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1, Report #1297617
Jul 17 2016
10:48 AM
Kingplay Corporation FALSE INFO ABOUT COST OF SERVICE PROVIDED Wilmington Delaware
When you find this website, it offers to let you view TV shows for free. After you sign up, it asks you to provide your credit card information so we can verify you live in the USA. After giving them that info, it asks if it can charge you $1 that it will donate to a charity. Your only option is to say yes. Sounds okay; its a free service and they're actually donating to a charity!   Once you say yes, it takes you to a page that finally says the FREE part is only a 7 day free trial, after which they bill you $19.95 a month! If you want to cancel, you have to pay another $1. If you call, you won't get a live person until you agree to pay it. If you go to their website, they make it clear that although they offer a free way to cancel (I couldn't get it to work, though), if you pay the $1 it will ensure your cancellation request goes to the top of the pile (yeah...right...). It seems obvious at this point that if you don't pay the $1, your cancellation won't go through until they've charged you for at least 1 month.   They further the fraud by only giving you links to other locations where the shows are actually located; its a list of several links for each show. Each one I tried, didn't work. I'm sure they don't take any responsibility for that, since the shows are not actually on their website.  I have disputed the charges with my credit card company. I had hoped to avoid that cancellation fee, but the card company recomended that I pay it and cancel the account, as additional charges that came in would have to be separately disputed and they might not grant the dispute in my favor. So this company has now gotten at least $1, possibly $21.95 total from me for providing absolutely nothing. If that's not a rip-off, I don't know what is.   After going through all this, I finally checked the website's reputation on the internet, where I found that many, many, many people have filed reviews on various websites with the same complaints I have. No surprise there.   I have also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC, as well as disputing the first two charges with the credit card company. Its looking like, at best, I  will still have to pay them $1. I think they make most of their money off these $1 charges.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
2, Report #1402340
Sep 25 2017
07:35 PM
Kingplay Corporation Kingplay is parent company of Funacumen Funacumen is offering a free download of American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk. Oxford University Press published it but the rights reverted to me. They are illegally offering this book for free download. Wimington,Delawarel Internet
Funacumen offers a free download of my book, An American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk. Published by Oxford University Press in 1999, and copyrighted in my name, all rights eventually reverted to me. I still have copyright.Funacumen did not ask my permission to do this; they did not contact me about the book. They simply stole it.I want my book taken off their website.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #57670
May 20 2003
10:58 AM
ISCS Corporation AKA Receiver Corporation ripoff business from hell Chicago Illinois
I was contacted in february 2002 for a management position just like the others. Receiver Corporation got my resume off of the web. After the same begginning as the others, I paid $450 for training, and was given all the same promises. While I was waiting in the reception area with the secretary at the Bryn Mawr location for Tony Volz, I overheard a Unix training session going on. That must have been the only thing that made me think it was legit. Now I am even more curious, what was going on?? My training started in April, and I comopleted it within 2 weeks, but nobody was contacting me at all. I had to constantly keep calling Tony Volz, finally the training was done, now the scammers wanted me to sell software!!!!!! This was never discussed before, and I was very disappointed. In spite of all this I setup interviews, I never got helped with presenting the sales pitch, so they all got cancelled. I was reffered to a mysterious Mark Warren who will take care of everything, but never got back to me. I never got my money back. The worst thing about all of this is that for a period of 4-5 months I was investing my hopes and energy in a lie. I will never again pay someone for a potential job, or anything else no matter how good it sounds. They will have to be the ones making the risk, if they can't, then it's just tough! Edwin Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
4, Report #360273
Aug 07 2008
08:43 AM
Lexmark Corporation, Lexmark Corporation Poor printer support Internet
Since owning a Lexmark 75X printer I have not been able to get proper driver and printer support. The operating system that I am running is Windows XP Professional with SP3. When going to the web site for Lexmark, I found that this printer is no longer supported. The contact number on their web site is not correct but I was capable of contacting the about 1 1/2 months ago. Once I talked to tech support I was informed that this printer is no longer supported because it was over 3 years old. I even talked with the supervisor and he to stated that the 75X printer was no longer supported. The tech and supervisor were very rude to me and all that they wanted to do was sell me another printer which I was not interested in. This printer uses up ink cartridges very quickly and it never has run correctly with the XP Profesional operating system. In the past I also had this same problem. I would not recommend this 75X printer or any Lexmark printers to any of my peers or organizations I have supported in the past. I work with computers at a tech level as myself. I usually don't have these problems. Paulajean anne CONVERSE, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #543583
Dec 22 2009
08:13 AM
PIV Corporation PIV Corporation, Inc. Rip Off Internet
I received this letter via email yesterday:Hi, Thank you for your interest in our open position. The job responsibilities include answering the phone, helping clients, and running company errands such as buying office supplies and making bank deposits. You will be provided with a company car and credit card to make supply purchases with. I would like to setup an interview with you after the holidays. Please give me a call or email me back to schedule a time. I will be in and out of meetings today so if I dont answer please leave me a voicemail. In the past, we have had a few bad experiences with prior employees taking advantage of having access to a company credit card, so before we can schedule an interview, we need you to get a credit check. You must use the credit reporting agency that we specify to obtain this information. It is provided for free and run by a BBB accredited business. The company has been featured on TV numerous times and are the most trusted name in credit reporting. We realize that not everyone has excellent credit during these tough economic times and having a low credit score doesnt disqualify you for a position within our company. My credit wasn't good either when I came to work here, so please don't be to focused on it. You do not have to email me the credit report, just bring it with you to your interview. Here is a link to the credit check: Please send me your interview availability times or give me a call after you have gotten your report. I am looking forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, Jane Henderson Telephone: +1 (800) 561-1774 HR Manager PIV Corporation Inc. Jane@pivcorporation.comThis is a total rip off.  I have worked for numerous companies, had access to company vehicles and credit cards....none of which needed a credit report.  I dont know what this company plans on doing with your information, but it is really sad that people will exploit people, even the unemployed. It is really sad though.  But this is the world that we live in.  DO NOT APPLY FOR A JOB WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A SCAM.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #105845
Aug 28 2004
07:56 AM
Xium Corporation ripoff Amarillo Texas
I too, as well as Barry from Flower Mound Texas, have been unable to have this company acknowledge my phone calls. I've left several messages for them and have yet to call and reach a live person. They don't return calls and in my opinion are just ignoring me. All I wanted from the company at that time was to get a RMA if needed and to know where I should send the antenna to receive a refund. I purchased an antenna based on what I read in our Electric companies monthly magazine. I am a little over the 50 mile limit that Xium mentioned but since my father in law agreed to take the antenna if it didn't work for me I thought I'd try it. Of course we received no picture since we are in a valley. Mr Ramirez is correct with his mention of locations with obstructions. I think most everyone realizes antennas work this way. However, my father in law lives on a ridge and is at one of the highest points in our area of the state. I installed the antenna at his place and at best received a snowy picture while with his other antenna there is only a little snow. We tried all directions and nothing helped. It was a complete waste of time installing this antenna. Since it is now past the 30 day warranty limit given for refunds I am doubtful I will receive any refund. I did call the company at least 5 times within the 30 day period but maybe that is their strategy to avoid refunding people. I work for a well known worldwide company that prides itself on cusstomer service and contrary to what Mr. Ramirez says, his company has poor service and will continue loosing customers due to their inability to reply to messages left and poor information provided with the product. There is not even an e-mail address or website listed on the paperwork I received. Ron Boscobel, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Amarillo, Texas
7, Report #117257
Nov 11 2004
08:22 AM
Consumer Research Corporation ripoff Internet
Ordered from two companies for camera tryed to get in touch with customer service and get temperarily onavailable for the last few weeks! Are they a scam. Donald Biglerville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #37311
Dec 05 2002
03:43 PM
ISCS Corporation ripoff Chicago Illinois
I had problems with ISCS, same as everyone here. I've made a website to try to collect the info. I've been gathering so we have one place to go when finally some legal action takes place, it's at I made it cause I really hate the fact that people are still getting bilked, so this way, if they search for ISCS on google or something, they'll come across this site at the same time. Also, I'm sure they're going to change their company name soon. How will we keep up on that? Don Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
9, Report #32609
Oct 15 2002
01:11 PM
Receiver Corporation multiple ripoff Chicago Illinois
Bill is not alone. A class action suit is being contemplated. First file a Rip-off Reprot Rip-off Report will contact you if and when a suit is filed. Elle Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
10, Report #37753
Dec 10 2002
09:04 AM
Receiver Corporation ripoff Chicago Illinois
I too received a call from a LaShonda back on Friday August 16, to come in for an interview on Monday August 19. She was very pushy and she called me several times at work, home and on my cell phone. I finally agreed to go in that Monday and was very surprised to see the group of people waiting in the lobby all asking for Joe Rupert. When Joe finally came down, he took us up to an empty conference room and explained it was a group orientation and that he was sorry he couldn't answer all of our questions. He also apologized for the lack of one-on-one and said that if called back, it would be more personal. He asked the questions that were mentioned by others. Three weeks later I got a call too from Glen Smith saying that they wanted to make an offer. I went back in and found it a little strange that when candidates were coming in for jobs for other companies in the building, the receptionist would call their interviewer. However, for Receiver, they would call no one, but tell you to have a seat and wait. Chris Price finally came and took me to an empty office where he asked me about my past job assignments. When I told him, he told me he wasn't interested in detail, only in whether I was accustomed to working in groups or alone. I then asked him what he did at the company as I was initially told that I was meeting with the VP of IT by Glen Smith. Chris, however, told me that he was a file clerk who was also responsible for hiring. This too seemed strange, but I thought overall the opportunity sounded good as they tell you that you have to cross-train throughout the company and learn all aspects of the company. I paid the $450 for the training. After I left and gave it more thought, I thought it sounded fishy. I called back the next day and told him I'd had a change in career plans and wanted a refund. I told him that I had not downloaded the software and would return it accordingly. He told me to call a Mark Warren, who was the VP of the company and that he would refund my money. I called and called and then realized all of the numbers were merely answering services and all of the people who did the calling did so on cell phones. I then contacted my credit card company and the attorney general and the better business bureau. My credit card company told me to attempt to send the training materials back. I did so along with a return receipt. The package came back saying, Return to sender, addressee moved and left no forwarding address. Luckily though, I had paid by credit card and was able to get my money back. Lyn Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
11, Report #42659
Jan 24 2003
07:51 AM
Microsoft Corporation ripoff Redmond Washington
I called and cancelled my subscription and the very next day, I found that they had billed me for $21.95 anyway, and I'm very upset about it they need to stop ripping off people they need to start hiring people that know what they are doing. I can't believe that they went and billed me for that after I had cancelled my suscription. Timothy Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Redmond, Washington
12, Report #1638
Mar 22 2000
12:00 AM
Warranty Corporation
The Warranty Corporation sent a letter advising that my auto liability was to expire. The letter was worded as if it was sent from the company currently handling my warranty. I did send in the requested fee. I have since found out that it is not the current company, but another using it's information to solicit new business. Yesterday I to my truck to the dealership for repairs. I presented the new warranty paperwork. The service tech laughed and stated that this warranty not accepted at the dealership. He advised that It isn't worth the paper it's written on. He would, however, contact them and attempt to get authorization. Later he contacted me and stated that this warranty company would not cover but a very small part of the repairs. He also advised that my current warranty had not run out. This new warranty company had misled me. I contacted this Warranty Corporation several times in an attempt to file a claim. Each time I was put on hold, disconnected or advised that they would call me back. On one call, I was transfered seven times. Each time they would ask for my contract number and then placed on hold to be sent to another party. Finally a recording came on to tell me how important my call was and to leave a message, someone would call me back. I could no longer wait, had my truck repaired. Warrranty Corporation will not pay the claim and will not reimburse my fees.
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
13, Report #524545
Nov 16 2009
05:48 PM
Chrysler Corporation Chrylser Rips Off Elderly Couple, Internet
This is regarding Chrysler LLC's breach of contract concerning its contractual obligations under its Vehicle Lease Program and Surviving Spouse clause with respect to my elderly parents. My father a Chrysler retiree, passed away on 1/30/08 leaving my mother, as a surviving spouse.  He had worked for Chrysler for more than 20 years and had a vested right for his spouse to receive benefits from the Chrysler Vehicle Lease Program. At the time of my father's death, he was the lessee of a Chrysler 300 automobile, which he was leasing under the Chrysler Vehicle Lease Program.  In the lease contract there was a right for his surviving spouse, to receive the title to the automobile upon his death. The pertinent terms of the contract state a representative of Company Car Programs will contact the Retired employee's Surviving Spouse in writing with the option to take title of a vehicle in their custody. My mother died on 12/5/08, nearly a year after her husband's death.  Despite clear and convincing evidence that Chrysler had sufficient time and information to process my mother's rightful claim to title the vehicle to her, Chrysler failed and refuses to do so and is in breach of its own contract. My mother complied with the terms of the Chrysler Surviving Spouse Program by immediately notifying Benefits Express (a third party HR benefits and administration company employed by Chrysler), of the death of her husband including her forwarding address.  She also responded several weeks later to a 2/10/08 Benefits Express letter which was sent to her correct address requesting a copy of her late husband's death certificate. Pension checks for my father were stopped and re-issued to the surviving spouse evidencing that Chrysler was fully aware of my mother's correct address and the death of her spouse. Despite numerous attempts in writing, emails and telephone calls to correct and mitigate Chrysler's failure to provide this important benefit to the surviving spouse, Chrysler has chosen to withhold title to the automobile and has continually harassed and intimated our family. On 11-5-09, Chrysler Senior Counsel finally produced the letters that prove Chrysler sent important documents to an incorrect address to the surviving spouse on 2-14-08, 3-19-08 and 10-17-08 even though Chrysler was notified on 2-8-08 of the correct address. Chrysler has been notified in writing by the business where it sent the important documents that the surviving spouse never lived there. The surviving spouse received a Survivor Expectation Letter dated 2-10-08 at her correct address requesting a death certificate and a Beneficiary/Surviving Spouse Confirmation Statement dated 3-6-08 that proves Chrysler had her correct address all along. Up until the death of the retiree, the lease on the vehicle was kept current and upon his death the title should have transferred to the surviving spouse free and clear had she properly received the acceptance documents at her correct address. This is a simple case of a large corporation where the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing.  On one hand Chrysler was sending correspondence and pension checks to the surviving spouse at her correct address, while on the other hand Chrysler was inaccurately sending the spousal acceptance form to the vehicle title to the wrong address. This is not the fault of the surviving spouse or her family. I am fighting this battle with Chrysler all alone and to me it feels like David fighting Goliath.  I am in need of help in leveling the playing field.  To make matters worse, I am currently unemployed and cannot afford an attorney.  I am requesting any help or assistance anyone can provide me in protecting the vested rights of my parents. The terms of the Surviving Spouse Program from Chrysler's Retiree website are located at Thank you for any help I might receive in resolving this matter.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #581109
Mar 15 2010
09:23 AM
Spotmau Corporation Total Fraud Internet
Spotmau must be some sort of organized fraud, i have had the problems listed above in the other reports, my problem only differs in that i eventually got the cd it sort of worked to get me into a password locked computer, but the Disc Wipe feature was not available even after booting, the support guys finally admitted that the 2009 version did not have disc wipe as advertised and sorry would i like 2010 version, i said i wanted my money back. they said they could not send me my money. there are also glitches throughout the software, i think it contributed to the downfall of my last computer. there are spelling and grammatical errors in the text of the program. i checked they do not have an office in houston texas, i talked to the building sup there and no the spotmau corp does not reside here! who are these guys some sort of hong kong mafia. i am filing an FBI report on them, i guess i can only say dont ever buy anything from these frauds.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #576061
Mar 01 2010
11:21 AM
Trinity Corporation Loan Modification Crooks Internet
February 18, 2010 Office of The Attorney General 40 Capital Square SW Atlanta, Georgia 30034 Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker: On November 20, 2009 1 signed an Authorization and Notice of Representation and Agency with Trinity Corporation to handle my Loan Modification. Trinity Corporation charged me $2030 upfront in which f am enclosing my credit card statement to show the transaction- Janette Haines was handling my file she stated that she received all the paperwork that was needed to process the Loan Modification that was on December 20, 2009_ I was under the impression that Ms. Hames was the one that was handling my file; when I called the office in Marietta they gave me another number for Ms. Haines I called that office the gentlemen that answered the phone said they only rented space and they are no longer at that location he gave me Ms. Hames cell phone number. After speaking with Ms. Hames she stated she transferred my file to Twanda Zellers per Michael Surgent (the owner) request that she will be handling all the Loan Modifications. On February 13, I received a certified letter stating my house has a sale date on 03/02/10. I contacted the mortgage company and they stated they never received any loan modification information from any 3' party company. f called all my mortgage companies and they informed me of the same information- I called Trinity on February 18, 2010 Mr. Surgent answered the phone I explained to him who I was and he said he didn't know me or anything about my file and that I needed to call back in an hour and speak with Twanda Zellers she was having car trouble. I didn't know he was the owner because at the time of the conversation he said his name was Mike[ Pikel (the way he spelled the name) in which I knew he had given me false information. When Ms. Hames called me back to give me Brad's number she told me who the owner was and that she didn't know a Mikel Pikel. When I called the office back I asked for Michael $urgent he got on the phone and stated he knew who I was and wanted to know how he could help me I explained the situation he brings in Lisa Murphy on the call and she said she called me back in December 20,2009 and I stated that I said I wanted to canceled the service because I saw a publication in which my house was up for foreclosure which I never spoke with a Lisa regarding anything about my me cancelling with them nor have I ever spoken to her. I have only dealt with Janette Barnes and Robert Howell. Lisa Murphy stated on the phone that they did not do anything on the file. So if they didn't do anything on the file then I am due a full refund. I never signed a contract with this company this is the only thing I have ever sign was the Authorization and Notice of Representation and Agency. (See Attached) I have found out that they were not supposed to take any payments upfront from me to process any loan modification that it was against the law. I have requested my money back Lisa Murphy told me that they do not give refunds. All I want is a refund of $2030 in which ! paid them in which they didn't do anything.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #179051
Mar 02 2006
08:41 PM
Emarketprofessionals Corporation ripoff Internet
Oh No here we go again! An acomplished, professional well above average seasoned crooks team presided by evil personified Dale Douglas. If there is an Oscar's nomination for a soave, extremely cunning cruel and acomplished liar it must go to him! This person and his team are the abyss of human greed and cruelty. My friend stay a way from this internet scum and abomination! Fraud, Fraud and again Fraud. Valentino Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #203724
Jul 31 2006
07:53 AM
I received a winning notification e-mail which promised that I had won a lottery which was randomly chosen from e-mail addresses and companies around the world. The message promised me that I had won and offered congratulations, it stated that I had won via a e-mail ticket number with a serial number which had drawn the following lucky numbers. The message also required that I provide a great deal of personal, identifying information before they could process my winnings and deposit them to my account. I googled the company and discovered that a number of other net users had reported an almost identical message and recognized it as fraud. I wonder how I became a winner? Hassan Al ainUnited Arab Emirates
Entity: LONDON, Internet
18, Report #283712
Nov 08 2007
12:48 PM
American Corporation scam Chicago Illinois
they ripped me off out of $2000.00 Steve belding, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
19, Report #214122
Oct 04 2006
07:56 AM
NetLottery Corporation ripoff Nationwide
I was informed that I won 3rd prize in NetLottery International in March, but thought it was to good to be true, so I looked it up and found out it was a scam. Today 10/04/2006 I received the same notice with the same winning numbers and same amount. Being as curious as I am, this time I tried to e-mail them and was NOT surprised to learn that no such e-mail exsist. Talk about bogus!! Karen Wausau, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: London, Nationwide
20, Report #239006
Mar 15 2007
09:48 AM
Ronco Corporation ripoff on refunds Internet
Ronco Knives will not refund my money. I placed an order on 2/11/07 and cancelled 2/13/07 when i realized they were charging me for alot more shipping costs than was as much as the product. I cancelled my order and was told i would recieve my refund in 2-3 days. that never happened, i continued to call every week and was told they were processing my return right away and would see it in 2-3 days, i continued to call ,now every 3 days being told the same thing, never got my $ back. this scam has been going on for over a month. when i held for over to talk w/the manager Mr. sinclair Ext.8450,who was supposed to refund my & 2/13/07 today 3/15/07 he said i would see my refund tomorrow, when i asked why i should belive him now when he never did his job before today he simply said because i said so and was VERY rude!! i have filed a BBB complaint and am in the process of comtacting the Attorney generals office in CA., this company had no problem taking my $ the next day from my account, but when people realize that the shipping cost is extremelyinflated especially compared to the cost of item they realize we discovered their shipping scam and won't return your money. Marilyn ENOLA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #91530
May 14 2004
06:47 PM
Credit Corporation ripoff Jackson Mississippi
The Credit Corporation company ripped me off. They told me that I was preapproved for $10,000 and I never received any thing from them. I never used a credit card or an account I sent these people a money order and need to know if there is any chance that I will receive my money back, and if so how. Mrytis Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Mississippi
22, Report #52306
Apr 09 2003
06:37 PM
Entity: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
23, Report #1037374
Mar 23 2013
11:55 AM
U.S.Data Corporation 100% Ripoff...Lost $1000 Internet
U.S. Data Corporation sold us a list of 5000 email and physical addresses that was falsely represented. My survey reveals that less than 10% and possibly just 1% of this list was as represented. Despite overwhelming evidence of this mis-representation they refuse to refund me my $1000. They further refuse to conduct their own sample survey. Their website advertises 100% Guarantee.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1034656
Dec 13 1999
12:00 AM
US Home Corporation Rip-off
Go to a model home - it is beautiful! The friendly salesman will help you pick out color and tell you that you have a two-ten warranty on the home. You think that it is safe to buy a home and for the first year you call them and they come out to fix minor items. Then the ground begins to really settle and the cracks in the walls become larger. The doors begin to separate. Maybe you spent $20,000 to put a pool in the backyard and because the ground was not engineered correctly the pool cracks in two! The pool company says sorry - the ground was not properly prepared. You say - get a lawyer! One that specializes in construction defects! Sure, they charge a pretty penny to do an investigation, maybe survey the neighbors to see if a class action suit is in order. STOP right there - this is pointless - you see US Homes has figured out that they can set up each neighborhood as its own corporation - that's why they name the neighborhoods now. By naming it as its own corporation they can have just that corporation go bankrupt. It takes only and year or two to build the neighborhood and move on to the next. After the builder has left the property all they need to do is put it into bankruptcy and there is nothing left to sue. This leaves the homeowners with no recourse.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #992178
Jan 06 2013
09:46 AM
Bluegreen Corporation Not telling the truth Internet
  We went to Missouri on a vacation my husband bought in Bass Pro Shops for $99.00 and then he  received so many bass pro shop cards if he went within an alloted time.  We were first told this would take no more than 1 hour we were put in up in a nice hotel.  We went to the meeting which lasted 4 hours we told them no then were offered a sampler we decided we would do it for 2 years as the place we were showed in missouri was awesome.  We then decided during October we would go all the  places we requested we were told were full.  We only had a 4 day weekend so we waited to go to Gatlinburg in December I asked for a chalet and was confirmed we were put in a hotel more or less it was nice but not what I asked.   In Missouri we were told alot of things that Gatlinburg representatives told us we were mislead.  So who do you believe I will assure you we will not be buying a permant time share and we were told we were only have to do one more meeting for an hour again in our second year.  First visit out we had to do a meeting or they were going to charge my credit card $150.00.  I would strongly suggest they contact me to rectify this immediately.  I fully intend to voice my opionions on facebook and their website if not contacted.  I am STRONGLY disappointed  and really had such high hopes that myself and my family could enjoy vacations together for years to  come.  We will just not with bluegreen mountain resorts.
Entity: , Internet

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