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76, Report #979889
Dec 09 2012
02:55 PM
tracfone double charged on credit card , two seperate times Internet
trac(crap)fone billed my cc in Sept double,and the same thing happened again three days ago. Both times the correct number of minutes were added that reflected one charge on the cc. And both times the number of days added were doubled from what one charge should have reflected. Regarding the Sept charge,they say they can't do anything about it because it has been more than three months,but doing the math,any honest person can see from Sept 14 to Dec 9 is less than three months. They then changed their story to say that according to their records I got all the minutes I was billed for, even the doubled charge. For the Dec ripoff they said they will refund one of the charges, but it will take up to two billing cycles on my cc. All this took three hours on the phone,talking to four different english(HAHA)speaking people. In the end, the last person gave me 300 of the 1500 I paid for in Sept for my trouble. So for those 300 I paid $126 and four hours on the phone. On top of it all, they can't tell why it happened and if it will happen again. This happened with the same phone. I have two others that I've added minutes to and not had any problems. Their customer service is a bunch of BS. But the phones work great and have been a money saver until they found the can double their proffit by double charging. I will be filing a complain with the Florida Atty General and BBB.
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77, Report #970702
Nov 17 2012
03:34 PM
Tracfone RIP OFF OF 2 AIRTIME CARDS, Internet
I bought 2 - 60 minute cards, due to the store only having those. I got home 30 minutes later, that was 2 1/2 hours ago. One card will not go through- I have the receipt and cards. First rep I spoke with told me she would transfer me to the department that could put the minutes on with just some information from the receipt, well the call got disconnected BIG SURPRISED. 2 hours on hold to find out they will give me 20 minutes free and have a bbb report filed instead of helping a customer with getting PAID minutes added to her phone. Well employee #53897 (Julien) and employee #88888 Mark Hernandez Thank you for NOTHING. Now Mark is saying he can only add 5 minutes, that was once I said I was calling the Better Business Bureau.  This company rips off people day in and day out.
Entity: Internet, Internet
78, Report #965045
Nov 05 2012
02:36 PM
Tracfone I lose minutes too Miami, Florida
I also lose minutes randomly and know other people who have the same issue. One day I will fill it up with $5 giving me 500 minutes and by the next day they are all gone. I hardly even use my phone but the minutes just disappear. As for the two people talking about having to program your phone to disconnect when you close it, that is ludicrous. I have been through many phones including Verizon and I have never heard of something so ridiculous. They may be paid off by the company to write reports to counter issues (it happens all the time). It is very common and I find it highly suspicious that 2 people would happen to find this page and defend the company using the same bs line.
Entity: Miami, Florida
79, Report #1090237
Oct 07 2013
07:33 PM
Tracfone Walmart selling defective Tracfones Ridgecrest California
My daughter's Samsung Tracfone (SGH-S150G) started displaying the wrong time a couple weeks back. She is unable to use the alarm to wake her up since it displays an hour ahead of our current time (we are in the Pacific Time Zone, but the phone displays the Alaska Time Zone). Also, it's very frustrating for her no having the correct time on her phone (she is special needs). I called customer support at 1-800-867-7183, and got a woman on the phone who had trouble speaking English, and she spoke VERY fast. We spent at least an hour on the phone with her having me trying different things in the display and settings tab, but to no avail. She sent me to her supervisor, and they reset the phone, and we, again, went through the same things trying to fix the phone with her. She couldn't help me either. So, she made arrangements to send me a new phone.Fast forward a couple days....we receive the phone in the mail. I call the same 800# and they have me punch in a code and tell me that the phone will be up and running in an hour. 3 hours later...the phone still says Unregistered SIM and I can only make emergency phone calls on it. So, I call the 800#, AGAIN, and get hung up on 3 times after waiting three 15 minute intervals - after entering the cell's phone number, each time with a recording telling me that there is currently a program in process on this phone and that the phone will be up and running in 15 minutes. So..flash forward another 50+ minutes...I finally get fed up and call again. This time, I give them my AT&T phone number hoping that I won't get hung up on this time. The system doesn't recognize it as being a Tracfone (really?) and doesn't know what to do, so it sends me to a customer care representative...finally, I get to talk to someone about this Tracfone still not working.I tell the technician what happened...yada yada yada... she walks me through another 30 minutes of my being on the phone with her having me punch in codes and check display and checking settings, etc., etc. She can't figure it out either, and says there is nothing she can do for me. UNACCEPTABLE!!! I ask her to transfer me to her supervisor, so she transfers me to her supervisor. Supervisor gets on the phone, and we go through this merry-go-round of trying to fix the time, and she can't figure it out either. But, then after all this, she says that the time is right. She starts arguing with me about how the Pacific time was correct on our phone (4:06 pm) when it was 5:06 pm here. I don't know what computer she was using or where she was at or how she got info, but my computer (Mediacom Cable Company) and my cell phone (AT&T) both show that it was 5:06 pm, and I was sitting in my seat in Ridgecrest, CA (Pacific Time Zone). I was getting upset, so I even yelled out asking my husband who was in the next room, Honey, what time is it? He said, 5:06 pm. I asked my husband to get on the phone and explain to this lady that we are in Pacific Time Zone, and it is 5:06pm. He did so, and she argued with him also saying that it was 4:06 pm in the Pacific Time Zone...Needless to say, we got tired of arguing with her that it was 5:06 pm here, not 4:06 pm.So, now I have 2 Samsung Tracfones that display the wrong time. I would take the original phone I received from Walmart back to Walmart in a heartbeat, but it has been more than 90 days since our purchase (June 27, 2013), and they do not accept returns on electronics past 90 days.We are VERY dissatisfied with Tracfone, including their lack of customer service, and this defective product. After looking at the reviews on this cell phone at and at, apparently, we are not alone in our complaints. What I find unnerving is that Walmart continues to sell this defective phone: will never buy another Tracfone ever again.Angel Thompson-SmithRidgecrest, California
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80, Report #1086124
Sep 20 2013
02:59 PM
Tracfone cheated out of prepaid wireless minutes again Internet
 After breaking my tracfone that had 5000+ minutes of prepaid air time I purchased a new tracfone on their web site.  during activation was told they could only transfer 41 minutes air time to my new phone.  When I asked why I could only get 41 minutes transfered was told I did not use the phone much and they had no way of verifying how many minutes I had. I complained and asked to speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor gave me the same story that could only transfer 41 minutes to the new phone.  I refused to accept the 41 minute transfer.  This is the second time I have been cheated out of minutes after buying a new phone from this company.  Their customer support is the worst that I have ever dealt with.  They refuse to deal with you in good faith and you have no recourse with them.
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81, Report #994900
Jan 10 2013
08:35 PM
TracFone Straight Talk false advertising Miami, Florida
Unlimited Plan, talk, text, and web is a false advertisement. I am a disabled senior home bound and rely upon my phone with all contact to the outside world. They give no limit on data but I got a message saying they're going to shut off my data service for a month, until my plan restarts.  This is completely ridiculous 
Entity: Miami, Florida
82, Report #1043050
Apr 13 2013
04:27 PM
Dear Tim, Thank you for contacting TracFone Wireless, Inc. Your business is extremely important to us. Your email has been forwarded to our E-mail response team for resolution. Please expect someone to contact you shortly. Here is the information you have provided us: Type of Issue: Defective Phone Brief description of issue:  to start with: The Serial Number entered is invalid. Please try again. Phone will not set up voice mail, only shows white screen for browser, doesn't connect to a WAP wi-fi. I am not happy with the phone,to complicated to setup and use. at this point I would like a refund and transfer my minutes to my other tracfone. ESN or IMEI: 359782041360967 TracFone phone number: 5038168814 Sincerely Yours, Director of Customer ServiceConfirmation Dear Thank you for contacting TracFone Wireless, Inc. Your business is extremely important to us. Your email has been forwarded to our E-mail response team for resolution. Please expect someone to contact you shortly. Here is the information you have provided us:Type of Issue: Defective Phone Brief description of issue:  You have 24 hours notice to respond to this email. My tracking number: 9500100023283058000062 shows that the item was delivered at 11:00 am on March 01, 2013 in PLAINFIELD, IN 46168, IE defective phone. I want my refund with in five working days, or law suits, and complaints to FBI, US Attorney Generals Office, Florida State Attorney Generals Office, and any and all other ways to discredit your company will result. Example: Paul JonesFebruary 23, 2013 at 1:17 PM In the top 10 of BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE is TRACFONE. If you like automated phone customer service or talking to non English speaking personnel, then use tracfone. Just try to transfer minutes from one phone to another, takes over 20 min. using 5 or 6 different codes, try talking while using the keyboard!!!!! If you use the phone and just add air time from an air card, your going to be OK, anything else will be a nightmare. DO NOT use their web site for an account it is not reliable and it is not safe...... WHAT ever you do do not buy a refurbished phone. If there was a rating system, 1 thru 10, 1 being bad, they would be 1. ESN or IMEI: 359782041360967 TracFone phone number: 5038168814 I have been trying to get a refund for 1 1/2 months no communication from them for any reason.
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83, Report #1062740
Jun 27 2013
09:30 PM
tracfone Mexican Company working in the United States Internet
 I have to admit that I did not stay with this company long enough to have any major complaints.  As soon as I discovered that TracFone is a Mexican company working within the United States, I canceled my account and did not even bother trying to get any of my existing minutes returned.  It was by accident I discovered TracFone is not an American cell phone company.  It just seemed a bit odd that they keep that information on such a low-key scale. I actually purchased the cell phone from Target and bought the minute cards without going online and giving out any kind of information over the internet. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
84, Report #1138758
Apr 14 2014
01:47 PM
Tracfone Changed for Additional Minutes but Deactivated Phone Internet
I had purchased a tracfone for my ailing father to use in case of emergencies.  I opened the account with my email, as he does not use the internet.  When the year-long plan I had purchased, expired, I was prompted by email to add more time to my plan.  I did so online, my credit card was charged, but my father's phone was deactivated.  When I called, they insisted that I had entered the wrong number (though they could not prove this to me), that it was my fault and there was nothing they could do to help me.  Even if this was the case, I should have received emal confirmation of the additional minutes, which I never did.  They refused to take the charge off my card, credit my account, take minutes of the wrong number charged, or, in good faith, add minutes to my father's phone.  I spoke to several people, the last was Geraldo Carballo, who was allegedly in charge.  He told me the call center was in Belieze.  He had no interest or investment in my case, seemed to care little about providing me with any assistance, and told me there was nothing he could do to help me.  I am guessing that they do this reglularly to customers, charge but don't provide the servcie and that it is an effective form of fraud for them, because the customer has no recourse.  
Entity: Internet
85, Report #1130239
Mar 12 2014
02:08 PM
Tracfone prepaid cellphone, prepaid phone, cell phone company
They claimed phone would work in area - it does not. Could not get it activated online. They gave a code that got it to turn on with the wrong date shown...No phone number. They said to buy a minutes card - still does not work.They acted like we were dumb and couldn't figure out phone number - there is no number on the phone. Trying now to get money back and seeing so many bad reviews from others trying to get money back also.How does a company manage to stay in business acting like this?
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86, Report #1282848
Jan 28 2016
06:57 AM
Tracfone service expired without adequate notice Miami Florida
Late December 20115 without nocice cell phone voice minutes exhausted at a critical time although I was enrolled in auto add minutes.  I added minutes and was charged but tne voice minutes were not available until ~2 days later. Attempts to speak to an agent were unsuccessful after several attempts. When I finally contacted an agent [Arvin] on 1/7/16 at 866-806-1840 and demanded a credit for the lack of service at a critical time, I was offered a small number of additional voice minutes, and told that I would be contacted by phone later on 1/7/16. No call came to date. My attempts to subsequently contact Tracfone were answered by emails that offered gooblegook and did not address problems.  Unspeakable Ripoff and no palpable service. 
Entity: Internet
87, Report #1335234
Oct 26 2016
05:13 PM
Tracfone dishonest, unscrupulous, scammers Miami Florida
Tracfone seeks to deceive and scam their customers by providing websites which are riddled with technical problems thus causing payments to go awry. Customers usually end up paying for services and products which they never receive, yet the monies are missing from their accounts. When confromted with their criminal behavior intsead making recompense for the mistake, they instead give their customers a difficult time in order to elude paying them back their money. Tracfone is a very dishonest and uncooperative company. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Entity: Miami, Florida
88, Report #1240467
Jul 08 2015
08:42 AM
tracfone Net10, Straighttalk, Pagepluscellular non-performance, rip-off Internet
buying up all of the third party marketers of wireless cellphone and internet services (should be antitrust violation).  Every subsidiary, as well as tracfone, fails to provide reliable products and services; and, customer service (or the lack thereof) is the worst.  They steal your money and services (paid for); and despite any evidence of their fraudulent operations, refuse to provide any remedy.  Ask any considered service provider of their affiliation with tracfone; and, if affiliated, stay far away. If already subscribed, do not elect autopay or add a cash balance to your account; and monitor your actual usage, if possible, and their indicated usage or remaining balance.  You should look for an alternate service provider, as I must do; since they say that my paid-up services for 60 days (4GB) is depleted after only 21 days.  I have never exceeded 2GB in 30 days, and generally use 1GB or less.  This is only the latest of ongoing issues since my use of straighttalk wireless internet service; and, the MiFi device has failed every 1-2 months, which leaves me without service for about 2 weeks, awaiting replacement.  When this occurs during my seasonal tax practice, I must take the loss and purchase another device in order to maintain service.  I previously left Net10 (cellphone service) due to ongoing customer service issues.  I have since been using Pageplus for my cellphone service; but, since tracfone buyout, complaints abound.
Entity: Internet
89, Report #1358902
Feb 28 2017
02:15 PM
Tracfone They have ruined my Phone!! miami florida Nationwide
This about Tracfone and there service,I have used tracfone for about 5 years, you do not want to call them as they mess things up and cannot understand them, but now they are offering a Chat service,  My phone has been working perfectly for over a year, but lately I could not get on the internet, getting a message check data restrictions 36 On Sunday 2 26 2017 they sent me a Email about adding minutes, So I logged on to ask what this was and could they fix it, I got Ani she said of course and begain entering codes, She could not seem to fix it, I then tried calling a number and my phone would not call out giving me a messageI must redial the 10 digit number, do not press send or 87 or 82 to block or unblock power ID, I have 200 contacts in my phone and speed dials when ever I called I got this message, after 1 hour, she transfered me to Mitchell, after 1 hour he could do nothing,  So Monday I called to talk after 2 hours of codes and battery changed she disconnected me, I called back waited 1 hour to talk to a supervisor, I got Alcrin, After repeating my story, He said he would fix it, after 10 minutes he said leave your phone on and in 1 hour it will be fixed, Really not believing I did and lo and behold my phone was back to normal, I called everyone even used the internet, Contacts etc. This morning at 8am I turned it on and the message was back I could not call anyone I again called I got a supervisor who did everything, new codes etc 4 hours later I got a manager who said This is built into my phone and cannot be removed, I asked how did Alcrin do it,  no answer, as I could receive calls Claudia says my phone is working, I am trying to call there headquartes without success, All they want to do is sell more minutes,  I have over 5000 minutes on this phone worth more than $500.oo also 200 contacts that I can't use, I will not ecept that this phone cannot be fixed as they caused the problem, If I ever contact them I want money  and time back,  I have just purchased another phone, Will never deal with this company again, cannot beleive any would use there phone or service,  If I could sue I would!!
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #508476
Oct 13 2009
09:06 AM
Net 10 - Tracfone - Topp Telecom Tracfone Fraud Internet
BEWARE!!!!!! They are selling refurbished phones as new. What's worse the phones are still active under the previous user, therefore you will not be able to activate the phone. They do not want to give refunds. They only want to give you another one of their crappy phones. If you purchase online they want you to pay for return shipping back to them. Even after they get the phone back they put you through all sorts of crap and try to hang onto your money as long as possible. They state their policy is to refund credit card payments within 72 hours but they don't. When you call them to inquire about the refund they then claim that their policy is 7-14 days. Unacceptable. I m in the process of filing complaints with my credit card company and with the AG in my state and theirs. BEWARE!!!!! These people are rude, they lie, they are unprofessional, and most of all they are committing a fraud by selling used goods as new and charging full price for them. Do business with them at your own risk.
Entity: , Internet
91, Report #467850
Jul 09 2009
10:20 AM
Tracfone I thought Tracfone sucked too until I found thier US Customer Service # Miami Florida
I was completely frustrated with Tracfone since they force you to work with overseas technical support in India and Latin America and the language differences add to levels of frustration which already exist when you place the call. It wasn't until I called their corporate office (800) 876-5753 that things got handled. Advice to Tracfone executives, your international call centers are helping you to loose customers probably at an alarming rate. Honest abe Whitmore Lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
92, Report #461054
Jun 12 2009
09:57 AM
Tracfone WirelessTracfone Wireless, Inc. Tracfone Reneges on Product Terms Miami Florida
In early 2007 I purchased a Tracfone and paid $139.99 for a card that provided 800 minutes of airtime for one year plus double minutes for the life of the phone. Since that time I've purchased additional minutes on a number of occasions and always received the double minutes. Recently, since my old minutes were about to expire I bought a new 1 year 400 minute card and went online to add the units to the phone and to take advantage of a 250 unit bonus code offer. I got the 400 minutes and the bonus, but no double minutes so I called customer service and was told that my double minute card was only good for one year and had expired. I pointed out that the double minute card has been functioning for more than two years now and indeed, what I had originally purchased was clearly an offer that, to quote Tracfone: Adds 365 days to your service end date, plus double minutes on any future airtime card you add for the life of your new or current phone. While the person I spoke with acknowledged that their system showed that I had been using this card for more than one year and that I had purchased it with the phone two and a half years ago, they insisted that this was now an expired one year card. They stated that they could only resolve the matter if I provide the serial number from the original double minute card I purchased two and a half years ago, which I no longer have. I know of no one who keeps their old used airtime minute cards for years. Essentially, they've reneged on the original double minute card I purchased. What a scam! The customer service person (in the Philippines) I spoke with on my second attempt to resolve this was allegedly a supervisor with some authority to resolve the matter, but she sounded more like some kind of mind controlled robot who could only repeat the same script over and over regardless of how illogical it was. Finally, when I told her that I would use up the minutes I've purchased and switch to another prepaid provider since I don't appreciate being ripped off she said that she would escalate the call the the executive resolution department and that I would receive a call within 24-48 hours. You guessed it, I have never heard back from anyone at Tracfone. All in all, I wasted about an hour on the phone with CS trying in vain to resolve this. It is clear from the number of similar complaints I see online about Tracfone Wireless that such problems are not glitches in their system, they are a business plan. John Putney, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
93, Report #496904
Sep 18 2009
10:21 AM
tracfone wireless tracfone ripped off my minutes MIAMI, Florida
i was ripped off of almost 2000 minutes by tracfone. i had a tracfone and upgraded it to another tracfone. they transfered my minutes to the new tracfone. after a month or so, i didn't like the newer fone so decided to reactivate the older fone and have my minutes transfered to it.  well, they activated the fone, but there were no minutes on it. i called the number for technical help. after giving the woman all the information  was put on hold for 2 minutes at a time  for 40 minutes! finally she said it was against their policy to transfer minutes a second time. i asked her if that meant i lose all those minutes?  she said yes. how can they take those minutes like that? i paid for them. hundreds of dollars! i'm 76 y/o on a fixed income. how can it be legal for them to take those minutes? where are the attorney generals to go after these companies and let them get away with actions like that.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
94, Report #951029
Oct 04 2012
07:16 PM
TracFone TracFone Wireless false promise -- false offer to add 20 bonus minutes when buying airtime Internet
TracFone sent an email offering 20 bonus minutes with purchase of air time card.  Minutes were not added Outright misrepresentation
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #193946
May 30 2006
05:50 PM
Tracfone - Tracfone Wireless - a royal ripoff and waste of time NO CUSTOMER SERVICE Miami Florida
I bought and activated a Tracfone on May 7, 2006. As of today, May 31, 2006, I have not yet been able to make or receive a single call. As others have stated, I've spent literally HOURS and HOURS on the phone with the Customer CARE (ha-ha) Center. In utter frustration, I finally called the Executive Customer Resolution Center in Miami, at MY OWN EXPENSE, and after 40 minutes, the rep said he would call me back. I've been through everything that every other poster has stated...endless checking with a supervisor, being put on hold 20 times for 2 minutes each, calling back the next day, waiting 48 hours, entering a mile of codes....and the list goes on and on. When I came to this site to check for complaints, and seeing the exact same problems for numerous others, I have decided to let my phone stay on ROAMING, and use up the minutes, and then I will return the phone. I'm tired of their run-around, their lack of response, no resolution, and utter lack of respect for customers or our time wasted while we patiently try to get what we've paid for...a phone that works. Never again will I do business with this company. Cheryl Dollar Bay, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
96, Report #220133
Nov 11 2006
01:18 PM
I too, have been scammed by Tracfone. I purchased their C261 Camera phone promotion back in October for new Motorola phone and the Double Minute Prepaid plan for $129.99. Upon receiving the phone I tried to charge the phone and it gave me an invalid battery error. Now the phone doesn't even turn on without being plugged into the wall charger but still doesn't charge the battery. I read another post somewhere saying that Tracfone buys old style cell phones, refurbish them and then sells them as new. I've called their lousy customer service department numerous times to try to resolve the issue with the phone, which is actually located in various South American countries, with no success. They also sent me another battery for the phone, except the battery they sent me was for a Nokia cell phone(BL-6C battery) which wouldn't work in my Motorola C261 camera phone(takes a Motorola BC-60 battery). Then the next scam tactic was to send me a cheaper quality Motorola phone (Motorola V170 flip-phone) to replace the defective Motorola C261 camera phone trying to con me into a cheaper quality phone, which I didn't take. I promptly returned that phone with a note saying I wanted the same phone I purchased not a cheaper one. Presently, I have a phone that doesn't work and $129.99 less in my wallet thanks to being scammed by Tracfone Wireless, Inc., Beware-Don't Buy From Tracfone- unless you like giving your money away for nothing. JL Pendleton,, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
97, Report #1105446
Dec 08 2013
09:37 PM
Tracfone Wireless, Inc. Tracfone Wireless one messed up company! Miami Florida
I purchased a Tracfone Wireless phone in June of 2013. I also purchased a $50 dollar talk/phone card. The phone ended up being faulty so I returned it with no problem to K-Mart where I purchased it. However, I was advised by K-Mart to simply return the talk/phone card to Tracfone Wireless and they would issue me a refund.I contacted Tracfone Wireless customer service where I was given precise instructions on just how to return the phone/talk card for a full refund. I was to send the card back via certified mail with receipt and at that time I was given a ticket number by the Tracfone customer service agent (sadly enough I didn't get her name). I waited until I received the return receipt and contacted Tracfone CS dept again. I was told they received my card on 6-24-2013 and that I would have my refund check by 7-24-2013. Time passed and no refund check. I contacted customer service again and was re-routed to a manager. I gave her all my information including my ticket # and the tracking information. This so called manager was so lost that she literally asked me to call back the next day to speak with yet another manager who might be able to better help me.The following day I utilized the number (was suppose to be a managers line) and nobody was able to help me. I emailed them. I called numerous more times. I emailed again. I filed a complaint and nothing. Now when I conact their CS dept I'm told that I am not going to receive my refund after all and that no such ticket even exists.I am literally outraged that a large company such as Tracfone Wireless is not willing to issue me a $50 dollar refund for the phone/talk card they no doubt received.  I continue to get generic emails from them giving me a reference number and upon my contacting them I'm told that no such ref. or ticket number even exists. I politely share my story with them and am told that they don't do refunds on phone/talk cards.Can anyone direct me in the proper direction? Would it do any good to conact their CEO? I did a company profile and did get differnt employee titles. I am wondering if it would do any good to personally contact them via US Mail. I don't wish to end this w/o receiving my promised refund check.
Entity: Miami, Florida
98, Report #1147049
May 15 2014
03:45 PM
TracFone Agreed....TracFone steals minutes and then says they can't do anything about it Internet
Agreeing with report that says TracFone steals minutes.  They count on users accidentally pressing keys that automatically deduct minutes (web access key is a good one), and it's possible to go several hours without realizing you are eating up minutes.  I sent an e-mail inquiring about shutting off this button, and they said it couldn't be done.  I called and went through an infuriating cust. svc. process of being transferred from one useless CSR to another, until finally the last one told me there was no way to reimburse the minutes lost, and since it wasn't a technical issue, he didn't have to bother trying to help me.  When I realized I was being given the brush-off, I used profanity, and he immediately hung up on me.  If you have any alternative, don't ever waste your money by giving it to TracFone for their horrible telecom service (calls get interference and are dropped all the time), non-existent customer service and deliberate policy of STEALING the service you already paid for.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #1078714
Aug 24 2013
12:59 PM
Tracfone A whole new level of frustration from Tracfone Miami Florida
I called Tracfone on August 10 after I tried to add minutes to my phone on their website using a PIN I had bought on line from another sourse, and they told me I need a new SIM card because the days of service had expired. At that time I had a promotional code number that was supposed to add 250 minutes to my phone on top of the minutes purchased. After I received the SIM card, I called Tracfone again on August 15 and I was told that the promo code for supplemental minutes had expired because it's been more than 5 days since I added the PIN. The first rep I spoke with on August 10 never told me that I would not be able to use any promo code after five days, on the contrary, she said i would get the 400 minutes and the 250 minutes. The phone I have is supposed to double the mintes so instead of 400 I would have 800 minutes but this never happens when I call to add minutes and I have to specifically ask the rep to do it.  On August 15, exactly 5 days later, I called Tracfone again to activate the phone and the rep would not add the 250 minutes using my promo code.  I asked to talk with a supervisor, but the rep said she was the supervisor and still did not help me although I was not asking for a favor. Now I am being short of 250 minutes because of Tracfone's mistake. This is a ripoff! The phone now works sometimes... Every time I have to call Tracfone it is a nightmare as i have to spend a several hours talking with a rep who is hard to understand or would never solve my case. A complete waste of time! Stay away from this company! It is a big ripoff!
Entity: Miami, Florida
100, Report #1329896
Sep 24 2016
10:18 AM
TRACFONE/HSN tracfone&HSN are rip off COMPANY's Miami Florida
I purchased a Trac Fone from HSN online in March of 2016 with a 2 year extened warranty. My phone stopped working that same month, But having a BA in electronics and computer science I was able to reset the phone to get it to work. Well that lasted for about 3 months before it came up with an error code saying that the android had stopped working.  So HSN informed me to send it back to trac fone to get it fixed, So I did and at the time I sent it back to them it had over 1100 minutes of talk time and 978 texts + 1100 MB of data left on it. When I got it back it still had all of the talk,text&data left on it from when I sent it in to be fixed. I reactivacted it on 9/23/2016. The very next day less then 14 hours later all of my 1100+ MB of data MAGICLY vanished. I use the mobile data when I go to my Doctor once a month. Well I had seen him on 09/08/2016 so I had not turned on my mobil data. I have WI-FI  at home and use that when home so that it does not use up my data. So I called Trac Fone and got a call center not even in the UNITED STATES the Gentleman and I use that discription for him very loosely as when he was talking to me BURPED in my ear and never said excuse me or anything like that. He then said he could not bring up how much data was left on the phone when I had reactivacted it the day before. They have to be able to do this per FCC regulations. So they not only lie right to your face but they do not follow FCC REGULATIONS. I warn everyone out there do not buy anything from either one of these companies they do not stand behind there warranties what so ever. They did not send me a new phone but a reconditioned one with scratches all over it and the screen.                                                 =
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