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Report: #1373419

Complaint Review: Guardian Protection - Nationwide

  • Submitted: Mon, May 15, 2017
  • Updated: Mon, May 15, 2017
  • Reported By: GraceMarie Elliott — Emerald Isle North Carolina USA
  • Guardian Protection


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August of 2016 I received a phone call from a man (a cold call I never contacted them ever) who said he 'had an alarm powered by new GE Technology'  and needed some additional advertising/coverage' or something to that effect; and he "wanted me to try it out for free."

He said the security alarm was a good one and that he was offering me the system "for free" minus the around 45.00 per month monitoring fee.  He called me out of nowhere, and I had never contacted any of these companies associated before being G E Technology Nationwide, Guardian Protection of Pennsylvania and nationwide and Security Force Inc. of Raleigh North Carolina.  This man also said he wanted me to "try out" a new system for free and that "It had not had much exposure" and this is another reason the deal was so good and that I could help them get the word out.... but that I would pay monthly monitoring if I chose to try this out for free.

The man sounded like a nice man, (which means nothing this day and time) I didn't have a security alarm at that time and  I was a tad suspicious because he contacted me.  I didn't commit to anything that day and didn't say I wanted a call back.  I have yet to figure out how he obtained my Cell Phone number as i make it a point that it not be given out and it isn't "Listed" so I have no idea how he "got it." Though can imagine how he may have..this isn't the first "issue" i have had with alarm companies and local authorities in this "down east" area of North Carolina.

A women from somewhere near Angier (caller ID) North Carolina , not far from where I grew up in Fuquay-Varina called (a follow up call I guess) this call was again initiated by a company called Security Force Inc as she identified them after initiating the call and confirmed that she was calling on behalf of the GE new Technology "free" system but that the installer was this company. She was quite "Pushy"

I didn't committ to anything that day, but the woman was persistent, and continued to call even trying to get me to obtain a security system with them for my daughter, in Holly Springs NC.

Finally after the third call knowing I was in need of some type of "Protection" in this area though wary of alarm companies in this area because in Winter this area is "vacant" "desolate" and in summer it's insanely crowded and you can't get anywhere in a timely fashion.  One extreme to the other .  I had not planned on staying here this long , but am still here attempting to move on elsewhere in the not too distant future.  I have had trouble with every single alarm company HERE, though it is not this way in larger , normal cities where populations do not fluctuate and there is a steady population and employment year round with access to many cultural activities and jobs and many people "watching; "  customers like you and I who would have too many negative things to say if this type of thing went on say in Raleigh NC or Cary NC and surrounding vacinities where populations are the same year round and not desolate in the "off - season" which is truly a season all of it's own in this place and not necessarily good.  The one extreme, to the other extreme like I previously stated.  I have had security companies and a successfull go near a major city in the past.

The woman from Harnett County NC was a saleswoman and she was persistant.  Finally I called or they called and set the appointment after a few emails from this man who lives near where I have some rental property in Goldsboro NC.  This young man and I hit it off.  He is very young in his early 20's and so funny.  I had liked him and so I went ahead with the system, because I did like him.  He was personable, and seemed to be so honest and was good at the install at what he was doing.  I liked the young man and he is the reason I chose to go ahead with they system after being contacted.  i was also having some issues with safety and "contractors" in the area and had been havng some issues during the previous year as well but did not want the alarm system or an alarm system because of the issues with the two previous ones down here ...hence the two years of not having an alarm system here from 2014-2016 though I had friends and my attorney tell me I needed one for security.  Problem is, i seem to have more security issues when I have an alarm than when I don't but security is always a concern in this place that "Looks" so "wonderful" but ... as we all know "Looks can be very deceiving."

The young gentleman was with Security Force and told me I had ten days to try it out before I was locked into a three year contract (which I thought was excessive) but wrote that down on my calendar as to when he installed the alarm (which wasn't totally free) to when the 10 days were up.  I wasn't told an additional company called "Guardian Protection" would be the monitoring company.  I thought Security Force INC would be the monitoring company as I have never heard of three companies being involved and I didn't contact them, they contacted me which I know now is a red flag. The man with GE firstly, then the Woman in Angier NC and Security Force Inc.

The reason I had waited so long, almost two years is because I have had nothing but trouble "down here" with Security Companies.  I don't have this trouble when living near a city that has the same population on a year round basis and plenty of people watching and paying attention to which alarm companies are good ones and which ones aren't.  The things these people "get away with down here" could never be gotten away with elsewhere, i have truly never seen anyting like it.  I am ready to GO!

To make a long story shorter, I looked at my calendar and the first contact I had with "Guardian Protection Pennsylvania " was a Woman and it was not and i mean NOT a good experience.  I called on Day 7 of the ten days last August of 2016,  because I was rethinking the three year contract and because I was having trouble with the alarm "buzzing" each morning and my dogs were going nuts.

She was very rude and said that my time had already expired on the fifth and that this  day  was day 7 in August of 2016;  and not day 10 like Security Force Inc told me it would be, that I had 10 days.

I told the woman I didn't want her "Protection" that this is not what I had been told  by Security Force Inc. and to cancel my services right then and there. She continued to be rude and "Locked me in to this contract with Guardian Protection", which is not even the company that called me to begin days into the 10 days I was told by Security Force Inc that I had to make up my mind and either keep the system or cancel it.

The entire first month the alarm "buzzed" each and every morning many times at 6:00 am which is not the time I wake up--it did this the entire first month every single day and would not stop.  Also once while in the shower it began the buzzinf noise and I almost broke my neck getting out between the suds and the concrete in an attempt to get to the alarm to shut it off. When playing music or listening to the radio if I have it at a certain volume the thing goes off--after the shower ordeal which was quite dangerous;  with the security alarm ringing loudly when I had been doing nothing but taking a shower...and almost broke my neck literally... I cut the cord to the alarm because my dogs were going nuts and it was bothering me every single day one way or another and I mean this happened every day that whole first month.  This was the first month.

The young man with SFI came out and I told him I didn't want this system and that I had had nothing but trouble with the monitoring company and their two way system and them calling my phone , that it felt like they were "stalking me" each and every day and blowing up my phone.  Every time I set the alarm and left my home I would pass a policeman going and pass another one coming back. Every time.  Now I think they just have unmarked cars.   There is a difference between being protected and being stalked regardless of who is doing it stalking is illegal.(but not in this little Southern Mafia place).  I do call it a little strip of Hell between two bridges.

Guardian Security calling each and every day..I didn't answer their phone calls and wanted them to leave me alone.  He patched things over and assured me that I would have no other issues and that If i needed anything to call him.  He is (or seemed to be) a good guy, so I don't want this young fellow to get in any type of trouble but these other people aren't and I want them to leave me alone. I want all of them to leave me alone including anyone with SFI Secutiry which I believe I am still having trouble with to this day as they are stilll calling me, and I am still paying them. I am "still UNDER CONTRACT" with Guardian Protection.  However I do have new system that is not withoug flaw in Vivint, but it certainly is better and I don't know where the problem is coming from currently but do suspect Guardian Protection the most and any of the "Old People" who were involved with the Monitoring and Guardian "Protection" which is any protection at all....they are awful!

I was up early one morning in March in my kitchen when it was still dark and I SAW the electronic lock in my kitchen (while having Guardian Protection only and my home armed). and heard it UNLOCK and then LOCK BACK and I wasn't the one "doing the locking and unlocking". The 'key fob" had been stolen out of my home and then returned and then stolen again where you can lock and unlock the door electronically however, all you had to know was the "code" to the electronic key fob or the key pad rather.... which SFI knew and they could make this happen from the outside somehow.

Also ,when i played my radio, or music the alarm would go of repetetively and loudly.   I know for a fact that Guardian Protection was using the Two Way inappropriately by "Listening" in on my conversations whether I was alone, alone with my dogs talking to them or with other people in my own home.

On several occasions I would be away from home and come home to the alarm "silently going off" when I got to the key pad and disarmed the alarm and when I would get to the keypad to disarm it a voice would come over telling me that there was a glass break in the living room that set the alarm off .  I said that I was just returning or was in my living room once and had ot heard anything at all outside...that I was here,  and that the alarm had already slently gone off and that she was over the intercom "listening" before I even had a chance to  disarm the system.

Also the weekend before April 7, I took my Dog swimming in Bogue Sound just minutes away from the soundside door.  I was right out back and it was a pretty day so I SET the ALARM just as if I was going to be out of town for a week and took my dog swimming leaving my car keys and my house key and my alarm key fob and cell phone inside.  My Dog is large (the one who likes to swim) and I didn't want to lose these things in the water knowing I would hear the alarm go off if anyone "broke in" during the middle of the day on that

When I returned to my back door, I was locked out.  The electronic lock was locked and I had to break into my own home.

I broke into a kitchen window and with the ALARM did not go off.  Therefore the Window Contact was not working ....and neither was the entire alarm system not working.  Therefore I had been paying for "Nothing" this entire time (over a year). or else someone broke it so as to have easy access to my home when I "thought" the alarm was armed and it wasn't.  Either of these two things could have been the case and with neighbors and people across the steet like I have here, I would suspect the second one was the case as I have had much, much trouble with these people.

My car keys had been stolen along with my house keys and the alarm key fob stolen (the one that locks and unlocks the entryway door) and three credit cards had been stolen.   One seldom used then a debit card and a credit card.

A man I noticed just before my dog hit the water who lives inbetween 406 Emerald Drive and 402 Emerald Drive was standing outside on his "bulkehead" and "signaling" someone....for something.  He looked like he was trying to be "Jesus" and had a long beard and silver hair.  He stood out there for a long time then my dog was in the water and I got all involved with him, and watching him.

I will never , ever take my dog swimming in that water again......ever

The Cards and keys showed back up after a couple of days.  I did not "Lose them". When I retrace my steps I can 99% of the time find what I need when "I' am the one doing it ( even in a construction zone like this one has been)-but have had lots of trouble with "people" entering my home and stealing Jewelry and things I have ordered off the internet---even taking "things" out of my refrigerator and then replacing the over these last five to eight years.  Jewelry I have never gotten back with the exception of one or two pieces most recently with this new alarm system with Vivint Security.

I have had enough of warrant-less entries into my home.   I want to know who has the right to do this, who they are  and why they think they have the right to steal my personal belongings like my Cell Phone repetatively and weekly out of my Home for example and do things to my CAR Remotely that damage it. this is happening now with my home armed and locked and with me inside it!!!

No one has the right to enter my home without my permission.  It happends here all the time and they take things.  sometimes I get them back and many times I do not.  Many times these are things I have ordered online so someone is obviously hacking into my computer to see what I am ordering then beaking into my home and taking them.

Breaking and Entering is breaking and entering.  No one has that right.  It has been going on here for five years furiously and then some before this with the neighbors next door and their people who built that house and some sibling issues a little further down and across the street.

I am trying out a new alarm system called Vivent Security, and don't know how it will do , because of the location mainly.  

The location is an issue and is in between two military bases and a military air strip and full of hoards of vacationers in the summer months and right on the only Highway that runs through town.  I have more issue getting around and to places in summer , but less with situations like the ones I have described above and more of those the nine months of the Off Season... much of which can be very desolate in this area.

I am still paying Guardian Protection who is continuing to call me....though not every single day now.  I am still having issues with "People" breaking into my home and have had two cards stolen again since the new alarm install about three weeks ago and with a 'doorbell camera' and one that has yet to be installed;  and my cell phone for over 48 hours so that it could be "looked through"

No one has this right and authorities do not have this right to abuse their authority, if they are the ones who are doing this and I believe sometimes they are the ones, because I have an alarm system in my home trying to protect myself in part from "them" breaking into my home and taking my (going through) my home and my personal belongings.

I want Guardian Protection to release me from their abuses and G E Security/SFI Security to release me from their Solicitations.  I want whoever is breaking in my home and knows how to evade this alarm and do this in spite of it (knowing how to get around it and get in) to STOP.  I have had much trouble like I said with neighbors and some of the trouble is coming from an alarm company called Intracoastal Communications and it's people....and always has been with the three alarms I have had issue with "down here."

GE/Guardian Protection solicited me, I did not solicit them, not even once did I call them to ask them to come to my house and install this alarm...they called ME, they SOLICITED Me.  Is this even legal and if so, it should not be just as whomever is breaking in my home and taking and going through my personal belongings Not Legal.

The Security System is not working, ( Guardian Security when it was last on the wall)  I had to break into my own home because of some hateful people doing so and stealing my keys, cards and alarm lock and unlock key fob which has never returned to this day....the lock and unlock key fob to my street side entryway door.

Hence the new alarm with Vivant.  I am still having issues with people coming into my home and taking my things---it's hard to sleep at night and creates an environment of "fear" to say the least.

I can't say...who is doing what but I do know that the local Police have been a part of it on occasion.  I did not get an alarm to have them abuse their power.

I got a security system to protect myself in this place.

I want Guardian Security to stop calling me, their system does not work and I do not appreciate being "Invaded" with thier "two way system" in my home and with what I call them "raping my Privacy."  Someone still has the key phob to my lock to this day and the keys all they had to do was make a copy.  I am not blaming the authorities solely at all in this instance as there are many people here who do things like this....I have had many issues with "neighbors" and an across the street property owner and his people... while going through some "Legal" things pertaining to my parents estate that have all been a nightmare.

It's really sad when you need a BodyGuard to protect you in a little Island Town like this one who knows how to makes itself LOOK so LOVELY, but ISN'T.  It isn't Lovely at all, it is tremendously Corrupt and has a MAFIA all of it's own with "far reaching tantacles like realtors say" all the way to Raleigh NC.


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#1 Author of original report

Guardian" Protection" RipOff-Theives, Identity Theft

AUTHOR: - ()

Guardian Protection is anything but, they refuse to cancel contracts as stated by Security Force Inc who installs the systems they monitor.

Guardian is who gets the money every month their system does not work, they abuse your property and your bank account and commit contract/bank fraud.


They are not interested in anything but getting your money, they could care less about "Protecting" you, and if fact "stalk" you even before you have ever heard of them and then cold call you and don't stop until they get your business.  You don't call them they call and call and call you and then abuse the monitoring of your alarm and your privacy in your own home and  sometimes personal property. 


My bank account is once again "Pending" with their DRAFT of  $55.99 , another way of saying (60.00) per month, and they are FORCING me into paying for a system that consistently does not WORK.  Stolen Alarm key fob and car keys out of my home and I had to break in my own home, alarm did not go off and it was set.  Serviceman had just been out three months earlier.


I have just read about 12 complaints on Guardian Protection and there are more.  I am not alone, who can stop these con artists.

Alarm Companies don't solicit customers, customers call when they want to inquire about obtaining an alarm service.  Guardian has a whole program they use to Prey on People, knowing all the steps they wil be taking to invade their privacy and rip off their bank accounts, they are not about alarm protecting.  Their out to Identity Steal.


I refuse to use their services and refuse to allow them to abuse my Privacy in my own home, though they will not stop charging I refuse to use any of their services.  There needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit .

I am grateful I do have a good alarm company who is taking care of me, while I am fighting this corruption.

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#2 Author of original report

GUARDIAN "Protection" ripoff

AUTHOR: - ()

I cancelled my alarm with Guardian Protection within the alloted time frame according to the installer with another company who told me in person that I had 10 days to cancel, I was not informed that Guardian protection out of Pennsylvania would be the monitoring company.


I would never ever recommend Guardian Protection or any of the associated people with Guardian Protection, their cold callers who should never had had my number to begin with or GE Security and  Security Force Inc.

GUARDIAN "PROTECTION" is the company you are forced to deal with after these other people do whatever it is they do and contract out this monitoring company.

I have had nothing but trouble with Guardian Protection since attempting to cancel withing the alloted time frame the Security Force Installer told me that I had, the ten day time frame.

I had no other Security Company or Monitoring Seivice at the time my ALARM DISARM Key Fob and Door Lock and Unlock was STOLEN while I was taking my dog swimming OTHER than GUARDIAN PROTECTION.


VIVENT is FAR Superior.  I want GUARDIAN PROTECTION to STOP CHARGING me $55 Dollars and some cents for an alarm that has never worked where I currently have "bars" on my Kitchen Window because their system has never worked where I had to break into my home when someone stold my key fob and lock and keys to my car.  The Carteret County Sheriff are part of the Problem and are part of what Carteret County calls "COUNTY" where all emergency calls are sent to rather than going to local Police Municipalities.  I have had so much trouble with Carteret County Sheriff and other "Police" in this county vandalizing my Mother's Car.


I have had TONS of Trouble with GUARDIAN and they are part of the problem and always have been.  I cancelled my services on time as stated by SECURITY FORCE INC and am tired of their RIP OFF.

I had nothing but breaking and entering WARRANTLESS ENTRIES the entire time I have had GUARDIAN Protection and for these last five years by local law enforcement who have no right to come into my home and "steal and search" without a warrant.  It has been a Nightmare of Epic proportions but I have had the most trouble since Guardian started monitoring my home.

STALKING is LEGAL in Cartering County according to Carteret County.  So is abuse of power and breaking and entering by local law enforcement and retention /stealing of vehicles and destruction of vehicles and other personal property by "People in Power" in Carteret County NC.

Don't ever get Guardian Protecion and don't accept any cold calls from Guardian Protection which used GE equipment, and then sends out Security Force Inc to install.  Guardian Protection is anything but.....and is a large part of every problem you will have.

Today is July 14.  They Guardian Protection has been debiting my account each and every month though they are not protecting me or monitoring my property......another company is.

Vivint is a good company and I have heard that another company is good also.  Do not get Guardian Protection, which uses a "new GE Technolody" supposedly, and is installed by Security Force Inc.


or you will have nothing but trouble.


I am waiting to see if they are going to debit my bank account again for "Nothing" their system has never worked and has caoused nothing but Trouble.

Guardian Protection was notifed on time of Cancelation and was a terror the entire first month of Monitoring , which is the only time the system did work.  I have been paying for nothing but......TROUBLE with them in every way from Pennsylvania to Carteret County NC

I suppose it will take a Lawyer to stop them ...GUARDIAN PROTECTION.  Looks like they have enough complaints for a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit to me.





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#3 Author of original report

Vivint Security because of Guardian Protection/GE Security

AUTHOR: - ()

I just got off the phone with VIVENT SECURITY.  UNLIKE GUARDIAN PROTECTION......VIVINT WAS AWESOME, concerning the 

cancellation process.  The first Customer Service Representative was so wonderful he made me rethink whether or not I was 

doing the right thing to cancel.  The CSR in the Cancellation Department was so wonderful he insisted on giving me a REFUND for the time I had tried out the system, because I did the cancellation process in the right way!

I told VIVINT that my situation was more with the Local Installer, that most of the issue centered around the local installer and that I must have been his first install or that either he was up to no good, as can happen frequently in this particular area with a tiny population 8-9 months out of the year and a Booming Population because of the beach "in season."

They are refunding all of my money and I didn't even ask for a refund but VIVENT is insisting.  The issue with this alarm has more been with the AREA the alarm is servicing more than anyting I believe and the install itself.

I will call VIVINT again in the Future, their system is a nice one and is top of the line.  My bad experience is mostly because of the Location of service and it's differentiation from "Normal" areas that are close to Major Metropolitan Areas unlike this Isolated area that is a country of it's own where things happen here that are not allowed to happen in other areas/cities/towns near Metropolitan Areas and things are "gotten away with" here that would definately NOT Fly in other areas where MEDIA would be all over it and so would the number of people who were being treated wrongly/disrespectfully/invasively or against the law.

This area is "lawless" and is like a totally separate State of it's own, not connected to the rest of North Carolina.  It is very, very strange and it is very very corrupt.

Great to visit, but most definately not to live. Everything in Carteret County NC is a "cover-up" because in Carteret County NC it can be.

Apparently the powers that be here are above the law and things happen here that I have never , ever seen or heard of.  I need to end this here.

I thank VIVENT for their awesome customer service in cancelling the alarm, they were more than awesome and expeciant abot it and I will most definately call them in the future when I am living closer to a Metropolitan "Normal" area where all people are held accountable for their actions.

I will be trying out one more alarm in this area, until I can get to another one and it has been highly recommended for "Protection" which is most important in Carteret County NC.  I hope it works unlike GUARDIAN PROTECTION--it must be "Pennsylvania Week" in "Down"Eastern ('Down East') North Carolina.  Watch out for Guardian Protection/GE Security/Security Force Inc most especially if they solicit you which they did do concerning me.  Red Flag number 1 I have learned.  They continue to charge my account each and every month although VIVINT has been monitoring my home and ViVINT is issuing (not just agreeing to stop service) but issuing a REFUND.  Vivint made this process so easy, and they were wonderful to work with tonight--I look forward to having them as my security company in the future, nearer a more "Normal" Metropolican Statistical Area like Raleigh or Asheville NC

Do Not Get Guardian Protection, they are a complete rip off and did everything I said before up above and then some.

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#4 Author of original report

Vivent Security because of Guardian Protection/GE Security

AUTHOR: - ()

I paid Vivent 49.00 April 17 when my alarm was installed.  They told me it would be around 75.00 per month which makes sense of the amount they charged me June 17 of 148.00.

However, I did write an email cancellation within my time frame of three days and have copies of it on my computer which is legal saying something to the effect of "Let this email serve as Legal Notification that I am cancelling my alarm service contract with Vivint" due to many reasons listed in a report I filed for Guardian Protection/GE Security...because their alarm was so much of an issue that is how I ended up with Vivent .

Because of the Car Vandalism in my Driveway and the Vivint Alarm Monitoring Person over the two way who refused to allow me to disarm my alarm, therefore sending out the Police un-necessarily and then my car being Vandalized that same evening/early morning where my tow hook was taken out of the interior back of my car and placed inside the front tow area , and the tow panel on my car torn off (I had to order another one from the dealership so there wouldn't be a hole there), the radio speakers cut out and a few other things....I can't seem to get over that plus the other things mentioned earlier.

They (Vivint) are not as bad as Guardian Protection/GESecurity, but neither are they very good.  The alarm has been turned off as of last Saturday and is no longer working and that is good because I have another alarm company coming out that has been recommended by someonw who would know and their reviews are much better than either of these other two.

Alarm Companies and other "things" are different "down here" because there isn't enough Media / and year round not enough people , so people get away with things down here that is not tolerated and is exposed elsewhere.  This is nothing new.

I am hopeful this new alarm system will protect me until I can get out of this area.  Guardian Protection has yet to stop charging me 55 dollars and some cents per month.  Their alarm hasn't been hooked up for over 6 months and they are not giving me any protection, nor have they ever protected me.  They solicited me for business, that is all and abused the two way speaker for one.

Read their reviews and listen to them, the same goes for Vivint.  I am hesitant to keep Vivint with the trouble I have had beginning with the installer.  I still don't have all of the alarm installed as of today, and nothing is different than it was the first day the installer from Jacksonville NC had 8 hours to install the alarm and left off one camera (which someone later came back and put in without my knowledge or permission outside on my screened in porch about four weeks later that still does not work) and the Electronic Lock was never installed that goes with the system which is one of the most important parts.  I have had trouble with Vivint three times, not allowing me to disarm my system.  The other times, I have been able to disarm.

I have been recommended to go with another company and I am , because of everyting beginning with the install I am having Trust issues with Vivint, especially since the Car Vandalism ordeal which just cost me about 750. dollars to have fixed.

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#5 Author of original report

No Guardian Protection!

AUTHOR: - ()

I want guardian protection/stalking to immediately cancel my contract.  I refuse to pay a company who stalks and abuses their power with an alarm they are supposed to be protecting me with.  Someone to this day has that key phob that can open and close my electronic lock, it has never been returned after being stolen out of my home that day I took my dogs swimming.


 I am going to be keeping Vivint.  Vivint is obnoxious because the alarm goes off as soon as I open the door....but I can tell Vivint has my back


Vivint has my back and I feel safer with their alarm that I have felt down here with any alarm and their installer wasn't as horrible as another one I had with another company who stayed here 12 hours and still didn't have the alarm working when I left for a month in January 2013.


This Vivint alarm has always worked, my car was vandalized after some person came over the speaker and would not allow me to answer saying that things were fine, instead sending the Police.  My car was vandalized again that same night, which makes me suspicious.


However, I now park it in front of one of the cameras and will have a clip of anyone breaking and entering and vandalizing from now on.


Once I get my new lock installed and the other exterior camera working , I think things will be fine.


I can tell that as obnoxious as the alarm is , sounding the moment i open the door--that Vivint is doing their Job and this alarm has always worked.


I think I will be keeping it.  

Guardian Portection does not "Protect" like some other companies, they stalk and invade your privacy.


Vivint is attempting to protect 85% of the time, with the exception of some issues i have mentioned before, like just above when the person on the monitoring end would not allow me to tell them things were fine when the alarm went off and then sent the police unnecessarily, costing all taxpayers dollars....then my car being vandalized that night again with the tow hook thing for one, that the Sheriff had previously given me such a hard tima about...that is suspicious.


Vivint is aware of this.


85% of What Vivint does I believe is in an attempt to Protect.  I will be staying with Vivint and will keep you updated.


I will not be using Guardian Protection/Monitoring Company of Pennsylvania ever again.


I want them to stop debiting my card, their system has not been working in a long time and they stalk and invade.



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Vivint Securit/ Guardian Protection

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Please escust these errors my last report meant to say the secone CAMERA Installed not the 2nd alarm installed.

Also , please excuse misspellings I am having issues with  my MAC and SPELLCHECK transposing letters and am in a huge hurry.



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Vivint Security

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Vivent Security or someone from Vivent Security came out to my house this last week in may a month after I had the service and installed the second camera without my knowledge or / and when I was not home and without notice after I wrote this report the following day updating about Vivent under the heading Guardian Protection because the two collide together (alarm key fob stolen SFI Security, where I had to break into my own home, ( Credit Cards stolen along with car keys and house keys)--

Sometime between the 23 or this week and the 24 of this week in May of 2016.  It appears that a Brown and Curtis Property Managers from 406 Emerald Drive Emerald Isle and Intracoastal Communications along perhaps with the builders and especially Landscaper a Farrington of Yardworks Inc in Bogue NC who is a Carteret County Commissioner have something to do with the Vivint Install Crazymaking and perhaps the key fob being stolen from SFI/Guardian Protection.

I am in the process of having a new alarm installed today with ADT Security, and they have 'Indoor/Outdoor AUDIO /VIDEO from Intracoastal Communications and have been stalking me since 2004 and breaking and entering along with some others--they know when I leave, when I get home and where I go.  All the time.  They listen to what I say on the phone in my home.

Brown and Curtis, trespassed on my Property banging on my door for 30 minutes at a time when those property owners wanted a Bulkhead Installed about three years ago and would not stop banging, once while I was inside the shower and wrapped in a towel.

All he had to do was leave a "card" in the screen porch door asking me to call , but he continued to harass me doing this at least three time in an attempt to "gain access" for the "bulkhead Company" to have access to their land via my backyard with huge cranes , in order to build a bulkhead next door at that property.

I never answered the door when he trespassed, once with a No Trespassing Sign hanging up on the side of the house.

So this afternoon, he obviously knows "Mr Brigadeer General Retired" knows that ADT is coming out to my House today at 12:00 to fix the botched alarm install with a man from Jacksonville NC, where I still don't have a new lock, (where the key fob electronically can unlock my house) nor do I have a new lock that was supposed to come with a package from Vivint.

I cancelled my contract by the third day with Vivint Security and have it in writing.  When Vivint was installing the alarm he came to that property and turned on lights that normally are not on when no one is home and inbetween the time when my key fob was stolen from SFI Security.  A man who lives next door to him when I went out to take my dog swimming in the sound was "signaling" someone and that is the day I had to break into my own home and discover the SFI Security Alarm wasn't working.

My Siblings/"Brothers" who have been giving me a really rough time with my parents (deceased estate) live in the next house over from the man who looks like "duck dynasty" or tries to look like Jesus and was signaling the day I had to break into my own home.

My father and Uncle were both Medics in the US Army in World War II, they are a totally different kind of Military than this man from Brown and Curtis Property Managers who stalks me next door along with all these other people and a PDL Properties across the street.  The man who owns that house next door is deceased and his name is Nick Glennon and was with Ri'Ra Restraunts of owned them one.  I have had repeated break ins and stalking since the day he, his builders and his landscapers started on that house and continued trespassing using my house as their electric source for building that house at 406 Emerald Drive and the landscaper Tearing up my brand new expensive landscaping (at that time) after Ophelia (Hurricaine) around 2006 to plant those sticky cactus in an effort to protect their pool and air conditioning run off at that property next door.

They had no right to do these things on my property and without my knowledge or permission in 2006 amother other things they did.

I don't know what this Vivint Installer was or is up too, but whatever it is it's not any good nor do I trust the situation; plus the alarm is still not totally installed.

It did blow my mind when I walked outside one day this week to see all these wires drilled inside my screened in porch , especially when I have my screened in porch doors locked overnight and early am and that 2nd alarm installed a month later , without calling me ahead of time or notifying me in any way.

Mr Brown or Mr Curtis (Intracostal Security) are next door right now , waiting to see when ADT Security is going to show up today.  "Spying"


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Vivint Security

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I was right to cancel Vivint "Smart Home" on the thrid day as noted above.

Vivint knew that I was having issues with the other alarm system and could have been the ones to steak my key fob, car keys, house keys and credit card and make the other alarm not work.

I don't know who is doing what but I do know that Vivint last week on top of what I wrote as my Install experience, which was the worst install I have ever had with a company or the worst "Partial Install" as I did not receive my new door lock, my new key fob or my second outdoor camera or any signs or anyhing on my computer or phone (No connections to my system).

The emergancy contact is something I cannot get over as the installer and i agreed we would cover this portion when he came back to complete the install in a ocuple of days.  I found out about what he had done and have not trusted Vivent since this install , though have tried to make sure.  He did put some man on my emergeny contact list that I do not know and he did do this without my permission and must have given him my information, as that 's what emergency contact people have that you (the customer) personally designate "Normally" and "Legally" when obtaining an alarm.  This man supposedly is my Son.  I don't have a son and I did not give Ricco permission to add whoever this person is, nor did I have knowledge that Ricco did this behind my back.

This is one reason I have been so slow in having them come back to finish what should have been completed a month ago...and i have paid for that month plus the installation fee.

I also Cancelled on the 24 and do have that in writing on my contract which states that you have three days to cancel your contract.

Last week (the alarm always goes off right away rather than allowing me time to disarm it) I went to run an errand and when I came back the alarm went off the moment I opened the door, but this time when I put my "code" in the keypad the person on the other end at the monitoring station refused to answer me when I "disarmed" my system.  There was silence and this has happened at least three times.

I have had several good customer service people with Vivent and one Horrible Woman one and about four Horrible Men...the others have alll been good.

When this happened at the keypad, I knew the Police would be coming for No reason, wasting their time and confusing the issue and wasting my time.  I don't like crying Wolf, as when you really need the Police you need them so why waste taxpayer dollars and Police time and Customer time and inconvenience because the Monitoring Company or Vivent Monitoring Company  in this case refuses to answer you or call you on the phone for this very be bothered for no verifiable reason and to waste time of local Police.

These two particular Policemen were nice, that evening even though it was very unnecessary for them to have to come out, and the reason they did was set up by Vivint.

Also on this night and I am not accusing anyone , because I was not outside in the middle of the night; my Car was vandalized in my Driveway.

The Tow Hook which I had just had fixed at Floyd's Automotive was pulled back out and I'm not sure if the little place where it was pulled back out was broken or not and someone opened my Locked Drivers Side Door and "cut out" my Radio panel and a portion of something next to it near the drivers side door handle.

I have had windows beaten out of this same car in my driveway about two years ago in a different scenario.

Regardless my car was vandalized, and I do have photos.  It is now parked in front of the camera that does work..the doorbell camera and I will have to pay to fix these things again.  It has been a nightmare and I do blame the "area" as I have had trouble with the Carteret County Sheriff concerning the "towing" issue and lots of it.

I am going to try one more alarm company in this area, and if that doesn't work I have one other option that belongs to me and I will use it until I can get my person out of this place and county.  However I do need something to protect my home and personal belongings until that point so since I have it in writing and on what day and did send this to Vivent I am going to go ahead .

They did not install a new Door Lock which came with my package and the Sheriff have had my car keys in their possession and according to the tow truck driving company would not release them for three hours, in fact it took a Lawyer to have them release my car keys, my house keys to the firm and from the sheriff so that I could get my car off the side of the road on Highway 58 near Firetower Road with a broken window and had been notified two three days and two nights later after the last Vandalism on April 10 of my drivers side window while I was waiting at a Ferry Dock in Cedar Island Carteret County NC.

I sent notification again to Vivint as a reminder that my alarm contract was cancelled and on time and that I have it in writing.

They (vivint) also could have placed their "sky panel" on top of where the older panel had been as they have to "drill holes" in the wall and instead Ricco drilled new holes and put it right next to the other blank spot where the other panel had been which made no sense to me.

Security Force Installer and Ricco are like Night and Day with Security Force being 100% Better, the problem I had with them is Guardian Protection out of Pennsylvania and the fact that I dont know who broke in my home and took the key fob that belongs to SFI's doorlock along with my car keys and house keys and two credit and one debit cards.

This is the nature of things in "this place"

However I have to have some protection so I am going to try one more company who has been in business for a long time.

Vivant I was hoping woulld work but they are in business with BEST BUY NATIONWIDE now and this is most likely a large part of the issue coming from Morehead City NC.  Best Buy is installing Vivint's alarms now so they would know how to do different things like silent entries and all that nasty stuff that other alarm companies would also know how to hack into.

I don't know who did what with either of these two companies and cannot use or will not pay either one of them for "Protection" that isn't

Guardian Protection is a nightmare and Vivint may be worse .  I didn't want a camera "Inside my home" but surely did want the two cameras outside my home and the doorbell camera and the new lock and key fob

Vivint has me key fob to this alarm to this day, I have never had it in my possession and they have never given it to me.  I am glad I have my cancellation in writing and after reading reviews and the car vandalism which i have read about on several other Vivint Reviews (could just be a coincidence), then the fact that I don't have all of the system installed and didn't get it a severn hour time frame which should have been more than enough time.  I have had to cancel and to remind them that I have done so .

I will be getting something very soon, I have no other choice, but to try one more Securty Company that has higher reviews and that I have seen in the area and has all the things I need with the exception of possibly a bodyguard in this area.

Sad but true, it's that.....corrupt.

Scary too

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#9 Author of original report


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Vivint Technician when he came to install about three weeks ago did not complete the install.  Vivint knew that I still was under contract with Guardian Protection when I signed their contract.

I am not going to have an alarm company with a missing key fob and an alarm that does not work, this is why I felt that I needed some additional protection.

I had three days to decide whether or not to keep Vivint and called to cancel on the third day because the installer (the first one) was here from 12 until 7 and did not finish the install.

He also drilled new holes in the wall for the new sky panel when he could have placed the skypanel on top of the other place where Security Force installed their panel , saving my wall from more drilling holes.

I have yet to receive my Key Fob and my  new door lock and the installation of one camera, these things did not get "done" by the first installer with Vivint that day about three weeks ago.


The doorbell camera works very well and so far the rest of the system is working, they seem to be on high alert and 80 % of their people really seem to be trying to protect me.

The first installer did not finish so we both agreed that  I would give him my emergency contacts when he came back and got the job finished.  I found out through Vivint that he put some man's name on my emergency contact form that I do not know and that that man says he is my son and I don't have a son.

I didn't like this part at all and this does lead to distrust.  I am haviing issues still with someone coming inside my home and know its because they can get in using my old door lock, where the guardian protection key fob that was never returned is still there because the Vivint Installer did not install the new one I paid over 1000 dollars or am paying over 1000. dollars per contract and around 70 dollars per month for.  My camera 2nd camera didn't get put up as well outside and the first camera, not the doorbell camera (which is the onlhy one that works all the time and does a good job when I see it) the first camera is not in the location where it needs to be.

I called to cancel within the time frame and Vivint told me the name of the person the installer listed on my emergency contact sheet without my knowledge or permission.  The installer is from Jacksonville NC where Camp Lejeune is.

For now My alarm is cancelled because it wasn't fully installed, and I will make a decision when the new installer comes out to finish the install.

I don't know who is doing what.  I don't trust the first installer with Vivint, but do appreciate that Vivint gave me the information about the emergency contact person that I do not know who says he's my son when I don' thave a son and am questioning the installer and have asked them to make sure they screen their installers that installers can make or break a business.


The installer who is to come out (this week) he has tried but I currently have Shingles and have had to put it off...the first installer had plenty of time to get the whole job done and just didn't do it at until the system is in and working full force It is in cancellation mode and i called in time for it to be so.


If I continue to have issues with "People" coming inside my home and stealing from me (credit cards and cell phone) some of which show up later and in these last three weeks...I will certainly just have to go with my rifle and forget any alarm system because then I will greately suspect local authorities for breaking in my home and stealing my things on a repeated basis.


I do want to know the law of warrentless entries and I dont mean on occasion, I mean all the time....ike I said now they are coming in my home while I am IN it.  I don't know which alarm company this is associated with but the local police respond to all alarms for all alarm companies.


I am not blaming Vivint for the Installer, they have a good one coming out.  I am leary because of the fact that the first installer did not complete the job and because put some man's name on my emergency contact sheet that says he's my sone without my permission and without my knowledge.


I suppose this is the man who is now coming in my home stealing my things or Ricco the technician who on purpose did not install and "New Lock" and give me my new Key Fob for whatever reason.  Ricco the installer has an idea as to what my security code "could be" and he does know my password.

However, this could be Guardian Protection/Security Force INC because they have the key fob to my entryway door that locks and unlocks the door and they would know how to do a "silent entry and exit"

Vivint refunded some money that I had paid them for an alarm about two years ago....that I had forgotten about.  This is one reason I chose Vivint.  Technically they could have kept it and did not.  I feel that if they get down to the facts of why the first installer Ricco did the things he did, and the way he did them when he did have tiem to finish the job and did not and he did have time to change the lock and didn't and why he put some man's name on my emergency contacts that I do not know nor did I give permission for him to do so....once I get this worked out with the new tech who has been doing this for a while with Vivint and knows what he's doing , then I feel Vivint will be the better bet in Security Systems "down here". I doh't know if this is Guardian Protection/Security Force doing the breaking and entering and stealing or the man Ricco with Vivint put on my emergency contact list without my knowledge.   Ricco was supposed to come back in three days to complete the job and I owuld not allow Vivint to let him come back because he should have finished number one nad number two the issue with some man I don't know that he put on my emergency contact sheet with out my knowledte or permission.  I do need to know why this was allowed to be done or why Ricco the installer did this....but I also suspect Guardian Protection and SFI Security out of Raleigh NC to be an issue since the old door lock has not been changed as it should have been and since my key fob which locks and unlocks and arms and disarms my alarm is still "out there somewhere" from having been stolen that day I took my dog swimming.  It's a nightmare, and I need this to stop, to be protected while I'm here or wherever I am and not to be robbed and stolen from whether I'm in my home (asleep) or in the shower which scares me to death.....or out running errands or whatever.

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