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Complaint Review: Time Warner Cable

  • Submitted: Sun, September 07, 2014
  • Updated: Sun, September 07, 2014
  • Reported By: IHATE_TWC — Los Angeles California
  • Time Warner Cable



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The following should serve nicely as a vehicle for you to see the clarity of Time Warner not providing help or service to their clients.  Their departments are intentionally segregated so no solution can be provided, and they give you a deliberate run around...eternally.  I can only hope that soon, with the inception of everything wireless, TWC goes the way of the dodo.  You people make me sick. 

User Guest_ has entered room
Analyst Terry Frank has entered room

Terry Frank> Thank you for contacting Internet Technical Support. My name is Terry Frank and I would be happy to help you.

Guest_> great thank you terry

Guest_>i signed up for twc cable today and need my correct username and pw

Guest_>my order id is:


Terry Frank>Are you referring to the Internet user name and password ?


Guest_>i was told that along with my service, i have access to use any twc wifi nationwide

Guest_>i would like my correct username and pw in order to use this wifi whenever i want

Guest_>can you help me with that?

Terry Frank>I will provide the details


Terry Frank>I need to pull your Information

Terry Frank>Please provide me the phone number associated with the account to pull your details


Terry Frank>Thank you

Terry Frank>Please give me 2 minutes while I check your account details.

Terry Frank>Thank you for waiting

Terry Frank>I see your services are not yet active. You can use your TWC email address and Myaccount login credentials for the free hotspot access

Terry Frank>Yes, you can use your TWC email address and Myaccount login credentials for the Nationwide hotspot access. 

Terry Frank>But you need to have active TWC services

Terry Frank>Could you please provide me the billing address and name on the account ?

Guest_>Beverly hills CA 90211

Terry Frank>Thank you

Terry Frank>Please provide me the name on the account


Terry Frank>Thank you for the Information

Guest_>my account should be active, i provided a cc number and information required when i set up everything

Terry Frank>Yes, I have crossed checked, I see you dont have active TWC services. I recommend you to contact our advanced support to activate your services

Terry Frank>I will provide you with the contact number 

Terry Frank>Here is the contact number 888-892-2253 

Guest_>i don't want a contact number. i have that

Guest_>i had that before we went through all of this.  what i want is my login inforation please

Terry Frank>Alright

Guest_>i could have called the number before we started this, but no one ever answers

Terry Frank>You need to use Myaccount login credentials 

Terry Frank>Go to and register there

Guest_>great. what are my credentials...

Guest_>and how am i supposed to go to this website without internet?

Terry Frank>You need to register first

Guest_>so register for me...

Guest_>that's why i'm here...i need help

Terry Frank>I regret to say you need to register from your end. 

Guest_>so you guys took my credit card number, gave me nothing, no service, didn't set an appointment, didn't activate my account, and now you can't help me register?

Guest_>maybe just cancel my account then and refund any money i spent....

Terry Frank>You can only use TWCWIFI hotspot with your Myaccount and TWC email address. Unfortunately, you need to have active TWC services.





Terry Frank>If you have active services, you should be able to access the Internet through the TWC

Terry Frank>Are you able to access the Internet through the TWC now ?

Guest_>terry let's go through this again, because you're obviously not understanding...

Guest_>Today, i went online using someone elses web connection and went to TWC.  i activated an internet plan.  I provided my CC information, name, address, and everything else asked of me.  They provided me with the order number i gave you above.

Guest_>THAT IS ALL I GOT FROM TWC but my services were started

Guest_>now i went online, and i can't connect despite having started my services. i am not asking for another number or department to call, i am asking you, Terry Frank, a representative from TWC to assist me in making my new account work

Guest_>what i need from you, is the information i need (login, password) to get back on this wifi

Terry Frank>Did TWC Installed Internet service your home ?

Guest_>please provide me with my username, and password, or active internet connection where i can then visit the myaccount site you gave me

Guest_>no, they did not come out, i don't want them to. i will set it up.  but i do need my credentials regardless of their coming.

Guest_>i paid, therefore my account should come with login and password credentials.  please give me those

Terry Frank>I regret to say but you need to active Internet connection. You need to setup your Internet connection. You will be able to register for the Myaccount. We dont have Informatio about our Myaccount login credentials unless you setup your Internet

Guest_>also, the website you gave me also requires a USERNAME and PASSWORD.  i don't know what they are for any of these portals. please provide.

Terry Frank>You can do this, once you setup your Internet connection


Guest_>are you kidding me?  do you not understand what i'm telling you?  I ALREADY SET IT UP, i just don't have the CREDENTIALS.  PLEASE PROVIDE....

Terry Frank>Could you please provide me your modem mac address or account number ?

Terry Frank>A Modem MAC address is written on the sticker, at the bottom of the modem as 12 hexadecimal characters (0-9, A-F). It will be in the form of HFC MAC ID (also known as the CMAC, CM MAC, CMCI MAC, EA or Ethernet Address).

Guest_>i didn't order a modem through you, i have my own

Guest_>i've ordered only the service through TWC

Terry Frank>Please stay connected while I transfer you to dedicated department

Guest_>see was that so hard? why did it need to take this long to do this?

Guest_>i'll hold

Terry Frank>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Terry Frank has left room


Analyst Richard has entered room

Richard>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Richard and I would be happy to help you.


Richard>Thank you for waiting.

Guest_>no problem. greetings richard.  can i have my username and pw now?

Richard>I can understand your situation and will do my best to assist you.

Richard>Can you help me with your service address?

Richard>Can you please help me with your contact number?

Guest_>already given: 310-***-****

Guest_>Guest_>i signed up for twc cable today and need my correct username and pw

Guest_>my order id is:

Richard>I would like to inform you that you will have to create a new online account to view your account information.

Guest_>i already did.

Richard>Can you help me with your service address?

Guest_>i need the username and pw and i can't  create a new account without my customer number

Guest_>los angeles ca 90035

Richard>Thank you for providing required information.

Richard>I have checked your account and see that your account is currently disable.


Guest_>it shouldnt be disabled since i just set it up today

Guest_>maybe just refund all funds paid if its not going to work




Richard>Do you have your account number?



Guest_>please provide

Guest_>this is the worst service i've ever seen

Richard>I would like to inform you that if your account is disable then you won't be able to log in to your account.

Guest_>what country do you reside in?

Richard>We are located in India.

Guest_>because you obviously don't understand.  i am asking you to enable my account.  i know its disabled, you told me that already. now, moving forward, please fix the problem.

Guest_>my account should not be disabled. it should be active. i already paid and provided all required information. now, i need to make my service work. that's why i am reaching out to you, in support.

Guest_>please FIX the PROBLEM...yes?

Richard>I would like to inform you that we don't have the access to enable the disconnected account and in this case you will have to contact our customer solutions team over the phone.

Richard>You can contact on this number 888-892-2253.

Guest_>but they don't answer.

Guest_>and i need to get online NOW

Guest_>that's why i ordered services

Guest_>please provide correct information and enable account

Guest_>what good is this department if you can't fix problems?

Richard>Due to system maintenance, I am unable to directly transfer you to our sales chat team. Please click on the following link to open a new chat window so that you can chat with one of our sales associates:!skill=ecommerce-learn-english 

Richard>We are from billing department.

Guest_>and that link will not work without a working internet connection, right?


Guest_>so what good is it?

Guest_>i'm not on the internet, remember?

Richard>Then you can only contact our customer solutions team between 9 am - 6 pm PST

Guest_>so your department is basically worthless, yes?

Richard>If you have any billing issue then you can contact us.

Guest_>i am having a billing issue.  my account wasn't enabled despite paying. hows that? now fix...

 Richard>But as I have checked your account is disable and that's the reason I am asking you to call.

Guest_>but i don't want to call. 1. they're closed. 2. they don't answer. 3. i'm using the online service instead.

Guest_>you should be able to help me just the same as the phone number. and helping doesn't mean sending me to a link i can't use that is closed.  i checked.

Guest_>i want the service i paid for

Richard>I would like to inform you that they are only available between 9 am - 6 pm PST

Guest_>or just leave the window already so i can rate all your services with a 1 and cancel my account.

Guest_>i bet you would LIKE to inform me of your s****y news.

Guest_>you are TERRRRRRIBLE

Guest_>customer service - 1

Guest_>overall service 1

Richard>I can understand your concern.

Guest_>clearly you can't

 Guest_>clarity and understanding of issues: 1


Richard>I am sorry but I can't help you because you have recently ordered the services and only sales team or customer solutions team over the phone can help you.

Guest_>then i want to cancel

Guest_>i bet you can't help me with that 'billing issue' either though.  you are worthless.

Guest_>they pay you a salary for this? really?  can i have a job like this too? just type, provide no help, and collect money?

Guest_>sign me up for that...

Richard>Chat support does not enjoy the authorization of account cancellation yet. Cancellations are solely handled by Customer Solutions which is not available through chat yet. Customer Solutions may be available through chat in the future. Until that time, all cancellation requests are being processed through phone support only.

Richard>You can get hold of a phone representative at 1-888-TWCABLE ( 1-888-892-2253. They will process the cancellation with immediate effect, and also prorate the bill to ensure you are charged only for the number of days you have used the service for.

Guest_>ENJOY? interesting choice of words.  You LIKE cancelling services?

Guest_>I should post this on the web so everyone can see your shitty service.  i think i will., here i come.

Richard>I can understand your concern.

Guest_>no you can't.

Guest_>you stink.

Richard>In this case I will transfer your chat to our escalation team.

Guest_>this chat has already been escalated.

Guest_>YOU ARE the escalation, first i spoke with dead beat degenerate Terry Frank...also no help at all.

Guest_>I'm not sure who is worse, Terry Frank, or Richard.

Richard>I would like to inform you that I will transfer your chat to Tier 3


Richard>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Richard has left room


Analyst Alex-T3 has entered room

Alex-T3>Hello, my name is Alex with Tier 3 support. Thank you for taking the additional time for us to address your inquiry. Please allow me a moment to review the details of the inquiry you and I will be addressing.

Guest_>Just bump me up to Tier 5 so we get something done.

Alex-T3>we do not have a tier 5\

Guest_>well tier one and two were useless...

Alex-T3>when did you order your online package?

Guest_>can you see the entire chat?  may i suggest you actually read it prior to attempting to poorly diagnose ...

Guest_>i have already designated the answer to that question in the window, please read first.

 Alex-T3>earlier this morning correct?


Guest_>bam! smarter than tier 1...let's see about tier 2

Guest_>may i preface this by saying the only right answer is a username and password which i paid for...

Guest_>or i rate everything from time warner a 1 and more than likely cancel all services immediately .

Guest_>let's see if tier 3 can 'save the day'...S**T for brains, the whole lot of you at TWC

 Alex-T3>so its because you ordered online that we cant see the services at the moment, online orders typically take 24-48 hours to show in our system. You did pay for it I am just unable to retrieve that information at the moment. Without the services on the account(i.e. the online order I wont be able to get that username and password)

Guest_>well i suggest you figure it out and pronto, because i need to get online or i'm cancelling.  you can extend my free 30 minute 'trial' of online services if you like, for the next 48 hours...

Guest_>until it populates on your end. go ahead and do that for me and i'll let this one slide...

Guest_>get me online.


Guest_>TIER 3 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Guest_>the top minds coming together to provide resolution care of the TWC extended and advanced training program.  Nobel laureates, look out...TWC is coming.

Alex-T3>ha, unfortunately I wont be able to, our ecommerce team is the team in charge of all online accounts and information, essentially the reason Im not able to see you in my system. But They are away for the night, and I have no access to any of that unfortunately.

Guest_>sounds intentional.

Guest_>i wager, they give each department only enough information to help with nothing...sound right?

Guest_>ecommerce team can't help with connection, connection team can't help with billing, billing team can't help with anything...sound correct?

Guest_>because the last gentleman said he was the billing team, and provided no assistance.

Guest_>and the first person may as well have had a potato for a brain.

Guest_>and you, TIER 3 help at all.

Guest_>1 hour, complete waste of my time (and yours).

Alex-T3>I understand, I wish I could put the order through, but I can only do with the access twc gives me

Guest_>sounds like your assessing everything, but in America, this would have been ended a long time ago.  You don't care though, just keep those hours running...get PAID!!! RIGHT?

Guest_>and TWC gives you no access to ensure you help basically no one, right?

Guest_>enlighten me alex...when was the last person you DID help.

Guest_>today? help anyone today?

Alex-T3>I do, but this is an online order in our system they dont show up for 24-48 hours

Guest_>you help no one, but that TWC cheddar (money) keeps rolling on in, doesn't it?

Guest_>well then create something to HELP

Guest_>earlier today, it gave me 30 minutes free on the wifi as a trial.  give me 10 more so i can get my work done tonight.

Guest_>7 day TWC access pass, 19.95.  Give me one of those please.


Guest_>cover the cost of my problems since i signed up and you can't help me.

Guest_>you don't have to pay, do you?  GIVE ME 20 of TWC's money...get me on the internet

Alex-T3>I have to get you to talk to someone in our ecommerce team department tomorrow when they are available thats the only way to get you online. I dont have access to give internet for free, again the twc access pass is through another department and they are closed as well. I wish I could do one of those but I dont have any of those accesses

Guest_>what time is it over there in india?


Guest_>would you like to shed some light on why any department is closed at 10:45AM on monday morning?

Guest_>For shame....What would Ganesh say?

Alex-T3>Im in Colorado and its 10:25 pm, I have no problem doing that, but all the department with those specific access are closed

Guest_>I HATE twc

Guest_>i loath your company.

Guest_>cable.  i can't wait until everything goes wireless and you're crying on wallstreet begging for a hand out.

Guest_>TWC should be coated in brown gravy and locked in a room with a drunken wolverine who's high on pcp.



 Guest_It’s time for you to go now so I can rate you and everything you stand for 1’s.  I can already smell the negative swarm around this potentially viral PR meltdown.  You guys suck.  Please, leave now…Farwell, I bid you adieu.  My goal will remain destroying you and everyone at your organization.  I hate you TWC, I hate you vehemently. 

 Analyst Richard has left room

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