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1, Report #1393329
Aug 16 2017
09:28 PM
Dr. Glenn Ross Caddy unprofessional, dishonest, disrespectful Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Dr. Caddy has been one of my therapists in a long line of incompetent counselors I have seen in FL. He deleted me completely by refusing to return my calls for an appointment and even though his listing says he takes Medicare. HE DOES NOT! His admin (office help) proved to be VERY hostile, condescending and patronizing. It doesn't matter his qualifications to be a good therapist, not when he dropped me, with NO explanatiion. Let alone unprofessional, RUDE and NOT caring would be more appropriate descriptive words. IHe seemed very impressed by himself and I would not suggest anyone seek his help.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
2, Report #1072404
Aug 02 2013
09:46 AM
Dr. Glenn Prescod Refused to render medical aid Pawtucket Rhode Island
When you visit Dr. Prescod's Pawtucket office, be prepared to be greeted by a rude and unprofessional staff and also be prepared to sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes upto and maybe even exceeding 1 hour! This office lacks the level of patient care you would expect from a doctor.  The ONLY thing this office cares about is......MONEY!!  Even if you have health insurance they will bill them and then try to suck as much money as possible out of you. I went in to have my eyes checked, I needed some laser procedure done, they said my insurance would cover it, we'll 30 days later, I get a bill for $7000.00, I tell them I will check with the insurance company.  After calling Blue Cross, they say they won't cover it. i return to the office for follow up victims and agree to make payments.  They proceed to charge me $350 for office visits and follow ups! when I call to make another follow up, they say I owe $9000.00 and refuse to see me!  The Doctor gets on the phone and says I have to pay him $9000 CASH! to see him!   All this office cares about is money and not the well being of their patients!
Entity: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
3, Report #432287
Mar 09 2009
11:06 AM
Eileen Singer, Eileen Singer, Glenn Grigsby, Eileen Singer, Glenn Grigsby, Christine Ross FREE CAR BUY MUST PAY FOR TRANSPORTATION SCAM Winchester Kentucky
Received email from Eileen Singer: NOTE: The company listed to ship the car is www.autocarshippers.com. It is possible that www.autocarshippers.com is not involved with this scam and that their URL is being used without their permission to lend false credibility to this scam. ADVICE: Check the URLs of any images included in the email (right-click and select 'properties'). Also, research the VIN of the car to see if it is for sale somewhere else on the web. QUOTE: Eileen Singer I have 2003 C-Class C240 Mercedes-Benz car,It has Mileage:60,255miles,VIN:WDBRF81J53F317879,Engine:6 Cylinder,Transmission: Automatic,Fuel type: Gasoline.The car was located at Kentucky with AUTO CAR SHIPPER(www.autocarshippers.com) if you want to pick it up, here is their address below: 241 Jackson St Winchester, KY 40391 If you can't pick it up,they will ask you to pay 350 for the shipment and they can send to you electronic title of the car before you send the shipping cost. The car runs well and there is no payment on the car and it has clear title, i want to donate my car to you coz I am suffering from a long time breast cancer. By all indications my condition is really deteriorating and doctors have advised me that I could not live beyond the next two months coz the cancer stage has reached a critical stage,you can see my current picture were i was on the sick bed with the doctor and the car pictures below... I grew up in a motherless babies home and was married to my late husband for 5years without a child both of us are Christians but very sadly, died in a fatal car accident. I am with my laptop in the hospital since last week where i had been undergoing treatment. Since then I have lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few months of life. Now I have decided to donate the car. the title is with shipping company and it is on my name.if you really want it leave your address so i could forward it to the shipping company. Eileen Me Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Winchester, Kentucky
4, Report #1066146
Jul 11 2013
08:04 AM
glenn cohen Dr. Cohen seems to be more concerned with making money than being honest Internet
 Dr. Cohen initially seemed like a nice enough guy.  As time went on, however, I began noticing little gaps in the information he would tell me.  In the end, he turned out to be a liar and costed me thousands of unnecessary extra dollars.This is just a warning to those people meeting a doctor for the first time.  A good rule of thumb is to ask questions!  They are there to help you and cannot screw you without your permission.  Keep your eyes and ears open...
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1167752
Jul 09 2015
01:18 PM
Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman Dr. Berman Shady Business – Bully New York attitude - that charges upfront and doesn’t complete procedure Boca Raton Florida
Shady Business – Bully New York attitude - charges upfront and doesn’t complete procedure promised. My friend and I saw an ad on the internet that Dr Jonathan Ross Berman was offering a facial treatment. This price included 3 treatments. - The cost for each person was over $3,000.00   We received the first treatment and everything seemed fine so we secluded the next visit,.  A couple of days later we received a call from the office secretary stating that we would have to re-seclude: the doctor was going out of town.   So we did The secretary called again and kept pushing us off until we started to realize something was wrong –  I called Dr Berman office and got some story - that I could use my money for another procedure at half the price. The secretary stated to get hard and rude with us , we were totally upset because we paid for something that was never complete.    Especially with our Face 1/3 complete This is totally unprofessional, and disconcerting – We demanded the total amount back! They said NO!  The secretary was awful to us - she even hung up on me on one occasion – We were bullied and there was nothing we could do!   When I contacted my attorney - then and only then did they decided to refund my money This was an awful experience..   This was just my experience with this doctor Go to him at your own risk! Good luck !
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
6, Report #1165205
Jul 26 2014
03:34 PM
Glenn Werner MD Glenn Werner, Shea H Werner, Dr Glenn Werner South Carolina, Doctor Glenn Werner is a very vindictive person who will attack you if you dare to disagree with him. Beauford South Carolina
I have had dealings with Dr. Glenn Werner (and I suspect some of them were from his wife Shea Haynes Werner) who has a medical practice in Beauford SC named Werner Royal & Csakany.  He threatened to try to ruin my business be posting negative things in an effort to force me to agree to his unreasonable and outrageuos demands.   If you do not want to be unfarily attacked and threatened as I was, avoid this doctor (and his wife) at all costs.
Entity: Beauford, South Carolina
7, Report #1084764
Jun 20 2014
08:42 AM
Vinnco, Gold Buyers International, Glenn Connelly, Ross Truskett, Up N Go Travel ALL IN ON ILLEGAL PYRAMID SCHEME Vinnco, Glenn Connelly, Ross Truskett, Gold Buyers International, Staunch, 1CellNet, Gold Coast Scammers, Up N Go Travel, Pyramid Scheme Gold Coast Queensland
I was introduced to Glenn Connelly, Vinnco and Up N Go Travel through an associate. Glenn Connelly came across as too smooth, but I was not really sure with Vinnco from the start. I was led to believe Glenn Connelly’s and Vinnco’s fraudeland scam was worth the money. I have done a lot of research since then on Glenn Connelly and Vinnco learn that Glenn Connelly is doing the same thing as he has in the past but now getting a new bunch of people and companies in on the scheme. He now has got Gold Buyers International involved.  Glenn Connelly has done this to thousands of people in the past from his 1Cellnet company, which lost millions. Glenn Connelly also has sucked in people to become his director patsy, the same as what he did with his previous pyramid schemes who have failed and the directors went to jail and lost a lot of money. Glenn Connelly and Ross Truskett are both behind this Vinnco scam.  This is a warning to everyone to not get involved with Vinnco, Glenn Connelly, Ross Truskett, Gold Buyers, Up N Go Travel. He uses his wife, MELENA CONNELLY as a shareholder (see ASIC attachment) and patsy as a Director and once he has stolen enough, he just walks away.  DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY WITH HIS NEW PYRAMID SCAM.  
Entity: Gold Coast, Internet
8, Report #878156
May 03 2012
10:50 PM
Glenn Vallecillos, MD Dr. Glenn Vallecillos He DEFORMED MY BODY! Do not go to this plastic surgeon! He cost a fortune and sucks! Beware Beverly Hills , California
DR. VALLECILLOS DEFORMED MY BODY! DO NOT USE HIM! DONT LISTEN TO THE BULL SH*T REVIEWS GIVING HIM 5 STARS ON YELP OR ANYwHERE ELSE!!!! THEY ARE FAKE!!!!! THIS MAN DOESNT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING! HE DEFORMED ME AND HE WILL DEFORM YOU TOO!!! BEWARE! RUN! GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!He is not worth his high prices and is not skilled. I am in my 20's and got lipo from him. I am thin and just wanted him to get rid of the fat in my trouble areas. He ended up deforming my body! I look like a freak naked. I have indents on my skin! it is horrible!! when I showed him, he said its because of my skin/age that it happened. What bull shit!! Im in my 20's not 60's!!! I am in the processes of finding someone to help me but I am so scared. I do not want this happening to anyone else! Please do not waste your money on this fake, unskilled surgeon. Just because your in Beverly Hills, doesn't make your a good plastic surgeon.Don't use him!!!
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
9, Report #810615
Dec 17 2011
07:02 AM
Grand Financial Services Steven Ross; Jessica Wilson; Glenn Alexander; Franklin Pierce market survey sweepstakes lottery scam Edmonton, Alberta Canada
My 86 year old mother received a letter stating that she had won a large sum of money and a check that she was supposed to deposit in her bank.  She was to contact one of two people to verify it and get the process of receiving the balance of the lottery started.  My mother does not have any money to lose or to give away to anyone.  These people need to be stopped.
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
10, Report #948205
Sep 28 2012
07:44 PM
Capitol Gaming Capitol Media Glenn Connelly James Kelly Ross Truscott Noel Adams Terry Edwards Simon Sabonji Fraud Scam Stolen Millions Con Artists, Internet
This Company has stolen millions from many people. It was sold as a legitimate business to help the Clubs in Australia and worldwide. They claimed they had all these clubs involved which in fact they had none. As a member you would earn an income from all activity in the clubs and gaming, betting & racing. This was meant to be a way for clubs and their communities to have real support. No one has ever been paid instead they steal everything one pays through various schemes, there is no way to withdraw your money or earnings. They have all purchased multi million dollars properties from the money of innocent people and business's . This is there latest as they all have been behind many other internet scams in the past. So beware of Glenn Connelly, James Kelly, Ross Truscott, Noel Adams, Simon Sabonji and Terry Edwards.  This was launched from Australia where these people reside yet they were and have targeted the Globe. So lets stop them once and for all. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #61346
Jun 20 2003
09:25 PM
North Florida Regional / DR Kelly ROSS ripoff Sent home to DIE! lost unborn child and left to die! abused & mistreated This woman is KILLING BABIES EVERYWHERE! Gainesville Florida
It all began March 23rd, of 2000 I 4 months pregnant and had started bleeding, I went to the hospital spent no more than 2 hours and was told by D.R. Kelly Ross that I was actually pregnant with twins and one didn't fully develope and that my body was rejecting it and that I should be ok soon as I pass the tissue (as she called it)And I was told the surviving twin had a healthy heartbeat and would be just fine! I was sent home in major pain and I lived an hour away. I was still bleeding and still in severe pain. I was throwing up constantly, couldn't eat, could't drink, couldn't walk. All I could do was lie on my bed in agonizing pain bleeding tremendous amounts of blood. I called her everyday and she told me that it was normal. April 6th 2000 I was helped to the bathroom by a friend, It became pretty normal for me to sit on the toilet for at least an hour each time because I bled so much that it literally just drained! I would pass blood clots as huge as my two fists put together! When I was ready for my friend to help me back in bed I went ahead and went to wipe the blood from my personal areas. As I went to do that I seen two tiny feet coming out of my vagina! I screamed and my husband and my friend came into the bathroom, one called 911 the other helped me onto the couch in the living. It was the most horrifying night of my life! I was told not to push by the 911 dispatcher to my husband, he was freaking out and the look on his face freaked me out even more! The Ambulance got there, and they them rush me back to the same hospital because I figured they'd know what to do now. Meanwhile my body is pushing out a BABY! I was told it would be tissue Not a BABY! Upon arriving to the hospital I was treated like some trash that had just walked in by one of the DR.s and they let this tiny dead baby lie between my legs for at least an hour, no one caring about my well being or health except for one kind nurse! When D.R. Kelly Ross had arrived she then informed me that the baby that I had just given birth / death too, was actualy the baby who had previously had a HEALTHY HEARTBEAT! I had NO MORE BABIES IN ME!! THERE WAS NEVER ANOTHER BABY! I was once AGAIN Sent home BLEEDING TO DEATH!! In pain, Same scenario as it was before. April 10th I called the ambulance for myself and had them take me to a DIFFERENT hospital, they took me to shands. I ended up HAVING A HEARTATTACK! from all the blood I lost! They had to do an emergency D&C And give me blood transfusions! I was told by the D.R.s at Shands if I had waited any longer I would've went into shock from the massive amount of blood loss and I would have died THAT NIGHT! Sad thing is, if I had went back to N.FL Regional that night. THey WOULD HAVE sent me home AGAIN, Sent me home to DIE! They sent me home in labor the first time. Even if the baby couldn't have been saved they could've made the exeriment LESS TRAUMATIC. I got a copy of my medical records from North Fl, and D.R. Ross, noted my bleeding was minimal. How the hell was it minimal? I WAS SOAKING TOWELS IN AN HOUR! On another note. D.R. Ross delivered my son back in 1996, my son had to stay in the NICU for Ten days due to catching pnemonia through delivery Coincedence? I THINK NOT! This woman is KILLING BABIES EVERYWHERE! Crystal Trenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gainesville, Florida
12, Report #15998
Mar 06 2002
12:00 AM
martial arts gear inc corrine caddy total ripoff
i ordered 2 items within days of each other first was for$4.99 but they deducted a whopping $29.99 from my credit card the second item was for $8.99 but they deducted a whopping $31.99 a total rip off and to make things worse 1 month on and still no goods total con merchants (BEWARE)total price for goods was only for $13 but in total they ripped me of for a total of $47.02 Michael England
Entity: lafayette, Louisiana
13, Report #897639
Jun 14 2012
02:11 PM
Matt's Caddy Shack Auto Repair El Cajon, California
Unfortunately this happened to us as well with Matt's Caddyshack. Our 2005 CTS broke down around the corner so my husband, based on reviews, took it to Matt's Caddy.  Matt called us that same day and quoted us $800 to repair, too which we gave the OK. The next day he calls back and tells us it the price was bumped up to $3500 because rodents had chewed the wires to one of the computers. My husband being a car guy, drove down to take a look for himself and was shocked to see cleanly sliced, not chewed, wires.  He swore the wires where not sliced prior to being taken to Matt's.  Still we couldn't prove it and Matt had already started the work, so we foolishly took our chances. $4000 and 2 weeks later, we had cut our losses and picked out another CTS, which our dealer was holding.  When we went to get the car, Matt refused to let it go due to not having a chance to test drive it and because of his squeaky clean reputation wouldn't feel right about letting us leave without test driving first, but seeing how it was so late, (5p) it would have to wait until the following day. The next day after Matt gave us the OK, we picked up our car and headed to my work 4 blocks away to get my husbands bike.  I parked the CTS, to run into my office and upon my return the CTS would not start...Mr. Caddyshack who was so worried about his reputation and wouldn't let us take our car the night before until he was 100% sure it was in perfect running order....gave us our car back with a dead battery!! Which, he refused to replace without a price. $100 later for a battery, plus the loss of the newer CTS which was sold while Matt spot-checked his reputation, we went to trade it in for a newer car. Our first stop was a dealer in Carlsbad who asked to run to the back, so he'll have a better idea of what they could offer us.  The dealer got in, started the engine and our CTS, the one Matt gave us the thumbs up on, was violently vibrating! We called Matt to let him know something was wrong (4 days after we picked it up), expecting him to have us bring it back and he tells my husband, that sounds like a whole other issue he wouldn't even look to see if it was their error.   Christian or not, we feel we got taken. Plain and simple! Thanks to Matt and us trusting his Google reviews (each oddly written within a 2 month span) we are now struggling to make payments on a pre-owned Toyota we were forced to purchase with our broke down CTS.  Thank you, Matt, for all the hardship you caused us, I hope you feel good about your actions!   
Entity: El Cajon, California
14, Report #1008214
Feb 03 2013
12:58 PM
Golf Now Deal Caddy Won't give a return credit Tampa, Florida
On 1/8/2013 I ordered a Ladies Nike Brassie Golf Bag for $65.  The offer said the bag was only available in forest green.  I ordered b/c I wanted a forest green bag.  The deal was processed and GolfNow Deal Caddy billed my credit card $65 the same day.  The bag arrived and was grey with plaid.  I did not want that color as it was mis-represented by the offer.  I called GolfNow Deal Caddy and was referred to the shipper Lyons Golf.  I spoke to Jeremey and he said I could not return the bag to him b/c he could not refund my $65 b/c he did not get paid by Deal Caddy.  Told me to call Deal Caddy.  Well Deal Caddy has given me the run-a-round for 3 weeks.  Have call Customer Service 5 times and each time I'm promised a call back by a supervisor.  Each time I call I usually get a call center in a different city.  The call said a supervisor would call me back within hours.  That was 3 days ago and still no call.  GolfNow Deal Caddy is a rip-off.  Don't order anything from them unless you absolutely will NEVER return it.  It is impossible to get any Customer Service or a refund.  I think it is illegal of them to refuse to return my money.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
15, Report #1227917
May 09 2015
07:17 AM
16, Report #1270752
Nov 28 2015
02:36 PM
Golf Now Deal Caddy Good Way to Throw Away Money Nationwide Internet
They sell discounted golf packages, and some of them are good bargains.  Last year I bought a golf package for four players at Rio Pinar, in Orlando.  $100, including range balls and a $5 lunch coupon.  Unfortunately, I was not able to round up three other players who wanted to play there.Recently, I had a friend visiting and we decided to go to Rio Pinar.  The greens fees alone were $29 each, which was okay.  I gave them the coupon and told them that I knew the coupon deal had expired but I expected the $100 value was still usable.  After a bit of hemming and hawing, the course allowed us to play but denied any refund, credit or offer to take he balance in merchandise or food!i contacted Deal Caddy and received a broken-English reply that essentially said you're lucky you got anything.From Now on I will only use (((REDACTED))) for golf deals.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1416190
Dec 11 2017
07:11 AM
GolfNow Deal Caddy Off deal with full value expiration Orlando Florida
Purchased a $100 Deal Caddy hot deals card for $50.  I booked over 25 rounds of golf with GolNow but I was unable to meet the full value qualifications (fine print) in the year after I purchased the card. Expecting to never lose my cash value on the card ONLY to find that the whole value had expired. Made several attempts to contact customer service with my complaint and expected some response as promised within 48 hours.  Never heard back from, what I expected was, a reliable customer service department. Very dissappointed customer!!!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
18, Report #1275893
Dec 23 2015
06:38 AM
Rv Dr Ross Thompson Poor Communicatiion skills, unethical pricing structure for services provided Central Florida Florida
 I contacted the rv dr on 12/17/2015 to have my LP gas lines serviced. Ross Thompson, the owner returned my call later that day to set an appointment for Tuesday the 22nd in the morning at 9:00-9:30. He reported his associate and partner, Nelson, would call to confirm appointment time on Monday, the 21st. Well, the confirmation call never occured and then came along 10:30 on Tuesday no call, no show. I contacted the company at 10:00 and 12:10 and left 2 messages. I recieved a phone call at 3:30 and 3:37; i answered the 3:37 phone call, to which Ross states, boy, you are a hard guy to get ahold of. Well to save sometime he said his guy will be in the park my rv is located and he can come over if I'll be there, so my son and I rushed home. Nelson arrives 45 mins later and replaces 2 lines attached to regulator $30.00 each and 15 mins later, I am handed a bill for $267.00. $90 for service call, $90 an hour/for 15 mins of work and $60.00 for hoses, 7.5% sales tax and 3% for using debit card since I was unaware of unethical pricing structure as it relates to services provided.
Entity: Florida
19, Report #55022
Oct 03 2007
01:47 PM
Glenn Kawesch, MD incompetent dishonest ruthless ripoff mangler butcher bad doctor, ruthless dishonest greedy LASIK surgeon San Diego California
Glenn Kawesch is a ruthless dishonest greedy LASIK surgeon. He declares everyone a perfect candidate just so that he can get his dirty hands on your eyes and your wallet. He was disciplined for Medicare fraud back in 1997, but that did not stop him from his greedy ways. LASIK came along and he found a new cash cow. He has been brought to court more than 20 times and he has settled a lot of them to keep things quiet. The Attorney General of California and the Medical Board wanted to revoke his license but a judge who did not know how many victims' lives he had ruined decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. So now he continues his rampant surgery. It used to be maybe one person every 10 minutes like cows heading to slaughter. When I went to him he assured me I was a perfect candidate, that LASIK was better for me than PRK. Then right after the surgery when I had terrible headaches due to dry eyes they did not do anything. I had to figure everything out for myself and it was a very terrible experience I do not wish for anyone. He also assured me that the LASIK flap heals in 24 hours. Well Glenn Kawesch, if it did heal in 24 hours how the hell were you able to lift it back up after three months. Liar. Cheater. Stealer. Mangler. You do not deserve to be called doctor. Remember the Hippocratic oath? Do no harm? Yeah right. Glenn Kawesch has also had his offices searched and investigated by the IRS. He has also been scolded by former San Diego Mayor Susan Golding for improperly using her image for his marketing purposes. Oh yeah, I almost forgot how his salespeople use hard sale tactics to close the deal on you when you are still deciding whether you even want the surgery or not. I believe Glenn Kawesch has also been part of a paternity suit. His methods are so incompetent, and careless and show no regard for the welfare of his patients. All he cares about is the welfare of his bank account. If you ever ever come across this guy, stay away. Go to the more reputable clinics like the Shiley Eye Center is San Diego. But most of all, think twice about LASIK eye surgery. There are other alternatives like PRK that might be better for some people. Glenn Kawesch's assistants don't look like doctors, they look like butcher's assistants, or a pirate's gang. Caveat emptor. BUYER BEWARE!!! Fred Alpine, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
20, Report #1012069
Feb 11 2013
04:28 AM
Glenn Connelly, Ross Truskett We have not been paid for work undertaken for Capitol Gaming for over 12 months now. Name listed as Ross Truscott is incorrect. Correct Spelling is Ross Truskett, Internet
We have undertaken work for Capitol Gaming in the past. For more than 12 months now they have owed us money and despite assurances of payment, nothing has been forthcoming. Glenn Connelly has been involved with other companies like Staunch, which have never delivered on the promises made. Connelly's business partner is Ross Truskett (not Truscott) as shown in earlier scam alerts. Do not deal with these people.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1234367
Jun 08 2015
05:29 PM
Matt's Caddy Shack Thief Literaly stole engine lost in court twice won't pay El Cajon California
First let me explain i bought a DeVille from Matt Ford that unbeknownst to me at the time he had purchased  for $200 dollars he sold the car to me for $2200 and because he is a tax cheat said i would have to pay $3000 to get it properly running. labor for pulling the head  cylinder  and replacing them He told methat his young son had drowned a few years earlier and that he needed money. Which i Now in hindsight see was a scam.I drove the car and had to bring it back asked him to see what was the matter with it. Now I am, a service connected Disabled  Vet. I needed a car to be able to drive to Massachussetts to a vetereans homeless shelter i had explailned that to him the time. Six months later i decide to go to the shop to see what is going on i see the engine sittng out next to my car. He told me i would have to pay $2800 more to fix the engine no way. i am trusting him to be a good person. In january he calls me telling me that he has the car fixed but i would have to come in and sing a paper saying he did $3800 dollars in charity work (Tax Cheater). I sign the paper drive off and less than 15 miles the check engine light comes on. I bring it back on monday now he wants $500 to change the engine control module. i took it to the dealert come to find find out that he had literally stole my engine and had swapped it with an old woman who had 190,000 miles on her car.my health is getting worse i am dying from diabetes it has been over a year and i still do not have a car at the time. I sue him i win could only prove the $3000 for labor  out $2200 he appeals sue him for $5200 win again the judge tells him just take back the car give me back my money get there to do the exchange he says no. He had lied to the judge judge tells me sell car for whatever i can get judgement against him $5200. He still won't pay puts in papers asking to pay $200 per month for 2 1/2 years tells judge his daughter 21 yr old daughter is dying (Liar) and that he cannot afford it even though he makes $9000 dollars a month judge sees through it tells him to pay me $1500 per.  Go to get the first payment he tells me he cannot pay me because his wife had left him at the ten year after his son drowned. I started crying he didn't tells me he does not need an enemy right now. sicko knows that i have soft spot for family takes advantage. i have now lost all my teeth need the money pay off dentures ihas been over three years still has not paid me. He had a homeless woman whom he is probably having sex with accost me telling me to go away  and that he would never have to pay me a cent he was out there telling the woman get him , get him do not trust this guy he is a snake especially for using his dead son to his advantage. I have attached papers so that you can see for yourself i did not fight for this country so that someone like him can lie and cheat the american government out of taxes. How arrogant can he be he literaly stole parts off of my car and resold them to someone as new.
Entity: El Cajon, California
22, Report #925865
Aug 11 2012
11:33 AM
Ross Halfin, Ross Halfin photographer, Internet
I ordered prints from Ross Halfin and I was billed for them but they never came. I've asked for refund many times to no avail. ROSS HALFIN IS A CHEAT!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #744109
Jun 22 2011
05:00 PM
Michael Ross Michael Ross Stay Clear From Michael Ross http://www.michaelross.net Internet
Stay very far away from  Michael Ross , ssorleahcim@comcast.net, http://www.michaelross.netThis guy will take advantage of you anyway he can.He is a liar,cheater,thief, con artist.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #195249
Jun 07 2006
07:19 PM
First Texas Home Builder custom built my home and completed in May of 2005. During the months of May 2005 thru August of 2005 I submitted warranty letters via email, fax, and U.S. Mail regarding the above outlined defects in my home. Also, I verbally communicated the above defects via the telephone with the Sales Office, the Warranty Dept., the Superintendent, and Warranty Contractors but to no avail. Terri & Nancy (Sales Office) at first referred me to Will (Building Supervisor). I contacted Will and Will told the contractor to repair the holes. A piece of wood was placed over the hole. Will relocated to another location. The Sales Office then referred me to the Warranty Dept. After 1 month of no response, the Warranty Dept sent out Ellis. Ellis stated my home defects were legitimate. Ellis stated he would send out contractors to make the repairs. Two or three weeks passed and contractors did not respond. I made contact with the contractors myself and threatened to sue if they did not show. The contractors came to my residence only not to complete the repairs. Ellis's Supervisor was called to down Capital A/C responded ok and attempted to complette the work. Some contractors failed to complete the work. The carpet and foundation contractors d. Ellis became upset because the carpet and foundation contractors agreed that the foundation was not installed correctly and that it was a poor job. Ellis told me that the contractors were not to discuss this in my presence. Ellis told me he was going to send his supervisor to talk to me. I informed the supervisor what was discussed in my presence. The supervisor asked me to forget what the contractors had discussed in my presence. I asked the supervisor who was I to believe, him or the contractors he sent out. The supervisor told me I should believe him. Ellis stated the lawn, trees, wood fence, and driveway entry were not properly installed. Ellis stated he would have contractors do the following: replace the trees and wood fence; redo the lawn; pull up the carpet throughout the house cleaning the debris; placing a float across the foundation to finish it out; plug up the holes in the wall and mortar; replace the coat rack; repair the toilet; clean up the mold from the water damage; take out the block of wood underneath the kitchen sink and repair it correctly; redo the sprinkler system; repair the stair rail pulling up the posts and replacing them; repair the toilet holders; and any other repairs that needed to be taken care of. Ellis stated he would not be able to take care of the Warping or Cracks to the Walls & Ceiling until the 11th month. Ellis stated I would have to contact the City of Glenn Heights regarding my driveway. Ellis stated he would contact contractors to come out to repair the defects in my home. Warranty Personnel Visit my residence confirming the legitimacy of the defects and promised to correct the building defects but to no avail. Warranty Dept contractors detached my carpet and its padding from the foundation and has never repaired or completed the work that was promised. I encountered problems with the A/C units, flooding in my mastersuite and walk in closets due to toilet defects, faulty defective amenities and appliances, debris (nails, materials, dust, & etc.) left underneath carpet throughout residence, horizontal and vertical cracking on ceiling and walls, stair rail left detached and unfinished, holes in mortar and walls end results infestation of insects. These defects were reported to First Texas Homes in May of 2005 and proceeding months. First Texas Homes has not responded it is now May 9, 2006, one year later. Attached is an outline of problems addressed by a structural engineer. Also, this is a gated community with a HOA on paper but there are open fields where trespassers (including stray dogs, cats & misc animals) walk into the community freely. The building contractors have leave trash behind that blow throughout the community including my property (1 year+). Contractors use my water, took materials from my yard (bricks), took materials from my flower bed/shrub area in order to sit down getting out of the sun. I have discussed these issues with the builder and warranty dept but to no avail. For one year no one (First Texas, Warranty, Police, or etc) have responded to my many complaints. Since May of 2005 I as well as neighbors have observed lawns and weeds being over 12 inches high. From May 2005 to the present my lawn and home have been very well maintained but when I complained to the State (May 2006) regarding the First Texas Homes Warranty Dept failure to respond to my warranty requests to repair defects, First Texas HOA sent me a letter June 2006 regarding weeds (under 1 inch) in my flowerbed and the lecture on community appearances. NOTE: First Texas Homes contractors took the materials from my flowerbed that prevented the weeds in order to sit down out of the sun for which I addressed with First Texas Homes at the time it occurred. First Texas Homes is retaliating because I have brought another agency in to overseer their failure to respond to legitimate warranty issues regarding defects in their homes. In fear of further retaliation I am publicly addressing my concerns and First Texas unethical practices. Because of these defects my family was out of our home for about 6 to 8 months. The following were contacted regarding the many defects: Builder: First Texas Homes Terri Thomas (Salesperson) Warranty Dept: 1126 Glencoe 2221 E. Lamar #960 Glenn Heights, Tx 75154 Arlington, Tx 76006 (972) 230-4096 (817) 640-3166, (817) 394-0074 www.firsttexashomes.com (817) 394-0077 Fax First Texas Homes (The Builder) COMPLAINT DESCRIPTION DATE OCCURRED/REPORTED Foundation - Hard Spots & Cracks. Not finished out. 2005-2006 A/C unit 2005-2006 Tiolet - Flooding/Leakage (Master Suite) 2005-2006 Bathroom (Master Suite) Water Damage 2005-2006 Walk In Closet (Master Suite) Water Damage 2005-2006 Shower (Master Suite) - Drainage Pipes Protruding 2005-2006 Washer (Laundry Room) Flooding/Leakage 2005-2006 Laundry Room -Water Damage 2005-2006 Walk In Closet (Master Suite) Water Damage 2005-2006 Garage -Water Damage 2005-2006 Carpet (Entire Residence) Debris underneath 2005-2006 Detached from foundation (1st Floor) 2005-2006 Ceilings & Walls - Horizontal and Vertical Cracks 2005-2006 Ceiling & Walls - Warping 2005-2006 Ceiling & Walls - Nail Pops Protruding 2005-2006 Arches - Not Aligned 2005-2006 Stair rail - detached, nail protruding,& unfinished 2005-2006 Walls - Holes 2005-2006 Infestation of Insects 2005-2006 Mortar - Holes 2005-2006 Infestation of Insects 2005-2006 Cabinetry - (Kitchen-underneath sink) Hole 2005 Infestation of Insects 2005 Block of Wood - Nailed against Hole 2005-2006 Bedroom #2 - Wood Coat Rack (Too Short) 2005-2006 Contractors left on shelf; did not install 2005-2006 Guest Bathroom - Toiletry Holder 2005-2006 Not installed properly; detached 2005-2006 Kitchen - (Oven) Protruding Water - Low cooking 2005-2006 Wood Fence - Splitting & Deteriorating 2005-2006 Lawn - (Frontyard & Backyard) Dead Grass 2005-2006 Mudslides 2005-2006 Trees - Frontyard (Not Healthy) 2005-2006 Sprinkler System - Defective 2005-2006 Drive way - Installed incorrectly. 2005-2006 Bricks - Protruding 2005 Garage Door - Closing & Opening 2005-2006 Frontyard - Contractor's Trash and Materials 2005-2006 Gated Community - Not gated; Trespassers 2005-2006 Stray Dogs & Pedestrians - Adjacent Community 2005-2006 VJ Glenn Heights, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Glenn Heights, Texas
25, Report #1285058
Feb 04 2016
01:37 PM
Golf Now Deal Caddy / GolfNow - New Media Deal Caddy sent me the a different club than what I ordered. When contacted regarding return of wrong club and shipment of the club I paid for they stonewalled and would not respond. Orlando Florida
I ordered a Adams Tight Lies Fairway wood online through the dealcaddy@golfnow.com website on December 28, 2015. They emailed an order confirmation and notice that my card had been charged for the order.  The different club was delivered from RockBottomGolf.com on January 12, 2016.  I emailed RockBottomGolf.com on Jan 13 asking for return instructions.I received an email back advising me to contact Deal Caddy as RockBottomGolf only ships based on orders from Deal Caddy.I called Deal Caddy the next day to discuss returning the club and shipping the club I had paid for.  The customer service rep put me on hold to discuss the situation with her supervisor.  She returned to tell me to return the club to RockBottom Golf.  I told her RockBottom Golf would not accept the return and she put me on hold to confer with her supervisor.I was advised the supervisor would call with return instructions the next day.  That call never came.  I called again explained the situation and was again put on hold while the rep discussed with her supervisor.  I was told to expect an email in 3-5 minutes with return instructions.  That email never came.I called again and asked to speak to the supervisor directly, I was told that was not possible.  I asked for the supevisdors name or contact information and was told that was not available.  The rep told me I had to wait for the supervisor to email or call with return instructions.  The rep had no information when the supervisor would contact me.I asked for my money back and again the rep had to confer with somebody.  I was told someone would contact me regarding a refund.The issue is now with my credit card company and DealCaddy.This company is a scammer, beware!
Entity: Internet

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