girl! Don't let these jealous bankers get to you and know that we will stand behind you 100 percent if you choose to take legal action against these CorporaFascist goons.
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#113 Consumer Comment

Thank goodness!!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We were able to get into touch with the real Idle No More people and told them of this scam going on and they thanked us for the information and they are going to urge people to only purchase OFFICAL Idle No More items and to not fall for people like Missy who are only capitalizing on the trend and not really caring about the actual movement. The word will soon be out to not buy Missy's crappy designs and to avoid buying anything that is not officially endorsed by Idle No More and their offical website.
We really were not all that worried that people would actually buy her very limited and copy right infringed items but if we can save just one innocent person who wants to support the Idle No More movement from buying something from Missy who is not even going to give a portion of the money to Idle No More then we have done a good thing.
AND for Colleen/Coleslaw/Missy, We are not impressed by your bible thumping, quoting things from the bible is not going to change the fact that Missy is a scamming fraud.  And actually you should be trying to save Missy from the dark evil place her heart has gone and not trying to preach to people who already know who is the bad person here. 
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#114 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Thank you! I know where you're coming from! We had the same problems with her on 2 of our message boards....Difference was all she had were our user names so she was never able to identify us..We'd block her and she'd pop up again using a proxy...I have never came across anyone like Missy...Her language would embarrass a sailor in my opinion...She's nothing more than a spoiled brat that throws tantrums when she can't get her way...She has no respect for anyone or anything. It's her way or no way(her words)...She needs to get back on her med's that she stopped taking when she was 14(according to her)..If you go back to when she first got on the internet you'll find she's lied and schemed her way on every board she's ever been on...As for her being sweet....Ha! she's never been sweet! As for Irish Miss, be quiet you are making yourself look like an idiot...
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#115 General Comment

Enough is enough

AUTHOR: sea.of.stars. - (United States of America)

I have followed the Chronicles of Senora C/Missy/Melissa Bryan/etc for a very long time and I've been visiting this Ripoff Report since not long after it began. For the longest time I contented myself to just read and never comment but after Irish Miss's most recent post, I can no longer hold back. 
As far as my background, I am one of the many people who has been victimized by Senora C, AKA the Black b***h of Taos -- which, incidentally, is located in a state I have never visited and from which I live hundreds of miles to the East. I'll refrain from naming which state lest I reveal my identity and unleash the Black b***h's CAPS-locked wrath. She procured not only my address, but also the address of my SISTER, and sent us identical threatening suicide-by-proxy letters to the tune of the one that "ATON User Jay" received.

What did I do to get on Melissa's bad side, you ask? To quote the late, great Edwin Starr, absolutely NOTHING. I was a moderator on a forum that she frequented, a forum which, by the way, had nothing to do with ghost hunting or psychic powers or any of that BS, and when I would do my job and call her out for her threatening and inappropriate posts (including threatening to find and kill everyone on the board because someone commented that her signature was obnoxiously large and repeatedly hijacking other people's posts with her outrageous threats to "suicide out") she flew off the handle and decided that I was a stalker, an a$$ hole, and so on, and that I had been walking in her shadow her for years, trying to ruin her life and destroy her family. She was then banned and her posts were erased. Then, to my horror, she posted a picture of me and my boyfriend to one of her bajillions of Facebook pages and added a caption that pleaded her followers to "do whatever they thought was necessary with A$$ Hole" if they happened to see me. Unfortunately, as I am a freelance writer, my address was available on my personal website, but that doesn't make what she did acceptable.

I sent her a furious message and thankfully, she deleted the picture about an hour after it was posted and then blocked me from Facebook. I could not believe this woman's behavior and after I did some research on her and found out about her gun-toting ghost-bonking festival-crashing cookin'-bookin' exploits in the hinterlands of northern New Mexico, it all made sense. With her ostensibly out of my life, I enjoyed some truly epic lulz reading her "FING"-laced rants here and on other websites.   

Anyone who could follow this saga and not come to the conclusion that Melissa Bryan is a sick, mentally deranged woman who would do well to exchange her Santa outfit for a straitjacket is in need of intense psychological treatment themselves. 

Irish Miss, you are truly delusional if you think WE are the menaces here. Melissa Bryan has a criminal mind. She lies to, threatens, and scams people if she does not get her way like a sociopath -- because, after all, this IS sociopathic behavior. If she truly were the "good person" you say she is then she would not be threatening to go on killing sprees (her words, not mine), posting people's private information online, and praying for her enemies to be killed by hurricanes (again, her words, not mine). Good people do not do those things. NORMAL people do not act like that. 

And again with the marriage thing. Why should we believe that her marriage is over after dozens of expletive-ridden rants to that same tune have proven false? Why should we believe that she's suicidal? Why should we give this woman, who has tried to destroy the lives of so many people through her lies, threats, and manipulation, one iota of credibility? SHE is the one who needs to "cease and desist." SHE is the one who needs to seek professional help and immediately begin taking anti-psychotic medications in order to rid her of the illusion of constantly being followed, of being conspired against. She threatens to kill people for a living! Who here has ever threatened to kill or otherwise do harm to Melissa in any way? Who here has threatened to commit suicide in order to get Melissa off our backs? No one, and yet in your eyes, she's the victim, the martyr for a stupid, nonexistent cause. And by the way, if she were really that hard-up for money, she'd go and apply for a job at the Dairy Queen like a normal person. 

Get this into your head: none of us CARE about Melissa. She can prance around in her Santa suit and write ridiculous books and hawk her flea-ridden wares to her heart's content. But we have the right to defend ourselves when she makes concrete threats against us and our families. 
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#116 Consumer Comment

Irish Miss - Lander

AUTHOR: 5pm_somewhere - (United States of America)

With all due respect, why do you continue to comment when it is clear you haven't even bothered to read anything that is being posted? I mean I get that she is your friend, I can respect that but repeating yourself over and over again and continuously making empty threats isn't helping her and I am saying this from the kindness of my heart. How can you send cease and desist letters to people that 1. you don't even know who they are and 2. what is being said here has nothing to do with you? You have been making these same exact threats since this Report was created and every time nothing has happened. If you truly knew who any of these people were and seriously felt that you personally had been violated by the things they are saying, then you would have already outed them here by the very least calling them out by a first name, but once again you are making threats that no one is or will take seriously because that is all they are, threats. 
If Melissa, Missy or whatever name she goes by was actually working on building a legit company, wasn't plagiarizing or misrepresenting herself then NO ONE would have anything to say, no one would have a reason to be concerned. You don't have to know an individual personally to see when something is seriously askew and the last time you spent anytime with Melissa by your own admittance was 10 years ago, a lot can change and people can change in 10 years, Just because someone was a wonderful sweet law abiding citizen 10 years ago doesn't mean they are now.
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#117 General Comment

Melissa and Dan's marriage

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


I wasn't going to say anything about Melissa and Dan's marriage because I consider marriage to be sacred and off limits when discussion someone's business and the threat that they pose to consumers and innocent bystanders. But you keep bring it up, so I am going to address it.

People are discussing Melissa's threats (murder and suicide), how she brags about her unregistered firearms, how her "artisan original items" are stolen artwork mass printed on third world produced clothing from cafe press, how she has exhibited a history for these scams (see: CACTUS FLATS) and has, in the past, seemed to work with Dan to perpetrate these scams, etc. etc. etc. Nowhere has anyone posted that she and Dan should not be together or questioned their marriage. The fact that people in general associate Melissa, Dan, scams, and threats together is a direct result of her (and his) own actions and statements. The fact that they focus on people's discussions about their past, their scams, and their threats and that they allow those discussions to override any efforts that they would have spent saving their marriage is not our fault, and is actually an indication of their own patheitic weakness and unwillingness to actually put any effort toward their own responsibilities and priorities.

Furthermore, the fact that, at age 36, Melissa has been too lazy to go to school or develop a skill is an indication of her pathetic laziness and ignorance.

So screw you and your pathetic attempt to spin Melissa's total failure of life, her marriage and her scams on us. It's all on HER, her husband, and idiots like you who keep enabling her.

Oh, and HAHAHA!
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#118 General Comment

The discount lolfirm of Coleslaw et al

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


Do you have a stock interest in Melissa Bryan's "biz?" Does Melissa have some sort of contractual arrangement with you that both warrants your alleged charges as well as is protected by some superlaw that protects her from judgement and discussion by society? Is there ANYTHING WHATSOEVER that protects that fraud from being the subject of discussion by people that she has violated and terrorized by threatening to kill, harassing them, their employers, their families, and the rest of their community?

No. No, there is not. At all.

So you're going to file charges against people you have never met, all around the world, because you suspect that those people have been discussing a friend of yours who lives in another state.


Enough of this crap. You are stupid, like melissa. There's a special hell for your level of stupidity.

I never heard of melissa until just recently. Good luck identifying me and holding up your "10+ year" crap in court.


Melissa is a fraud. You are an idiot. See my previous posts for more of my opinion of you and your fake lawyerly skills. HAHAHA.

Good luck on your lawsuits, stupid.
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#119 Consumer Comment

Idle No More Has Been Informed...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We felt it was important for Idle No More, the official website, be made aware of what Missy is doing.  It is not right that someone is trying to profit on the back of this very worthy grassroots movement that was started in Canada mind you.
We went to the real Idle No More website and alerted all of the people on the contact now list so that they can warn their people to not buy over priced and cheaply made goods by someone who is not truly what they claim.  It is a sad day when a white woman from California is trying to pretend to be Native so she can scam money from innocent people trying to make a grassroots statement!
You too can go and complain to these people by going to this website and letting them know you don't agree with this fradulent use of their Idle No More ideals.
Missy has done some very low things in scamming people but this has to be one of the lowest and I hope the real Natives both from Canada and American stand up against her fraud.
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#120 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

Melissa is basically a good person. She is honestly trying to earn a living doing what she loves. these so called individuals have been attacking her since Day 1. They have kept this going for about 10+ years haranging her over every little detail in her life. She is walking out on her marriage due to all of this as this situation has diriven a wedge between her and her hubby. She would be fine if all those concerned would back the hell off. Why turn the other cheek when these people keep repeating the same s**t all the time. Let things lie please. She needs her own business and she is Not qualified for anything else as she is not experienced in anything else.  Let her be please. Think what would happen to you if someone triedto destroy your life, dreams and you ended up losing your marriage, home and everything you had ever worked for. Please, just drop this whole thing, She is trying to make an honst living. So she had some problems in past years, Forget it. So she has had some othr problems just let it be. Why trash her on this site for her personal and family problems when this site was NOT set up for that type of BS. She would be calm and peaceable if others just let things go. Don't keep it going, please, she has had enough hard times in her life. She needs something to look forward to. Just let things go. I know deep down if you really gave it some thought you would see what I see in her. She lived with my mom and I about 10 years ago when they were looking for a place to rent. She is OK in my book, You don't know her personally, you've never met her. You know nothing about her. You all live in other areas of the country., Some of you will receive notices to cease and desist as soon as Tues rolls around and I meet with my attorney here in my area concerning all of this and the phone stalking when I know d**n well what I have said  to her in phone conversations have ended up being posted here. Why? This site was not developed to tell what is said in personal phone calls. D**N IT! stop the harassment and let her be.

I know her and have known her for over 10 years. She is ok and will be again., She is tired of the BS and

 tired of not being allowed to live her life free of this stress. has caused her stomach problems, migraines, etc. Please just drop this as of here and now. Let things go or I will NOT turn the other cheek come Tues.
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#121 General Comment

That's all there is. There is no more.

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

It takes a special kind of stupid to do the things Missy does. Her website and company policy states that what is on her website is what is available, and that if does not appear on her site, then she does NOT offer it, and if it IS featured on her site that she is obligated to supply it. Got all that?

Let's look at just how stupid she is getting:

When Missy says that she wants her new shirt designs to be perfect, she means that her Google image search hasn't found an image, created by somebody else and used without their knowledge or consent, that adequately offers the appearance that Missy both put forth EFFORT and THOUGHT toward a relevant design, then claimed and customized the design by using Ms paint to apply the name of her company.

When Missy says that she intends to include the design in her list of products in her "store" on her "soon to be released website" she means that she is having trouble figuring out how to insert the embed code to her cafe press account on her free Webs web page.

Her current logo for "Outlaw Life Enterprises" is listed as a Getty Images asset. They have been notified. The usual fine for using their images start at $600 for a first offense. I can't wait to read her all-cap reaction for getting busted for copyright infringement on her "original artisan products" lol.

I bet that she threatens to FING kill someone. Lol. What a fraud!
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#122 General Comment

Hey Sergei

AUTHOR: Trillium - (Canada)

She has been at this Scamming for years! Here is an excerpt from one of the boards she used (banninated now) to frequent.

" October 20, 2011 at 10:39 am : Tara, Ive been following Melissas comments too, if following means stumbling upon them on an incredible number of genealogy and western history boards. In my opinion, her *data* is inaccurate, to say the least. She changes names and dates around, and has professed herself to be related to just about every historical figure imaginable, including Jesus. My advice is to do your own research with reputable sources."

So, with that remark in mind, you realize that she is like an irritating itch you just can't reach.

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#123 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Believe it- she really does exist and she's done all those things. Ive seen it myself.
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#124 General Comment

Oh my God

AUTHOR: Sergei - (United States of America)

HOW could something like this even exist? It's all just so surreal. I discovered this page earlier today and despite the fact that I am up to my knees in work, I have done nothing but read about Senora C for 8 hours, most of which I've spent on the floor fighting for breath through convulsive gasps of hysterical laughter. Deep, dark, rich laughter, a kind I didn't know my body was capable of producing. 

Oh my God. HOW is this woman not behind bars? How has she not been imprisoned for stalking and harassment or at least carted off to the funny farm??? She's going to kill herself, no she's not. She's black, no, she's Mexican, hold up, she's white, no wait, she's Native American. Senora C no longer exists, wait yes she does. Her life is ruined and she is going into hiding forever, no she's not. She's going to close all of her websites and erase herself from the internet, no she's not. Her marriage is over, no it's not, yes it is, no, it's not. She's going to pack up her guns and go on a cross-country killing spree, no she's not. 

I wish This American Life would catch onto this story and devote a whole episode to it. It just has EVERYTHING -- marital drama, suicide, guns, psychic abilities, ghosts, the U.S. Constitution, aliens, murder, Emilio Estvez, and aliases absolutely up the wazoo. And best of all, it all takes place in the Land of Enchantment, the most bizarre and inscrutable state in the Union. 

Wait, I just read that she believes she has met Santa. Help me. I can NOT breathe. I have NEVER laughed this hard at anything. Oh my God, I can't. 
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#125 Consumer Comment

This has to be said...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Before Missy gets too far out of hand with this, people need to know that she may come to you all nicey nice with her big hat in her hand and say she wants to learn from you.  But she won't get through the first lesson of beading or weaving or whatever she is claiming she wants to learn before she will be telling the instructor they are doing it wrong and they had better do it the way she wants them to do it or ELSE and then her stomping out in a huff after having dumped thousands of those tiny beads on the floor and throwing the supplies or the loom at the instructor first.

I am not to worried about her learning a "craft" like this because she has neither the talent nor the patience to finish a class that she begins when it comes down to something she would have to have a skill in.  So she won't be able to bead or weave and scam people out of money.  BUT I am however worried about the poor instructors that agree to take this woman on because when she cannot put a bead on a string or when she cannot weave a simple pattern all the sudden it will be THEIR fault and it will be because they have been paid off and it will be because they are part of the stalking "ring" that wants her to never see success in her life.

And after she has caused wreck and ruin in someone's classroom she will then turn around and go on the interwebs and say that she has MASTERED these skills and is now holding a P.hd in these skills just as she claims that she holds degrees in parapsychology when no accredited school exists to teach such degrees

And finally, no make-up is ever going to touch your brand of ugly Missy.  Because you aren't just ugly on the outside, that stinking rotten evil stupidity of a scammer goes all the way to the bone and you can't wash away or cover up that kind of ugly.   Maybe a face transplant like the women who was eaten by that chimpanzee might help a tiny bit but it still won't get the evil scamming out of your black heart.
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#126 Consumer Comment

Ooops no disappearing...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We are all still here despite whatever "magic" Missy thinks she can have done.  Um you just need to be quiet, get a REAL job and stop scamming people and then we all will go away magically.

Oh and as far as Coleslaw and her plans to post here how she knows who we all are, you couldn't be further from the truth (notice I said FURTHER and not FARTHER hehehehe).  So good luck with your so called IP tracking and good luck filing any lawsuit anywhere when you have no proof of who did what or said what blah blah blah coleslaw/Missy.
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#127 Consumer Comment

It Is Called Gross Receipts Tax Missy

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

When someone creates a business, receives a New Mexico Tax Idenitifcation Number, and Incorporates said business the person is given the Gross Receipts Tax reporting forms.  And on those forms, some report monthly, some report bi-monthly, some report quarterly and some report twice a year.
Missy apparently was totally unaware that by filing her business and gaining a business license and gaining an Incorporation (or LLC in her case) that meant that everything she sells from the tiniest cupcake to the biggest XXXXL T-Shirt she has to pay tax on the money that her business makes. 
She also failed to note that if she does not pay taxes on the money her business makes that the state can then levy a lein against any of her real property.  I.e. a pick up truck or any other items of value that she will in turn be unable to sell or give away without paying the lein on said property.
Someone should have taken a business management course in order to know what she was doing before venturing in to the real world of business ownership.
And she can picket and protest protest protest all she wants.  It is the law in New Mexico that business owners pay taxes on their income.  If she does not want to pay taxes on that then she needs to disincorporate her business and close her business license or the state will chase her from all corners to get her to pay for what she owes. Period.  There is no loophole, there is no escape and no amount of bellowing at people at the State Department of Taxes and Revenue is going to change it.
So I guess the saying is Pay UP or SHUT Up.
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#128 Consumer Comment

Nice Quiet Day... Of SCAMMING people

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Don't let the nice peaceful day comments fool you.  Missy is, as we type this, planning how to spend all the money she can make off the backs of Native Americans and Canadians by selling them T-Shirts that they could make for themselves for about $10 but charging them $30 for them.
Missy claims that she is Native American and yet she cannot produce any legitimate papers to prove this or she would have enrolled already to receive her money from the tribe.  So please Native Americans, don't buy this woman's T-Shirts, make your own.  Follow your own ideals that have sprung up in the Idle No More Movement and don't let this white eyed woman swindle you out of your money.
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#129 General Comment

Dumb heads? Really?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


Let's get a couple of things straight.

First off, the letters "ISP" stand for INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.  What you are thinking of is an "IP Address."  If you believe for an instant that I believe that you got anyone's IP address from this site, you are far stupider than previously thought.  I would suggest that you read the paragraph at to see that this site doesn't give out information on users and contributors.  You are a liar, plain and simple.  Then again, this would explain why you exhibit such an unconditional care and concern for one of the most obnoxious and pathetic frauds I have ever seen on the internet. You might want to watch your name calling too.  Being that we have been the subjects of Melissa's armed murder threats, our discussions of her mental instability, perpetual deception, and all around stupidity and ignorance, I hardly think for an instant that any of us will even be contacted about any of this, unless somebody pressing charges on Melissa (or you for that matter) requests a character reference, especially taking into consideration Melissa's murder and suicide threats and her BRAGGING about her FIREARMS*.


Your bluff has been called.  Your move.  Who's the dumb head now?  Huh?  HUH?!?


P.S. *FIREARMS: Melissa claims that she has a gun that Billy the Kid used when he was prancing around the old west like a q***r unicorn riding fairy.  Yeah.  Right.  I find it amazing that, in the photos of the gun that she published, that she keeps it in the EXACT SAME CASE that is provided with the Chinese manufactured replicas of the same gun available on eBay.  Did I mention that it is a replica, and that it is not fireable?  More lulz on the fraud!
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#130 Consumer Suggestion

No longer supporting Native American Causes

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

It is one thing when Melissa Bryan attempts her scams to benefit herself. But to see that big mouthed fraud "team up" with the "Idle No More" movement for personal profit sickens me. What the hell is a a selfish white fraud from southern California doing claiming that she is somehow a native American? Do any of the people she is working with know that she also has claimed to be black, Mexican, and alien?

If the native American community wants to team up with a fraud like Melissa, it speaks volumes about their dignity and values (or lack thereof). They can campaign for their own causes now. My $12,000 + per year will be going to other casinos and retailers OFF reservation. I don't fund frauds.
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#131 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

Just like the guy in OK City who posted to several wbsites and 3 blogs about doing terrorist like activities in a neighboring town, the City of Casper, WY, the Fed Authorities and the OK City Authorities racked this SOB to his home in OK CITY he is in custody pending charges and will possibly or probably face 25-30 years in prison if convicted.  Watch out what you jerks say! Your computer ISP will eventuially find you and you will be charged with numerous felonies! Yes I am working with a lady who has given me the ISP #'s and I am using a site on the web to track each of you.

When I do CHARGES WILL BE FILED! You will be jailed and not come out for several years so you will have plenty of time to sit and thin about what you have done for NO reason what so ever!  You are jealous, you are idiots, you are crazy, insane, dumb as a log, and are no better than school yard bullies, Serves you right if you get your keister kicked by someone as you deserve it for destroying someon's livelihood, someone's life, marriage and home life forno oth rreason than you can't do anyhting else because youa are too stupd to put your self in a better situation and not have so much f*ing time on your hands. 

Your ISP will track you eventually and you will regret the day you messed with her and with me!!! So you do not believe her about her heritage or ancestry, if I could find records in court houses and historical societies HOW DARE you say she is scamming, shamming or otherwise doing what SHE IS NOT doing! I have been doing this for myself and others for well over 38 years and know my business. Get over yourselves, get on with your lives and STOP this BS!!!She hasd a right to own he own business, make a living for herself and pay her own bills. PUT YOURSELF in her shoes or anyone else's for tha matter, The Constitution say we have a right to LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!! DUMB HEADS
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#132 Consumer Comment

Better Watch Out

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Those of us who live here had bette watch out... Missy says she knows people who can make us all disappear permanently.  To bad she has absolutely NO clue as to who we are!  If she could have made us disappear she would have already... nice try Missy, thanks for playing!
OH and I hope that the nice people from Native Dreams, Inc. are seeing how Missy can threaten and bully and push people and make demands that are impossible to be met so they know what they have to deal with when they have partnered with this woman.
She claims her hubby wants us all brought to her so he can beat us down and she can rearrange our faces.  But she isn't exactly someone who is allowed to call anybody or anything UGLY because she cornered the market with her lovely goth lipstick and snaggle tooth that needs a dentist to improve her speech impediments.  AND we highly doubt that ol Danny Boy could beat his way out of a wet kleenex much less give anyone older than 2 a beatdown so HA HA HA at you and your stupid comments Missy.  If you would stop trying to scam people into doing work for you for free so you can make money on their backs like they are mules and then got a REAL job then maybe we would stop watching.  Otherwise we are not going to get off the public space known as Facebook and we are going to keep watching so we can warn each and every person you try to scam to avoid you like the plague!!  Boycott Missy's products and now I guess guilt by association people will need to Boycot the poor Native Dreams Inc. and their products too.  They better be 2nd guessing their partnership or they will lose all the sales they have had in the past and get no new ones just like Missy's business model.
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#133 Consumer Comment

Oh No She Didn't...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Now the news is worse today.  Apparently she has "partnered" with two REAL Native American Artisans and we all know what a "partnership" with Missy means.  It means that these people will do all the work, all the advertising, make all the real Native American jewelery and then Missy will use them and scam them and sell their jewelery as her own.


The name of the poor people's business that she is scamming now is called Native Dreams, Inc. and their dreams are all about to turn into nightmares.  We plan to email these poor souls and tell them to not only google Senora C and see all of these ripoff reports but we also will tell them about Cactus Flats and how she scammed hard working people out of their money.  And warn them to NOT send any jewelery to Missy without being paid up front FIRST.  Also warn them to not send Missy any money or they will just never see it again.


She is just getting worse and worse with her scamming.  She couldn't get disability.  She cannot get any tribe to let her on the payroll and get a per cap because she is NOT a real Native American and now she is scamming these poor people to send them their hard worked on jewelery so she can sell it at a profit and not pay them for their hard work.
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#134 Consumer Comment

Are You Unable To Read Missy?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

A new update for us all today: Missy is now scamming people by "making" T-shirts for them with the "Idle No More" logo on them.  The scam comes in where she charged people $30 for a T-Shirt that people could have made for themselves on Vista Print for a considerably less expensive price.  But these kind people who believe in their cause of "Idle No More" trust Missy because she claims she is Native American.  So a fellow Native American would never scam them woud they?  UM wrong. Missy is NOT Native American and she is not above making a big profit on a few T-shirts for people who have a noble cause.  When these people discover how cheaply made the T-shirts are and that they come from some mass produced factory in China well maybe Missy will deserve the karma that is coming her way from that.  Native American people are peaceful but they are not stupid and when they get angry they don't spare their anger.  Good luck with that one Missy.
AND on a note related to yesterdays postings.  Apparently either Missy has a very low ability to actually read and/or comprehend what she has read OR she totally ignored the truths that were put out about what went on in our neighborhood over what should have been a simple appliance exchange between tenant and landlady.  Maybe she thinks if she ignores the pictures that were posted that they never existed.  Well wrong.  We ALL see the pictures and we ALL saw what happened when the landlady didn't meant her "demands to have things the way she wants them WHEN she wants them".
Don't buy in to the Missy kool-aid. Boycott her crappy T-Shirts and do not go anywhere near her "homemade" items less you want to risk being severely ill and scammed!!
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#135 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

They live in  regular rental home, Not a Cabin or Summer Home. They have forced air heating. Their stove went out as they have had problems with it since they moved in. The landlady has not stepped up to the plate to fix this problem so they themselves have had to cover said repairs. The NM State Laws tell they have a rigt to withhold rent moneys for any and all repairs or replacing of appliances if need be. You need to go online and read the tenant/landlord rights.  Leave her alone! She wants to have her OWN business, pay her OWN bills, and LIVE a normal life!  Back off of her immediately! She would be allright if you did NOT persist in this bullying and stalking (internet). Yes I know about your scanning her Face Book Page then blasting her for her efforts to pay her bills and live a normal life! PUT yourself in HER shoes! If someone kept you from paying your bills or living a life and taking care of your family. Think how you would feel if you were kicked out of your home living on the streets in your car or worse or in a homeless shelter!  BACK OFF!  You are scum! I GHope GOD forgives you as no one else will as you keep repeating your stupidyity every day., God will turn around and tell you that HE has NO room for you in his kingdom! 
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#136 General Comment

You're not a very good Christian, Colleen.

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

Whatever happened to forgiveness, and turning the other cheek?  Or did you see where that kind of behavior got those who were bullied and harassed by your oh-so-innocent friend Melissa and decided you wanted none of it?  Isn't it strange that you call us bullies, etc., but are quick to ignore the far worse and far more dangerous behavior of your friend?  What hold does she have over you?  Or is it simply that she's the only friend you have and you feel you MUST defend her, and fight those battles for her that she's too cowardly to fight herself?
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#137 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

Perhaps it is high time that you all Stopped this BS! Take a good look at yourself before pointing fingers at anyone else! No one is Perfect, No Not One!  You are all a bunch of hypocrites and No good for nothings that don't know anything else except how to stop someone from making an honest living. I know alot of people that have pets, Dogs, Cats and yes I am a pet owner as well! Stop this nonsense. All she wants is to be left alone to make a living, pay her bills and yes her and her hubby have decided to take a trial seperationa this spring.

She is looking for a place in town so that she can walk every where she needs to go. This BS has destroyed her marriage, her hopes,dreams and everything else in his world! You each need to take a good look n the mirror. Go to Church! Pray that God forgives you as I Sure Hell Don't and Never will! You have destroyed my Best Friend in the World! You are nothing more than two bit jerk wads! A bunch of teeny boppers with nothing better to do than to wreck others lives. This is BULLYING tactics and I have posted to two web sites dealing with this kind of harassment, stalking and bullying.
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#138 Consumer Comment

Interesting update...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Us fellow neighbors noticed a little bit of a hoopla going on over in her area and so drove around to see what was up and there were two sheriff vehicles parked on the property so we waited and then when the hoopla was over we asked what had transpired.

Seems the landlady had already arranged to have someone fix the stove but if it was not fixed had a standby stove ready to be placed in there so not to inconvenience the tenants any more than they already did waiting through the snow storm to get a new stove to cook with.   BUT after all of the trouble (Missy had literally threatened the landlady that she either buy a brand new stove or they would not pay their rent EVER) when the repairman arrived she also asked for a civil standby so that if Missy decided to blow her top and even worse blow her guns at the landlady because she did not purchase the $1500 stove Missy demanded then the police would be already there to diffuse the situation. 

Missy and good ol' Dan behaved themselves upon seeing the policemen and even helped to carry out the old and bring in the new stove when previously they felt that the elderly landlady should do all the work.

Thank goodness for our local sheriff I don't know where we would be without them around here!

On another related note we all have been told to stay off her facebook.  Um it is a public place and if you don't want us to read your stuff then don't post it on a public place. DUH how else are we going to help protect the public from her scams and schemes if we are not able to see what she is planning from  one moment to the next?
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#139 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

That woman is CRAZY. Plain and simply put. Crazy.

I don't mean to sound like I am defending her, but after sifting thru about a decade's worth of her tantrums online, it does not appear as though she has directly hurt anyone with the exception of anyone who was involved in that Cactus Flats scam. Before then and since then, it seems like the worst of her actions were nothing but bellowed threats, every single one of them amounting to nothing more than her harassing people and their families and employers.

I think the biggest problem that Melissa Bryan poses to society is her death threats. While she and her husband are too broke to follow through with any concern able threat, it seems that they are both accustomed to cowering away after making one of those threats, at most challenging some unnamed alleged stalker into confronting HER, rather than Melissa showing the nerve to do any more than to bark and oink at people from behind the safety of her computer keyboard. It's really funny how she whines and cries then pitches a fit when nobody shows up. What's even funnier is her reaction when someone says they ARE coming to get her. I read one of those exchanges. She is absolutely gutless and pathetic, but she NEVER stops whining and crying, even when people leave her alone.

If she wants to cling to her immature fantasy, claiming that she inherited special powers from people that she has convinced herself that she is descended from, so what? More lulz for us. Worst case scenario, she throws yet another tantrum because nobody takes her seriously. At all. And pokes fun at her. Well, can you blame us?

Say what you want about her. Point. Laugh. She has earned all of it. Let her promote the heck out of her fly by night get rich quick scam I mean BIZ. Nobody has taken her seriously yet, and she's still going off about it. There is no law that says that anyone must take a Gothic old western rootin tootin wannabe gun slinging Mexican american Indian Mrs Santa Claus seriously, and why would we? It's just plain too ridiculous to take any other way. What court would find anyone but Melissa out of line?

The clampets were fictional, plain and simple. Melissa is not related to ANYONE famous, nor has she "inherited" anything beyond a fat belly and a knack for being an unreasonable crybaby. It's all a hysterically funny joke, and that Coleslaw weirdo just validates it all more. It's all just too much, like some kind of messed up short-bus accident.

Funny, funny stuff.
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#140 Consumer Comment

Score One For The Good Guys

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Looks like we were able to spare the poor landlady all the trouble Missy was fixing to pile on her by reminding Missy that not paying rent is an evictable offense.  And you know that poor landlady is looking for any good excuse to kick them out of there what with all the complaining and all the scamming Missy is doing from that place.  I mean just the summer time yelling at any and every person to buy her cookies or cupcakes has to be just horrible for the other people around there!
And I agree with the person who said she must heat her home with the stove.  That is really the only logical explanation that the stove keeps going out and it is the same part every time. She over uses it to heat up the house and ends up burning that part out!  I know where she lives, I know what the place she lives in looks like and it does appear to be a summer place that would not normally need a heater but because they are occupying it they have to use the stove to heat it up.  She constantly complains about how cold it is and how she is drinking hot drinks or eating soup to stay warm so it only makes sense.
On an unrelated note I notice she is talking about shopping for groceries online and how inefficient and expensive it is.  We have a perfectly wonderful grocery store in town and she is very welcome there as long as she leaves the psycho babble at home and doesn't try to say everyone who is only shopping for their own groceries is stalking her.  The last incident happened because someone had pushed their cart into the same aisle she was in and all the sudden was cursed at with foul language and told to leave her alone because she wasn't famous.  So it is kind of hard to shop knowing you could be accused of stalking at any second.
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#141 Consumer Comment

The poor landlady

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

As predicted, Missy responded.






And so-on. Notice she does not deny the FACT that she's living in a seasonal home with no heat, that she uses her OVEN to heat her home. Who uses an oven to heat a home I wonder?

She's also lying about her past evictions. She got evicted for doing the same things she's doing here. Making outlandish demands, then holding pack payment until the demands are met.  I weep for her land-lord. She's just trying to make a living and realize her dreams like the rest of us. Too bad she did business with a nightmare like Missy. 

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#142 Consumer Comment

summer cabin

AUTHOR: thoughti''dhearditall - (United Kingdom)

My question has to be why is she living in a SUMMER cabin with no heat in the middle of a winter snow storm?? Is it because she has been evicted from all her other homes and has no choice but to live there? If that is the case then tough ****! Suck it up and deal with it Missy! Looks as if she wont be there much longer either. I pity whoever has to live in her neighbourhood in the future. BEWARE, she could be coming to a neighbourhood near you! 

It's at times like this when i am so glad there is a rather large ocean between us. ;)
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#143 Consumer Comment

They really need their stove.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

It's vital that they get the stove back into working order. You see, the summer cabin they are living in has no heat. The reason they keep burning the oven out is, they use it to heat their cabin! I think going out, buying a new oven after burning theirs out two winters in a row is a GREAT PLAN! And it's just right that they charge their landlady for not having an oven that's up tot he task of keeping the cabin at 85 f. I love this plan! 
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#144 Consumer Comment

FYI For Missy

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Missy claims to be a witch by "culture" and by "inheritance"  and yet she forgets that the most important rule of being a witch, something any real witch knows, is that "harm ye none".  So if Missy really does have any ancestors who were indeed witches they are rolling in their graves and denouncing anything to do with this woman.  And notwithstanding the 3 fold rule, what Missy sends out she reaps 3 fold.  No wonder she has nothing but trouble all she does is send out trouble and anger and threats of violence. I can assure you that any witch that has Missy for a friend on facebook cringes every time she even mentions being a witch because she is giving witches a bad name.
And as a side note, threatening to not pay your landlady the rent will give the landlady the right to evict said tenants.  She is right now threatening the landlady that if she does not fix her stove right this very minute in the middle of a snow storm and below zero temperatures that they will not pay rent but will go out and spend their rent on a brand new stove.  I suppose then she can turn around and blame someone else for being evicted.  Talk about scamming the poor landlady.  She will probably buy a stove on clearance and then tell the landlady that it cost hundreds more.  I hope the landlady is smart enough to demand a receipt if she accepts this "deal" with Missy.  Otherwise I hope she is smart enough to use this as an excuse to give them 30 days notice to get off her property instead!!.
P.S. Moonflower:  She tried to hock her so called homemade goods to an Artisan community and they told her they wanted none of her very limited things that were clearly not Artisan.
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#145 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

 What happened??  :(
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#146 Consumer Comment

Hate to say we told you so but...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We tried to tell Missy that no authentic Artisans would accept her or her "goods" but she would not listen and had to learn it the hard way by being humiliated by the Artisan community.
A word of advice, we know you won't listen anyway but we will try anyway, an Artisan makes something that you cannot find anywhere else, that you cannot buy in any store and that you either cannot make yourself or do not have the time or patience to make.  This is why Artisans earn such wonderful money for their work.  It is often one of a kind and the hours of painstaking hard work that goes into them needs to be appreciated and rewarded.
That means that cupcakes made from a store bought mix and decorated by store bought icing and sugar decorations you can buy at the super market and scrape off the cardboard backing are NOT going to be considered Artisan nor are they going to be accepted by the Artisan community.
That means that plastic trinkets with your face on them or poor quality t-shirts that can be mass produced by Vista Print are not going to be considered Artisan nor will you be considered an Artisan.
That means anyone with a pot and some fruit can create jelly and put it in a jar.  That means anyone with money can purchase a big jug of syrup and put some artificial flavoring you buy from Watkins or the store in it and call it homemade syrup.  But it does not mean it is Artisan by any stretch of your imagination.
That also means anyone can go to Create Space, type of bunch of drivel into the box and call it a book and that doesn't make it Artisan either.
Stop fantasizing about becoming wealthy by scamming any and all people you meet and get a REAL job and you can EARN wealth.
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#147 General Comment

Someone needs serious help!

AUTHOR: 5pm_somewhere - (United States of America)

So I don't really know Melissa personally, but she became a blip on my radar a little before Christmas, she is a member of a group on FB that I am in and she had posted a thread in the group that her life was ruined and she was just going to end it all that she had nothing to lose, people were after her and would stop at nothing to see her dead so she was going to make everyone happy and kill herself. Of course she got the usual responses from people trying to be supportive and that she shouldn't let people get to her yada yada yada. I remember reading the thread then taking a peek at her profile and just thinking to myself that she definitely is a bit mentally off but really didn't think much more about it. 

 Fast forward..
 A little less than a week ago someone had made a mention of ripoff report in this group when discussing a false claim someone made against a well known person, it didn't take long before Melissa was posting on this thread and making it all about her and once again was going on about all these people who are out to get her and want to ruin her life and her business, complaining that she can't even sell her book because she is being stalked and people are making fake reports against her etc. She says something along the lines of just wanting to clear her name and start over and make a business for herself and live her life which of course I can completely understand, I mean who wouldn't want to have a fresh start and bury the hatchet right? That whole entire thread has since been deleted. 

 Well the only reason why I am here and even bothered to read this whole entire post and every comment made is because Melissa her self directed all of us who read that particular thread here. My question is this. If you are wanting to start over, to have a fresh start why bother even bringing this to the attention of those you are wanting to respect you and take you seriously? I have to be honest in that this definitely did not do any favors for Melissa and I know personally I am going to just keep my distance from her or anything she is involved in. Whether what is being said here is completely and 100% true or not (Which I do believe it is) reading her rebuttals and posts alone raises a HUGE red flag and it is clear that the posts made that are "sticking up for her" are either being made by her or by people who didn't even bother reading the comments made. While I agree the original complaint is quite petty and ridiculous a person would have to be completely naive and foolish to ignore the other evidence and claims made in this report. This woman is dangerous and in desperate need of an intervention. Those of you who are her friends-- instead of telling people to leave it alone and leave her alone you should be trying to get her the help that she needs before it is too late, you would have to be completely blind to not see that she is a ticking time bomb. It is quite clear by the rebuttals and posts she made here and the things she posts on FB and other online entities that the only person who isn't able to let go and move on is Melissa.

 I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way, after all I see no posts made by those who told Melissa they would come here and fight for her. After reading this, how could they with a clear conscious? I have no ill feelings against Melissa or her husband I just feel she (both?) needs to find healthier ways to deal with her stress and anger and perhaps explore the options available to her by the medical and Psychiatric field.

All the best.
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#148 General Comment

Yeah Yeah Right...

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

It's still not believable...She sounds like she's stepped one foot over the edge...
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#149 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

 She posted that the Beverly Hillbillies got their names from a relative (ofcourse) of her husband's.  I guess that's the only way she could make it  ah.. "believable". LOL 
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#150 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

WTF??? LOL!!! THe Clampett family??  LOL I guess that's where her southern roots come from! LOL
 Yeah, she's related to all kinds of southern generals (so she claimed). General Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, Longstreett, Pickett, Beauregard and several others. SHe's also related to Kit Carsen, Billy the Kid (yeah, i know she says she was married to him, but she has also said he is a blood relative).  SHe's related to Emilio Estavez, The auctioneer for "Storage Wars" and Dog the Bounty Hunter. LOL!
OK, so now it's the fictional Clampett family. That's doable (for her)! LOL! I bet she's even related to Obama! LOL! Oh, im sure she's related to Jason Hawes , the founder of TAPS. (he's a cousin dont you know)!
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#151 Consumer Suggestion

One Correction for Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

In your rebuttal you use the term "bat crap crazy." Pursuant to a previous post and the attached recent photograph, I strongly believe that the correct expression should be "cat crap crazy."

That is all.
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#152 Consumer Comment

WOW, just WOW

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I kid you not, and if I did not read it with my own eyes I would not believe it either, but she is now claiming she is related to the clampet family.  You know, the FICTIONAL family from the Beverly Hillbillies. Yeah.

And she has claimed she will sue to the high heavens for as long as I have been reading her drivel.  She has never once been successful in suing anyone and if she keeps trying someone in the judicial system is bound to get a clue and see she is bat crap crazy and not only make her pay for the expenses that she is costing the court system but also pay for the expenses of whatever anyone she sues falsely will have to pay to defend themselves.

Keep in mind that no one can be sued for having a conversation and expressing an OPINION about someone and further no one can be sued for posting a photo that was already posted on the internet.

I am sure she has heard it before but the sheriff or the state police or the lawyers will all say the same thing.  If you don't want people to talk about you, if you don't want people to see your pictures or make fun of how ghetto you look then don't post on the public internet where the whole world can see what you have posted and make fun of it. PERIOD.  End of sentence. DONE.

She is now claiming she is going to change her whole look (again).  And again it is lies because she can't afford to change her toilet paper.  SO we will be stuck with the same old Missy in the same old dresses and t-shirts and hat and braids and snaggly toothed scarey grin. 
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#153 Consumer Suggestion

The ugly reality

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

"Melissa Bryan about an hour ago via mobile



"Melissa Bryan about an hour ago via mobile

I am also being Forced to give up my Radio Show.
My Hubby doesnt want me to keep it.
Therefore, I am giving up my Books and quitting my whole life as well.
ALL OR NONE AT ALL that is how I operate!
But I also Refuse to be Enslaved to others, so my only Recourse to get my life back is Kill a*s Hole Dead!"

Why would someone who posted this to her facebook also brag about her firearms?  In my state, you would permanently lose your firearms (all of them) forever if you made a statement like this and you would be mandated for a psychiatric evaluation. 

It is not even funny any more.  Melissa deserves every bit of stress she gets thanks to her temper and vulgar ignorance.

By the way, if anyone wants to read Melissa's own statements as she wrote them, visit (special thanks to an old friend for this site). 

And remember Melissa, you were warned that for every blog that reposts your threats and tantrums that you successfully manage to get taken down, two will pop up to replace it.  I'm not sharing the addresses of the other three copies of that blog.  Not yet anyways.
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#154 Consumer Comment

Coleslaw - Melissa Bryan

AUTHOR: My Word is Bond - (United States of America)

The reason Irish Miss cannot tell Melissa Bryan's rather obvious problem is, well Irish Miss almost certainly has problems of her own. In fact her largest problem, in a literal sense is - she's the same person. It 's almost a given that Coleslaw and  Missy are one and the same. Either that or Missy has a twin. Coleslaw could prove or disprove this with a photo.
Notice that the divorce is off again?

There are those that fought and yes those that died to protect our freedoms as guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the Unoted States. I Do NOT give a d**n what you think, feel or say! This country is a free country meaning we can do ANYTHING that we want within reason as long as it is NOT against the laws of this country.

Yes but, those who died to protect the Constitution of the (lol) "Unoted States" are not you. More like those who sat around and pigged out yesterday to protect the Constitution. Admit it! You are a parasite who would not know the meaning of hard work and sacrifice if it jumped in your lap and gave you a big sloppy kiss!

New Mexico is like most other states of the Union, a bit more backward than most. But you still don't have the right to make specific death threats against people or call for violent conflict. All of which Melissa Bryan the "adorable" Christmas character does each and every day!

Nobody cares if she runs a fantasy business (or her husband for that matter.) If he wants to book fake events at his new Sacred Circle-jerk fair, that's his business. If Snorzzrah  C wants to pretend-publish some vanity press booklets, bless her soul and morn the trees killed for such a venture. There is nothing illegal about it. she wants to buy boxes of cheap plastic key-chains with her ugly mug all over them, made at some revolting Chinese sweatshop. She can choose to do that like the rest of us.

But you cant abrogate my civil rights to be here and say what I like. You should NEVER make threats, here or anywhere else. You folks should crawl back inside your box of cornflakes and leave decent people alone.

Oh and I see Melissa is about to start another "trial of the century." Just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. She always this just after the holidays are over. Why don't you express your winter depression in a more useful way?

The name is.
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#155 Consumer Comment

Holy (no pun intended) crap!

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

Are those loose cat turds rolling around on that kitchen floor?
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#156 General Comment

No, Colleen you listen and listen carefully...

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Yes,It's a free county and yes anyone has the right to have a business and make a living for themselves...That's all legal..

However, it is NOT legal to post threats to kill some one.  It is NOT legal to try and get other's to go to someones house and kill them...and it is NOT legal to post those threats on the internet...Again, it's a free country which happens to have freedom of speech..So stop telling people to shut up...They have as much right as you and Missy do to post on an open board on the internet for all the world to see...Hellooooo...
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#157 Consumer Comment

Tourists Beware!!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Thank goodness we now have an updated photo with which to warn the public against this woman.  One look at her filthy kitchen floor just really reiterates how unhealthy and inedible her baked goods are.  Who would want to eat a cookie, a cupcake or sample jelly in a kitchen with obvious cat feces spread all over the floor?  She is blocking the sink so who knows how moldy and gross that area of the kitchen is.
Note the very dark and very inappropriate color of her lipstick and how it highlights her very yellow and snaggletoothed teeth as well.  Please also note the very trademark braids and hat.  The t-shirt and her long skirt.  This is exactly how this woman dresses every day. There is even a photo of her stalking the New Mexico Govener wearing this very same "uniform". The color of the skirt or t-shirt may change but the boots, hair, goth lipstick and hat remain the same.  If consumers see anything like this woman coming they need to turn heel and hide in the first safe place they can.
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#158 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

There are those that fought and yes those that died to protect our freedoms as guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the Unoted States. I Do NOT give a d**n what you think, feel or say! This country is a free country meaning we can do ANYTHING that we want within reason as long as it is NOT against the laws of this country. So if someone wants to open their own business then d**n well SO BE IT! You are a tyrant, a dictator if you wish to live this way go to another country where your kind is welome and accepted. DO NOT infringe on others rights to live their lives as given to them by these here United States. Leave well enough alone! These rights were given to us by our forefathers and our ancestors, yes, even yours. This is all I am going to say on the subject. As you DO NOT live in NM butt your nose out of every one else's busines. Mind your own affairs. You are a despot, and NOT welcome here in this country. You should be run out of this country on a rail tar and feathered!
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#159 Consumer Comment

response to photos

AUTHOR: thoughti''dhearditall - (United Kingdom)

I SAW the photos and i laughed so hard i had to run to the bathroom as i thought i was going to pee myself! 

@Irish Miss, you still didn't answer my question as to why you couldn't see Melissa's obvious mental health issues? 
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#160 Consumer Comment

Oh dear...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Now she is going to post a photo of herself in her new christmas clothes and holding her books with the caption of "This is what Sucky looks like".  And if these are the same christmas clothes she claimed made her look like a firetruck red wide load we will be in for a treat!!!  Stay tuned Missy Fans I will be back to show you the LOL in all it's beautimous glory!
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#161 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)


I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. Carry on.
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#162 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

you are a Liar, an out right teller of false tales! I am here to stay! My friend has been just tha for over 15 years! She has the absolute right to have her own business her own life her own way of living! That is guarateed to her by the Constitution of the USA! Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I have not been around as I have been under the weather for 3 weeks dealing with a virus and bronchitis. I have not been spending much time on line. She is to be left alone, left to lie her life as she chooses. This is America not some midde eastern country or one ruled by some dictator as you appear to be. Well go live some place where your kind is welcome. Leave me the HELL alone! If you have a problem with me bring it to my front door and quit hiding behind your d**n computer! You sir are NO gentleman! Why don't you go hide behind your mama's apron strings or behind her skirt. You are a wimp, a yellow bellied coward. You talk a good story and make othes believe your trash and drivel. You are the scum of the earth,a snake, a wolf who prowls around looking fo someone to devour. You sir are a sniveling driveling little weasel!!! Proves that you have nothing better to do than to make others believe your SH*T! Com face me or stop your BS! You are a devil and a no good for nothing sniveling little screwed up in your head ignoramous!!!
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#163 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Indeed I think you're right...She thrives on the drama..and she looks for it...Those *Friends* on her FB page are there for one reason and one reason only, entertainment...She entertains them with her fantasies...You know as well as I do they don't believe anything she says...That's obvious to see since not many respond to her posts...But then if you aren't holding your mouth right(remember she's psychic) when you post something she un-friends you and then says it was because you were hassling her about her book or her business...And again your right about her being kin to every famous person that walked the earth at one time or another including those still alive...The only reason she is kin to Emilio is because he played Billy The Kid(You know the one she sleeps with every night and has been pregnant  numerous times by) in Young Guns.. She has no Native American blood running through her veins...But if it makes her feel better to say that then more power to her...She can be kin to anyone she want's to be as long as she doesn't lay claim to any of my ancestors and I do have quit a few famous one's in my tree..And again I will say she is dangerous specially if she really has guns...The only one she's ever posted as being her's is one she claims as being one of BTK's pistols. Do I believe that no...She needs to watch her step as to who's name and personal information she throws out there...She's threading on dangerous ground where some of them are concerned...So, stay tuned folks, I'm sure there's more to come concerning Missy...
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#164 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

 She's related to anyone that is famous. Just the other day, i read where she claims to be related to Kit Carson. LOL He's a "cousin"!  Every single person that she or someone else mentions- she is related to. LOL! I had to laugh. And of course, because she's related to  Emilio Estavez he would do her radio show.

Looks to me like she doesnt like herself very well & lives in a deep fantasy land to escape it. She thinks everyone is going to be impressed with her lies & fantasies and instead has had the opposite affect because it's so blatant it's obvious.
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#165 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: My Word is Bond - (United States of America)

Much of what is being said here is true. Melissa is a habitual offender. When the pressure is off she goes around looking for people to irritate. If she can't find anyone she makes up some wild story based on people she's disagreed with in the past. In her fantasy prone mind, anyone who has ever said "boo" to her has repeatedly ruined her life and threatened her cat, which is a high crime I hear-tell. 

Melissa has always screamed for attention all the while saying that she doesn't want attention and she wishes to be left alone. It's a confusing mix, like one person said it resembles some performance art piece.  I can say with some assurance that Melissa Bryan is the real deal and what you see here is her heart and soul. 
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#166 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Irish Miss doesn't live next door to Missy...She lives in WY...Sometimes they are cousins and sometimes best friends take your pick. But then again Missy is kin to everybody and his brother uncle sister aunt grand parents and on and on all the way back to Jesus whom she refers to and again sometimes her cousin and sometimes her uncle and God which she refer's to as dad...Apparently she has some major screws missing. Irish Miss is also the one that copies and then pastes what's said her and sends them to Missy which in turn sends Missy into a rage...Irish Miss, you need to stop upsetting Missy like that... 
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#167 Consumer Comment

Artisan... HA

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

To be a TRUE Artisan one must create something, anything, from absolute scratch.  A painting, a sculpture, jewelry, etc.  Being an Artisan does not entail using store bought cake mixes to make cupcakes and decorating them with store bought decorations.  Being an Artisan does not entail making "homemade" syrups out of Caro Syrup from the store.  Being an Artisan does not entail using Soda Stream to make a pop and try to sell it to unsuspecting clients.  Being an Artisan does not entail selling things that were manufactured by Vista Print.  Being an Artisan does not entail stealing recipes from Food Network and changing one ingredient and then claiming the recipe as your own and putting them in a COOK book.
I hope this "lady" that is going to teach her things in return for her knowlege of the occult (Gasp, can't stop laughing at that one) becomes wise to her scam and realizes that she will be getting NOTHING in return for her efforts to try and teach this woman beading.  Other than being bellowed at when she can't learn how to bead and other than being accused of cheating or scamming her when in fact Missy will be the one who is cheating and scamming.
The real Artisan community will never accept someone like Missy who is trying to make a buck by using everyone else's ideas and materials.  They would laugh at her while shoving her out the door faster than her head can spin and faster than she can begin to call them all stalkers.
Please continue to keep us entertained with your harebrained ideas Missy.  Life would be oh so boring without this daily entertainment lol
OH and notice that she is no longer talking about divorce again.  Because she does not intend to divorce, she did not ever fight with her husband, and she won't leave him and he won't leave her because they both need each other to continue to USE each other.
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#168 Consumer Comment

Irish Miss

AUTHOR: thoughti''dhearditall - (United Kingdom)

Irish Miss, you have to be kidding right? You mean to say that you actually know this woman personally and you have not come to the conclusion that she has mental health issues? This woman is dangerous! To not only herself but to others! How come i live thousands of miles away and i can see this and you live right next door and you cant? You only have to read her daily facebook rants to work this out. I said it before and i'll say it again wow just wow!
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#169 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

It's the truth...There are maybe two that don't post here(that I know of) that make fun of her or troll her as you put it...They get bored with it and move on and when she figures that out she starts with them...No one stalks her no one ever has...Get her book then google her name...You'll find contradictions all through it..She states she was 3 months old when she was visiting some relatives in Italy yet on other message boards she posted she was 3 years old...She claims in the book that she was 11 when she was shot and the bullet magically turned into a paint ball...Yet again on various message boards she was with her husband riding in the truck when someone shot at her and it turned into a paint ball...Do I believe any one shot at her to start with No...There was no western board or paranormal board that she wasn't posting on. She has been banned for so many that I've lost count. She's harassed people on boards so much that they just shut down the boards...I know this as a fact because I was a member of the western boards and paranormal boards she was posting on. It's like moonflower said Missy thrives on attention any kind of attention and the drama she causes. Is she mental yes does she need help yes will she admit she is mental and needs help No...
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#170 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

It is indeed real. I have witnessed it all myself. Personally i think she is just loves the attention (yes, negative attention is better than none at all and a lot easier to get than positive attention). And, as you  can see, it works. LOL
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#171 General Comment


AUTHOR: buh - (United States of America)

Is this thread real? This... this thread can't be real.

This entire thing (including the, um, protagonist) has to be the work of, like, a comedy troupe, or some kind of elaborate performance art, or a fever dream I'm having, or something.

This can't actually be a years-old, hundred-thousand-word tome of an effort by several people/one person to alternately troll and defend what appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic gun-wielding Mexican gothic Mrs. Claus in the comments section of a consumer advocate website.

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#172 Consumer Suggestion

Seen it all Before

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Hubby is not leaving her. Don't fall for that old line. Every time Melissa has problems she throws Hubby under the bus and blames it all on him. He's her ticket out. "Oh woe is me! my marriage is breaking up! The drama! The pathos! Feel sorry for me! I'm going to be ALL ALONE!" 

Hubby couldn't get a date if he paid good money for it and he has no money. He's not going anywhere but back under the bus. Melissa has whatever her family gives her to stay away. Hubby delivers newspapers sometimes and drinks. Melissa creates problems on the internet and blames it all on Hubby. They ain't fooling anyone. 
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#173 Consumer Comment

Don't Hold Your Breath Though...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

She does that to make people think she has given up her scams and then she goes right back at it using another name, another incarnation etc.
She is now claiming her husband demands she shut down her radio show and then turns around and says she was "let go" when we all know let go means "fired".
Maybe if her hubby can actually get the upper hand on her and be more of a man he can get her the help she needs so she can stop all of these delusions and be a productive member of society and get a real job!
I guess we can always hope.
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#174 General Comment

See what i mean?

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

LOL! See what i mean? She's yet closing her website- again.
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#175 Consumer Comment

The REAL reason she is no longer doing radio...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I heard from a reliable source that poor put upon Connie the publicist was insulted and offended when Missy said she was going to hire a "real" publicist upon having more money.  Connie and the engineers who helped produce Missy's really crappy radio show actually FIRED her from it because no one was listening, no one was willing to advertise and the final straw was how they were all treated like idiots and Peons by Missy.  So her "last" radio show I am sure will be made to bash all those imaginary stalkers and then she will flip her nipple and begin giving out death threats.
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#176 General Comment

Her websites

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

One reason why she cant run a successful website is because she blocks everyone and then deletes it and makes a new one. She's done that several times.
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#177 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

LOL! Scared Neighbor, Your a good writer. Love reading your posts.  You must do that for a living (or should).
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#178 Consumer Comment

Another day another scam again...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Now she is claiming for the 10,000th time that she is going to divorce because of all of these problems.  Um could it be because Dan is tired of being shoved under the bus for her Cactus Flats debacle?
No website either because she can't rub two quarters together.  Awww we suppose that is all our fault too.  Nope it is because she won't get a real job.
Outlaw Life Enterprises is a dead duck.  Nobody buys it as a new "fresh" look, everyone can see it is Senora C and Cactus Flats re-packaged and she can't even get a website off the ground.
Poor Connie the Publicist too.  Now Melissa admitted Connie was fake and she was going to get a "real" one as soon as she can pay for one. HA
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#179 Consumer Comment

The Point Being...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Is that Irish Miss/Coleslaw/Missy is perpetuating the myth that Missy is innocent in all of this.  The point being is that Missy is/was the brain behind the scam known as Cactus Flats.  The point being is she can throw hubby Dan under the bus all she wants but she is the one who sits and scams about how she can make a buck on holidays and any other occasion she may be invited out to something fun instead of actually being a HUMAN and going out and enjoying an evening out, or the fireworks on the fourth of july, or enjoy helping the children of her community with a fundraiser.  Instead of behaving as a normal, rational human in a normal rural community would, she instead tries to scheme and scam everybody at every possible opportunity no matter what.

If she would relax and be a normal rational human, she could enjoy the simple things she says she is robbed of.  Instead she wants to re-package Senora C into Outlaw Life Enterprises, selling the same slop, the same plastic throw aways and the same scams to the same people who have rejected her over and over and over.

The point being is our small rural community depends on tourism and people's perception of our community as a place that is safe to come to, fun to be in and has wholesome and fun activities to participate in.  When this bellowing overbearing person constantly tries to shove inedible baked items and cheap trinkets made of plastic with her face on them and when people nicely decline the opportunity chases them down the sidwalks or yells at them that they are stalkers and she is getting her gun, it kind of detracts from the quaint community feeling.  More and more we are seeing our tourist numbers decline and more and more we cannot make money in our small businesses because this woman chases all and any would be customers from our hamlet.

She has now created a really crappy video to add to her already too many to count crappy videos and thinks some how that is going to entice people to buy her asbeforementioned crappy items.   I am sure her new website of the re-packaged Senora C scam will be just as limited and crappy as her horrible attempts at writing a book.

I also wonder what happened to poor Connie her publicist?  Did she run for the hills when she realized Missy was not planning to pay her?  Or perhaps she didn't escape quick enough when Missy got a craving for some chicken legs and invisioned poor Connie as a Rhode Island Red?  Because if she truly had a publicist, shouldn't that publicist be asking Emilio Estevez to promote this woman's crappy attempt at books?  If you have a publicist they are usually the ones who make posts on facebook and on twitter not the actual "celebrity".

AND once again the peanut gallery was correct.  No lawyer is going to touch Missy's "case" because Missy does not have a case except for maybe a case of the narcissistic paranoid schitzo that we all know she already is.  No lawyer who is a real lawyer would ever take on a case of lies, scams and down right slanderous accusations that are simply a figment of this woman's imagination.  If you can't pay you can't play Missy dear.
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#180 Consumer Suggestion

We need to think about this

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Some of you , Coleen especially needs to understand an important FACT. People who do acts of senseless violence usually give clear warning signs. There is plenty of information on violent people and there is one or two constants on how they behave. Here is an illustration by Dr. Dennis Davis who is described as a leading expert on the subject of workplace violence.

"One sign is often from a person making verbal threats. If you witness or hear about threatening language or behavior, this is a strong warning sign. If you hear expressions like I dont get mad, I get even, Im going to take your head off, Do you want to see your next birthday? these are serious signs. We tend to ignore this behavior in society, but we should take these threats very seriously."

Another red flag is contempt for authority. Ms Davis says that ANY threat of violence should be taken seriously. Each time Melissa Bryan threatens to hurt someone or threatens to kill herself, she should be treated a someone who has already done the act. Not apologized for! It's more than obvious that Melissa Bryan is unable to approach her problems rationally and she badly needs intervention. I hope that someone close to her can give her some good advice to get the help she so badly needs. 

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#181 Consumer Suggestion

Irish Miss

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

you order people to stop insisting that Melissa is something that she is not.  Ok.  My turn.  PAY ATTENTION:

 - Melissa posts that she is going to kill people for talking about her.

 - People discuss how Melissa posts that she is going to kill people, and how murder is wrong, illegal, and how making statements like Melissa does is not only irresponsible, but reckless if read by the wrong people.

 - Melissa posts names and locations of the people she mistakenly blames for those discussions, and refers to the discussions as attacks, and vows to murder those people while bragging about her unregistered firearms which she possesses.

 - People discuss her irresponsible murder threats, the bad influence she may have on children, and how inappropriate it would be to allow her to host ANY holiday festivities due to her threats and recklessness toward children.

 - Melissa threatens to kill herself after she kills every other person who has the audacity to mention her name or any of her past threats, scams, possession of unregistered firearms, etc.

You are a blind idiot to the problems at hand, Coleslaw.  Quit turning a blind eye to the threats and risk that Melissa poses to society and help DISARM her before she hurts someone and GET MELISSA THE HELP THAT SHE NEEDS.

I am beginning to understand why Melissa has had so many problems for so many years with so many people.  She fails to recognize that the ONLY common factor in ALL of her life's problems is HER.  Melissa is the ONLY one to blame for all of her problems, tantrums, break downs, and difficulties.  If she wants people to stop standing up to her, then she needs to shut her big mouth and get some serious psychological help NOW.  NOT later.  NOT tomorrow.  NOW.

It is amazing.  If you read through this entire thread and pay attention to who says what, you can actually tell when Coleslaw is going to pipe up for her dear friend.  Good job Coleslaw.  So predictable.  Now shut up while the adults brainstorm about how to save society from another loose cannon who seems to think that some conversation on the internet warrants DEATH and MURDER.
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#182 Consumer Suggestion

Live and Let Live

AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

come on people grow up and get on with your pitiful lives. Let this lady live herlife, Quit throwing the past up in her face, let her live her dreams of having a business, pay her own way and quit trying to make her out to be someone that she is NOT. She is always cleansing her kitchen from top to bottom, scrubbing her couter tops, hand srubbing her floors, so she has a cat her cat has her own kitty tower she sleeps on, or the couch,or bed or her favorite dinette chair. For those of you who are cat Haters which you seem to be to each his own. Perhaps you were denied a pet as a samll child. For pete's sake do your own thing. Let her live her life as this is the Land of the Free. She can d**n well do whatever she wants. She has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. d**n it you have been yammering at her and hammering about her over things she has had NO control over. So they made mistakes in the past, STOP this bull s**t. Let it drop here and now. When she talks to this attorney (initial consulation free) I am also going in with her on this suit due to the phone harassment, calls that have been placed to my phone and then hangs up when I answer also people stopping in front of my home and taking photos with either a camera or camera phone w/o my knowledge, cconsent or permission, I have spoke to the Sheriff's Office and if they are NOT someone from the Co Assessor's Office, Real estate (Not selling our home) or other they have NO right to do so and NO business doing so. I am going to get license plate #'s and vehicle descriptions. I am scared for my safety and for my peace of mind.  
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#183 Consumer Suggestion

moon flower

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

No apology needed, and I didn't mean to single you out. I am just amazed at the poking that goes on about her consumer-less scams and fraud while she says I'm gonna/somebody please kill these people by name and state.

She's an unbelievable and harmless threat-spewer-outer. She seems to always spew these threats, but never leaves the safety of her own home. She names names and gives out intended victims' locations, insists that she is armed and skilled enough to kill, insists that somehow she has some unseen right to commit murder, but she doesn't come out from behind her keyboard long enough to actually do it.

How long before some kid reads her crap and says, "you know what? I have a right too! Then goes out and shoots a bunch of people in their high school or their college or their parents employer? What if one of those killers who have done exactly that read MELISSA'S Facebook status and DID EXACTLY THAT?


Only after she learns to control her emotions and quit posting her murder and suicide threats should she be allowed to possess firearms. Then, maybe, we can discuss letting her cook for her community or be allowed around their children. Only then.

Until then, shut her up, take her weapons, keep her under surveillance, and pray that no young impressionable minds have been exposed to her violent and disgusting ideas.

As far as her being a liar and a fraud goes, someone can easily put her in her place by filing in small claims court then posting their court documents online for all to see, just like the State of Arizona did with her and her husband's scams from when they lived there.

And don't even ask me to post links. They are available online for people to seek out and read. If I post them, she and her husband will probably harass me like she always does (see the page you are reading). Google their full names, the name of the state, and the word "court document.". Then read it and make your own decision. And NO I do not know if the umteen failure-to-appear entries constitute a further legal battle for them.

Happy reading
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#184 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

LOL! Well said. Yeah, i deserved that & upon thinking about it, i became ashamed of myself. I really did.  I want to make an apology to Melissa. Please forgive me.

you are correct in your post & i agree 100 percent.

 Good post!
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#185 Consumer Comment

Another Day Another Scam...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Now, according to her own words, she is planning on wasting the time of an attorney today at 3pm. She has no means of paying for this said lawyer and the only real consolation the alleged lawyer will have is the laugh he is going to get if she tries to claim these stalkers are after her because she refuses their sexual advances and/or their desire to put her to work as a prostitute.  I really would like to be a fly on the wall when she tries to sell him that line because one look at her and he will know she is either  crazy or overly self-important or BOTH.
An a related note she wants to hire a videographer to make a video about the stalkers to release to news media.  A videographer also requires payment in US Dollars and not fantasyland dollars and I am very sure they will not be accepting payment in her crappy books or baked items.  So again she is yammering out her a*s.
Meanwhile, back at the trailerhouse, she has thrown her hubby Dan under the bus again claiming that Cactus Flats was all his idea and he forced her into it.  I just hope that the lawyer she is trying to scam will Google Dan and Missy and see all of their shenanigans and throw them out of his office laughing as aforementioned lol
Either way, these two outlandish claims that were posted today just continue to show that she has no concept of the fact that she has said up and down the net she lives on a fixed income from her family trust that is running out and that she cannot even barely afford underwear for Christmas so why she expects anyone to believe she can afford an attorney or a videographer or to pay the bag boy at the store to carry her twinkies  is beyond us.
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#186 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

You people are unbelievable. Moon Flower is splitting hairs over whether or not Melissa Bryan specifically threatened the President of the United States, while everyone else joins in and openly discusses Melissa's mental condition and criminal threats. Unreal.

If her sodas and cakes are from store-purchased mixes and kits, then shame on her for the fraud of trying to pass them off as home made. But who cares. From what I read, nobody buys her crap anyways. Why would anyone expect that to change? It looks like people have been calling her out for being a fraud for years. While she explodes at the insinuation, she doesn't change her ways or methods at all. Seriously, if you don't want to do business with a big mouthed threatening fake psychic wannabe fraud and liar, then don't. Judging by her posts, it doesn't look like ANYONE wants to do business or associate themselves with Melissa. All except for her psychic FAKE online radio station, and I think that it speaks volumes for A1R and the psychic community.

A fraud is a fraud is a fraud.

She has continually threatened to kill people. She even recently posted a list of names on her Facebook status (you have to be on her friends list to see it). Why? Is she trying to get other people to act out in lawless vigilance for her? The alleged "threat" to the potus was a repost or share of one of those witty photos that people share when they are too unintelligent or lazy to come up with their own ideas. OK. So what? She's an idiot. I got that before I even read one of her rebuttals here. At least EVERYONE knows just how fake she is!

The biggest crisis here is that she is mentally unstable and continues to post threat after threat, even going as far as stating names and state of residence. How long before she posts addresses with photos and starts begging other idiots to kill for her?

If I was you, I'd quit talking about her here and contact her local police and social services and get that threat removed. Permanently. Get her arrested and locked up for her statements. She sets a bad example for kids.

P.S. With her mentality, she shouldn't be throwing Emilio Esteves' name around. She should be associating her scams with his brother. He's more her degree of reality.
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#187 General Comment

Not the first time

AUTHOR: Only Me - (United States of America)

If she stiffs Emilio Estevez, it won't be the first time she's screwed her employees. Remember Cactus Flats!
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#188 General Comment

Not the first time

AUTHOR: Only Me - (United States of America)

If she stiffs Emilio Estevez, it won't be the first time she's screwed her employees. Remember Cactus Flats!
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#189 General Comment

Emilio Estevez

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Doesnt she realize he would charge a fee to be on her show (even if he considers it)? Im thinking she will not be able to afford to pay Emilio Estevez! LOL
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#190 Consumer Comment

One More... One more report....

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Now she is claiming that she can demand anyone do anything she chooses of them and nobody has a choice. And that Emilio Estevez will buy her books and promote them because they are supposedly related some in her twisted little mind. Time could and would be better spent looking in the want ads for a real job instead of trying to scam people and threaten celebrities to do her dirty work.

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#191 Consumer Comment

Happy New Year!!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Oops I guess Missy just broke her first resolution of the year... Outlaw Life Enterprises IS just a re-packaging of Senor C and all of Missy's scams are under that umbrella now.  Maybe we should make a new ripoff report just for that business name so no one falls for her scamming ways.
2013 is just going to be the same continuation of 2012 for Missy because she refuses to change, refuses to see reality and refuses to stop trying to scam people and get a real job.
FYI making soda from a soda stream machine using soda stream ingredients is not homemade soda.  And she should not try to sell said homemade soda to people when she is misrepresenting what it is.
Nobody is going to buy your homemade goods, your books or anything else you try to sell online or in person because you have no skill in selling.  You demand that people buy things, you demand that people respect you and it does not work that way.  You need a much "nicer" manner, a much quieter presence and a much softer approach to get anything from anybody.
No one wants this woman representing our town, our county, our state or our country anywhere. She is the whacko from Seco and we can't live down her reputation.
Her radio show is nothing but a laughingstock.  She never has anyone call in or ask her questions because they fear she will some how manage to charge them for it. Tune in to the next show, I know we will be to make sure she doesn't say anything about our poor little town.
And Moonflower, you must be blind.  Her post against the president is right there on her page on a picture of some meme of a woman saying she wants to shove something up his a*s.  Go look, really look and then come back. Unless you don't possess the fine art of actually knowing how to read and then comprehend what you have read.
And Emilio Estevez wants nothing to do with any of her books LOL
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#192 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

I guess i feel like i do because i too, suffer from a mental illness. It's just that i know better than to post my rants & thoughts online.
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#193 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Perhaps i dont possess the talent for the fine art of stalking like you do, but nowhere can i find any threat to the POTUS. Provide a link, please.
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#194 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

I have read her FB and have gone back for months and have found nothing of what you say.
Now, that being said, I agree with the poster for Norwich UK. She does act like she has narcissistic personality disorder. And if one believes the things she says she sees and the fact that she thinks people are after her that she could be a paranoid schizophrenic. BUT, that does NOT give anyone the right to go about cutting her down on the web like this. SHe needs help and friendship not someone smearing her reputation any worse than what she has done to herself.
I agree, she is quite pretentious and seems to be whatever she deems appropriate for what is going on. (ie- psychic., married to Billy the kid in another life, (wishful thinking- no such thing as reincarnation), being related to about 10 confederate generals, (she thinks she's southern when it suits her -she's from California- and then, she's related to Native American medicine men from out west, which is where she gets her psychic powers from) Obviously, all of that is impossible.  THere's no doubt she lives in a deep, deep fantasy world. Im not denying that.
But it still doesnt give anyone the right to get online and bring her down even further. Do you think that's going to be helpful to her mental health?  SHe needs a friend and understanding.
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#195 Consumer Comment

Really Moonflower?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

How's about you take your head out of missy's butt long enough to read the internet.  Maybe you just happened to miss that post among all of the other hundreds of pictures she posts on her profile page every day.  Or maybe it was all the tedious and boring updates that she posts that blinded you to the truth of what she said.  I mean you can only read so many "I got up from the couch",  "I did the dishes",  "we ate supper",  "the cat stinks and needs a diaper" posts before you go bored and blind.
Now she thinks that she can do beading work when she has repeatedly claimed she is going blind.  Beading work takes a lot of time and patience and to be able to see SMALL detail.  So which is it Missy?  Are you going blind (for sympathy) or are you going to learn how to bead?
SO Moonflower, Missy, Coleslaw or whatever name you want to use now, if you were to be impartial and actually read her page you would see the stupid picture she posted along with a threat to our President like the stupid doofus she is.
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#196 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: thoughti''dhearditall - (United Kingdom)

Forgive me if i'm not doing this right but i am new to this site. I am "lucky" enough to have had contact with Melissa Bryan, albeit from a very big distance. Upon reading some of her comments on various websites i guessed this woman suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder. It didn't take much to work that out. I have literally just read this whole report! Every single comment! It has taken me a total of 6 hours to read! I know you must think me crazy but once i started reading i was intrigued to read more.

All i can think of saying is wow! I personally know somebody with narcissistic personality disorder and i thought he was bad, but what he says and does is nothing in comparison to this! I am so glad i live in another country. I seriously wouldn't want this woman anywhere near my children. I guess now i will be subject to her threats. 
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#197 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

 There is no threat to Obama on her FB.
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#198 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Scared Neighbor~ I do believe your statements are a little hyperbolic. Quit being such a hater & put a little love in your heart. Happy New Year.
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#199 Consumer Comment

Sad, very sad

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I was able to hear the repeat of her radio show for this week and all she did was bash people of her town, bash people who are allegedly stalking her and bash people who won't buy her pathetic and limited books.  If she thinks she is going to win "fans" and have more people listen to her drivel it won't be by insulting all the people she is trying to get to listen and/or spend money for her crap.
On a related note, she has been pushing some new business model, which is just the same old Senora C scam repackaged in a new name.  At least the new name Outlaw Life Enterprises fits what she does: SCAM AND LIE.
On another related note she has begun to spam everyone and their dogs about her radio show, awful books and really bad calendars with her face on them and got banned from friending people on facebook because of this and now she is using the foulest of language to insult facebook like that is going to make anybody want to help her with her problem.
And finally, she put a threat on facebook against our President of the United States and I hope that the secret service pays her a visit because everyone knows she has two unlicensed and unregistered firearms at the ready and if she thinks making threats online is going to be taken lightly she is very wrong.  Someone needs to report her, yet again, to her local sheriff and to other authorities like homeland security because she is going to flip her nipples and go off and shoot innocent people.
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#200 General Comment


AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

Re your not being able to hear the repeat: I had the same problem yesterday; tried again 1/2 hour later and it worked.  My guess is  that too many people were trying to listen. Go figure!  If you haven't already, you could try it again.  The producers cleaned up the initial 5 minutes where she was trying to get 'Santa' on line. Still thought it lame.
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#201 General Comment

To Anonymous

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate your help. But after the first minute or so the sound disappears. So i wasnt able to hear it. And yes, i checked all volume controls.
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#202 General Comment

Hey Moonflower

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

Here's the site address for her program:     Go halfway down the page and turn off the active radio.  Go down the page a little and you'll see a scroll list of names.  Scroll until you see her name and click it.  You will see last week's program and this week's which you can click on and hear.  Happy Hunting!
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#203 Consumer Suggestion

Really Moonflower?

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

It's 2012, and you can't find Melissa Bryan's Psychic Radio Show?  Here:
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#204 General Comment

To Anonymous

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Can you please provide the link for this radio show? Thank you.
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#205 General Comment

Arroyo Seco should Sue!

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

I've just listened to her radio show and I am incensed on behalf of the citizens of Arroyo Seco.  She badmouthed the whole town and specifically the city officials.  She said that people had vilified Senora C for no good reason. She told her lie about the fundraising event she upset by her antics and claimed that she was treated horribly for no reason but that she was Senora C.  I think the the people of Arroyo Seco should have a class action for Slander against her.  Someone in authority should let that A1R station know they can't allow her to slander people.  And in my opinion the 'interview of Santa' was a lame as it could be!  I hope that all of you good citizens have a great Christmas and she keeps hidden away in her house as she claims she will be.
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#206 Consumer Comment

This is SWEET!

AUTHOR: MA Advocate - (United States of America)

A friend  told me about this, I thought they were joking. Its no joke! She's a rootin-tootin foul mouthed
cowboy psycho Christmas elf!  You can't make s**t like this up. I thank whoever wrote the original report from the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU! I haven't laughed so hard in weeks!  
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#207 Consumer Comment

How shall we spell fool?

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

After the tragic events in Newtown CT last week, you would think people like Melissa Bryan would lay low and stop foaming at the mouth like a deranged gorilla. Making public death threats should NEVER be ignored, but no. This lady and I use that term loosely insists on screaming and making threats against people whom she has never met and promising DEATH to whomever opposes her. Not that anyone would oppose her. It seems to me that she makes her own problems, from her appalling antics at the fund raiser the other night to the ugly crap she puts in the front yard of that cheap rental she nests in. I truly feel afraid for her poor kitty, destined to be buried in mounds of Halloween decorations and holiday junk, like a bad episode of Hoarders. 
A reasonable person would imagine that shed give it a rest for a while, give her neighbors in Seco a respite from all of the screaming and carrying on.  It is not to be. here is her answer in her own words. 




We have a quiet community here, nestled in the gorgeous mountains; we get a lot of skiers through this time of years who only want a relaxing vacation amid the startling beauty of nature. Its too bad we often have this vision of Senora C Melissa Bryan of whomever she is today screaming at people to stay the f*&# away but come and look at the blowup holiday stuff that looks like it was bought second hand at the Salvation Army. There, nestled among no-trespassing signs she offers her version of holiday cheer, a loaded gun and threats to kill. We dont need people like this around here. She needs to pack up and go back to the land of fruits and nuts whence she came. 
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#208 Consumer Suggestion

Hold on a second!

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I was bored, so I started reading this crazy person's Facebook page. I have a couple questions.

She states that she is going to dedicate some radio show to telling the world about "a$$ hole" and everything that is going on. She has no idea who I am. I don't doubt that she's clueless on the identities of a lot of people, especially since she seems to agitate nearly everyone with whom she comes in contact. Yet she openly states repeatedly that she's going to kill and murder anyone who mentions her name.

Does the manager of the radio station have any idea the message that she intends to broadcast? Does ANYONE think that her statements (to murder and kill people she doesn't even know) is at all appropriate so soon after the massacre in Connecticut? Worst of all, what if there was a connection between the shooter and Mrs. Bryan? Could that murderer have read Mrs. Bryan's posts and in an insane fog, interpreted her message as an endorsement for what he did?

People like Melissa Bryan should be totally ashamed of themselves for publicly advocating violent crime like this. If she cannot handle her emotions and continues to post about how she is going to kill everyone, WHY DOES SHE STILL POSSESS FIREARMS?

I read on this page that the Taos County Sheriff was warned about her death threats, yet they did NOTHING to eliminate any risk. Sheriff Romero should be ashamed of himself for ignoring the threat that she poses, especially now that she is lashing out at her own community.

And God Bless RipoffReport for keeping these pages and posts here FOREVER. After she does massacre people, the proof of her insanity and aggression will be here for people to hold against the officials who ignored Mrs. Bryan's threats and let her keep her guns.

I guess all one can hope for is that she somehow ends up disabled enough that she couldn't use her guns if hhe wanted to.
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#209 General Comment

How Sad

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

How sad for the children who should be the sole focus of the event, that she should have such a negative, self centered attitude and lie about the success of the fund raiser.  I have read some of the letters to Santa sent to the Taos News and if it were possible I would be buying the Propane that one child needed to keep warm this winter.  I wanted to give this woman some benefit of the doubt, that maybe she has gained some insight into what it means to be a productive member of the community, but sadly that has gone like the smoke from her chimney.  I hope the Arroyo Seco community can continue to support your good works without the bother of selfish people like her.
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#210 Consumer Comment

Setting the record straight...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Ms. Bryan has stated on her facebook page that she was made to feel unwelcome and was chased away by people's attitude.  The opposite is true.  She was welcomed in to the community fundraiser with open arms and a lot of thank yous for the baked goods she brought in.  Only about half  of her baked goods were deemed "safe" to place on the food table as some of them looked as though they had been dropped and had some sort of dirt or dust particles on them.
She then went about the room telling people how they should present things, how the evening should proceed and what she would be doing as if she was in charge of the whole affair.  After a short while there was food available for sale to the couple of hundred people in attendance and she demanded that she be given her fill of the food that was available because of the amount of baked goods she provided.   When she was informed that the food was for sale and the concession stand money was also going to go to the fundraising event for the children she became belligerant and started accusing people of staring at her, of talking about her behind her back and making fun of what she looked like.
She claims on her facebook that the baked items she brought in were worth over $200.  When in fact they were most likely made from the 79 cake mixes that are readily available in town and the $1.29 frostings.  At the most she spent about $10 putting those sad little cupcakes together.
She did leave once no one was going to cater to her as if she was a celebrity.  She shouted that she was in the movies, she had her own radio show and she didn't need this stupid little town. 
Once she did leave, the rest of the community was able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of the evening, and a lot of money was raised for the children of our community.  Our event was a success despite her efforts to ruin it with her tirade and embarrassing behavior.
Now she is saying she is going to charge for any and every service she may provide.  Well the community has news for her.  No one here wants any of the services that she offers and frankly we are all afraid that she will snap and become the next mass shooter.   There would be no brighter day for us than the day she chooses to move away from us and put many miles between us and her presence.
For the record, no one made fun of her appearance, no one made note of her angry and harsh attitude and no one talked about her behind her back.  We all of course discussed how uncomfortable she makes everyone and how she sucks the fun and festivity out of a room when she appears, but we had done that AFTER she finally left.
If she does actually get her drivel placed in the newspaper you can believe there will be up to 50 rebuttals printed in the newspaper that will tell the TRUTH of what happened at the fundraiser.
Ms. Bryan is nothing but a loud, belligerant, attention seeking and rude person and her behavior at our fundraiser that was supposed to help the children of our community just goes to show that this ripoff report is all the truth and she needs to just admit it and get past this stupid Christmas Character she keeps trying to shove down people's throat.  Because to be honest, no one wants their children near such a rude, crass and downright horrible person when they are supposedly trying to spread Christmas cheer.
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#211 General Comment

Not So Bad

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

Her radio segment was not so bad.  She came across as a little nervous,  but was able to outline her plans for the next year.  I am reserving judgement until she has had more broadcasts under her belt.
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#212 Consumer Comment

It just gets worse and worse

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I was planning on tuning in to her show.  But if she thinks she can charge people $10 a minute just to listen to a psycho babble of crap she has another thing coming.  Not to mention that her speech is impaired by whatever that white thing is on the roof of her mouth, that you can plainly see in her introduction video.  Is this radio or video or what because if people can actually SEE this woman while she is ranting and raving she will not have any listeners/viewers LOL
We all still plan to tune in to the show tomorrow just so we can have a laugh or 1000 though.  So we will be back to report after the show!
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#213 Consumer Comment

There's nothing she can do....

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

to anyone for posting anything she's put out there.....She lives in her own fantasy world. As for charging $10.00 you have to be kidding! My pet rock is more physic than she is and it doesn't charge anything.....As for her book, I've read some of it (no, I didn't buy it)and I can say  that it's pretty much a lot of BS in there...She went from 3 years old falling down some marble steps to 6 months old...It's magic huh...I have a friend who has been picking the book apart and comparing it to old posts she's made on the bazillion boards she's posted on throughout the years...And her "Cooking" book? Google some of the recipes...You'll be surprised at what you find...

Oh! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!
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#214 Consumer Comment

Consumer Beware

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Canada)

The fol lowing advice is an excerpt from a site that has info on Psychics and their charges.

"Those seeking psychic readings should absolutely avoid anyone promoting per minute psychic fees. Fees (often just $25 to $45 per hour) are charged by paranormal professionals who are more accurate than per minute servicers. After more than 65,000 tests conducted since 2007 no paranormal participant was ever able to accurately conduct a psychic reading that scored above random chance (or simply story-telling) within a period less than 32 minutes. It is simply insufficient time to connect accurately --- and those who claim otherwise have repeatedly been shown as either frauds or delusional about their abilities and accuracy."
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#215 Consumer Comment

WOW really?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

$10 a minute?  Who does she think she is, Sylvia Browne?
And she is claiming to be "invited" to the Christmas fundraising event for our local Community Center.  A fundraiser to make money for the underprivileged children in our area to have worthwhile programs and activities in their lives.  And yet she plans on selling her whacked out wares and limited books at the event?  This is not a make money for yourself event it is for CHILDREN.  I guess she can't even turn the scamming off for an event for children.
I wonder if the event coordinator is aware that a half psychotic woman armed with unlicensed and unregistered firearms in her purse is planning to attend or if she was even invited to attend at all?
And on a sort of related note:  I thought she hired a publicist that would stop all of these rip off reports and complaints and what she calls "attacks".  What happened to poor Connie?  Maybe she found out there was not going to be a pay check forthcoming from ol' Missy and that there was really nothing to publicize in a half crocked fake lying WHITE woman who pretends to be native american and/or southern whichever one fits her agenda at the time.
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#216 Consumer Suggestion

An apology

AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I have to apologize for the report that I filed earlier today. Mrs. Bryan posted to her Facebook pages and profiles that she intends to kill me because I spoke my opinion on this matter. She says that I am fraudulently libeling her by mentioning things that she posted.

I thought that this website was specifically made to give consumers a place to speak freely to make other consumers aware of problems, scams, and peculiarities that could pose an unnecessary risk in the marketplace. In Mrs. Bryan's case this is NOT true. We do NOT have freedom of speech and unwary consumers MUST blindly trust her despite the threats to kill as well as her false (mistaken or lie, either way WRONG is WRONG) psychic premonitions.

I am not about to die at the hand of a charleton psychic just because I spoke my mind.

I can't wait until somebody sues her for being like this.

Goodbye consumers. Watch out for this one. Watch her Facebook for all you need to know!
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#217 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: bz007 - (United States of America)

I just read that she is going to charge $10 per minute to people who call her psychic radio show. Why would anyone pay to call in? And why would they pay more than an advertiser would pay to sponsor a REAL radio show? She says she's doing it to cover costs! How much does a headset cost in New Mexico? It is an amateur online psychic radio show for heaven's sake!

And isn't this the same dramatician whose psychic voices STILL tell her that the host of her first failed radio show attempt is DEAD, even though he still posts videos on YouTube?


Save your money and deal with REAL psychics. Not this self declared crap.
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#218 General Comment

What tha...?

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

30 dollars for a paperback with only 106 pages?? I wish her luck in the sales of this book. But for a paperback with only 106 pages that's a little pricey.
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#219 Consumer Comment

Made it through Halloween!

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Thank goodness with very little violence and only about 75 people made ill by cupcakes they got somewhere.  I did hear tell that Senora C was outside in her bare feet shooting off a pistol in the middle of the night though.  I hope she gets some help for her sleepwalking.

On a non-related note her long awaited book has arrived  and I have changed my mind and am endorsing this book for all to buy.  Especially those who have rat or mice problems.  It is now coming on winter time and all those rodents will be wanting to come inside.   Just set up a copy of that book anywhere within your home and the picture on the front will be sure to scare any animal, bug or even unwanted in-laws from visiting your home!!!

I hear tell she is also looking for a new photographer to do new photos when she gets her new dress made up.  I wonder if she is going to cheat the local tent maker out of the money for making such a large dress?   I also urge her to buy a couple of motion activated game cameras.  Those things are so rugged they would never be broken by the sight of her gnarled yellow teeth and her wonkey eye and her lovely goth make up  or she could just have one of her famous meltdowns in public and have the police take it with their mug shot cameras those things are sturdy too!!

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#220 General Comment

Give it a rest, let the nice lady go in peace

AUTHOR: LONGHAIR HIPPIE - (United States of America)

       From everything I have read in the above/below comments is this nice lady wants to move on with her life after being tragically stalked by some unsavory individuals who have a vendetta against her. If she wants to make her life happy converting a flat bed trailer or box van or refer. who the heck cares!!!! let her spend her money, time and life into making other peoples lives pleasant by making the adults as well as the childrens' happy through out the holiday season.

       From what I know and I personally dont know her is this...She in whatever fashion wants to celebrate the holiday season in whatever form she chooses. If she doesn't believe in Santa and Christmas who cares let her celebrate  in her own way. If I had stalkers coming after me and my family as a second amendment supporter I darn sure carry on me in and out of costume during and after the holiday season. Her right and my right to carry is our business and if you people dont have anything better to do try looking in the mirror and seeing how you act in front of others instead of trying to blame her for the collapse of the American economy, the stock market crashes and the world situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe you need a bit more of the Christmas spirit....AKA  LOOK AT JESUS' EXAMPLE OF THE HATRED TOWARDS HIM. IF YOUR BEYOND SIN THEN BY ALL MEANS STEP FORWARD AND CAST THE FIRST STONE. BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE SPECK OF SAWDUST IN THEIR EYE, LOOK AT THE PLANK IN YOUR OWN.
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#221 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Can you provide the link to the bully board?  Thank you.
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#222 General Comment

My Stars and Garters!!!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Colleen you're an idiot! How dare you blame innocent people for the train wreck she made out of her life all by herself...Have you even read the ridiculous crap she's posted on the new bully board? It's a good place for her though...There are some real loonie tunes there...She'll fit right in...As a matter of fact so will you!
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#223 Consumer Comment

Irish Miss aka COLLEEN

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

With all due respect for your diminished mental capacity I have to say that you are not not getting the point of this. 
YES everyone has the right to live a life, to pursue their happiness and to do what they want in the land of the free. 
But NO she does NOT have the right to scam little children out of $10 so they can walk through a very limited Halloween display, and be foisted upon to buy inedible frozen cookies and cupcakes that are prepared in a kitchen that is LESS than sanitary with a cat running all over the place unabated.  
She does NOT have the right to sit and scheme to scam money from tourists who are riding a holiday hay ride to enjoy the sites and sounds of our small community and possibly promote the community to these people so that they will want to stay in town and spend a little money at LEGITIMATE businesses. 
It does NOT give her the right to scam elderly people into buying her very inedible baked items off the internet and then demand they give her photos of them eating the mess so she can promote them on her website.
It does NOT mean that she can threaten to kill people or demand a FIGHT TO THE DEATH etc.
It definitely does not mean that she is allowed to root for a horrible and unavoidable hurricane to take out only TWO people when there are millions who are in its path and who will be affected for months to come.
It does not give her the right to scam people into coming to work at a ranch, working them hard and promising them pay and then NOT PAYING them.
There is something wrong with YOU that you cannot see that what she is doing and how she goes about even simple things is wrong!  The woman has not once heard of a fun community event and instead of going to said event and enjoying the fun atmosphere, turned it in to some sort of scam to make money off of it.  Not ONCE have we ever heard her say OH the 4th of July should be so fun to sit with friends, talk with people and enjoy the day.  NO instead she says OH the 4th of July!  That means I can charge people exhorbitant prices to park on my property and then when they are getting out of the vehicle I can bellow at them that they HAVE to buy my baked good and my questionable bottles of luke warm water.
You say let her alone.   Let her alone to try and scam every person that comes into our town?  I think not.  Let her alone to cuss and stomp and bellow in front of children who are impressionable and wonder who the scary elf is?  I think not.  Let her alone to scam more money from elderly people on the internet?  I think not.  And MOST of all let her alone to threaten violence and bodily harm to people?  NO!
Her supposed book is coming out on November 8th.  She supposedly has many copies already sold to people she has brow beaten into buying them so she will stop harassing them.  But when she puts up her links and people don't buy and maybe ONE book is sold (and that one to herself) then maybe she will get the message that NOBODY wants to buy a book full of grammar and spelling mistakes and fuzzy pictures.  and then IF people DO buy that book and then return it for poor quality and she has to foot the bill for the books that were printed MAYBE it will get it through her thick head that a REAL JOB where she gets paid every two weeks and she isn't responsible for the things she sells or the food is a good and responsible thing for her to do.
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#224 General Comment

Seco Native

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Well if the people there dont fall for it you have nothing to worry about then.
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#225 Consumer Comment

We are not stupid.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Coleen; you don't know what the people around here are like. We won't fall for some California nut and stalker and fraud sway us. She has no place among the good people of Seco. We all know her, she's embarrassed us before and unless she starts leaving people alone she will embarrass us and herself more. This hayride is for visitors of Seco to enjoy our hospitality and the cold weather. Not to get fleeced by this imposter from the land of fruits and nuts. Go away you Freako from Seco. Everyone knows you, stop trying to fool people and stop messing with folks. You lose forever and always. Go away and leave us in peace. 
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#226 General Comment

Ya know Scared neighbor

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

She's dumber than a stump isn't she? The good people of Taos aren't as stupid as she thinks they are... Should be  interesting to see what happens...
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#227 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

If you people long ago w3ould have jsut let her alone, just let her live her own life, make a living, pay her bills instead of putting her through a living hell. Just live and let live. Let her have her own life, let her have her own business, pay her bills, and for heavens sake just let things die. What would you do if people constantly put you down, tore down your efforts to make a living, pay your bills, and make a decent living in this world. Things are bad enough.

She has a right to be an entrepreneur running her own business and doing an honest days work. She has every right to do as she d**n well sees fit. She is a person, in this country she has the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Just back off of her. If it wasn't for your BS she would be allright, her life would get back on track. She could live a normal life. Let it go. Let her live her own life free of this crap you have put her through. This is enough! I am sending everything I have to the State Attorney General's office in the areas where I assuming you are all at and to the NM

State Attorney General's Office as well.
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#228 Consumer Comment

Immensely disappointed...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Sadly Missy has again ranted and raved and rooted on Hurricane Sandy, ignoring the fact that millions of innocent people are in it's path.  And then when one of her sensible friends told her that it was "unseemly" to say such a thing, instead of listening and realizing her mistake, she unfriended that person and continued to rant about how great the hurricane is taking out her enemy.  Problem is all her so called "enemies" are in her own head and after the hurricane is done they will still be there.
Then when she gets an opportunity to have something GOOD in her community, a Hay Ride at Christmas time to stop by an see her light display, instead of being happy about it, she sits down and schemes how she can scam them out of money.  She plans on hocking her COOK BOOK and other things instead of just welcoming her neighbors in and showing them hospitality in the Christmas Spirit.  OH NO they are just a dollar sign to her.  Lovely.  I hope the hay ride people get wind of what she has planned and she ends up preparing for the visitors only to see it go quickly by without stopping.  In fact being so close I may just have a word with the Hayride people myself!!
And for Colleen who will demand proof here it is in black and white from her facebook:
Melissa Bryan
11 hours ago via mobile
Melissa Bryan
10 hours ago via mobile
I just got News that the Community Center here in my Town wants to do a Christmas Holiday Hayride, our Lights will be one of the Stops!
YAY! I will provide Treats, Goodies and a House Tour.
Melissa Bryan Nothing is a done deal.
It will have to be Negotiated.
I will have my Cooking Book and my Photos for sale.
Melissa Bryan
10 hours ago via mobile
Now I have to plan BIG for Christmas Season!
IF the Negotiations between myself and the Community goes over correctly. I won't be doing this for free believe me.
Melissa Bryan
10 hours ago via mobile
Yes, those Hayriders will be just another Dollar Sign to me.
They won't even suspect it.
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#229 General Comment

Oh Please Colleen

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

What is your problem?? 

When she is left alone because the couple of trolls that do laugh at her have gotten bored with it she starts it again...SHE not them...And stop with the makes you look like a hypocrite....Nobody want's her life nobody want's her business nobody want's her family nobody want's her book as she call's it and NOBODY is jealous of her or anything she has...I find it interesting that she is bugging one of her friends about getting her hooked up with a anti bully board...Should be interesting to see what happens when she starts cussing and posting personal information about those that she insists are stalking her...Should be even more interesting when she copies and pastes all of her evidences...She has already been banned from one anti bully board for "GASP" being a BULLY!. Wonder how long it'll take with this one before she's banned....Now, go away and play with your little friends..And stop trying to defend someone who constantly starts drama.  She know's what's she's doing...
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#230 General Comment

Irish Miss~

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

This is exactly what ive been saying.
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#231 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

perhaps if you people just backed the hell away from her let her live her life and discontinue your stupidity she would be able to live a normal life. You do not realize the damage you have done to her personally, profesionally and to her psyche. She would be allright if you crud bums backed way the hell off.

Personally I think you are jealous as you can not stand to see someone else have a life. This is idiotic.

Personally you ought to be ashamed of yourselves that you caused someone personal heartach and almost drove her to suicide and bankruptcy. SHe has put her heart and soul into making herself wealthy becoming an entrepreneur. Working for herself and makming her own way in this world.

SLAVERY was abolished, you have no right to try to OWN another. My ancestors fought in the Civil War to abolish slavery for ALL not just some. Enough Said. She wants to be her own person, her own business owner and so she should. CASE CLOSED so drop your bull sh*t stupidity. Live your own lives. If I did not want someone on my Face Book page I would close it to you as well. HA!

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#232 General Comment

Scared Neighbor

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

OK, i didnt know she was on facebook. But, her FB is closed to me so i couldnt see what she posted.  I think she doesnt know alot about hurricanes. LOL
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#233 General Comment

Where Coleen?

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

She posted it on her FB page you idiot. Can you read? When questioned about it she blew the guy off...Hopefully, he figured her out when she did that...

How bout this Colleen...





Oh Is A** Hole himself going to get an October Surprise!
Even Mother Nature Is Tired Of His Crap!
Karma Is Coming For Him And His Friends, Called Hurricane Sandy!
And Ha Ha Ha!
I Am Getting The Last Laugh Now!

Reply from one of the friends..

Glad you're laughing. Your Nemesis is not the only one who lives on the East coast.

Her stupid reply...
I Mean It Too. Only For Those Who Are Up That Way That Made My Life H**l...
For Everyone Else, The Storm Can Let Them Be...

Same friends reply
Thats not how Hurricanes work;
A Lot of people in upstate New York are still hurting from last year's storms.

Another stupid reply from you BFF

I  Would Help Them In Heartbeat
It Is Buffalo NY And Beverly Ma That Need Direct Hits
No On Else Just Them...

Like no one else lives there...Right!

In the first place no one made her life hell. She did that all by herself...She has no one to blame but herself...She has no stalkers she never has she's the stalker. She has a couple of trolls that like laughing at her and when they do grow tired of that she goes right back for more Why? because she enjoys the drama and the attention she get's from it..
BTW, she's the one that threatens to kill herself she's the one that sends threatening letters emails and phone calls to employee's...She's the one that threatens to go to someones house to kill them and she's the one that has tried over and over to get someone to go and kill someone for her...How bout this Dizzy Colleen...You stop acting your shoe size and grow up. You're one sick person Colleen almost as sick as she is...Go get your head examined find out why you are the way you are and who knows, you may to actually be able to help her get the help she needs instead of running off at the mouth about how innocent she is...
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#234 Consumer Comment

It is all in black and white

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

on her facebook page and on her twitter.  She is rooting Hurricane Sandy on.  calling it Frankenstorm just like they do on the faux news.  Saying mother nature is after her tormenter whoever that is.  And one of her friends questioned why she was rooting on a storm that had already killed people and she said she isn't rooting the storm on to hurt anyone BUT her tormenter.  But meanwhile millions of people are in the path of that thing and she doesn't care as long as it gets the one person she is self serving to destroy even though this person has never met her in person or even knew who she was before she started naming names and put their personal information out there for the world to see and sicko psychos like herself to attack.

Before she deletes it and pretends she never said it here are a few examples:

Melissa Bryan about an hour ago via mobile  I got Ripoff Reported again over my Book.

Why doesn't A** Hole get OFF his Full of S**t A** and do some of the things that I am doing?!

Instead of Falsely Judging ME and making MY Life ALL ABOUT HIM?!


Melissa Bryan 5 hours ago  20,000,000,000 Fingers of Blame right back at a*s Hole and Frankenstorm will teach him a Lesson about Messing with ME!

Melissa Bryan5 hours agoATTACK #15 - TRUTHS OVERRIDING MORE LIES!












Melissa Bryan  Oh is a*s Hole himself going to get an October Surprise!

Even Mother Nature is tired of his Crap!

Karma is Coming for him and his friends, called Hurricane Sandy!


And HA HA HA!  I am getting Last Laugh Now!"


anonymous friend: Glad you're laughing. Your nemesis is not the only one who lives on the East Coast...Thursday at 7:21am


Melissa Bryan I mean it too. Only for those who are up that way that made my life Hell. Everyone else, the Storm can let them be.Thursday at 7:31am via mobile 


anonymous friend: That's not how hurricanes work; a lot of people in upstate NY are still hurting from last year's storm.


But nooooo MISSY doesn't give a flying crap for anyone up there as long as she gets her self serving wish that some person she THINKS is her stalker gets hit.  Really nice and not someone who anybody would want to buy a spiritual novel from.

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#235 General Comment

Scared Neighbor~Where did you read that?

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

Where did you read that Melissa thinks it's funny about hurricane Sandy? Where is your proof? No need to get mean and insulting. Just asking a question.
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#236 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

SHE is publishing her book, has Nothing to do with you you two bit jerk! Her book party will go as planned and will have a guest list and if you are NOT on ot you Do Not get in the Door! Let her be! Let her live her

life! She has Done Nothing to you! You are nothing more than a jealous idiot that does not know anything more than to harass someone wanting to pay her bills and live a life! Let it be! Let it go! Let her alone! Go to blazes! why don't you live your own life and let others live theiirs! Let well enough alone! You are a Bully nothing more nothing less. You are a school yard bully! a two year old spoiled brat! Grow up! Act your age not your shoe size! Get some religion in your life! Go to Church! Pray that you are forgiven!
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#237 Consumer Comment

What Kind Of Person Is This???

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Hurricane Sandy has killed over 50 people while coming across the bahamas and cuba and haiti and now it is bearing down on American soil and preparing to hit an area where millions of innocent people live.

And yet MISSY thinks it is just hilarious and wonderful that it is heading towards that area of the country.  There she is snug as a bug in her kitty hair covered rug and she thinks it is funny that millions of people are in danger.

What kind of person roots for the hurricane and thinks that it is cool to use the name Frankenstorm when millions of innocent people are in it's path? 

A Lying Scamming and heartless person that is what kind of person she is.
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#238 Consumer Comment

The Book Scam

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

She has supposedly written a book full of her "experiences with Spirit" and is planning to charge poor souls $20 a copy.  She also claims she has pre-sold 33 and has another 100 prepared to buy.  Doing simple math the pre-sold ones will cost her $660 when they are returned due to dissatisfaction with the writing, the grammar, the spelling and the faked and hokey pictures she has included in the book.  Add up the other 100 and that is over $2000 that she will have to be repaying Amazon for printing her crap pile of a book!!  Don't buy this book if you know what is good for you.  It is a scam.
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#239 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Missy is your Leader Colleen.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Missy is your leader, she is a stalker, a person who harasses people and makes false accusations and tries to disrupt the lives of others. She is nothing but a trouble-maker. A troll who lives to destroy other people because it make her feel important. That's all she is. Missy is a tiny person who can't find anything useful to do because her family supports her. She doesn't work because she makes trouble for people around her just like she does on line. You are defending a person who's only reality is trying to ruin the lives of other people, because she's already ruined her own life. Misery loves company. 

And you Colleen are following your leader. You are not only just like Missy, a troll and a stalker and a troublemaker. You are far worse because you are falling for Missy's crazy life. Shame on you! Go back under your rock Colleen before you ruin your own life. 
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#240 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

I am my own person, I don't follow who everyone else seems to be doing on this board. Some day you are all going to regret what you have done. If you have proof of any of the allegations you seem to fling

about so casually here prove it! post them here for all to see. It's bad enough you have destroyed her marriage, her home life, her wanting to do something she loves and wants to make it a career which is her God given right. If someone told you NO you can't do what you want, I won't allow it you'd stand up and say NO I do as I d**n well see fit, I do asd I d**n well please and to Hell with you! If someone destroyed your only means of income that you use to support yourself, your family you would wish that

you would have been left the hell alone. Leave her alone! If you have something constructive to say then by all means. I have talked to her local Sheriff's Dept. they have nothing against her, I have talked to her landlord and she has nothing against her doing what she loves to do as long as she does not create a problem for the neighbors or for anyone else. For crying out loud grow up and get a life! It's been long

enough. Let this whole matter drop. As for beinga Seco Neighbor you are not as you are either in NY/FL/MA/SD/CA/TX or other place in the US you are Not near where she lives as she has alot of information on each of you and I do too for that matter and am faxing it to her local sheriff's Dept. today

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#241 Consumer Comment

Thanks Colleen

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

You have single handed kept this dumb issue alive. I don't know if Missy understands what kind of a freind you really are. You are the kind of friend who dumps a bucket of ice water on somebody while they are snow-skiing. You are the kind of friend who filles somebodies care with piing-pong balls. You are NO friend of Missy! 

You go right on not being her friend. It's far more entertaining that way. Think of how boring it would be if Missy shut up and stoppled whining about mistakes she's made in her life and soldered on like a normal person. How boring would it be if you, Colleen ceased yelping about how innocent and wholesome Missy is. SHE IS A TROLL AND A STALKER! Missy is exactly what she accuses other people of being. You are defending a stalker, Colleen and a troll 

Keep going , we are laughing our assess off.
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#242 General Comment

Ooooooooh, Colleen, you so funny! Scary, too, of course. ;)

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

Seriously, thank you for the great laugh you just gave me--and I mean that.  As for how long you've known Missy, I can tell you've known her a hell of a lot longer than I have because I still have a firm grasp on both my sanity and sense of reality.

You're as good a psychic as Missy is, by golly!
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#243 General Comment

i have known her 15 years

AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

I Don't give a d**n what you think about her or me! You are no good! you are all cry babies because someone stood up to you and said NO I refuse to believe the same as you! Good for her! I am here to stay and if you don't like it TOUGH! too bad! go cry to mommy that someone is picking on you and she'll say so, what did you to do cause this problem? No one has to believe the same as you or anyone else that is why God made us each indivisuals with our own ability to think for our selves and not "follow the leader" as you seem to be doing. You are puppets with someone as the "Puppet" master. As long as he has you on his payroll that is all you will ever be! You are no good for anything but causing hate and discontent! You dredge up the past and keep this up for what reason? Does it make you feel good to know that you hate yourself so bad that you have to make others hate themselves as well? Well,do you?

You are ignorant to the truth, you let someone make you into mindless robots willing to do as your master tells you to do no matter the consequences. I am here to stay so face it I am just telling you drop the male ego before it gets you in deeper. As for her and I we are both psychics, I have helped a few people mainly friends of mine as well as someone else out there in the big wide world so what are you going to do about it? Go waah all the way home
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#244 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

Have you known her for as long as I have! Doubtful! I have known her for 15 years and do respect her for who she is and was. As for her past life I have heard the tapes! I have seen the transcript of her past life regression have you? Doubtful! You are a handful of school yard bullies! You need to let it go! Let her get on with her life, have her own life, her own business, pay her own way in this life and not have to go on Gov't assistance which she refuses to do! She tells me that is just another way of sponging and there is NO WAY in H**L dshe will ever depend on the idiotic gov't and everything it stands for. She feels that her rights are being denied her by you hypocrites. I wonder what skeletons are in your closet! I am going to look into your backgrounds as soon as I can afford to get this done as it costs to do a complete backgound check on some of these websites. Then I am going to post everything I find for everyone to see. Why don't you people live your lives and get off of her back. You are hateful, sick, and shameful! I bet your mama didn't raise you to be downright heathens!

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#245 General Comment

Bwahahahahaha@Moonbat oops, I mean Moon Flower

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Melissa sent you to a porn site! You have a problem reading or something? All you had to do was type in her name and the page pops up!  Unless of course she's posted pictures of herself naked and someone found them and posted them on that page...Ewww, that's a rather disturbing thought...Next time learn how to search for someone the right way....You know, so you'll at least have some idea as to what you'r talking about...Ta Ta for now....
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#246 General Comment

Jeez Colleen...

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Must you scream like a banshee..It isn't about her past ya git, it's about her death threats and suicide threats and her posting names phone numbers addresses Places of employment. It's about her idiotic screaming she does when she calls some one's employer with her insane BS...No one and I repeat NO ONE has ever stalked her! She uses that to get attention period...She's fluffy she has crooked teeth and she's homely...She's not a witch she's not a psychic she isn't kin to every Tom d**k and Harry as she claims she isn't native American she's never been pregnant by a dead  BTK She's not nor has she ever been Abrana Garcia in another life(I guess it makes her feel important to think something like that)

She is no body but Melissa Bryan a bored out of her skull house wife....It's sad, when she was stalking us accusing us of being her stalkers and accusing us of threatening to burn down her house and shoot her when she ran out on our message board there were times when she appeared to be lucid in chat and was rather nice..That didn't last long because all it took was asking a question or disagreeing with her...As for you Colleen, you are a sad excuse for a friend...Oh wait! Scratch that, You live in the same fantasy world Melissa does...And do us all a favor...Tell her to stop stalking people...The trolling will probly stop if she'll just SHUT UP!

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#247 General Comment


AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

And take your own adivce:  let go and let God.
Whatever in hell that means.
Now, go away, you silly git.
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#248 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)




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#249 General Comment

Flowers don't grow on the moon, dear

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

Moon flower, you say "So what if she does these things?"  You don't care that this woman has slandered and threatened total strangers on the internet for no good reason?  You don't care that she recklessly, groundlessly, and in many times illegally posts the personal information of str4angers, including name, address, phone numbers, name and address of employers and family, and beseeches randon strangers on the internet to go and attack these people?  That means nothing to you?  Because if so, then you are as amoral and dangerous as she is and you have no voice here.

The only reason she hasn't hurt anybody is because people stay (or try to) one step ahead of her and report her Terms of Service violations when she posts their personal data, and the server removes it.  When she made false accusations of stalking and took one poor stranger to court he fought back AND WON.  The court in New Mexico not only found him not guilty, but blasted her for wasting the time of the court with her internet drama.  But you say "So what?"

Get some brains, do some research, and go away.  You have no more to offer than the mindless Colleen, who has long been Missy's patsy.  All three of you are pathetic.
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#250 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

I have checked out "ED". I think it is the most disgusting site Ive ever seen. It is obviously run by low lives for low lives. And the Porn pics on there are sickening. That just proves what kind of a site it is. And from what ive read that was posted about her reads like trash written by a playground bully that has serious self esteem issues. So, dont recommend that site to me like it is reputable! It's unprofessional, juvenile  trash!
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#251 Consumer Comment

People, please!

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - (USA)

So what if she does all this stuff! Leave her be!! She's not hurting anyone & hasnt hurt anyone or she would be in jail by now! So what if you dont agree with her beliefs and the way she does things! It's NOT hurting you!
Ofcourse she gets mad when you people post this stuff about her! You would too if someone were posting bad things about you on the internet!
Cant you people just live & let live??
All of you are still alive so she hasnt harmed you! Just flipping QUIT doing this to her! Just ler her live her life as she wants!!
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#252 General Comment

Oh for Crying out loud Colleen

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Take your blabbering nonsense else where...You don't live there either...There are 2 that post here that do so you're calling them liers? Oh Please! You are just as bad as Missy is with your constant crap you sprew all over the place...Reminds of the time spent on The BTK board both you dummies tried to take over...Neither one of you were a match for Bondi....And neither one of you are a match for any of us that have had the misfortune of  her spewing her crap all over the place and being accused of being stalkers simply because we disagreed with her...As I said, there 100's of screen shots out there of her tantrums threats and melt downs so what you need to do is stop making a fool out of yourself...And once again, Stop preaching out one side of your mouth and cussing and carrying on out of the other...You sound like an idiot when you do that...And most of all if you were her friend you'd try and get her to seek the help she so desperately needs...And she does need help...Now, make sure you copy and paste all the recent posts here and send them on to her so she can be all livid pi$$ed and throw one of her temper tantums....
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#253 Consumer Comment

She's Still At It?

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

I must say, she's persistent. After all that's happened, the ants to investigation over the fire-homicide in Taos. All of the screaming fights that those two are famous for. She's been all over town trying to get merchants to peddle her stupid key-chains. We try to be polite to her but she persists and won't take no for an answer. Now she wants to run another Halloween attraction, thing or whatever you want to call it.  She actually believes parents are going to PAY to take their kids to look at shabby store-bought decorations?  Then get harangued  to buy pens with her face plastered on them? People around here are not stupid. 

You would think the crudely lettered sign out front that reads NO TRESPASSING would give parents a clue. This is one to stay away from. They don't call Missy the Freako of Seco for nothing! 
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#254 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

You apparently do not know Melissa...Nor have you read her threats to kill people or her posts trying to recruit others to do so...Therefore YOU need to do your reseach before you post accusing other's of lying about her. She had pictures posted of her blow up decorations and they aren't anything special...You want links? Take a stroll over to ED...Everything they have posted have screen shots of her temper tantrums and threats...She isn't being stalked nor has she ever been stalked...Trolled probly but stalked no...She needs help...As for her house that she RENT's not being  a part of the United States BULL! It is and it is under US laws rather she likes it or not she can blabber on and on about her not being a part of the US all she want's to the fact of the matter she still is....Now, you go and do your research on her..Well, that's if you can find anything since 99% of her blogs and FB pages have been shut down due to her constant violations of TOS and then come back here and post YOUR proof with links that those who have to live there and others that have had the unfortunate luck of having had to deal with her are lying about her....
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#255 General Comment


AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

you have ruined her financially, emotionally, her reputation is shot all to hell because of the false accusations!  Have you ever been to Taos? Have you ever partaken of her baked goods? Have you ever attended her Halloween or Christmas Spectaculars each year? Have you ever went to one of her bake sales? I think not! You Do Not live in the Taos area nor do you ever plan on going there! You are a waste of the human race and as such do not have the right to cause her marriage to fall apart or her life to be down the drain as a result of your 12+ years of harassment! I believe I know why yoiu are doing this and you need to cease & desist! Put yourself in her shoes!  Let the past go and stop this bullshit! Let it go and let God! Give her a d**n break and let her get on with her life and her marriage if there is anything left to salvage! You SOB'S! You jerks! you knot heads! you waste of human life! Why don't you all go to HELL!

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#256 Consumer Comment

Please provide proof


 Please provide proof of your claims of this Halloween stuff. How are people to know this is true or are you just trying to put Melissa down by ruining her reputation with a bunch of lies. Ive read everything here, but so far, it's just words. None has provided any proof. Any links, etc?
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#257 Consumer Comment

Halloween Horrors

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Halloween is one of the most innocent times for children who get to dress up as scarey monsters, pretty princesses or portray themselves as one of their heroes.

Unfortunately this is not true in Arroyo Seco, NM.  The woman known as Melissa Bryan, Senora C and now the Halloween Maven is planning on charging children $10 to view her limited yard decorations, walk through a inflatable arch and eat non-edible baked items.  Not only this but she is refusing to get all the necessary permits, to let the local fire marshall Russel Driskell make sure that the place is safe for people to be in, and to allow the usual inspections that are meant to make sure the public is safe at the event.

She has been told that charging a fee to attend her Halloween Haunt means that she is "going pro" and that means she has to obtain insurance, have the proper inspections by the fire marshall of her county and have any food items also inspected to prevent any food bourne illnesses from making her little customers ill.

Not only is she refusing to get the proper permits and have the proper inspections, she is claiming her property is instead not a part of the United States and therefore she does not have to comply with ANY of the laws.

I wonder if her landlord is aware that she is claiming property that does not belong to her is now a sovreign nation?  Looks like we need to have a talk with her landlord and see if she is allowed to claim this or if the poor person is even aware that she is breaking these laws.

To all the concerned neighbors in Arroyo Seco I urge you to contact the fire marshall and make sure she is in compliance for the safety of our children by emailing Mr. Driskell at driskell @ taosnet . com and also we should be alerting other authorities that she is not licensed for this event.

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#258 General Comment

Oh My Goodness!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

What on earth is wrong with Melissa? Has she completely lost her mind? Doesn't she realize that posting death threats over the internet is a felony? Does she not realize that there are probably  those out there that have gotten screen shots of those death threats? I just don't understand her...She needs to get a serious grip on herself and hope no one decides to send Face Book or any law enforcement agency screen shots of the death threats she posted. She needs serious prayers even though she doesn't believe in God.
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#259 General Comment

In all due respect....

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

I find it hard to believe that Melissa would be involved with something like that. At least I like to think that....

She apparently has really gone over the edge and is threatening to kill again and she seems to have added numerous other names to the stalker gang...What I can't understand is why those on her business page can't see that she has a mental problem...And I can't for the life of me figure out how she thinks she's going to drum up business on a a page filled with filthy language and threats...It doesn't make sense to me...
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#260 Consumer Comment

A very disturbing update...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Just read in the local paper that a body was found amongst the rubble of the old convent building and they are not suspecting it was a homeless person but are awaiting an autopsy because they fear the person was killed and the fire set to cover the evidence of the murder.  Facts pointing to this are that a false call was made about someone in danger at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and all of the authorities were busy checking into that and it allowed the fire to get too far gone at the convent for the firefighters to save it.

The disturbing part of this is Ms. Bryan was publicly talking about doing a ghost investigation at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge just shortly prior to all of these happenings.  And you know what they say about the guilty always returning to the scene of the crime?  I just find it all too coincidental that she ran right down to be on television and talk about the convent like she did and now with this new evidence coming to light I wouldn't be surprised if a few anonymous crimestopper calls will bring this to law enforcement's attention.

I also hear that she was awarded participation at the County Fair for her baked gob of cake and jelly and was fighting with the good people at the fair about not being able to see the judging going on (it is in the rules read the rule book) and then when she did not win insisted that she won 1st place and because the judges would not give that ribbon to her instead of the deserving winner, she is going to go and buy herself a blue ribbon.  I hope that the County Fairgrounds and outlying buildings have good insurance against fire.
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#261 General Comment

Scared Neighbor, that's very interesting...

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

...about the arson fire.  I assume the authorities are investigating?  If the owner is filing an insurance claim, the insurance company will likely request an investigation, or hire someone privately to do it.  Of course, when asked if there have been any unusual events, or if there could be anyone who would have a grudge against the building owner, Hissy Missy will undoubtedly come up.  Please keep us updated on the progress of this investigation, if you don't mind.  Isn't arson a "gateway" crime to bigger and badder things?  5150, anyone?

I love that it hasn't occurred to Missy that she would have to be officially diagnosed with PTSD before she can be disabled from it--also, that you have to be "able" before you can be "disabled", and Missy's only ability is to throw vulgar tantrums, issue threats over the internet, and repeatedly blame everyone but herself for the wreck she has made of her life.
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#262 Consumer Comment

She is nuts.

AUTHOR: Senora X - (United States of America)

She is clearly mentally ill.  Nothing other than psychiatric intervention has a chance of "fixing" her. She defiantly won't seek it out her self. 

If she does try and get disability she will end up being medicated or at least officially diagnosed with whatever she has and I see it as a win win.

Also if she gets disability (a long shot at best) it will kill ALL the Seora C and other "Business" nonsense because the first rule of disability is that you can't work. 
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#263 General Comment

Correct me if I'm wrong but....

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

Don't you have to meet the following in order to draw disability?
I don't think she's going to like applying for disability...

Know the basic requirements: In order to receive Social Security disability benefits as an adult, you must be 18 years of age or older, and permanently residing in an American state or territory.

Figure out your work credits: In general, you must have accumulated 40 work credits (20 in the past 10 years) to be eligible for disability. In 2012, every $1,130 earned in wages or self-employment income counts as 1 credit; you may accrue up to 4 credits per year. SSA has some exceptions and different rules for younger workers. Click here for more information.

Know what SSA defines as disabled: In order for you to qualify as disabled, SSA runs your case through a 5-step checklist. Overall, the condition must be long-term (lasting more than 12 months or resulting in death), prevent you from doing the work you did before, and prevent you from adjusting to another form of work.[1] Here are the specific questions SSA uses to evaluate your case:Are you working? If you are working in 2012 and making $1,010/month or more, you are not eligible.Is your condition severe? In order for a condition to be classified as severe, it must interfere with work-related activities.Is your condition on the list of disabling conditions? SSA keeps a listof disabling conditions that are considered severe enough to warrant a disability claim. If your condition is not on the list, SSA will evaluate whether its level of severity matches that of the listed conditions.SSA keeps a list of Compassionate Allowances[2]. For these conditions, disability benefits are approved as soon as a diagnosis is confirmed, with no waiting period for benefits. The illnesses on this list are generally terminal, and include conditions such as acute leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), and inoperable cancers.Can you perform the work you did previously? In order to qualify as disabled, your condition must prevent you from doing your current job.Can you do any other sort of work? If you can't maintain your current job, SSA will evaluate whether you can adjust to new work, accounting for factors such as medical conditions, age, education, past work experience and transferable skills. If you cannot adjust to a new job, you qualify as disabled.

Be aware of special situations: 
SSA will assess benefits differently for those who are visually impaired, disabled widows or widowers (cannot apply online), wounded warriors (go here) and disabled children (see section below).

Prepare for the waiting period. Unless your condition is listed as a Compassionate Allowance, you'll probably have to wait five full calendar months to being receiving benefits. Most people see their first check come in at the beginning of the sixth month after the disability began. This is in place to insure that only applicants suffering from long-term disability, and not short-term or partial disability, receive benefits.

In person or by phone:
Set up an appointment. Call your local Social Security Administration office, or call 800-772-1213 Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time, for a phone or office appointment.If you are hearing impaired, call 800-325-0778.Call ahead. Most offices schedule disability appointments weeks or even months out, so call as soon as possible.

Online: Start your claim immediately. The up-side to applying online over on the phone or in person is that you can start your application process immediately, without waiting for an appointment. Click here to get started.

Review the Adult Disability Checklist:
 This checklist lays out the things you'll need to submit a disability application. Print out the PDF versionand check off items as you collect them. Collecting all the materials may take a few weeks, so start a folder or binder to store everything.Gather information for the Adult Disability Application. In order to start your application, you'll need the following forms and information:Military service discharge (Form DD 214) for all periods of active duty.W-2 Forms (or IRS 1040 and Schedules C and SE, if self-employed) for the last year.The Social Security numbers of your spouse and minor children.Checking or savings account number and bank routing number, if you wish to receive benefits through direct deposit.Gather information for the Adult Disability Report. In order to collect your medical information, you may have to call the offices of your medical providers and request records. Be aware that some offices charge a small service fee for the labor and materials required to copy and send your records. You'll need the following information:The name, address and phone number of someone knowledgable about your condition, whom SSA can contact regarding your claim. The doctor who made your diagnosis, oversees your treatment or first treated your injury could be a potential candidate for this. If you do select a doctor or other medical professional, be prepared to compensate them for the time they spend talking to SSA on the phone or filling out forms. Whomever you choose, ask their permission first.The names, addresses, phone numbers, patient ID numbers and dates of treatment for all doctors, hospitals and clinics. Note that you may want to obtain and refer to your medical records for this information, so that it's as correct as possible.The names of medications you're taking, as well as the dosage and who prescribed them. You can obtain this information using the pharmacy label on your medicine bottles. If you're currently off a medication that's relevant to your claim, contact the prescriber's office. They should have a record of what and how much you were previously prescribed.The names and dates of medical tests and who sent you for them. If you already have copies of lab results, add them to your folder; if not, request copies from your doctor's office.Information on your last 5 jobs, including type of job and dates worked. Refer to prior W-2 forms for greatest accuracy.Information regarding any worker's compensation claims or insurance claims you've filed. Have the claim number, and the name, address and phone number of the insurance company.Gather documents that SSA may request later. As your application goes on, SSA may request copies of your birth certificate, or citizenship and naturalization papers. You might also need to provide educational transcripts and proof of a high school diploma or college degree.

Fill out the Online Disability Benefit Application: You can start the application here. The process should take between 10 and 30 minutes; you can sign out of the application and return to it later.Sign the application. Once you've answered all the questions, you'll be asked to verify the validity of your information under penalty of perjury. Sign electronically when you are sure everything is correct. Note that if you're helping someone else fill out a disability application, only the person applying for benefits can sign.Prepare the documents. At the end of the application, a list of documents you need to provide to SSA will appear, as well as how to submit them. Generally, you can mail in the documents or physically take them to an SSA office; SSA will return all documents or copies unless otherwise indicated.Provide your Social Security number. On a separate piece of blank paper, write down your Social Security number in large print and enclose it with your other documents. Do not alter your documents to include your Social Security number.Do not mail certain documents. If you're asked to provide a foreign birth certificate, or documents issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the Department of Homeland Security, do not put these documents in the mail. They can be costly to replace, if they're replaceable at all. If you're required to submit these documents, take them to your nearest SSA office and do not lose sight of them.

Fill out the Adult Online Disability Report:  The report can be locatedhere and will go into more detail about the specifics of your condition. It has 7 sections: Overview, Identification, Medical, Work/Education, Remarks, Review and Submit.You don't have to complete the report in one sitting. If you wish to take a break, sign off and you'll be provided with a re-entry number. Write it down and use it to log back in to your saved report.Use the Remarks section. The Remarks portion of the report allows you to include additional information about your condition. If the online form doesn't provide enough room, write or type your remarks on a separate sheet of paper and mail it to the SSA address provided.Save the receipt. After you submit the application, you'll receive a receipt that includes a copy of the entire report. Print it and save it for your records.Be aware of the time limit. A page will expire if you're on it for more than 25 minutes. Be sure to save your work and avoid being automatically logged out, or your work will be lost. (You must have JavaScript enabled to receive the notification that your page has been inactive for 25 minutes.)

Complete the Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration: 
To process your application, SSA will ask you to sign a form allowing them to discuss your information with other parties in order to assess the validity of your claims, as well as your ability to manage benefits. Signing is voluntary, but failing to do so could prevent timely processing and result in denied or lost benefits. You can find the form here. Print it out, and mail or take it to your local SSA office when it's completed.Know the rules. There are a few guidelines to know when you're completing the form. Fill it out and sign in blue or black ink only, before a witness. The form will be valid for 12 months from the signing date.Know what will be shared and what won't. Signing the form authorizes SSA to contact your friends, your family, employers and public officials regarding your condition, as well as the people involved in your medical care, education, and social services. The form authorizes SSA to re-disclose information about your case to third parties without prior written consent, except information regarding alcohol/drug abuse, mental health, developmental disability, HIV/AIDS, and educational records for a minor.

SSA will respond to you by mail if your application is approved. You'll be told how much money to expect and when payments will start. If you move during the application process, be sure to notify SSA of your new address.7Appeal. If you're unhappy with the SSA decision regarding your application, you can appeal within 60 days of the date that you received the Notice of Decision. (SSA calculates the date of receipt as 5 days after the date of the letter, unless you can prove otherwise.) Submit your request for appeal in writing to the address indicated on your Notice of Decision.

Appeal online: If your application was denied for medical reasons, you can appeal online. Just make sure you have your Notice of Decision on-hand before you start. Click here to begin.Know the levels of appeal. Appeals to SSA for disability benefits can potentially go through 4 levels. They are: reconsideration by someone not involved in your first application, a hearing by an administrative law judge, a review by the Appeals Council, and a Federal Court review. 

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#264 Consumer Comment

Now I have heard everything

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I heard from a friend that now she plans to seek disability for PTSD?   Well if she wants to collect disability she will have to prove medically that she has PTSD or whatever other disability in order to get it.  And that would mean she needs to seek the medical/therapeutical health of a doctor and the doctors who diagnose PTSD are psychiatrists/psychologists.  Any doctor worth their diploma will also prescribe a course of medications to try and manage the symptoms of PTSD.  Not all medications work for every person so there could be months of trying to find the right medications to help the symptoms all the while disability will not be given until it is proven that no medication can manage the problem.

So not only would she have to subject herself to a mental health evaluation in order to even be considered for disability, she would also have to undergo treatment and prove none of that works.  And we all know how vehement she is against any psychiatrist or medication. 

Not to mention how proudly and loudly she has constantly proclaimed that she does not take any money from the government to supplement her meager income.  So this would be like taking many many steps backwards and going back on her word that she would never be a welfare case or seek psychiatric help.

I think the taxpayers of New Mexico and the US can rest easy because if she really did seek disability and went through with the mental eval she would end up committed somewhere instead of raking in the big bux like she thinks would be so easy to do.

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#265 General Comment

I apologise for the "naive" remark, then

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

You meant well, I see that.  Unfortunately, you can't help someone who doesn't want help, refuses to believe there is a need to be helped, and steadfastly insists that everyone in the world is to blame for her issues except for herself.  From what I understand (based on not just what others have said of her but also on what she has said, herself), her family gave up trying to help her long ago because she just won't cooperate, and lashes out at them.  Her husband might be able to get her help, but he doesn't seem to be much better than she is, and that's tragic for them both.

I'm glad she can't do much for you, but she has been known to post the personal information of others online and solicit readers to harrass (at best) these people.  The guy in New York is just one example.  She posted the name, age, email, phone number, and address of some woman in North Carolina once, thinking it was me (why, I've no idea, since she only had my screen name at the time), and told people to go "get her".  I did email this woman to let her know someone had posted her information in this way, but got no response (though the email never got bounced back as undeliverable).  I still worry about her, though I believe that particular blog of Missy's was deleted on a ToS violation long ago.

So please, if your information is online anywhere, delete it.  Missy is a sad trainwreck of a person and I am genuinely sorry for the person she could have been, but we can't help her (and I did try once, too).  Only her husband (ha!) or the State can help her, and hopefully before she goes after anyone else, or maybe hurts someone.
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#266 Consumer Comment

Coincidence or no?

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I don't know about my other neighbors in our "keep people safe from Melissa" group but I find it highly suspicious that she was looking into renting a place for her "store shop" (fyi the two words mean the same thing melissa) and then was incredibly angry when she could not procure said location because one needs an income from a real job and good credit to be able to rent something and then suddenly the said location went up in flames and according to official reports it was "human caused" as there was no electricity or gas or water hooked up in the building...

I also don't know about anyone else around here but I am bulking up my fire extinguishers and making sure my smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are up on good batteries because there is no telling who or what may go up in flames next!
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#267 Consumer Comment

I had hoped...

AUTHOR: Only Me - (United States of America)

I had hoped that there was some "good" somewhere in her. I've been talking to the guy from New York, and some of the things I've tried seemed to have been helping a little. Things like trying to help her find funding, getting her some contacts and suppliers, and offering advise on how to improve her business. Then she went all "dinky dow"! Like I told the guy from New York, there isn't much she can do to me. I'm retired, have no family, and am able to go to New Mexico (if necessary) to petition for a commitment hearing. She doesn't scare me, I just wish that I could have helped her straighten herself out.
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#268 General Comment


AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

You seem to be a decent person, but how naive can you be to have read everything that was written here, including Missy's own words, rants, and threats, and still have thought anyone was responsible for her troubles other than herself?  It's been years since I first met Missy on a message board, and she was screaming about "Stalkers" then, and also accusing everybody who dared disagree with her or questions her ridiculous stories.  This guy in New York is just her latest target, he probably had no idea who she was until a year or so ago, or whenever it was he says he first heard about her.  I believe him, because I've been in his situation with Missy, myself--the only difference is she had nothing more than my screen name--and I learned, through HER clumsy attempts at stalking me and my friends on the message board, to use a proxy server.

For your sake, I hope she has no information on you, and that your address and phone number aren't listed.  I would immediately check Spokeo, White Pages, Superpages, etc., and have your information removed if it's listed there.
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#269 Consumer Comment

Okay, so I made a mistake...

AUTHOR: Only Me - (United States of America)

Okay, so I made a mistake...I tried to help Missy Moonbat figure out who was really harassing her. Seems like I wasn't doing it fast enough for her. I had a doctor's appointment, and when I returned, I found this:

Melissa Bryan
Hubby says he doesn't care if (Name Removed) goes Down for the Whole thing, but I would like to see the Responsible Parties go Down for it All, Including (Name Removed). Cool.
Yeah, I got it that these are Proxy Servers. Softlayer seems to take All of it, Including that Planet Something.

My response:
Please tell "hubby" to learn about computers, so that he can get you the information that you want. I wasted two days gathering information and will NOT have it be used to persecute an innocent person! The only railroad that I'm interested in is the one that runs the 4449!

To which she replied:

Melissa Bryan
I will do that. I am working only with what I have at my Disposal and (Name Removed) is Not entirely Innocent.
He did play at least some roll in all this.
Don't punish me for my hubby's words.
I want the Right person/people too.
IF they can even be found, otherwise, I will have No choice but to attribute everything to (Name Removed) and let him Sing on the others.

Two hours later:

Melissa Bryan
Last chance to get the Right Names to turn it over to the Law.

As you can see, she doesn't care if she goes after an innocent person, as long as she goes after (Name Removed)! As far as I know, he doesn't even know who's doing this, but she blames him anyway. Now I fully expect to be added to her hit list.

I did manage to print out some of her rants and took them to my old college psych professor (a licensed psychiatrist). He stated that he was willing to go on the record as believing that she's "showing signs of mental instability, and should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible". If she tries anything against me, I will make sure that she has that evaluation!

In the meantime... If her neighbors are really that afraid of her, there's a little known New Mexico law that could help you:

Section 43-1-11 - Commitment of adults for thirty-day period.

G. An interested person who reasonably believes that an adult is suffering from a mental disorder and presents a likelihood of serious harm to the adult's own self or others, but does not require emergency care, may request the district attorney to investigate and determine whether reasonable grounds exist to commit the adult for a thirty-day period of evaluation and treatment. The applicant may present to the district attorney any medical reports or other evidence immediately available to the applicant, but shall not be required to obtain a medical report or other particular evidence in order to make a petition. The district attorney shall act on the petition within seventy-two hours. If the district attorney determines that reasonable grounds exist to commit the adult, the district attorney may petition the court for a hearing. The court may issue a summons to the proposed client to appear at the time designated for a hearing, which shall be not less than five days from the date the petition is served. If the proposed client is summoned and fails to appear at the proposed time and upon a finding of the court that the proposed client has failed to appear, or appears without having been evaluated, the court may order the proposed client to be detained for evaluation as provided for in Subsection C of Section 43-1-10 NMSA 1978. 

I've already written a request, but won't send it unless/until she decides to attack me. However, that won't stop YOU from filing your own request. Please help her get the psychiatric help that she obviously needs. I'll just try to forget all of this.
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#270 Consumer Comment

Well its time to call in the neighbors again.

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

We are going to need to plan a flash mob for the yet to be determined time in which Senora C is going to have her "harvest" festival.  That way we can warn everyone not to buy the bacteria/feces/cat hair laden food items so nobody gets deathly ill from her concoctions.  We just need to wait to hear when the festival of deathly foods is to be held and we can form and warn quickly to keep everyone safe.   We will have to meet yet again over a nice lunch at our "safe" location and make plans for this just like the last time when we formed our flash mob to warn people away from her cupcakes and tap water in bottle scam.

On an unrelated note apparently she has suckered or scammed yet another attorney into hearing her "case" in which she intends to seek $80 million dollars because someone dared to laugh at her efforts at putting together a business of which she has invested less than $6000 in 4 years time.  That poor lawyer is going to look at her big pile of printed out evidences, laugh himself near tears and then show her and her beanpole hubby out the door.  Then of course she will claim the law is against her instead of admitting that if she were to get a normal life with a normal job all of her problems would go away because she would be making actual money and be able to pay her bills without getting the money her mother pays her to stay away from her family and she would also actually have an income to list on credit applications because no one in their right minds are going to rent or sell her any building without her having a solid steady income from WORK and having good credit but she lives in Senora C land so I guess she will never get the point that having an income and good credit is how to build a business and not lying, scamming and whining themselves silly and claiming to be a witch and then getting angry when people think she means a real witch.  DUH
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#271 Consumer Suggestion

Mental Illness

AUTHOR: Senora X - (United States of America)

Melissa Bryan / Senora C is Mentally ill and all of this nonsense will continue until she seeks profession help and probably until she is properly medicated.

I have Created the above petition to encourage her to seek help.  Her Family has money and would be thrilled to pay for it.  Please sign it.  I do know that it probably won't work and she will only be further enraged by it but if that happens it will just serve to further amuse many.  If it does work the world will be a better place and she might actually be successful for once.  Whichever happens I will still consider it a success.
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#272 Consumer Comment

Now it is getting scary...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

She is now posting for all the world to see that she intends to sit and sell her stale leftover cupcakes (you know danny boy wouldn't eat them either) and warm water and old expired flat sodas while displaying a pistol on her belt and having her other pistol otherwise concealed "just in case".

I guess there is more than one way to sell stale leftover cupcakes... only who would have thought of strong armed bullying to get someone to pay $5 for a cupcake that has cat hair and feces in it and lord knows what else all over it. UGH.

I guess now we will have to spread by word of mouth that not only is the food dangerous but if someone does visit her and does not buy anything their lives could be in danger too.
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#273 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

That is one wild post...I'm more inclined to think her so called stalkers are nothing more than Karma visiting her for all the threats and false accusations she throws out there on the web and for terrorizing the locals where she lives...
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#274 General Comment

Figured this out..

AUTHOR: Piddykins - (United States of America)

After reading this whole report I became curious about who the real stalker is. The NY fella just doesn't fit in my opinion regardless of what Ms Senora says, so I sent this url tp my friend. She read it a number of times trying to figure it out. We both deducted that the NY guy just doesn't fit our profile of  real time stalker so she and I decided to do some research. We reread this report looking for solid clues and could find none other than Perhaps Ms Senora C was somewhat on the paranoid side. We contacted numerous mediums and fortune tellers(was a waste of money but we did get a lot of laughs from the BS they put out there) After looking around and doing a bit more research we decided to try one more time this time with a well known fortune teller. She started out with the same old mumbo jumbo and then out of no where she sat straight up and started talking in a rapid fashion in a language I couldn't understand. My friend finally figured out it was spanish..which she is fluent in..the gist of it is this chica said she was Abrana or Abraina Something or another(Sorry I don't have my notes handy) and she was angry and upset about This Senora C blowing out crap about her being married and having a parcel of kids with Billy the kid(Must do some research on him as he sounds rather interesting) and that she was never married to him and they were nothing to each other in that respect..Then she went off on a tanget which I won't post as it wasn't nice...To make a long sotry short after that session with the fortune teller we got into some intensive research and we finally put 2 and 2 together...The stalker is not of this world! It is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself...And yes, we know he's a fictional chrarcter however his creator is not...Ms Senora C must have really p**ed some one off in another life time if they felt the need to put Old Sherlock Holmes on her trail....

As for the cup cakes, perhaps of she had figured out a way to keep them cool the frosting wouldn't have melted???

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#275 General Comment

Figured this out..

AUTHOR: Piddykins - (United States of America)

After reading this whole report I became curious about who the real stalker is. The NY fella just doesn't fit in my opinion regardless of what Ms Senora says, so I sent this url tp my friend. She read it a number of times trying to figure it out. We both deducted that the NY guy just doesn't fit our profile of  real time stalker so she and I decided to do some research. We reread this report looking for solid clues and could find none other than Perhaps Ms Senora C was somewhat on the paranoid side. We contacted numerous mediums and fortune tellers(was a waste of money but we did get a lot of laughs from the BS they put out there) After looking around and doing a bit more research we decided to try one more time this time with a well known fortune teller. She started out with the same old mumbo jumbo and then out of no where she sat straight up and started talking in a rapid fashion in a language I couldn't understand. My friend finally figured out it was spanish..which she is fluent in..the gist of it is this chica said she was Abrana or Abraina Something or another(Sorry I don't have my notes handy) and she was angry and upset about This Senora C blowing out crap about her being married and having a parcel of kids with Billy the kid(Must do some research on him as he sounds rather interesting) and that she was never married to him and they were nothing to each other in that respect..Then she went off on a tanget which I won't post as it wasn't nice...To make a long sotry short after that session with the fortune teller we got into some intensive research and we finally put 2 and 2 together...The stalker is not of this world! It is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself...And yes, we know he's a fictional chrarcter however his creator is not...Ms Senora C must have really p**ed some one off in another life time if they felt the need to put Old Sherlock Holmes on her trail....

As for the cup cakes, perhaps of she had figured out a way to keep them cool the frosting wouldn't have melted???

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#276 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Another fine example of her delusions today.  People trying to go about usual Sunday things only to get yelled at to come and buy her stuff.  Some people felt sorry for her and bought the warm water she was selling (because she can't do anything to bottled water) and got rudely talked to because they were not considering buying a $5 cupcake that looked like a kindergartner put them together. 

And who could blame anyone for not wanting to buy when they looked so horrid, had bits of I don't know what sticking to them and the icing was literally watering and running off some of them.  They didn't look too healthy for sure... now people should wonder about the water she was selling too and make sure the seals weren't broken on the caps, it may well be good ol' Seco water in them lol

Word of mouth quickly has spread not to buy any baked items less you get some cat hair or feces in your food but danged if even the touristy people were running from the salmonella express lol
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#277 Consumer Comment

Yeah. I know.

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

I read her YouTube comment about being kicked off of Facebook. She's blaming "a** hole" for it, which is HILARIOUS if she thinks it's ME. For safety's sake, I filed her post away in my "plethora of threatsies and stalkenation" (LOL) along with a few of her other threats and the love letter that Dantard sent to my employer. For a brief moment, I was like "oh no!" But then I remembered what her own local sheriff's office said about her and Dan so I was like "LOL."

It's pretty funny actually. To date, according to my records, she has accused me of stalking, harassing, assaulting, sexually harassing, being a racist, tapping her phone, bribing the police, hacking her Facebook page, hiring operatives to travel to new Mexico to harass her, and who knows what else. I am giddy with the idea that she claims that she's going to try to sue me for ANYTHING.

She's paranoid, delusion, and STUPID, plain and simple. No name calling. No bull$h*t claims of decades of anything. I don't NEED to make anything up. She makes HERSELF look like this.

I'm sure she'll be lashing out at me again. At least now, since she can't access her own MB page on Facebook, she also can't access the Senora C page either, so all of her tirades and outbursts are "out there" for everyone to forever associate with Senora C. And I didn't even have to do ANYTHING.

Now THAT'S funny stuff.

P.S. Missy, it wasn't me hitting on you. I have no interest in anything that remotely resembles you. Have you seen my girlfriend? Yeah. You wouldn't stand a chance. Go back to little Danny boy and quit fantasizing about people thousands if miles away who don't want anything to do with your hideous excuse for a... ...YOU. (THIS

This rebuttal sponsored by Melissa's HYSTERICAL claim that I (as some soc account) inappropriately propositioned her. Remember, Missy - if you don't want me making mean and insensitive comments like this, you'd best knock off the HYSTERICAL FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

Oh! Almost forgot! Melissa says that somebody "stole" everything again. HWut? Who stole hwut? If Facebook took away her page, she should start THERE before she goes pointing fingers.

Meh. Who am I kidding.
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#278 General Comment

Ya know Fella from NY

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (USA)

It doesn't matter if anyone posts here (or anywhere else for that matter) about her and her insane behavior...It will continue until she finds some one else to stalk and bully. Anything that goes on against her is going to be blamed on you despite the fact that you have nothing to do with it and can prove it. Apparently she's had her personal FB account shut down again and of course it's your fault...She can't seem to get it through her sick mind that by adding a bazillion friends to her pages is not the thing to do. I would imagine a number of them are the ones reporting her for the threats she continues to make...She as usual posted a threat along with her post about losing her FB account...
I seriously fell bad for the folks that live in her area...It isn't right they have to live like that and it isn't right that the sheriff won't or can't do anything about  it...What a horrible thing it's going to be if she does shot a child or any other innocent by stander. My advise to you NY is to change your cell number if nothing else that may at least stop the calls...Also just don't read anything from them. File them away until something can be done...And there HAS to be something that can be done..Sooner or later she and Dan are going to run up on the wrong person just like they did in AZ and perhaps then she'll get the help she so desperately needs. 

To those that have to live there where she is I'm so sorry you have to live with her crap and I hope the parade goes off ok and no one get's hurt. I don't have to tell you to be careful and watch your back...You already know to do that...
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#279 Consumer Comment

Why no charges...

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Back when Melissa began screaming my name whenever a discussion about her posts would pop up on AOTN, it only took one or two instances of her posting threats to me by name and address to get me to call my local sheriff to explore my options in dealing with somebody like Melissa. I quickly found that "budget issues" caused local sheriff's deputies to "take notes" in order to "get right back to you." It wasn't until I spoke directly with my county sheriff that it was explained that real life law enforcement officials don't care about ANYTHING involving people like Melissa and Dan, because they are, in fact, all bark and no bite.

When I pressed the issue, citing my concern for the safety of the children in my family at that address, he said that they would note the threat on file, but that until an actual physical danger existed, nothing could be done from New York. He suggested contacting HER local sheriff and seeing if THEY would help.

Needless to say, her local sheriff would go pay her a visit, warning her of the increasing possibility of legal charges if she continued to behave like THAT, but he was not legally able to press charges due to my location being so far out of his jurisdiction.

After a few rounds of calls from me, other people calling and complaining, and finally a visit from Dan and Melissa, toting a dumpster sized file of "troofs and evidenceses" (pronounced: "Facebook screencaps"), her sheriff's office told them to go jump off the Taos bridge or something and quit wasting the time of a law enforcement office over immature childish internet pissing matches.

When he called me back, he explained that he was sick of it all, and that he had TRIED to pass it up to the FBI, and that THEIR decision was the same. There are just plain too many he said/she said pissing matches online, and people need to grow up.

So, yeah. I'm S.O.L. when it comes to her mentioning my employer or family. But she's S.O.L. when people talk about how many "likes" she REALLY has on Facebook OR how she and Dan repeatedly perpetrate scams like Cactus Flats, or share an opinion that she's CRAZY and he's WORTHLESS for disappearing after sending that letter to my employers address, or that Melissa's use of that address when attempting to troll me doesn't threaten ME, but rather children in my family. But I digress. And that she hates children. Digressing. And she wants them DEAD. Oops. Still digressing. She gonna eat them. d**n digressing. Sorry.

So, yeah. She can lie all she wants. Dan can threaten through my employer. You guys can all say whatever you want.

It will never end, unless everyone quits.

I quit. And there isn't a d**n thing she can do about it, except summon me back by lashing out at my family and livelihood AGAIN.

Betcha she can't keep my name out if her posts for a full consecutive month!
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#280 Consumer Comment

Wednesday or Thursday is good for me

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

I will bring a few others who will help with this to lunch too, maybe not at the Seco Cow though perhaps somewhere further (not farther) away.  There are many who are tired of walking on egg shells around her. I will gather up the others and see what day is good for them.

The guy from New York is right flyers may be too over the top, we can do word of mouth a lot easier but we can discuss all of that at lunch.

And thanks guy from New York, but I already know the contact information for the under sheriff because I have talked with him about this matter a few times already and now I just need to alert him that she plans to be packing while in the parade and he will take care of the rest.
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#281 Consumer Comment

Scared Neighbor;

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

I don't think we have met.

 Perhaps we should have lunch and discuss what to do. Want to meet over at the Seco Cow this week? They have a good lunch special and I don't think it will be very crowded. I'm game most any day. You? 

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#282 General Comment

With all sympathy to the guy from NY

AUTHOR: Paramour - (USA)

If you have all the evidence against this woman that you say you have, then DO something.  DO SOMETHING.  Don't tell other people to stop talking about her (freedom of speech, remember?), DO SOMETHING.  YOu say you closed down a message board and stopped talking about her for months, and she kept right on harassing you, so obviusly she wll continue to harass you in the absence of talk.  Instead of telling other people to shut it so you can have some peace, DO SOMETHING to get yourself some peace.

Just sayin'.
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#283 General Comment

Bark worse than bite

AUTHOR: BC - (United States of America)

Me thinks Melissa's bark is worse than her bite. Everything she has said she was going to do as far as threats, killings, deleting her FB account and divorce her hubby have never happened. LOL
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#284 Consumer Comment

Scared Neighbor:

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I understand the concern for your community. I would be terrified if she was in Western New York, with or without the threats that she already made to my family and their children and businesses. Then again, that's why I'm sick of this crap and moving on.

Please make it clear that the warning flyers have NOTHING to do with me (or my family, their children, or their businesses).

Personally, I feel that those flyers will be a waste of time. She is making a LOT if plans, none of which involve payment for anything. I think that once she recognizes that her only support is coming from traditional Christmas mascot characters (her competition that DOES get paying gigs), she will erupt, insisting that the people of Christmas have betrayed her, and she will threaten to sue Christmas itself.

I'm done here. I will watch and read. But I'm done instigating in hopes that she either admit that posting my employer's address was wrong and reckless. I give up. I just want her to go away.

She's pretty much YOUR problem now. But rest assured, if you ever need a witness or "evidences" like threatening letters or dox dropping, I am just an email message away.

Stay safe. Make sure that the sheriff knows. If you need his contact info, feel free to email or call my cellphone.

P.S. My cellphone number is conveniently listed in Melissa's (Senora C's) post with all of my contact info.
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#285 Consumer Comment

Guess it is time to hand out warning flyers...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

With all sympathy to the guy from New York that she keeps slandering, we are people who actually have to LIVE near her and deal with her on a daily basis and now she is still planning to appear in our annual 4th of July parade. 

So that means that we won't be able to relax and have fun and enjoy the day but instead will have to be extra vigilant so our children and any tourists that are around town at the time won't be maliciously injured if she goes off into one of her tantrums and pulls out a gun.

It is pretty sad that one person can ruin the whole holiday for a town and turn what is supposed to be a happy celebration of our nation's birthday into a terror filled day but if she insists on pushing her Christmas character down our throats then the least that me and my neighbors can do is make sure people are aware that this is an unbalanced woman. Of course we will do this quietly and person to person so that she does not know we are handing out the warnings other wise she may waddle quickly over and hurt us when we are trying to prevent trouble!

We will also have to alert the under sheriff so he can have police presence around her float and can perhaps head off any chance of her harming others or herself during the parade!

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#286 Consumer Comment

There, now, can't you see?

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

How much more entertaining it could be?
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#287 Consumer Comment

Seriously though...

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

I hate to be a buzzkill, but this psycho is lashing out at ME when you guys so much as discuss her. I'm sick of this crap. I don't need her screwing with my family's business over some internet pissing match.

Jus' sayin'.
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#288 Consumer Comment

Well see there's your trouble...

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Unless she absolutely physically assaults or touches someone without their consent or pulls her weapons out in full view of witnesses the cops are unable and unwilling to do anything other than to tell her to settle down.  So unless she actually waddles over and whacks an unsuspecting tourist for not buying her junk pile or sells a hog so she can make a trip to New York and bother the other poor person in person the cops are basically handcuffed.

Now it was totally different when she threatened the well being of the fine governor of the state of New Mexico, she instantly had the State Police on her doorstep asking her questions and telling her she was not to appear anywhere close to the event that was planned at a hotel in Taos that evening.

So short of actually doing something other than bellowing out false claims and threats she is free to hide inside her hovel.
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#289 General Comment

She just gets funnier and funnier!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (United States of America)

Um, what's a sham scam artist anyway?

Perhaps they liked her page then saw all the cursing and threats she makes and decided they didn't want anything to do with her page...I have to wonder how she's allowed to get away with yelling and making threats to the good folks that live there...can nothing be done about it or is it going to take her hurting herself or some innocent by stander?(Which in my opinion is just a matter of time) Sad you folks have to put up with them.
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#290 Consumer Comment

You are a funny one

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

And really she could make a tourist attraction if she wasn't so SCAREY that she would chase all the tourists out of town and really that is the main reason we who live here are concerned.  We rely heavily on the tourist trade especially in the summer time.  So having a giant goth elf running around bellowing at everyone about Christmas time and buying her semi-homemade syrups and feces laden baked goods is not going to help at all when we have tourists coming through town looking for that small town atmosphere and instead being scared for their lives.  For example the Forth of July is usually a very festive and fun time to celebrate our nation's birthday but since "the bryans" have been here it has been more about looking over your shoulder to make sure there isn't a hulking presence ready to shoot you if you haven't bought any Christmas items with her face on them or haven't scheduled her to appear at your holiday parties that are months away.

Just recently today she was talking about there being 14 sham people who liked her business page.  She needs to make up her mind.  Does she want everybody and their grandma's dog to like her page or does she only want legitimate people to do it and if so I guess the 32 friends of ours who we told to like the page so they could make her angry by un-liking it better hightail it out of there!

You can read her post for yourself:

Senora C Christmas Store, LLC

7 minutes ago

I just foudn out that 14 of you were Not more than Sham Scam Artists. Which of you Liked my Page Fraudulently? Those who di had best LEAVE - Right Now!
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#291 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: It is what it is - (United States of America)

So why hasn't anyone filed a restraining order against this woman?  She's shown that she's a danger to others, if not from her own hand, then by posting addresses and other personal information for any psycho to see.  Where I live, if a person can prove that there is an immediate threat to his or her person, then a protective order can be issued and the offending person served and notified.  I would assume that other states are the same.   

As much amusement as I get from reading about this sad woman, it is more concerning to hear that she finds and posts information about people and threatens them harm or encourages harm to be brought upon them.  I'd like to believe that her rants are just the imaginings of a disturbed person but unfortunately I believe that she suffers from such an extreme mental illness that her paranoia is linked to a strong tendency of homicidal behavior.  

To the people who do live near or around her, with as much attention as she gets, I'd almost recommend using her as a tourist attraction (i.e. freak show).  Every town needs a local idiot.  Hell, you could even charge a fee for people to get their picture taken with the psycho chic.  Think of the satisfaction people would get out of poking her with a stick and seeing what happens.  It's kind of like those dolls with strings you never know what they are going to say. 
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#292 Consumer Comment

She can't stop

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

She's in the grips of an obsession to hurt people. Melissa gets offended by every little thing then goes around punishing other people to make up for it. It don't matter if the person is involved or not, she has to get back at people for whatever thing's got her peeved at that moment. She's been asked to get professional help before but she's convinced that she's just fine and it's the rest of us who are having a problem. 

People who work and raise families and have lives compared to a woman in her 30s who hardly ventures out of her home because she's afraid she's going to get attacked. Then when she does go somewhere she behaves strangely or pisses someone off or gets in someone's face for no reason. We are the crazy ones? I can go to the store or into town without getting hassled. Melissa can't do that. Everywhere she goes someone is following her or harassing her or shooting at her.  That's just paranoia and paranoia can be treated. 
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#293 Consumer Comment

Melissa's intent to defraud

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

It has been 2 days since I last posted here.  I had intended to walk away, just as I did months ago when we shut down AOTN.  However, just like last time, Melissa just can't seem to keep from bringing my name up and targeting my family and our businesses.

Just emailed to me:

Melissa Bryan
Yesterday near Arroyo Seco, NM

Nope, I guess I couldn't count on Silence to go beyond 24 hours.
Another Ripoff Report came in this a.m.
I guess back to the Game, as usual.
No Escape from Any of it.

Coleen Coleman likes this

Lori M. Barrett These idiots had better get a life.
20 hours ago

Melissa Bryan
I know. Ialso am going to f**k them up by posting an Equally Truthful
Ripoff Report and file a Complaint with the NY Board of Real Estate
Licensing. Destroy a*s Hole for All that he has Destroyed ME.

20 hours ago

Can you believe this?!?  She actually intends to file a ripoff report against my family's business, even though she has never done business with them AND file a complaint against me with some nonexistent Board of Real Estate and Licensing! 

Melissa still can't get it through her head that I don't want anything to do with her.  She just keeps going off on my family and their business.  My family has no idea who she is.  Melissa is such a blatant idiot.

It is this type of bullying and harassment that got Melissa booted and blocked from the "Bullying affects lives" support group on Facebook.  Now, with her continued attacks on us, she has garnered far more TOS Violation Reports ("TOS Attacks" in her words) and has resulted in her now being restricted as to where she can post on Facebook.  She STILL doesn't get it, as evidenced by THIS post:

Senora C Christmas Store, LLC
3 hours ago
Well, it seems for Networking, I am Banned from Posting except to what is mine. How Stupid is that?

Why can't this woman just GO AWAY?  She demanded that I leave her alone, so I did for four months.  That resulted in me getting a letter at my employer's address threatening my life.  Then she posted my name and personal cellphone number and my employer's name and address and names of members of my family.

Now she is clearly stating her intent to defraud my family's business and attack my career, even though I have repeatedly asked that she leave us alone.  Watch, and you will see her commit this fraud, digging her reputation into a deeper and deeper hole.

Melissa is pathetic, immature, and paranoid.  She needs professional help and counseling desperately.
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#294 Consumer Comment

Wasting Your Time.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

The thing about Melissa is, she won't listen to anyone. She's been told that she needs to stop threatening people  People have told her that selling pens with her picture on them won't go over very well. The tourists come here for authentic Southwest and native American stuff. Most of them come here to experience the small town atmosphere and hike or fish in the mountains. During the summer months, promoting a new character for the Christmas season doesnt make any sense. Even in the winter months the idea seems silly. 

She's approached most of the merchants in town demanding that we give her floor space. She informed us her product would fly off the shelves better than our stuff. Then she actually showed people a box of cheap pens and key chains with Mel dressed up in I guess her costume with a giant s****.>
Look; people have been doing business here for a long time and that stuff won't move. You can't tell her because she starts behaving like a five year old, actually stamping her feet, breathing hard and threatening awful things will happen if we didn't comply and give her floor space. The best thing to do is to leave her and her husband alone. The only reason she does things to people is to get attention. I mean she could get a job in town if she wanted except that she's made herself such a pest that no one wants to have nothing to do with her. All she wants is to yell and scream at people and complain. She's always got some story about someone is stalking her and how people are constantly prowling around her house. You'd think she was Lady Gaga the way she carries on. She won't learn and all she does is sit around in her tiny house all day plotting to destroy people. Right now she's writing a new page for this site about somebody from New York and she's going to complain to the NY board of relaters. I'm sure that's going to help sell her box full of ball point pens. I don't see how though. 
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#295 Consumer Comment

FYI For Missy

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

Google doesn't just up and call someone and offer to help them.  So you better be watching your limited pocket book and not giving any money to whoever said they were Google.

Hate to burst your bubble but then again you always act so arrogant about stupid things.
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#296 Consumer Comment

Oh for Pete's sake!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (United States of America)

 She is not innocent in any way shape or form. She's a bully and a stalker and she throws tantrums when anyone disagrees with her. As for proofs her own posts are proof. She's nuts and so are you since you had as much to do with boards getting shut down in the past and the plans you and she made about going with her to Mr Garcia's house to help her steal the trunk that your nut cake friend claimed belonged to her. You need to stop preaching out one side of your mouth and cussing out the other. If you were really a friend you'd try and get her to get help.
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#297 Consumer Comment

The story behind Melissa's "TOS attacks"

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Senora C Christmas Store, LLC 4 hours ago

Another TOS Attack this Morning before I got up. This is how the Game goes. I get up, have to come up, get things back, it is All False Reports. Report the a*s Hole to FB Security for Reporting Falsely too many times.

For a weeks or so now, Senora Stalkerito has been pitching a tantrum over what she calls "TOS attacks" on Facebook. While some of is have scratched our heads wondering what she was referring to, Melissa says that she is "logging" these attacks, and plans to use this log in court against me (and several other people) so that she may protect her "biz."

Here is what is really going on: Several people that Melissa has thoroughly infuriated in the past along with members of the bullying support group on Facebook (the one that deleted all of her posts and then banned and blocked her for, of all things, bullying) have been monitoring her personal and "business" pages, and have commenced to report her page every single time she lashes out at me (or anyone else when that starts happening) for bullying a friend. This was brought to my attention in the bullying group by the admins of the group.

The admins have also contacted Facebook about her posts, and have requested a permanent IP/MAC ID ban on her entirely.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing about all of this is that she seriously blames ME dor all of this, and is reporting me to Facebook for some kind of malicious behavior. Facebook has records of each and every report, who filed the report, and their IP and MAC Id's. They know it was not me, resulting in Melissa becoming the laughingstock of facebook's HQ. She has destroyed her own credibility with them, all the while providing ME with a perfect example of how she throws obscenity laden tantrums naming names that have NOTHING to do with all of her problems, which were all brought in herself when she dragged me back into her drama again this time by having Dan send that letter to my employer and posting the address placing the kids in my extended family at risk in the first place.

If you wish to join in and help squash her bullying, stalking, and threats, all you gave to do is look for her posts that attack, harass, stalk it bully others. When you mouse over the post, an "x" will appear. Click it, and the post will disappear and will be replaced with an option to "report" the post. Click "report" and select the appropriate options to indicate that the post bullies a friend.

Some users have been reporting every time she uses obscenities, while others have actually reported EVERY post she makes. Seriously, it is Facebook. Just reporting her attacks is better than reporting everything. Besides, I would rather that the obscenities remain, to show "senorac's" would-have-been contracts/employers/johns/tricks her true angry disgusting and violent nature.

That is all. Thank you. Carry on.
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#298 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - (United States of America)

Melissa, NO ONE want's your business NO ONE want's your life NO ONE want's you as a sex slave and NO ONE has sent you any lewd text messages(Wishful thinking on your part?) and NO ONE has sent you anything stating they are going to ruin you and your business..From what I can see you have no business other than name only..Likes isn't going to help it you're nasty language on you business page certainly isn't going to get is stated...Get it through your head...NO ONE want's anything to do with you....After reading these posts and having been around in the past where you've bullied your way in demanding that other members agree with everything you say to the point of the admin's shutting those boards down to get rid of you it's very clear and obvious that NO ONE is stalking you. YOU and Dan are the stalkers and bullies.....
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#299 Consumer Comment

100 likes, yet still a fraud

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Melissa has "achieved" 100 likes on Facebook, and all it took was begging and groveling non stop as she repeatedly extended her personal deadline. Yet still, even with so many likes, she has still sold NOTHING. She even had to post a message asking for time to raise funds to cover sending the 100th "liker" a Senora C tee shirt:

Senora C Christmas Store, LLC 11 hours ago

Congratulations, Carolyn! You just got a Free Senora C Promotional T Shirt for being the 100th Like! First Milestone now Legitimately reached! Will take me a few days to get Funds up to get the T Shirt for you, but I Will get it. Just IM me with your Info and I will get that to you ASAP.

Perhaps she would stand a chance at gaining people's trust if she fessed up and admitted that her threats were out if line. Maybe if she quit harassing people by posting their employer's and family members names and addresses, potential buyers wouldn't be disgusted at the idea of buying crap with her picture on it. Mayne if Dan would spend less time mailing threatening letters to people's employers and started being more of a husband to Melissa, she might stabilize to a point where she wouldn't be lashing out. Maybe if all that stuff happened, children wouldn't repeatedly be put at risk by her and her temper tantrums.

Melissa still couldn't produce a single example of any threats or lies from the last few days, despite her whining that it was here. She ignores the reaction to her threats to children, and brags about something as ignorant as "achieving" 100 likes on Facebook. Her next goal? 200 likes. Not sales. Not fixing any of the damage she caused by posting the address of young children and asking people to cause trouble for them.

This is Senora C. All about the likes. Does not care about children. Does not know the first thing about business.

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#300 Consumer Comment

Still waiting...

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

It seems that Melissa is having some difficulty locating any rebuttals that pose any threat. That said, I do believe that that makes her a fraud, or indicates a reading difficulty. In the event of the latter, I suggest that she contact her local board of education and inquire about adult education opportunities.

Fresh from Senora C's Facebook:

Senora C Christmas Store, LLC 14 minutes ago


First off, what's a TOS attack? I have worked in the computer industry for decades, and I have never heard of a TOS attack. Hmmm....

Also, I've been at work all day. At job #2 now. I have attacked nobody's tos today. Please clarify.

Thank you.
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#301 Consumer Comment

almost forgot

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

First, I apologize for the typos and miswordings. Autocorrect on an Android phone.

Second, I decided to help Melissa reach the 100 "likes" goal on her Senora c Facebook page, if for no other reason than to show her that having 100 likes changes NOTHING.
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#302 Consumer Comment

Melissa's lucky day!

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)


Two days ago you posted the following to your YouTube page:

Today, on Ripoff Report, I was Accused of having been Arrested and Charged over an Alleged Incident that was supposed to have happened yesterday. It was Alleged that I screamed at and Threatened some local kids. Truth is, I was at home, working, also being with my family. No such thing Ever happened. The last time I was around anyone in public, was a week ago, washing my Laundry at the local Laundrymat. I have Not been around anyone other than my family for more than one week. Those going after my Family would have Loved for that lie to have been true, but it was Not. I intend to hunt down those Responsible and bring them to justice.

Today is your lucky day! Since the post in common was posted on ripoffreport, all you have to do is state which entry from two days ago specifically accuses you of being arrested AND charged for ANYTHING.

Ripoffreport has a strict policy of non-deletion. Therefore all posts from that time frame are still here.

All YOU gave to do is name which rebuttal number by me makes those statements, and I will post a public apology to you and leave you alone FOREVER.

Otherwise, everyone in Northern New Mexico, the United States of America and the World will know that you are a liar and a fraud, and that you make EVERY SINGLE ONE IF YOUR FRAUDULENT CHARGES up and lie through your teeth, that you have ZERO credibility, and that EVERYTHING that people here AND on ED are TRUE and ACCURATE with their description of you.

All you have to do is say which number rebuttal by me falsely alleges that you were, in fact, arrested and charged.

Easy peasy.
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#303 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Senora C Christmas Figure & Christmas Store about an hour ago

Checked my Stats. ED and a*s Hole are still hanging on with a Vice Like Grip to this Page.
When Court Time comes, they will be Forced to Release!
I REFUSE to Give up my Guns OR my Rights!
I WILL NOT Surrender!

I am still boggled as to how Melissa is going to pursue a court order restricting law abiding citizens from reading and discussing a public page.  Her posts from last night claimed that she was going to pursue some libel, defamation, AND slander case against "a$$ hole" because we were discussing HER posts to THIS page, claiming that somehow I (?) had fabricated the story that Melissa, as "Senora C" had posted what she posted here (see Melissa's (Senora C's) "rebuttal #193" on this very page - scroll UP).  It is MELISSA'S entry that names several of my family members.  It is by her hand that the address of my employer (and an apartment of family members including young children) appear on this page, along with her blatantly false and hypocritical accusations of stalking.

Melissa can continue to claim defamation if she wishes, but when the Taos County Sheriff makes it perfectly clear to whatever court in which she files that, in fact, Melissa has been hounding and harassing ME for the better part of a year now, Melissa will be responsible for not only paying the expenses resulting from the fraudulent charges she plans to execute against several law abiding citizens, but she may also face several other contempt charges, should that court tell her, again, that she needs to stop this nonsense, quit harassing and posting attacks all over the internet, and, especially, quit absolutely freaking out every single time her readers react to her barely literate temper tantrums and delusional grandiose conspiracy theories and harassment.

It is this specific behavior that has attracted this type of attention to Melissa.  It is this specific behavior which has attracted NEW attention to Melissa (see /b/ chan reference in the previous post, not by me, although Melissa will most assuredly insist that the post was made by me or by someone that I must know and operate with).  It is this specific behavior which has pushed the Taos County Sheriff to tell Melissa to GO AWAY and QUIT BOTHERING THEM WITH THIS TYPE OF NONSENSE.  But Melissa just plain can't get it through her head that people are sick of her crying WOLF every time somebody reacts to her lies, accusations, and relentless harassment, both online (see rebuttal #193) and off line (see rebuttal #119).

Speaking of rebuttal #119, I have to stress that I left Melissa to dig her hole deeper back when AOTN was shut down.  You see, Melissa and her husband took the liberty of hounding me and harassing me at my place of work back when she got my name (as an admin on the AOTN site, then misinterpreted "Administrator 3 of 5" to mean "Sole owner") and demanded that I delete the site, or they would come to New York State from New Mexico and KILL ME because they did not approve of law abiding citizens of the United States (and a couple other countries) commenting publicly that Melissa's death threats and denial that she had threatened to kill anyone were, frankly, quite funny, albeit ignorant, and definitely NOT befitting of a Christmas Mascot.  Once I campaigned to shut down the site, Melissa began posting my personal contact information, requesting that people go to the address she had posted, and "take me out" along with anyone else they encountered at the address.

To date, nobody has confronted ANYONE at that address, probably because all other people on the face of the earth have more common sense than Melissa, and recognize that acting out on her requests to harass or attack anyone at an address because she requests or demands it would make Melissa the cause of a felony assault charge, ending all possibility of a successful holiday mascot "biz" or any public rodeo venue projects.  However, I must stress that this speculation is simply that: a speculation.  Since Melissa's posts of my family's business address, the business phone number, and the address of those children still continues to appear, despite Melissa being informed repeatedly that that is NOT my address, one can only assume that Melissa is, in fact, deliberately targeting her victim's family, their business, and their children, even though they have NOTHING to do with any of this, other than the fact that their phone line was used to contact the owners and other administrators of, in order to shut the site down, at Melissa's orders, despite there being NO legal order to silence the law abiding members (over 2000) who regularly contributed to the site, discussing Melissa's PUBLIC posts.

To Melissa, all I can say is SUE AWAY.  It is YOUR hands that keep posting that address to harass me, even though it is NOT my address.  It is YOUR hand that keeps typing the names of my family members.  It is YOUR hand that keeps threatening lawsuits, restraining orders, accusing me of racism, posting fraudulent and inaccurate psychological profiles of me.

On the matter of racism, I have to point out that the love of my life for almost three years now (since BEFORE Melissa demanded that I somehow shut down websites that I don't own) is black.  Since November 2011 (before the shut down of AOTN), my Facebook profile picture has been of her and I together at a family function in an affectionate embrace.  Yet Melissa continues to harass me, claiming that I am racist.  My girlfriend and her family have seen Melissa's comments, and were thoroughly disgusted that a white woman from Simi Valley, California would accuse ME of being racist.  Now that they have reviewed and continue to follow all of Melissa's posts on her Facebook pages, her webs blogs, her tumblr, and a few of her other sites though, they are comfortable knowing that she is simply an impotent nuisance, incapable of actual physical threat, thanks to her lack of finances caused by her utter refusal to seek gainful employment, and absolute faith that her "Senora C" aspirations could SOMEHOW garner a year round income capable of supporting a family, even if that family is a rodeo scamming little man with a big ego, his delusional and paranoid wife, and their poor cat.

Frankly, I don't care if Melissa pursues legal action.  As long as my family members' names, phone numbers and addresses appear ANYWHERE online, as far as I am concerned, Melissa deserves every moment of criticism that she receives from the good law abiding people of the WORLD.  If my fellow Americans view her as a NUT, it is her own doing.

Prior to rebuttal #119, I had devoted my time to my jobs and career as soon as AOTN was shut down.  I left Melissa to her own drama, with no intent to return, as long as she did not harass me or my family again.  I worked TWO full time positions AND ran my computer repair service.  I did not have time for her continued harassment.  It was not until I received the letter at my place of employment (see rebuttal #119) from Melissa and Dan threatening me that I came back, ready to set the world straight, and let EVERYONE know just how much of a belligerent liar and source of harassment that Melissa continues to be.

Melissa blames the Encyclopedia Dramatica article about her (see on me, despite the FACT that I do not have an account, editing or authoring rights on the page.  Melissa and Dan also continue to demand, under the threat of bodily harm, that I somehow shut down the Encyclopedia Dramatica site, despite the fact that I don't own it, use it, or even live in the same country that hosts it.  Now THAT is the epitome of ignorance.

Melissa blames THIS PAGE (the one you are reading) on me, and demand that, under the penalty of DEATH, I immediately delete it.  Um...  No can do.  You will have to contact Ed, the owner of this site for that.  He does state that you can submit legal requests (compliant with Arizona State Laws), but given Melissa and Dan's current situation with the State of Arizona (since they skipped State in the wake of the Cactus Flats Rodeo Ranch scam a few years ago), I highly doubt that the State of Arizona will be much help to them.

Melissa insists that I have continued to post, comment, and send messages to and about her, alleging "lewd sexual advances" and "threats to her family and business acquaintances" but to date has not ever provided ANY example of ANY of her allegations, thus further adding to the harassment that my family and I are forced to endure.  When I have attempted to contact Melissa, she has screamed obscenities, then hung up before any type of resolution can even be discussed.  She has been absolutely defiant of peaceful, reasonable direct discussion, and has instead resorted to continuous online attacks and harassment.

Melissa, you attacked my family and my business AGAIN on THIS page.  You insist that anyone who claims it is lying, despite the existence of rebuttal number one hundred and nineteen.  YOU typed that entire entry, then copied and pasted it on SEVERAL sites, including the bullying support group "Bullying Affects Lives" on Facebook.  The owners of that group have since deleted your posts and banned you from the group due to your blatant disregard and threat that you pose to the children in my family caused by your harassment, stalking, and bullying.  Yet you continue to deny that you ever did it.

Melissa continues to deny it all as she extends her "Senora C's Facebook Like-a-thon," begging and pleading for 100 likes, claiming that it will make a "milestone in her business," despite never making a dime at her "business," and using that same page to document her battles against "a*s hole" and his band of merry men.  No wonder people aren't "liking" her page.  Why WOULD anyone?  Normal people don't "like" it when someone poses as a festive holiday character rip-off of traditional established characters, then uses those resources to plug away to non-Christmas things like claiming to be a "gray shaman witch," making false accusations, and doling out threats to people (and young children) who are THOUSANDS of miles away.

Dan asked in his letter why people cared at all what Melissa did thousands of miles away.  I would ask the same thing of his wife.  But Dan never seems to respond when people pose valid talking points to him.  He only seems to pop up when Melissa demands that he issue another round of threats to someone's employer.  I know for a FACT that I am one of (at least) THREE people whose employers have received harassing and threatening letters from Dan and Melissa Bryan over Melissa's online games.  Again, this is not slander or libel.  After years of harassing and threatening people online and off, Melissa and Dan's victims have found each other, and we all communicate regularly, and there is not a d**n thing Melissa or Dan can do to stop that.

A simple google search of Melissa's name yields HOURS upon HOURS of reading material, exquisitely documenting Melissa's tantrums and threats for YEARS, from her "Billy The Kid" nonsense, through the rodeo scams, on through her psychic peddling days, culminating to the "Senora C" parade mascot thing.  I have only known of Melissa since she started seeing that Lord Rick guy a year or two back.  I have caved repeatedly to her demands, under duress as she attacked my family and their businesses repeatedly even though THEY have NOTHING to do with any of this.  ALL accounts of her threatening and getting banned from Old West Gunslinger Discussion Forums were long prior to any involvement by me, as well as the Cactus Flats (Arizona - past) and Enchanted Circle (New Mexico - future) failed rodeo venue projects.  Frankly, working two full time jobs and running a service business on the side, I haven't had any time for phone tapping or knocking on her windows late at night.  Hell, I wouldn't even know how to go about doing that from New York State anyways.  So Melissa and Dan's continued allegations on those matters are just plain laughable and preposterous.

If Melissa intends to sue over anything, I wish her the best of luck.  However, I will caution that as a stalking, harassment, and bullying victim of hers, I have every intention to document and publish every single failed attempt by her to fUrther cause problems in my life, even if it means posting until she psychologically can't take it any more.  ALL further mentions by Melissa that are encountered WILL be "rebutted," as is my right of free speech.  If Melissa wants all of this to end, then she must end it or successfully sue, which will NEVER happen, as there is NOTHING that she can sue me for.

If slander and defamation and libel and stalking and harassment and threats means that I said that Melissa posted rebuttal #193 which contains ONE address which is NOT mine and that Melissa has been repeatedly informed of this fact and that there are children who reside at that address who are placed at risk by her reckless disregard for their safety, then cuff me and stuff me.  But it doesn't.  That's ALL Melissa and her blatant disregard for the safety of the people who live and work at that address, including the children there.  And Melissa has been informed of this fact for MONTHS.  All that she has done about it is add the actual names of a couple people who also live at that address (but are not involved at all in anything at all having to do with Melissa OR Dan) and the names of a couple people who do NOT reside at that address, all in effort to harass and terrorize me, my family, my family's business, and THEIR CHILDREN.

Melissa Bryan is mentally unstable and hates children, pure and simple.  She cares ONLY for her "biz" and the opportunity to make money, and will walk all over anyone who stands in her way, even if they do so in reaction to her death threats and lies.  This includes entire municipalities, as evidenced by her account of the ONE parade in which she participated as "Senora C" (see rebuttals numbers 16, 20, 26, 29, 37, 41 and no less than 30 other instances on OTHER sites where Melissa copied and pasted the "Truth Train" in an attempt to blame her insecure emotions at the Taos Christmas Parade on the parade observers rather than on her own psychological instability).

Stay away from this woman and her husband, whether online or off.  If she finds out who you and your family are and where you live, she will mount a relentless crusade to destroy you if you don't comply with whatever delusional demands she makes of you, even if those demands are inappropriate, impossible, or just plain unfounded.  And if you openly refuse to comply with her impossible demands, she will target your employers, family, and children around you non-stop with an online crusade to force you and your family to live in fear of the angry, evil, NOT Mrs. Santa Claus Gray Shaman Witch who has psychic powers (that don't work AT ALL).  She is evil, but will label YOU as evil, spending MONTHS upon MONTHS posting lies and attacks on you and your character, and will send letters to your employer, will call you and harass you at work, and then will threaten to sue you for libel, but will call it "libel, slander, and defamation" in an attempt to make it sound like three serious felony charges, even though they all mean the same thing, she has no actual example of any instances of it, doesn't know what they mean, yet continues to do the exactly that as she posts and posts and posts and posts trying to rile up an unseen internet army to destroy you and the children in your life (see rebuttal #119).

Please note that there is no instance in this message where I try to "steal" any business from Melissa, not do I make any physical threats.

Melissa has branded me as evil, therefore all she will ever see of me is evil, albeit law abiding evil.

You made me what I am, Melissa.  You have EVERYBODY'S attention.  I hope and pray that your family reads this rebuttal, as well as the ones where you go after my family by name, address, and phone number.  You truly deserve every moment of frustration and heartache that you reap from this whole situation.  You will carry the threats to my family and to the others you have disturbed with you throughout the remainder of your life, and it will devour you from inside your mind.  You will have nightmares.  You will fear for your own family and friends as you keep an eye behind you, hoping and praying that nobody retaliates at you the way that you have asked people to act out against me and my family and other families for years.  Every bump in the night and every distant whisper during the daytime will cause you to worry that the people you have harassed, threatened and stalked are all coming to get even with you for years of this crap.  I don't have to be any form of Shaman or Sorcerer.  I don't have to cast any spells.  I don't even have to post anything off of this ONE website.  You have taken care of all of the evidence I need to show your malicious and ignorant history.

You made your bed, but the voices in your head will never let you fall asleep in it.

Go get help.  NOW.
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#304 Consumer Comment

A Message.

AUTHOR: Anon /b/ tard - (United States of America)

From afar we have been watching! Don't think this is happening in  a vacuum Missy. A lot of people are watching.  

Here you are Missy. This is you the other day. We thought we would answer one of your rants.


Yes you are

Yes you are


You are crazy and you are nuts, the more you deny this fact the more you are nuts.  Deal with this, everybody else has to. That's why you never see anyone else shouting I AM NOT NUTS!


 anyone who thinks they are big because they have a gun are fooling themselves. Missy; everyone in your area haz guns.! My neighbors haz guns, your land lady haz guns. I haz guns, Nobody wants your piddly pee-shooter anyhow. Just don't carry it around because you are an unstable paranoid lunatic with anger management issues.

You can HAVE a gun, the state of New Mexico says you can have one until somebody RO's you Then you have to SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS TO THE SHERRIFS OFFICE. All someone has to do to RO you is prove you are stalking and harassing them. That would be easy for a lot of people. (Hint) Anyone who has received one of your letters can go all over you. Paper is 100 times more potent than the Internet in the courts.

Until then you can have a gun, but YOU should never NEVER carry a gun. You are far too unstable to be trusted with a gun. Your best bet is to unload the thing and leave it behind.

This is why you are crazy. His is why you are unsafe to be around.

And this

And this.


You don't have anything anyone would want.

Nobody wants to fight a chicken-s**t coward who just wants a chance to get someone on trouble. That's all you are trying to do Missy If anyone showed up at your door you'd be on the phone yammering at the Sheriff about how the stalker is attacking you! Then you would pull out your pistola and shoot them. BANG!

Oops! That was just a guy delivering pizza!? Too-bad-so-sad. You just shot a dad trying to make a living for his six kids and crippled wife by working three jobs. Now he's dead and you are going to prison. His kids will go into foster homes and his crippled widow will live in a cardboard box. And you did that! Too-bad-so-sad. PUT THE GUN AWAY MISSY!! Nobody is impressed.

Nobody is coming to your home for a gun fight so why don't you cram that idea and go on to something more productive? Why do you THINK people are complaining on Facebook? If you would stop asking people to have a gunfight (lol) and quit saying you are going to kill yourself (lol) people would stop complaining.  The rules are simple, defy the rules and your problems expand. Dama on the Internet is always growing.

The only thing your stalkers want is for you to stop trying to intimidate and harass them because d**n GIRL! You are a pathetic mess and nobody will take you serios any more. You have NO business harassing anyone. You wanted to be the cussing Christmas character who stalks and harasses children and adults? You got it girl You wanted to be a stalker, a troll and a bully?. The reputation is yours.

The only thing anybody wants is for you to either STFU or start behaving in a more acceptable manner. If you can't do one or both of those things, expect more of this.

If you would like to FIX your sorry reputation you could just STOP harassing and stalking people. You might also try approaching all of the people you've f**ked over in the past few years and tell them are sorry. Yes we know you have problems doing that and that you feel apologizing is for weak people. You are wrong about that like you are wrong about most everything else.

Apologizing is what courageous people do. That's because it takes courage to realiz you are a f**k-up, just like the rest of us. It takes courage to understand that we all make mistakes and that we will try not make them more than once. Cowards, little yellow bellied cowards like you try to blame other people on their f**k ups.


If you do a food service establishment, you will be under the following regulations;

LOL the UCC!. That UCC thing is a HOAX! It doesnt apply to you. Take it to court, I dare you and find out! No judge in their right mind will believe you Missy. You are a bully, fraud and a troll, you only exist to get people into trouble. You can dish it out, but you can't take it. What kind of a life is that?

Why don't you do the SMART thing and start living with people and living within the rules for a change? Trying to bludgeon people into submission and get people into trouble has never gotten you anywhere. All you do is get more and more people angry at you

 Try something else! Try to be nice to people. It really works! If you run into a jerk? So what? Ignore them. Why do you think almost everybody ignores you? Why do you think people make fun of you? The Internet is like the wild west, there are no penalties for saying this to you. It's like me and all of the people like me? We have six-guns made of words, all pointing at you.

What you really need to to is get profesional help. It would do you a world of good.
 Don't do it and reap the whirlwind.  

Toodles. Doodles, Noodels!

We will be watching!
Expect us!
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#305 Consumer Comment

Just my luck...

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Senora C Christmas Figure & Christmas Store 1 hour ago

I Finally have enough for a Defamation and Libel Law Suit and I intend to File and Collect Damages on the same. I have it in writing that a*s Hole is out to Destroy me at All possible Costs!

And here I was thinking that maybe if I walked away, she'd finally bugger off and leave me and my family alone. Nope. I have to prepare for a lawsuit, because somehow Melissa thinks that I have somehow become liable for millions of dollars in losses to her "biz," which was just granted it's official "biz papers" a couple weeks ago. I lold. IF, by some freak miracle, a "not" Mrs. Santa angry vulgar short tempered internet tyrant actually WOULD work as a ($20,000,000 / 3 weeks = approx 6.5 million per week x 52 weeks = ) $ 338,000,000 per year income.

You are a nuisance Melissa. Go your own way. Remove my name and my family's name from your vocabulary. If you don't, then I will reply to your subpoena with the address to this page.

You did it to yourself. This isn't stalking. It isn't slander. You posted it. It's right there, under Senora C's username. Just like you did it in that Facebook bullying victims' support group. Remember? The one that deleted all of your posts and banned you for BULLYING AND STALKING? Do you want be to copy/paste some of the apologies that I received from the admins and other bullying victims - all apologizing for YOUR actions?

Do you want me to talk more about DAN and his threatening and harassing letter to my work? You KNOW you love it when Dan finds out YOU git EVERYONE talking about HIM and his RODEO SCAMS AGAIN.

Or you can quit harassing the children in my family. NOTHING about your Senora C biz, no threats. Just a large featured guy who does NOT live at the address that you keep posting, who wants to put you in your place and teach you that you just plain can't do the crap that you do to people and think that you can just lie your way away from the reaction that you deserve every moment of.


P.S. As always, absolutely void of anything sexual in nature. Melissa, if you are going to make claims like that, you'd best post some trooofs and evidenceses. Because I believe that you are lying again. And Ripley don't like liars. Your claims of "lewd advances" are in your head. Grow up. You should be ashamed, especially if you ever DO expect your Senora C thing to ever make money. You really need ti knock off the pathetic and overly dramatic reaction to every single person who ever disagreeable with you.

Oh, and going after someone's family repeatedly and ignoring that YOU HAVE THE WRONG ADDRESS is just plain sick and despicable. You are the lowest, most pathetic and immature person I have ever encountered, online or off.

Sue away. I have already discussed all of this with New Mexico officials.

You did it all to yourself.
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#306 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

LOL hWut?
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#307 Consumer Comment

First, let this be known that I do not care if I know any of you...

AUTHOR: BaptistVermond - (United States of America)

As I write this, I would like all who view this message to understand the severity of it. The individual known as "Serona C" is a member of a long-standing Native American family and bloodline, and that single fact alone is what applies to the situation as I describe it.

Irregardless of whether Serona C has at times been eccentric, or "expressive" of her Native American heritage- this has absolutely zero to do with the reason(s) behind her life being targeted for stalking. Individuals who are involved in this stalking target *ANY* family, so long as they are (a) mostly Native American; (b) have ancestors in anyway related to the Indians or Welsh lineage etc, and (c) have any sort of ancestral history that the criminals consider being some sort of threat.

Serona C therefore is *INNOCENT* of any alleged charges coming out exclaiming that she is insane, unstable, "off the wall" or a serial killer. None of these charges can be proven in a court of law nor have they been proven, even by Zionist Fascist Judges such as Judge "Morgenthal". Although I'm sure he would love to prove these charges against her, to this date, none of them have added up to anything more than nonsense.

Let me also elaborate on the severity of the crime being conducted here. Michelle Looney, whom I took a case for; exhibited all the *exact same signs* of paranoia; phones being cut off or "click click" nonsense that the individual known as Serona C underwent much to her detriment.

Michelle Looney, Jim Rothstein, Greg Pound and plenty of other families have been "gang-stalked" purely for idiotic and juvenile reasons; on account of their families being related to the Native Americans or original Spanish Resistance and similar hyperbole. Before even reading the topic, I knew it was a "gang-stalk" crime because the woman was so stupid she had to point out how "Spanish" the person is. Really, since when does any of that count towards a thing?!

And Serona C; I highly recommend you arm yourself and get in contact with the National Lawyers Guild as well. These "banking families" who have been attacking/oppressing people are, (as well as any of you "anonymous stalkers" who you know d**n well are following her) - to be arrested and tried for various counts of sedition. As for your health, get to a natural doctor and chiropractor right away to clear the unbalance. Do not allow yourself to live anywhere near these unclean, evil families of idiots. Do not go to any of their "hospitals" where they wish to offer drugs or assistance, or their mental wards where they can "lock you up"- just leave them behind for good and consider them your eternal enemy. They have certainly seen most Indians and other families as their enemy for a long time now as it is!

By the way, the Federal Reserve can go to hell and drop like a rock.

Again, folks, be aware of shady characters like this positively brain dead moron "ROFL"; because they have Attorneys as friends. They are also stupid enough to commit crimes in broad daylight, which will with certainty, come back to bite them all in the a*s. In any case, BEWARE of these Federal Reserve banking families because the gang-stalking is very real and serious.

And as always, do not trust any sort of Jesuit priest who seems to be either brain-dead or following the disgusting & filthy lie that is Zionism. That bulls-t is toast!!!!

DO NOT FLAT TRUST THE VATICAN, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT BUNCH. Added to that, if you are ever in trouble- record everything and I do mean keep records of everything. To all Onlookers: Let it be known that it is inconsequential as to whether I know the individuals, or the parties involved in this set of circumstances to any degree. I have already known similar individuals and seen the exact same behavior patterns, as well as reported them to higher law enforcement. Every action exhibited here is characteristic of gang-stalking, conducted by the Jesuit Order hierarchy; most of which are nothing but inbred satan worshiping Zionists which need to drop.

AND ONE FINAL MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO THE ECCLESIASTICAL 'Jesuit' ZIONISTS OF THE VATICAN: Your day is approaching, and your final ticket is punched; beware of those "friends" you claim you have around every tree branch!!!! They are your enemies, you little traitors.

Your dumb a**es are THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finished, finito, kaput. And when the last of you is either in jail or in the street, I hope you enjoy the fireworks of hangings.
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#308 Consumer Comment

Denial. And stupidity.

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

Read Senora C's previous post.

That is not my address. I have explained that every single time Melissa has posted that address. It is not my address. Children reside at that address.

She continues to post it anyways, just as she, Melissa Bryan, under the user ID "Senora C" just did, on this page.

There's your proof. Duhhhh....

Melissa does not care if she places those kids at risk. If she DID, she wouldn't still be posting those children's address.

Melissa Bryan (aka Senora C) wants children to hurt and suffer because she's too self centered to care about anyone else.

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#309 General Comment

You have absolutely NO proof of this allegation

AUTHOR: Irish Miss - (United States of America)

CEASE & DESIST you have no proof, there are NO records against her, there are NO charges against her, there were NO charges filed, STOP IT, leave her the H*LL alone! You have done everything in your power to bring her down and you have done just about that! Stop this abuse, let her live hger life! Stop and think how this would affect you should someone say you had been charged with this type of crime.  Let it be, let her alone, d*mn it to h*ll go away and let her have some breathing room. You have damaged her enough. Let it go and Let God.

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#310 Consumer Comment

Melissa is in total denial, not bright enough to realize what she has done

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

This is unbelievable. Melissa is STILL in denial that she placed anyone at risk, still won't/can't acknowledge that the address that she keeps posting to harass me is NOT mine, and STILL claims that people are attacking her business.

Today, on Ripoff Report, I was Accused of having been Arrested and Charged over an Alleged Incident that was supposed to have happened yesterday. It was Alleged that I screamed at and Threatened some local kids. Truth is, I was at home, working, also being with my family. No such thing Ever happened. The last time I was around anyone in public, was a week ago, washing my Laundry at the local Laundrymat. I have Not been around anyone other than my family for more than one week. Those going after my Family would have Loved for that lie to have been true, but it was Not. I intend to hunt down those Responsible and bring them to justice.

nmghosts01 posted a comment 7 hours ago

The preceding drivel is from her YouTube page, also publicly posted.

I firmly believe that Melissa is mentally ill. I also believe that she may have some reading comprehension deficiencies, or at the very least, that she lied about actually reading the posts on this page.

Whatever the case, I'm done with this bull$hit. This page will remain in place for time, and Melissa and Dan will just have to deal with the ridicule they will receive due to Melissa's continued ignorance and recklessness.

In the meantime, here's her latest post on her Senora c Facebook page:

Senora C Christmas Figure & Christmas Store 11 hours ago

I hope by Morning, to have the remaining 13 Likes that I need to keep this Business viable and going. Only 87 likes out of over 700 Friends? I had hoped for a bit more than that to come aboard and support this Biz.

Check out the attached screencap. People have actually UNliked her page, keeping her from meeting her goal. Melissa obviously has ZERO business training or experience. Probably why everything she tries FAILS.

At least she's still good for the occasional laugh.

Melissa, if you intend to continue to violate my privacy, please post MY address, and leave my employer and family out if this. That includes my employers phone number and address. Please show a modicum of respect for the children by leaving their address out of your attacks.

Thank you.
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#311 Consumer Comment

Well... Alrighty then...

AUTHOR: MissPriss - (United States of America)

She can't lie about that one anymore...She threw it out there in Black and White...I do wish she'd get the help she so desperately needs. She'd be so much happier and may even be able to get her business up and running....*Shrugs*
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#312 Consumer Comment

Melissa Threatens Two Children Under Age 6

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

How many times has it been over the past year, Melissa? 17 according to my count. Every single time you have posted that address, I have clearly explained to you that I do not live there. That is my employer's address and the address of an apartment occupied by members of my family.

But Melissa just plain does not care about anyone, including children.

Why would someone post the address of someone's employer and family along with their employer's phone number like this? No threats were made by me toward Dan or Melissa, other than threats of legal actions if the pathetic and blatant disregard for others (including children) continued.

I haven't pressed charges, because I am sure that Melissa could shirk most charges by pleading insanity anyways, and I don't want to be the mean guy who presses charges on the mentally challenged and unstable.

Still, I have the letter that Dan mailed to my employer threatening me, I have multiple calls to my employer by Dan demanding that I shut down websites that I don't control or own (like this one and encyclopediadramatica) or he will come to NY and kill me, and now we have the 17th time that Melissa specifically targets my family and employer after being told 17 times that I do nor live at that address.

What boggles my mind the most is that Melissa would come to a site like ripoffreport and do it again, knowing the policy of non deletion here. Finally, Melissa has threatened children on a board where SHE can not delete it.

Observe, world, the antics of a woman who claims that SHE is threatened, claims that she was run out of business, and claims that she never ever did or ever would do exactly what she did in her most recent post, right here on ripoffreport.

This is your Senora c. To hell with the kids. Screw your livelihood. She will kill you and your family if you don't shut down what you have no control over and silence all the other people around the world who now point, laugh, and post all about her crazy and irrational antics. She posts it publicly, and everyone else reads, lols, and discusses. If she doesn't like it, as her own local sheriff lamented, why does she continue to post her rants and claims for public viewing. This is not stalking.

Melissa's fUrther claims that undercover operatives have been sent to disrupt her life is not only delusional, it's ignorant. But what can I say? It's Melissa.

Melissa claims that I have attacked her family. Last I knew, that consisted of Dan and jukebox, her poor cat. I have no interest in her cat. Having just lost mine, I consider pets to be sacred to their owners, not unlike children, like the ones that Melissa continues to place at risk. However, Dan is fair game to me, thanks to his calls and letters to my employer. Thank you, Dan. Even after I gave you my personal cellphone number, and respectfully offered you the opportunity to contact me directly, rather than screwing with someone else's business or making a scene online. Thank you, Dan. Your actions will follow you. Sucks to be you.

Thank you, Melissa for posting my contact info here. You can't delete it. I received enough calls from when you posted my information on Facebook and on your blogs. I don't mind taking calls about you. O don't mind telling people about the threats and FRAUDulent accusations at all. Actually, it's entertaining knowing that the people you direct to me will not be hiring you for anything, thanks to MY advice.

I will be sharing this page with everyone at every opportunity I get. From here, they will see the encyclopediadramatica article. If you skip town again, like you and Dan did after cactus flats, wherever you go will probably have internet too, so people will continue to email me, making it very easy for me to show every potential customer, investor, parade coordinator, and health inspector what "Senora C," the Goth emo pagan child scaring suicidal liar and her scam perpetrating husband are really like in their own words.

And, before you try to deny anything, Melissa, look up a few posts where you posted my family's names and an address which is NOT my home address. YOU did it again.

All I asked for was for Melissa to admit that she posted the wrong address, inadvertently putting the children in my family at risk. She insisted time and time again that it all was a lie, as she continued to do it. Now it is right here in black and white.

Senora C/Melissa Bryan is a reckless menace to children, and a delusional irrational and short tempered liar. She should never ever be trusted as Senora c, a psychic, or as a supplier of any home made goods. She should be remanded to professional care for a psychological evaluation to determine the extent to which she poses a threat to herself and to others. Again. She should go back on her medications to get her emotional under control. Her husband Dan should get in the habit of following through with keeping his word when others disregard his screaming impossible demands on the phone and help him anyway rather than regressing back to the type of person who would threaten and harass someone at their place of work.

In retrospect, I regret campaigning to shut down aotn. I realize now that the the accounts and experiences that people were sharing about Melissa and Dan were true accounts expressed by people exercising their right to free speech, in an effort to warn others about Melissa and Dan's tendency to harass and threaten people online and at their workplace. I should have left ALL of the posts and remained silent. Then more people would know the truth about Melissa and Dan, and they wouldn't have my contact information.

Oh, well.

Thank you, Melissa, for a permanent example of just how despicable and low you truly are. This page will be following you and Dan wherever you go for the rest of your lives.
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#313 Consumer Comment

for the record..

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

I do not have logon credentials on encyclopediadramatica.

That means I can not comment.

That means I can not edit.

That means I can not author.

That means that Melissa is lying (FRAUDulent) every time she blames her ed article on me.

But that's what she does. She has set off SO MANY people, she can't tell them apart.

Go get help, Melissa. Get back on your meds, please.
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#314 Consumer Comment

Senora Hypocrite

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

See how this works with her? She and her husband call and send threatening letters to my employer's address, and she posts my employer's address (and the address of my family - note: NOT MY ADDRESS) repeatedly all over the internet, then comes HERE to show off to the world just how ignorant she truly is.

Melissa, do us all a favor and smash your computer and iPhone. Then carry through with that eating thing you keep threatening to do. You are a menace to your community and to the social atmosphere of the internet. Get over yourself. Get out of business if you can't handle the public sentiment that people express. Quit being such a belligerent attention w***e and pitching a fit every single time someone acknowledges that you are just plain outrageously dramatic and absolutely full of yourself. I'm sick of it. The sheriff in your county are sick of it. Your own family is sick of it.

STFU or gtfo. Preferably both. But either way, you asked and begged for every ounce of crap that you are going through. If it isn't me, you can expect it from someone else.

And if you want me to leave you alone, then quit calling me back every time one of your chubby fingers decides to dole out more threats.

THIS is why NOBODY likes or trusts you.


P.S. Thia isn't stalking. It is REACTING. Deal with it.
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#315 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - (USA)

we have a video camera but with the cost of electronics this days I don't want to risk breaking it by filming her, the skinny dude, or her icky looking baked goods so she is safe from viral videodom.

And deep cleaning?  I think that involves calling the local volunteer fire department and hooking up high pressure hoses to hose down that place good (watch out jukie!!).

Blah blah blah no one on the internets or the facebook is allowed to copy anything from her paged blah blah blah:

But apparently according to her lovely weird pictures she posts by the dozen each day she wants to poke someone in the eye with a fork, wants people to kiss her fluffy behinder, admits to having mood swings every 6 minutes, admits to being a *itch several times and plans to commit murder suicide.  OH and someone named Senora Cowbutt appeared on her other facebook page so she took the liberty to take it down in protest and whiney fit.

But really if we aren't supposed to copy or use anything from her pages why does she bother to post them for her fans?

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#316 REBUTTAL Owner of company

This stalker is bullying me

AUTHOR: Senora C - (United States of America)

This is the other one that is currently lying against and going after me.

a*s Hole thinks I won't reveal Everything on him.
Yes, I will - AGAIN!
He did it to ME on ED, so I am just giving him a bit of Payback and Karma.
I Obtained Everything Legally, through a Legal Public Records Search.
Everything of this is 100% Legal and 100% TRUTH!

Full Legal Name: Jason A. Trank
Age: 39
DOB: 9 - 11 - 1973
4 Legal Addresses (Only one Confirmed Correct).
6495 Olean Rd.
South Wales, NY. 14139
Occupation: Real Estate Agent for Wynmetro Trank Realty
Aliases: Jason Mann, EAJayMan, Swalescov, jaymandude, Mr. Mann, OE
Relations: Russell K. Trank
Gordon L. Trank
Colleen J. Trank
Andrew D. Trank
Owner: Radio Show: Autopsy Live (Stupidity and Satire)
Phone Numbers: (716) 655 - 1611
(716) 380 - 7444 (Cell)
Like his Counterpart, Ms. DeGrippo, is also all over Social Media, one only has to look to find him.

Personality Profile:

Sun Sign: Virgo
Ruler: Mercury
Earth Sign: Mutable; Passive and Adaptable.
Dscription: Tall to very tall, heavy movements, Large features, round eyes, fair complexion, walks with a Slanted Hitch, sees out of the Corners of his eyes.

Is Promiscuous and Virgos known as "The w***e of the Zodiac."
Prudish Exterior, Sexually Oriented.
Is a Neat Freak, to the point of OCD.
Is a constant Note Taker.
Overly Sensitive.
Multi Faceted (MPD?)
Walks on Balls of his feet, head first.
Insecure, cries easily.
Close with Family.
Drives everyone around him Nuts.
Won't get going on his own life until age 40.
Slow to develop his Self - Image.
Scared of Bugs, will shreik like a Girl.
Won't let go of the Past.
Has Habit of Foot In Mouth Syndrome.
Overly romantic.
Likes to travel.
Is a Private Learner, won't get much Schooling or Under Educated.
Has a Retentive Memory.
Has Poor to No relations with Mom.
Close with Siblings.
Likes People only for what they can do for him.
Prone to Stomach Upset.
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#317 Consumer Comment

I knooOOOOOoooow!

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - (USA)

I read that post yesterday, and I couldn't help but think how much safer Melissa and Dan would be if she could just find the time and energy to gather all of the cards that are required in New Mexico to verify one's identification AND if she had ALL of her genealogical data transferred over to discS, as in MULTIPLE ones. Because you know d**n well that in order to efficiently store, transport, and convert THAT much data into cold hard cash, worthy of the reincarnation of the 12 year old Mexican that Billy the Kid raped, you need MULTIPLE CDRoms, because 700MB just won't cut it.

Oh, the crisis. How the hell could ANY business owner get on track after having those items uncatalogued for... ...whatever purpose.

Stop the presses! A post epitomizing the very purpose of Facebook has materialized at the behest of her royal roundness herself!


Senora C Christmas Figure & Christmas Store Yesterday at 7:17pm

All that is left on my Legal Papers, are a copy of my ID Cards and put it in with my Folder for my Biz. After that, done and ready on that end and also have to go through my Geno stuff and find Primary Records, then sort and put it all to Discs. It should all be done over the Weekend, so that I am Ready should anything happen and also need to do a deep clean of the house. That will be fine though, as the Protest against the Crap I have Endured and against Gov't Over Regulation Bake Sale will be going on Wed. the 13th - NO PERMITS! Don't need them since it is just one day and it is on my own Property, on my own Time, on my own Dime and if ANYONE tries to Stop me, I will throw a FIT! I wil Yell, Scream, Rant, Rave and PROTEST! I WILL THROW A PROTEST of EPIC Proportions and I WILL Throw the Health Dept. OFF my Property along with those Responsible!


Never frikn mind! She's got it all under control! The money (and 15 moar Facebook likes will be rolling in!

Native, neighbor, and anyone else in that area, do you have video cameras? I'm sure that after a deep cleaning of her house, she'll have plenty of cat hair to add to her pies, cakes, cookies, and other fattening easy bake items she can come up with. A video of a "bake sale to protest the Taos County health department's regulation of bake sales" would make an absolutely viral video, especially if someone was to call the health department and report that Senora C's cat-hair and tapeworm cookies are less than appetizing.

Perhaps a printout of her Facebook page with the message "look across the street" hanging in the Arroyo Seco post office would provide the catalyst? The only thing "epic" about all of this is the view count if someone gets the visit from the health department on video. Protest protest protest? More like butthurt butthurt butthurt.

Of course, I am joking about all of this. I do not advise anyone to ever troll that angry delusional evil woman like that. Ever. After all, she is a gray shaman witch by upbringing and geneologicallally. And you all know that you just plain do NOT screw with a gray shaman witch. Especially when they boinked a murderer like Billy. Or are related by marriage to Bount, the Doggy Hunter. And Jesus. And George Washington. And Emilio Estevez. Especially Emilio. And are American Indian and Black. Despite being white from SoCal.

*eyeroll and facepalm*

Does anyone sense sarcasm in the room?

No. You don't. Because I blocked it with a spell. Because I'm a shiny chrome shaman sorcerer. And I have velociraptor blood in my veins. Neener Neener.

No Facebook likes for you.

So there.
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#318 Consumer Comment

What Melissa did yesterday;

AUTHOR: Seco Native - (United States of America)

Mel was very busy on Facebook. Too bad she doesn't have time to do anything constructive. 

She; made a couple of death threats. Made one or two suicide threats. Posted about 100 very negative signs on her profile. And she accused somebody of hiring people to come to her home and stalk her. 

"I found out that A*s Hole sent one of his Goons in to try something on my home and Family.Thankfully, my Neighbor's Dog scared them away and scared my Neighbor half to death.
I told A*s Hole Not to try it.The next time, his Flunky won't be so d**n lucky! Both Households WILL be Armed! 
Things are beginning to make sense. I am connecting the dots between my Neighbor's experience, the flashes of light that my Family and I have seen in our Bedroom Window several nights in a row for weeks on end, A*s Hole trying to coax me out of my home and into a position of Vulnerability, as well as the charred wood in the irrigation ditches and the mystery Gunfire one night; plus not being able to go anywhere. 
It all makes sense now.
A*s Hole has indeed sent someone to make attempts on my home and family, but primarily me."

Missy had a busy day! Hopefully she won't start shooting some pedestrian as they walk to the post office or down the street. I'll have to let people know that Melissa and Dan are armed and wanting to shoot intruders sent by some unnamed person thousands of miles away. Her paranoia seems  to be growing. This is not a good thing for our community. We depend on tourist traffic and it would be very bad for business if it became known that a pistol waving  lunatic was waiting around to shoot people she is sure was sent by evil stalkers to harass her. Mel, get help now! 
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