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Complaint Review: National Moving Network - MIAMI Florida

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  • Reported By: Rhinelander Wisconsin
  • National Moving Network P.O. BOX 630850 MIAMI, FLA 33163 MIAMI, Florida U.S.A.

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To whom it may concern:
I would first like to take the opportunity to thank the Better Business Bureau of Florida for their intervention and prompt reply.

Before I get to the specifics of my complaint against National Moving Network of Florida, and the Modern Moving Company of Michigan, I would like to dispense of the emotional impact and gross inconvenience this company has put myself and family through in our relocation to Rhinelander WI.

The only appreciable service that I have received from national moving network (NMN) was from the initial contact and interaction with the sales department. Once my file left their office the nightmare developed.

National Moving Networks initial response to the Florida Better Business Bureau was addressed by one of their supervisors named Michelle Oney. For Michelle to state that her company places pride in customer satisfaction is in itself insulting considering their conduct and false advertisement practices. In my experience with national moving network, they have been completely oblivious to any concerns related to customer satisfaction. I was denied the right to speak with any supervisor when I initially started having difficulty in coordinating a pick-up and pack time with Modern Moving Company (MMC) of Michigan. It took a total of three days and numerous telephone calls to speak with a supervisor.

The representative that was initially assigned to handle my specific case (Antonio) was extremely ignorant, uncaring, rude, and obstinate. He was unwilling to ask any of his superiors for assistance in problem resolution with the coordination, specific pick-up and pack times with Modern Moving Company.

Additionally, he was totally inept to ensure that my contractual agreement remained intact. However, once I was allowed to speak with a supervisor (in this case Michelle Oney), it was like speaking to a brick wall. She was extremely untutored relative to handling customer complaints and rendering assistance. I was able to accomplish more by contacting the moving company directly than the pure lip service that I received from Michelle Oney. As you will see by the enclosed emails, I was promised by Michelle Oney a fax of the original contract on a number of occasions. To date I still have not received a copy of the original contract that I signed with the sales department.

It is my intention to elaborate on the specific incidents and encounters that I have had with the national moving network. They should be exposed to the true nature of their intent to deceive, mislead, and steal the public trust into thinking that they are a reputable organization with sincere intentions of standing by their assertions of saving up to 65% by utilizing there organization taking the stress out of the moving experience knowledgeable customer service representatives willing and able to assist you with your move. I believe this is the lure that emulates their organizational philosophy.

As a member of the United States Armed Forces I have served overseas twice and relocated a number of times across America. Never in ANY of my journeys have I encountered such an apathetic, ignorant, deceiving group of people.

The following blueprint formulates the specific encounters with the national moving network and their representatives. Enclosures are attached reflecting the email correspondence with national moving network.

On 2 November 2002 in the process of screening for a moving company, Crissy Swoop of the National Moving Network (NMN) from an Internet inquiry that I made contacted me. Ms Swoop was very knowledgeable and provided me with an estimate for all the moving services that her company could provide.

On this particular day, NMN had a special rate. Ms Swoop quoted me a total price $3375.00 which included all packing services (see enclosure #1).

She informed me that in order to keep the special rate, I would have to place a deposit of $850.00. I informed Ms. Swoop that I had a special rate on my MasterCard if I used the credit card checks (7.9% vs. the standard rate of 10.99%), would it be possible for me to charge the $850.00 deposit, pay the entire amount of $3375.00 with a credit card check and have the $850.00 deposit credited back to my charge card. Ms. Swoop place me on hold and returned to inform me that this would not be a problem. I did as requested, and place the amount on my MasterCard
(see enclosure #2).
It was agreed that my scheduled pick-up date would be 11/21/02 to 11/22/02. I received email from Crissy swoop on 8 November 2002 with instructions on what to pack and what not to pack

(enclosure #3). Confused, I emailed Ms. Swoop back and inquired to what exactly was supposed to be packed by the movers vs. what I was supposed to pack per our initial agreement (enclosure #4). Ms Swoop informed me that with the exception of the items that I agreed to pack (computer, hanging clothes); the $515.00 included all other packing requirements.

My last day of work was 11/18/02. I spent the next two days packing items, disassembling the dining room table, beds, mirrors off the dressers, and removing all items from the walls in anticipation of modern moving company arriving on the scheduled date of 21 November 2002.
On 19 November 2002 at approximately 1000 hours, I received a call from a gentleman who did not identify himself, inquiring about my scheduled move. I requested information on who this gentleman was and the purpose of his call. He identified himself as Antonio of the national moving network customer service office who was assigned the responsibility of coordinating my relocation and communicating with modern moving company.

Antonio informed me that the pickup date would be 22 November 2002 without any specific time. I informed Antonio that it was agreed between Crissy Swoop and myself that the pickup day would be 21 November 2002. Antonio informed me that they operated out of a 2-day window. I requested to speak directly with Crissy Swoop and he blatantly refused to transfer me to her extension. I discontinued my conversation with Antonio and to called NMN and requested to speak with Ms. Swoop.

Again, my request was refused and I was transferred back to Antonios extension. Since I was obviously going to be forced to work with Antonio, I figured that I might as well ensure that all the other agreements that I had made with the sales department had been properly coordinated with the customer service department. When I inquired about the payment arrangements that I had made with Ms. Swoop, Antonio replied that this agreement was contradictory to company policy and I would be required to pay the remaining balance $2525.00 upon delivery of my household property.

I was very agitated at this point. I requested to speak with Antonios supervisor. Antonio replied that I would not be able to speak with a supervisor, that they had no more authority than he did in resolving my concerns.

Additionally, he stated that they were to busy and did not arbitrarily take telephone calls. I spent the following hour and twenty minutes attempting to explain the agreement that I had made with the sales department and the purpose of such and agreement (7.9% vs. 10.99% interest).

Antonio was totally ignorant to the point that I was trying to make and again refuse to let me speak with Ms. Swoop or a supervisor. I discontinued my telephone conversation with Antonio resolved with the fact that I was not going to be able to accomplish anything with this individual.

I called NMN and requested to speak with a supervisor. I was again transferred back to Antonios extension and prompted to leave a message. I called NMN again and specifically requested to speak with a supervisor NOT ANTONIO.

The telephone representative then felt her necessity to become involved in my concerns and asked what problem did I have and why would Antonio not be able to assist me. My response to this inquiry was to question her on what capacity she functioned in and what authority did she have to satisfy any concern that I might have. The individual then became VERY agitated, told me to file a complaint, and hung the telephone up on me.

I emailed Ms Swoop and was almost immediately called back. Ms Swoop reiterated our original agreement and sent a FEDEX representative to my home to pick up the credit card check for the full amount. Ms Swoop assured me that once received, my MasterCard would be credited for the deposit of $850.00.

Email was received on 11/20/02 (enclosure #5) reflecting receipt of the payment. As of 12/03/02, the $850.00 deposit has NOT been credited back to my MasterCard account (enclosure #6).

At 0940, 11/22/02 I called Antonio to inquire about the arrival time for the modern moving company driver. Antonio was unable to give me a specific time and informed me that the driver would call me when close to my destination.

At 1315 hours on 11/22/02, I again called customer relations unable to contact Antonio I was provided the telephone number for modern moving company for direct communication. I spoke with Dave who contacted the driver directly (JD).

I was informed that the driver had only received instructions for my pickup on the afternoon of 11/20/02 and would not be here until tomorrow. Dave informed me that he would contact MNM to check other availability.

At 1430 hours I again called NMN and spoke with Antonio who was unaware of any difficulty. Antonio placed my call on hold to contact modern moving trucking company. Antonio returned to inform me that he would call me back after he spoke with dispatching.

At 1500 hours, Antonio called back to inform me that it would be Saturday afternoon or worse case Sunday morning. I was absolutely livid at this point and contacted modern moving company and stated that this was not within the agreement that I had made with NMN and emphasized the importance of early pickup and delivery.

I was scheduled to start work on 25 November 2002. Dave or Dennis of Modern Moving Company informed me that since this would be late in pickup, that I would receive express service and next day delivery (11/25/02). I communicated my displeasure with this and informed them that I had not established residence yet, but would have a place for delivery and storage at my mother in laws home residence.

On 11/22/02 at 1820 hours modern moving company driver (JD) called stated he would arrive late Saturday afternoon or in the worst case scenario Sunday afternoon. I expressed my extreme displeasure with this and informed JD that I would be unable to wait that long.

My scheduled itinerary required me to be in Wisconsin on 11/25/02 to start work. I physically went through each room, reviewed inventory with JD, and explained to him what items where left to pack and what items I had already disassembled. JD stated that he was scheduled to pack ten book boxes and six and one-half dishpacks. After inventory review, JD and I agreed that he would bring additional boxes.

11/24/02 contacted JD at 1717 hrs. He stated that he was approximately fifty miles outside Lexington and would be there in an hour or so.

11/24/02 was contacted by JD at 2300 hours that he had arrived in Lexington.

11/25/02 1045 hours contacted Judy Kerr (neighbor to supervise packing) stated driver had arrived last evening, inventoried goods and had no boxes to pack with. She drove JD around Lexington in her privately owned vehicle to purchase boxes.

11/26/02 Judy Kerr stated that JD left at 1900 hours.

11/27/02 attempted contact w/JD, left message.

11/29/02 attempted to contact JD, left 5 10 messages.

11/30/02 1145 hrs called office Modern Moving spoke with Dennis who did not know what JDs plans were. JD had driven from Lexington, KY, stopped enroute picked up another load and proceeded to Michigan instead of delivering my household goods as promised (express service?). His truck was currently parked at Modern Moving Company and my household items were secure.

11/30/02 1230 JD returned call stated that he had not been paid by modern moving company and was not driving his moving truck until paid. I encourage JD to bring my household goods that evening. JD stated that if he was promised to get a paycheck on Sunday then he would deliver my household goods that evening.

JD stated that his bosses were still at facility 15 min ago. I attempted to call modern moving got answering machine, left message.

12/01/02 throughout day attempted to call JD, left messages.

12/01/02 JD returned call and stated that he would be unable to leave Michigan until 12/03/02. I informed him that this was unacceptable and requested that he proceed immediately.

12/02/02 0800-left message with nmn & modern moving company threatened legal counsel.

12/02/02 0830 nmn Michelle Oney called gave lip service and stated there was no guarantee for delivery date. (1-2 day pick-up, 5-7 days delivery advertised). Received email from Michelle Oney (enclosure # 7)

She stated that goods would be delivered on 12/04/02 and additionally promised to fax copy of contract.

Modern moving returned call, stated driver would leave early 12/3/02 & arrive late afternoon early evening.

12/03/02 nmn Michelle Oney calls mother-in-law and informs her that we owe an additional $1297,00 for packing services (were not included in contract). I questiones Michelle about the $515.00 that I paid for packing and emailed her a copy of the conversation that I had with Ms. Crissy Swoop relative to packing services enclosure #4).

Michelle stated that she would fax me a copy of the initial contract and I waited at my fax machine all afternoon, and never received a copy of the contract as promised. Emailed Michelle back again requesting copy of all documentation be faxed.

12/03/02 received another email from Michelle Oney stated that we owed an additional $1170.00 (enclosure #8)

12/03/02 1510 modern moving (Dave) informed me that driver left early this am and would be arriving later today.

12/03/02 1630 JD called informed me that he would deliver goods later this evening.

12/4/02 0910 JD called me on cell telephone and stated that he would arrive later this afternoon/early evening. Inquired to entity responsible for compensation, left message with Dennis at modern moving company requesting compensation for breech of contract and hardship, requested return call 12/5/82 am.

12/4/02 1730 called JD, informed me that he was north of Chicago, 58 miles from WI, asked for directions. Stated that he wad going to drive another 5-6 hrs, would arrive 12/05/02 am. I verbalized extreme discontent.

12/05/02 JD arrived with truck at approximately 1500 hours. Justification for being extremely late delivering my household goods was that he had to make additional stops and pickups in Chicago.

12/05/02 Spoke with Dennis at Modern Moving Company. He agreed to reduce the deficit to an even $1000.00. I paid the one thousand dollars, received my household goods.

Items are damaged, some missing. Compensation for damaged goods to be filed within 90 days. Follow-up pending action for reimbursement of damaged/missing goods.
As you can see, the entire move was anything but stress free. In addition, NMN representatives were unavailable during the weekend hours for assistance. Modern Moving & Storage Company obviously delayed my shipment in order to facilitate other pick-ups en route from Kentucky and enroute from Farmington Michigan to my location. This appears to be a straightforward breech of contract and if nothing else ethical misconduct from both NMN and Modern Moving Company.

Based on the above information it should be very apparent that consumer fraud has taken place here. Consumers should have some form of protection and representation against organizations that have intent to harm the public.

As an American citizen and registered tax payer I would respectfully request assistance in rectifying the fraud, deceit, poor business practices, false advertisement, and misrepresentation that these companies are guilty of.

In addition, I would respectfully request assistance in regaining compensation for the gross and inconsiderate conduct that my family and I have been subjected to.

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

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#3 Consumer Comment

I was enlightened to hear your comments

AUTHOR: Donald - (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Friday, October 17, 2003
Thank you for your information. Considering its been almost a year since inception of my complaint, I doubt the statue of limitations would be in my favor. I was enlightened to hear your comments and would additionally be interested in your follow-up and recourse of action. Please let me know if I can be of any assist.
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#2 Consumer Suggestion

Interesting connection to my case

AUTHOR: Sharon - (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Thursday, October 16, 2003
Well, Donald, you have given me a juicy tidbit which may help you as well.

I have had my own problems with National Moving Network, along with a different moving company, AY Transport. Please see my own report for more info (National and AY, I have them where I want them...). Anyway, I have received a letter from AY Transport demanding I pay the remaining money owed to them. The interesting thing is, the letter was written on AY Transport letterhead, but is signed by your own Michelle Oney, whom you were told was a supervisor of National Moving Network. Now, unless Michelle has gotten a new job recently, all of these moving companies are tied more closely than we think. And, this throws out National's claim of non-liability on the part of the mover's wrongdoings.

If National and AY (and whoever else is out there) share the same employees, why shouldn't they share the responsibility? So, if you, or anyone else who reads this, is having problems with National Moving Network, perhaps you should bring up this overlooked bit of information.
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#1 Consumer Suggestion

Contact Rep. Thomas Petri

AUTHOR: Kay - (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Tuesday, February 11, 2003
National Moving Network is notorious in the business for exactly what you describe. The moving industry is effectively unregulated. Please take the time to direct your complaint
to the following people. Rep. Thomas Petri, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, is supposedly working on legislation that will stop scam movers. He should be
particularly concerned that this happened to a member of the armed forces.

Rep. Thomas Petri Chairman Subcommittee on Highways & Transit U.S. House of Representatives
B-370A Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Toll Free 800/242-4883

Joe Harrison
American Moving and Storage Association
1611 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone 703) 683-7410 | Fax 703) 683-7527
Email: amconf@amconf.org (AMSA)
JHarrison@MOVING.ORG (Joe Harrison)

Mr. Harrison is using AMSA dues money to lobby Congress AGAINST badly needed regulation.

Charles Horan, Director
Office of Enforcement and Compliance
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,
U.S. Department of Transportation
400 7th Street SW
Washington, DC 20590
Telephone: 202-366-2362.

The DOT is so understaffed, they're not even able to enforce their own regulations, but you should call anyway and register a complaint.
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