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26, Report #79973
Feb 10 2004
08:21 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I got ripped off by this company Troy 70047, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
27, Report #79981
Feb 10 2004
09:04 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Ft.lauderdale, Florida
I'm so stupid!!! please, dont buy anything from these boys. be smart!! no like me. I lost $34.-, is not too much, but it was mine. Carina ft.lauder, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft.lauderdale, Florida
28, Report #79218
Feb 04 2004
05:23 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
One day two young boys come to my house claiming they were selling magazines to help them win a trip to Cancun and to learn how to have good social skills. They said they were really close to winning. Being a young adult myself, I thought that would be nice to help them. Boy, was I so wrong after seeing Inside Aditions T.V show on this particular scam that has been going around for awhile. Then I decided I would check online about this company and to my dismay I found all these complaints about them. Unfortunatly, they were able to scam me for 78.00 for two magazines subscriptions. I believed them because the receipts looked real. Now I know I will probably never see those magazines. I will never trust any sales people again. People beware! Nichole Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
29, Report #79227
Feb 04 2004
06:42 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A boy who said his name was Wes Hotalen who was trying to earn points for a group trip by selling magazines came to our door on December 3, 2003 asking for our support. we agreed to purchase two magazines from him. Later after he left we realized he had over charged us by $30.00. We still have no magazines and the check was cashed a couple days later. I would like to take action against these scam artists! I am not sure how many other people where cheated in our apartment complex by these so called magazine saleman. Tiffany sanford, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
30, Report #60807
Jun 16 2003
09:11 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. abused & mistreated Dayton Ohio
I was approached by two very smooth 20 yr. olds selling mags to help develop their communication skills for school. After listeing to their pitches, I was willing to help students.I purchased a mag for $24 and a processing fee of $10. That should be $34 right? They marked down $40 and cash on the ticket. After thinking about all the holes and shadiness in their stories, I ran in the house and brought up this site. THANK YOU Rip-off report! I copied 2 pages and took it over next door where another sale was completed. I confronted the two guys and they become extremely abusive verbally. They told me they couldn't give me my check back, I would have to cancel it. I told them nobody was going anywhere until I had my check in my hand. After I left and botched their next sale, they told my neighbor f*ck you, we don't need your money. And that they were going to kick my ass for messing up their sales, and it didn't matter how big I was. They never came back, being 7 foot tall and 300 lbs. I didn't expect them to ( I kinda hoped they would have tho).Nice communication skills these kids are learning these days. Wes dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
31, Report #104757
Aug 21 2004
10:41 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
As with other consumers, two college students came to my door selling magazines to win a trip. I bought my son 2 car magazines, totaling $72.00. We were given a sticker to put on our door, stating that these two characters had been there and that other sellers could bug off. I had never bought from door to door sales people, and I will never do it again. I learned my lesson. If I want to buy magazines, I will do it through my children's school or through the mail! Laurie Manchester, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
32, Report #102997
Aug 10 2004
01:05 PM
Palmetto Marketing, Inc. Ripped off! Coral Springs Florida
I was also approached by a college person who said that he was selling magazines. This was suppose to help him win a trip he said, I have a persons name, it is probably fake though. be careful everyone. RIPPED OFF by a college kid!! Donna Fitchburg, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
33, Report #110061
Sep 24 2004
07:51 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
The doorbell rang tonight after dark. Upon opening the door, I was surprised to find a young man whom I did not know. He immediately went into his spiel, talking about getting points and going on a trip to Bermuda. He claimed to be selling magazines, so I looked at his list and tried to make a choice. But I couldn't concentrate on the magazines because he was asking a flurry of personal questions. Am I married? Do I have kids? What are my hobbies? How long have I lived here? Do I know everyone around here? He seemed pretty nosy. Then he asked if I was about 21 years old (I'm 36). When I asked where he was from, he indicated that he came from one block away. When I asked again, he said he was staying in a hotel in Kansas City. And later when I asked where he was from, he said Oklahoma. The next thing I knew, he was inside the entry way, sitting on the steps, asking more personal questions, and looking around the house. And he was talking so much, I couldn't think straight. I offered to buy one subscription - for $40 - and he talked me out of paying with a check, explaining that he would get more points for the sale if I paid with cash. It all seemed pretty fishy, so I looked over the receipt. It gave the name of Palmetto Marketing and the city of Coral Springs, Florida, but it didn't list a phone number. He told me the phone number was printed on the back. But when I looked, there was no phone number. So he said he would write the phone number on the back. He also gave me the stub from the receipt, saying I should stick it to my front door to keep his fellow contestants away. On it, he wrote his name, Bug Off, and some other stuff. As soon as he left, I called the phone number and it connected me to a Verizon Wireless recording. As far as I know, a legitimate marketing company would use a land line, not a cell phone. My next move was to look up Palmetto Marketing on the web, leading me to this site. I didn't find any other results leading me to believe PMI could be legitimate. I started off down the street, but it was very dark. I found him about two blocks away and demanded to have my money back. I told him his phone number had connected me to a cell phone message. He acted troubled and started searching for excuses. After asking about six times to have my money returned, I was about ready to MAKE him give back the money, which he finally did. It appears that this story is nearly identical to many of the other reports on this site. , MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #107444
Sep 08 2004
10:25 AM
Palmetto Marketing, Inc. rip-off! Coral Springs Florida
A young man came to my door, saying he was a college student and was selling magazines. He gave me the name of my neighbor and said my neighbor told him I was a good person who would help him win a contest. He said he was very close to being the top candidate so I ordered Redbook magazine from him on April 9th, 2004. It is now Sept. 8, 2004 and no magazines. I just went online to find an email address for this company and I got my surprise to find them in the Rip-Off Report. I am sorry I did not think to check the site out before I gave him my check for $22.00 which was cashed within 5 days. Lucy Middletown, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
35, Report #83602
Mar 11 2004
11:01 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
On Nov04,2003 my wife and I ordered two magazines from this kid. In all it was $78.00 dollars,when the kid came to the door he said that my neighbor had gotten two magizines and sent him over to my house. So in mid February I went to my neighbor's and ask him if he had received his magazines! He told me that he did not order any, not only being ripped off but lied too. So on March 11,2004 my wife & I looked on the web and we was shock to see all these people that has been ripped off. Now that I have the address and phone number I am going to call in the morning but what I have read from other complaints that is all that is happening! I think it is time to take a stand and do something about these crooks and to put these con artist in jail where they belong. Because what they are doing is fraud & false advertisement,and also common law robbery cause they are coming into our homes and taking money from people that they solicate knowing that we are not going to receive what we haved ordered. And if your like us we don't have the money to be throwing away, all we was trying do is help this kid get all the orders he could to help him win the trip to Cancun. but if the truth be known them kids propably did not win the trip either,all we know the owner of palmetto marketing is sitting on the beach drinking little umbrella drinks and getting a sun tan on our money so if you would like to help me try to get our money back, let's take a stand for whats ours. Thanks! Rodney Graham, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
36, Report #91458
May 14 2004
10:36 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. violence in Washington D.C., Coral Springs Florida
In 1999 in Washington D.C. the owner of the company Vinnie Pitts, company came to visit. He and the crew leader (Bob Cecil) had got into an arguement with a man in the parking lot of the hotel we were staying at, something over some drugs I beleive. They were shouting and fighting and they wound up beating the guy with a tire iron. They left the man unconcious. By time the cops arrived Vinnie & Bob had talked Marcus (an agent for the company)into taking the blame for the whole thing and he went to jail. He didn't even do it. He served some time and came back to the crew and Vinnie paid him to take the wrap. Rumor around the crew was that Vinnie was being investigated for some mafia involvement and that's why he had to take off from the scene of the crime. Dawn Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #93852
Jun 06 2004
12:04 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A young college bound guy showed up at my door stating he was in a contest to go to Florida as well as earn money for college. He was very convincing - a natural salesman or con - depending on how you look at this! He sold us a magazine, took our check and then put a bug off note on our door so the others in his group would not come knocking..... That was 4 months ago and so far, no magazines have arrived! I'm just glad I ordered a cheap one - I ONLY lost $29.95 ($19.95 for the magazine and $10.00 processing). Next time - the answer will be NO before the question is even asked - which isn't fair to bonified offers but I'm not losing any more money on scams! Jessica Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
38, Report #67728
Sep 27 2003
05:05 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I also was scammed, as well as others in my neighborhood some young kid said he was trying to win a trip to cancun. he was very persistant in persuading me to order, was asking me questions regarding my family and telling me about all the stuff my neighbors had ordered in a very unproffessional manner that should have trigered me not to give this person my money the check was cashed within a week and still no magazines. my neighbor contacted the company and although her check was cashed they told her they have no information stating she ever ordered magazine.the company said they were not liable because these people are contractors for them. i have broght this scam to the attention of the local news stations and an investigator. I don't think people realize how much money this company has recieved in money from people between three of us we lost 100.00. i will continue my search to get somewhere eith palmetto marketing inc. Tanya cambridge, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
39, Report #71438
Nov 09 2003
07:51 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff Coral Springs Florida
this nice looking boy came to my door as I was getting ready to go to work. I let him in after he said something about points cancun, and how he just needed a few more and he was selling magazines to go. I had been putting off the subscription that I wanted so I said hey why not. I thought that the price was a little high but I figured it was a worthy cause. the more I thought about I realized that I could get the magazine cheaper and $34 was a lot of money because I myself am a college student. I already have loans and back payments and I really dont have money to throw away. When I looked at the back of the paper that the nice boy gave me I saw that I coulld get my money back so I looked up the address on the internet to find that this little f--k-- cheated me out of almost 40 dollars which is a lot. He has tatoos on both arms and his ears are pierced. Hopefully karma does its job Candice raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
40, Report #70825
Nov 03 2003
12:24 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Palmetto Company, Coral Springs Florida- is a fraudulent company out to rip people off. The teenage, white female, who goes by the name of kiper, said she was earning points to go on feild trip. She was selling magazines in which I paid $24.00 + an additional $10.00 processing fee. For a total of $34.00. Luckily this was the cheapest. I had bought subscriptions through this type of door to door solicitation and never had problems. I will do my part and email all my friends to warn them and pass on the message. I suggest those who have been victimized to do the same. Mari pixley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
41, Report #70435
Oct 29 2003
09:18 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff/scam Coral Springs Florida
June 13, 2003, I had a very nice young man come to my door selling magazines. He was very convincing and excited about the trip to Cancun that he believed he had in the bag if he just made a few more sales. I'm a single mom, was unemployed at the time, but wished to do something special for my son. I purchased Golf Magazine for $30.00. My son has been checking the mailbox daily waiting for his magazine to arrive. After reading this website, I'm not sure how to tell him his magazine will never arrive. Marilee Salem, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
42, Report #68121
Oct 02 2003
04:34 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
43, Report #85491
Mar 26 2004
10:28 AM
PALMETTO MARKETING ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I had two what seam to be teenagers, come to my house around a few weeks ago. They said they where selling supscription's for magazine's trying to raise money to help win point's for a trip. being that I HAVE TWO GRANDCHILDREN I thougth it'll be nice to order some book's for them.. but did'nt have any cash on hand right then. but they said that it was ok, and asked if we had a checking account. I said yes but funds are low right, they said that's ok we can hold the check for two week's I said are you sure, they said yes, so we did order. But after acouple of day's I got the receipt to call because I really did'nt like the way that the receipt's were written they looked to suspicus, but going over the receipt's front & back I could not find any kind of contact number anywhere, and that made me worry that much more. alfrazier& mary suffolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
44, Report #53645
Apr 19 2003
08:50 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff fraud business Coral Springs Florida
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
45, Report #119593
Nov 23 2004
09:40 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I was coming in from work yesterday when a young man and woman approached me.Immediatly they were very talkative and asked if they could come in and have a seat i replied no. They then asked if they could take a seat on the front porch becasue it was raining, so i let them. They proceded to tell me about a trip that they were taking and they only need 1,680 more points to get there and that with my help and the rest of the neighborhoods help they would possibly be able to win this trip.They said it was for communications skills and all i had to do was to buy 2 magazine subscribtions and handed me the list to look over.I had no cash and told the people this and they refused to take no for an answer.I thought ok well this is helping college people out for communications and it would be my good deed for the day, not to mention magazines are great to have at work. So i wrote the checks out and gave it to them. When i got in my house i realized this is Christmas and i didn't need these magazines right now i could get them some other time. So i decided to call the number on the ticket to cancel my subscribtions. The phone rang for 10 minutes with no answer. This made me suspicious and so i thought to search and see if they had a website online. This is when i found that they are scam artist.I have heard that the kids who do this are being scamed to, and they may be but they know exactly what they are doing.They are being lied to, and being told to tell some fake story to people to get there money and i just dont think it is right. Amanda decatur, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
46, Report #117299
Nov 11 2004
11:37 AM
Palmetto Marketing, ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I like others wanted to help someone earn a trip to Cancun. Now I have a disappointed son still waiting for his X-Box demo tapes he was promised by this individual if we ordered the X-Box magazine. This was in July 2004 that they were knocking on my door. It may not have been the person selling thems fault but I do pitty the next so called salesperson who comes to the door. This is sad for there may be someone who is actually trying to earn something and now they just need to go on down the road. Robin Somerset, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
47, Report #95625
Jun 19 2004
10:15 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Earlier this morning a young man by the name of David Smith showed up on my door step with a song and dance about wanting to win a trip to Cancun if I purchase magazines from him. He said that he was only 400 points away from winning this so called trip. I always refuse solicitos, but this time I felt for the little punk so I purchased Rolling Stone magazine for 38.00 dollars, he didn't have change so he got 40.00 from me. He promised to come back with my 2.00 change. He never did. I WAS SCAMED and I feel horrible. Heidi Livonia, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
48, Report #21831
May 30 2002
12:47 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Palmetto Marketing, Fraudulent Magazine Sales, On the night of February 13th, 2 girls claiming to be high school seniors came to my door pretending to be very sweet and charming, and offering a magazine subscription that would help them to win a Senior trip. Not really wanting to spend the money I did find one magazine that i wouldn't mind having, so I went ahead and ordered. The girls gave me a full receipt that looked legit and told me i would recieve it in 90 to 120 days (I also thought that was longer than normal) and I had 3 days to cancel the subscription. Now it is well over 4 months later and still no magasines, I now realize that it was a scam and that this company will not honor my subscriptions despite my reciepts or complaints. The magasines were also overpriced with a $10 processing charge. I guess that is a $35 lesson in life I hope to pass on to others who endure the same. The worst part is that I am too a struggling college student and this looks bad for all students everywhere and needs to be brought to a halt. If you see any similar scam do not fall for it, but instead get your magazines the old way, by using an order form from other magasines. Scott Wilmington, North Carolina
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
49, Report #35891
Nov 21 2002
11:04 AM
palmetto marketing ripoff consumer fraud coral springs Florida
2 young boys came to my door claiming to be in a contest for college funds> They assured me that the magazines would arrive 2 weeks after they got my money I have not seen 1 magazine yet linda wichita, Kansas
Entity: coral springs, Florida
50, Report #35669
Nov 19 2002
03:17 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I could almost copy word for word my account from Tom of South Carolina. On November 18 2002, a young man who represented himself as a school student knocked on my door. He told me that he was in a contest and competing against his colleges to win a prize for being the top sales person. He was selling magazines. The cost of the magazines were about three times the normal amount. But I wanted to help so I ordered. He used high pressure sales techniques, and told me if I ordered he would certainly win and I was his last chance. Then whilst trying to find the Palmetto Marketing Inc. telephone no. on the internet. I came across an exact account of what I had experience. This made me extremely angry as it is not the sales person in question but the techniques a Marketing company will use to get a sale. Running kids from state to state, and manipulating a situation from both sides, the client and the kids who sell these magazines. Plus after such an experience the client will always remember the magazines, not a great sell for the magazine company either. I decided to cancel the transaction and followed the 3 day return policy. The company Palmetto Marketing has yet to return my call and my cancellation has gone registered mail. I canceled my partial payment in the form of a cheque and emailed the two magazine companies in question, informing them that they could be receiving a subscription from me through the Palmetto Marketing company which I had canceled. The one magazine company in question was unaware of these methods used. I really hope that if a kid arrives at your door selling you magazines, Palmetto Marketing inc. does not get your money and therefore less kids will get caught up in this scam as well. Karen Smithfield, North Carolina
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida

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