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  • Reported By: KathyGold — Mission Hills California
  • The Church Of Scientology Internet USA

The Church Of Scientology I was a member in good standing when I reached out for help in 1998, instead of help I got put into an induced meltdown, video taped naked and I almost died. This was to cover up why Lisa Mcpherson really died. All the data is on Scientologyforyou.info including documents. Internet

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This is my story and what happend to me.

In February of 1998, I became engaged to Jon Mackinder, it was on February 14, 1998 to be exact. He was a scientologist, like me. I've been in Scientology since 1986. In 1985, I had a realization, I was asking myself what did I want to do with my life and then a lightbulb went off and I had a realization, past lives, somewhere on this planet I could find the true data about past lives. The next day, I got a job working for scientologists, in Woodland Hills, California, they all happen to be OT's lol.

The first book I read was Have You Lived Before This Life. The Church of Scientology is a church about past lives, I didn't care about improving my life etc etc. I realized to go up the bridge was my way of obtaining spiritual freedom, meaning cause over my exteriorization. That would mean, when I die, my soul leaves my body, I'm aware and I know where I'm going and where I want to go. Basically to have the ability to go play any game in the universe I want. This was important to me. I understand that to alot of people, they don't really care about what happens to them when they die. I'm not them. I do. I knew this back in 1986.

Anyway my bridge, my religion, my faith Scientology was very very important to me. After my first husband who was an a*****e and a jerk, I decided I wanted to marry and have kids with a Scientologist, someone like me, where going up the bridge and obtaining our spiritual freedom together was important.

I had my own business called Digital Gold, I put myself though a computer trade school back in 1995 and after I graduated, I started my own company. I had no money only $150.00, enough to get my DBA and open my business checking account. That was it, I worked my butt off to get my company off the ground. I met a scientologist by the name of Linda Hubbard and she introduced me to Jon Mackinder, this was in the beginning of 1998.

After we got engaged, he moved into my home in Encino, near Burbank Blvd in between White Oak and Balboa. I worked out of my home, I had a 2 bedroom apartment and he also started working for my company, he too was in the interenet web design field. I designed, developed and built websites and online marketing and promotion.

Things were up and down with us and I assumed that we could work through our problems as we were going to be married etc. One day we had a fight and he was tape recording me, turning on and off the tape recorder, basically self editing and that really pissed me off. I tried to take it away from him, and it got worse from there. At one point he pushed me down and told me to stay down. I didn't listen, I got back up. He's 6'3 and I'm 5'2. He's the guy, he's not suppose to be acting like this, especially in my home. The fight escalated from there, where he picked me up and threw me across my glass dining room table. Then, I was holding on to my art deco lamp and he picked that up and threw me out of my home with it, I landed on the cement pavement. In the middle of all of this, he called his registrar at Ventura Mission, Jim Hamre and told him I was hitting him which was not true, he's response was go for a walk.

Weeks prior to this, Jon Mackinder was suicidal, so I cancelled my meeting with Sony execs over on the Sony Lot and drove him down to Ventura Mission so he could get some auditing, I didn't want him to die, so I took responsibility for him and paid for it. We were engaged to be married and this is what you do when you love someone.

That evening, we both went into CC Int, we were both on lines there doing the PTS/SP course, which I paid for along with our IAS memberships. We went to Ethics and I took full responsibility for my part in this fight, but Jon Mackinder didn't. I didn't want to get the police involved as it would be an out gradient, when you are part of a church, you're suppose to go to your church first, to handle it. The police have more important things to do like saving people's lives, not handling domestic quarrels. Between all this, me and Jon Mackinder were breaking up and getting back together.

At this point we got into another argument and he moved out. I also got a call from Lance Imbergia, he had an affair with Lisa Mcpherson, whose name was Lisa Skinitsky when they were in the Sea Org at CC Int. She left and came to interview at Hanover in 1989 for a job. I hired her as one of my juniors. Lance told me that she died at Flag from a brain aneurysm.

Then while working, I had another realization, the sea org was my true group. I always had intended on going back, I was in the Sea Org in 1991, I routed on to the EPF on February 14, 1991, I was only in for 3 month and trying to get out for another 3 months. I went to work at Bridge Publications. Gavin Potter was my orginal recruiter. So as soon as I had that realization, I picked up the phone and called Gavin, I told him I wanted to come back in the Sea Org and he was like this is wild, I'm on a special project recruiting to get OT9 and OT10 released. I'm never at this phone, what are the odds? I was like ok, whatever, come over, let's get this done. So he came by, by this time, me and Jon Mackinder were back together and we talked about going in the Sea Org. Gavin Potter was divorced but had kids and so did Jon Mackinder, so Gavin told Jon Mackinder how he did it. Basically Gavin took a leave of absense from the Sea Org and went to work and made a bunch of money, then opened trust accounts for his kids and had it paid till they were 18 years old to handle his child support issues.

The special project to get OT9 and OT10 released consisted of getting trained in martial arts and going and kidnapping the SP's and auditing them. I was like that's my game. Let's go. This was pre 9/11 and I assumed it was mankind's SP's and of course we were working with the US Gov. I found out later reading Marty Rathbun's blog that the SP's Gavin was referring to was David Mayo, so basically they wanted to kidnap and audit people like David Mayo, kidnapping is against the law. Had I made it up to Int management and found out, I would have told them they were crazy, it's against the law and I would have left, and probably reported them to the police as well as documents to prove. David Mayo is not mankind's SP's, these people like David Mayo had missions and were part of expanding the missions.

Gavin also told me, int management did a survey and found that the SP's are stopping people from going into the Sea Org, so I'll be monitored. I was like ok, cool.

Mind you, this happened within a 2 week period, really fast. Two apartment buildings down, there was a huge arrest of like 20 guys on the front lawn. And I had a really bad dream and thought someone was breaking into my home, I was living alone at that time. I freaked out, I called Jon and he didn't believe me, he started laughing, then I hung up on him and called 911 they told me to wait, I was like what, somebody could be trying to kill me and I gotta wait, I freaked and ran out of my home. I jumped in my car and drove and drove all over the place, all the way out to long beach, I just kept driving, mind you I'm in my night gown ok. So morning is coming up and I don't know where to go, I didn't feel safe, the only place I felt safe was my church. I knew, no harm could come to me in my church. For me, a church is a place of sanctuary, not a house of worship.

So I went to CC Int, went to the cantina and security came. They got me blankets and they were laughing too, when I told them my story. Then they directed me downstairs, by the purif where Gavin was waiting for me. We both sat there, he gave me some b1's which I took and then my course supervisor along with others crowded around us and she started pointing her finger at me like I was bad. Then Gavin drove me home to my house, where Jon Mackinder was waiting for me. I didn't really understand why he was there and my door was unlocked. I didn't want him there. I told him to leave but he wouldn't leave. Which really pissed me off. So we were there, alone before others showed up. I guess they sent me home to be watched. I didn't argue with them, I just let them direct me. I put my trust in them. I trusted them to apply my religion Scientology. There are missing time periods as I was going in and out of a state of consciousness.

At one point, I left, i just started walking, really really fast, past balboa park, going towards woodley and Jon was there following me, after me. There were helicopters above us and the next thing I knew, Julie Synder's Husband's assistant pulled up in a car and we both got in. She drove and me and him were in the back seat. They wouldn't talk to me, she just kept telling me to calm down and he just really pissed me off, I started getting violent, I started beating the hell out of him. I remember, I grabbed his hair and just started pulling it back and forth and ramming his head agaisnt the back seat of the car, he just sat there and took it. I guess because she was a witness where before our fight in my home, there were no witnesses other than my neighbors across the street. They called Pomm Hepner and asked her, what should we do, she's being violent and we can't control her.

But they wouldn't listen to me. They wouldn't talk to me or acknowledge my communcation. Which made me angrier and angrier. I remember later that night, Jon Mackinder and her, I forget her name, she worked for a friend of mine's husband Julie Synder, a gallery aritst. They both wouldn't allow me to leave my home nor talk to me nor allow me to talk on the phone. They cut my comm. Jon Mackinder was on the phone in the kitchen on a cell phone and I overheard him saying she's a psych case. I didn't know what that meant as I have never been in a psych hospital.

They forced me to sit down, I would stand up and they would both force me back into the chair. At one point, my ears went deaf, I couldn't hear anything, and I was so pissed off, I took the phone in my living room, pulled it out of the wall and threw it against the window. I wanted to hear the sound of glass crashing.

Later that night, I ran out of the house again, down the street on the right hand side past the apartment building where the 20 people were arrested and there was a woman standing there, she was on the phone with Jon Mackinder. I asked him, who is this woman, who is she? He wouldn't answer my question, no comm, which pissed me off even more. I found out later, she was a nurse from Megan Shield's office. Why he refused to communicate this to me, is beyond me.

The next day, I was taken to the park down the street by Jon Mackinder, we sat on the bleachers and he asked me why did this happen to you? I knew as an auditor that was not the proper question to ask someone, it's a very introverting question. I knew we were being monitored cause Gavin told me. So I looked at Jon Mackinder and I said hmmm because I was molested by my father lol I lied. I remembered at that moment India, a girl I was with at Bridge Publications, who went uplines at Int to be with her soulmate, her wholetrack 2d, she was molested by a family member. I didn't know why this was happening to me and here he was asking me why? It was a weird question to ask someone in a middle of a meltdown, it's not standard tech and nobody came and corrected him or applied my religion.

Then later I was driven around by Jon Mackinder and whoever, taken to get some food, we went to McDonalds. He walked me into the bathroom, I had to go to the bathroom. And then back to my home. I was out of it, not really quite there, just going with the flow.

Then the next thing I knew, there are more people in my home. Again, I'm going in and out of a state of consciousness. I remember waking up and taking my clothes off and running out of my home down the street naked. Jon Mackinder and the other woman grabbed me and carried me back into my home. Again blanked out. then I woke up and saw this woman with blonde hair, a pony tail wearing blues, HGB blues uniform with a camera, over the shoulder, walking out of my home. I saw the back of her. again, I blanked out. Then started waking up, I stood up and Dan Stradford OT8 yelled at me and told me to sit down or I would lose my bridge. Next thing I know the police are there. Everybody like scattered and I was talking to the police. I wasn't really there but I remember I was trying to handle it, the police wanted to know why? I really didn't know, I just came out of a state of unconsciousness. I was the only one, everybody else ran away, they didn't talk to the police. The next thing I knew I was in the police car in the back going to the hospital. I went silent, mute. I wouldn't talk and refused. I was just observing. Just kinda going along for the ride. I was admitted, xrayed, fingerprinted etc etc. Then I woke up in the psych ward, wondering how the hell did I get here? This was over Labor Day weekend.

The person I reached out to was Jon Mackinder. So I called him, he was living at a person's house by the name of Jean Dale, OT7, and his FSM was Pomm Hepner OT7. He wasn't there per Jean Dale but somehow she had to call OSA. I didn't really understand what was going on. There were like 20 scientologist in the waiting room for me. I wanted to leave but the doctor decided I needed a 14 day hold. I was like ok. That was on a Friday. So while I was there over the weekend, I started talking to the nurses that worked there. I told them I was a Scientologist and another Scientologist over heard me. He came out of his room. His name was Bruce and he was a Sea Org member from ASHO.I thought this was strange. He was taking psych drugs. I told him not to take those and gave him a locational in the hospital to bring him into present time, he was really scared. His mother called the police on him cause he got upset and threw the TV and broke it so he ended up there. After I gave him a locational, he was fine.

I told the psychs in there that I wanted a board of review, because of this 14 day hold and so they had a meeting and I met with all of them. They determined I was fine and said I could go home. I called OSA and told them about Bruce, she said they already knew and Dan Stradford would come to pick me up. He was late, he got into a car accident on the way there. I told him when he showed up. about Bruce, he said, we know, I'm here for you, not him. I felt really bad, like I was leaving a friend in need behind, out code of honor - Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

My mother came to see me but the psychs wouldn't let me see her and then later I told them I didn't want to see her.

Dan Stradford came and picked me up.and took me home. I was selling my furniture cause I was going back in the Sea Org and sold my bedroom set, it was new, only six months old to Mya Borgman, her husband Leif worked for Wiseman and Burke, they were clients of mine too. I went over there to Mya's house, I had a hard time sleeping, her kid was cool, she was an artist. Then I went online and saw Jon Mackinder's website, my heart sank to the ground. I couldn't come out of it. I just started crying. Leif took me over to Wiseman and Burke to do some mest work, filing folders in the filing cabinets but I was just not into it. I went back home.

I couldn't sleep, so I went all over town trying to find some answers to my questions. I felt like I was in the movie Dark City lol it's a really cool movie btw. I went and tracked down my old drummer Alex and talked to her. Her and her ex boyfriend Freddie. I went to a movie with Alex and she told me, you're getting an R factor 3 months early. I guess they wanted me to read into that so I did. An R factor is a Reality Factor. The movie we saw was Soldier with Kurt Russll, which btw, later my mother and step father wanted to go see as well. I guess I was suppose to get some message from that movie lol I'm a sci fi fan so I really didn't read too much into it, but per Scientology practices, they're not suppose to take someone to see a movie and read into the movie meaning get answers to their questions from a movie. they're suppose to talk, communicate, openly, honestly, directly.

Anyway, I was driving and Alex and Freddie were with me, Freddie was asking me questions like, what's my route, do I have a standard route I take to get home. I was like no, whatever I feel like. He was miffed at that. And later we were walking, we stopped waiting for the traffic light to turn green and as soon as it turned green, Freddie started yelling out, she's a go, she's a green. I just let him be himself, I really didn't understand what was going on until later after I read Marty's blog. This was an ops being run on me and more than one. Looking back, now, it's kinda of funny but not.

I still didn't have my questions answered, so I reached out to another scientologist, his name is Alan Stansfield. I've known Alan for many years. He lived in Sherman Oaks, so not to far. I met him across the street from his house at the Sherman Oaks park, I told him what happened and he said that he would go to CC Int and find out what's going on for me because I was not allowed down there. He never got back to me, I never heard back from him after that. He blew me off. He was too busy completing his Ethics Specialist course lol yeah.



I ended up taking a drive in my car, up the coast, up PCH. When I came back, I spoke to Freddie on the phone and he asked me, did you see something? I was like yeah, the ocean lol. That was the last time I spoke with Freddie.

I told Dan Stradford I wanted to be taken out in the woods and an auditor to audit me. I was on my PTS/SP course and it stated that when someone has a type 3 meltdown, the correct handling is to take them out of the environment, into like the woods, let them chill out and then audit them. I asked that standard tech be applied and they refused. They never did that. Instead they took me to this ranch where I stayed a couple of days and then went home. It was really boring and I had to get back to work.

All along that journey, all these scientologists that helped me, they all asked for one thing, money, they only cared about their exchange, their money, they didn't care about me or my life. Just money, that's all they cared about.

Which to me is strange, when I'm helping another person, I don't ask for money, it's weird. So I got back home and things didn't change for me. Everybody blew, my heart was broken, Jon Mackinder blew me off, I spoke to him on the phone at the ranch and he told me, I had 60 seconds to talk to him, who does that? I was like WTF?

My home was a mess, trashed, my business was in shambles, my landlord a non scientologist told me that Jon Mackinder told him the window was broken because my landlord didn't install it correctly. I told my landlord that was not true, I broke it and so I paid for it, I gave my landlord the money to fix it. That's when he told me to wait until December and everything would be alright and I did not understand what he meant. The ethics officer Jamie Welte also told me to wait until December and then I could come back on lines at CC Int.

Prior to talking to my landlord, I was sleeping and i just woke up and over heard my landlord talking to another man. The man said, she's ok but her scientology minister, there's something wrong with him. I didn't know who that was, it freaked me out. I was also getting weird emails and phone calls. I decided to move back home, my parents home in Granada Hills. My heart was still broken, I just cried. I didn't understand what was going on. I got a job at Mole Richardson, they do the lights for the movie industry. Then I got my own place shortly after that.

While I was living at home, the Lisa Mcpherson story hit the airwaves, tv. My mother and step father both watched it with me, I told them I knew her and my mother and step father just kept going on about how bad scientology was, how it was a science fiction religion etc etc. I was in pain, and what happened to Lisa happened to me and all they did was go on and on with so much hate. I finally couldn't take it anymore and said to her, ok, fine, let's sue them. Court. Her response was, Oh no, we can't do that, they are a big church and that was it.

Amid all of this, all of a sudden my mother, who started her own business manufacturing hair care products, got an email from QVC and got invited to sell her products on there. I asked her, how did this happen? She said because of the website you built me. I had to laugh, it was the 1st version I built and it was really really bad lol. I was like ok.

She was very consumed with QVC and really didn't care about me or that I almost died. She went on QVC, sold out and the next thing I knew from her, the CDC got complaints about her hair conditioner. It turned out the manufacturer screwed up and tainted her hair conditioner/shampoo.

So she took them to court. She decided to sue them. Those people she sued but advised me not to sue the Church. Years later, we were in Los Angeles getting gas and we were across the street from WISE and she started freaking out when she looked at the building, I really didn't think anything of it at the time. I was like ok, I had no idea what would cause her to almost have a meltdown right there. it was weird.

Many years went by, the first 3 years I cried every day, 3-4 times a day. I would drive to work and cry, leave work and cry, take a shower and cry. All I did was cry. Sometimes I would call in sick from work and just cry all day long. I really didn't know what I did that was so horrible to lose my bridge, my eternity. I was in pain and confusion. One day I was watching Oprah and she said, sometimes it's not all you, it's other people and that hit home. that little bit of advice. it made me feel better. I finally got tired of crying and decided to take Krav Maga, I had more than one reason, but mainly so no man would ever hurt me ever again. So I went down that journey. I don't believe in going to a shrink, I'm a warrior, I operate differently than other women. For me, Krav Maga helped me heal, it was the best medicine. It was almost a spiritual journey, I was able to get in touch with my warrior side, I have past lives as a warrior, asian track, when I did the moves, they just felt right, natural, normal while at the same time it allowed me to express my rage, my hurt, my pain.

Within this time, I sent two letters, one to the church, asking they remove my name/website/link from their scientologist links and a letter to Jon Mackinder who got married to another woman less than a year later. I wished him well. I felt ostracised from this community, a community that was very important to me, my life revolved around my faith, my religion and overnight it was gone, along with all my hopes, my dreams, my future, my business etc etc. I made a postulate, I said, I'm gonna get my bridge back, some how, I don't know how or when but i'll get it back.

i continued on with my life. I left Mole Richardson, and my mother offered me a position with her company, the agreement was free room and board along wtih a small salary in exchange to help her company. I was making $70k a year at Mole, for my mother is was $1600.00 a month after taxes. The agreement also included me becoming a partner, 50/50 in her company, to take her company to the next level. I agreed. So I moved in with her and my step father in a new home in sylmar, it gave me an opportunity to work on my art. I'm also an artist, a visual artist and was looking for the right media and platform to do my art. This is gonna sound corny but when me and Jon Mackinder were together, he asked me, what's the one thing you want and I told him a song. A song entitled Kathy cause the ony song entitled Kathy was Kathy's clown lol. So he wrote me a song entitled Kathy and after he blew, he changed the name of the song to Candy. That hurt, it made me feel invisible, like I never existed, I never meant anything to him nor did he ever love me.

In 2008 I decided I was ready to get married and start a family, I felt I was over what happened to me in 1998 and I went on a journey to find my soulmate. I went on the HCG diet, hormones etc and I lost 60 pounds within 4 months, I was 186 pounds when I started, my naturpathic doctor told me I was one of the best results he's ever seen. I stuck to my diet, I was really focused, I was ready to commit for the rest of my life to one man.

So on my journey, because of my diet, I couldn't sleep, I started having racing thoughts and my mother decided to take me to the hospital, where I was admitted to the psych ward, the same psych ward I was at almost exactly 10 years to the date. She suggested I get admitted. My mother had other options, she could have gotten me sleeping pills or called my doctor, but she never opted for that, instead she wanted me in the psych hospital. She assumed, I would now have a history of mental illness and nobody would want to marry me.

She told the doctors and nurses, I was crazy because I wanted to find true love and make a million dollars. Which was totally taken out of context.

It's on the psych report from 2008. I also have food allergies that I wasn't aware of, I went to a doctor in 2006, had blood test, actually a whole battery of tests and found I was allergic to egg whites, soy and wheat (gluten), I also had parasites as well as bacteria and my intestines were inflamed, so much so that I had to go on a special diet to bring down the inflamation so that I could have antibotics to handle the parasites and bacteria.

I'm also infertile now, my period stopped when I was 38, I was going to doctors, to solve this problem, she knew as I was on hormone treatments etc and I can't have children. I'm 45 years old. I'm also celebate, going on 9 years now. As well as being a Scientologist, I'm also Jewish and Catholic. Jewish on my mothers side and Catholic on my fathers side.

While in the psych ward of Olive View, that was an interesting journey in itself, I could write a movie or a book just on the people I met alone and experienced. There was a gang member MS13, his tat, he was a nice guy, then a man from mexico, a mexican national dressed in black came to visit him, he was also a nice guy, a woman named Maria, she was in mexico and had a meltdown from her vacation. Then there was this middle eastern guy, in the area where they have group therapy, there was a nurse dressed in Obama wear, a young middle eastern man, and me. The nurse sat in front of me on the right hand side and the young middle eastern guy sat on the left, both facing each other. He looked at her and said one word and she flipped out, litterly screaming. The word was CIA, that would be called a restim lol in scientology speak or using a buzzword to get a reaction. I thought that was very interesting that this young middle eastern man who spoke no english knew an english word. And how she reacted to this one word, it was facinating to watch her react to him and he was the patient. I saw a terrorist restmming a psych nurse. There are no cameras in psych wards and easy for them to just get picked up on a 5150, go in the psych ward, eat, rest, maybe meet a contact, and then go home. There is no security what so ever in a psych ward. That's just what I observed and after being thrown in jail, it confirmed it. I mean in jail, they have cameras everywhere, even in the cells, you also get put through the database they make you wait forever, it takes a long time, like an hour or two. Btw I'm a licensed real estate agent so after 911, Homeland Security changed things, after I passed my real estate test, I was finger printed and photographed by the Department of Justice. I'm in their database. But when you go in a psych ward, there is no database, it's almost like if you were a terrorist, you can just completely bypass the system, get in and out, unnoticed. Nobody would ever suspect a thing, after all you're crazy, who's gonna believe you.

After I got out of the psych ward, my mother pushed me down a flight of stairs and then called the police, telling them I was after her. That never happened. Then she told me to get the hell out of her house, her million dollar home in Sherwood Forest, I lived in the back guest house, still on an exchange, free room and board plus salary for her company. I also got carbon monoxide poisoning from the vents, I had to solve that problem too.

The market crashed, I had some savings, through the years and I decided to leave. There is guns in the house and I was afraid, they would take their frustrations and anger out on me. My step father, when I moved back home in 1998, he physically choked me. My mother's reaction was, you are trying to ruin my marriage. Her husband got pissed off becasue I didn't want to go for a walk with him and the dogs. I was in pain, extremely sad because of what happened to me. He didn't care about my feelings or that I almost died, it was all about him. He just stood there and started yelling at me, how I'm a spoiled brat and then the next thing I knew he lunged at me and started choking me. My mother and step father are not Scientologists.

So I left. Before I left, Julie Synder referred Daphna Hernandez and she helped me get back onlines. Both psych reports were forwarded uplines and I got approved to come back to the Church. I bought my basic books and started reading. I had my religion back, my faith, I was happy again. Daphna went to CC Int and got with the ethics officer on my behalf per Daphna there was one KR in my ethics folder, it was written by Jon Mackinder and it said I went crazy because I owed my mother $50,000. When I was going back into the Sea Org in 1998, I told my mom, she started crying which was weird but to stop her from crying I told her I wanted to give her some money, I felt over the years her and my step father had helped me and I wanted to give back to them in abundance.

I started doing extension courses and was trying to figure out how to pay for my bridge as I had a real estate license but the market was crashed and I was spinning around on what to do. I decided to go make an orginiation at AO, The Advanced Organization of Los Angeles, I'm also a last life clear and AO was my next step on the bridge, but they wouldn't let me do that, instead they threw me out, they carried me out physically and threw me on the ground. I was exterior to my body because I was happy that I had my religion back. I went back the next day, The price of freedom, constant alertness and the willingness to fight back, this time, I got thrown in jail, a citizen's arrest. Part of my orgination was going to be what I saw in the psych hospital and how I experienced this.

I was like WTF? I'm approved back but I can't go in my church to talk, to speak to a minister. I'm arrested for being a parishoner?

I went to a civil rights attorney, and I told him what happened. He said, I didn't have a case for what happened to me in 1998 because of the statute of limitations had run out but I had a case now for them throwing me in jail. The statue of limitations would run out in 3 years. He said he would take my case but he could not afford to go pro bono, he told me to go to the ACLU for funding, he knew who he was going up against and he was no fool.

So I contacted the ACLU, and they sent me a letter back explaining why they could not fund my case. They had no money and only seven attorneys for class action lawsuits. I sent them another letter, they never responded, they blew me off.

You would think the ACLU would want this case, cause here in California they went around suing the city for religious symbols on city buildings. But I guess I was wrong, oh well.

During this time, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder came out online. I started reading Marty's blog and got some whys to some of my questions.
I read David Miscavige's PR in 1998, The Man Behind Scientology, both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were in the PR. I realized, they both knew. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and I approached both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder on Marty's blog. I sent Marty Rathbun a private email too.

On Marty Rathbun's blog I felt attacked, no granting of beingness and then Marty cut my comm when he blocked me from posting to his blog.

I also saw the tv report on the BBC with Mike Rinder and he said he had purvue, that meant he knew as head of OSA. My knowningness, my instincts, my guts told me, all three were involved in my induced meltdown of 1998 as being the head leaders of Scientology. My church. So I continued to read and gather information to piece together what happened to me. Through the course of my investigation, I found:

OSA ran ops on me after I got out of the hospital in 1998 (more than one), only bullys do that, I was in a weakened state.

My mother and step father were paid off, $50k each so I wouldn't go to court, both criminal and civil in the Lisa Mcpherson trials and of course my own here in Los Angeles. And my mother got to go on QVC, where would that come from, any scientology celebrity I'm sure.and both signed confidentiality agreements, basically zipping it for payoffs.

The indictment for the Lisa's murder in Florida was coming down the pike and scheduled for Nov 1998. My incident happened in Aug/Sept, I was too close to this and that's why they wanted me to wait until December of 1998.

Which of course as you can see from my minster's letter, I was no longer allowed back to CC Int but had to go to another lower class org. They lied to me, Jamie Welte et all, they said I could come back, I just had to wait. Then they blew me off. They left me spining in lies, confusion and pain and all I did was ask my church for help.

I saw Maureen Bolstad's press conference she did with Marc Headley and I read about her story online. I realized she was the woman that video taped me in my induced meltdown.

I also watched Aaron Saxton's interview online and he talked about the HGB building and realized, Maureen came from there, the HGB building was where you wear blues, the uniform and that's where she took the video tape of me naked and routed it uplines to Int Management.

I also felt discriminated against. This type 3 meltdown thing has happened to others including celebrities. John Travolta, when I was in the Sea Org in 1991, I walked into CC Int and I saw him, he saw me and immediately he started going into a meltdown, Tom Cruise was having one up at Flag, I had to go and purchase the vitamins for him so he could sleep, I was working at a company called Health Med at the time and Gina St. John, like a week before my induced meltdown occurred, I was talking to her in the restaurant in CC Int, and she started having a meltdown, she was getting auditing at the time. I was not getting auditing, I was on course.

They helped all these celebrities at CC Int, but me, instead of help, they took me back to my own home and allowed it to escalate to the point where I almost died. Had it not been for the LAPD doing their job, I too would have died like Lisa Mcpherson.

And I figured out, that a type 3 meltdown is crossing the wall of fire in my religion, basically it's where you died in past lives. So they, meaning Int management, including David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Michelle Shelly Miscavige, watched me naked, die over and over and over again on video tape.

The bridge is a gradient so that nobody dies. On my last journey, I crossed the wall of fire, what started in 1998, I completed in 2011, by accident. Never the less, I figured it all out just like LRH and I now have cause over my exteiorization. So I no longer need the church of scientology for anything. I did this using only my ethics book.

So as the victim of a real crime that occurred in Aug/Sept of 1998, I had to figure it all out. I had to take a journey, journeys within journeys because nobody would tell me the truth. I never gave permission to be holed up in my home where I couldn't leave, let alone be video taped naked. My human and civil rights were violated.

The people directly involved in this crime were the following:

David Miscavige, Michelle Shelly Miscavige by marriage, it's community state property in California, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder - their motive, David Miscaivge their leader was going to go to Jail for Lisa's murder. The indictment for her murder was coming in on Nov, 1998. They didn't want to show a history, if it's one then it's easier to appear as an accident.
Amy Scobee - She ran all the Celebrity Centers, she knew and got the celebrities ready for the PR, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley are both in the PR.
Jon Mackinder - he induced it - his motive, to stop me from going back in the Sea Org and use the church to control me so that I would continue making money so I would pay for his child support payments and support him financially
Maureen Bolstad - She video taped it - motive, doing her job and being David Miscavige's pet
Dan Stradford OT 8 my assigned volunteer minister he told me in 2008, 10 years later, that I said in my meltdown to him, that I was gonna tell people he raped me, I was unconscience and don't remember that, but I did spot him, he was a pedafile down the wholetrack lol. meaning past lives pre earth
Julie Synder's husband's assistant, I forget her name - she just did was she was told to do
There were other people coming in and out of my home but I don't know who they were as I was going in and out of unconsciousness

My mother and stepfather, both non scientologists. They each took $50k payoffs for a total of $100k, plus QVC and signed confidentiality agreements. I have no proof and whose gonna admit to this? Not the Church nor either of them. I suspect they are in her safety deposit boxes and the church's copy is up at Int management along with my video tape. There is no public record.

The Three books I used to crack my case are:

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology
Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography

So by OSA's actions 4 cases of Justice were perverted, twisted and altered. Lisa Mcpherson's Criminal and Civil Trials and my Criminal and Civil Trials. OSA got their product.

Scientology responds with surprising calm

Of course they're calm, they already had all the data lol it's called running ops meaning more than one lol. It's all legal, private eyes etc etc. Everybody does it, all corporations do. Nothing new here lol.You just don't know about it.lol Remember all those worker's comp cases lol yeah, they ran ops on the people that filed the claims, fraud. The Church does the same thing, with people that get killed, you just won't know. Typical mob move lol. It's all legal lol. They go to the non scientology families like mine and pay them off lol. Get it.

So kiddies, you go change laws and go to court to make change. The rest of us, we're going to target 3, to play the real game. While you are busy in middle class heaven making change lol we left you behind lol.Oh well huh. lol Not my f**kin problem, I'm a selfish b***h, see Simon Bolivar Policy.

Ops were run on Joan Wood look for her journal or diary, she would have left one behind. Unless OSA got to her first posing as cops etc etc. More proof, cover up etc etc. Documentation or Ethics, Tech and Admin. Get it lol.

Now there is two psych reports, one from 1998 and one from 2008, but where is the police report from 1998, there is none. But it was the police who took me in on a 5150. And in early 2008, I got a call from a debt collector. Apparently I had a debt for when the police got called out for that 5150. I never received a bill. I never made a call for that 5150, my neighbors did.

I believe OSA ran an ops on the police too here in the San Fernando Valley.

I sent the police a letter and a check for the police report. I followed up as I never received it via the telephone. I was told over the phone that they would not give me the police report, they refused and they were really angry. I dropped the matter until 2009. The letter dated Jaunary 15, 1998, that's a typo, the correct year is 1999.


So, they not only ran ops on me but the police as well and who knows how many other people involved. The cops were a little too angry over the phone, I suspect it probably had something to do with their wives, girlfriends etc etc. The 2d, divide and conquer. OSA's standard operating procedure. Cops aren't angry over the phone, not yelling, mean, pissed off, especially when they hear it's connected to the Church of Scientology. They are usually quite mellow. Not mean and loud, screaming.

To this day, Jon Mackinder who goes by the name of Jon Magnificent is still a scientologist, in good standing with the church of Scientology, but I am not. That is aberrated, crazy and insane. They all made me 100% responsible for my induced meltdown, they all took no responsibility or accountability for it and think what they did was not wrong, it's justified, to them it was the greatest good for the number of dynamics, theirs, not mine. And not one of these people including, the leader of the church of Scientology, David Miscavige stepped up to the plate to do amends. They don't practice what they preach and that is a crime in my book.

It took me 13 years to get over this emotionally, to move on. I'm telling my story so in the event this happens or has happened to another woman, man or child of any race, within the Church of Scientology, it can give them hope to know their eternity, their spiritual freedom is not gone and they too can apply their ethics book and win.

I already went to Tobin and Childs, the reporters who specialize in reporting on Scientology, their niche.

The Church of Scientology and it's management crew is morally bankrupt. They sold their soul for money, power, fame and glamour. Hollywood.

Updated October 2, 2012

Could these two non scientologists be the ones that ran ops on the cop's wives/girlfriends? Things that make you go hmmmm? http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1254129.ece One thing I do know, no real scientologist would ever go f**k a cop's wife/girlfriend for an ops, not their style. Typical wanna be cops, who are really criminals. They had an awful lot of time on their hands, got paid all that money and yeah, down time. Notice how they are victims of their jobs, kept them away from their homes, their families, sympathy, yeah.

Updated Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cognition, realization or lightbulb, by the time I would have gotten up to int management to do their mission to get OT9 and OT10 released, David Miscavige would have just changed the game. Had me do something else. He had no intention of making his target, to get it released by the year 2000. This special mission was just a recruiting tool for him, pushing those help buttons of wanting to help mankind and save the planet etc etc. He probably figured, who is she ever gonna tell LMAO

His excuse to everybody else, an acceptable truth, the Lisa Mcpherson cycle, prevented that from happening as well as all the other things he was working on. See LRH gave them instructions, in order to release OT9 and OT10, they had to expand and safepoint their communities.

This was always a church, I believe since the 1960's, dig around and you will find their status. LRH would expand his church and somebody would yank it, he would get the status back, expand again and then somebody else would yank it, same s**t different day.

So, he knew this game, all too well, you expand, people attack you, why, cause they are stupid, petty and jealous. Or in other words, want what you have.

So he gave them a target, they asked for one so he gave them one. The year 2000, why, they had no idea. The internet, computers. InComm, LRH put that there, it stands for In Communication, their internal computer systems. LRH's wholetrack, computers, security, breaches, hacking etc etc, the white hat kind. We were both on payroll for the banks and our gov, federation etc etc, different time periods but nevertheless, our wholetrack, pre earth, together or as they would say, sweet sweet love LMAO. http://youtu.be/O4RdSHnZgE

For the documents go to scientologyforyou.info, I already tried the ACLU.

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