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1, Report #479854
Aug 14 2009
10:08 AM
B & J Transportation - Sargent Trucking - B & J Transportation Refusing to pay drivers not accepting responsibility for employee/manager Mars Hill Maine
I contacted the Federal Labor Board, who contacted Bruce Sargent, who has denied any responsibility for truck drivers not being paid for their services. My wife is disabled, our rent is behind, our utilities are behind, my wife needs prescriptions.Someone got paid...just not the guys who hauled the loads, missed time with their families, had to sleep in a truck.Why can't someone do something about this.
Entity: Mars Hill, Maine
2, Report #69806
Oct 22 2003
06:59 AM
J D Marvel Products ripoff Champlain New York
Ordered two pair of slippers on 8/12/03. Check cleared bank on 8/22/03. As of this date l0/22/03 I have not received slippers. Joyce Spring Hill, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
3, Report #570784
Feb 17 2010
01:06 PM
J. Maloney and Son Rude High Priced Ceadar Brook, New Jersey
J. Maloney and Son is a HVAC company in Ceadar Brook, NJ. They are on Rt. 73. I asked for a free energy audit to determine what size heating system I would need. A representative showed up at my house 35 minutes late, and said, why am I here? I said I am interested in a new heating system. He was not pleasant at all and gave me a price for a heating system taht was $1650 higher than my closest quote. I told him I thought it was too much money. He said, You get what you pay for lady, and left, chuckling under his breath. This is no way to treat a potential customer. I spoke to a previous customer of theirs and was told they found out they over paid for their system, but found out after it was installed. The rep. didn't even bother leaving a quote behind for me.  
Entity: Ceadar Brook, New Jersey
4, Report #478270
Aug 10 2009
07:01 PM
B & J Transportation/Sargent Trucking/Steve Thompson Refusing to pay two weeks salary Mars Hill Maine
I am an over-the-road truck driver. I delivered the loads in a timely manner, in good faith, always hearing that the money was coming. I'm not the only driver that this was done to, and now my disabled wife is suffering. Our rent is behind, utilities overdue, wife needs her meds, she has multiple sclerosis and has had a relapse. Called Mr. Thompson about the checks and get no answer or voicemail. Someone got paid for these loads! Where is the money? Are we supposed to live in a cardboard box? Don't work for these people! Don't ship with them! spyder1989 Madisonville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Mars Hill, Maine
5, Report #1191970
Nov 29 2014
10:00 AM
J & E Auto LLC Did not return deposit as promised Mine Hill New Jersey
In late August my truck died unexpectedly (of course) and I was desperate to find a car that I could get into within days.  A friend stopped at this dealership and let me know they had a few cars I may be interested in.  I went up and spoke to Joe Martinelli the owner and was showed cars by his employee.  I found a car that was within my very low price range, kind of beat up, no radio but heck it drove.  I put a 200.00 cash deposit on the car on 9/1/2014.  Later that day a private seller of a car I saw called me to work out a deal.  I immediatly called Joe and explained the situation.  Joes response was you have to do what is best for you and promised to return my deposit.  He did tell me he used the cash for something else so I told hom no worries, send me a check.  A week later no check so I called Joe again and was told he lost my address.  That next week I had a family emergency and went out of town.  I returned 9 days later, still no check,  Telephone call #4 to Joe.  He again lost my address which is odd since during telephone call 2 & 3, I left it on his voice mail.  I called again and made plans to drive the 50 minutes to his business to get my check.  I arrived and the business was closed when I arrived at 5 PM.  I had told Joe I would be there around 4-4:30, unfortunatly during the trip up therem I was notified a family member passed away and needed some time to digest that news before I drove further.   Next day, Call #5, spoke to an employee who seemed shocked I was being put through such a hassle.  He promised to have Joe call me.  2 days No call.  Call #6, left another message for Joe, no return call.  Call #7, told once again he lost my address, gave it to him for the 4th time.  A week later, no check.  Call #7, spoke to a different employee who said he would have Joe return my call.  No return call.  Call #8, reached Joe who claimed my check was in an envelope on his desk and would send it out that day, 4 days later, still no check.  Call #9, left message, no return call, call #10 again the check was promised.   It is now November 28th and still no check.   This is why Used car dealers have such a bad reputation.  Joe seemed honest, sincere and talked a great talk.  Heck I even know he takes his wife of 30+ years out for coffee at 3 every day which I thought was cute.  Yet he lied through his teeth each time I spoke to him regarding the deposit.   I am unemployed, going through a divorce and have enough crap on my plate.  200.00 although not a ton of money could pay my electric for a month, instead I've got a shut off notice.    
Entity: Mine Hill , New Jersey
6, Report #1257679
Sep 28 2015
01:59 PM
J K Home Services Does not pay their contractors Forest Hill Texas
I had completed 3 projects with this small Texas based home improvement/construction firm. I am based in the New York/New Jersey area so we had been communicating through phone and email, as they needed a couple photo inspections done in my area. I had gone to two properties in Newark NJ and one in Vernon NJ and had promptly took photo inspections for these properties for this company to submit for proof to the bank for loans.
Entity: Forest Hill, Texas
7, Report #66843
Sep 11 2003
03:00 PM
Entity: SUGAR HILL, Georgia
8, Report #1397741
Sep 04 2017
10:57 AM
J Hill James Hill This guy is a rip off trying to get ppl to spend 800 dollars for wha t he calls a top notch studio. And he's gonna basically shop their deal. I knew he was a scammer all along throwing artist names out like Mary J and Kelly Rowland. I mean who looks for new artist on cl. BEWARE Los Angeles California Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 This guy scamming new Artist selling them dreams to get there money no one ask for money up front that's not a scam. He claims he's in top notch studio he also claims he's dealing with Kelly Rowland and Mary J then he claims he works for CBS which is a studio for tv and movies has nothing to do with music. Now he claims because Father MC has something to do with it they listen to him. Stay away from this guy before your broke
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1044381
Apr 18 2013
02:35 PM
Sandy Hill Stables Johnny Johnson aka J. J. (319) 230-7585 Sandy Hill Stables - Crooked deceitful horse dealers taking advantage of unsuspecting horse buyers LaPorte City , Iowa
We replied to an add on CL for a paint mare for $850.  The seller stated that she was a 4H horse and was ridden by a 16yr old.  I was going to travel to look at the mare but then we decided that we needed to purchase a trailer first and not get another horse.  I called the seller and said we were sorry but we decided to get a trailer before looking at horses and we wouldnt be able to afford a horse for awhile.  The seller J.J. said, well we have trailers too! He later called me up with a great deal.  A combo deal with a horse trailer ($900) and discount the horse to $700 for a total of $1,600.  What a deal!  We said we wanted the trailer but not really the horse.  He seller said he was bringing a load of horses to a city near us (Palmyra) so he would bring the horse by so we could see her.  He said if she didnt work he would guarantee her and would trade her with another horse. We decided to look though we were set to not get her because we already had a horse and needed a trailer.  We told the seller we didnt know the time line on a horse but would look.  We met the seller at a (Flying J) truck stop. The horse was so incredibly calm and steady when we first saw her.  Then the seller hopped right on her and rode her in the truck stop without a saddle or bridle. I could tell she didnt like the semi trucks driving by her but she was still so calm with her ears pinned forward. We decided that a horse that calm was a safe buy.  We accepted the combo deal and we drove 15 minutes South to where we board and Johnny let the mare out and we paid with a debit card swiped through a Smartsquare app.  Johnny said we should have an adult ride her a few times before putting the 12 yr old on her. He said he would be bringing our trailer in 2 or 3 weeks and that he would replace a board in the floor.  He offered to give him a post dated check and he wouldnt hear of it, he wanted us to pay when he delivered the trailer.  Due to bad weather, we could not ride the mare for a week.  She had diarrhea but that went away after the first week. When we went to ride her she immediately bucked and reared (in the first few minutes).  We put her in the arena to calm down and she tried to jump a 6 ft fence placing her chest right in the fence.  She stable owner said that the mare was not scared at all.  She didnt shake or freeze like a scared horse, she was an angry mare! She dented the most heavy duty paneling at the stables. She reared up constantly at noises, water, etc.  We realized she was very dangerous and angry. We had witnesses to her behavior and the stable owner said she is very unstable at feeding time.  Paws and the ground more than what is typical of a horse and climbs at the fence.  Needless to say the mare was nothing like the first day we saw her.  During this time the seller wouldnt receive our calls about the trailer.  He previously agreed to replace a board in the floor so we were waiting on the delivery of the trailer.  A blue 3 horse stock trailer.  When the seller finally called he said the speaker went out in his phone and the at the floor supports in the trailer were rusted out so he couldnt sell us the trailer.  The picture we received looked like the trailer had little to no rust.  He said he would look for a different trailer and trade out the horse.  We waited a week then called and said we found a trailer.  If you can make a deal on this trailer we will buy it from you and salvage this relationship.  Johnny never called back. We waited some more.  J.J. said he would have his someone in the area come pick up the horse on Wednesday or Friday.  No one called or showed up.  So I sent a txt to Tom the owner and he was angry that I dared to bother him. Said he didnt make the deal with us, J.J. did.  I said we made the deal with SANDY HILL STABLES.  He replied, Thats me. I informed him that the horse was unstable and J.J. was not keeping his work. He said he would talk to J.J. and call me that night and we would all conference and work this out.  That was April 12th,  they never called back.  After 3 weeks of trying to contact the seller and get the situation resolved, he then said he made no combo deal with the horse and trailer and he brought us the horse directly to us as a convenience. We understand now that the horse was transported across state lines, misrepresentantly sold without a Coggins or health certificate required by law.  We received no documentation, no help, just lies and deceit.  The horse has caused injury to one individual, damaged property and is not what they stated on the hand written receipt. The cc payment went to a woman who is not even involved with Sandy Hill Stables. To top it off, the receipt says that the horse was $600 and $100 for gas and trades are welcome.  How do they WELCOME a trade but not actually do it or even try. LOL HA!  Every single thing these people say are lies.  The fact is that there are signs the horse was drugged and we knew nothing about this.  The seller had no intention of selling us the trailer and is in the business of scamming people with bad horses.  We are glad nobody got hurt more that they did.
Entity: LaPorte City, Iowa
10, Report #1411113
Nov 09 2017
08:53 AM
J. Roberts & Son Inc. Would not talk about my problem just brushed me off Clarksboro New Jersey
My wife passed away in 2009 I purchased 2 Sunset Rose Crown Vases on 1-27-10 picked up on 2-3-10 on 3-3-10 had 2 granite Collars attached to Vaces. the vases are now in the state of peeling which the men who work there told me that should not happen so I returned to the store and the woman told me it was the fault of the weed wacked doing the damage. I told the woman I have a space all around the Granite collars so noting will grow which makes it look nice.The woman said no it is the weed wackes fault and walked away from me into another room and would not speak to me so I walked out. The men who work full time at the cemetery said there is no way that they caused the damage it is just falling off by it's self. I spent a total of 420.00 for these items and feel it their fault or the fault of the vase maker for this problem also the men told me they know of persons who will guarantee these items for life not for just not for the seven years that they have been on the grave.
Entity: Clarksboro, New Jersey
11, Report #1245780
Aug 01 2015
08:06 PM
J & J Floors plus Renovations Jimmy Lee SpeightJimmie Lee SpeightJ and J FloorsJ and J Flooring Jimmy Lee Speight (42y.o.), known to Wilson, Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham, Harnette County, and other areas is a scammer at best. He demands most money up front and will bait and switltch on you. Next he will try to get you to pay a portion of the remaining balance, saying he need more materials. The job was never completed, and he refuses to answer the phone after about 50 calls. North Carolina
 Jimmy Lee Speight (42y.o. Afr. Amer. Male) ripped me off for more than $1400. He was hire to do many home improvement items and both, never completed some, and half-completesdthe other jobs. After collecting the majority of the money, after about 50 Calls , 10 text messages, and 5 voicmails, still no word from Jimmy. He has listings on many sites online using call forwarding numbers. He then has those numbers forwarded to either his Cricket or Boost Mobile phone. *Red Flags* Businesses, and some Business People don't use pre-oaid phones as business lines. The work is not complete, and he's screwed up my profession Carpet Job thelat Lowes layer. Jimmy Lee Speight never finished painting my trim, painting the house, and correcting my transition strips that he breached. To top it all, he still has not answered the phone nor return any of the calls. Jimmy also has many pre-paid phones with. He has been indicted on Food Stamp Fraud as well as Probation Violation as well. Clearly not The guy you want around valuables, and homes. It was my first time having to hire one, but don't make the same mistake that I did. I have multiple pictures to back my clam and you'd love me to see them please email me : sauls.cbg@gmail.com J & J Floors plus Renovations Jimmy Lee SpeightJimmie Lee SpeightJ and J FloorsJ and J Flooring Jimmy Lee Speight (42y.o.), known to Wilson, Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham, Harnette County, and other areas is a scammer at best. He demands most money up front and will bait and switltch on you. Next he will try to get you to pay a portion of the remaining balance, saying he need more materials. The job was never completed, and he refuses to answer the phone after about 50 calls. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating. To top it off, he never finished the work. The work that he did finish was ssub-pa, and he also screwed my carpet, and transition strips that Lowes had just played so professionally. He normally has a few (anybodys) helping him to include his preggo girlfriend/wife who really shouldn't he inhaling such toxic paint fumes. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE PICTURES I HAVE THEM TO SHOW. I also came to know AFTER I hired her m that he's had trouble with the Law for For Food Stamp Fraud as well as DUI, and Probation Violation. Don't make the mistakes that I made. Fell free to email me if you were also scammed by this guy. Another thing worth mentioning it s that he tosses around the idea that he's been in business for 23 years. 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #472190
Jul 22 2009
09:55 AM
Daniel J Strauss -- Harris Poll Research Inc To be Mystery Shopper, take check and deposit , money Gram back to someone Rochester New York
i received a letter from Daniel J Strauss to call 905-781-1080 and was to take a 3975 check deposit and moneygram 3475 back to someone then be a mystery shopper at best buy or walmart or ;macy or jcpenny or sears or kmart. i would find out after i called. offer expires 3 days from the day I call Has Harris Poll Research INC and paper head. Cindy Richmond Hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
13, Report #348290
Jul 07 2008
12:35 PM
J C Financial, Welch Financial, Sara Dose, Laura Clawson Consumer's Reward Program, Lottery, Check for $3950.00 Nationwide
I am very glad I researched this company before depositing the check. I received a letter IDENTICAL to all the others listed for this company on Rip Off Report. The letter stated that I had won in the second category of a lottery, the amount of $39,000.00 and there was, in fact, a check enclosed with the letter for $3950.00 to enable me to pay applicable taxes. I was to contact (via phone) Sunny Clement or Diana Levy to finalize my claim. Just like the other letters I've seen listed, it was a final notice saying that previous attempts to contact me failed. I did call the number to see what they would tell me, however, I got a recording saying that there was no more room to leave messages. Needless to say, I am NOT going to deposit this check and will surely try to find some help through my local authorities in regards to this scam. I've seen reports from California, Florida, New York and New Hampshire. This company has been operating as JC Financial Group but have also operated as Welsh Financial Group in the past. The checks have been drawn on various banks, mine in particular was drawn on Wells Fargo Bank... it look VERY REAL but it is not. I have also seen reports the the FBI are aware of this scam and that individuals who receive these letters and checks should just rip them up and throw them away. I can't imagine WHY they can't put a stop to this scam... what with our Homeland Security and all the funding they get. It's a shame. DO NOT CASH THE CHECK IF YOU RECEIVE ONE!! YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY BACK ANY MONEY TO YOUR BANK WHEN THIS CHECK IS FOUND TO BE FRAUDULENT!!! Jenn Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #655667
Oct 27 2010
06:22 AM
Inspent International Inc. (Jack Liguiri) Jack Liguori, John Ligouri, J Allen NON-RETURN OF DEPOSIT MONEY Rushford, New York
I met with Jack Liguori on 10/23/2010. He wanted to show me a land property that he had listed on E-bay for sale. It was located in Alma NY. I went to see it with him, but was not really sure about it. So Jack insisted that I follow him to another land property that he was selling. It was located in Angelica NY. I went to see it with him, and Iiked it, so I decided to make a deal on it. We went to a local pizza shop in Angelica called My Place. We agreed on a price and we were going to leave and meet back the next week to take care of the paper work and finances. Jack insisted that I give him a deposit. I wanted to give him a check. He refused that and insisted that I pay him in cash. I was hesitant, but Jack is very personable and I spent all day with this sweet old man, so I agreed to pay him a $1000.00 deposit in cash. He wanted more, but that was all I had on  me. I than drove all the way home, which is 6 hours away. The next morning, I woke up and decided that I wanted to change my mind and buy the original property that I had looked at in Alma NY. It was a little bit cheaper and I was concerned about the money. I called Jack at 8:30am on 10/24/2010. Jack said I could buy that property, however, that property was for sale on E-bay and if I wanted it, I would have to come right back and buy it that day. He again insisted on cash. The balance on the property was $24,500.00. I did not have that kind a cash laying around, so I started driving back to meet Jack and give him a check. I called him when I was halfway there and told him that I felt funny about giving somebody I did not know that much cash and I felt more comfortable with a check. At that point, he was not nice with me on the phone anymore. I don't know why he wanted me to meet him at a pizza shop and give him cash, and not his home. I was very skeptical now at this point and called him back and told him I wanted my $1000.00 back. I wanted to squash the deal. I told him I would drive to his home and pick it up. He told me that he already spent the money. I gave it to him at 8pm on 10/23 and requested it back at 11 am on 10/24. I didn't understand this. Jack then told me he gave the money to his wife, Sharon Liguori. I wanted to talk to her. He would not let me. He told me if I came to his house, I'd be sorry. I told him I was going to go to the police station. He told me not to do that and he promised me a refund in the form of a check mailed to me by the end of the week. I have not received it and now he keeps giving me the run around. I just want my $1000.00 returned to me. he knows that he has it and he won't return it. He is operating a business and gave me a business card and I later found out that his business was dissolved in 1997. He has numerous judgements againts him. He sell lots of properties that he has deeded in his wifes name(Sharon Liguori). His scam is that he sells these pieces of land in the mountains on ebay. He sell them to unsuspecting city folk. He promises dreams of build a log cabin get away. He finances them personally, which means if you are late on 1 payment, He sells the property to someone else. He buys up large parcels of land in his wifes name, than he deforests them and than he subdivides it into smaller parcels and resells it. You only get surface rights. He still keeps mineral rights. Most of his land is on old oil wells that he still operates. Everything is cash with him and he launders the money in his wifes name, because he has alot of judgements against him. He has so many people trying to get back at him, He won't do business on ebay unless he can get ebay to give him you personal info.
Entity: Rushford, New York
15, Report #1335729
Nov 08 2016
12:08 PM
Christopher J Kern Esq This Attorney represented my Mother on chapter 13 she's 87 , he told me I was in denial when I questioned him about a mistake in duration of plan he mailed to Mom and also smelled of heavy liquor at trustee hearing, also he called me MS PARALEGAL, this man is a drunken mess of an attorney and should be disbarred. . Cherry Hill New Jersey
 Attorney is drinking while in court trustee meetings and smells of liquor , he sends out letters with wrong plan information and has to be checked. He verbally abuses his clients families when questioned and calls you childish names, he is a total mess and abusive with his mouth. I paid him to be professional.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
16, Report #1395827
Aug 26 2017
06:31 PM
J and j processing J&j litigation , j&j collections, j&j processing, j&j solutions. Payday loan scam Charlotte Internet
 J and j solutions tried to scam me saying they were a collections agency. I called back multiple times hearing a different story depending on what I asked for. They're trying to scam me out of cash with some fake payday loan debt because I've taken out some in the past. They use the same bogus lawsuit threats. When in reality it's just a bunch of ghetto people in Charlotte north Carolina trying to steal money from hardworking Americans. They can't provide any sort of debt validation proof because they claim to be green. Don't give them anything as they're pure scum trying to steal from you.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #159280
Oct 03 2005
12:21 PM
J & J Contracting ripoff Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Rip off, ruined my home, took my money and I fired him because in 6 weeks he was only there for 8 hours in the week would never return my phone calls when things were leaking he canned me to beliveing that he was a professional and would do the job. He started in one room never finished then in another room never finished never had to put walls up just had to do some painting and finish a wash room and the painting was terrible I told him about it the painting was real bad. Some of the wires were painted and a pipe was painted and you could still see the pipe. He keep saying he was ready to lay the floor but was never done with none of the rooms or paint or sanding. I own him money for some material and paid him for it. I was only gone for maybe 2 hours and he was gone. So I fired him. I was just tired of the poor work that I thought that would get better and he keep getting material use other people tools in the house didn't even bring his own drop cloth or nails or light bulbs. What I was getting was just more and more bills. n pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18, Report #316202
Mar 09 2008
10:15 AM
J & J Towing Beware Austin Texas
J & J towing must be put out of business. They have towed my vehicle saying it was in a handicap spot. However, the spot was taken away from being a handicap spot months ago. The spot next to it still has sign and blue paint. The spot i parked in has no sign and an old whilt paint that is fade and barely recognizable. They are now trying to charge me make sure if this happens to you contact http://www.texastowingcompliance.com/ to know your rights. Help stop illegal towing Taa259 Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
19, Report #1087178
Sep 25 2013
08:25 AM
J&J Motors Fraud, Junk, Liars, Massillon Ohio
I purchased a Used bike as is but was told it had been gone over and that there were no major defects and if the bike developed one in the next 30 days they would take care of it. The next day it wouldnt start and I couldnt get ahold of the salesman that sold me the bike and Service said they would charge me to diagnose and fix the problem. I took the bike to a reputable mechanic and found out the motor was blown and that he personally told the Dealer this bike was junk. They have a sign thanking Veterans for their service and when I finally got ahold of Dale the Salesman and reminded him of our talks about the Military and that he needed to make this right, He told me You bought it AS IS and so your out of luck.  14000.00 paper weight. Also have a friend that sent an awesome sport bike to them for service and they dropped it then denied it. This dealer is dishonest, sneaky and totally out to scam you for your money. I signed the petition of over 1000 people that are spreading the word about this Dealer. I wouldnt even buy a Brand New bike from them.
Entity: Massillon, Ohio
20, Report #1336874
Nov 06 2016
08:21 PM
J&J Motors Buyer beware . RIPOFF!! Masollion Ohio
I was searching for a Honda Gold Wing for a couple of months.  I sent J&J an e-mail thru the Trader Cycle website. I got a call from a sales person on August 29th. We spoke about the Gold Wing briefly. It was advertised with 23,000 miles, with Heat and Audio comfort package.  They was asking $9.900.00 for the bike. I thought about it thru out the day and spoke to my wife. She was sold on the bike due to the heated seats. She gets cold easily. I live four hours away in Central Pa and I didn’t want to drive out there August 30th and find out it got sold the night before.We walked in and asked for the salesman. He walked us over to the bike and disappeared. He never came back. I sat there for a while and no one came over, I started the bike and He came running telling me to turn off the bike. I told him I had questions. He said he would be right back. So I went back in the building and looked at the wing. I found a few things on the bike that was damaged one of them a safety item the lights on the trunk was broken. And still no salesman at the bike.  While I was in the building looking at the bike my wife was outside and he came by. She asked him are you going to pull the bike out so we can look at it or not? That got him to pull the bike out. As he was getting off the bike his words was to me and my wife was” Don’t take the bike anywhere”.  He didn’t come back. My wife got another person from the dealership to show me a few things on the bike and how they worked. He was at least helpful. He had other business to attend to and had to go. The next thing I know the salesman comes out and asked me to come inside. I mentioned the bike had some issues and his words were “It is a used bike. If you want to buy a new one I can do that”.So once the deal was done and all the paperwork signed by my wife and I. I asked the salesman to give me a hand unloading and reloading the Wing on the trailer.. I thought I didn’t see the heated switch controls. I went back in and said to the salesman. Please come and show me how the heated seats and grips work on the bike. He came out with the bike all tied down, paperwork done to show me how to use the heat. As he was looking at the bike I questioned the audio package as well. He said it had the audio because it had the tweeters in the speakers; ( I found out later from a Honda dealer it doesn’t have the audio package or heat package as advertised, and that it had aftermarket heated grips only) we went back to the heated seats and grips.  In 30 seconds he said it doesn’t have heated seats. I said to him that is a problem. I told him it was advertised with heated seats and grips with an audio package. His words to me was “Well do you want to unwrap it?” meaning unload the bike and walk away. I just spent four hours driving, spent a night in a hotel, spent four hours at the business buying the bike. At that point I had enough of this salesman. I told him I am done talking to you. You need to get me a manager or owner. He told me “I am as good as it gets. No one was there”. After some thought on the ride home, I thought he lied about that too. His sales manager came out to look at my trade. But wasn’t available when there was an issue with the purchase. He then said that they weren’t going to put heated seats on the bike. He said “He didn’t know it was advertised with the heat and audio package and that he would print out the Cycle trader advertisement put it on the sales mangers desk and that he would call me first thing tomorrow morning. J&J cycles lied. I never got a call. I waited until after Labor Day and sent another e-mail thru Cycle trader site on the bike advertisement that I bought the bike and it was advertised improperly. I never got a call. I called and asked for a general manger or owner on or around Sept 26th. Well I got a sales manager I went thru everything with him and his question was. Then why did you take the bike? My response was quick. I said did you hear anything I just said. I was told at the time I would receive a call from the sales manager the next day. Over thirty days of ownership of the bike and I can’t get a call from this business. I don’t know if they treat everyone this way or just the folks that are out of the area. If I had a salesman that did his job and stayed with the buyer and explained all the option or at least was familiar with what they advertise there may have been a good chance I walked away from this bike before I spent all the time at the dealership doing the entire deal and the fact that I was promised a call from someone at this business the next day. Another  lie.  I never got a return call, e-mail, text from the business.  J&J Cycle hasn’t made a good faith effort to address my consumer complaint and I was forced to file a complaint with the BBB. Well since then the business hasn’t responded to two letters from the BBB. It has been over two months. They have never called me. Buyer beware!!!!!! Don’t do it !!
Entity: Masollion, Ohio
21, Report #1046023
Apr 24 2013
10:51 PM
j & j towing J & J Towing is a Criminal Enterprise austin, Texas
Know your rights and take these guys to court.  On 4/23 at approximately 10pm, i was called by my daughter whose car had just been broken into for the second time in one day.  thinking that the subject was still on scene, she then called 911.  i arrived at the same time as the officers and began to assist my visibly upset and shaken child.   i saw a wrecker pull up while i was distracted by the officers doing their questioning.  when i turned my back to be interviewed, the wrecker driver attached to my vehicle and sped away.  Joe Ayers is the driver who took my car, WHILE I WAS HELPING MY DAUGHTER WHOSE CAR HAD JUST BEEN BROKEN INTO AND WAS VISIBLY SHAKEN AND IN DANGER! (j&j and driver) were made aware of the situation and STILL refused to turn around. they demanded and received a $200 fee before they would release the vehicle.
Entity: austin, Texas
22, Report #1216604
Mar 18 2015
12:00 PM
J & J Towing TJ's Towing dba J & J Towing Tows From Visitor Spaces Austin Texas
Parked in a visitor spot whilst visiting a friend in their apartment downtown, was in the apartment about 20 minutes, and came out to find my car gone. According to the towing paperwork, my car was towed within 5 minutes of parking - in the visitor's parking.   
Entity: Austin, Texas
23, Report #413290
Jan 20 2009
08:34 PM
Edward J. Quigley , Esquire Ripped off by Law firm of Ed Quigley West Hempstead Ny New York
I was ripped off the law firm of Ed Quigley.First off Ed quigley senior signed my case and made me believe that he is an attorney. In reality Ed Quigley is not an attorney.I learned that he put the law firm in his sons name(they have the same name) who is an Lawer.The problem is his son has nothing to do with the practice. Do you want a someone with no education workeng on your personal injury lawsuit??????This has to be illegal. Also,it took 3 years for the lawfirm to settle my case for very little money!He told me it settled for $5000 and his share would be a third, I had no choice but to take it. I later found out that my case really settle for 15,000. They stoled my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Im going to the police or Da office. This clown is lucky im not a violent man!!!!!!!!! Anonymous Richmond hill, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: West Hempstead Ny, New York
24, Report #562540
Jan 31 2010
09:13 AM
Lois Hill Accessories Lois Hill Accessories by Lois Hill Interne
Lois Hill, the owner of Lois Hill Accessories (LHA) is a psychopathic women who not only promises for bonuses and never pays.  I worked in the company as controller and promised me bonus of 35k per year. Later changed to nothing even after working hard to setup the financial mess by previous controller.  I was fed up in requesting by bonus, instead of appreciation of my locality, sacked me! when i then demanded my promised bonus, which i had email proof & mentioned of legal issue, she has agreed to give me in total   bonus package and agreed via email.  I left the company in good terms.  later after few month i got a email of asking me of missing money from the account I replied back to reminded of the email confirming the same, she started to help her out with the financial issues facing by the company.  the whole situation has been created as the Lois Hill Accessories has major financial problems
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #1114265
Jan 09 2014
02:10 PM
Christopher J Kern deflective,rude,liar,disrespectful,uncaring Cherry Hill New Jersey
I went to this attorney because I was refered to him. He talked a good game in the beginning but soon after I started to notice things.Not returning calls, losing papers not explaing things correctly. I had to file chapter 13.Once  he was paid by the trustee he could nt be bothered numerous calls emails were ignored. To make a long story short after many unanswered calls and emails he finally emailed me and told me to leave within my means. Telling me to overnight him $800.00 before he would continue. He was disrespectful and uncaring. Told me to have have a nice life. Do not go to this man he is money hungry and deceptive!
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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