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1, Report #1385461
Jul 14 2017
06:34 AM
L'etoile Internet
 I ordered my free sample, just had to pay shipping and handling, ok no problem, that money was taken out of my bank account. Never received the product. The next month $98.00 and some change was taken out of my account for the same product. I called them told them I had not received my free sample yet. The man on the other end, who barley spoke English, told me that I was charged because I did not cancel after I received my free trial. I told him that I never received my free trial to get the information to cancel it. His response was that their records indicated that it had been delivered. I ask how it was sent, he said through the mail. I told him again. I had not received it !!! He said again that their records indicated that I had. I told him I did not want his product and I wanted my money back. Of course he said they do not give refunds because I had the chance to cancel the order when I received my free trial. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said there were no supervisor available !! He offered me 50% off my next months supply, I told him again I did not want his product !! So.....I never received my free trial, and I have not yet received my $98.00 one either !!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1339632
Nov 23 2016
03:39 PM
L'etoile Illustra; Hydracare Skin Skincare offered - pay shipping only Internet
Pop up advertisement for Angelina Jolie new skincare line.  Pay shipping only and you can try for free.  When I was paying for shipping it offered a 2nd eyecream product for shipping only so I included that in my order.  I received the products and within a week or so I have a $90 charge on my bank account.  Called & they said I signed up for a free trial and if I didn't cancel w/in 14 days I would be charged for the product sent.  The only way I could get my money back was to return the product - unopened!  How to you trial a product if it is unopened?  I asked for the website & on the webpage it offers the same deal and includes a disclosure regarding the trial period & paying in 14 days for the full product cost.  The pop up by no means discloses this.  I would not have ordered the product if it did.  I was just curious and figured why not try it if it would only cost $5.99.  Major scam.  Hoping they get busted somehow.  I googled Angelina Jolie skincare line, notta.  Bunch of crap.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1387598
Jul 23 2017
07:16 PM
L'Etoile Skin Illustra Trial offer fraud Los Angeles California
 Put an article stating Joann Gains was leaving her hgtv show to focus on her new skin line. And I could receive a trial of the product for $14.95. Never did it mention after 14 days I'd automatically be charged $96 for another shipment. I called to cancel which wa almost impossible because the rep tried Everest possible to charge me for a percentage of the shipment. I finally was able to get 2 cancellation numbers and a RMA number to return the shipment when it arrives.
Entity: Los Angeles , California
4, Report #1416316
Dec 11 2017
04:04 PM
L'Etoile Skin They billed me without my permission. Sparks Nevada
I requested a $4.95 trial bottle.I have since received monthly bills for $84.00 along with more product that I do not want.I tried to send the unopened product back, but UPS could not fine the address!!I would like to cancel future mailings and billings,  but do not know how to contact them.
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
5, Report #1388862
Jul 28 2017
12:29 PM
L'etoile Skin Care Illustra intensive eye serum Los Angeles California
 Scam on Facebook. Billed my c.c. $189 for products I didn't' order. Muse sent out by Direct Shipping so u don't know company address or phone. Used popular Joanna Gaines name to scam women into believing it was her skin care company.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #1378263
Jun 10 2017
10:43 AM
L'ETOILE Skin Care Antiage name on bank statement that collected monies for L'ETOILE Do Not Buy without reading all print! Los Angelis California
L'ETOILE Skin Care advertised a skin product being a one time special offer for $4.95. L'ETOILE sent  skin product that contained no paperwork or blling information. Then they charged my bank account $98.09 without my permission.  They make it look like the product will only cost $4.95 and that you will be billed in 14 days, well guess what on the 14 day I was charged $98.09, not $4.95.    Does not mention anywhere in the online order form that you will be charged any other amount on the credit card you provided, except the $4.95 for shipping.  When in reality, they turn around and charge you $98.09. Even if you read the entire Ad plus billing information, you will not find, in writing that you will be charged anything but $4.95 on your credit card. This is ONE REALLY BIG RIP-Off to the consumer, since once opened product can't be returned and no way to get your money back!!!
7, Report #1364573
May 02 2017
05:53 PM
L'ETOILE Illustra, PureBeauty, KKYCollageneye Total Fraud Los Angeles North Carolina
Advertised on Face Book under the guise of The Shark Tank who at the time was advertising a face cream. I was under the impression the Shark Tnak was the sponsor. All you had to pay was shipping and handling for a free. sample.  I rec. L'Etoile and also Illustra which I did not order. Our credit card came and what a shock.  I was charged $98.09 for  a product called Pure Beauty and $89.29 for another product called KKY Collageneye. i called the the California number and was informed that I had checked a box and now had to pay.  This gentleman named Ryan offered to give me a refund ranging from 10% to 50% on each item.  This negotiating went on for seeral minutes.  Finally I hung up and he called me back twice, now the refund was 50%  I refused and called my credit card company. Bad news, Mastercard informed me that this went on all the time and if I checked a box the above company would reject our claim. I do not remember checking a box, but ? I then called an alternate number in Wy. I asked the lady why I had found their product on the Shark Tank, her answer We use a third party ? I then asked why the products were listed under another name.  Her answer When we run out we substitute Having no choice but to cut my losses I told her that Ryan had offered me a 50% refund. She agreed and now I'm to rec. a refund of $93.70 on my Mastercard  within 72 hours.  Lesson llearned.  Also I tried the product one time and awful.  I've been using a computer for 30 years my first and last scam. there is no address on the product, ther was no brochure.
Entity: Los Angeles, North Carolina
8, Report #1351640
Jan 24 2017
08:33 AM
L'etoile Beauty Aging,Age Free Skin Total rip off. CA, WY Internet
 I got the sample creams. Nowhere did I sign or read that this was to be returned unopened in 14 days. How can you sample if unopened? My card was charged almost $200. You cannot reach them by phone. They don't answer. When calling L'Etoile, they say you didn't order from them. They change names on the charges. I have a screenshot that says L'Etoile. Ripped off by skin care company L'Etoile.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1377939
Jun 08 2017
05:11 PM
L'Etoile Illustra Scam- Advertised asa free trial then charged $100 each monthly for products Internet
L'Etoil / Illusra advertise a free trial , charge approx. $5.00 for free trial shipping, then charge approx. $100 each for 2 products and automatically charge this every month. Only way to return the product (even if you develop an allergic reaction) is to return it in the sealed package, unused; which, of course, you cannot do.  Complete attempt to take advantage of people by emphasizing the alleged free trial.  Disgusting.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1392900
Aug 15 2017
10:07 AM
L'etoile Illustra Hydracare Skincare Ripped Off Internet
Ordered Sample Product..,.paid shipping and handling as was told would be.  In fact, I believe it ended up being more than thought, but let it slide.  Tried the product and was not impressed with it, but had a very busy month and forgot to call and cancel future orders.  When I saw that my card had been charged for another order, I called and canceled future orders, not realizing they had not yet sent the product for the $39.24 they were charging me for.  When I called back, I was told that because I canceled future orders, and had not cancelled within the 14 day trial period, they charged me the $39.24 for the Sample, and I was not due a refund. 
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1378790
Jun 13 2017
08:33 AM
L'Etoile Skin product Pieroeyecream, colcomplx, eloquencey, young skin Free Trial Scam with lack of contract transparency Internet
Offer of free trial on L'etoile skin cream product that did not disclose additional charges or future shipments at time of initial internet purchase. First shipment charged $4.95 plus undisclosed additional mailing guarantee. Received unexpected second shipment approximately 2 months later with charges to credit card of $98.00. 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1375298
May 25 2017
08:27 AM
L'Etoile Skin NEVER clicked the OK to bill button but got billed anyway Los Angeles California
After reading an ad for free sample I provided my address. Did not put in credit card # and did not approve any subscription. Realized it was a subscription scam, and clicked out of the page. The sample came. Nothing noticeable happened after use. Another box came, along with a charge for $98 to my credit card. Called their office and was told that my subscription can be cancelled, but that I was supposed to cancel after 14 days to avoid future billing. I never subscribed but the help insisted that I did. I NEVER subscribe to these fake skin care things.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #1378350
Jun 10 2017
09:34 PM
L'etoile Skin Illustraanti aging Sold product for 4.99 then billed bank for 98.00 Los Angeles California
They showed this commercial for 4.99 with the lady from Joanna Gains. Said it was her new company and she was retiring from the show because her products were on the rise and she needed to work with this. When they billed first time it was 4.99 and 1.99 shipping and handling. Then they withdrew from my checking account 98.00 and some change. I used my debit card to pay for this. Any help?  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
14, Report #1379485
Jun 16 2017
10:01 AM
L'Etoile Skin Continues to mail product not ordered and deduct money from checking account. Los Angeles California
I cannot remember ordering this product but have ordered similar product from other companies on the internet.  I had to call bank to stop them from deducting money from my account.  This may be  another similar company that has my information and is doing the same thing.  I have received product I did not order.  I have had to cancel my debit card.   WE need to stop these companies from continuing to do this to people.  I have learned a very expensive lesson. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
15, Report #1393153
Aug 16 2017
10:07 AM
L'etoile L'etoile Ultra Premium Anti-Aging Formula Trial offer isn't free with only shipping and handling. Purchase signs you up for auto purchase and payment. Internet
This product is advertised with a sample purchase with only payment for shipping and handling.  The fine print is not easy to see, but when you purchase your sample, you also agree to pay nearly $100 for the sample as well as signing up for future automatic purchases on a monthyly basis.   You have 14 days from the day of the ORDER to cancel the auto pay shipments.  This means the product will only be in your hands for 10 days, at the most, before you have to cancel.  The people on the phone are not very nice and only point out that the terms and conditions are as stated in the fine print. The worst part of this product is that it has caused a rash on my face that is ugly and very itchy.  I am havng a difficult time trying to find out what the ingredients are in the product so that I know what I am reacting to.  I'm on my way to my doctor to try to get some relief from this product, AND I have to pay $100 for it because there is no way to get a refund if you aren't happy with the product.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1354885
Feb 08 2017
02:30 PM
L'Etoile Skin Pieroeye, Colcomplxs, Eloquencey, young skin ordered a free sample, paid for shipping only. No where did it say they would charge me 100 bucks each month there after. los angeles Internet
I ordered the L'Etoile anti wrinkle cream sample. I paid for shipping only. Nowhere on the site did it say anything about sending each month and charging me 100.00 for each shipment. I have noticed now when I go the site it does now have a large sign saying if you  order you will have recurring shipments. But back in November of 2016 there was no statement anywhere. I finally realized in feb of 2017  of what was going on. I will say my son had some health issues and that is why it took 2 months to realize they were charging me. When I finally called today, it took me 30 min on hold and 15 min of saying no and don't charge my card again to get through to this person I did not want this anymore. I will never ever try to get a so called free sample again.  I guess seing they do have the terms and conditions clearly printed on site now. Someone must have complained enough. But that still leaves me out 200.00 that they would not refund. Lesson learned. I guess I can alays try to get some of my money back at one of those auction sites.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1373599
May 16 2017
05:03 PM
L'Etoile Premium Skin Care, AKA. Beauty Impression, PIEROSKINCARE, AGEFREESKIN restoraagedefy.comskincarebeautyshop.com getluxuriousbeauty.com wrinklefreeproducts.com skincreamspecialoffer.com trynewageskin14daytrial.com letoileskincream.com letoilecream.org simpleantiagingskin.com Sells expensive monthly subscriptions to skin care products disguised as a free trial Los Angeles California
L'Etoile Skin Care uses a deceiving ordering process for selling their skin care products online disguised as a free trial. I reported several of their deceptive practices to the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau and, within less than a week, I managed to get refunds for the 2 products they charged me once the 14 day trial ended, for a total of almost $200. I also contacted my financial institution to report the fraud and block my payment card from future charges. I am still working with the BBB to get the merchant to correct their web pages. I was also told you can file a complaint through Internet Crime Complaint Center at https://complaint.ic3.gov, who are in the best position to fully investigate any such issue across any/all service providers. I haven't gotten around to it yet. Here are a few of the many domain names they use:> skincarebeautyshop.com registered 12/5/2016> skincreamspecialoffer.com 1/16/2017> trynewageskin14daytrial.com 3/15/2017> letoileskincream.com 2/1/2017simpleantiagingskin.comgetluxuriousbeauty.comwrinklefreeproducts.combeautyimpressions.net... A note in small print at the bottom of the checkout page does indicate a charge after 14 day trial, but no checkbox, as claimed when I called for a refund (see sample text below). They advertize, for instance, product trials for $5.96 Illustra and $4.94 L'Etoile skin care including shipping (as well as other product names). While you think you are ordering 1 trial product, you are truly placing an order for 2 trial skin products and 2 monthly subscriptions. I received 2 emails from support@getluxuriousbeauty.com for l'Etoile trial and a buyer protection charge and another email for an Illustra eye serum trial order from support@wrinklefreeproducts.com, right after I placed my order for l'Etoile cream. A small 'Buyer Protection' checkbox for safe shipping is checked by default and causes you to be charged an extra $1.98 if you don't take the time to read through the whole page before submitting your order. They make false claims about celebrities using their products and an advanced highly concentrated maximum strength formula with premium ingredients. The product sheet in shipment has absolutely no product name but a list of claims: decreases fine lines, removes puffiness, hydrates... diminishes wrinkles. They do not list their ingredients on the products themselves. The shipment includes a little card with a list of possible billing names for your upcoming credit card statement, signed by Erica Baldwin, Chief Beauty Officer, and a customer service # 888-636-1356. When I called for a refund, they falsely claimed that their page includes a I accept terms & conditions checkbox that I had to click. Most people do not scroll down the checkout page and therefore they do not notice that information. The confirmation emails (1 per product with different company names) do not include that information either. I was billed respectively $98.09 for L'etoile cream (88T*PIEROSKINCARE 888-370-1432) and $89.29 for Illustra (AGEFREESKIN 866-495-1782). Several websites (unfortunately, ranked higher than ripoffreport.com) rate their products decently well. If you call any of their customer service numbers, they refuse to refund the charges after the 14 day trial period and they decline any return, even if the product is unused. They offer a discount for future months, which I wasn't interested in. If you insist, they claim they will cancel the subscription and you will not get charged for the following months. I wouldn't trust that. Unsurprisingly, their product quality is low. No noticeable skin improvement with l'Etoile cream, unlike other products I've used. The phone rep gave me this address for their company, after I insistently asked for it: L'Etoile Premium Skin Care120 East 8th St #301Los Angeles, CA 90014 The product names, price amounts, company names, domain names keep changing. --Sample small print I found after the fact on one of their checkout pages:http://www.simpleantiagingskin.com/By clicking Order Now we're giving you a trial bottle for only $4.95 today (non refundable), and then you have 14 days from the date you place your order with us to evaluate the product. If you are unhappy with the product at any time during those 14 days, you must call or email us to avoid being billed and cancel receiving future shipments. If you are satisfied with our product, do nothing and we will bill you $89.95 for the trial bottle you received. We will also send you a full month supply for $89.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling, every thirty (30) days thereafter. Cancel anytime by phone by calling 866-991-4084. See also http://skincreamspecialoffer.com, etc. A few of the observations I shared with the Better Business Bureau:1. If you click on the Rush My Trial button at http://letoilecream.org/, it navigates you to https://restoraagedefy.com/special/ccm/desk/?tid=102e16918fc377e610099a5f7e0b11&subid=letoilecrmLaura&affid=1006. After entering your contact info, you land on the checkout page https://restoraagedefy.com/special/ccm/desk/checkout.php. If you scroll down the page, you can find the small print note below. This information needs to be moved to the top of the page, so all customers see it. There should be a checkbox, unselected by default, requiring users to acknowledge they read this condition. Checking this checkbox should be required to submit the order.We take great pride in our Restora Age-defy Skin Care Line! It is the most powerful Anti-Aging system on the market. All our customers love it! If for some reason you do not, we can issue a refund. By Submitting, you consent to having read and agreed to our Terms. After your fourteen days trial period, you will be charged the retail price of the product $89.97 and will be enrolled in our anti-wrinkle membership program. Call Customer Care anytime if you have any questions or concerns. 2. Also note that when you click on the Rush My Trial button, this places an order for a serum called Restora, not l'Etoile cream, presented in the previous page http://letoilecream.org/! This is also a deceptive practice.    
Entity: Los Angeles, California
19, Report #1384046
Jul 08 2017
12:35 PM
L'etoile Skin Ultra skin Ordered sample cream for $4.95 then two weeks later they tried to debit my card 3 times my bank rejected it but they keep trying Los angeles California
 This company keeps trying to debit my account for $99.09 they've tried 3 times thank god my bank rejected them. I want reimbursement
Entity: Los angeles, California
20, Report #1404207
Oct 04 2017
02:49 PM
L'Etoile Skin I ordered the cream and it keeps on coming and is being charged to my visa. They keep sending this eye cream that does not work and charging me. I only ordered it once. Sparks Nevada
The reason I am writing is that I saw this eye cream on the internet and TV.  I think it was discovered on the tv show called Shark Tank.  I ordered it and now it keeps coming and my Visa is being charged. I am going to call Bank of America to see if they will put a hold on it.      
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
21, Report #1423983
Jan 19 2018
08:52 AM
Aviqua Skin Care Aviqua Skin Care Aviqua Skin Care, Lucana Skin Care, Young Skin, PIEROEYECR,, COLCOMPLX, ELOQUENCEY Aviqua skin and Lucana eye serum Aviqua skin care Piero eye cream; eloquencey; young skin Aviqua Le'toile Age Defying Skin Care Aviqua, Le'toile, Pure Beauty PUREBEAUTY - Los Angelos Internet L'Etoile Skin product Pieroeyecream, colcomplx, eloquencey, young skin Aviqua Lucana-Koraskin Colcomplx and Skin Beuaty, AKA llustra and L'etoile Anti-Aging Cream for face and under eyes. Evelina Skin Care L'Etoile Skin Pieroeye, Colcomplxs, Eloquencey, your ‘FREE TRIAL’ only cost you - $49.05!! Los Angeles California
This starts with an Internet pop-up advertisement, showing a man with puffy bags under his eyes and crow’s-feet at the corners of eyes. They dab some cream on the crow’s-feet and under the eyes - and the skin pulls-up to a point that the wrinkles go away and the bags disappear. Then they offer a FREE TRIAL, where you pay shipping and handling on the first order and must call to cancel repeat orders. But, after 14 days ... they charge your account for the full price of the products that they mail you, a tiny jar of cream and a small tube of serum. The amount that appears on your card is $98.11. Nowhere on any documents (shipped in the box) does it say that your 'FREE’ trial is a 14-day trial. Nowhere in the pop-up advertisement does it define that you’ll be charged full price after 14 days – it only amplifies the 'FREE’ trial. When you call customer service, they are quick to tell you that you had to click that you were 18 years or older. They state your IP address and date the order was made, then, offer you a reduced price, that they state, they are not authorized to make – but because of YOUR” misunderstanding and the fact that somewhere hidden in the middle or towards the bottom of the 'TERMS and AGREEMENTS’, it states 14 day trial … they feel compelled to give you a discount. But, that if you continue to argue … they don’t feel like assisting with any discount. They give you a transaction ID – Cancelation #1 (for Jar of cream), Cancelation #2 (for tube of cream), and a 50% discount. So, said and done … your 'FREE TRIAL’ only cost you - $49.05!!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
22, Report #1368173
Apr 17 2017
08:26 PM
L'etoile Skin Healthy Skin, Find Beauty and Truth Bait and switch; misrepresented costs; offered free samples for cost of s & h only. Fifteen days later charge full over-inflated price citing terms and conditions that were never presented at point of purchase or in packaging upon receipt. On line based, but packaging indicates LA Internet
 Order placed 4.1.17 following pop up screen while in midst of Amazon.com order indicating I had been randomly chosen for free offer/sample for s&h fees only. Cited approval by Dr.Oz and others for skin anti-wrinkle cream. I bought it. Sample shipped 4.4, arriving @4.8. Today 4.17 I have been charged $98.09 for this sample. When I called to protest and request reimbursement, was told I did not read the fine print terms and conditions. None were provided either at point of purchase or in packaging upon receipt. I spoke with Wren, no last name allowed to be given, he initially began telling me how to use product. I asked him to stop and listen, at which point he told me he was not familiar with the product, though I had not named it, and insisted I had called the wrong company and phone number. His story changed several times. He continued to insist I would not receive refund. This is a total rip-off. I have notified bank, BBB and will file complaint w/LA County Dept.. Of Consumer and Business Affairs in morning. I also notice several other complaints about this company on your website. I hope something can be done.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1358715
Feb 27 2017
04:50 PM
L'Eoile Skin/PIEROEYECR8884246364/COLCOMPLCS8885053869/ELOQUENCEY8883167430/YOUNGSKIN L'Etoile Skin and it's other names are a SCAM! Los Angeles California
 Signed up for free (shipping only $4.95). Was charged $98.09. (Didn't realize until later.) Received 2nd shipment so I could return and stop any more shipments. Customer service at 888-604-9168. First was told I could return both.shipments for a $9.95 restocking fee per return. Next supervisor said I can only return 1 AND it's one I haven't received (but of course already charged to my card) . So ... They have charged me for three 0.05 oz jars when I only wanted the trial. They said that only the last 30 days of product can be returned. The last 2 are both.within 30 days. Last person said they will credit for 1 - $98.09-$9.95 (for restocking). Just a SCAM!! Do not buy! Since I have to keep one jar (0.05oz) if you aren't keeping track. I plan to take before and after pics in case my face melts. Or something - since they won't tell ingredients. :/
Entity: Los Angeles, California
24, Report #1367748
Apr 14 2017
01:14 PM
L'etoile Agedefy,STONEBF,BEAUTYPDCTS Charged credit card $98 when supposed to charge only shipping which they also charged refused to refund said I agreed to 14 day trial which is what was advertised for shipping only Los Angeles,Ca Internet
Ordered on internet L'etoile skin care product for shipping only when signed up they added eye cream also for a added charge of shipping could not get it to discontinue so agreed to charge of shipping only for these two products,i recieved them in the mail and was billed them shipping amount only 3 weeks later a charge of $98.00 was billed to my credit card when contacted said I agreed to this amount for the trial I received ,I did not it was nowhere on the form for a charge of that amount says only pay shipping. They refuse to refund my money,I have not opened the products told them I would return them they reply they would only refunt 50% if I return even not used. This company is fraudulent,and engages in scamming it's customer!!! Do Not Use!!!!!!!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1363053
Aug 01 2017
03:48 PM
L'etoil skin care L'ETOILE Took the money off my debit card without my consent that I use to pay my bills so now I'm without funds Internet
 Was a trial offer and hurt my eyes and does not do what's advertising. And now they can not be reached
Entity: Internet

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