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Report: #586489

Complaint Review: Saxon Mortgage Services - Fort Worth Texas

  • Submitted: Sun, March 28, 2010
  • Updated: Wed, February 09, 2011
  • Reported By: dislocatedcajun — 340 West Morse St Indiana USA
  • Saxon Mortgage Services
    4708 Mercantile Drive North
    Fort Worth, Texas
    United States of America

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Attention: Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc

Today, and after speaking to yet ANOTHER in a series of unknowledgeable Customer Services Representatives of Saxon Mortgage Services; who refused to allow me to speak to the Customer Relations Specialist, named Sunday Orta, and to whom I explained I had received a letter from Sunday Orta and that I needed to speak to her regarding her written response to us. Saxons customer service representative insisted that I had to tell her the reason for my call to Saxon and what it was I want of Saxon Mortgage Services; so I took my time and relayed several of the problems and concerns of which I have shared; and in in writing to Saxon Mortgage Services Customer relations Department; and NEVER having received responses or resolutions to the MULTIPLE Problems; and the Multiple Illegal Acts having been committed over and over again by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc etal, I truly needed to communicate with Saxon Customer Relations department. After again stating several of the issues we have with Saxon; I then asked Saxons customer service representative what she is going to do about all of our issues and she said there was nothing she has the authority to do anything about. Which of course takes us back to the square one of Saxon NEVER addressing any of the MULTITUDE of ISSUES and illegal acts which Saxon continues to perform. This Saxon Customer Service representative then told me that Saxon is in receipt of the multiple written disputes and complaints I have filed, however my issues and complaints were only going to be addressed by the specific SUBJECT and subtopic areas if they ARE found in my writing any subject that pertained to that department. Ok Saxon lets make it complicated. This is one sure way to avoid addressing the huge volume of issues Saxon has.

Therefore; and today 03/25/2010,

I have sent my entire writing of issues and complaints to each and every and individual Subject and Sub-Topic listed on the Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc On-line web site and using the embedded e-mail provided by Saxons Customer Relations Department to submit our complaints, disputes and VALID legal issues against Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc., and in writing.

Saxon you are pros at avoiding the real and valid legal issues you have. Why do you insist on making it virtually impossible for a customer to have their concerns professionally (if you understand the meaning of the word), and correctly handled? Are you too busy trying to find ways to rip your customers off while padding the pockets of your Wall Street buddies. This is my guess.

Saxon we are not pawns in your game of get rich quick. We are real people, REAL CUSTOMERS who deserve the respect of each and every one of you. You think that because we are persons who, having been met with horrific health issues followed by tremendous losses of income; such problems which changed our lives and our financial security In a blink of eye, that we are to be treated as desperate and unworthy pawns who you can rip off at your leisure and for your financial gain! I pray you never have to encounter people such as yourselves, and then have to try to conduct business with the greedy, and selfish business people and corporations who have proven that their ONLY interest in life is to take advantage of those of us who do NOT have THE money it takes to fight crooks such as yourselves.

I do not have an excess of money, and I am now physically disabled; after having held quite a successful and HONEST career for 37 years; However, I do have God and the power of RIGHT and WRONG and JUSTICE on my side. I will conduct my campaign against you in my every waking hour, until finally, Justice is served. This is not a threat; it is a promise; and something that needs to be done to prevent You and companies who operate such as you; from walking all over and destroying the lives of people whose money and property you will gladly take, in exchange for reeking havoc and misery to our and others lives; while finding ways to pocket the all powerful and important cash you seem to require to breathe.


My name and phone number

March 24, 2009 URGENT Please respond if you wish to join with me in this legal battle against Saxon Mortgage Services.




I have contacted and filed a complaint listing over 52 LEGAL wrong doings, which We believe to be INTENTIONAL; CALCULATED; CONSPIRED with MANY; Illegal manipulations of innocent and trusting consumers; INTENTIONAL and CRIMINAL OVER STATING of PROPERTY VALUES with the intent to defraud, consumers and investors alike; plus a list of other charges we have against these people. And by all the above with the Indiana Attorney General, Greg Zoeller; the Office of Consumer Protection against Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and their holding company Saxon Capital, Inc; headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia

-- Saxon Capital, Inc. ("Saxon" or the "Company") (NYSE: SAX), a residential mortgage lending and servicing real estate investment trust (REIT),

and the owners of all of these businesses; who is known as and is doing business as Morgan Stanley Co; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital, Inc; a residential mortgage lending and servicing real announced today that the Company's shareholders approved the merger, upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement"), dated as of August 8, 2006, by and among Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Inc. ("MS Mortgage"), Angle Merger Subsidiary Corporation, a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of MS Mortgage, and the Company, of Angle Merger Sub Corporation with and into the Company, with the...

and is who Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc refers to only as being our Investor, but never would tell me the name of our Investor, I had to learn this on my own.

I did research on-line and at the library to find all of the following information: Morgan Stanley Co acquired Saxon Capital, Inc in December 2006, and of course, along with Morgan Stanleys acquisition, they also gained ownership of, Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; a/k/a SMI in other States and operating as Saxon Home Mortgage in the state of New York; as well as Saxon Capital, Inc conducting business across the United States of America, and still is using a number of different registered D/B/As operating under the corporate umbrella of Saxon Capital Inc; which is owned by Morgan Stanley Mortage Capital Inc; who is also known as, and is also doing business as Morgan Stanley Managed Investments Company.

I also learned of the following news today:03/22/2010

IRVING, Texas -- Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. ("Saxon") announced today the appointment of Stephen Staid as Executive Vice President of Customer Relationship Management. His appointment comes as Saxon repositions itself into the residential sub-servicing space, specializing in distressed asset servicing.

In this role, Mr. Staid will be responsible for the all aspects of the Customer Relationship including Financial Transaction Management, Early Stage Delinquency, Modification Fulfillment, Command Center, Call Monitoring, and Customer Service. He also will serve as a member of the Saxon Executive Committee, reporting directly to Saxon CEO Anthony Meola. 03/03/2010

The (refinancing) of our 1st Mortgage Loan was Closed by an Independent Loan Closer, who was also a Licensed Notary; at the time he closed our Mortgage Loan; and who is not a staff employee of Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; or of Saxon Home Loans; or Accredited Home Loans, Inc., but was instead hired as an independent contractor to Saxon Home Mortgage Lenders; and Saxon capital, Inc; and is doing business in Irving, Texas as Inzura Settlement Company, Inc a subsidiary of Accredited Home Loans, Inc; who specializes and provides services including Property Appraisals and Valuations; Mortgage Loan Closers, foreclosure property reviews and investigation, Settlement accounting for recently closed loans to prepare said loans for bundle distribution to investors and other duties as assigned and contracted by and to the aforementioned corporations known as mortgage loan origination companies; and mortgage servicing companies, and also debt collection agencies; all of the corporations shown above and including Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; Established in the 1960 and who in the years of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and early 2008; also operated as; or did business as, a home mortgage loan origination company; along with; and in conjunction with Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc and Accredited Home Loans, Inc. Accredited Home Loans, Inc is now a defunct business name; having filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in May 2009; after transferring many remaining loans held in Accrediteds Mortgage loan portfolio to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and some of which Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc recently transferred to Quantum Mortgage Services Group, Inc with offices in California , Illinois and Florida

This Loan Closer asked us to meet him at the Public Library in Fort Wayne, IN; in order to complete the closing of, and signing of, all the loan documents and disclosures which committed us to this loan agreement with Accredited Home Lenders, Inc who is or was contracted to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; in the year 2007; to act as an agent for Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc and Saxon Home Mortgage Company; to conduct the origination of home mortgages; in the State of Indiana; under the direction of and under the guidelines of Saxon Home Mortgage Lenders; Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; Saxon Capital, Inc and Morgan Stanley Company; and who is also conducting business and doing business using the name Morgan Stanley Managed Investments Company.

During our loan closing the CLOSER presented a document to us which read that it was a document which served as a commitment to a Five (5) year, Five %( 5 percent) PRE-PAYMENT Penalty. I was familiar with and have signed a somewhat similar agreement for an Indiana State Approved residential Mortgage Loan agreement; and which is known as the acceptable, usual and Customary Standard Business practice in the State of Indiana, a document known as a 2 year, 2 % prepayment penalty mortgage loan agreement; which had been a part of our original closing of the actual purchase of our home in 2004; AND therefore I argued and told this hired Closer that there is "NO WAY that I would sign, or allow my husband to affix his signature to, a five year, 5 % pre-payment penalty". We had this exact discussion with our closer; who then chose to lay that UNSIGNED by US, document aside; and told us he would present our other completed, signed and initialed loan documents to the Lender; without the prepayment penalty document being included with our other signed and agreed upon documents and disclosures. He then explained to us, however, that "the Lender may refuse to accept all of the other documents as a completed loan closing; because we had NOT signed that 5 Year, 5% prepay penalty document; he further stated that the Lender may reject the loan closing we had that day, April 02, 2007; because we have not signed the 5 year 5% prepayment penalty document, and that, then the Lender may request that we re-sign the documents at another arranged mortgage loan closing; to include the pre-payment penalty document. We were NOT given a copy of the 5 Year 5% pre-payment penalty document as part of our settlement portfolio of our signed and agreed upon Mortgage Loan Closing documents and disclosures; all others documents of which had been given to us to review during the 72 hour RIGHT to RESCIND legal waiting period; which is required by law when an individual is using their primary residence as collateral to secure a refinance of an existing Mortgage loan. The Closer stated we did not get to keep a copy of the five year, 5% pre-payment penalty document since we had refused to sign it, and it was not now considered to be a part of our mortgage loan agreement.

I have explained this to you, only because of what transpired with Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc some months later; in which case Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc told us that we had agreed to a 5 year 5% prepayment penalty.

We received a Notice delivered to us by U S Mail Services on May 03h, 2007, and which we received from Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; explaining that our loan had been TRANSFERRED to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc on April 30th , 2007 and for the purpose of them (Saxon) Servicing our Mortgage Loan; and that our payments and all questions or concerns regarding our Mortgage Loan were to be directed to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc, located in Fort Worth, Texas, and that beginning with the very first payment to our loan and then each subsequent agreed upon and due loan payment; until our loan was paid in full, or until we are otherwise notified; and our payment which was scheduled to made on our mortgage loan was still due June 1st, 2007 as per the loan agreement which had been executed on April 2, 2007; were to be paid to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. Nothing had really changed for us except the Name of the company who was supposed to be servicing our loan. The original payment mailing address was the same as we had been given at our loan closing; the only information we were missing, at that time, is that we had not been assigned an account number; by which our loan and loan payments would be identified as belonging to us; when we made these payments to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.

No one ever rejected our Mortgage Loan Documents, Note, or Disclosures for not having signed the 5 year 5% Pre-Payment Penalty agreement. We never heard a word about it. I did have a question concerning some of the information about our Escrow Amounts and some of the Loan closing Fees and Settlements dollar amounts which had been disclosed to us in our loan documents, and during our closing on April 02, 2007, however; even though I called the company, and I had been told by an electronic device that I had to leave a message; and that someone would call me back to answer our questions; the 72 hour Right to Rescind period came and went, and NOT ONE person bothered to return my call to answer the questions we had regarding some of the escrow and some of the Loan closing fee questions which have still to this day, 03/24/2010, have gone unanswered. Someone did finally call us back on the 5th day after we had closed our loan, and then I was told that it was now too late to rescind our loan. My questions went unanswered, even though I called several more times still seeking answers to my questions, each time being told that SOMEONE' would have to call me back. No person or representative ever did return my calls, other than the very brief call we received 5 days after our loan closed on 04/07/2007 and my questions were not answered then either.

It had come time for us to make our first loan payment, and the form which Saxon had mail to us to use, and then to return to them by US Mail when making our loan payment, required that we enter an account number in the space provided; in order for Saxons payment processor to verify our payment to our correct loan account. For several days and each time that I called Saxon; Saxon was unable to give us an account number; then telling us that our loan had not yet been 'booked' into their system. Finally, and after our payment had come due; and then past due, Saxon was still unable to give me our account number. I asked the teller or clerk in Saxon's Customer Service Department; to who all of my phone calls were directed by Saxon's programmed telephone answering system, how I was supposed to submit our payment without an assigned account number; as Saxon required that we supply to them with our loan payment check. I was told to call back again and again. Finally, the day arrived that Saxon was able to provide us with our account number, however if I mailed our payment at this time, our payment would not arrive to Saxon in sufficient enough time to be posted to our account; during the 15 day Grace period before, and according to the terms of our Loan NOTE, Saxon could and would charge us and our loan account balance with a 5% Late fee penalty; the late fee penalty amount to be determined by the unpaid amount of our principle and interest payment; which was still remaining and due for that month. The monthly payment due, at this time, was for our June 1, 2007 payment; which was our very first payment to be made on our new mortgage loan contract.

I asked Saxon if there was any other way for me to make a payment that would arrive to Saxon, and then our payment would be posted or credited to our loan, any sooner than if I had mailed it to Saxon. I was told I could give this Saxon Customer Service employee; a person unknown to us, and over this unsecured telephone line, our bank routing number; my checking account number, the amount I was agreeing to pay to Saxon for our loan payment; and my check number; and then Saxon would process my payment electronically; as an ACH transaction; just this one time. The Saxon employee went on to tell me that we would have to pay Saxon a fee of $15 in order to make our payment to Saxon; over the telephone this way; and that Saxon would add this amount to the payment we were making over the telephone, and that Saxon would cause a debit to our checking account to include this payment fee to Saxon; in addition to our regular monthly mortgage payment amount; or I could make my payment to Saxon using Saxons ON-LINE WEB SITE. I did not to waste $15 to make our payment over the telephone to Saxon, however I still wanted to get our payment to Saxon in order to avoid having our loan to be assessed, and then us having to pay, a late fee penalty; which is a substantial amount of money, and in my opinion, a very big waste of money, and an irresponsible way to manage our household funds and budget. Saxon would not agree to waive the payment fee; even though it had been Saxons error which had caused us to be running late with getting our payment to Saxon; and on time. The Saxon Teller did give me the Web site Address belonging to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; telling me we could make our payment directly to Saxon using their on-line system.

I did sign into the internet using our home computer, and did access the Web Site. Once at Saxons site, to which I had been directed by the Saxon Customer Service employee; in the month of June 2007; there I did learn that I had the option of paying a $4.95 fee each time I went on-line to Saxon's WEB site to make a payment; or I had the option of setting our account up using Saxons Automatic payment system; where Saxon will process our monthly mortgage payment, each month, as an ACH transaction, using our personal and private checking account information; and which we were required to provide to Saxon; with the payment being made to Saxon on our contractual due date each and every month, OR until we cancelled or withdrew our authorization; and in writing, from Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.

The previous payment terms I have shared with you; in this writing, and which existed in June 2007; have now been updated and changed by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc and now are payable to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc, using what is now known as Web Site, however a customers loan payment is now processed through Western Union Co, but still using Saxons WEB site, and this payment process is still serviced by and regulated by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. The monthly; one at a time payment processing fee has been reduced to $2.50. VERSES the previous $4.95 payment processing fee which Saxon had charged to its customers in June 2007; and when a customer is either forced to pay this $4.95, ACH payment processing fee; or is forced by financial coherence, or extortion, to set up their monthly loan payments made to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; using Saxons Automated ACH transaction payment system; which allows Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc to pay themselves; with Saxon having full access to a customers private and personal checking account information; which is held by the customers private and personal financial institution.

It was reported by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in yet ANOTHER follow up report released to the public, this time, and as a warning to the public; in the month of November 2009; and was released to local and national news reporting agencies, and on-line, at the Web site; stating that persons or individuals providing personal checking account information to ANY organization, individual or business, and through On-line payment Web sites, or over the telephone; which allows a business, etal, access to a individuals personal and private checking account; this practice has been determined to be the primary source for thieves and internet hackers to gain access to a persons or individuals private and personal information and is responsible for the tremendous increase in identity theft; which has been reported to, and is being investigated by the FTC. The public is being advised not to release such information to any individual, organization, business or any one else, on-line or over the telephone. We have since learned that beginning in the year 2008, and perhaps even before this time, but which was not formally detected, and which we reported to our Financial institution; our local police and sheriffs departments; the FBI and the Secret Service; who are responsible for investigating such illegal acts. Our confirmation of these illegal acts made to our checking account, was not possible for us to confirm as fraudulent activity to our checking account until the morning of January 11, 2010; when it was determined that we have become victims of identity theft, and have since learned that our checking account (since closed 01/12/2010; due to these multiple acts of theft), was illegally debited on several occasions, and for many months and perhaps 2 years prior, by persons not yet identified or having been caught by authorities; the thieves used unsigned ACH Debits which were presented to our financial institution checking account for payment and in in varying amounts. This is the same ACH payment process that Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc is using when a customer uses Saxons On-line payment center, to establish monthly automatic payments to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc in order to avoid having to pay the fee which Saxon imposes as a payment processing fee each and every month; and in addition to making their required monthly mortgage payment.

In June, 2007, we did learn that Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc did not have our correct mailing address recorded in their records; when our neighbor, living in a different county than ours and a few blocks from our home; and hand delivered to us an unsealed envelope having been mailed by Saxon Mortgage Service, Inc; a Debt Collector, which contained a notice to us for a payment due for the month of August 1, 2007. Our neighbor had not opened this envelope, but it was indeed sent opened and unsealed by the sender Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. It was apparent that the envelope had never been sealed, and had been sent through the U S Mail Service in this condition. This notice did contain our personal identifying information, as well as our loan account number, and information regarding our Mortgage loan principle balance, interest payments, principle payments, escrow transactions which had transpired or had been paid from our Escrow account; indicating a serious negative Escrow balance; which Saxon had published to this Notice; in Bold Red lettering, now existed in our Escrow balance, and to immediately contact our Mortgage Account Servicer, Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. This notice also stated, in large RED print, that Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc is a Debt Collector and that any information obtained by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc would be used for this purpose. Our neighbor apologized for having read this notice, having removed the contents from the unsealed envelope; and which had been delivered to them at their home; by the US MAIL Service; before realizing it was not their mail until after having read the notice.

I reviewed this statement very carefully; discovering multiple errors, not only in our mailing address, but also in the accounting and negative dollar figures found in this statement.

This statement showed that Saxon had paid an, unnamed in this notice, hazard insurance company $660 from our Escrow account on 06/12/2007. I reasoned that this is why our statement was indicating a serious and Negative Escrow Balance figure. I called Saxons customer Service Department, and after being read to, by the employee and from their computer screen, the incorrect information being shown on the employees computer screen. I disputed this information and so my call transferred to Saxons Insurance Department; where I was told that Saxon had paid State Farm Insurance Agency, who Saxon was reporting as being our Home Owners Insurance Provider, the sum of $660.00 on 06/12/2007, and is the amount, having been made record by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc, as being our annual Homeowners Insurance Premium.

This was ALL totally incorrect information which Saxon had recorded as belonging to our mortgage loan account # 2000313601. I told Saxon that all of the information; which had been recorded by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc as belonging to the account of ***** **** and ********* was incorrect, and I filed this dispute on this day of July 25th, 2007. I explained to Saxon that our Home Owner Insurance company is Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company and have been so for a number of years; even prior to our loan having been refinanced in April 02, 2007, and in addition, I explained that our annual insurance premium is for the amount of $544.90, and was so at the time we closed our mortgage loan on April 02, 2007, AND further, as part of our mortgage loan approval and loan closing process we had been made to delivered, by U.S. Mail, a copy of our Home Owners Insurance Declaration Sheet, and also made to hand deliver an original document, to the Closer at our mortgage loan closing; an original Insurance Declaration Sheet; prepared by our Home Owners insurance Provider who is Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company, and then this original Insurance Declaration Sheet or page was then hand delivered to the Closer of our Mortgage Loan, who is now known as Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc Loan Number 2000))))); delivered by *******to the Loan Closer and in the presents of ******** on April 02, 2007. It is clearly shown in this Insurance Declaration Sheet document that our renewal date, and the insurance premium was NOT due to be paid AGAIN to Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company until July 1st 2008 and per the terms of the agreed upon and accepted Note, the Insurance premium to Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company was then scheduled to be paid; from the accrual of funds; which are deposited in the Escrow Account of Loan Account Number @))))))); and that this account is maintained by and serviced by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.

It became necessary for us, (************* & *****, debtors), to contact Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc again; after having received, by US Mail, our Notice of the September 1st , 2007 payment coming due to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc, received from Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc a Debt Collector; On August 21st, 2007. This statement reflected that the refund of the wrongly paid Insurance premium payment in the amount of $660; which had been paid in error to State Farm Insurance Agency; had been refunded by State Farm Insurance Agency to the Loan Account Number @)))))))). This statement reflected that Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc had applied (deposited) the refunded amount of $660; to an Account owned by Saxon Mortgage Service, Inc which Saxon calls their Suspense Account. However; these funds did and do belong to the Escrow account of ****$*****rer also known as loan number *******; BUT Instead Saxon had deposited our funds to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc an account Saxon refers to as Saxons SUSPENCE ACCOUNT, belonging only to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; their Principles, Directors and Owners.

After I, (******), reviewed and studied this incorrect statement, I once again telephoned Saxon. During this telephone call in which I had to explain to Saxons Customer Service representative the reason for and the purpose of my call; in great detail; before he would transfer my call to Saxons Insurance Department ; where I was able to verify with Saxons Insurance department representative that Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc was still recording and using the incorrect Homeowners Insurance Company name and premium amount as Saxons record belonging to our account number ********; even after my having contacted Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc over 30 days ago in July 2007, to first dispute the information which Saxon had recorded as true and correct, and also at which time I again provided to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc all of the correct Insurance Company information including the Name; address; telephone number, our Policy number and the correct amount of our annual homeowners Insurance premium; and I also again verified, with this Saxon representative, the exact date when this payment was next due and payable. The Insurance department told me (******) that I needed to speak to a representative of Saxons Escrow department; and so my call was transferred to Saxons Escrow Department; where I spoke with a supposed and trained by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc a Saxon Escrow Department Representative

This Saxon Escrow Department employee again read to me the recorded information which Saxon had recorded and assigned as belonging to our Mortgage Loan Account Number ))))))))). Saxons Escrow department also had recorded to its records all of the same INCORRECT information that Saxons Insurance Department was reporting to me. I again spent an additional two hours of my time to provide Saxons Escrow department with the same and CORRECT Homeowners Insurance information, which I had previously provided to Saxons Customer Service Department, and also to Saxons Insurance Department again this day; and this very same information having been given to Saxon, by me, and over 30 days prior to this day; in my telephone extensive phone calls to Saxon, and of which I also sent, in writing, to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc by way of the US Postal Service.

It was explained to me by Saxons Escrow Department representative that Saxon had taken it upon itself to apply the $660, which had been refunded to our Account number ****** from State Farm Insurance Company, to Saxons SUSPENCE account, because no one that works for Saxon knew where to apply the monies which had been received. I asked the Escrow Department representative if she could see the Negative Escrow Account balance Saxon had reported as our Escrow Account Balance. She answered Yes I also asked this representative if she could see where Saxon had recorded the debit shown as an Escrow Disbursement to our Escrow account on June 12, 2007 and for the amount of $660.00. This Escrow department representative answered Yes again. . I then told this Saxon representative that it would make good accounting sense; that because Saxon had made this debit to our Escrow Account for the amount of $660, and then the same $660 having been returned to Saxon because it was not due, nor payable to our true insurance provider; that it stands to reason that this $660 which had been taken from our Escrow balance must be re-applied as a credit to our now Negative Escrow balance. This Saxon representative agreed with me and promised to write up the, Saxon required, in house order of correction,; which I was told is the procedure that Saxon employees must use; and this order of error and correction would be sent, that day, being August 21st, 2007, to the accounting department for this discovery of error to be reviewed and ultimately corrected by the accounting department and to our Escrow Account Balance. These multiple and necessary telephone calls made to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. was made to Saxon on August 21st, 2207, by the debtor ****** * *********.

On September 18th, 2007, We, the debtors, did receive by US MAIL delivery from Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; a Debt Collector, the Statement for Loan Number ********** indicating the payment due for our October 1st, 2007 Mortgage Loan Payment. This statement was still indicating that our Escrow Balance was showing a serious; Negative and NOW owing to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc the Escrow Balance Payment of (1388.43). No payments should have been scheduled to be made from our Escrow Balance to date. The first payment scheduled to be made from our Escrow Account which is held, serviced and maintained by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. is the second payment due for the year of 2007 is payable for ******* County Property taxes; which are payable to the ****** County Treasurers Office, located in the City of ******, Indiana. 4*****. The amount of our property taxes, at that time and for that year totaled $547.06.  

Today, March 03, 2010, We have contacted and filed multiple complaints with the Indiana Attorney General, Greg Zoeller; his Office of Consumer Protection; against Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and their holding company Saxon Capital, Inc; headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia

-- Saxon Capital, Inc. ("Saxon" or the "Company") (NYSE: SAX), a residential mortgage lending and servicing real estate investment trust (REIT),

and the owners of all of these businesses; who is known as and is doing business as Morgan Stanley Co; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital, Inc; a residential mortgage lending and real estate loan servicing Co announced today that the Company's shareholders approved the merger, upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement"), dated as of August 8, 2006, by and among Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Inc. ("MS Mortgage"), Angle Merger Subsidiary Corporation, a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of MS Mortgage, and the Company, of Angle Merger Sub Corporation with and into the Company, with the...

and is who Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc refers to only as being our Investor, but never would tell me the name of our Investor, I had to learn this on my own.

During the last 2 years and 9 months, Saxon Mortgage Servicing, Inc has broken or failed to adhere to the Laws of the FDPCA nation regarding RESPA; the FDCPA; the Fair credit Reporting Act, the Mortgage Lending Act and rules; the Federal Banking and Finance Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and many other Federal Government And Indiana State Laws, Rules and regulations. We have tried to work with and through Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc by first pointing out to Saxon the serious violations and the multiple Gross accounting and other errors; asking them to correct their Multiple GROSS ERRORS which Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc has knowingly, intentionally, and with forethought and malice caused to our account. We feel certain that Saxon will have intentionally performed the same errors to the majority of the accounts which are owned by and/or Serviced by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc, and those which were serviced previously under Saxon's previous operating name of Meritech Mortgage Servicing Inc, which are owned by parent company Saxon Capital, Inc, which in August 2006, was voted on and approved to be acquired by Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital, Inc., a division of Morgan Stanley Managed Investments which is owned by Morgan Stanley Co. In addition there exists a relationship also with American Money Line, Inc and Angle Merger Subsidiary Corporation, a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Inc, and the Company, of Angle Merger Sub Corporation with and into the Company.

During the last two years and nine months I have ordered; and on separate occasions, received a printout mortgage loan summary; which is specific to our mortgage loan account; which is maintained by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. and has been told to us by Saxon that this printout is a true and exact summary of our payments made to Saxon; and our principal balance, interest, Escrow and Fees; Summary. In addition, I have documented over 452 telephone conversations I have been forced to instigate with Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and which are caused by the intentional; continued and repeated Gross Errors made by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and having had to speak with the Customer Service Department, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas; and in Irving, Texas and to some other offices and departments which are located and operated in the State of California; and regarding the multiple and continual Gross Errors; which are caused by and in the favor of Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; Saxon Capital Inc; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Inc; Morgan Stanley Managed Investments; and all other Corporations, Affiliates, agents of, and for Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; the various Boards of Directors, Officers of, Managers of, Investors in and to; Staff and employees of the various and many corporations with affiliations to and with Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; and in addition to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc's departments which have been introduced to 'us', their customers, a/k/a as the debtors, as being their departments of Property Tax Services Department; their Loan Loss Mitigation Department; their Bankruptcy Department; their Customer Service Department; their Customer Relations Department; in addition, I have been forced to communicate and in written form; having documented and sent to Saxon's Customer Relations Department; over 45 written communications of accounting and fee dispute and multiple account and policy questions and disputes; and which, for the most part, have gone unanswered; and using the Web site; and where customers of Saxon Mortgage Services Inc are directed to e-mail account disputes, policy questions or concerns, general questions, payment questions or concerns, Escrow questions or concerns, fee questions or concerns, Mortgage Loan Account Statement questions or concerns, and any other matter to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc Customer Relations Department; And after remitting the Saxon Mortgage Services Inc embedded e-mail document to their Customer Relations Department; and it has been received by this department; a time stamped and dated notice of receipt is generated to(our) the customer's provided and recorded e-mail address, advising (us) the customer that (my) the customers written and e-maiedl request for service has been received and will be reviewed and answered 'shortly'.

The actual wording in the receipt sent by Saxon's Mortgage Services, Inc' Customer Relations Department varies from time to time sometimes it states in writing as follows:

"Saxon is in receipt of your email regarding the above referenced loan. Our goal is to provide valued services with care, responsibility and attention to detail to ensure a unique and positive experience with Saxon". OR I have received a receipt from Saxon's Mortgage Services Inc Customer Relations Department which states in writing the following: e-mail receipt dated by my system as having been received by my e-mail system on 3/22/2010 12:30 a.m.

"Dear ,Customers name was here

Your email request regarding Fee Disputes has been sent to our Customer Relations department. You should hear back from us shortly. If you should need immediate assistance, please call us at 817-665-7200.

You provided the following contact information:

Loan Number: 2000313601

Your email address is: ************

Telephone Number: (***********

Thank you for your business.


(OUR Complaint continues here)

Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc claims to offer REAL TIME Mortgage Loan Account information, that is continually contradicted by Saxon Mortgage Services Inc Customer Service Department; who always tells me that the information which has been published by and which I have read, reviewed and gathered our mortgage loan information from is "NEVER Correct"; and that the only account information which is correct is the information a customer service teller, agent or employee gives to me, when out of necessity, I speak to them by telephoning ; having telephoned them at their published telephone number. I have found that the Real time, time stamped and dated on-line information; which I have reviewed and copied for my files; is a 'true' record of our Mortgage Loan Account as serviced and reported by the various departments of Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; and is serviced by and maintained by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc; in real time. I am NOT stating nor confirming that the on-line web site and any other document which reports our mortgage loan activity which is serviced and maintained by Saxon Mortgage Services Inc is correct in its entirety. QUITE the CONTRARY,I am stating and charging Saxon Mortgage Services Inc with false reporting, false and deceptive accounting procedures are being used for the actual dollars received, and or disbursed, and in many instances the act of conversion is very apparent, and in some instances; which I have identified; the act of embezzlement is apparent as well. I can prove and will show evidence of the acts of conversion which have occurred to our Mortgage Loan account on many and various occasions; I can prove and show where the acts of embezzlement; by the Corporation; have occurred; and on more than one occasion; our funds being taken and used by the Corporation to pay its personal business obligations; said obligations having nothing to do with our loan payments, our principal balance, our Escrow, our interest payments or any fees which we may have been assessed by, or recovered from, Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. These acts of conversion and embezzlement are premeditated and intentional acts of Saxon Mortgage Services.

Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; etal; does intentionally over charge late fees and has and does continue to intentionally and wrongly calculate the LATE FEES which Saxon does and has assessed to our loan account number **********; and Saxon etal, has refused to correct their intentional over charging of late fee activity; and even after having been notified, in writing by me, (their customer and debtor); and such written notice of dispute having been sent to Saxons Customer Relations Department, by the debtor; while using Saxon Mortgage Services Inc provided and embedded e-mail communication form, and by also by telephone contact to Saxons customer Service Department. Our Note specifically states that a late fee may be assessed by our NOTE HOLDER; if our monthly loan payment is not paid within the provided 15 GRACE DAYS which follow the contractual due date of our loan payment. Further, the NOTE specifically states; and in writing; that the 5% late fee that can be assessed by the NOTE HOLDER will be calculated on the actual amount of the Principal and Interest Payment; which is yet unpaid, and still due and owing by the Debtor who is obligated to the NOTE.

Saxon Mortgage Services , Inc agreed to and must abide by the payment terms as written and disclosed in the agreed upon and signed NOTE; which states,; in writing,; that a payment made to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the NOTE HOLDER), will post a payment to a customers outstanding loan balance which is held and serviced by the Note Holder; and on the date it is received by them; having been paid to them by a customer; and as follows:

First,: any interest which is contractually due and payable; per the terms of the NOTE, will be credited, (debited from the amount of the interest balance owing), to the customers loan account;

Second: Followed by the principal amount which is contractually due and payable by the terms of the NOTE; will be credited to (debited from the amount of the principal balance still owing), the principal balance;

Third: And then if any monies from the payment remain; from the payment amount received from the customer by the NOTE HOLDER; the determined and agreed upon payment being due to be paid to the customers Escrow Account Balance will be credited, to the customers escrow balance; for future and agreed upon disbursement to pay the customers determined and scheduled Taxes and Hazard Insurance;

Fourth: And then if any monies remain; from this payment having been received from the customer; and there are any fees due and payable; the fees will be paid; UNLESS the customer sends a written Notice to the NOTE HOLDER together with the payment, or otherwise calls the NOTE HOLDER to advise the NOTE HOLDER that the payment being submitted, at that time, is to be distributed to the Next Due Payment amount due of Interest, and then Principle and then any Escrow amounts coming due in the next scheduled payment amount; OR

Fifth: and then if there are monies remaining from the payment made by the customer; and any outstanding fee have been paid to the NOTE HOLDER; and the customer makes a request; in writing, or by calling the NOTE HOLDERS designated representative; then any monies remaining from the payment received by the NOTE HOLDER, will be credited to the customers principle balance, per the customers request, OR

Sixth: if the customer does not make a request in writing; or does not have a verbal communication to the NOTE HOLDERS designated representative; any monies remaining from the payment received by the NOTE HOLDER which may be remaining from the payment which has been paid to the NOTE HOLDER; and by the customer, these monies will be credited to the next interest payment coming due; followed by the contractual principal amount showing next due and payable; followed by an y fees which may be due and payable, and so forth; and as previously explained and written in the six steps above.

In our case against Saxon Mortgages Services Inc; etal; we can prove and provide exact detail to the fact; that Saxon is guilty of refusing to credit (debit) any interest owing, or credit (debit) any amount of our principle balance still owing to our account; when the payments which we have paid to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc have exceeded any interest and principle amounts then due and owing; and when no Escrow amounts were due and owing; and when no Fees were due and owing to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; AND Saxon had not caused a principle reduction to our outstanding principal amount still owing; and neither had we requested, in writing or by verbal communication with a representative of Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; that a principal reduction payment be made to our remaining principal balance with these funds which were not yet contractually due and payable to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; and that Saxon also refused to credit any portion of our loan which is payable to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc, however Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc is in receipt of our money paid to them when they over charged our account; and when Saxon Mortgage Services, Incs own on-line customer payment site would not accept our payment amount of $860.67 which was the only contractual amount due and payable to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc at that time; and also at that time the Only way we were permitted to make our payment to Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; and by using Saxons provided on-line customer payment site; was we were forced to have to pay the amount which we did not owe. We ( our loan number 0000000000 had been over charged by Saxon Mortgage Services Inc; when on July 13th, 2009; Saxon Mortgage Services Inc knowingly did perform the act of conversion when Saxon Mortgage Services did electronically process a debit to take funds from our personal and private Checking account, and without our authorization, causing our Credit Union to charge us our checking account a NSF fee of $25.00 for Saxons effort to withdraw $860.67; and which was not owed to them. Saxon did not make just one attempt to take our money; Saxon caused their act to convert our funds from our personal and private checking account again on July 16th 2009 causing our Credit Union to charge our checking account with another $25 NSF penalty. However, our nightmare did not end there; as the acts of conversion by Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc created what became a s****.>

 Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc on the 18th Day of March 2010, did on that date; credit the partial payment which we had made to Saxon Mortgage Services in the month of September 2009; and during such time as Saxon Mortgage Services Inc chose to over charge our account, three times, and did wrongly assess our Mortgage Account Loan, identified by Saxon as Loan number ********multiple late Fee penalties for payment due and payable in the months of September 2009, August 2009, and July 2009, and wrongly so, and because Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc knowingly and did illegally attempt the act of Conversion, Saxon over charged our account for fees which were never due to them.

Because our NOTE Specifically states that the NOTE HOLDER is due a late charge payment, when our account is not paid before the end of the 15 day grace days ; our NOTE HOLDER may asses our account a late fee penalty of 5% of the unpaid portion of the INTEREST and PRINCIPAL which is not yet paid. So here we go. Our account shows a partial payment due fro the Marcy 01, 2010 payment. I intentionally scheduled our payment to be paid AFTER the 15 grace days had expired. Ok, so our set and usual payment is $860.67. This balance includes our established monthly Escrow payment amount which is $81.26; However for the Month of March we are only due for a partial payment, BECAUSE we overpaid SAXON when their system would not accept our Normal payment, only because Saxon was wrongly attempting to collect Late Fees and NSF fees from us for the GROSS ERROR which they made trying in  pay themselves and when a payment was not due. So looking carefully at the wording of the NOTE; again, which states that a late fee is calculated at 5% of the amount of principal and Interest which is not yet paid. Please look at the following calculations and remember that Saxon can only charge and collect THAT PORTION Of the Interest and Principal payment which is yet unpaid and that I do have a partial payment made to Saxon as it stands NOW;

Usual Monthly Payment total $860.67

Minus my Tax and Ins Escrow 81.26

Leaving the principal & interest payment which is due 779.41

5% late fee on my USUAL Interest & Principal due 38.97

HOWEVER for the MONTH of MARCH we did only owe a PARTIAL Principal and Interest payment

Partial payment due           $821,70

Minus my Escrow amount     81.26

Leaving my Principal & Interest Due amount of 740.44

5% late fee on my PARTIAL Interest & Principal due 37.02

Saxons Illegal OVER CHARGE of LATE FES DUE 1.95

Saxon has a customer base of over 84,000 accounts

Lets just use 15000 of those accounts that very likely could have a partial payment Made to their account; especially because of Saxons habit of OVER charging of fees and a customer NOT being able to make an online payment, unless they pay Saxons Over charge of fees

Number of accounts with over payments                   15,000

The over charge amount used for example is the actual overcharge made to our acount                         X 1.95

Monies Fraudulently collected by Saxon in 1 month $29,250.00

Times 12 months in a year                                                                   X 12.

Saxon has STOLEN from Customers In one year


Saxon has been in business for 50 Years this year

                                 $ 351,000.00

                                             X 50

Saxon has potentially & illegally pocketed                $ 17,550,000.00

Not a Bad TAKE .over 17 and a HALF MILLION Dollars which SAXON has potentially illegally pocketed


BAILOUT which Saxon and Morgan Stanley has TAKEN from their Customers ILLEGALLY???? And

Put in their own pockets?

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 03/28/2010 12:08 PM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#1 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - ()

Please feel free to give us an update to your Ripoff Report when you have time. Thanks.
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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

is available at this website!

*Just type in 668678 and it appears as 'Consumer Comment #5' at Ripoff Report #668678.

Thank You
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#3 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

according to information available on the web.

*If you 'Google' this- WHO OWNS THE FED BANK, WHO CONTROLS WHO VIDEO, and watch it on the web, you'll be able to see several charts being displayed in that video, correct?

Those same charts are also available on the web! Just 'Google' this- WHO OWNS THE FED?, and go to the site with the 5 charts. "Morgan Stanley Co." appears in 'Chart 1', right?

So, it appears that Morgan Stanley is part of an organized crime syndicate according to what was stated in the video, wouldn't you agree?

Good luck to you!

P.S. Don't forget to type in the following at this site and read the Ripoff Reports for valuable information if you have a mortgage-








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#4 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

is available at this website!

*Just type in 680781 and it appears as 'Consumer Comment #7' at Ripoff Report #680781.

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************************* MORTGAGE FRAUD ALERT ************************

*Make sure to type in 481508 and read St. Clair's Ripoff Report for valuable information if you have a mortgage.

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

Ripoff Report #563072 for important information if you have a bank account with Bank of America.

Thank You


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#6 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

and read Frank's Ripoff Report and his recent update, which was posted today on 1-5-2011.

Then read this Ripoff Report too.

Thank You


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#7 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karl - (USA)

is available at this website!

*Just type in 608350 and it appears as 'Consumer Comment #21' at Ripoff Report #608350.

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MORTGAGE FRAUD ALERT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

***Make sure to type in 481508 and read St. Clair's Ripoff Report for valuable information if you have a mortgage.


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that General Electric (NBC) are listed there, right?

Maybe that's why NBC didn't want to alert the American people about the letter that was sent to them on 9-12-2007, regarding the collapse of the U.S. economy and the stock market crash, correct?

'Page 2' of the letter that was sent to NBC's corporate headquarters on 9-12-2007 clearly mentioned the Federal Reserve.

*Anyone can 'Google' this- STEAK DINNER POEM, and go to Ripoff Report #529757 and read the exact copy of the letter which has been posted in 'Consumer Comment #1' of that Report for everyone to read. 

Fact: A copy of that letter WAS mailed to NBC's National headquarters in New York on 9-12-2007.

*Anyone can 'Google' this- RIP OFF REPORT RICHMOND TOYOTA BIGGEST JOKE I'VE HEARD IN YEARS, and go to Ripoff Report #271771 and see that the address to NBC's headquarters is posted in 'Consumer Comment #1'. (Look at the date it was posted.) It was posted on 9-3-2007, right? That was posted 9 days before the letter was sent to NBC in New York.

P.S. Don't forget to go to the GM CREDIT CARD SERVICES page of this site and read what is stated in 'Consumer Comment #1', which was posted on 9-3-2007 regarding the "COLLAPSE OF THE U.S. ECONOMY", okay?


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named in 'Chart 1', correct?

*Make sure to 'Google' this- ORIGINAL DISSENT WHO CONTROLS THE U.S. ECONOMY?, and take a look at all of the people pictured at that site.

Thank You

******************************MORTGAGE ALERT*****************************

*Please go to the MERRILL LYNCH page of this site and read all of St. Clair's Ripoff Reports for valuable information if you have a mortgage.
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#10 Author of original report

Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc et'al and their owner Morgan Stanley Home Loans CONTINUE their SHADY DEALINGS and UNLAWFUL ACTS

AUTHOR: dislocatedcajun - (USA)

Well, we have communicated all of our problems, concerns and complaints of the legal wrong doings of Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc et'al  and Morgan Stanley Home Loans. We made our demands to Saxon and Morgan Stanley and even afforded them time to  right their wrongs and do you want to guess what their response is; rather than correcting everything that they KNOW that they have done wrong?    


These people and corporations are SO CROOKED and UNDERHANDED... even when they have been caught RED HANDED they still continue with their games;  thinking, of course, that we will just give up, throw in the towel, because they transferred our account to another of their servicing companies who are ALSO  INCLUDED and FOUND on the WORST of the WORST PREDITORY and ILLEGAL MORTGAGE SERVICING COMPANIES LIST which you too can see at

These companies have their hands in our Government's TARP FUNDS which are to be awarded to the BEST producers of SAVED Home Mortgages; through their dedicated and fair services to struggling consumers.             WHAT CROOKS !!!


As I told these crooks, in my most recent letter to them, they may have transferred our account, but we are still armed with the information that connects them all to one another AND their CONTRIVED CONSPIRACY to break the law by using FRAUDULENT Appraisals , (among other things) to approve and write loans; which according to US MORTGAGE and LENDING LAWS should NEVER have been APPROVED, WRITTEN and CLOSED in the FIRST PLACE.

These ignorant companies must think that all consumers are dumb and have no idea as to what our US LAWS allow and do Not allow. Got news for you fellas, YOU ARE SUNK.   As I promised in my last letter to them, I WILL CONTINUE to FIGHT THEM ALL Until there is no life left in my body. (I must look over my shoulder all of the time now, because I would not be surprised if these companies also have hired guns that will try to do me in before I can accomplish my goals). I am NOT DUMB. As I make my discoveries of the illegal acts performed by these companies (SAXON , MORGAN STANLEY and ALL OTHERS), and including all of the names of the  individual officers and persons who I can prove participated in the planning and schemeing of all of the illegal activities, I not only record them, I share them immediately with my many TRUSTED (NON-OBAMA Affiliates) friends in politics, and other places, and I also have the words of many powerful persons, that even if I am not around to continue my quest to expose them all and what they have done to many HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of unsuspecting and innocent consumers all across the United States of America; the fight, to expose them ALL and to take them down, will absolutely continue !   My good Pal at an ABC/NBC affilate News Group is doing everything he can to help with the investigation, and is holding document after found document that they will soon be surprised to see aired on National TV NEWS programming.

Please we ask every consumer, every family  who has experienced poor servicing of their mortgage loan; even those who have already been foreclosed upon; or who are struggling to receive a mortgage loan modification, or who feel they have been played one way or another by your Mortgage Loan Servicing Company; your mortgage loan originator; the appraiser hired by your lender or mortgage loan originator;  whether it is regarding increases in your monthly payment, or Homeowners Insurance premiums,or misapplied or missing payments; or whose true and present property values are nowhere close to the appraised property value of your home at the time your mortgage loan was re-finanaced; or ANY problems AT ALL with your mortgage loan servicer, no matter how minor you think your situation may be, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE'S Attorney General and file a complaint against your Mortgage Loan Servicer.  AND in your complaint, where it asks who your complaint is against, do include the name of your Present Mortgage Loan Servicier, also the originator (the person or company who you originally spoke to and who took your loan application), and any and all companies who your loan has been transferred to, including any banks, and also include the name and address where your payment is mailed or sent to.   Complaint forms for your State's Attorney General can be found ON-LINE and are very easy to complete. Please retain a copy for your own files. Print and SIGN this complaint and DO mail a signed original to your State Attorney General and remember to include COPIES, (not your original), of every last document which you signed including: your original loan application, property legal description; your NOTE, Mortgage Agreement, Pre-pay penalty documents; EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT. Do also include any and all correspondence you received from the Loan originator, your GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE EVERYTHING. You have a right to have a CERTIFIED COPY of your Appraisal. If you did not get a CERTIFIED COPY of this document then you DO HVAE tHE RIGHT to DEMAND a CERTIFIED COPY form your Mortgage Loan Servicing Company. If your Servicier does not have a copy, then cll the Original Compnay that approved your Mortgage and get a CERTIFIED Copy from them. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSEWER. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO THIS DOCUMENT BY LAW. Then send a copy of your appraisal document, along with a COPY of your COUNTY ASSESSORS Assessmsbnt value document from the year your loan was advanced, as well this years assessmsnt value. If you do not have these documents, then  just call your County (or Parish) tax assessor or recorder and they can give you copies of these documents. Keep a copy for your own records, but do incldue copies of these documents with your complaint to your State's Attorney General. Make certain that you keep a copy of every single correspondence that you receive from your Loan Servicer and if you have wtitten them, be certain that you keep a copy of that correspondence as well.  Don't worry if you do not have every document, but from now on keep a copy of EVERTYHING that has to do with your Mortgage Loan, property taxes, and Insurance.  Every letter from them EVERYTHING. If you are good with using the computer, make a copy of everything and keep your receords this way.

Let me tell you something that you may (probably) find also pertains to you if you are dealing with or have dealt with ANY of the Mortgage Loan Servicing Companies or Loan Originators found on the list at 

We refinanced our first mortgage in 2007. We were contacted by a telemarketer calling themselves Accredited Home Loans (a/k/a Home Funds Direct). They told us that they were NOT a mortgage loan broker, but are a Direct Mortgage Lender. (This was lie number one) We had been considering a refinance of our first mortgage and we fell for this sales job hook line and sinker. We completed our application over the telephone; then we faxed over every document that they requested. Very shortly we did receive a phone call telling us that we had been approved for our loan, pending appraisal. Within a couple of days we did receive a 'Good Faith Estimate' in the mail from them; which outlined the costs of the refinancing, our interest rate and the proposed monthly payment of our loan. It only took 3 days before they had an appraiser knocking on our front door to do an appraisal of our property. This appraser was NOT from our area and he was like NO other Mortgage Loan Property apprasier we had ever doen business with. He sepnt MAYBE five minutes at or Home and was gone (of course Only after collecting his $450 fee; which the loan originator told us we HAD to pay him at the time of the appraisal, and that we would be reimbursed for this appraisal after our Loan closed). Within 24 hours we received a telepgone call telling us that our Loan was approved because Our appraisal came in "JUST FINE." I asked what our home had appraised for and was told by the caller that HE did not have that information, but that we would receive a copy of the appraisal "very soon". It was within one week  after this that we received a phone call to arrange the time to close our loan. I had never heard of a loan being approved and ready to close so quickly. Anyway, the 'CLOSER" called us at home and asked us to meet him at the Library to close our loan because the company in TEXAS, who is our Lender and loan Servicer, "does not have a local office for us to visit" and that he had to catch an airplane later that day and the library was closer to the airport than our home is.  We had checked to be certain that we were doing business with a Registerd company , so we agreed to meet this fellow at the library. AT the Library we read and signed documents, very briefly because this guy was in a hurry, and he kept reminding us about the 3 day(72 hour) 'right to rescind' if we did not like the loan. So we signed, brought all of the documents home, read them, and had a ton of questions. We tried in vain for FOUR days to reach this compnay on the telephone and at the phone number we had been given by him. We never got a mperson on the phone; we had to leave messages; and no one ever called us back. On the third day, and before our right to rescind had expired, we tried to fax over our signed "right to rescind" documents becasue we had too many questions to comfortably accept this loan the way it had been presented.  Our FAX would NEVER go through to the number we had been given to fax our right to rescind. That fax number ws constantly busy. It did not matter what time of day, or that we had our fax machine set to redial and redial and redial. The phone number was NEVER Available it was ALWSY BUSY, even in the middle of the night. On the fifth day after we had signed our documents, the originator called us back (finally). When we explained that YES we had a tom of questions and that No one every bothered to call us back and that we could NOT get our right to rescind documents faxed to him, he said it was too late anyway. Then he said that "Well, I quess I could tell them (the Lender) in Texas that you want to rescind and we could re-do the loan, however your RATE will go up a  freat deal if we do that and there is no guirantee that your loan will be approved a second time.  We were having a bad financial period in our lives then; due to excessive medical debt so we felt trapped and I will admit somewhat desperate, and becaseu this guy told us that the APR would go up and that there was no guarantee that our loan would be approved a second time, we let it go. We still were not given a copy of our apprisal; even though we asked for and then finally DEMANDED it. Our refinanced First Mortgage Loan was closed on April 06, 2007.  We made our payments. From our first payment until present time we experienced many errors made by the Holder of our Mortgage and also the servicer of our Mortgage , Saxon Mortgage Services,Inc. et'al. I have explained these problems in detail in other complaints which I have filed on this sight,  as well as On , and also  Finally ; on March 10, 2010 we received a copy of the appraisal which we had been requesting since April 2007. I almost fell off of my chair when I read that our home had been appraised for $145,000.00 in March 2007. This was indeed strange because when we originally purchased our home in July 2004, we purchased our home for $89,900 and our home had been appraised (By a local, licensed and certified FHA Appraiser) for the amount of $90,000.00. This is a very large dollar amount differnce. At no time was our home worth more than $90,000. EVER, even when Nation wide property values increased due to the false housing market which was created by Wall Street during this time period.   In the year 2006, our Governor, Mitch Daniels, addressed an issue that many Home owners in Indiana had been disputing for years.  Proprty taxes did not seem fair thoughout the State  of Indiana, so Governr Daniels changed the manner in which property taxes were to be assessed.  Beginning in the year 2006, and in the entire State of Indiana, All Property taxes were to be assessed using REAL and ACTUAL Market Values of Real Property. Residental taxes are based on 1% of the TRUE and ACTUAL MARKET Value of a families Primary residence, 2% for other property  and 3% for commercial property. In the Year 2006 the TRUE and ACTUAL value of our home was $80,600. This value was established by many factors, one, of course, and just as in any home appraisal system, was based on the sale of like properties in that town or actual area. Our town of 1004 persons, is an old small town with no convenient shopping, such as grocery, department, or other stores. In fact the closest, even small grocery store is 9 miles away from our town and the closest depatment stores, such as Walmart, K-Mart or Target is 12 miles away from us. We have no hospitals or clinics. Our town is a small rural town of homes built around 1923 to maybe 1940.  Our home was bulit in 1923. The home next door to ours was built around the same time, but is smaller and in serious need of repair and is valued at around $27,000.  Across the street from our home is our towns water treatment facility, which certainly does not help our properties value. On the other side of our home, which is in the 'city' limits and not in the country, are three, small two unit duplexes or apartments, built in the late 1940's with no yard, or playground or swimming pool, nothing like that, just small vinyl sided apartments with a gravel parking spot for each unit.  We do have something that all other properties in our town do not have, and which is that our home sits on just slightly under one acre of ground. Other than that ours is just a big old house that was originally a small farm house and has had rooms added on to it over the years. There is no basement, it sits on a crawl space. 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths., aluminum siding and lacking insulation. Don't get me wrong I like my home,but it was a bargain home for its size.  it is nothing new or modern in the least and is not surrounded by anything new or modern either. If you ever gone for ride or traveled on vacation and instead of taking the interstate you've gone through one of those old small towns located on the highway, and you have to slow down to 30-35 miles per hour as you take two minutes to get through the town,this is where we live. A small town, located in the North Eastern part of Indiana; about 50 miles from the State of Ohio border, and the town is surrounded by corn, wheat and soy bean fields and a railroad track is near. We are about 28 miles south of from Fort Wayne, Indiana. No big manufacturing. A Mom and Pop Town with two convenience stores that have gas pumps and three churches, but no schools in town.  Anyway, NO Property in our town comes close to being appraised for $145,000. There had been maybe three homes that sold in our area at that time in April 2007. The most expensive, and which was sold at that time in 2007, had been updated, somewhat,with vinyl siding and a black top drive way; with a new roof, and just at .75 (3/4 acre) acre of ground, sold for $100,000. This home has a wrap around and covered country front porch and very nicely landscaped. The other two which sold were sold for $86,200 and 76,500.

The comparisons which the appraiser used in our Appraisal, which was done March 2007 did not include the properties which atctually sold in our town. This appraiser used comparisons which were located between 12 to 20 miles from our home and in different towns and even counties. In addition, these properties were many years newer and included several acres of land. He used properties which had not yet sold, but had been listed for sale only for the listed prices of $147,000 and 155,000. As I said these comparisons were not comparable in the least. Therefore we are saying that our appraisal is a fruidulent appraisal.

When we informed Morgan Stanley Home Loans,Inc of the fraud which we discovered in their approving, writing and closing our mortgage,(Morgan Stanley owns Saxon); we DEMANDED a settlement in lieu of taking them to court for a fraudulent loan which we can prove was ONLY approved based on a fraudulent appraisal.  Instead of settling  Morgan Stanley chose to  transfer our loan to Ocwen Loan Servicing as of the date which we had given them to settle. In our opinion we think that Morgan Stanley now thinks that we will simply drop our claim of Fraud against them. They don't know me very well. We have made so many discoveries of Business and Consumer fraud; among other legal issues; there is NO WAY we will back donw. These guys can transfer our account a bazillion times, I will simply have more paperwork to do, BUT I WILL DO IT. I have made an appointment for next week with our Congressman and will bring all of my evidence to him and of course we have already filed the complaints with our State's Attorney General, as well as having filed complaints with SIGTARP, the Congressional Oversight panel, The FTC, The US Department of Justice and so many others. And NOT that This will do any good, but we also sent a letter to President Obama who is the one who decided that these CROOKS needed BAILING OUT in the first place.

Anyway, I encourage EVERYONE who has had the slightest problems with their Mortgage Loan Serivicer, regardless how slight the probelm is,  to immediately file complaints on each and every issue or probem you may have expeienced; and in addition, do get a copy of your own appraisal and check it against the laws in your state concerning how your property taxes are calculated, also check for home sales in your immediate area; which may have occured around the time your home was appraised. Get involved.  Do not let theses Crooks, who are mostly responsible for the economic downturn in our country, get away with this while you suffer.

Call me if you need help gathering information and submitting your complaints. (((REDACTEDD)))

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