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1, Report #579480
Mar 09 2010
06:08 PM
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance - Home First Agency ,Insurance, a f***ing rip-off maryville, Tennessee
I brought my home in October 0f 2001.It has been the worst choice i have ever made!Within 3 years my daughters bedroom floor began to sink in and the wall began to mold badly.   i called in my insurance claim and was told that someone would be out. He came about a week later to check things out. The man walked into the bedroom and stepped in the hole and made it worst.Then he had went outside and saw that the drainpipe was turned into the insulation under the home under my daughters bedroom. Then he said that my insurance wouldn't cover because my home was not flooded from a natural disaster.I called and called for weeks but didn't get any results but all i heard was that my claim coult not be paid and i would have to fix the problem myself. The drainage problem was do to the manufacter of the home and should have been covered. Now 6 years later the problem still isn't fixed due to money problems.If i could do it all over again i would never purchase from vanderbilt mortgage & finance ever again!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Entity: maryville, Tennessee
2, Report #1404087
Oct 04 2017
09:32 AM
First Insurance Agency DwayneTravis Non Existing Insurance Company Posing As Medicare Reps Selling Human And Well Care To Poor And Senior Citizens Chicago Illinois
Reporting a company called First Insurance Agency In Chicago , Illinois. The owner of the company is Dwayne Travis although he will say that he isn't. The company isn't licensed in the city of Chicago or any city. This crook represents Human And Wellcare. He onky solicits low income individuals and senior citizens. I worked for this company and recently found out that's it not a real company. This place adds and solicit other insurance sales agents to be a part of this circus. They don't pay on time causing more financial hardship because it isn't an actual company . It's an agent pretending to be a company. Don't work for this demon and don't allow your loved ones to do business with this individual. You can find their videos on youtube under Dwayne Travis and this individual is also listed on Linked In. That way you know what this person looks like just incase he changed his name. Don't let your friends or family do business with this company or individual. He aslo has workshops in food pantries and nursing homes.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #1307347
May 23 2016
07:44 PM
Insphere Insurance Solutions, DBA HealthMarkets Insurance Agency HealthMarkets Insurance Agency At the first interview, they seem to be a legitimate sell insurance co. One feels supported and that the sales won't be too hard.  Thank you, San Diego California
I believed that since I had experience interviewing another sell insurance to seniors type of company that was a sam and didn't pay its agents. I know you shouldn't pay to ge a job, however hm advised us the training fees don't go to them directly it goes to the State? But my $59 dollar fee receipt went to InSphere / HealthMarkets Ins Agency Onboarding Admin Fee, which made me wonder. OK I get it you have to pay fees and class training in order to be an insurance agent. But I felt preyed upon as an unemployed person and that they had confidence in me and I'd easily make my money back. On top of that 59 bucks fee, there is a class fee to take (part of the hiring process) but again doens't that not seem legit? One shouldn't have to pay to get a job. A company usually pays to train its people, that's been my experience. They told us there were no refunds and you'd have to pay these fees, class fees if you were doing this on your own. I think in the state of CA, there is a colling off period for merchandise (don't know about classes/fees). I felt desperate for work and that I could sell insurance so I stupidly signed and paid. However, I destest selling and felt that I can't survive on commission type of work, so I backed out. I though I asked to get out, back out soon enough and couldn't they at least refund half my money? No they refused. No cooling off period allowed. I felt a potential employee should be able to change their mind, esp. if there are other more solid opprotunites rather than sales coming your way. Then before I knew it, they shut me out when legally I still had time to go ahead and take the course (at least have an insurance agent license, get something for my money). I feel duped and ripped off. Note: within the first month I made my decision not to accept this sales position, tried to get my money back (class was another cost in addition to the $59, can't recall exact amt). I noticed they were sending me blank, no link emails about the training info AFTER I PAID, which made me feel like they were shutting me out anyways. Strange. All I want is all or some of my money back. They are nice people and seem more legit than Bancorp, ZocoMarketing and these other places that tried to interview/recruit me. Won't get fooled again!
Entity: San Diego, California
4, Report #458059
Jul 30 2009
10:14 AM
Home First Agency/American Bankers Insurance Of FloridaVanderbilt/Home First Agency/American Bankers Insurance Of Florida Home First denied claim Maryville Tennessee
I purchased a 1997 double wide from Oakwood in 2000. Oakwood went bankrupt in 2004 at that time Vanderbilt took over and placed my insurance with Home First Agency. I have had one claim with them out of 5 years for hail damage which they denied. Well in March of this year I had a valve on a pipe connected to my hotwater heater to start spraying water at the first sign of my floor getting wet I contacted them they sent out an adjuster who said the hot water tank had been leaking from under the bottom a long time that's when I hired a plumber who wrote a statement saying the hot water tank was not leaking but a valve on the cold water pipe was spraying water. That info was faxed to them they are still denying my claim stating the hot water heater was leaking for a long time and that is not covered. My policy states an exclusion caused by continuous or repeated seepage of water or steam from within a plumbing, heating or air conditioning system over a period of time. What they will pay for is sudden and accidental, Now if my valve on the pipe starts to leak water that has not been leaking before I do believe that is sudden and accidental. Then to top it off the claim representative (Barry) called me and asked did I have plywood floors or particle board floors. I told him particle board floors which he already knew since he sent me some courtesy adjusments that said R&R 1/2 inch particle board floors. Well Barry told me if I had particle board floors they can look at my claim differently. When I asked him about it he said it is not covered and acted like he didnot remember telling what he had told me. Now I have molded walls, my floors look like a mountain with humps and a few holes in the floor. Basically this insurance company want you to pay,pay,pay, but when it comes down to paying for damages you will only get a hard way to go and fix yourself. Y am in the process of finding my own insurance because Home First is a ripoff and will not get anymore of my money!!!! I filed a complaint with the La Insurance Commission and still waiting!!!!! A very pissed off lady! Gloster, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Maryville, Tennessee
5, Report #2274
May 17 2000
12:00 AM
Gladwell Insurance Agency Insurance Agency neglected customer
My former insurance agent had signed me up to a very expensive insurance company in the area despite my clean driving record. This insurance company specializes in problem drivers, but I had no accidents or tickets on my record. After paying very high premiums for several years I suddenly stopped receiving statements. When I called them to inquire about the lack of statements they informed me that I had been dropped due to failure to pay the premiums! I stated that I hadn't received any premiums lately, but they were sure they had been mailed. Due to their incompetence I was driving without liability insurance for 2 months, a serious crime in North Carolina. I dealt with this independent insurance agent for 4 or 5 years, at first they were very helpful and I recieved excellent service. Then for some reason I was moved to the much more expensive plan (they said it was the cheapest they could find for me!?) and then dropped because of their stupidity. I could have been arrested and thank goodness I wasn't in an accident during those 2 months!
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
6, Report #335360
May 29 2008
06:08 AM
Vanderbuilt - Clayton - Home First Agency CREDIT REPORT, INSURANCE RIP OFF MARYVILLE Tennessee
Vanderbuilt financed a home for me. On the loan papers there there were two different prices on how much the loan payment would be. I signed up for the automatic bank payments. They started calling saying that the payment I was making was not the right amount. Duh! They made the payment arrangement. So, I decided to let the home be voluntarily repoed. They went to court and took the land. There were 5 years of insurance that was tacked on to the price of the home. Ok. After the home was repoed and sold they canceled the insurance and the balance was refunded. The insurance was only on the home for aprox. 1 year. They did not give me credit for the refunded insurance. So, I called around and got the name of the insurance company. When I called they told me that only the name was listed and no other information on the policy. Evidentally The State of TN is in on it too. So, I have the dates the insurance was in effect, the cost of the insurance, policy number, agent number and insurance company. So, I called Home First Agency again. They said look, I have no information in my computer! I told the rep. I feel like something just isn't right here, because I believe there should be some sort of statue of limitaions that you should be required to keep this information in your records. So, I asked who owns Home First Agency? She replied, Clayton, I said, you answered my question then. You have no information because if they did Vanderbuilt would owe me money after the sale of the home. I bought the land back and they released the lien. If I owed them money they would not have released the lien. But I cannot remove it from my credit. They have me owing $14,000+ which is not true. Joy420 Avinger, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: MARYVILLE, Tennessee
7, Report #1388639
Jul 27 2017
02:51 PM
Enders insurance agency Harrisburg Pennsylvania
 I took out both car and homeowners insurance with this agency . Gave them my checking account info which they were to forward to the carrier to debt my account on first of month for payment. They failed to forward checking account data to insurance company concerning my home owners policy. Was notified by carrier that they were canceling my policy for non payment . Went to speak with company president to ask what happened. Would not talk to me personally one of his employees said they screwed up and never gave the carrier my information . Went without homeowner insurance for nearly two months . Enders never notified me and refused to accept responsibility. This insurance agency appears to be Irresponsible and shows no remorse or responsibility for their action. Called the carrier and they steered me to another agency of record. These guys are really the bad news bears
Entity: Harrisburg , Pennsylvania
8, Report #116444
Nov 06 2004
08:08 AM
Shafer Insurance Agency Insurance Company Rip Off - Doesn't pay claim Knoxville Tennessee
Shafer Insurance Company in Knoxville, Tn refused to pay a claim , When one of there insured rear ended me while I was stopped at a red light. The Driver was in a 1987 Dump Truck filled with Cow Manure and skidded over 100 ft in to the rear of my car causing $4,500.00 damage. The police report stated that in this accident that had made an abrupt lane change so they are not liable. I was cut off from getting in the turning lane by another vehicle and had to get back in my original lane but was there in plenty of time for the driver of the dump truck to stop. The fact of the matter is, I was rear ended squarely in the middle of my car stopped at a red light, the driver of the dump truck was speeding and would have completely ran the stop light if he had not have crashed in to me. Shafer Insurance has denied the claim and in my opinion are a bunch of rip off artists and do not pay the claims they owe. Kevin Cordova, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
9, Report #530928
Nov 30 2009
02:27 PM
I have provided an option for my Travel Insurance coverage when i am booking tickets to Florida on Air Tran Airways. Company said that they will cover the trip expense if it is cancelled due to any unexpected expenses. I had a relocation expense which would cost me a 1000 bucks next month and i have claimed for the coverage. They said it wouldnt cover for such expense suggesting the $75 cancellation fee which is provided by the Airtran Airways. I know that airtran takes the $75 cancellation fee and refund the remaining amount to my card. Why would someone go for an insurance company for travel if it doesnt have the trip coverage? Beware of companies like the CSA travel agency. They will take the money and will not provide any coverage if we plan to cancel the trip.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #335946
May 31 2008
12:02 AM
Apple Insurance Agency claims not filed, insurance not updated after increasing coverage, fraud Sarasota Florida
I had an accident on November 29th 2007 and had updated my insurance on November 2nd 2007. I added bodily coverage as required by law . I bought vehicle in March and tried to register but found out liscense was suspended for not having updated covergage. The DMV said I needed a 600.00 bond for property and 100 for bodily before I could regicter or get liscense back. After 3 full days of missing work and going back and forth as the agent was in hospital for 4 weeks and girl there at office said she did not know how to do anything, I had a lawyer get the 600.00 off and had to pay 100.00 plus 150.00 to lawyer. then i found out that my liscense was to be suspended again for same reason on June 24th of 2008. Girl in office could not give me proof of coverage in another accident in Feb 2008. I had to give 10,900.00 to get liscense back I called state and insurance company and my bodily insurance was never added again to new year policy while I paid the extra. I showed Insurance commision proof of purchase and they dimsissed everything except 100.00 bond. These 2 ordeals cost me 600.00 in missed work, 200.00 in bonds, and 150.00 for lawyer. Apple was collecting my bodily injury and not sending full amount to MGA insurance. Fraud and theft. I kept all papers to prove to court but will not be able to take the time to collect my expenses as I cannot afford a lawyer or to take off work to go to trial. toy Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
11, Report #680227
Jan 07 2011
10:56 PM
Lindsay General Insurance Agency Fly-By Incompetent insurance company Duluth, Georgia is their on-line agent. They put our auto policy in our daughter's name, who was to have been only a driver on the policy. They refused to correct their error. They took out 2 renewals fees from our bank account and then sent a check to cover their error in our daughter's name, who had no bank account and could do nothing with their check. MVA occurred on 12/8/10. Reported the collision that same afternoon to Lindsay. Called 2 days later to get a rental car and was told that our rental insurance was on a reimbursement only. We pay for the rental car and they would reimburse us when we submitted a final bill. When I complained that that was not the way that rental insurance worked I was told that it was stated that way in our policy. When I told Lindsay that I never received a policy jacket where it was stated that way I was emailed a copy of the policy jacket that I never received from On 12/10 Lindsay wrote a letter stating that I needed to have the vehicle moved to where it would not incur storage fees as they would not pay for any storage fees from that date onward. I had the car moved to our horse ranch. I paid $715 for tow fees incurred on 12/8 and then again on 12/10. Lindsay would not pay for the second tow because they only pay for one tow. It took 14 days for Lindsay to get an appraiser to look at the car. It only took 1 day after that for Lindsay to send a tow truck to pick up MY car and take it to their facility. I was told that if I did not give them the car, they would not pay for it. It took another 6 days for the appraiser's report to reach Lindsay's Georgia address. Speak with your assigned adjuster? Out of the question-all you ever get, no matter who you call-was voice mail. I needed a letter stating that Lindsay was totaling the car. That took an act of God and speaking with a snit of a supervisor. I finally got the letter where it stated that my 05 Chevrolet Cobolt was a total loss with a list of outrageous figures about what they would pay for a car that was not even mine (our car was an 07 Chrysler Sebring). When I finally got to speak to my assigned adjustor, she admitted that she had made a mistake on the year, make and model of the car but that the figures was that belonging to my Sebring. They were taking off $780. for prior damages, which included stains on the rear seat, cracked windshield (which was done in the accident) and a dented rear bumper (which was not damaged at all). Claims adjuster claims that she mailed a transfer of title, to be signed and returned by USPS before the lien holder could be paid on 12/23. On 12/27 I finally got her on the phone and told her she had lied because no transfer of title had arrived. She now wrote a letter dated 12/27 and actually mailed the required transfer title paperwork. I arrived on 12/30. The check would not be sent to the lien holder until they received our signed transfer title. No check copy to send to our GAP insurance carrier, no final payment from them. I wanted our tow money. I asked when they would pay for this. I was told that the check was cut on 12/29. I called every day, from 1/3/11 onward inquiring as to where their check was and was constantly told that it was mailed on 12/30. I called her a liar because mail only takes 2-3 days from Duluth, GA to Friendswood, TX. She told me that she was not responsible for the US mail. When the check finally arrived on 1/6-it had been postmarked on 1/3, not 12/30. They did not pay for the tow that they told me I had to have in order for the car not to incur any more storage fees. The man, whose truck I hit, calls me every day wanting to know when MY insurance company is going to pay for his truck damages. Lindsay sent us a letter, postmarked 12/30 (it arrived on 1/3) stating that they had settled their claim with him. Their response to him is the same as to me-LIES and then more lies. They are claiming that they mailed his check on 12/30 and on 1/7, it still has not arrived. I filed a complaint against Lindsay with the TX Dept. of Insurance on 1/3 and faxed the so-called claims adjuster at Lindsay a copy. If you don't want an insurance run-around and also having to deal with stupidity and incompetency -do NOT ever get insurance through or Lindsay General Insurance Agency.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
12, Report #1080506
Aug 30 2013
11:51 AM
Alto Insurance Agency Multiservices Alto Insurance Theft, Fraud, Tax Evasion. Houston Texas
Giant rip off of a company. Will be reporting them for tax evasion. These people change insurance companies without warning to customers to try and cash in. Do not know how the crooks are still in business. My guess is they have never been reported. Hope you like explaining why you 1099 employees when 1099 is for contractors, not someone who works in your office. No brains at all. Also the woman co owner is a rude loud mouth wannabee who tried robbing my daughter from pay. Stated that she could and would hold her check for over a month. FYI. You can not hold any ones pay just because you feel like it. Enjoy your audit. B.  
Entity: Houston, Texas
13, Report #1224120
Apr 22 2015
11:50 AM
Bozeman Insurance Inc Bozeman Insurance Agency Insurance agency for Federated national St Petersburg, Florida
Suffered extreme inefficiency They fired the person dealign with me due to complete mess The boss ignored emails then begged me to stay. I quit with them and transferred my policies elsewhere. Bozeman then forged my signature and claimed that it was OK and gave the reason that it was to facilitate my cancelation. There is no excuse to forge signature and then justify it This is the owners response: I understand your frustration, but it is not our fault you claim you cannot cash the check(s) sent to you by Tower Hill Insurance.  In a good faith effort to accommodate you, I requested to have the checks reissued in your name as the Managing Member of the LLC. Let me say the company is under no obligation to change the name to whom the check(s) was issued. The check(s) was written to the named insured of Sandlake Trustee LLC, the insured name you gave us to write the policy for, not Mark Nathwani.  You sold the property and now claim you cannot cash the check(s). As it stands the insurance company will not change the name. Furth more, since you feel compelled to threaten me the issue is closed as far as I am concerned too. You did sell the home didn’t you, you couldn’t furnish me with the closing papers for the sale or disillusion paperwork of the LLC, you only send me the purchase paper work? I would assume you hold some sort of documentation on the sale of the property or the closure the insured entity that you can present to the bank you are doing business with to get satisfaction. You spoke to Monica Steinert to cancel the Sandlake policy, the form in question was a cancellation request to Tower Hill Insurance Company to cancel the insurance on the property you sold and facilitate your return premium. Yes, you can report it to the police, however I would suggest the appropriate resource is for you to contact the Division of Consumer Services for the State of Florida. Their phone number for out of State is (850) 413-3089 or file a complaint with them online at, you can also get there using Bob Bozeman bozeman insurance, inc 6400 Central Avenue St. Petersburg Fl 33707 727.347.3158 o
Entity: St Petersburg,, Florida
14, Report #134256
Mar 08 2005
08:22 PM
Arrowhead General Insurance Agency ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing San Diego California
Looking for a motorcycle insurance. I call Reality Insurance services. They give me a estimate of 291 for the year. I went to their location with the motorcycle. They took pictures and make sure every thing match after that I pay the insurance with my credit card they told me that I will receive the real insurance card from Arrowhead insurance in about 15 day. Instead I receive another bill for 552.00. I call to them and they say that the company make a mistake and that's why they were adjusting my rate. I ask for my money back they told me that I got to send a letter saying that I wan to cancel and they will pro rate it and send me the reaming. In the meantime they send me the real policy in which the price for the year is 743.00. If you divide that for 12 month and it was only 11 days that I was with the insurance. It should be 61.91 per month. Well 15 day later I receive a check for 74.00 dollars they deducted 217. for 11 day of use of the insurance to me. That's a rip off. They give you one price in one they say 291 then plus 552 = 843 support to because they prorate the priced and they in the real policy that they send is 743.00 is a 100 dollars difference. In the other hand they have different names. They use Lincoln General Insurance Company or Arrowhead General insurance Agency, inc. and the broker Reality Insurance services. Don't get any insurance from them they will rip you off. Manfredo palmdale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
15, Report #66850
Sep 11 2003
06:27 PM
Meredith Bolger Insurance Agency Questional Business Practices Irving Texas
I purchased bonding from this company because The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires it for my beer and wine license. I was notified by T.A.B.C. that my bonding was going to expire in the middle of July of this year. I mailed a money order to Bolger Insurance in early July so my bonding would not expire. On Thursday Night 8/14/03, T.A.B.C. came into my place of business closing it down because my bonding was never updated. I called Bolger Insurance who then reinstated my bonding on 8/15/03. By this time it was too late. Bolger Insurance had my money order in early July and just sat on my money until it was too late. After a week's worth of calling and complaining, (and Bolger Insurance avoiding most of my calls along with giving me the run-a-round), my license was revoked and I am now out of business. I have since reapplied for a new license which cost me $1900.00 that I didn't have to spend. I am also looking at being closed down for at least a month. All Meredith Bolger Insurance had to do to remedy the mistake was fax a letter to T.A.B.C. stating that I had indeed paid on time. They couldn't even do that for me. I thought a lawsuit was in order for all of the damage Bolger Insurance has caused to me. I was advised by my lawyer that a lawsuit would be costly and not very effective. The only thing I can do now is warn others before it's too late Rose Corpus Christi, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
16, Report #59459
Jun 03 2003
03:26 PM
Aguila Insurance Agency ripoff fraud business Dallas Texas
Watch our for this insurance company. I purchased a vehicle from (and watch this car company also) DriveTime in Novemeber. They at Drivetime, since I didnt have insurance sent me to Aguila Insurance Agency. I paid my premiums. In January my car was stolen. Ill make this short. When I filed the claim with the insurance company it wasnt until late Feburary that I received the money to repair the stolen damaged vehicle. And I really wonder if then if I would have gotten my money if I hadnt retained a lawyer. On top of that when I called there underwriting company they said that Aguila had not done business with them for several months. When i called the dealership they told me that they were no longer using the company either because they proved to be a bad risk. And the insurance company would not deduct the 500 deductible, nor would they reimburse me the attorney fees. And the owner Barbara Aguila would not even give me an apology. As far as it goes with Drive Time all they wanted was there money. They didnt care about my situation and till this day have not try to appease me what so ever. So I say when dealing with insurance companies be sure to only deal with reputable companies. I believe these folks are using the money to take care of thier personal expenses, and crosses their fingers that no on will have to file a claim. As of this date they are still in business. And I intend to eventually file suit against them for my deductible, and attorney fees. Sandra Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
17, Report #119919
Nov 26 2004
05:33 PM
Selective, Royale Insurance Agency RIPOFF HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SCAM ARTISTS Guttenberg New Jersey
Company offers little to no liability coverage and forces commercial insurance. If a vehicle is a specific model vehicle, it automatically falls under: commercial vehicle despite its purpose. Secondary operators of a vehicle are added onto the primary policy citing what if scenarios and misinforming on state and legal regulations. Written policies are ignored. If insurance is cancelled, Royale insists--though it is not their right to do so--on finding out the name of new insurance agent ignoring right to privacy. Representatives mislead the public by refusing to accept written cancellations, operator amendments, and new auto additions until pressed. Royale insists on doing everything in in person and reserves the right to refuse EVERYTHING despite a clean auto record. One representative cited her reason for refusing to add a vehicle onto my existing coverage: I don't feel comfortable giving you coverage. Lisa Jersey City, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Guttenberg, New Jersey
18, Report #784453
Oct 04 2011
07:52 AM
Lindsey General Insurance Agency Bootleg, Hoarding, Incompetent Business Style, Internet
This incompetent insurance company has been nothing but a pure waste of time and energy. After being hit by their client, this is the type of business I have received: 1. Adjuster to see vehicle nearly 2 weeks after wreck. 2. Claim not approved for reimbursement until 3.5 weeks after accident. 3. Reimbursement received by mail almost exactly a month from the accident date. 4. Estimate for claim quoting replacement parts which are not quality parts (The collision center I am using for repairs is not trying to install new parts...this is not the issue. The price on the quote is for parts which are not even usable refurbished parts to adequately repair my vehicle - thus the estimate is low on reimbursement) 5. No proactive communication from Lindsey General regarding all the delays. 6. Only form of communication is to leave multiple voicemails and await phone calls back. 7. Reimbursement only style of rental coverage!!!! Who has money up front to pay for a rental vehicle and wait who knows how long for reimbursement???? 8. Spoke to management regarding grievances and management was more unfruitful than regular employees. Not even an apology for delays was offered, not to mention the threat to hang up on me because he did not like my list of grievances! 9. The collision center is even complaining about having to work with this company. 10. My vehicle is still not fixed!!!!
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #690038
Feb 02 2011
05:58 PM
A Affordable Insurance Agency Not Giving the Facts Brockton, Massachusetts
I had gone in duringOctober 2010to get a new insurance policy. I had signed all the paperwork, reviewed all of the information with the representative, inspected my car and was on my way. Unfortunately for me there was an issue with my mail, the first bill never got paid and insurance was cancelled, leaving me out $300 for the down payment. My fault, I should have realized it sooner that I hadn't paid. So in December 2010 I go back in. Same procedure, paperwork, reviewing information and signing documents to get insurance, paying another $300 down payment, but I need it. I needed full coverage because I have a bank loan on my car. So just yesterday, 2/1/11, I get in an accident due to the snow and slam my front end into a pole. My car gets towed because it was not able to be driven, and I get home and immediately call my insurance company. While on the phone I ask about my rental so that I have something to get to work. They told me I had no rental on my policy. I was not expecting that. When I had spoke to the agent at A Affordable I asked them before I signed, I have FULL coverage on everything and i wont have any problems if I have an accident. They said no. Not once in the two visits and the two times I asked them did they say a word that rental was extra. They had me sign the paperwork saying I am signing for coverage, liability, etc etc. So I signed as they were going over every detail. There was a section in there about towing, which they said I didnt need because I had signed up for their towing package, similar to a AAA package, so I declined. I was unaware that this was also declining rental, which their package didnt have. I understand I am at liability for signing without completely reading the whole document. I admit, that is my fault. But what upsets me is the fact that they are having people decline these certain things without telling them all of the facts so that they can make the commission on selling these separate packages. Now I am without my vehicle and paying out of pocket for a rental so that I dont lose my job due to insufficient transportation. And, to top it off, the manager of this branch was extremely rude to me, telling me that all of her employees disclose this information every single time they open a policy and that it was my fault for not listening. It was my fault for not reading, but I paid close attention to every word I was told, and not once in any of my visits to this location did they mention that this was an extra charge. Ive always had this standard in my full coverage. So I would like to let anyone know who is planning to go to A Affordable to disregard what the employees are saying. Do not make the same mistake I did. Do not sign up for their separate towing package. Get AAA or something and read every last detail you can to aviod getting yourself in the financial predicament I now face. You will not get anywhere addressing issues with the location manager so avoid issues from the start. Lesson learned for me
Entity: Brockton, Massachusetts
20, Report #376868
Sep 29 2008
07:09 AM
BFC Insurance Agency Of NevadaHSBC/BFC Insurance Agency Of Nevada NOT FORFILLING INSURANCE CLAIM Bridgewater New Jersey
Hello my name is Deborah xxxx and I am writing on behalf of AccountSecure/AccountSecure Plus On January 12, 2008 my husband Robert xxxx passed away; and in February 2008 I called your company Secured Plus to inform them of this event. Secure Plus forwarded me to HSBC to see if I qualified for the insurance to cover my debt with SecurePlus. I called HSBC and was told that I would receive paper work to process my claim and that I had 45 days to do so. Unfortunately this hardship and the grief that comes with it have hindered my abilities not only in my ability to pay finances but mental sharpness as well. I never received the paperwork and went on to receive collection notices from Secure Plus. I called HSBC again in July and asked, Where is the paperwork or was my claim processed by phone that day in February and was I just waiting on a decision? To my SURPRISE......... no such call had taken place, there was no record or voice recording of the call per operator. Then I was told that the time had elapsed for my claim but that I could not be denied on the phone and that I would once again receive paperwork. On July 30, 2008 I received the paper work and on August 13, 2008 I mailed it to Benefit Activation Dpt., 200 Somerset Corp. Blvd Ste 100, P O Box 6983, Bridgewater NJ 08807-0983. I am still receiving mailed correspondence from SecurityPlus about my balance and now am being told that the paperwork never reached BFC Insurance Agency. Please someone tell me what to do, I feel at this point it's my word against yours I lack the burden of proof from the call made in February made by my cell with prepaid minutes- so I can't pull phone records. I have copies of the paperwork but didn't send the mail registered or return receipt for mailing tracking purposes. I am on a limited income and took this insurance with a confidence that if needed, I would be serviced. I am in no blaming anyone; it's just that it's my word against this company's(HSBC) and I at this point feel helpless. I am faxing this or emailing trying it to have some type of electronic tracking to get immediate help regarding this matter. Thank you for your help Deborah A. xxxxx Dd Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgewater, New Jersey
21, Report #809953
Dec 15 2011
03:08 PM
Lindsay General Insurance Agency Lindsay General Insurance Agency, AKA Driver's Insurance, AKA Did not Pay Rental Reimbursement Duluth, Georgia
Lindsay General Insurance Agency, AKA Driver's Insurance, AKA was the insurer of a person who was at fault in an auto accident with myself.  The company refused to rent a car for me during the repairs and promised to refund the money I had to go out of pocket for after the repairs were done.  Because of where I live and the kind of car I drive, a Subaru Outback, the repair took longer than they had approved the rental for.  I was left holding almost $400 dollars in rental fees they they are refusing to pay.  The body shop has provided proof of needed repair time.  I have no other recourse but to pass this along to anyone who will listen. A $400 loss right before Christmas is a big blow to out plans to visit family and I believe what they are doing might be illegal.  Thanks for listening.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
22, Report #23555
Jun 27 2002
09:09 AM
Acceptance Insurance, William Noel Burgess River City Insurance Agency ripoff Nashville and Memphis Tennessee
When I purchased my vehicle in April 2002, I purchased insurance with Acceptance Insurance (William Burgess, Underwriter). I was quoted a monthly fee of $167 by Mr. Burgess. However, when I received my first statement, it was for $206! I called the main office in Nashville, and they didn't have a clue what happened. I called Mr. Burgess and he told me to go ahead and pay the $167, and he'd get the bill straightened out. Well, the following week I received a bill for the difference of $167 ($39). I called Nashville again, and asked them had Mr. Burgess called to straighten the bill out with them, and they said he had not done so. I explained my the situation to the customer service rep. I was told to call back later in the week so that Mr. Burgess could be contacted. Well, later in the week after I called back, I was told by same customer service rep (rather nastily) that they in fact have an application with my signature on it with a quoted price: $192 per month. Okay, now I smell a rat! I would never have purchased car insurance at that price! I made call to Mr. Burgess again, and he stated he quoted me a monthly fee of $178 not $167; and he doesn't know where the $192 came from. Seems to me that there is dishonesty and deceptive practices with this company. Fortunately for me, I let the insurance cancel, because they were not going deceptively get $200 from me. Consumers Beware! Yolanda Memphis, Tennessee
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
23, Report #180890
Mar 13 2006
12:20 PM
Cal Fed Insurance Agency - Hartford Insurance Complete Disaster, Ripoff Burbank California
I live in a flood zone in Toms River, NJ. I am required to carry flood because I have a mortgage. The problem is the insurance company I have right now and the agency are ripping me off and no one can give me a straight answer. I have insurance with The Hartford and my agency is Cal Fed. The problem seems to be more with Cal Fed Agency. In December of last year I was told that my flood insurance that I had was no good and that I needed to get new flood insurance within 30 days or I would no longer have a mortgage. They referred me to Cal Fed Agency to get a policy. I sent them all the required information they needed and they said my flood would be $2042.00 per year. I thought that was a little high but the representative assured me that this was correct. He also assured me that he would fax over to my mortgage company that I had the coverage effective December 27th 2005 and he would also send a copy to Citibank because I am in the process of obtaining a line of credit. In Mid-January I received a notice from my mortgage company again that they have no record of my flood insurance. I spoke with Cal Fed and they said they would take care of it. Also, since then I had been requesting my policy (which I just received on March 11th 2006). It was required that I had $135,000 worth of coverage which I specifically asked for because of the line of credit I was trying to obtain. I then receive a phone call from Cal Fed saying we needed more information in order to give a policy, what???!!! I then call them immediately with the information they requested and they said they would send me the policy as soon as they got it. I called Cal Fed numerous times to get my policy sent to me. I finally get it and its all wrong. The coverage is incorrect and I received a letter from The Hartford that they still don't have the right information for this policy, so if I had a claim they would not process it. I cannot believe this! I also found out from Allstate my rate should be $342 per year. There is a major problem here and I need help to get it resolved. I am considering contacting an attorney and filling charges against Cal Fed and The Hartford. The kicker: I can't cancel my policy until January 2007. Jessica Toms river, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
24, Report #707538
Mar 18 2011
12:15 AM
Tozier-Parkway-Housh-Jones Insurance Agency Phyllis M. Turner ***CROOKED Insurance AGENT and Agency*** Overland Park, Kansas
I Contacted Phyllis for Insurance. Requested, auto, Life, Commercial, Renters. I received and agreed to prices for auto, renters, and Life. I gave Phyllis Pmt over the phone for my ins. I started to get strange emails from her. 1 stating that she was adding someone else to my auto policy, and that she would talk to me later about it, she never did speak to me about it, and I forgot. I received email from Phyllis telling me that I am covered for Life ins. I received an email stating that I am covered for Renters ins. Then I got email telling me that my renters was cancelled and she had to get me new coverage. Phyllis called me and stated that she had found new company and signed me up, she said my premium had gone up and I told her that was fine, gave her pmt over the phone.   I had several emails from Phyllis. I had a break in on 11/03/2010 and called Phyllis office and spoke to her, told her of the break in and she stated that she would call me back and tell me what to do. She never did. I called several times only to be hung up on, and left on hold and then hung up on. I sent her an email, and she responded by email (6 days later), apologizing for everything, then she stated that I was not covered, and that she could issue a policy and back date it for 11/01/2010. So, I called a friend of mine in the ins. business and asked about her tactics and he stated that it was fraud. I proceeded to really look at our correspondence and was not happy.   I realized that Phyllis was a bit shady, and her behavior was bad. I then found that I had no car ins. I proceeded to call safeco to find out what was wrong,and explained to them what had been happening. They said they canceled my policy because Phyllis had not sent them my previous dec page. I forwarded them the email that I sent Phyllis, showing that I had sent her this information.   I then was transferred to the fraud dept, and they began investigating her. I found out that she had added one of her relatives to my auto policy, and that she had been doing some fraudulent things. The Safeco investigator was very helpful and pleasant. Phyllis did a lot of lying to her as well.  I am a single mother of 3 and all I wanted was some insurance. I have sustained a loss of approximately $6500.  I am just trying to get my claim paid, and some discipline for an out of control agent, before she does this to someone else. What if I had an accident and someone was hurt, I would not have been insured, and I had paid for ins. I have tried to deal with her Corporate office, I even went down there to see them in person. They promised that they were working on things and would get back to me. I received a big packet in the mail with applications in it. I wasn't going to blindly sign things after the fact. I have yet to hear from anyone trying to speak to me to resolve these issues. I need help, and I also need my money. I have a great daughter who is 9 yrs old, and her items were stolen in the break in, and I had to replace them. This is not right, that people are out there doing these things, and their corporate office are aware, and try to cover it up, and make excuses. But, no restitution. Tozier-Housh-Parkway-Jones are fully aware of the situation, and are in receipt of the emails from her. But, they are trying to make me fight instead of doing what is right. They are just as bad as Phyllis Turner, maybe they are aware of her behavior and just dont have a problem with it. I am a victim, and they dont seem to care. They responded to my complaint to the BBB, trying to defend their position. Despite the fact that I have the email from Phyllis stating that she was binding my Home insurance the next day.  She is just a crook and a liar, and her agency seems to just follow suit. What terrible people they are. I HOPE NOONE USES THIS AGENT OR AGENCY !!!    BE WARE!!!   THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
25, Report #622165
Jul 11 2010
12:04 AM
Everestt Insurance Agency Dan Everette Bruce Fruadulent service kaufman , Texas
Entity: kaufman, Texas

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