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26, Report #1051517
May 16 2013
04:44 PM
AuraVie Misrepresented internet offer Internet
I went on their web site where they seemed to be offering a trial for $5. I sent for it and when it came I waited for the $5 to be deducted from my acct. They deducted $97.88 on 4/15/13. I was stunned but thought I made a mistake when I ordered and figured I was stuck with this purchase. A month later I saw another ded from my credit card for $97.88. Again I was stunned but this time I knew I had not ordered again so I called their number for Customer Care: (866) 216-9336 Mon-Fri, 7 am TO 4 pm PST and complained. They said I had agreed to their terms but when I complained a lot, they said they would back out the charge and cancel further shipments but only after I returned the latest shipment which I still do not have. I will return the shipment, unopened but I am afraid they will continue to deduct and if they do not stop I will need to kill my credit card and have a new one reissued. Not a pleasant thought. I feel this company has their web site set up to confuse clients. I saw on the internet where others have had this same problem. I am heartsick to be charged these fees when I thought I was buying a trial for $5. 
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1056218
Jun 04 2013
07:39 AM
AuraVie big ripoff Internet
auravie used very fine print on form I never saw and charged $97.88 which will not refund.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1054716
May 29 2013
12:30 PM
AuraVie scam, ripoff, misleading, overcharged VanNuys California
I purchased a free trial, 30 day supply of AuraVie, it has been 15 days and they have already charged my card and will not refund  money. I actually called a week ago and spoke with someone and she confirmed that I had two weeks from the delivery date and it had not been two weeks, it's only been 10 days since I received it. they charged me almost 100$ for the products and I do not want them!
Entity: VanNuys, California
29, Report #1138270
Apr 12 2014
06:52 AM
Auravie beauty product internet 
it says to you free sample just pay for shipping and handling under $3.00 i paid. then week later they took $88.91 when i didn't authorized it.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #1131490
Mar 18 2014
09:02 AM
Auravie Complete SCAM Van Nuys California
This fraudulent so called company says you only pay shipping and handling for their wrinkle reducer skin cream.  I received the cream once I paid for the S&H but then a few days later Auravie charged my card $97.88.  What a scam and now I have to change all of my financial information.  Don't fall for this horrible unethical companies tactics. 
Entity: Van Nuys, California
31, Report #1093811
Oct 22 2013
01:53 PM
AuraVie SCAM!!!!!!! van nuys California
I ordered the free trial and of course after a 2 week period the charged my credit card without my knowledge, then 2 weeks later charged it again. I will never order anything from them again!
Entity: van nuys, California
32, Report #1129420
Mar 09 2014
01:19 PM
Auravie BestSkin Ripoff Chatsworth California
Pop-up for free trial, just pay shipping. One week after receiving trial, credit card was charged $97.88. Product Rejuv marked with website for Auravie, but company name appears as BestSkin on credit card statement.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
33, Report #1130956
Mar 15 2014
06:00 PM
AuraVie Deceptive advertising Internet
I read an ad saying that I can try their products for free if I send in $4.95. I thought that was a new product campaign. I paid with my charge card and was billed  $1.93 and $3.02 saparetely. But 2 weeks later I was billed $97.88. I am challenging  this unauthorized charge to my credit card company. I  know from the internet that they will continue charging my account for the next 5 years. So I cancelled my credit card to avoid  further charge. I am amazed that this company can still use this scam to get money from the public.Something has to be done to stop this practce.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1085203
Sep 17 2013
10:59 AM
This company charges on an trial package that was never tried used and never was never agreed to
Entity: Select State/Province
35, Report #1134238
Mar 27 2014
02:37 PM
Auravie HUGE ripoff Internet
I thought I was ordering a sample in a giveaway sweepstakes from a list of several choices for services in order to complete a survey and I paid the $5.98 for free samples. I have now been charged 97.88 TWICE - after emailing them and ordering them to stop billing me. I have received no product yet and have just informed my bank to reject any further payments to this company. I am going to have to do the same thing for Instaflex as well, from what I see happening. These companies are huge ripoffs!!
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1137605
Apr 09 2014
02:55 PM
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1167920
Aug 06 2014
03:31 PM
Auravie Complete scam Van nuys California Internet
I wish there was a way to shut this company down. I also went under the freebies web site to try and save money. I decided to order this skin care product for $4.95. They also took the hundred dollars out of my account (which I did not have and caused me to have several bills bounce). When I contacted the company they said (in what seemed like a rehearsed speech) that it does say somewhere on the page that this was a ten day trial period. I can not even find the site again to see if it does say that. I told this thing on the phone that I did not want the product and they could have it back just refund my money and he said that they could not refund my money unless the product was not opened. Of course they wait until they know you opened the product to make this statement. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM and if there are any lawyers out there please look into this because this scumbag company is taking full advantage of people who obviously don't have the money to pay top dollar for skin care products which is evident by the fact that they are looking under the freebie site. I am willing to participate and aid anyone who can take these company down.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1176131
Sep 11 2014
01:09 PM
AuraVie Rip off Internet
Do not make the mistake of paying only shipping and handling for this product!  They will send you monthly shipments and bill for 97.88, not only the expense but it is a crappy feeling product on your skin.  I have been fighting with AuraVie for a month to get my refund. I spoke the their customer service dept , Matt and was told he would credit my account for 40.00 for June even though I didn't use any/open box then he said to return the July shipment and then he recited what I was to send them via e-mail saying I would not dispute the charges and they would refund the full amount for July. i returned the product unopened at my expense of 8.00 AND sent the recited e-mail then I got an e-mail saying I need to call and speak to a supervisor.  I spoke to another man today and low and behold he said they had t received my return.  I gave him the tracking number and magicaly their mail dept. located my package in just a minute or two. They now say give them 5 business days.....if no credit in 5 days I told him I WILL Dispute the charges and I am positive my credit card company will get my money back!   PLEASE DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SCAM of a business!  They do sell other products too so be sure to research!    
Entity: Internet
39, Report #819478
Jan 07 2012
06:31 PM
AuraVie No free trial here. Just a bill for $97.88!! Internet
I ordered the free trial of AuraVie, guess I didn't read the fine print. approx. 10 days after receiving it, my credit card was billed for $97.88.  I noticed the charge and disputed it.  About 2 weeks later, they charged my card again.  I had called to cancel any automatic shipments, and I haven't received anymore of it, but they still keep trying to bill my credit card.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #818243
Jan 05 2012
05:58 AM
auravie misrepresentation of free trial. Van nuys, California
This company advertises as a free trial offer for their product. This is by no means free even after you pay shipping. After 6 days of having this product this company will bill your debit/ credit card to have you pay $97.88 for a full month supply. This is the cost of the free trial.When you call to cancel the shipments it has to be within 10 days of the product arrival or you are billed the full price. This is in very small print in the brochure after you recieve the product.The brochure does not explain that you must return the  unused portion of the product at your own cost. The customer service message before you speak with a live person is very abrupt. Bordering on rude. Then, you speak with a customer service rep that quickly explains to you that nothing was free even after paying shipping costs. It will also be explained to you that a maximum of 10 days supply is all you may use and return the rest of the bottles- at your expense- and they will determine if it is a 10 days supply or if you are billed the full cost. This is the worst example of free trial I have ever experienced. Please watch your bank or credit card statements.The billing is very quick . There are many reasons that will exclude you from being billed the full price. You will only be told this when you try to cancel. You have to call your bank to ensure that this company will no longer have access to your account.They will continue to try even after you cancel.
Entity: Van nuys, California
41, Report #827672
Jan 24 2012
09:33 AM
AuraVie Not real skin care products, Internet
I was directed to an Internet site off Facebook for free trial size offers just to pay s/h. I had a bad reaction from the product that sent me to a demetogolist. Well mixed with medications, my face is beet red! I called to cancel this order of which they say I placed on Dec. 31. My 10 days had expired, now I received the product on Jan. 12, so yes the 10 days lapsed!I'm sure everyone has this same problem and that is how they are legally able to debit your charge card for the 98.00. They make sure the 10 days passes before you even receive the product. Beware, they need to be put out of business!
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #809339
Dec 14 2011
12:05 PM
Auravie Fraud, Scam Van Nuys, California
this company says free but they will charge your account without notifying you and when you call to dispute, you could wait weeks for your money. and they admit to having this problem all the time but do nothing to fix the problem, because they are scam artists!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
43, Report #800663
Nov 21 2011
10:43 PM
auravie deceptive website and rude people van nuys, California
I don't often order online, but this was a top notch rip-off. Until I came to this site I wasn't able to get the address to return this product. The # I have they refused to give it to me and were extremely rude on the phone. Their website is set up to defraud. They may have the 10 day statement on their site, but it's in a place where I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw it. They take you through about 4 pages before you get to where you order, then supposedly give you plenty of time to renig. I believed it to be a sample--for 5.95, what else would it be. Plus the product they did send is sample size, not 97.88 dollars worth of anything. Their rude, dishonest people and I don't wish them well.
Entity: van nuys, California
44, Report #862908
Apr 02 2012
07:32 PM
Auravie Skincare Deceptive frauds VAN NUYS, California
I carefully looked over the NO RISK free trial agreement, felt it looked legitamate so ordered.  Shortly I received my wrinkle creams.  Then I noticed a $97.88 charge by Auravie.  I received another package.  I immediately returned it without opening it.  Now 2 months later I see another charge for $97.88.  This time I called customer service.  They have a recorded message that any cancellation after 10 days is non refundable.  I told them about returning the second box to which she responded that it would not be accepted because I hadn't called first.  I referred to the information in the first package which said nothing about proper return or cancellation procedures.  THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF A SCAM!
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
45, Report #924734
Aug 09 2012
08:22 AM
AuraVie Kollagen Intensiv RIP OFF COMPANY Van Nuys, California
To All Women skin care users: Please DO NOT buy this product. I spoke to a Representative for this company( I hope this is a company and not a business run in a shed or garage). When I saw the ad for this product, it looked very authentic and professional.  This product made me break out and even feeling sick since I have used it. Check my bank account and today I was charged $97.88 on skin care I thought it is just trial offer and I have 30 days to try it.  You can't return it because you have used it even if you are allergic to it. This is America and consumers have the right to test the product and option to buy it or be given some kind of customer satisfaction. This company is scamming people that thought they are buying quality products that work.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
46, Report #948718
Sep 30 2012
11:18 AM
AuraVie deceptive, dishonest Van Nuys, California
Ordered FREE sample on-line.   Supposed to be a 14-day supply.  In a week I received another box with a bill for 98+.  If we liked the product we were to order another 14 day supply.   In another week I received another box with another bilol for $98+ which I refused.  The product in no way lives up to what it promised.  I am 81 years of age and people guess me to be 65 on much cheaper products from the general store.  Guess I should advertise for them.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
47, Report #874740
Apr 27 2012
10:10 AM
AuraVie rip off, screwed, unlawful practices, extortion? Attempted robbery, Internet
I was just reading the report of MS Michigan and I agree whole hearedley. When I requested the TRIAL SIZE I saw nothing about having a time limit or cancelation, and of course they didn't mention it. The way I found out about it, was when my credit card company called me because it seemed suspicious to them. That notification was my saving grace because they blocked the account so nothing has been paid out. It's such a hassle, because I had to have that account closed and a new one set-up, and I'm still waiting for my card. AuraVie puts these time limits on without letting the consumer know up-front. Did you know the time period starts at the company. It is sent by regular mail and that can be a huge variance as to when it get's to it's location. Then it was left at the managers office because I was not home when the mail arrived. Our manager took a few days off, also the office hours are very limited.If that doesn't cut into your time, I called the company and they tell you right off the bat that I would be holding 30-40 minutes. I have the measured calls contract with the phone company, so as soon as the person answers the phone, they start charging me for that call.Finally the man that answered agreed to have someone call me back some time that day, more like 3 days later. When Ingrid called back, she did not give me a RMA number to return the merchandize, so I'm waiting again.  Also, there was noting in the box stating their procedures.  To put it nicely, It's a pretty shady company,with a lot of things hidden those big black clouds.  THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING THIS SPACE, hopefully it helps other consumers. .
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #872417
Apr 23 2012
10:02 AM
AuraVie Skincare TRIAL OFFER SCAM Van Nuys, California
AuraVie Skincare advertises a Risk Free trial offer.  For a $4.50 charge to your credit card, they will send you a trial offer of their rejuvenating skin care products.  You get a small bottle of face cleanser, a medium bottle of serum and a small jar of rejuvenating cream.   You have ten days to cancel.  If you do not cancel, your credit card will be billed approximately $98.00 for the first month.   Then, they will send you a new package every month at a charge of approximately $98.00 each.   This goes on until you cancel. The SCAM is, they make it very difficult for you to avoid the first months' charge of $98.00 - You must return the box of products and write a special code on the box or it will not be accepted. So, you do not get to keep the first month free trial have to return it.  If you do not follow their directions, you will be chaged, and remember:  They have your credit card number! I sent them an Email, telling them I thought their advertisement was deceptive.  How I wish I had visited this RipOff Report site first, before I ordered!   I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble.  It seems like they have been doing this scam for quite a while!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
49, Report #897022
Jun 13 2012
12:00 PM
AuraVie Free Trial costs $97.88 Van Nuys, California
Ordered a Free Trial for $ 4.95 shipping and handling.  Received a small bottle of product.  Was charged $97.88 on my credit card. 
Entity: Van Nuys, California
50, Report #1117390
Jan 21 2014
05:40 PM
AuraVie Misleading/scam tactics Van Nuys California
In Novemhber after leaving a website, I received a message saying that I could receive one of 3 free gifts.  I chose, Auravie, for a beauty supply cream.  I then ordered a free 10-day trial sample according to the lead-in message, and had 10 days to cancel my account to prevent getting future shipments billed at $97.88 per month.  I canceled my order within 10 days and received an acknowledgement e-mail.  I am told that I misunderstood the e-mail and websiste order page.  I thought I was given a return order number for future shipments (as they could not stop the first shipment was my understanding).  I never received any other shipments of this product.  A month later, I found a $97.88 charge on my credit card bill and contacted the company by e-mail to request a credit to my credit card account as I had not received any monthly shipment.  At that time, I was told that under the terms and conditions that I agreed to the initial free 10-day trial was actually the monthly 30-day supply.  If I didn't cancel within 10 days and return that item within 30 days, I would be charged $97.88.  They would not refund my account.  Nor would they agree to a later return shipment of their product, as it was now outside the 30 day window for returns.This is very misleading.  I thought I had a free sample.  I didn't return it as I thought any return would be my first monthly shipment.  And now I am paying the price.  Very poor communication practices and I feel like I've been totally scammed!  And all for a product that I used for 4 days.  My current products work better than this expensive, non-productive product!
Entity: Van Nuys, California

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