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Complaint Review: Reputation Management the new "digital extortion" Are you thinking about hiring a Reputation Management Company or an SEO company to help "repair" your reputation or hide negative complaints? WARNING! - Internet Nationwide

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  • Reputation Management the new "digital extortion" Are you thinking about hiring a Reputation Management Company or an SEO company to help "repair" your reputation or hide negative complaints? WARNING! worldwide Nationwide United States of America

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If you have negative complaints on Ripoff Report or somewhere else on the Internet, you may be approached by someone selling Reputation Management,  ..Search Engine Optimization or SEO services.   Ripoff Reports staff has heard of Reputation Management /SEO companies emailing, calling, or faxing their sales pitch to people within minutes of a complaint being posted about them online.  Some of them even falsely infer that they work for or on behalf of Ripoff Report.  If this has happened to you, we want to warn you that hiring an SEO company to hide or bury your online complaints may be one of the worst mistakes you can make.

If you are a company or individual that has negative Reports about you, and you are mad at Ripoff Report, .. read this story, you will see, Ripoff Report is the least of your problem.

Below you will see links to independent stories written by those that became victims and links to independent writers..

What is SEO?

The term can refer to many different things, but in general it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural or un-paid (organic or algorithmic) search results.   HUH?
In plain English, reputation management or SEO companies will typically promise to help you hide negative complaints about your company.   Sounds good, right? 
These companies usually do this by creating positive profiles on social networking and other sites which are designed to rank highly in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!  (NOTE you can do this yourself for free).   These companies may even claim that for a $995 up-front fee and $109.00 per month they can remove negative information from the Google search results.  In our experience, that is false.  If you see any website that claims to be able to remove content from a search engine like Google, you should view this as a MAJOR red flag.
What SEO or reputation management companies are really saying is that they can create positive web pages that will show up before the negative ones, thereby pushing the negative results lower, maybe to the second or third pages of Googles search results.   The negative pages are never removed, they are just a little harder to find. And, these results are often only temporarya negative complaint may be pushed down for a few days or weeks, but then will suddenly pop back up to the top of the results putting you back at square one. Those who have used these services claim that the SEO company will make things even worse.
Of course, you may find that the Reputation Management SEO company has no guarantee of results. IF they do, they are more than likely based overseas, so once they have your money, you may have absolutely no recourse if they fail to deliver results. Get ready for threats and intimidation. See below.
Also, if the SEO Company is promising to actually remove the negative information from Google, they may be breaking the law.  Ripoff Report recently uncovered a reputation management scheme, that actually involved injecting unauthorized code into the website -- a criminal offense.  The companies who paid for that service not only contributed to the crime but their listing also ended up right back at the top of the search engines once the illegal code was removed. 

SEO Companies Promise Help, But May Become Your Worst Nightmare

Ripoff Report has been told that some Reputation Management SEO companies have even threatened their own customers keep paying, or the Reputation Management  SEO company will create even MORE complaints about you!  This is shocking, but we have heard these stories over and over again. Links to some of these horror stores are below and more to come. Many have told Ripoff Report they are afraid to post anything about them in fear of retaliation as many have been threatened. Dont let that friendly salesperson fool you.
Heres the problem -- once the Reputation Management SEO company knows who you are and knows that your business is worried about online attacks, they know you are vulnerable.  Armed with that knowledge, unscrupulous Reputation Management SEO companies may even engage in digital extortion by threatening to create more false complaints about you unless you continue paying them.  THIS IS NO JOKE! A link to an investigation by a consumer Reporter will be posted here and as an UPDATE to this story in a few days from the date of this Report posting.


While there may be some legitimate SEO companies out there, many are fly-by-night operations which have no physical address. They often call themselves affiliates working with other Reputation Repair companies.  Even if the company claims to have a U.S. address, this may just be a rented mailbox or a virtual office (virtual offices are simply addresses offered for rent to make a company appear more legitimate, but the company is more than likely not actually located at that address).  Reputation management - SEO companies that are actually based overseas in dangerous places like Nigeria, Romania, Russia, India, and places like Canada, can make it look like that are in California, Florida, Colorado, Texas and places in-between using many different VOIP phones along with throw-away cell phones in their advertising.  So if you give them your hard-earned money and dont see any results, you may have little or no legal recourse at all. Even if they advertise on the radio or TV, or if they are a big publicly held company, .. that is no assurance that the company is reliable.  

SEO Companies Operate under many different names

Some companies market themselves using dozens of different names because they end up blackmailing customers forcing them to continue to pay them, threatening they will make things worse.. Consumers will always find negative comments if they are out there, even if they have to search past page 3 or 20 on search engines, they will find it.


Many SEO companies cannot even hide negative complaints about themselves from the Internet so they have to keep changing their name.

Tips for Dealing With SEO Companies

Before you decide to hire an SEO company, here are a few suggestions. First, conduct a search on Ripoff Report for SEO and the word Reputation and take a few minutes to read the horror stories that other people have experienced.  While Ripoff Report does not generally investigate or vouch for the accuracy of complaints, the sheer volume of reports about reputation management - SEO companies should give you an idea of the warning signs to look out for on Ripoff Report and other places on the Internet.

As we stated above, most people are very afraid to speak out about these companies as they have been threatened by these companies that they will make things worse if they dont continue to pay or if they say anything about them on the Internet.

Second, if you are approached by a reputation management SEO company, ask them to provide you with their physical address in the United States.  If they dont have a U.S. address, then you should immediately look elsewhere.  Of course, if they give you an address in the U.S., you should run a search and try to determine if this is a real office or simply a virtual one or a rented mailbox.  One common virtual office provider is a company called Regus, so if you see that name associated with a particular address, this is a good indication that its a virtual office, not a real one.

Third, you should NEVER pay anything up-front to an SEO company.  Legitimate SEO companies will agree to show results before you are charged anything, so if you are asked to pay first, thats a huge red flag that should convince you to walk away immediately. Again, once you let them know you are slightly interested, more than likely they will make things worse for you and you will be beholden to them forever.

Finally, if you are hell-bent on using an SEO Reputation Management company, never, ever pay any SEO company via any method other than a major credit card.  This means no checks, no debit cards, no PayPal, and no wire transfers.   If you happen to get ripped-off by an SEO company, only a major credit card can protect you by allowing you to dispute the charge and get your money back.  So, if you are contacted by an SEO company that wont accept your credit card, you should assume you will have absolutely no way to get your money back if you arent happy with the results.
By telling a reputation management / SEO company that you are willing to talk to them, you are telling them that you are probably willing to pay them.  You could be telling them that if things get just a little bit worse, you will break down and pay them big money to fix it by hiding the problem. That could tempt an unscrupulous company into making your problem worse. No kidding, we have heard of it. 


More claims on Ripoff Report from businesses that claim they were ripped off.

12 Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Company
How to Avoid Common SEO Scams and Scam Artists

8 SEO Scams That Wont Die / Why this is a scam
By Mike Tekula

How to Avoid Being Taken by SEO Scams and Bad SEO Companies
Be and Educated Consumer and Outsmart Web Marketing Scam Artists
By Lahle Wolfe, www.About.com Guide

Google Secure Search shuts out SEO scammers

SEO Indexing Services and Why You Dont Need Them

SEO Indexing Services and Why You Dont Need Them

How fake sites trick search engines to hit the top
by Jordan Robertson

Google Adwords and SEO: Beware of the Fraudsters
By Tom Foydel 
Rather than taking your chances of getting ripped off by a shady SEO company, you should consider other options which we believe are MUCH more effective.

Other Options instead of hiring SEO Reputation Management companies
free rebuttal

First, you can always deal with a complaint on Ripoff Report by filing a free rebuttal.  Ripoff Report charges nothing whatsoever to post rebuttals, so why not use this opportunity to explain your side of the story at no cost to you?  Think a report is fake?  Say so!  Demand that the author supply proof (copies of receipt, invoices, etc.) showing that they are real customer. As we like to say: Every business will get complaints, but thats not what really counts. Customers dont care about complaints, they care about seeing how a company handled the complaint. If you use a free rebuttal to show your customers that your business really cares about providing the best product/service, this will show that your customers can trust you to make things right if something ever goes wrong.

VIP Arbitration Program

Second, if you really think a report is false but dont want to pay for an attorney, you may want to consider submitting the matter to Ripoff Reports new VIP Arbitration Program.  Although this program is not free (the current cost is $2,250, a fraction of the cost for an attorney and going to court), the program gives you the ability to submit evidence to a neutral and independent arbitrator (including an arbitrator who is a retired judge) who will review the evidence and make a written decision as to whether a report is true or false.  If the arbitrator concludes that a report contains a false statement of fact, that statement will be (((REDACTED))) from the report.   No reputation management / SEO company can offer this type of service.

Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program
Corporate Advocacy Program / CAP

Finally, if your company has numerous complaints and you feel you may need additional help addressing customer service issues, you can always consider Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Program.  This program is designed to work with both small and large business owners who need help addressing significant customer service issues which have resulted in just a few to a  large numbers of complaints.  If your company has any complaints, you may want to consider enrolling in this valuable program which will help you turn these negative situations into a positive, resulting in better customer satisfaction and more business for you.

What Is The Corporate Advocacy Program?

If you have a business with lots of Ripoff Reports or other types of complaints, youre probably asking yourself three basic questions:

1. What can you do to resolve existing complaints from unhappy customers?

2. How can you identify, isolate and fix the customer service or other issues that cause most complaints?

3. What can you do to increase customer satisfaction and prevent future complaints?

All this will result in new found business.

Because every business is different, finding a common solution to these questions is not easy. In addition, because they are so close to the situation, many business owners have a difficult time seeing the problems that exist or even admitting that they have a problem in the first place.

Despite the long name, our CAP program is really very simple.

Thats where Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program (or CAP) comes in. Despite the long name, our CAP program is really very simple. Using our years of experience in the consumer complaint industry, we have developed the CAP program which we believe is the #1 most effective way to help business owners regain control over the operational, organizational, and other issues which generate the majority of complaints.

Removing complaints (which is NEVER part of the program) is like putting a Band-Aid on skin cancer. What we do is better. Just ask any member.

Now, some people claim that the CAP program works like this join the program, pay a fee to Ripoff Report, and well remove the complaints. Nothing could be further from the truth. Removing complaints (which is NEVER part of the program) is like putting a Band-Aid on skin cancer. It temporarily conceals the problem, but it does nothing to fix it. Thats why the Corporate Advocacy Program does NOT involve removal of complaints.

Consumers love to do business with a company or individual that can demonstrate how they fixed problems and made things right..

Ripoff Report knows from many years of experience that consumers love to do business with a company or individual that can demonstrate how they fixed problems and made things right with those from the past. Consumers have more respect for a business that can show how good they took care of their customers and when they can admit, maybe there were mistakes made and demonstrate how they erred on the side of their customer. Who wouldnt want to do business with that company?

What the heck is it we do if we dont remove reports?

Okay, if we dont remove complaints for CAP members, what DO we do? A lot, actually. Although the program is tailored to the specific needs of each member, we generally include at least three basic steps in every plan we create for our members.


The first and most important thing we do is to get our CAP members to understand our philosophy you cant tell an unhappy customer that they are wrong (even if they are wrong). Trying to resolve the complaint of an angry customer by telling them they are wrong is like trying to extinguish a fire by smothering it with gasoline. Try that sometime and let us know if it works.

So, we start by asking companies to admit that if customers are unhappy enough to post complaints, then regardless of whether the business sees them or not, problems must exist that need to be investigated and fixed. If thats something you dont agree with, then CAP isnt for you.


The second thing we do for CAP members is to reach out to all the unhappy customers who filed a complaint on Ripoff Report and see what can be done to make things right. How do we do this? We send an email to every person who has posted a complaint on Ripoff Report asking how we can resolve their complaint. Some people want refunds. Some want an apology. Some people were already taken care of and were not in need of any further assistance. Whatever it is, we let these unhappy customers know that the company involved has joined our Corporate Advocacy Program and has made a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Of course, you cant please all of the people all of the time so we dont expect companies to give a $1 million refund to a customer who was unhappy with a $10 transaction, but during this step we expect our CAP members to talk to their customers and find an acceptable solution to their complaint. ..To err on the side of the customer.

The goal of the second step is two-fold.
First and most obviously, we want to see existing complaints resolved so that customer is satisfied. Second, we want to be able to show consumers proof that the CAP member has made steps to fix the problems which are causing complaints. Honestly, educated consumers know that EVERY business receives complaints. Thats not what is important. Instead, smart consumers only care about one thing what did the company do to fix the complaint? If the company acted quickly, fairly, and reasonably, then the complaint can actually be viewed as positive proof that the company will stand behind its product/service if a problem occurs in the future (as they usually do).
Member businesses claim, the CAP program gets them new found business.

The third thing we do relates to prevention of future complaints. After the CAP member has communicated with anyone who posted a complaint in the past, the business owner should have a pretty good understanding of what caused those complaints in the first place. Armed with that knowledge, the business owner can then focus on making operational changes as needed to remedy that root cause.

But what happens if a future complaint is received about a CAP member? While we hope this wont happen, the reality is that sometimes it will. When it does, Ripoff Report will act as a liaison between the CAP member and the customer. We will immediately forward the complaint to the company and ask them to investigate and respond with the expectation that whatever the problem is, it will be promptly fixed to the customers satisfaction. If the company refuses to make things right, we will take whatever steps are necessary including terminating our relationship with the company if necessary. At the end of the day, we expect CAP members who make good faith efforts to change their practices and follow our advice will see a huge decrease in complaints and a huge increase in customer satisfaction and new business.

Although we feel strongly that Ripoff Reports CAP program is extremely useful for many businesses, we know it is not right for everyone. If you are an individual, then the program is probably not a good solution for you. Also, if you believe that all of the reports against your company are untrue or were written by angry ex-employees and we have evidence to prove that, Ripoff Report will expose our findings as to what we found that shows the Report is false.. if not, then the program may or may not be right for you. We only want to work with companies who agree that change is needed, so if thats not you, then you should look into other solutions.

As stated above.. you always have the option of posting a rebuttal that explains your side of the story. Rebuttals are 100% free, and when done correctly, they can turn a negative complaint into a positive example of why your customers should trust you. Want a good example? Take a look at this rebuttal from a company called Overnight Mattress: http://www.ripoffreport.com/Bed-Bath/Overnightmattress-co/overnightmattress-com-over-n*g-355ee.htm  This is exactly how a company can turn a negative into a positive by stepping up and showing that it is willing to customers. After reading this, who wouldnt want to do business with Overnight Mattress? (Full Disclosure Overnight Mattress is NOT a member of our CAP program nor have they paid us a dime. Weve never even talked with them. We just think this company is a good example of how to use a rebuttal properly).

A final note

Consumers will always find negative comments if they are out there, even if they have to search past page 3 or 20 on search engines, they will find it. Honestly, if you really dont care about your customers and simply want to hide complaints about you, then SEO may be right for you, but why not step up to the plate and confront the problem head-on? Thats what customers want to see, and thats what Ripoff Report is here to help businesses do!


Read about Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,.. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.


Written by,

..Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program team..

..by consumers, for consumers
Ripoff Report
PO BOX 310, Tempe, AZ 85280
602-359-4357 when selection starts, press 5 ...then, three seconds later press 1... Say who you are!

Our mission:
ED Magedson: Founder, Ripoff Report
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#12 Consumer Suggestion

Ronnie Segev & ReputationDefender(aka Reputation.com) Can Eat A D*** // Michael Fertik Internet Defamation Profit Center

AUTHOR: Personal Reputation Repair - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Michael Fertik's and Reputation.com aka Reputation Defender vaunted proprietary techniques is apparently to send emailsto blogs and websites hosting information that its clients want to disappear.

This reputation-management method has, on at least one occasion, backfired quite dramatically. Ronnie Segev is a concert pianist who was jailed for harassment after he called Priceline.com 215 times to get a refund for a $953 ticket he never purchased.The New York Post reported: A judge later dismissed the charges, but not before Segev spent 40hours in a Manhattan holding cell with hardened criminals who aughed at him, threatened him and tried to steal his fancy watch and sneakers.

A tough-looking cellmate asked him, “So, what are you in for?”

“Priceline refund,” the musician sheepishly replied. It went

downhill from there.

Reputation.com and Segev tried tofinagle internet censorship and information blackouts.

After The Consumerist blog noted this in a post that seemed to this author to be sympathetic towards Segev, it received an e-mail from ReputationDefender asking it to remove the post in an e-mail that, according to The Consumerist, said in pertinent part:

"We are writing to you today because our client, Ronnie Segev, has told us that he would like the content about him on your website to be removed as it is outdated and disturbing to him. Would you be willing to remove or alter the content? It would mean so much to Mr. Segev, and to us. Considerate actions such as these will go a long way to help make the Internet a more civil place."

In response, a blogger at The Consumerist posted a second entry concerning Ronnie Segev entitled “Ronnie Segev & ReputationDefender Can Eat a D***.”

You think Segev will now call ReputationDefender 215 times for a refund?

Posting of Ben Popken to The Consumerist, http://consumerist.com/consumer/evil/ronnie-segev%E2%80%94reputationdefender-can-eat-a-d**k-227969.php

http://bulliedacademics.blogspot.com/2007/01/reputation-defender-to-consider-bullied.html (Jan. 18, 2007, 19:53 EST).







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#11 Consumer Comment

reputation management the new extortion

AUTHOR: mrep - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 26, 2013

stop getting scammed by these so called reputation management companies that charge you before work is done. Its reports like these that give the entire industry a bad name and makes it hard for the "good guys" to do proper business!

give me a shout at: solutionreputation@gmail.com and ill take care of your online reputation at no charge until the entire situation is fixed! thats right, ZERO RISK, if im unable to perform, you dont pay me a single penny (95% success rate.) theres no point risking thousands and not getting anything for it!!

I am purely result driven, this means you don't risk anything because if I'm unable to provide you the results, you dont pay anything! no catch, no risk, no setup fee, no deposit.

The good people are still out there, you just got to find them :)

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#10 Consumer Comment

Never be scammed again

AUTHOR: srep - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its reports like these that give the entire industry a bad name and makes it hard for the "good guys" to do proper business!

 In anycase, if you still have a problem with your search results online reputation please send me an email at: solutionreputation@gmail.com i do reputation management for FREE for customers that have been burned in the past by shady reputation management companies. I am purely result driven, this means you don't risk anything because if I'm unable to provide you the results, you dont pay anything! no catch, no risk, no setup fee, no deposit.

thats right, ZERO RISK, if im unable to perform, you dont pay me a single penny (95% success rate.) theres no point risking thousands and not getting anything for it!!

The good companies are still out there, you just got to find them :)

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#9 REBUTTAL Owner of company

I'm just a consumer

AUTHOR: quechenchao - ()

POSTED: Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm just a consumer,no seo company. Please don't I think it is a seo, do not waste the user hurt.

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#8 General Comment


AUTHOR: Tatti - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 19, 2013

 I wrote to the City Visas online, they called back to me very quickly, I gave them my e-mail, and I received the information that I ideally suit for migration to the Canada for a permanent resident, they assured me with no losses and to get a refund if I do not qualify and if Im not happy with something.I paid the deposit of £ 600 for three people I had to pay £ 1,800, they assured me that if I will not be happy I will get a full refund , after transferring deposit consultant called me and said there are going to be additional charges Which they havent Mentioned about originally, and he warned me that I could not even qualify and that my application be rejected small which I was also not informed before paying the deposit , after that I immediately said that I want a refund, they said through the phone that I will absolutely get my money back, and after a while they wrote me an e-mail saying I will not get anything! This is a bunch of cheats, to not be deceived like me!!!

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#7 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Services not provided after reciept of down payment


POSTED: Friday, September 13, 2013

I am unable to verify or attempt to correct any problems this person has had with my company when I have no record of any of my customers by this name,please give me more info so I can resolve issue

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#6 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wrong Complain

AUTHOR: Yogi - ()

POSTED: Saturday, August 17, 2013


The person have purchase some item from our company , and its a spiritual item and i told him to follow some instruction as spiritual item always have some rules and regulation and instruction but he dont want to follow it . We have also disclaimer at our website how our product works .Actually he dont have any idea about item , if he have any doubt he  should first contact us before giving order .

 The customer already complain to paypal and after hearing both side Paypal  put the case in my favour .

Now the customer only want to tarnish the image of our website and complain wrongly , We have almost thousand of satisfied customer all over the world and we are almost 4-5 years old wesbite 



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#5 General Comment

MyK1Visa.com site under new ownership

AUTHOR: MyK1Visa.com - ()

POSTED: Friday, August 16, 2013

Please be aware that the domain rights to MYK1VISA.COM, has been obtained by a new entity.  This entity has nothing to do whatsoever with the prior holder of that domain name.  The existing MyK1Visa.com is an EXCELLENT and AFFORDABLE streamlined visa processing site.  For more information, go to the site and send your comments.

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#4 Consumer Comment

Never Been Ripped!

AUTHOR: Jah Shaman - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 15, 2013

 I have ordered from Sweet Paula for years and never been ripped. I have mailed payment and always confirmed. I dispute this is a rip off site. I have always gotten the order promised. For the last three years I have ordered. In my opion not a rip off.

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#3 General Comment

REPUTATIONREPORT.COM makes your problems worse if you dont want to use them!

AUTHOR: Harvey Modlin''''s Criminal Court reco - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 Reputation report com made my problems worse after I spoke with them and did not want to pay for their service.

They wanted $50,000 and $5,000 per month.  I had small issues on page 4 of my GOOGLE LOOKUP.  After I spoke with them and did not want to pay them their huge amount of money...I looked at google and everything far back I spopke with them about was moved to the front page.  I AM SURE IF THEY CAN MAKE THINGS BETTER THEY ALSO HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE THINGS FAR WORSE!


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#2 Consumer Comment

There are SEO places actually filing FALSE reports too!

AUTHOR: Cheri - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I was the victim of one of these SEO reputation companies, HOWEVER in my case the SEO company (in this case called "SEOTeamUSA" were the ones who actually FILED the false report on ripoffreport against me to try to blacken my reputation as a web designer (Funny how the company owner was also a web designer trying to boost his business). Anyways, I complained to Ripoffreport.com about the extremely FRAUDULENT report to have them remove it and showed them the OUTRIGHT BLACKMAIL I was sent about having to pay HUGE money to remove it from search engines. Ripoffreport DID NOTHING about this nor did they care. They are not out to stop these FALSE reports, they could care less about anyone who's had a false report filed against them. I even WENT TO THE POLICE and they said they couldn't do anything about it because it's more of a "civil" matter. I do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to go tracking down the people who posted the false complaint and sue SEOTeamUSA (who goes by a TON Of different names) over the blackmail they pulled.

It would be nice if RIPOFFREPORT actually DID something regarding this problem instead of spewing a bunch of rhretoric.

There is NO SEO SERVICE that can remove the report against you from Google, NO ONE, the only one who can remove a URL from Google is the URL's OWNER (Ripoffreport themselves) or the person who filed the report. So don't give any of these VULTURES (including Ripoffreport) a CENT of your money!

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#1 Consumer Suggestion

Not All Reputation Solutions Are Rip-Offs

AUTHOR: PerfectReputations® - (United States of America)

POSTED: Monday, November 05, 2012

The statements above present a very one-sided view of "Reputations" on-line.
An on-line reputation is more than just removing negative Google indexes, it is also about helping a person or business build a position, legitimate reputation on-line.  This used to be called "PR", but in today's world, PR means more than just Press Releases.

Real Reputation Management involves management of social media, content strategies, content marketing, SEO & SEM, publishing, website design, and a host of other activities combined to yield a specific result.  To say they are all fake, or cannot be done, it clearly false, since they can.

However, the approach taken by the company first mentioned, with their very agressive and potentially misleading commercials and media blitz, is also not helping clarify the true options available.

Real Reputation Management does work, but it is not some automated one-size fits all gimmick.  It is a complex, well thought-out, well engineered pocess over a lengthy period of time.  In real Reputation Management, results can take weeks or month to full realize.  However, it also comes with a warning, in that the dynamics change often - Google creates new algorythms - so it is one that must be monitored.

There are a very small number of legitimate companies involved in Reputation Management (notice I do not say Reputation Defense or Reputation Repair).  My own company has been helping clients for 17 years build broad extensive on-line positive reputations.  But it is like PR of old, it about thoughtful work applied with great skill and knowledge that yields results, not being done by a call center worker in Asia.

While I cannot speak about the company originally mentioned - since I do not want to contribute to their reputation, much less engage in defamitory statements - I can say this is a specialized practice performed with a long term commitment to a limited client base.  In short, it is not a mass-market solution, and any one stating that it works for anyone is less than honest.  Just as lawyers don't always succeed, so too are Reputation Management companie, which is why no reputation management company should ever require long term contracts without easy cancellation and refund clauses (as we do).

So yes, proper Reputation Management on-line is about SEO, it is more about Social Marketing, Content Marketing, and old fashion PR to get results.

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