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1, Report #1404092
Oct 04 2017
09:38 AM
GTS Pro located in Scottsdale, AZ A total ripoff Phoenix Arizona
This company makes many promises.  None of them came to fruition.  I was talked into the 'Gold package'.  and further convinced that the only way to make money was by 'guaranteed traffic' to the an additional cost.  I worked with one 'trainer' for several months as he supposedly worked on getting my website up and running.  It NEVER made any money. All of a sudden that trainer was no longer with the company...left for 'personal issues'.  The new guy convinced me that they needed to change my 'niche'.  That got changed, more money of course.  Still nothing to show.  I complained to their VP of 'Quality Assurance'.   He looked into it and supposedly turned it over to another manager that convinced me that in addition to the original website, I could buy into a domain name that would be built up and sold at a huge profit later.  I know, I know.  I'm an idiot.  But when you're trying to help out grandchildren and great grandchildren, you get a little desperate.  You know the old saying - 'there's no fool like an old fool'. Well, long story short, I'm out a total of over 4 grand.  This company is a complete and total scam. Learn from my mistakes, do NOT have anything to do with GTS Pro out of Arizona.   I'm an idiot, and that's that.      
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
2, Report #1276137
Dec 24 2015
11:08 AM
Accountgear / GTS ONLINE LTD GTS ONLINE LTD Online stealing backed by PayPal. Internet
 I purchased a guildwars 2 game from this company on what seemed to be a respectable website. I used PayPal to ensure I would not be ripped off. As it turns out. I gave these thief's $66.15 with my verified PayPal account only to receive silence in return. No return emails. No game. No nothing , after 30 days. I reported this theft to PayPal. PayPal investigated and contacted the seller. I waited for a message from paypal only to be told that PayPal used the scam sites tracking info to assess the transaction. The site or persons provided tracking info on something never sent. In turn I got nothing and I'm out 66$. So basically this is online stealing and its legal. If this was in a store or anywhere else. These people would go to jail. Instead they have a system set up to steal your money legit. Don't deal with them. It's a scam. 100% Should be put in jail. 100% criminal action here.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1172124
Aug 25 2014
11:03 AM
WORLD GTS Professional Fradulent Company New York New York
World GTS is a fraudulent company that is very organized and ran by professional criminals.  Please be aware of them they are also afflicated with: Summill Supply, McWither Inc., and T.A.O Wholesale.  They have a bank in Quebec whcih they recently closed their accounts with.  My compnay extended a line of credit to them after completing the Credit process succesfully and got over on us over $15K.  The credit application they provided us has the president as Mr. Chan Sivasu, and Vice President Mr. James River.  They also went to the extent of registering for a FEIN and a Ressale Certificate in IL.  the numbers are:FEIN:33-1229560IL resale Crt: 4131-6800 They are also registered with Experian credit reports, like I said folks they are professional criminals.  Be aware of this company or any of the three they are affliated with. 
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #1222309
Apr 13 2015
11:28 PM
GTS ONLINE LTD AKA AKA AKA AKA Scam Ripoff Stole money Internet
This website straight up ripped me off I tried to buy an account from them they took my money then never contacted me despite my numerious attempts to contact them they dont answer emails and there never on live chat. I filed a complaint with paypal but since its a virtual/digital/intangible item (ie a game account) Im not able to get my money back. Fortunately Im only out 14 usd, if I can help somebody else from being ripped off by these scumbags its worth the loss to me. They have multiple websites all of them look similar and there all nothing but a scam. If your using paypal and see the name GTS ONLINE LTD as the seller/vendor its a total scam there a bunch of crooks and you'll lose your money.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1174672
Sep 05 2014
10:49 AM
World GTS World GTS - is a fake company. This company will steal you Blind. Do not give the a Credit Line New York New York
My comoany also was decived by World GTS. We did offer the a small credit line of 10K. They were asking for 50k. Thank goodness we stuk to our grounds. We did our usal credit ckecks of their references, Bank and D&B. There were some concerns but that is why we only granted a small line of credit.Notsure how we can recover the unpaid invoices at this time.  Do not do any busines with Word GTS.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #1271483
Dec 02 2015
08:48 AM
Gametag GTS Online Online Games / Accounts Unknown Internet
Gametag will take your money, not provide you with any account information (buyer) or reimburse you (seller), then fight your claim with Paypal / Your bank.  Total scam site with no customer service phone number or serviceable chat features.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1020611
Feb 26 2013
02:50 PM
Global Telecom Solutions LLC GTS GTS doesn't pay their subs for work completed Marlton, New Jersey
On 7/16/12 Nate Rosborough called my company & requested we do some sub-contract work for them at a Bank of the West in The Dalles, OR which is about 90 minutes from our office.  We agreed to do the work as long as we would be paid $100 in travel charges plus our normal time & materials rate for national accounts.  We checked out the company on line & found no negative reviews and so we sent our technician who completed the work the next day on 7/17/13.  We submitted our invoice to Nate's e-mail address on 7/24/12.   We started calling & leaving messages on 9/21/12 requesting payment.  We've actually gotten through to Dave in accounting on at least 3 separate occasions and been told the checks in the mail.  It's 2/26/13 now & we still haven't been paid.   Don't be scammed by these delinquents and their shenanigans.  When they call you, either tell them no or accept the work & just don't bother sending your technicians, because they aren't going to bother paying you.
Entity: Marlton, New Jersey
8, Report #1304284
May 07 2016
08:43 PM
Gts Auto sales/ Credit Acceptance Biggest rip off car dealer in st clair county MICHIGAN Port Huron Michigan
 Hi everyone. I recently bought a vehicle from GT Auto sales on Tenth St. In port huron michigan. Swindlers and con-artists and they should be punished! I purchased the vehicle a 99 buick regal inOctober of 2015. It is only May 2016 and the car is falling apart! I recently spent alot of money pulling the transmission and replacing it. I had the wheel bearings done, Every single light is on the dashboard, The cruise stopped working, the ABS stopped working, and so did the traction control. Now i found out the strut tower is rusting through the wheel well and it cant be fixed unless i pay big money. This is ridiculous i am only 22 Years old and i feel like they seen an Opportunity to sell a car and only think about them and ruin someones life. They knew i did not know all the details of buying a car and lied about the payments and the interest. Their finance company Credit Acceptance in southfield michigan are just as con artists as the dealer. 23% interest im paying and i cannot get a new car because i owe so much. I need a way out somehow im to young for this. NEVER GO HERE!
Entity: Port Huron , Michigan
9, Report #328489
Apr 23 2008
10:41 PM
Financial Bank Plc Benin Republic, Proffesor Michael Obin, Tony Devis Instituted email from individual to contact GTS courier who was holding money. First needed 100.00 then stopped in customs then back to GTS and now email from GTS to contact this bank. This Stated Through Email By Toney Devis Referring To GTS Courrier Benin Republic
I first received and email from a Tony Devis then Tony Devin to contact GTS service. He was sending me cash in a case but was listing it as clothing. GTS got it needed 100.00 dollars holding which I sent by Western Union. Then when released it went to customs and I received a email from there Agent for delivering money-Mr Paul Eze a Diplomat from GTS Courier Company Limited Benin Republic whom supose to deliver a Trunk of Box to you which the tracking number is 52765440650 and your password: I then was told it was exrayed and found money in it. This Tony Devin/Davis then sent email stating needed 4500.00 dollars to release. His wife could pay the 3000.00 I only needed to send 1500.00 which I refused to due. Was even threatened to be sent to London for money laundering. Then GTS send new email stating funds had to be place in bank due to length of time. I need to call bank which phone numbers are always just answered. They never give company name etc. So I called back to GTS and pinpointed them and they didn't know how to respond. Dan Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
10, Report #256060
Jun 21 2007
04:32 PM
Tcs Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics Exchange Defective Ambient Brookstone Weather Station Ripoff Waterbury Connecticut
Purchased a Brookstone 5-Day Weather Station (manufactured by Ambient Devices) from TCS Pawn Co. Item is defective, basically dead, the radio receiver does not work. TSC Pawn refuses to provide refund or replacement. Unit was sold as new and as fully-operational. Ambient Devices will not refund or replace since they did not sell it. Brookstone will not refund or replace since they did not sell it. TCS Pawn says to contact manufacturer for refund or replacement. Will no company stand behind their products and their sales? Or have I simply run into three companies that take your money and run? Advice: Do not deal with any three of these companies. James Glendale Gts, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Waterbury, Connecticut
11, Report #277270
Oct 05 2007
11:31 AM, Jenna@pro-, On-line ripoffs Internet
I ordered a $60 product from which I never received. I could not locate the company through the Better Business (national). I tracked down the domain name whom I called. They informed me the company I am looking for purchased a domain from them, but due privacy polices, could not provide the name of the real company behind I have tried to contact pro-astrologer 4 times. I have only received back autoresponses directing me to a site to complete a form, which I did. I still have not received the product or satisfactory contact. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. Journey Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #185456
Sep 09 2008
08:54 PM
13, Report #1336222
Nov 02 2016
11:00 AM
Pro Garcinia Pro Power Garcinia Pro Garcinia Trial Scam Internet
I ordered the trial bottle of this prodcut for $5.00.  I'm familiar with the markeitng ploys associated with Trial Offers so I was sure to read the fine print.  Unfortunately, after paying for the Trial, Pro Garcinia took it upon themselves to use my card monthly to charge my card for regualr bottles of the product and send these bottles.  I've called them sevearl times to cancel however  there is always an answering machine that takes the call.  Each time I have left a message for a call back and they have yet to return my call.  Ive also contacted my bank however Pro Garcnina has found a way to setup this charge in such a way that it cannot be blocked.  A new card would need to be issued to prevent the charges.  This is not acceptable and this company should be reported to the authorities. I saw that one member posted a comment stating that this company tired to threaten him for reporting them to the BBB.  I also saw  negative comments abotu this product on other websites.  Next time I will do better research but in the meantime the company should be investigated.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1375010
May 23 2017
09:28 PM
Pro Bid Pro Online Ventures Software PHP Probid Ripp Off BuggySoftware Internet
I bought this software as it looked very promising but after about 2 months of custom developement i  gave up on this company after also paying an arm and a leg on custom work.  I essentially had to test the custom work myself and report to them for bugs to be fixed, they didnt bother testing their work before i evaluated.  this became very frustrating after a while and i walked away with a website that was incomplete, with errors and bugs.  it was a disappointing end and i would not recommend this company to anyone.  i was ripped off and left with a useless piece of software.  you can try another product called ilance.  i wished i had gone with them at the start and i dont think i would filing a ripoff report like this.
Entity: Avana, Ngatangiia, Internet
15, Report #859543
Mar 26 2012
01:28 PM
I had a mortgage with JWH . GTS took it over. They told me in December and January they would be reporting my payments to the credit bureaus. February rolls arounds and now they say they will NOT because JWH did not report to the credit bureaus. They said I did not have a mortgage. My wife asked them to send us a copy of our contract. This was about Feb.23. They said they would. On or around Mar.19 started calling GT asking about the paperwork. I always got the rep's name.  The excuses were unbelieveable.On March 22, a Nina said it was mailed on the 19th and I should get it by the end of the month. I told her the postal service was slow but not that slow and that I would be calling everyday until I got the paperwork. On March 23, a Angelica tries to tell me my loan is a home equity which it is NOT(still no paperwork). Today, March 26, Natasha, admits to me that GTS does NOT have the documents and it was NEVER mailed. STAY AWAY from GTS.
Entity: RAPID CITY, South Dakota
16, Report #374934
Sep 22 2008
06:24 AM
Pro Caulk ,Pro Seal Pro Seal is now Pro Caulk Connecticut Nationwide
Pro Seal has been ripping people off for years as reported by many on this site. I now see the same product advertised under a new name Pro Caulk and it is clearly the same company. Beware. Your account will be charged a lot and you will not receive your product. Darlene wolverine lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Connecticut
17, Report #359597
Aug 05 2008
04:55 PM
Pro Seal Pro Seal is back!!!! New York Internet
Look back at all of the previous reports and people who lost money on proseal (I am one of them). Same company name and product is back on advertising. will not get your product, your account will be charged plus an outrageous amount for shipping. Stop them now Darlene wolverine lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #470282
Jul 16 2009
08:45 AM
Google Pro Google pro Las Vegas Nevada
*NOTICE..!! this ripoff has nothing to do with Google search engine - many rip-off businesses use the Google name to fool consumers. =========================================== I did not order the product because I read all of the information and said I would not use them, but for some reason I was charged 72.21 any way and once I saw the charge I called the number listed on my bank record, they said when the cd come in just send it back to a different address and your money will be sent back to you (My question was how did they get my information when I canceled after I read the fine print). I called and called the money never came into my account, although I change my account number so they could not take money from my account but my bank told me that the money would go back in account if they used the old account number. Now when I call I get an answering machine and it ask me to put in an extension number (this is also a third party company I had talk to in the past). Dino Humble, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #1277642
Jan 03 2016
08:17 AM
Pro-bids Offers fake services Camarillo Internet
Pro-bids offers a site to assist with finding various services and claims to allow customers to bid on services needed. Pro-bids makes up fake businesses to raise bids causing the consumer to be duped. Complete fraud.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1356081
Feb 14 2017
05:16 PM
Pro Flowers Never order from pro Flowers. Very Unreliable Internet
  I order flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day even gave them flexible on days 13th or 14th to be delivered and when they never showed up in called and they gave me the runaround that the order never processed but the could do it now and flowers would take a couple days to get to her. Getting them by V Day was the point. I even got the confirmation email saying the order was placed. Never again and others should beware of this companis business practices.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #10781
Jan 06 2002
12:00 AM
Digital Pro Audio Speakers Ripoff
Beware of this scam! This evening two men approached me in a mall parking lot. They were trying to sell speakers that they claimed were an over shipment that their boss did not know about. They were two white males in their mid twenties selling the speakers out of a blue Ford Explorer. There are numerous reports on the Internet of people approached with the same story. Needless to say the speakers are a ripoff.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #578617
Mar 05 2010
11:00 AM
Ionic Pro hung up on Internet
I called their customer service number yesterday and was hung up on two times by the same guy. I called because my Ionic Pro Turbo quit working and I wanted to know how to fix it or to buy another. Instead their employee got an attitude and started to hang up on me.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #544056
Dec 22 2009
11:19 PM
Limewire Pro virus infection, Internet
purchased lime wire in good fath but after downloading movie and or music found thay were infested with virus and almost had to replace hard drive because of it just glad i had a very good virus protection program if any one reades this report hope thay dont make the same mistake i made and purchased the program ask for a refund but could not receve one i think these people should be banned from ripping people off
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #749297
Jul 05 2011
12:55 PM
Pro Lash Mascara Internet
I received a bunch of offers bundled in an email offering a gift credit card if I sampled a couple of products. I accepted one from Pro Lash for $1.00 plus S&H. It was about 10 days before I even tried the stuff, didn't think it was all that impressive and called and cancelled 18 days from the time I was charged $4.83. Yesterday I was reconciling my bank statement and noticed I was charged $119.32 by Pro Lash 15 days after the first charge. I called, the first agent chided me saying that it's all in the agreements that were presented to me in 3 different ways that I have to pay after 15 days. I told him I wasn't paying for it so he transferred me and of course I had to wait about 30 minutes for the next agent. She chided me again for agreeing to their BS and I just flatly stated that I wasn't paying for it. She finally said she would refund it and gave me a reference number. Do Not buy this product. No mascara on earth is worth $119!!!!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #922212
Aug 03 2012
06:55 PM
Pro Flowers Easy Saver Rip Off, Internet
I first purchased flowers from Pro Flowers in 2009. At the time of purchase there was a place were you could sign up for their easy saver service, you would get a discount on flowers and free shipping. I declined.  Unknown to me they started charging my credit card for the easy share. My husband just brought it to my attention the charges on this month's bill. We started looking at all of our old bills and found that they had been charging us 14.95 since 2009. Yes I know we should have checked the bills sooner. I called the customer service number listed on this site and got nowhere. Then I called Pro Flowers and spoke to Alex. I asked Alex if he could tell me anything about the Easy Share plan. He hemmed and hawed and said that he did not know that much about it. He took my information and said that someone from customer service would call me on Monday. I called my Visa and told them about the charges. The young woman I spoke to told me she had to give us new credit cards. That she could not block charges from Pro Flowers. She also said that she would put in a report to deny the charges, She said that the credit card may have issues since we have taken so long to complain. Pro Flowers are a company that No One should do business with. They are a Rip Off.
Entity: , Internet

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