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1, Report #1385324
Jul 13 2017
02:52 PM
Dr Skip Himelstein Mft Pysd Escondido Psychotherapy Center - Henritta Himelstein Actions Are Unprofessional and Unethical Escondido California
This complaint is in regards to the unprofessional and unethical actions of Dr. Henritta Himelstein also know as Dr. Skip of Escondido Psychotherapy Center. The court wanted us to have our daughter seen by Dr. Henritta regarding false allegations made by the other party. Our daughter was 3 at the time. In doing so the court directed Dr. Henritta to also keep both parties informed and when I spoke to the Henritta she acknowledged that fact and told me she would notify me whenever she was going to see my daughter and inform me of the sessions conclusion. I later found out there has been several occasions that Dr. Himelstein has not notified me of my daughters appointments and/ or has not disclosed the results of the sessions. After contacting her and her again acknowledging she should have notify me, she continued to see my daughter without telling me. I was also made aware of Dr. Himelstein sending personal text messages to the other party (turned over in court as evidence)  stating my concerns and her lack of following the orders as bogus and tried to dismiss me pointing this out to her as being just angry. Dr. Himelstein has blatantly disregarding what was directed by the court and has been even more unprofessional by making up assumptions in attempt to cover up her unprofessionalism. For her to act in this matter at this point in her career means she has obviously done it before and feels as if the way she wants to do things outweigh anything else. I have also filed a complaint the Board Of Psychology in California located at 1625 North Market Street Suite N-215 Sacramento CA 95834.
Entity: Escondido, California
2, Report #131732
Feb 17 2005
12:42 PM
MFT USA ripoff El Paso Texas
On 07/05/03 we verbally contracted with MFT/USA to manufature an exhaust manifold for a 1934 Pierce Arrow, Inline 8. We were told the job would take approximately 3-6 months. MFT/USA required that the full amount of the job be paid in advance, so we gave them our credit card information. On 12/05/03 the full amount was credited to our credit card. We started calling every 4-6 weeks in December of 2003 for shipping information. We were told 4-6 weeks before the manifold would be completed. This has become Mr. Valor Blazer (owner)standard answer since. For 14 months we have be getting the same answer. We have filed for the credit company to back charge the full amount, with no answer yet. We have filed a complaint with the BBB in TX with no response to the compliant from MFT/USA. We have filed a compliant with the Attorney Generals Office of El Paso TX, but were told that they only investigate a company if they had multiple compliants (which they do); but I am not guaranteed anything. I called the Texas Economic Development Board, as suggested by the BBB, but was told they do not get involved. All we want is our total amount refunded. Andy Savannah, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: El Paso, Texas
3, Report #1133303
Mar 24 2014
05:04 PM
Bruce Harshman, MFT Dr.Bruce De Wayn Harshman, Psy.Ed, MFT Driving up his billing when you are at your most vulnerable during Child Custody Evaluation Sherman Oaks California
Beware, Harshman's modus operandi is rather than be a fair and equitable in child custody evaluations, Harshman's method is to capriciously weight the scale to one parent, rather than approve the usual 50-50 parental custodies, resulting in prolonged billing opportunities for him. Harshman is gender neutral, usually siding with the parent with most resources. Harshman doesn't bother interviewing key people, such as grandparents, and then recommends children be separated from those key people.Harshman cancels appointments, Superior court judges called during my appointments, likely to demand he finish his long-delayed reports which have delayed cases on their dockets. Harshman continually pleads health issues, but attorneys have seen him in court when he has cancelled because of sickness.  In my case, his report took two years rather than the court mandated 14 weeks maximum. Family Court does not enforce it's 14 week limit rule on completing child custody reports and Harshman takes extreme advantage of that.   Harshman works the court system knowing that he is immune and the judges usually rubber-stamp his recommendations, just wanting to close cases.  Harshman has no effective judicial or administrative oversight and he knows it.  Toothless CA Court of Appeals findings against Harshman of unacceptable work and non-interviews of key people in cases, Superior court removal from its public lists of private child custody evaluators have failed to stop him. Harshman continues to appear regularly in court and lying about being de-listed.  It seems to make no difference to judges and if you choose Harshman and the judge appoints him you do it at your peril as many others have discovered.  Innocuous statements are twisted out of context beyond all recognition. Psychological and personality tests are staged and canned results are cherry-picked for a slanted recommendation without regard to the actual test results. Harshman knows he is immune because the court can't take away his MFT license and even the court committee made up of judges, court child custody evaluators and court administrators won't notify licensing bodies or make it's findings public so they can be utilized by any other entity. On the other hand, while the court sends thousands of parents on fools-errands to licensing bodies, the MFT licensing body, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, won't touch Harshman because he can do pretty much anything, as long as the court appoints him to any role where the petitioner and respondent aren't in a voluntary relationship with him.   Unfortunately, the only thing that currently Harshman could do to lose his license is be convicted of a felony, which is a pretty high threshold when he is mostly with people one-on-one in his office.  If the murdering of souls and relationships is akin to murdering a person, then Harshman has achieved the perfect crime...all within the judicial system set up to protect our children, us and our families.There isn't enough time to describe how bad this guy can get and has as he's been doing it to hundreds over ten years.  If you can avoid any contact with Harshman, in any framework, I would recommend that. 
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
4, Report #58169
May 23 2003
01:57 PM
PVUSD SCOOL BOARD LIES AT PUBLIC HEARING MEETINGS, CLOSES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RE: GOLD DUST Lied and cheated kids out of their school tricked and lied to us Phoenix Arizona
How can a School Board make a proposal to close an Elementary School that has been open since 1963 and then vote amongst themselves to close the school to put a school for delinquent teens in its place? The PVUSD (Paradise Valley Unified School District) Governing Board tried to close Gold Dust last year in the middle of the school year. The Board said the closure would be so the Gold Dust site could be used for an Alternative (school for delinquent teens) High School. They were not allowed to close the school last year because there was no notice and they can't close it in the middle of the school year. Gold Dust Elementary School has been there since 1963. Everyone with children has moved to the Gold Dust neighborhood because the school is great and within walking distance from their homes. The PVUSD has already opened an alternative school for younger kids across the street from Gold Dust. It seems they want to keep these Alternative Schools in the same area. Last night May 22, 2003, it became official. The PVUSD Governing Board voted and Gold Dust will be dust at the end of this school year (2 weeks or so). When parents of Gold Dust Students asked the School Board what will become of Gold Dust a man from the Board told a bold face lie! He said I NEVER EVER said there would be an alternative school on the Gold Dust site. (Even though he was quoted in a newspaper article which was written by himself). He finally came clean and said it was last year that he made the statement. Last year is hardly NEVER EVER especially when there is a neighborhood left in limbo to wonder if the alternative ed school is coming to ruin their neighborhood or not. It is so caring of the School Board to close Gold Dust then give us a solution! Send the 400 or so kids from Gold Dust to 2 other schools in the Paradise Valley District which are already at capacity! And be forced to take buses to these farther away schools when we already have a great school in our own neighborhood. (Gold Dust). The School Board thinks it can close the school and still keep the money allowed for each child in the district by sending our children to other PVUSD schools which will cause overcrowding. This is the ultimate ripoff because no one will benefit from this decision other than the Board Members. It was so nice to go outside after the meeting last night in the parking lot area where the School Board parks. Nice to see they are driving brand new Lexus SUVs and brand new Cadillac Escalades while inside the meeting talking about the District being strapped for cash. **PLEASE RIPOFFREPORT.COM THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED**. At the School Board meeting last night, when asked, the School Board stated they have NO plans for Gold Dust School after closing. If this is true then why is there construction being done on Gold Dust NOW?? Why redo the roof now and even make some changes to the appearance of the school? Why are they doing so much work on a school that will be closing in 2 weeks which they have NO PLANS for?? We have asked the Governing Board If an Alternative Education School will replace Gold Dust and they don't answer. Don't they need to be honest at a Public Hearing? They need to disclose to us THE TRUTH. If that has not been done they are in violation of Public Hearing Laws. Laurie phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
5, Report #193689
May 28 2006
08:05 PM
Skip Chip ripoff Acworthacworth Georgia
this individual shot and killed our pet dog, an syberian husky our dog is fenced in, he was 2 years old, weighed approx 45 lbs was a family pet, we have grown children, and small grandchildren from infants, 2 years old and 4 years old. our dogs name is Bo. Bo would never bit a human, not even if human threatened. he did however get out of our fenced in area and attack a cat. the cat owner took his cat to the vet. he did not know we were dog owner. we put out flyers for dog missing, Bo never been away from home overnight before. cat owner seen flyer informed us his cat was harmed by our dog, I told him i would pay all damages, ask about our dog, he informed me that his neighbor shoot and killed our dog, I ask his name, he said his name was Skip Chip. I informed him i would seek to file charges against the killer, he told me he would come over to collect the money for his cat. He informed dog killer that i knew of his murder. the killer came with cat owner to ask me to drop any charges, i said no. We paid the cat owner and told him we were sorry. The dog killer in his own defence said our dog threatened hid Black lab full grown dog. I ask him was your dog hurt in any way, he said no, then why did you kill our dog, he stated his kids were in his house and afraid to go outside, ok, smart to keep them in not knowing if dog was a threat, we know he was not. Problem, he decided in all this to go get his gun, load it, then shoot and kill our pet. Stray dogs come into our yard on a daily basis, our dogs are fenced, so we shoo them away, sometimes they dont go right away, we just leave them alone, they eventually leave. I ask him has your dog ever gotten away, he said yes, several times, how would you feel if i had shot your dog, he said he would be mad!!!!! My two year old grandaughter cried, said why did the man kill BO, he is a good dog, is he bleeding, then she started calling BO, as though he would come home. No, he will never come home, the killer after killing him burried the evidence, he did admit it after his neighbor told us. He never called, only came after finding out we knew he did it. want us to just drop it. Is there any justice? Dwayne acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Acworth, Georgia
6, Report #967202
Nov 16 2012
10:30 AM
Mandel E. Himelstein San Diego Lawyer/Arbitrator/Private Judge is actually a serial adulterer and womanizer, who once aspired to be male model! Adulterous, Deceitful,gossip ,hypocrite Internet
 Mandel Del Himelstein is a very impressive man. Just take a look at his website on the World Wide Web. His site gives a copious description of this mans vast background and accomplishments!  Del is an ADR professional, hearing conflicts and resolving disputes throughout the Western United States. He has practiced law for more than 35 years and for the last 12 years, has been a full-time Arbitrator, Mediator and Administrative Hearing Officer. HE HAS HEARD TO CONCLUSION MORE THAN 900 CASES! However, the website has omitted a few salient facts. For instance, while he was practicing law in Arizona, Mandel, a dimuntitive fellow, aspired to become a Male Model. He actually had a portfolio made of himself and submitted it to potential employers. Mandel also loves to gossip, and takes great pleasure in the pain and misery of others, aka Schadenfreude which is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Mandel, a married man,  also neglected to disclose that he is an adulterer and womanizer, and has been for decades. Mandel's immoral conduct extended into his own law office. According to a former law partner, Mandel was having an affair with a woman...who worked for Mandel. When this former law partner discovered this immorality, he quit Mandel's firm. Mandel was having  This immoral, deceitful and unethical conduct was so contemptible on so many levels, including sexual harrassment, the young lawyer left Mandel's lucrative practice. It is ironic that Mandel Himelstein's webite indicates that he is a Private Judge.  Who is Mandel Himelstein, an adulterer,  to judge anybody or anything? How can an immoral adulterer have the moral authority to serioulsy decide any legal matters? Our Judges must be respectable and trustworthy.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1291734
Mar 04 2016
07:28 PM
University of the Rockies Misinformed of the MFT program and 1/2 way through and $25k in debt, learned that the curriculum didn't even satisfy for sitting for the MFT licensure exam. Wasted $ and can't even go back ANYWHERE to complete or being over courses taken. Was also told th Mislead about MFT graduate degree Colorado
University of the Rockies Misinformed of the MFT program and 1/2 way through and $25k in debt, learned that the curriculum didn't even satisfy for sitting for the MFT licensure exam. Wasted $ and can't even go back ANYWHERE to complete or being over courses taken. Was also told th Mislead about MFT graduate degree
8, Report #1408410
Oct 26 2017
11:10 AM
MyPhoneSite, MPS, MFT Services, LLC, Ada Rhoda Wethington  MyPhoneSite hasn't paid me in months! Roseburg internet
MyPhoneSite.com owes me money, along with plenty of other girls.  The website (which is a phone sex site) used to be owned by Gary H. but he sold it a couple of years ago to Ada Rhoda Wethington of Roseburg, Oregon (who goes by the alias, Samantha).  The corporation name she owns MPS under is called MFT Services, LLC.  After the sale of MPS was final, Ada never changed any of the information on the myphonesite.com website to show who now owns it.  It's still showing that it is owned by My Phone Site, LLC of Knoxville, TN, but that information is NOT correct! I think the reason she hasn't changed it is so no one can find her to sue her!  Here is the link where you can see her as the owner of MFT Services, LLC: egov.sos.state.or.us/br/pkg_web_name_srch_inq.show_detl?p_be_rsn=1879784&p_srce=BR_INQ&p_print=FALSE  It's been almost two months since MPS last paid me.  They made up an excuse to shut down the site for a month as a way of not paying us.  Any monies that were already in the system to be paid became frozen. They lied and told us that any money made moving forward would be paid on the usual weekly schedule, like before.  That didn't happen.  They owe me two paychecks.  For a while they were good about answering emails.  Once they started owing you money and you started contacting them to find out where it was... that's when all communication ceased.  Then they also lock you out of the website so you're unable to take screenshots of invoices they owe you on or to remove your personal information from the site.  Luckily, I had the forethought to take screenshots before I got locked out.The owner, Ada (Samantha) and her husband (Cliff) have been using the excuse that Ada has been very sick.  Even if that were true, it is no reason not to pay your contractors.  I'm sure they're both still getting paid!  And they have the nerve to place hiring ads on various sites to sucker new girls into joining the site and working for them knowing those girls will never be paid.  I just hope most girls are smart enough these days to research companies before they start working for them!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1184604
Oct 23 2014
04:24 PM
Skip Barber Ripoff artist to the FULLEST!!! Braselton Nationwide
So like most others, I've always thought that Skip Barber was the best! If you want to go to a racing school, why would you want to go with anybody else?They are a bunch of RipOff Artists that's why!! Let me tell you why. So my lovely wife got me a racing school day at Laguna Seca for our anniversary present in July of 2014. What a gift!! Open wheels, racing school, beautiful October weather, and Laguna! How cool is that gonna be? So I called them and asked them which class I should take. They have so many options. After talking to Robert, he sold me on a open wheel racing school, and he also upsold me on some insurance coverage while I'm out there. So I gave him my credit card and they charged me an additional $500. My wife had paid $1795 already.So now I'm $2,295 in the hole, but man, what a day that's going to be. I told all my family and friends about it, and was so excited about my awesome day coming up at Laguna. In August, I get a email from Skip Barber stating that my Racing School day was canceled. I was so bummed! What do you mean it's canceled? So I called and asked Robert what was going on. He stated that he was not sure, but all of Laguna Seca days are canceled for 2014 and I should wait to see what is coming for 2015 so I can sign up for that.Of course, I didn't want to wait till 2015 for my Racing School, but I thought, what ever, let's just see what they have coming. I called back a few days later and talked to Scott. Scott told me that there will be no more days at Laguna Seca and that I should consider another track. I explained to him that I really wanted to go to Laguna, which is why I was willing to spend $2300 on it. I did not want to go to another track.So I asked Scott to refund me if they're not going back to Laguna. This was on September 3rd, and he told me it would take 6-8 weeks. 6-8weeks!!! I asked him why would it take so long? My credit card payment went through in the matter of minutes, but it's going to take you maybe 2 months for a refund? WTH?But I thought... why argue... Ok I said, but I'm not happy about that. Fast foward to Oct 23rd, roughly 6 weeks from our first conversation, and a week past my scheduled Racing School date, I emailed Scott and asked him where my refund check was. He promptly wrote back that he had to check with his finance dept. 10 mins later, he wrote back to me again, this time telling me that they are schedule to refund me on November 24th. NOVEMBER 24th!! That is almost 3 months from the time he told me 6-8 weeks. He told me that everyone canceled and they don't have the money to pay us back.I told Scott that it was their problem and that they have to pay me back now. They should of thought about this when they canceled the school. He just kept telling me that they didn't have the money to pay us back.I asked Scott if he gets a paycheck. He answered well... yes. So I then made the point that they have money for payroll, but not for money owed to their customer? How can this be? He just kept telling me that he wished he had better news, but he doesn't. I asked to talk to a higher up manager, he gives me the name and number to Michelle Browne, but lucky for her, she is not in the office. So now, I'm out $2,295, I didn't get to go to the track, don't have my money, and just pissed off that I got RIPED OFF!Why would anyone want to go to Skip Barber? I guess it's time for me to get a lawyer. That sucks! A track day is suppose to be fun, but this experience has been anything but!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #171175
Jan 10 2006
12:12 PM
Bigonditital.com bait & switch, new to refurbished, mft. re-certified Ripoff New York New York
ordered a TV online. ad posted as new, as soon as credit card was charged, status changed to 'mfr. refurbished' several critiques to the like posted on pricerunner.com don't answer fon, emails... terrible service, said delivery would take place on day 'x', never happened... phone not answrd during business hours posted on site / in vmail greeting Octavio corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
11, Report #1065232
Jul 08 2013
11:36 AM
Skip the brokers fee This is a scam!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! Hudson Florida
BEWARE of skipthebrokersfee.com! They run ads on Craigslist for people to answer the phone for them from home. They promise to have clients call you using Ring Central and you sell their products for a commission of $100 each. They then charge you $99.99 on a credit card as a deposit to be refunded at the third sale. They set you up with a number and send you a few leads- all of which were previously contacted by the owner Annette. When she cannot sell them, she sends them to you. None of the leads are any good and you NEVER get the first phone call. Then she takes your $99.99 deposit because you made no sale. She makes you sign a statement that you will not try to reverse the credit card. However, this statement was signed based upon fraudulent information and cannot be enforced. My bank reversed the charges anyway, and I filed complaints with the Attorney General for both Florida nad New York state.   I am now finding out this is a MAJOR scam being run nationwide. BEWARE OF THIS BUNCH!!!!!
Entity: Hudson, Florida
12, Report #1090128
Oct 07 2013
01:25 PM
Skip Smasher Inc. Crime Smasher SCAM ARTIST Temecula California
Crime Smasher aka Skip Smasher Inc. pretends to have access to criminal records for $9.95 per search.  I paid to search 2 different people with known criminal records.  Both times they responded no record found.   Scammers that are taking $9.95 per search and providing ZERO SERVICE.  I saw on this website another man had the same problem.  He was even searching for himself with known record!  I contacted my bank immediately and charged back both charges.  I have also filed complaing with BBB.
Entity: Temecula, California
13, Report #1311227
Jun 13 2016
09:03 PM
I signed up for a $3200.00 3 Day racing school for November 2015. Two weeks before the event Skip Barber called and cancelled the event due to supposed parts issues with the cars. I was offered to reschedule or receive a refund which is what I opted for. I waas told by Richard Fernandez that it would take 30 days. I called after 30 days and was told by Richard that it was in accounting for payment and should be sent out in the next day or so. I waited another couple weeks and when I called back Richard no longer worked there so I spoke with Scott Hartinger who told me the refund was being processed but would probably take another 30 days. I called after 30 days and was once again told that it was in accounting and should be out to me any day. After several more phone calls I eventually spoke with Chris Kretzmer who informed me that the refund was in accounting but he would not be able to give me ANY idea when I might see the refund. It has been nearly eight (8) months waiting on these unethical people to refund me my money.
Entity: Braselton, Georgia
14, Report #1209103
Feb 14 2015
11:42 AM
Skip prime Wrinkle RVTL cream .where are the scam detectors B Bluffdale Utah
I ordered sample jar wrinkle cream ,supposedly $4.95 postage,they added 99 cents to the $4.99 .I received in January one jar cream ,no advertisement or order form.Yesterday another jar came in the mail.Now I find my charge card has two charges from the company for $192.95.where are the scam detectors.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1271557
Jul 15 2016
05:26 PM
Skip N' Whistle Items never received, inquiries not answered Covington Louisiana
I placed an order with Skip N' Whistle after seeing an ad for them on Facebook.  I ordered multiple tshirts and a bracelet, totally around $65.  There was a USPS tracking number.  After several weeks of not receiving my items, I checked the tracking number.According to the USPS website, the items had been dropped off at my house, but I never received them.  I have things delivered to my house regularly, and have never had an issue before.  I contacted Skip N' Whistle through both the contact me feature on their business website (www.skipnwhistle.com) and through their Facebook page asking for advice on how to proceed, as well as trying to call their phone number on multiple occasions, which was never answered.  I was hoping that some kind of claim could be filed with the post office.  After trying to contact them 3 times in writing, and multiple times via phone, and not receiving a reply, I filed a dispute with my Discover card.  The owners of Skip N' Whistle had time to respond to Discover, even though they never had time to respond to me, and so my money was not refunded b/c the tracking information showed that it was delivered.  However, Discover did say that it appeared that the item had been shipped with Priority mail, which comes with an automatic $50 insurance amount, and so I should be able to recoop at least $50 of my purchase.So, once again, I contacted Skip N' Whistle and voiced my aggravation that they had time to respond to Discover card but not to multiple inquiries from a customer.  At that point, they finally responded and said, It shows that it was delivered to you.  What do you expect us to do?  My answer was that I expected them to file a dispute with the post office.  Again, I received no response. At that point, I tried to file my own dispute with the USPS, hoping to at least recover the $50 insurance that was included with the package, since I couldn't recover the full amount of my purchase.  But, while I was waiting for the owners of Skip N' Whistle to respond to my initial communication, and waiting for the dispute to be settled with Discover, the 60 day deadline for filing a dispute with the postal service passed, and nothing could be done.  If Skip N' Whistle had responded to my initial emails, and then followed up with the post office about the items being stolen, then they could have filed an insurance claim.Incredibly unhappy customer, who will warn everyone not to purchase from this company.   
Entity: Covington, LA
16, Report #1387578
Jul 23 2017
12:07 PM
Skip white performance Ordered a mini starter...was a piece of crap...Tennessee Internet
hit my flexplate making noises and gave out on me after 5 starts.. I called for replacement only to get voicemail...i left message and got a email telling me to send it to a company in southern california..when I contacted them, they had no clue who I was....i gave up....never again ... 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1253389
Apr 13 2016
12:18 PM
Skip Archimedes Skip Archimedes , the Miracle Man , the naked health detective Decieves Sick and Vunerable people giving them nothing but False hope Suffolk London
I  travelled to attend 3 of Skips Seminars in London and again to one of his expensive Spanish retreats . At these retreats we listened to motivational storeis about Skip and his stories of healing himself and 1000's of others celibraties and VIPS Promisses were constantly made that we will heal all our emotional problems .experience unbounded energy increases fix all the relationship problems and find business sucess I paid over  £ 10,000 to do all this coaching and work and feel I have lost my money and recieved nothing . Skip says you will loose weight i'm now 10kg heavier and depressed . I have bought and used all the supplments he pushes though these seminars for a whole year an also feel sicker than before taking them When i complained that i wasnt getting any results I was told to go read the 10 commandmants for health and stick to them . If you try to ask for your money back you are  just offered another cousre  they wont give any money back ... I was going to try again as he is very manipulatve in convincing you that eating the food he says and doing yoga and having all his suppliments will cure everything , A friend interviened seeing i was clearly being milked dry by this guy who is simply a slick liitle scam artist stealing from sick people Skips has a  book The 10 commandments for Health on the cover it says The book they tried to Ban ..I cant see why other than for being poorly written this is another sales technique to generate curisoty . He also says he is 2 times British Champion Gymnist so I made extensive inquires and could not find any recond of Skip winning any Gymnastic titles at all My advise to anyone is this whole gimik being presented is a fruad designed to sell more couses and vitamin suppliments . The real disapointment is he leads sick vunerable people into beliveing this methods will be life changing and the truth is your more depressed at the finish and feel like you have been fleeced by a slick liitle hustler . After researching the background i found out that Skip has no health or medical qualifications and i also was motivational speaker for Tony Robbins who is also another  scam artist who promisses life changing miracle and deliver nothing Police can do nothing about these sort or liars who prey on older men and women stay away from this fast talking liar he is truly evil as he smiles at you while he robs you of your last cent .      
Entity: Suffolk, Internet
18, Report #1362939
Aug 05 2017
10:23 AM
Lynn Huggins, MFT Do not use....... San Jose California
Stay away from this custody evaluator. I was the primary caregiver of my children. She did not see my ex narcissistic personality, mainupulation and controlling ways. She wrote her report in a way to support her deicsion. She had written things into her report that were never said by myself or my references. She will ask a question and writes it down as she interprets it instead of the actual answer! I thought the whole purpose of going to a custody evaluator is for them to spend good time with the chidlren and understanding of what they need and want. She did neither. Spent only 2 hours with my children, thats it! I was told I should have requested a psychologist for this evaluation sot hey can see my ex true colors, she clearly did not. I had serious concerns about my ex with drinking and social srugs, thats was not even mentioned in the report or an issue. Avoid this person and I hope she is removed from Santa Clara County Family Court.
Entity: San Jose, California
19, Report #1426392
Jan 31 2018
11:47 AM
Platinum Slim Body Health 365 MFT^Megaflexxmuscle Did not cancel the trial when I called in on the 14th day. Said I needed to call in before the 14th day to cancel. They had already shipped another moths supply and charged my account.
These products are ridiculosly overpriced and do not work as advertised. This is a scam to get your credit card info and to get well over $60.00 out of you for a product that has little or no value. Unfortunately they most likely can not be held criminally responsible because they do list their monthly charge for the two products in the order agreement for your 14day free trial. The issue is that this is NOT a 14 day free anything! You pay $4.95 shipping and you must cancel before the 14th day. When you call you may findout (as I did) that they have already sent the next months supply and billed your credit card. When you complain and insist that cancel the account they give you a 75% refund but you still end up paying well over $60.00 for products that DO NOT WORK!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1024097
Mar 07 2013
10:30 AM
skip fordyce Ripoffed off a Skip Fordyce Riverside, California
I took mt 06 Heritage into Skips They gave back to me worst then when they got it. Tryed to rip me off for repairs. I told them to give me the bike back and to stop working on it .They brought it back with a broken clutch cable and they ran it on a DYNO machine with no oil in it. When I called them the said thats the way we  got it.  Now they just said nothing they can do about it. If you need repars on a motorcycle stay away from They will mess up your bike and they don't even care.
Entity: Riverside, California
21, Report #291118
Dec 12 2007
07:22 PM
Lemmi Skip Ruffin - Jollie K9 Kennels Dog breeder trainer SCAM Birmingham Alabama
My husband and I decided to get a puppy soon after we got married in May 2007. I was looking for a german shepherd and came across a 6wk old black female German Shepherd on terrificpets.com and contacted Skip. He was $ 200 cheaper than many other shepherd breeders asked for, but I assumed it was because they weren't champion bloodlines or something. We drove up to his house over the weekend and he showed us the pup. We fell in love with her and he brought out her grand daddy and showed us his training skills to inevitably wow us with his talent and background. We decided to take her, since he guaranteed her hips and elbows for life in the paperwork and promised lifetime training. (I know RED FLAG) But the guy and his wife seemed nice. My husband's grandmother was so excited for us she called him up and bought one of his adult dogs as well and asked him to train the dog for protection work. He delivered the dog to her house and made promises to return to further train the dog; however she was untrained and very timid and shy. When she tried to call Skip for advice and perhaps have him come work with her dog, he stopped answering all of her phone calls. This was Red Flag number two. As our puppy got older, she became more and more aggresive. She is only aggressive towards me however ripping my clothes and snaping randomly-never growling or acting angry, just for dominance I guess. My husband was pretty angry by the huge bruises left on my leg. Not answering his phone, we checked out Skip's website only to find out it was gone. We tried to Google it, and found one after another rip off report on this man. Not long after, AKC sent a notice suspending her papers upon further investigation.We just want him to face the consequences of what he has done and to find out the real facts about our puppy, such as her actual bloodline, temperment, hip heritage, etc. We are interested if any one knows what steps we can take towards justice. PS: His actual address is 9245 Briarmont Circle Birmingham AL 35217. We went there! There is now two other businesses under this address Angel Pet Transportation Services and Complete K9 Services incorporated. Both with complete different contact phone numbers... Check it out. Bryan pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
22, Report #1129369
Mar 09 2014
03:48 AM
Skip Kearnes Kearnes Enterprises DBA Steri-Kleen Services Failed to pay employees wages owed. Cape Coral Florida
  I write in representaion of three women formerly employed by Skip Kearnes {Kearnes Enterprises DBA Steri Kleen} who have been owed three weeks wages since the end of December 2013. It all came to a head when, yet again Mr. Kearnes promise to meet the women to pay back wages, was broken. Mr. Kearnes provided instead another lie with the claim he could't show as he had an accident and broke three ribs and two discs and was hospitalised.....which has proven to be a pathetic lie.   Kearnes promised payment yet again with checks he had received and income tax rebate. This too has proven a falsehood as I am told he instead vacationed in Las Vegas. Our community does not need business men the likes of this.
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
23, Report #1332279
Oct 09 2016
09:06 AM
SKIP BARBER RACING SCHOOL Luring customers with generous offers, not delivering service and not refunding money back - BEWARE! Braselton Georgia
Paid for my three day racing school in February 2015, came all the way from a foreign country in August 2015 having spent $1.8k on travel costs etc.,just to find out on the very day of the event that the cars were not there because the truck driver fall asleep and that then the truck broke or something like that. They offered skippy bucks and rescheduling + also reimbursement of travel costs that I incurred, which at the time I thought was a fine remedy. Not really. The rescheduled event was also canceled of which no one informed me and which I found out accidentally and of course I have not seen any reimbursement to date. They offered another rescheduling and some more skippy bucks to compensate for that, which I did not agree to and claimed a full refund. No refund, no response to date. Total amount concerned - $7.3k. Thanks God managed to get back at least the course fee from my credit card company, which took another couple of months. No communication from Skip Barber Racing School whatsover and I was even banned from commenting on their Facebook page. As a piece of advice to other customers: you will get exceptional luck if the the racing event you sign up for does not get suddenly canceled. It can be canceled way before the scheduled date, on the eve of the event and even during the event, for this or that alleged reason. And it is not necessary that you will be timely informed, but they will definitely offer you a $1-2 thousand dollars equivalent of the so-called skippy bucks which you can spend for other Skip Barber Racing School's stuff and reschedule you for another similar event which will also get canceled, and they will offer you more skippy bucks perhaps. This seems to be an endless process simply to not give customers back their money and, if and when you start claiming a refund, these fraudsters give you assurances that it will be processed soon which, needless to say, never happens. Beware of this business - the evidence and feedback of other customers suggest (just Google it) that they tend to deliberately resort to the following pattern of doing business: 1) early collection of payments for deferred service delivery, 2) not delivering the service on time, 3) offering customers enticingly generous benefits to further defer service delivery, 4a) if a customer is enticed and accepts the offer, the cycle continues until 4b) customer claims a refund which 5) they either delay as much as possible or do not provide at all. 
Entity: Braselton, Georgia
24, Report #1429891
Feb 18 2018
11:04 AM
Skip Genie SkipGenie.com Complete Rip Off - Provided Bad Data for Lead Generation Houston Texas
Based on their webiste, Skip Genie offer skip tracing for business looking to locate the seller for a home. It is suppose to help in lead generation for real estate investors. I purchased the Essential Plan and submitted a list only to find out the data they sent me was all completely accurate. They are claiming to provide better data than WhitePages.com. They are claiming their data is pretty accurate, which is completely false. They will provide you bad data about home owners, and will take your money. Complete Scam and business is only operated by one guy it seems.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #1368574
Apr 19 2017
02:58 PM
Fla Rent Skip Hall, Geoffrey Hall After doing business with Fla Rent and Skip Hall it’s time to vent but I won’t take a fall. Cassleberry Florida
Rented a home advertised a a great deal on a residential property had many rodent issues which were never taken care of as well as electrical issues as well called many times to take care of. Got all of the promises in the world we will take care of it we will take care of it but nothing ever was rectified. Since I had no satisfaction or, any resolution so I had to vacate before my lease was up had to forfeit $1000.00 deposit as well as rent paid I would never do business with this organization due to their unscrupulous ways of conducting business as far as I’m concerned.   
Entity: Cassleberry, Florida

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