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1, Report #1306461
May 19 2016
06:28 AM
Award Notification commission
 I received a letter stating that I won 2,000,000.00 in the mail but i had to mail in 11.89 to process the check and i had to return the letter signed promptly.Then I got another letter telling me to send in more money and asked me if I wanted the lump sum or annual checks of 666,666.66 for 30 years.I did mail the cash the first time so they don't have my banking info.But I thought something was just off .The certificates look authentic though.
Entity: nationwide
2, Report #1346599
Dec 30 2016
06:23 AM
Award notification commission Scamming
 Mailing out letters saying you won 2million.but. got to send money in for the prize. If I won the money why am I paying to receive it.
Entity: nationwide
3, Report #1403464
Oct 01 2017
09:53 AM
Award Notification Commission Nationwide
 asking for $ 12.99 for premuim fee and delivery
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #789036
Oct 15 2011
06:57 AM
Award Notification Commission Scam Kansas City, Missouri
I received the lottery notification from Award Notification Commission(ANC), North American Division; that I was being notified by Mr. John Mcnabb that I was going to receive $2,000,000,0000. I sent in the innitial reply without paying the $11.89 because it seemed that you could waive the fee for some kind of voucher. I just received another letter stating that after submitting form 1060a and my ANC Number xxxxxxxx made me a candidate for the prize but my status is on hold until I paid $11.89 fee. This was hand signed by a William Macdougal,Compliance examiner! I am not sending a check! You shouldn't either.
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
5, Report #949465
Oct 01 2012
08:52 PM
award notification commission scam kansas city, Kansas
I got my official notification telling me I was going to win $2million but I have to send &11.89 & add another $3 to rush it....I have learned that if anything tells you you can win millions of dollars but asks you to pay to win its not legit....if you have to pay its not real because seriously if you're about to be a millionaire wouldn't they just deduct it from your winnings?  lol  I feel sorry for people that get excited about these things & send the money requested...believe me I've been desperate to win but won't give up even $14.89 to rush my $2million winning document...I work hard for that money & I know everyone else does please if they ever ask you for a payment throw the thing right into the garbage otherwise you might as well throw your money in the trash instead!!!!  People involved in this scam will get their's in the end....what goes around comes around....believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: kansas city, Kansas
6, Report #1258003
Sep 29 2015
04:16 PM
Award Notification Commission Scam mailing Kansas City Kansas
 Received a letter going on & on about how I just magically won $1,230,946 (gotta love the uber-specific amount). I could see that they tried to make it look official. But, unfortunately for them, I'm not stupid. I'm naturally suspicious of garbage like this. And, they contradicted themselves...the bottom of page 1 states in bold print, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. But, the body of page 1 states, also in bold print, that there is a required...$12.99. I was just going to throw it out. But, I saw that the only other entry on here was from, I wanted to let people know that these cretins are still at it. That means there are actually people out there stupid enough to fall for this & make it worth these vermins' while. That's really, REALLY sad.
7, Report #1289376
Feb 23 2016
06:14 AM
Award Notification Commission Kansas City Kansas
 I was informed I was a winner of $2,000,000 all I had to do was return the winning numbers along with $13.89 or $11.89 by the deadline. I received 5 letters within a 2 week time frame. My husband and I decided to check the scam website and found this company on the top of the list.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
8, Report #1235836
Jun 15 2015
06:52 PM
Award Notification Commission Internet. NY
 6/15/15 I received this notification from Award Notification Commission. I read the notification and it looked legit a ment, until I read the request for an acquisition fee for $11.89. I immediately goggled the name of Larry Hourd. That goodness for the Internet and ability to research these type of fraud. I was saved $11.89. That goodness for this Internet information. I want to thank my children who have taught me too research every thing. I don't know how u put this type of fraud out of business but we as consumers must be vigilant.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #860346
Mar 28 2012
06:47 AM
Award Notification Commission Rip Off Award Notification Commission Kansas City, Kansas
I also received a letter from the Award Notification Commission asking me to send $11.89 to enter a sweepstakes to win $2,000,000.00.  These seemed like a scam so I looked online for the company name and this site came up so I am assuming that a lot of other people are being scammed by this compnay.  If you come across this letter, throw it away.  These people are probably making alot of money from all of the people they are scamming because they are promsing someone that they will win all this money and we only need to send them this small amount of money and God only knows how many of these letters they sent out and how many people sent back the money they asked for.  SO DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!!!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
10, Report #1048963
May 07 2013
07:40 AM
award notification commission ANC Award notification commission is a scam Kansas city Kansas
Award notification commition (ANC) sent me letters starting i could win 2,000,000.00. Letter also said to send 11.89 to receive a premium package. Stupid me did and i have not received anything from them. I'm still getting letters.
Entity: Kansas city, Kansas
11, Report #991993
Jan 05 2013
07:11 PM
Award Notification Commission Executive Processing Office Official Award Notification Kansas City, Kansas
Got this official looking award notification in the mail stating I'm the next winner of $2M. Yeah right. What got me was the utter gall of this so-called legitimate enterprise asking that I make sure I've enclosed the $11.39 (?) processing fee. That alone alerted me that this was not a legitimate entry. First off no real legitimate sweepstakes opportunity would ask for a processing fee at all. This operation is a total scam and the more people they can fool, the richer they'll get. I actually sent the scam entry back with written eirds to the affect that these people weren't fooling anyone and that they will be reported, etc. Ha! Joke's on them!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
12, Report #1295068
Mar 21 2016
04:49 PM
Award Notification Commission Larry Hourd FAKE AWARD NOTIFICATION Kansas City Kansas
Received an official looking letter in the mail stating I won 2 million dollars from the AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION. Requested I send them $12.99 for delivery fee. You should never have to PAY for anything to receive what you've WON. TOTAL SCAM. Don't fall for it. 
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
13, Report #1294818
Mar 20 2016
07:27 PM
ANC award notification commission I. Larry HourdCorporate sponsor judging and decisions Award notification commission SCAM: AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION Kansas city Kansas
 Scammer trying to get money sent to him for a bogus award winning of money. This is how he is go in Nguyen to get his millions off ripping America off, He will get 1 million responses for 12.99 a pop that the victims will send him. He will make $12,990,000 or more from you, his victims. This must be stopped.
Entity: Kansas city, Kansas
14, Report #530974
Nov 30 2009
04:08 PM
AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION Sweepstakes Notification Scam Kansas City, Kansas
On Monday, November 23, 2009, I received an award notification letter indicating I would receive $2,000,000.00 if I sent a check for $11.89 processing fee.  I realized this was a scam.  On Monday, November 30, 2009, I personally notified my bank of this company's business tactics.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
15, Report #855624
Mar 18 2012
11:39 AM
Award Notification Commission William McPherson Prize/Award Scam Kansas City, Kansas
I received an actual Publishers Clearing House entry form, and submitted it through the mail. Within a couple of weeks I received a letter from a company called the Award Notification Commission. I assumed that they were involved with the Publishers Clearing House, so I responded to the mailing. In  the letter and entry form they offered me a prize of $2 Million dollars, stating that to be eligible to be entered for this prize I had to return the form with an $11.89 fee + $3.00 for rush processing. They stated that it must be received within 7 days. So I immediately went to the post office and sent it overnight-certified mail so that it would be received within seven days, along with my $14.89 check. All together this cost me almost $35, after the certified mail postage. But I wanted to know that someone had to sign for it when it was delivered. Now I have received another letter and entry form in the mail from the same place, wanting another $11.89 check or money order sent to them. I realized then that this must be a scam. I started searching the company online and found that others have complained about them too. I want others to know about this and would like some type of reimbursement from the company, along with their prosecution.I have all the documentation, but would rather not upload them as photos because they include my name and address on all of them.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
16, Report #845953
Feb 28 2012
12:28 PM
Award Notification Commission James Mallory $2,000,000 AWARD SCAM Kansas City, Kansas
Last month I signed up for Publishers Clearing House prize drawing and yesterday I received this official looking AWARD notification saying that I won $2 million, from none other than the Award Notification Commission located in Kansas City, Kansas. You can just imagine my excitement as I thought of all the good things I could do with this money. Not just help myself and my family by paying off debt, but also helping others that are less fortunate. However, my husband brought me down to earth and told me to be careful, it sounds too good to be true. So I read every inch of that notification and did not find Publishers Clearing House mentioned anywhere. This made me very suspicious, so before sending in my $11.89 Premium Offer Acquisition Fee, I googled Award Notification Commission and found the BBB report about the SCAM.  Right there was enough to crush my dreams, but then I wanted to see what I could find on James Mallory so I googled him as well and that brought me to the Ripoff Report website. This enrages me so much and not just because I was just a postage stamp away from getting ripped off and not just because of the $11.89 I could have lost. But because of all the inocent people that are getting hurt by this scam. And because these people at the Award Notification Commission are making money ripping off people who are most likely less fortunate and can not afford to lose a penny let alone $11.89. I really don't understand why our government hasn't busted these people yet. I've seen reports on this website that go back as far as 2009! How many people need to get ripped off before something is done!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
17, Report #1165737
Jul 29 2014
01:20 PM
Award Notification Commission Certified Award Kansas City Kansas
The letter came in an official looking envelope with a corporate seal. The letter states that an awarded lump sum will be awarded if I send in $12.99 in either cash, check or money order. The only way to enter is to mail the money in and there is no phone number or any other conact information provided. There is what appears to be the copy of a check at the bottom of the first page. The commissioner’s name is Larry Hourd and that The second page looks even more official because in capital letter at the top of the page it reads, Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment. It then goes on to show the award amount and has you choose one of two payment options. Then it is signed by the judge and stamped in red letters Final. The bottom of the page shows a signature line and states the Premium offer will only be processed for $12.99 and below that in smaller print it says to elect special RUSHING PROCESSING add $3.00 (total enclosed $15.99) I knew this was a scam and that it was impossible that I would have won this amount of money because I never apply for any sort of sweepstakes or jackpots.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
18, Report #1007157
Feb 01 2013
07:05 AM
Award Notification Commission ANC Rip-off award letter for 3 million dollars Kansas, Kansas
Got a award letter in mail from pres James Mallory....saying it was an offical judes sheet to verify and send 11.98 to process pending awards...was wondering were it came from since in had a day on it but no date...said I was on of final winners 3,000,000.00 ...Had entered publishers clearing house then got this letter. Glad to find out it is a scam and I checked this site first before doing anything.
Entity: Kansas, Kansas
19, Report #1052703
May 21 2013
01:54 PM
award notification commission 3 million dollars cash award kansas city Kansas
 thank god i looked this up before i mailed them a check  i did send it back to them there form and told them i have reported them to the local police and f.b.i.  like they will care and no im not affraid of them all they are are low life scum suckers  beware always look things like this up always
Entity: kansas city, Kansas
20, Report #1121132
Feb 12 2014
03:25 PM
Award Notification Commission ANC Award of winning check Kansas City Kansas
The amount of Award shall be paid by a single check of 1,140,000.00 -Premium offer fee for delivery-12.99
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
21, Report #1319083
Jul 26 2016
06:32 PM
Award Notification Commission Award Scam ....Did You Win or Not? Kansas City Kansas
This is yet another scam from a prize publishing company. I received an envelope in the mail that was Protectively Sealed-Official Documents Enclosed. It looked very official. Inside there were 2 pages of official documents with official numbers on them. Basically, in somewhat confusing language I had won $1,327,940.00. It seemed official because they were not asking for any bank information; just sign the letter and send in a simple $3.00 for rush processing. Oh, and if you wanted an addendum of Premium Offer (what does that even mean?) worth $2,500, you just have to include $12.99. Ok, that sounded legit.Not. I checked online. Scam. They are just getting smarter about it. Always check anything you get in the mail or in your email account. Always check!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1211162
Feb 23 2015
05:20 PM
AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION certificate award, official document, judges decision, KANSAS CITY Kansas
Letter in mail asking for $12.99 for me to revcieve my money , stating i won  $2000000 .saying its non-transferable and only reply is by mailJodell   Indianapolis,In
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Kansas
23, Report #1219548
Mar 31 2015
06:50 PM
award notification commission funds unclaimed award letter kansas city ks
received notification letter that I won cash, but must send 12.99 receiving the money.  Nuts
Entity: Internet
24, Report #392503
Nov 18 2008
03:16 PM
Award Notification Commission One Time Fee Lee's Summit Missouri
They are a horrible company and you will never win any money but the letter does NOT say that you have won. what it says is that you have an opportunity to win. you have to just sign and return the letter. they are offering an MAO or Premium offer these are the products that they are selling. It will most likely be a gift certificate for 2,500 dollars but you still have to pay for shipping and processing which can be $30 and you can buy that item at walmart for $20. If it is not a gift certificate it will be jewelry, they sell star necklaces that turn green as soon as you put them on and cameras that are from the 1990's and watches that are hunks of junk! If you buy anything from them or even just sign and return the letter you will get bombarded with other scams. Which none of them are really scams but they are in fact ripping you off. Every single company out there is selling you something but you will NOT want it. Please notify all of your loved ones. this is the 411 on this company and the honest to God truth you will not find the truth anywhere else unless you call and they will tell you no purchase is necessary which there is not. do not sign and return do not buy anything and don't waste your time going to a lawyer because you will not be able to take this company down because everything they do is in fact legit. i have tried to take them down along with others and there is no budging! Call 816-525-7888 and ask for Chris Hedges or even the OWNER names Kevin Brandes. Kevin won't talk to you but if you go to the news that might hurt him. Kevin makes a great living off of all of us seniors and us dummies. Don't make the same mistake i did. Gmtipton Lee's summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lee's Summit, Missouri
25, Report #393233
Nov 20 2008
10:56 AM
Award Notification Commission ripe off? Kansas City Kansas
i got an award 3 days ago saying i won 2 million dollars pay able in two ways,1 is 66,667.00 dollars a year for 30 years or lump sum of 1,056,000.00 . they did mention $11.89 for a merchandise acquisition offer they called mao,however i was not obligated in anyway to send the money so i dnt but i did send the form in so i guess soon we will see and i hope for my sake you guys are wrong i sure could use that money! Ruttsit2ya morgantown, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas

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