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Complaint Review: Aamco Transmissions - Lakeland Florida

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  • Reported By: Lakeland FL
  • Aamco Transmissions 1301 W. Memorial Blvd. Lakeland, Florida U.S.A.

Aamco Transmissions ripoff of a Saturn 18 months & still going, Lakeland Florida

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Vehicle: 1995 Saturn SL2, 1.9L DOHC4 (we purchased new in May,1995)

Nov. 21, 2000, Tuesday, 12:40 PM
Mileage: 30,082. M
auto shops about the problem. We unfortunately chose to go with Aamco. So, with the "okay" from Gary (person I spoke with), I drove my car to Aamco (very slowly & nervously!). Gary assured me, that no matter what the problem, I would have the car back in a couple of days (of course, I was assuming he was talking "Earth" time).

Nov. 22, 2000, Wednesday, late afternoon
Gary said the transmission needed to be rebuilt (but, he also commented that it IS VERY unusual for a Saturn, esp. with such low mileage, to need such work done). He also said that if we didn't plan on keeping the car long, he could possibly give it a "temporary fix" that would not be as costly (is that ethical???). Well, we (my husband & I) planned on keeping the car for years to come - it HAD been (until that November) a very good car with little out-of-the-ordinary maintenance - we wanted it repaired properly. So, Gary said the transmission needed to be rebuilt & it might need a new Torque Converter. We requested that they let us know if a new Torque Converter would be required before they did it. (NOTE: I have since learned that whenever a car has its transmission rebuilt, it is customary to install a new Torque Converter, BUT, good ol' Gary must have already known that, yet failed to let us in on it - therefore, he could quote us a price as to rebuilding my transmission, then later fill us in on the additional cost of the Torque Converter AFTER tearing the old transmission out. Does this fit under the "Bait & Switch" category?). He said my car would be ready Friday, Nov. 24th, afternoon. Since Thursday was the Thanksgiving Holiday, having the car by Friday seemed great, so we agreed to have them fix my car. (We previously checked with our Saturn dealership, but they would not be able to even look at the car until the following week, so we decided to remain with Aamco since we preferred having the car back this week.)

Nov. 24, 2000, Friday
I called Aamco to check on the status of my car (wanted to know what time I should pick it up, of course). Now, Gary says it will not be ready until Monday.

Nov. 26, 2000, Monday, 2:00 PM
Once again, I called Aamco (I'm beginning to believe they do not know how to dial-out). They now ordered a new Torque Converter. I reminded Doug (the person I was speaking to - he was the manager) that they were suppose to let us know if that would be required, yet didn't - he said Gary "must have forgot" to let them know. Any way, the car is not ready because they received a new Torque Converter, but "the wrong one came." I called my husband at his office & we figured we were stuck with Aamco now that they had my transmission taken part.

Nov. 27, 2000, Tuesday, 2:00 PM
I called Aamco, AGAIN (yes, the calling-out feature of their phone must be broken). The part is still not in - "should be on the UPS truck at 3 PM delivery". Gary said he would call to let me know when my car will be ready (this afternoon, or tomorrow AM - "it should be ready"). I requested that I would like to keep the old parts that they replaced in my car, but Gary said that was not possible, unless I paid some type of fee, because they send the old parts off somewhere (assuming there are actually old parts to send off - MY OPINION ONLY).

Nov. 29, 2000, Thursday, morning
Gary called my husband at his office. The part came in & the car should be ready that afternoon. (My husband called to let me know, &, NO, I did not actually believe the car would be ready!)

Nov. 30, 2000, Friday, 1:30 PM
My car is finally ready. We go pick it up, with our total cost being $1408.73. Much, later I notice that one part of my receipt shows "Exchanged Rebuilt Torque Converter" & another part of my receipt shows that we paid for a "New Torque Converter". Of course, before paying, we want to test drive it. The woman owner (I believe) makes a big deal about someone being with us soon to go along on the test drive (more than once she made a fuss about that). I'm feeling kind of odd about that - she obviously does not trust us (yet, we trusted them - mistakenly, with my car for 10 days!). The car seems to be working okay. The gearshift seems tighter than I remember (but, hey, it has been a long time since I had been in my own car - also, Aamco states it has "been fine-tuned for optimum performance", so of course it will feel differently).

Dec. 11, 2000, Monday, morning
I took my car back for its 10-day recheck as recommended. The transmission fluid was leaking, but that was just a matter of tightening a bolt. (To be fair, I do believe that having to retighten the bolt is "normal," thus, the recommended 10-day recheck.)

Sep. 13, 2001, Thursday, 11:00 AM
Arrived back at Aamco. My car is not holding in "Park" (I had first called Aamco to see if I needed to make an appointment, & the girl who I talked to said to just bring it in & they would check it).

Sep. 13, 2001, Thursday, 12:45 PM
They finally looked at the car (luckily, I knew enough to take a book along with me so I had something to do while I waited). Terry (the manager) said it looked like it could be a loose cable, but they did not have enough lifts, so they would not be able to further look at it until later in the day. Terry said this problem really had nothing to do with the transmission, but would be repaired under my warranty (12 month, unlimited miles). I had my husband pick me up, & I requested Terry to call me to let me know my car's status. (BUT, I had this funny feeling that no one would call me!)

Sep. 14, 2001, Friday, early afternoon
My husband called Aamco; the car is ready (gee, how hard could it be to call us to let us know that it was ready?!). We pick the car up at 1:15 PM. Terry now said it was actually a broken cable connector. Well, at least my gearshift now feels like it use to (before I took it in last Nov.). I did not receive any paperwork for this repair, but I wasn't too concerned about that - just glad I didn't have to wait another 10 days to get my car back!

Sep. 20, 2001, Thursday, 9:15 AM
Mileage on my car: 32,693 (yep, thought I better keep track of that!). I called Aamco - told Terry my car is doing the exact same thing (jumping, jerking, slipping) as it was when I took it to them LAST November. I said I am afraid to drive it all the way there, so I requested their free tow truck service. I also asked that Terry call me when my car arrives so I know it got there okay (he said he would).

Sep. 20, 2001, Thursday, 10:30 AM
The tow truck comes to take my car to Aamco.

Sep. 20, 2001, Thursday, 12:30 PM
I called Aamco to see what was going on with my car - they have not looked at it yet - "it just came on the lot". (By the way, my Aamco is just 7 miles from my house). I asked them to please call & let me know when they check it out.

Sep. 20, 2001, Thursday, 4:50 PM
Yep, I had to do the calling, again. Terry said they think it is something with the "pressure control system." He said that at first the car was not doing anything wrong, but after it heated up, the jumping, jerking, etc. began. (Note: As shown below, Aamco only put 10 miles on my car during this visit). He said they would work on it first thing in the morning & have it fixed for me. Of course, I did mention that I paid for the rebuilt transmission & the new torque converter, why would my car being doing the EXACT same thing as it was before all that was installed. He said he can't really say since he did not work there last Novemberit could be a number of causes. (Naturally, at this point, I'm wondering if they actually did the work & put in the parts they charged me for.)

Sep. 21, 2001, Friday, 12:55 PM
I called Aamco, again. The manager (Terry) is not in & Roberta (co-owner) said she would have him call me back.

Sep. 21, 2001, Friday, 1:10 PM
Believe it, or not, Terry called me back! Now, they need "valve body pieces & tubes""waiting on parts from UPS" & the UPS delivery doesn't arrive until about 2 to 3 PM. I (once again) asked him to call me back to let me know the status of my car. (He said he would, of course.)

Sep. 21, 2001, Friday, 5:10 PM
I CALLED Aamco. Roberta said that Terry said to tell me the parts were not in the shipment & the next shipment won't be until Monday.

Sep. 24, 2001, Monday, 3:30 PM
I, AGAIN, had to call Aamco to get an update on my poor car. The parts actually came in, plus they needed to install some additional parts. Terry said the transmission would be put back together that day, then, tomorrow morning, the transmission would be reinstalled back into the car. I requested some type of paperwork showing exactly what they did to the car this time, but Terry said that was not possible (stating mechanics keep track of their own parts, etc.), but he would give me some paperwork showing the car was repaired under warranty.

Sep. 25, 2001, Tuesday, 12:30 PM
Terry called (yes, he really did!) to say the car was ready. (Unfortunately, I am not able to pick it up until the next morning.)

Sep. 26, 2001, Wednesday, 7:45 AM
Picked up my car. Mileage on my car: 32,703. I received my paperwork from Aamco showing a date of 9/21/2001, time 8:08 AM. Also, the information from my 9/13-9/14 visit is on this paperwork (hand written in - the rest was typed), yet not those datesjust the date of 9/21/2001. After arriving home, I notice new scratches on the front of my car (to be honest, my car does have a few small scratches & chips in the paint, but, that does not mean I have to forgive any new scratches that were acquired during an Aamco visit).

Sep. 30, 2001, Sunday, morning
Mileage on my car: 32,771. Guess what, my car is doing the EXACT same thing it was doing back in November & on Sep. 20th. (And, it happened as soon as we left the driveway of our home.)

Oct. 1, 2001, Monday, 7:55 AM
My husband drove the car to Aamco. Mileage on my car: 32,778. Terry said they would work on my car first, & we requested he call to update us (I know, a pointless request, but worth a shot). Another person in the office said it could have something to do with sensors telling the computer to shift at the wrong time (of course, I continue to wonder why we spent $1408.73 last Nov. on something we might not have needed, because, obviously the problem has yet to be corrected permanentlyI feel like we got the "temporary fix" ol' Gary mentioned back in November, yet paid for the normal, honest fix). I even mentioned to Terry that perhaps they should contact the Saturn service people (right across the street from Aamco) to see if they could perhaps help figure out what's wrong, but Terry said that they (Aamco) know a lot more about transmissions than Saturn does (I really don't believe that at this point, but I do keep my mouth shut!).

Oct. 1, 2001, Monday, 12:10 PM
My husband called Aamco to check the status of the car. Terry stated it is the computer in the car. He reset it. Stated it was reading "100%" when we picked it up on the 26th, & when he checked it today, it was at 18%. Terry said he wanted it to sit a while to see if the computer reading changes, & he will call us back in an hour or so. (By the way, I have no idea what these percentage readings are.)

Oct. 1, 2001, Monday, 2:05 PM
Terry called, & my car is ready.

Oct. 1, 2001, Monday, 4:00 PM
Once again, we picked up the car. Mileage on my car: 32,828 (Aamco actually put 50 miles on my car - I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing at this point, esp. when Terry had said he just wanted the car to sit a while). I asked Terry how do I know if this problem won't happen again. He said I won't know - it may or may not happen - then, we'll know if they fixed the problem (well, so much for the "peace-of-mind" the Aamco literature promises me - makes me wonder if they are just waiting for my warranty to run out!). I did not receive any paperwork from Aamco this time - I'm too worried about having to drive the car home to even think about it. Once home, I pull into my drivewayI can really feel it when I shift to "Park" (I convince myself it is just my imagination & my nerves.)

Oct. 2, 2001, Tuesday, all day
I'm too scared to drive my carI'll give it a try tomorrow. I did give the car a good cleaning, inside & out, since it is always so filthy after bringing it home from Aamco. To top it off, I notice another huge scratch (paint is literally gone) next to the hood of the car! By the way, my Aamco center does NOT look anything like the one(s) shown on their web sitemine is not all paved, it is unkempt & it's extremely hard to maneuver your vehicle in or out of.

November 8, 2001, Thursday, 9:55 AM
Mileage on my car: 33,071. The car is shifting hard, but tends to get back to "normal" after it warms up. But, remember, the car has not really been "normal" since a year ago. I called Aamco (Terry answered) to send a tow truck - I am not comfortable driving the car (plus, I don't want to do any further damage). A few minutes after I called Aamco, I did call Terry back to see if I needed to put my warranty info in the car (no need to) - just wanted to "state" that I am still under warranty (if I wasn't under warranty, I certainly wouldn't take my car back to Aamco!). I am more convinced than ever now that my car - with such low mileage - did not require a rebuilt transmission last November.

November 8, 2001, Thursday, 10:15 AM
Wow, the tow truck came for the car already! But, just because it is being towed to the shop, doesn't mean anyone will work on it - I am no longer that naive!

November 9, 2001, Friday, 11:00 AM
I called Aamco (no one ever called me). Terry said they can't seem to find any problems. They've "taken it on 8 to 10 test drives" & the car is just fine & not shifting hard at all. He said they even took it over to the Saturn dealership & had them run computer checks on it, but no problem is showing up. Terry also said it could be some type of electric problem (solenoidsstuff like that). I asked him to just let it sit & try it again Saturday morning (since this latest problem seems to occur with "cold" starts only). My husband decided to go to the Aamco shop during his lunch break to talk with Terry in person. It was agreed to just let it sit overnight & have Aamco try it again in the morning (so they could witness the problem).

November 10, 2001, Saturday, 11:20 AM
We arrived at Aamco to pick up the car. Mileage: 33,093. No one had touched the car since Friday. They found the key to the car, but there wasn't any paperwork (of course, I didn't find that to be unusual). It worked out okay that no one had messed with the car that morning, because my husband talked with Dave (the co-owner), &, then, took Dave on a test drive. The car did its hard-shifting at first (as explained to Aamco previously). Dave noted the problem now - finally - & agreed something is wrong. (Mileage after that test drive: 33,095.) Since, obviously, they are having trouble fixing this problem, he most likely will call the Aamco technicians. From there, those Aamco technicians might end up calling Saturn technicians. But, he said, this will get fixed. Dave said not to worry about the warranty, even if it expires, this problem will be corrected. He said he would call us on Monday - yeah, right! While I had his attention, I showed Dave the scratches on my car, especially the worse spot on the hood. Well, Dave said that he will take care of those (so, I'm eager to see if that will actually happen!).

November 12, 2001, Monday, 4:55 PM
Guess what? Aamco never called me (you think when the owner promises he'd call, he would). I called them to check the status of my car. Terry said it was ready, but they wanted to keep it overnight to make sure it's okay tomorrow (gee, what kind of repair is that - trial & error?). I asked Terry what they did to the car & he said (remember, he is the manager) he "has no idea what they did." I asked for some paperwork this time, & he said I would receive something stating it was repaired under warranty. I mentioned that Dave said he would call me today, but never did. Terry's response was that Dave "was too busy" to call.

November 13, 2001, Tuesday, 2:55 PM
My husband called Aamco, & he spoke with Terry. They are still not sure what is wrong with the car. Now, they think it has something to do with a wiring harness & electrical problems causing troubles with the transmission. They believe it is some type of intermittent problem. They are tightening up all the wires & applying some "special grease" (whatever that is) & they hope that will fix it. My husband reminded them that none of these problems existed until after they "fixed" the gearshift last September. He also let them know that we would wait & pick the car up tomorrow since they were still working on it (we certainly didn't want them to rush to get it fixed today).

November 14, 2001, Wednesday, 11.45 AM
My husband, once again, did the calling. Aamco says the car is just fine (do they make it a practice to purposely not call customers at all, or what?). We plan on picking the car up today - I'm wondering how many errands & such that I can get done before it has to go back to Aamco.

November 14, 2001, Wednesday, 1:45 PM
Mileage on my car: 33,117. We were hoping to pick the car up. Once we got to Aamco, my husband took it for a test drive while I stayed & talked with Dave (the owner). He said they replaced the plug in the wire harness, and then talked about solenoids. He said he, himself, test-drove it twice today: first thing in the morning, then, again, about 10, & the car is working just fine. As Dave was telling me how they finally got it fixed, my husband returned from his test drive & the car is NOT fixed (mileage on his return: 33,118). Then, Dave & my husband went on a test drive (mileage on their return: 33,119). Dave has no idea what the problem is (through all of this, Dave also mentioned that he did go over to the Saturn dealership to buy a replacement part). He opened the hood & fiddled with connections. He said he would take it to the Saturn dealership so they can run a full engine check on their computer. I mentioned that Terry said they had already done that (see Nov. 9th above), but Dave had not a clue to that. Then, Dave said this is something entirely different anyway. This problem has to do with "circuits" & not "solenoids" (makes me wonder why he was talking about solenoids just a few minutes ago!).

So, I am still without my car (geewonder if they will call us - to let us know what is going on - anytime soon!). Oh, yeah, when we arrived at Aamco today, the first thing I did was to check to see if Dave's promise of "taking care of" those scratches was fulfilled. No, they weren't - Dave said Saturn is having a hard time finding the small containers of paint that match the color of my car, but Saturn is trying to track some down - it's a "hard to find color" per Dave.

November 15, 2001, Thursday, 3:45 PM
My husband called Aamco. Terry said the "car will be ready tomorrow." (I don't actually believe that.) They said they would call my husband "when" it was ready. (I don't believe that either, especially when they said they just needed to order a part & it will be in tomorrow - well, we know how that goes!) They discovered the entire problem once the Saturn place did the computer check on my car. A wire connector (where 2 wires connect) in the wiring harness was corroded & needed replacing. Thus, our intermittent problem - sometimes the connection was there, & sometimes it wasn't. I still have a hard time believing this is our final resolution, after all, Terry said, on Friday, Nov. 9th, they took the car to Saturn for the computer test & everything was just fine (so, why, all of a sudden, did the computer show an error?).

November 16, 2001, Friday, 4:15 PM
My husband (once again) called Aamco. Now, Terry said they fixed the car, BUT they want to keep it overnight so they can start it up in the morning (to see how a cold start goes). Now, my husband is also convinced that the calling out feature of Aamco's phone does not work!

November 17, 2001, Saturday, 9:20 AM
Mileage: 33,133. We picked up my car. Seems to be working okay (of course, it is only the first day of having it since Nov. 8th). I actually received some paperworkfound it strange that it is dated November 14th with a time of 1:52 PM, & with a mileage of 33,117 when their tow truck picked it up (this time) on Nov. 8th with a mileage of 33,071! I don't know what that is aboutappears that they don't want their official records to show how long or how many times my car has been there, but, that would explain other inconsistencies, & explain the times I did not receive paperwork. Oh, yes, I have discovered many new scratches & nicks of paint missing on my car.

December 4, 2001, Tuesday
I will be mailing my "formal" complaint to Aamco Transmission, Inc. I still feel like my car "is not right," but, at this point, there is nothing I can do about it. Dave never fulfilled his promise to "take care of" the scratches & nicks Aamco is responsible for - not even given us the paint tube he said Saturn was "tracking down" for him.

December 10, 2001, Monday
Mailed my complaint to Aamco. (Specifically to Anna Wright, Administrator.)

December 18, 2001 (postmark date)
Received letter (dated Dec 17th) from Anna Wright stating she received my letter & they will commence a review of this.

January 10, 2002, Thursday, 4:15PM
Received call from Anna Wright from Aamco's HQ. She's just letting me know that Dave Thomas received my complaint & he is formulating his response. Once she receives that, she'll be in contact with me again.

January 16, 2002 (postmark date)
Received letter from Dave Thomas, via certified mail (letter dated Jan 7th). Among his "defensive" replies, he mentioned he bought a rebuilt Torque Converter for my car (my part of the receipt shows how much we paid for the part shows we paid for a "NEW" Torque Converter). He also said my "use of the word 'fraud' is very serious. The conclusion you have reached is not accurate and I can prove it if necessary." To me, that must mean that he must have something to show the initial work REALLY needed to be done, because I do wish it to be proven that the work they did on my car was necessary (but, even if it was necessary, why did it continue to experience the same problems?). He also stated in the letter that when I brought the car back in September (see Sep 13th) that I "stated it 'jerks when shifting, and sometimes does not hold in park'". That is a plain lie. As stated during the Sept. 13, 2001 visit, I just took it back because of it not holding in Park. See Sept. 26, 2001 for my comments on the inconsistency with the paperwork I received for the Sept. 20th visit - they combined those 2 visits on one piece of paperwork. (Said notes are what was mailed to Anna Wright in December of 2001). It makes me wonder if they did something that made it start "jerking" again!

January 22, 2002 (postmark date)
Received letter from Anna Wright. All she states is, with regard to "Mr. Thomas'" letter is "He has advised us that he has responded to your questions." (Well, they really were not questions, but a complaint about his illegal practices - see Florida Statute 559.920). She also wrote "I am in receipt of his letter, which seems to address all the questions you had. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at extension 224." That was the extent of Aamco looking into this!!!! I will continue trying to resolve this problem with Aamco, but at this point in time, it just makes me physically sick to even think about it.

Here we go again

May 18, 2002, Saturday afternoon
Felt like the car did something funny. It happened twice, but seemed very minor. Bill test-drove it, but all seemed fine.

May 24, 2002, Friday
Yep, once again, the car is shifting hard (&, tomorrow we were suppose to take it to N.C. for our vacation). I called Bill at work. He called Aamco, but knew I would not trust them to touch the car again. He learned the ownership had changed (but Dave Thomas -- former owner -- still comes in occasionally). Bill checked it out after he got home from work & totally confirmed it is screwing up just as it was in November of 2000 through November of 2001. (We ended up taking my husband's truck on vacation - not very comfortable for the 4 of us, plus our cat - & would wait until we got back to figure out what we would do about the Saturn.)

June 1, 2002, Saturday
Bill retest-drove the Saturn. Now, the Check Engine light is coming on, plus the continual hard shifting. Made appointment for Monday (10:30 AM) at Saturn service center (they scheduled it as an emergency case). We went ahead & dropped the car off at 3:00 PM. Mileage on my car: 34,696. By the way, Saturn's records show that Aamco only had my car in for the diagnostic test once (plus, Aamco was listed as the owner of my car on Saturn's records). Obviously, either Terry or Dave lied about taking my car over to the Saturn service center for a computer test last year.

June 3, 2002, Monday, about 1:00 PM
Saturn person called Bill at work. It needs a new Valve Casing (it is a part above the transmissiontells the car when to shift) - Aamco had replaced this when they did the transmission (my first receipt shows "New Assembly Set", but it was installed improperly. As the record from Sep 21st shows, Terry had said they needed "Valve body pieces & tubes". Approximate cost will be $850.00. Depending on what they find inside (something about certain screws), there might be another cost of $150.00. We have not given the go ahead to Saturn yet want to deal with Aamco first. Now, I realize how much my Aamco experience has affected our lives. Even when my car was drivable, I was nervous every time it shifted. I limited my driving as much as possible because it was never right after Aamco messed with it I am literally afraid to drive my car. This past year, I regretfully decided not to commit to my children's school events & field trips because I no longer could rely on my car. Now, officially knowing the car is still screwed up, plus, the additional expense that will be incurred, this negatively effects my children's summer, too all due to the fault of Aamco's deceit, fraud and shoddy workmanship. This is more than just my opinion, it is now fact. (My car is not the first vehicle the Saturn service center has had to fix correctly after Aamco screwed it up.)

June 3, 2002, Monday, approximately 1:30 2:45
Bill went to the Saturn service center to speak with a mechanic. Then, Bill went across the street to Aamco. The new owner said this is something that Aamco HQ might help with. (It appears that HQ has special accounts for each of its service centers if they feel it necessary, I suppose people are reimbursed, etc. from this accounts. It also sounded like this is not the first problem the new owners have had with former customers of the previous owners.) She (being a new owner) gave Bill the toll free number for Aamco's main office & suggested he get in contact with a representative there. Bill went back over to the Saturn place to let them know that we prefer to see how Aamco is going handle their shoddy work. Saturn will keep the car in their lot for now.

Late Afternoon: Bill called Aamco's main office. Had to leave a message with a receptionist. Close to 5:00 PM, Mike Mapp (an Aamco representative) called Bill at work. Bill briefly explained the entire situation. Of course, the local Aamco closes at 5:00 PM, so Mike said he needs to speak with them, so, he will have to call Bill back tomorrow.

June 4, 2002, Tuesday, 3:15PM
Mike (Aamco rep) called Bill. Said he had talked with the service manager at our Aamco, but still needs to talk with the owner (said he will do that today). (He is still trying to gather more information.)

June 4, 2002, Tuesday, about 4:00PM
Bill called Mike to get his fax number. Bill faxed him our notes on our Aamco Experience (from Nov. 2000 through Dec. 2001 - the same notes that were mailed to Anna Wright last Dec.), so Mike has full details from us.

June 5, 2002, Wednesday
Mike did not call Bill back.

June 6, 2002, Thursday, 5:20PM
Aamco's rep (Mike) did not call Bill back. Bill left 3 messages on Mike's voice mail throughout the day. We decided waiting 4 days for Aamco to rectify this situation was plenty of time. And, we needed the car back. So, Bill called Saturn to authorize the repair on the car.

June 7, 2002, Friday, morning
Saturn called Bill to let him know they will begin working on the car soon. The person said the computer had shown errors on 5 codes. Four codes being related to the valve body part & one code having to do with the Torque converter. Bill requested they list everything they find wrong, esp. if it appears to have anything to do with our previous Aamco "repair(s)". (It is possible that the car may be ready tomorrow, but depends on their prior commitments scheduled for that day. At least Saturn is not making promises that they might not be able to keep.)

June 7, 2002, Friday, 3:55PM
Brad from Saturn called to say the car is ready. They also have a list of items they found wrong (that should not have been). I told Brad we'd probably wait & pick up first thing in the morning (I'm extremely nervous about driving my car, especially during rush hour, plus the rains were coming).

June 8, 2002, Saturday, morning
Mileage on car: 34,724. Picked up car. Total cost is $934.60. Plus, we purchased a small tube of touch up paint for $6.36 (touch up paint Aamco never fulfilled their promise on). They replaced the valve body (Dan was the Saturn mechanic on our car). This expense is a direct result of Aamco's inferior work - not an opinion, but a proven fact. Other items they noted that were a direct result of Aamco's work is listed below (this quote taken directly from Saturn's list of items that were previously erred on by prior mechanics meaning Aamco):
wire harnesses loom all removed & not taped up shorting wires on side of case.
prindle switch is new but incorrectly installed, loose & binding. Needs new switch,
flywheel cover missing
lower trans mount broken

We are not the only ones that feel Aamco's initial work (back in Nov. 2000) was not necessary. I'm glad to say my car does feel normal when driving, but after all this mess with Aamco over the past year & a half, I don't know if I will ever have a normal comfort level in driving my car!

June 10, 2002, Monday thru current date
Mike Mapp from Aamco has yet to return Bill's calls from last Thursday (June 6, 2002).

June 18, 2002, Tuesday, Noon
I called Mike Mapp (Customer Service Relations Dept., ext. 322) & left a message on his voice mail for him to call me back (I also left on the message that he had not returned the phone calls from Thursday, June 6th).

June 18, 2002, Tuesday, 12:25 PM
I decided not to wait for Mike Mapp to call me back. I called Anna Wright, the Administrator of the Department of Consumer Affairs with Aamco (1-800-292-8500, ext. 224). I spoke with a secretary first, & apparently, they are able to access my files from that office - perhaps that is why I was on hold for such a long time. Ms. Wright basically said since my warranty is over, there is nothing they can really do, but she said I should go ahead & send her a copy of Saturn's report on my car (documentation) & their technicians could lo

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