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1, Report #1171854
Aug 23 2014
03:18 PM
Live PC Experts spoke with Nathan and Hitel unsure Internet
We used this company to help my  mom to remove some malware.  She paid $159.00. (2013)  They have not stopped harrassing her since then.  They installed an automatic popup screen that we couldn't remove and she had to deal with it each time she opened the computer. I called to have them help me remove it and they said each time she has a problem it will return, and they wouldn't help us.  This is a horrible way to reward a customer. We will never eveer use them again and now have to figure out how to remove them completly. DO NOT use this company.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #821342
Jan 11 2012
04:34 PM
LIVE pc experts IN TECHNOLOGIES INC. PC EXPERT SCAMERS Fayetteville,, North Carolina
FRAUD/scam  1 SITE LIST ITS USA  ADDRESS AS USA  IN TECHNOLOGIES  ( 3511 SILVERSIDE RD   WILMINGTON, DELAWARE19810  FRAUDULENT ADDRESS   THIS IS THE ADDRESS FOR  Delaware Hospice, Site by: Delaware Hospice is accredited by The Joint Commission. Read Statement. 3515 Silverside Rd.   CUSTOMER SERVICE   rep wwill not showthis they wiil mke up a priceor sell 999.99 planKing Plan - $399.99USD One Time Baron Plan - $289.99USD One Time Knight Plan - $159.99USD One Time Additional 1 computer/ 2 Year - $240.00USD One Time 3 computer for 2 yrs - $709.99USD One Time $359.99USD One Time Additional 3 years/computers - 2 computer for 2 years unlimited software support - $499.99USD One Time $999.99 USD One Time 3 Computer /year for 3Computer - 699.99   CONSUMER RIP OFF PLAN NOT EVEN LISTED ON SITE IN Technologies INC 357, Waterdown Drive   Apt 5 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314  United States Registered through: Go Daddy Domain Name: LIVEPCEXPERT.COMGoogled Live PC Care   rip off and found the following   Live PC Care is a fake antispyware application that performs bogus online scans and reports threats and infections to the user.  This rogue security program purposely misleads you by informing you through continuous security alerts that your PC is infected and threats have been detected.  This is simply an attempt to frighten you, so that you will purchase the product to remove these parasites.  It is a complete scam. This program display constant security warnings, and invites you to perform a free scan to detect infected files.  Supposedly, Live PC Care will detect spyware and other parasites with this scan, then remove them.  You are not advised until the scan completes that you have to buy the full product in order to remove the threats.  It really doesn't matter. This application cannot do any of the things it claims. (((link redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fayetteville,, North Carolina
3, Report #1449408
Jun 28 2018
11:38 AM
Live PC Experts Said computer was compromised and offered to fix it for a fee California El Segundo California, California
In 2014 I was on my desktop surfing the web when a pop up came up on my computer saying my computer was compromised and to call this number for help fixing it. I called and an Indian from India sounding man answered the phone he said my computer was at risk of being hacked and or viruses and offered to secure my computer. He said he need to gain remote access to my computer and walked me through setting up safeguards on my computer. Seemed legit at the time so I payed the 299.99 for the one year protection package. After a month I noticed my computer wouldn’t access certain sites and programs and called the company to cancel my protection package and return my money as their services did not work and they apologized and returned my money but that’s were the nightmare began. Since then they have not stopped calling me. I have asked them politely to remove my number and stopped calling me, I have threaten to sue for harassment, I have blocked their numbers of which there are many they call from. Now they call me about twice a day from an UNKNOWN number which I can not block to continue to try and get my services. I am at my wits end and have considered changing my number to be left alone. Today Jun 28, 2018 I received a call from ‭+1 (888) 991-1627‬ to which I answered and a computer recording stated that Live PC Experts was going out of business and to call to receive a refund. Not falling for that. If you are approached by this company do not make the same mistake I did or be prepared to be harassed for many years to come.
Entity: El Segundo California, , California
4, Report #1436841
Apr 01 2018
07:33 PM
Live PC Experts 247 this company is aRipoff Please Help me thay just keep calling and wanting more money. Internet
This company is trying to rip me off ,they keep trying to give them more money money and calling me all the time. I trys to block,but they call me on diff numbers Im saving all the numbers Please Help!!!
5, Report #1142625
Apr 29 2014
10:00 AM
Live PC Experts We requested a users' manual for our HP printer 6700. The person we spoke to tried to sell us a program for $399.99 - when we said we did not want it he made changes to our computer and now we cannot get into some of our programs Internet
We called the number listed above to request a user's manual for our HP Printer.  After much discussion, the person we were talking to tried to sell us a program for $399,99 tellingus we did not have network protection.  After telling him and other people we spoke to that we did not want this program, we hung up.  When we went on our computer, we could not get on to most of our programs.  Also, some woman we spoke to (Nisha) told us twice she would all us back - she never did.  We are very, very upset about this matter and hope you can hellp us.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1174789
Sep 05 2014
04:45 PM
PC Experts 247 PC Experts 247 Pretends to be Adobe and Microsoft Internet
Copied from the email that I sent to Adobe:   Earlier today, my father (84 yrs old) was trying to reinstall Adobe Photoshop Extended on his computer, that he just received from being fixed via HP (after giving some company remote access and having his hard drive wiped out).   Clicking around Adobe, he says he came across Tech Support.   Under the impression that this was Adobe's tech support, he called them, and they confirmed that they were, in fact, Adobe.  They told him that his newly reformatted computer had bugs and requested remote access.  They then had control over his computer for many hours.  I came to him, and saw him on the phone trying to explain something about the person who had access to his computer.  He then told me they had put him in for a 5 year plan, which he would be charged for.  As I looked at his monitor, I saw two versions of Adobe Photoshop C6, and a Adobe Light Room installed.  I do not know what else they may have installed remotely onto my father's computer.   This did not sound right to me.  I then blocked remote access, which I could not do by xing out.  I had to disconnect through the task manager.  I took the phone from my father, and asked what company I was speaking to, and the person on the phone told me they were Microsoft.  They also told me that whoever had remote access was a hacker.  The hacker had opened up a notepad document, requesting that I call a number.  On the phone, I demanded their phone number so that I could verify that they were in fact from Microsoft.  He gave me the same number that the hacker was asking me to call on the notepad document.  My father was upset because he assumed they were Adobe.  After hanging up from Microsoft, I called the number and asked what company this was, I was then told they were PC Experts 247.     At this time, I hung up, and the company called continuously for at least an hour, of which I did not answer.  I was at that time, trying to get in touch with Adobe myself, to find out if this company was in fact your Tech Support.  At one point, I did answer one of their calls, and got into a disagreement stating that they were giving conflicting stories about being Microsoft and Adobe, and that I was fully aware of companies scamming innocent people by having remote access.     The representative tried to berate me because they fixed his computer and I should be happy.  They had not charged him for installing anything, but they would do so, and how I was being disrespectful to them by blaming them for taking advantage of people.  I hung up from them, instructed my father to call his bank, cancel his card, tell the bank what had happened and to stop any payment to this company.  While he was on the phone with the bank, I was on hold for Adobe, and got you to answer my call, letting me know that PC Experts 247 is NOT your tech support company.***Added***   The bank was already aware of this company and their practices. When I checked my father's email, this company had sent him two emails as follows:1.  To view your invoice from MLL-PCEXPERTS for $300.99, or to download a PDF copy for your records, click the link below:*link removed*Best regards,MLL-PCEXPERTS ( (Billing) : info@pcexperts247.netPhone : 1-855-602-7992 (Toll Free)    2.  To view your invoice from MLL-PCEXPERTS for $239.99, or to download a PDF copy for your records, click the link below:   **link removed**Best regards,MLL-PCEXPERTS ( (Billing) : info@pcexperts247.netPhone : 1-855-602-7992 (Toll Free) 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1218884
Mar 28 2015
07:35 PM
PC Experts 247 PC Experts 247 Ripped Off my 79 year old mother! Internet
PC Experts 247 conned my  79 year old mother out of $200, gained access to her computer and lied to her about what they could do for her. They prey upon the goodness of kind and trusting people. They are scum.  Thankfully, my mom happened to mention to me that something was funny with her computer but that there was this nice man James who could get access to her computer and help her fix things and he only charged her $200 for they year of access.      
Entity: Internet
8, Report #909849
Jul 10 2012
07:01 PM
Ask PC Experts Online computer repair scam - Beware! Internet
This company sounds like they are the answer to all your computer problems until you sign up with them and they have your $170.00 (a one year contract with the purchase of some software). My computer actually worked better before they fixed it. I had a hard time reaching them when there was a problem (which was practically every day) and when they finally did get back to me and worked on my computer (they do it through remote software) I found that I had new problems. One time it took them 3 weeks to respond to my request for help. After about 3 months of frustration and aggravation I told the rep that I wanted to cancel my  service and get a refund because some of the problems that I hoped would be corrected were never taken care of, I had new problems every time they worked on it and I was sick of wasting my time with them.  The rep apologized and told me to send an email of my request and someone would get back to me but that never happened. Then after several attempts -- phone calls and emails I gave up. I believe this is an Indian-based sweatshop scam and they have no integrity whatsoever. BEWARE!!!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1190503
Nov 21 2014
10:54 AM
All PC Experts This company absolutely destroyed my computer. Internet
I cancelled their service and they called me and said they needed to take their stuff off my computer which I did not realize was on there. When the guy who called himself Andrew took control of my computer he deleted everything he could, my printer, all my drivers and fixed it so I could not connect to any internet service. In other words he destroyed my computer. They have called me and called again today to say that they were going to charge my credit card $200 to remove me from their files which they will find out they cannot do because I changed my credit card. I think they were hired by Systweak to fix computers for people who had subscribed to their service. I am not happy with Systweak or All PC experts and would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THEM. As I stated I believe All PC experts is hired by a softwear company called Systweak.  The person I originally talked with was Jonathan Chase who I believe runs to company.  Someone who called himself Andrew is the one who destroyed my computer by deleting all my drivers, computer and everything he could including my printer and fixed it so I could not connect to any internet service because I was cancelling my service with them as I was unhappy with the company.  He called me again this morning and threatened to charge my credit card $200 to cancel my service with them.  I told him to quit calling me or I was going to call the police.  He had called 5 times this morning and I told him never to contact me again.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1042337
Apr 10 2013
08:20 PM
Had a problem with Yahoo (duh).  Called a number provided. They fixed the problem and was asked if I wished to have them protect my laptop. I agreed to the contract AND I assumed I was dealing with YAHOO. However, when another problem cropped up, they couldn't help me.  Told me I needed new laptop.  I said I wanted refund for 5-year contract I agreed to, as they did not protect me from hacking, crashing, etc.  I am on tape asking at least 5 times that they would protect me from all laptop problems -- each time I was assured yes.  When i demanded refund and was refused, I called my bank to dispute the charge.  I also asked  my bank for contact info for PC EXPERTS 247.  I was provided with their phone number for their corporate office -- when I called and demanded refund for non-existent service, I was hung-up on. Interestingly, when my bank contacted PC EXPERTS 247 about the dispute, they responded with an email I had sent directly after they fixed my laptop.  However, PC EXPERTS 247 conveniently did not provide a copy of my taped verification, where I repeatedly asked if I was thoroughly protected and monitored constantly against threats to my system. Incidentally,  I finally took my laptop to a retail outlet to buy another similar laptop.  The manager opened it, said he didn't think it was ruined, as PC EXPERTS 247 INFORMED ME, and promptly had it up and running.    HMMMMMMMMM I was led to believe I was dealing directly with YAHOO.  SHAME ON YAHOO.  I am attempting to make YAHOO aware of this scam.  It is impossible to reach anyone on the phone at YAHOO but I WILL PREVAIL AND REACH MARISSA MAYER, their new CEO.  This type of business cannot continue. IT WAS NEVER DISCLOSED THAT I WAS NOT CONTRACTING DIRECTLY WITH YAHOO.   Again, SHAME ON YAHOO.
Entity: Flushing, New York
11, Report #1167036
Aug 03 2014
09:08 AM
PC Experts 247 LLC Duped into believing they were AVG Internet
I had an issue with my computer (hacked) and AVG would not install.  I contacted what I thought was AVG US.  The technician identified himself as AVG tech support (complete with id number/name)  and proceeded to repair my computer after I paid $159.95 for what I thought was an anti-hacker program/repair.  I attempted to review my AVG account order history and the transaction was not listed.  I contacted AVG US and was told that I had been scammed and that AVG would not have installed the software that this AVG imposter installed on my computer.  I contacted the number the given to me yesterday after the repair and was told to call back later since there was no one there to assist me on Sunday (24/7 ?).  I requested a refund due to the fact they fraudulently identified themselves as AVG tech support which they are NOT!  I will call back and try to straighten this mess out on Monday.  My advice to other consumers:  Stick will companies recommended by Dell, Inc which is Dell Concierge service and support.  Due to my experience, I will discontinue AVG US and only hope that Dell Concierge can help me get all this crap off my computer.  I will also pursue a refund from PC Experts 247 due to their misrepresentation.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1215047
Mar 11 2015
03:08 PM
PC Experts 24/7 Represented a lifetime support program for $499.00.
After I purchased a new laptop, I was loading software when I discovered a malware issue.  A phone number was provided for download support.  I called the number (855-602-7992) and talked with Alex who said he could fix my network problems before they spread to my other computers. Alex in the meantime,  asked me to go to so he could fix the problem.  After giving him access to my PC, he advised me that I had a serious trojan infection that was the cause of my problems. My virus protection application did not support his claim. He claimed I needed a new security applcation to fix the issue and get life time protection for all my PC's. The price for this new application was $499.99. He loaded MalwareBytes and CClean and said this would be for all my computers. I have tried to contact Alex at the above numbers to get some more information about the company, but Alex is nowhere to be found. I looked up PC Experts 247 online and found they had an extensive reputation,all bad, with many reports of their various rip-off's. I called my bank and cancelled the online transaction. 
13, Report #1204654
Jan 27 2015
08:39 AM
PC Experts 247 Computer services rip-off California
I purchased a license for Microsoft Office 2013 and followed the instructions provided to download the application. The key code was submitted and accepted but the download did not work. A phone number was provided for download support.  I called the number (855-602-7992) and talked with a person who implied he worked for Microsoft and would assist me with the Office 2013 download. The support person asked me to go to so he could fix the problem.  After giving him access to my PC, he advised me that I had a serious trojan infection that was the cause of my problems. My virus protection application did not support his claim. He claimed I needed a new security applcation to fix the issue and get life time protection for all my PC's. The price for this new application was $749.99 plus tax. I looked up PC Experts 247 online and found they had an extensive reputation,all bad with many reports of their various rip-off's. I called my bank and cancelled the online transaction.   After I cut off access to my PC, they called me over a dozen times in a two hour period.  The calls stopped when I told them I had uncovered their bad reputation on the internet.  
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1240828
Jul 09 2015
02:23 PM
All PC Experts Lied told me they were partners with a legitimate pc repair company Internet
I was contacted by All PC Experts right after I had been contacted by a legitimate company.  They told me they were partners with this other company.  They are not.  They'd call me every couple of weeks and tell me they needed to 'fix' my computer.  Like a fool, I let them have access. The legitimate company contacted me yesterday.  They are partnered with Microsoft, their engineers are Microsoft certified.  All PC Experts are not.  The legitimate company ran some software and right away, I saw there was a field of 'foreign addresses' between 2 other fields that was not supposed to be there.  I could see everything the legitimate company was doing to my computer.  I didn't see anything All PC Experts was doing.  After the scans were done, there were over 900 events of viruses, malware, trojans and all kinds of bad things that weren't supposed to be on my computer! I called All PC Experts to cancel the contract and refund my money.  First Jennifer said it would take 25 days to refund it.  Then she said 15 days.  She did not want me to go to my bank to dispute it because she'd get in trouble.  She wanted to know who the legitimate company I'm dealing with is.  If she needs to ask me that question, then they aren't partners.  Or, she wouldn't need to ask me.  She said they'd installed software on my computer.  I told them to cancel the licences then.  She said I wouldn't have any network security.  I thought if I did have network security, then I would not have had over 900 events that weren't supposed to be there! Now, if All PC Experts is legitimate, they would have known who they partner with.  If they're legitimate, they wouldn't be calling every couple weeks.  Oh, after I paid the initial $249.99, they wanted to charge me another $299.99 for something else they said I needed and it was lifetime.  Nope - I didn't take it.  Jennifer argued with me over that until I finally told her I have cancer.  I don't have a lot of money.  All true.  Somehow, I think they'll be calling me and harassing me some more.  I did go to my bank right after I hung up with them and filed to get my money back.  I should have it within 7 - 10 business days.  Not the 15 business days like Jennifer said.   DO NOT do business with All PC Experts!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1226684
May 04 2015
09:38 AM
IN technologies live pc experts left it in worse shape than before they started. Argued about refund. Internet
I initially contacted them about seeking aid to help in uploading pictures from my camera to the computer.  Once I allowed them access, I was informed that my files were corrupted, and they could fix it.  Needless to say, not only were the files not cleaned, but they were not able to help with the problem I'd initially wanted fixed-I found out that I hadn't needed them in the first place-and didn't even inform me when they were done.  I found out that, besides not being able to clean out my files, but all of my firewalls and virus protections had been deactivated.  When I called to complain, they told me that I was only allowed to ask for a full refund within 15 days, and if I allowed them back in, Everything would be 'fixed'.  They finally agreed to refund $100.00 of it back, as they had 'worked' on my computer, but still wanted another chance.  Fool me once, shame on you...  They also informed me that I had received an email with the contract I'd 'signed', which I never received.  I did not use a credit card, but I did use my bank debit card.  The initial charge was $199.99.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1257507
Oct 07 2015
05:18 PM
Entity: Internet
17, Report #907335
Jul 05 2012
08:05 PM
PC experts SCAM Gave fale info, sold her items she didn't need & are total LIARS Palm Harbor, Florida
This company sold my mother inlaw $199 worth of services she did not need, she thought that she was resetting her yahoo password.  They gave her a new yahoo, added AVG (which is free) & charged her $199-
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
18, Report #1269349
Nov 20 2015
04:54 PM
PC Experts 247 Capitol One, William Smith, Ben Barco, Alex Luis has a heavy accent like someone from India Nationwide
The persons who called me had a very heavy accent like as if they were from India. They were extremely hard to understand. The company identified themselves as PC Experts 247  who claimed they could shut down my computer because I was using one of their programs & that they owned Windows 7 & 10. They also said I had a Trojan called Zues. They then got me to pay them to fix the problem and took several hundred of dollars that I stupidly paid them. Soon my checking account and debit card were hacked. This forced me to get a new debit card and checking account. Thankfully my bank refunded me in this particular incedent. The name of the company on the withdrawal was 22nd Century Ideal Technology Consulting Inc who just happens to be a company that only deals with the Local, State, Federal governments of the US and with all the US military branches. So PC Experts 247 aka 22nd Century Ideal Technology Consulting Inc was fraudulantly using this company's name. I know because I looked up the name of that company. The people from PC Experts 247 was connected with a company called Charge One had people there by the names of: William Smith Alex Luis Ben Barco The phone numbers I got from them are: 020-727-4001 (which comes up on the caller ID as 1009) 1-800-609-7139 - Ben Barco 1-888-927-3299 - Ben Barco 1-800-701-2953 extension 402 - Alex Luis 1-800-701-2953 extension 403 - William Smith On the back of each electronic check has this information: The 1st one listed as Charge One listed the bank of East West Bank in Pasadena, CA 9/30/2015 with this following number of 44825222754120. On the side of this was shown JESCR LLC  8027004319 with an address of 5600 W. Spring Mountain Rd # 20. There looks like there's something above the JESCR which starts with an F but I can't make it out as it's inked over some. The one 2nd from Charge One listed this on the back of the electronic check: 082715 - 52180000203093 > 122203950 < Cathay On the side of it, it shows: For Deposit JESCR LLC 2102994 On the back side of the 22nd Century Ideal Tech Consulting Inc electronic check is: 543658077332 185911 20151005 00000000 then my checking acount number. Under that is TRN_DEBIT   NABEEJBX   37999  and then... Astoria 0436   94004 5436 6 0205 On the side is some writing (I think it's a name) then stamped under that is Deposit 22nd Century Ideal Technology Acct # 4288068434 I hope some how I'll get back the money they took from me and that they are shut down and put in prison.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1084023
Oct 21 2013
04:42 PM
OC PC SERVICES, OC PC TECH EXPERTS, Daniel Isaac Danino, Reberta Danino, Jessica running springs talents show Anaheim, sex offender, scam, lewd, robbery Garden Grove California
 OMG Worse computer guy ever! I do not drive as I am a full-time student. Found his ad on CL and asked if he could really fix my computer for $40 as he advertised, he said Yes. Once he was at my dorm he wanted nearly $300, I told him I could not pay and he said, I could pay another way, eww. I asked him to leave. That night I went to meet friend and when I came out of the dorm, Dani was there and asked, what are you doing out this late, little girl? You know you could get raped, and pushed me against a fence findling me for nearly 5 minutes. A repair man who stalks customers when they cannot afford his services. I transferred schools so he cannot find me.
Entity: California
20, Report #1251879
Aug 30 2015
05:25 PM
PC Experts 247 The rip-off artist took over my computer and made some changes so that I was able to send email. However, five days later I started getting This page can't be displayed messages and realized I could not reach the con artist by email. Flushing New York
I could not send emails, so I called Technical Support. The man who answered asked me to describe the problem, which I did. He then took over the computer. After about half an hour he asked me to send an email. I sent several with no problem and thought he had solved the problem.   I paid with a credit card ($179) since the agreement specified a thirty-day period to make sure the work was satisfactory. Today I kept getting This page cannot be displayed messages. When I tried to contact him using his email with the agreement, I realized that there was no valid return email address.                                  
Entity: New York
21, Report #1207345
Feb 06 2015
11:53 PM
All PC Experts only have phone number; got them thru iolo system mechanics when I called for help. scammed me out of alot of money only to have them screw up my computer no address Nationwide
I am a disabled senior, I have dealt with Ioli System Mechanic for years but had a problem  in July and got help online only to be directed to ALL PC Experts. I was charged alot of money and paid by check several months ago. Sorry just finding out not it is a scam company in India! Is there anything that can be done? We're talking over $300 dollars.  
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1223150
Apr 17 2015
02:01 PM
Ask PC Experts-Caller claims they are calling from Windows Support Scammed me for remote access to 2 computers and charged me $300 for nothing. India Internet
I, unfortunately, fell for this scam a few years ago when a man with a strong (Asian) Indian accent called me stating he was calling from Windows Technical Support to help me with a computer problem.  Long story short, $300, 48 hours, and their remote access to my two computers later, a virus was detected and removed by this company identified as Ask PC Experts. BEWARE, DO NOT FALL FOR IT.  The story is much more complex than this paragraph explains, so just do not respond or answer calls from this number. Check out the BBB.  They maintain use of the same phone number, 800-670-0924, and another number they called from was 888-649-8990.  I continue to receive 1-3 calls annually from them-so now, after programming the caller ID to show, “Ask PC Experts Scam,” I merely don’t answer the phone.   Anthony __________, RN ______________________ ____________ Maine  _____ USA   Ravish Sharme Cyber Futuristics (India) Pvt. Ltd. SDF Block G-13/1,4 Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida Dadri Road, Noida Phase II, Noida 201 305   Or is it   244 5th Ave. New York, New York  10001   Dear Ravish Sharme and whoever else is appropriate,   I am writing you as a customer expressing significant concerns regarding recent events involving conversations with those claiming representation of askpcexperts.   I am Registered Nurse with spiritual and career focus on hospice (end of life) for patients, and I rely heavily on my PCs for many reasons including documentation of patient care, to communicate with physicians, perform research, and by remaining current with patient care by ways of staying up-to-date with medical research.   On 1/17/2012, after weeks of experiencing extreme difficulty with accessing web sites and significantly slow PC performance,  I performed maintenance on my PC using, amongst other software,  “Advanced SystemCare v4,” I purchased 24 Oct, 2011 from   On this occasion, after the software finished “scanning,” a link appeared and suggested I contact “” for further assistance.     Prior to following the suggestion, I did some research regarding, and discovered, prominently, two separate entities-one based in India and the other based in New York, USA.  I also discovered complaints regarding the New York-based company; however, I found no complaints or reported problems regarding the India-based company.   I phoned (800-491-3022) and spoke with “Frank,” who informed me their company is based in New Delhi, India, and he offered me a computer protection/tech-support plan with an agreement they would “clean-up” my desktop PC, Laptop PC, Seagate external Hard Drive I use to back-up the 2 PCs, and I understood him to ensure proper operation of them and support for three years.  I payed the $299 via credit card, then I was directed, and Frank assisted me, with downloading the following software: “Teamviewer 7,” “RegCleanPro,” SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition.”  Frank was very helpful and informed me he would disconnect the phone call and call me back after “working” remotely on my computer.  I then received a phone call from another tech, Adarsh Marten, who informed me Frank had to leave the office due to a personal emergency, and that Adarsh would be assisting me.  The “cleaning” process took a great deal of time to perform, and the process was halted until the following day.  I was in contact with Adarsh the following day (18 Jan) to finish the processes.  These actions, corrected the problems relating to accessing the internet, and dramatically sped up the functioning of my PC.  When completed, Adarsh Markan provided me with a phone number, 800-491-3022, for me to call for future support, and also provided me with another phone number, 866-757-6263, and he instructed me to call anytime with any further computer problems.     On 2/16/2012, I was called (caller ID # 661-380-3000) by a man (Alex) who claimed to be a tech support person from pcexperts, and as a courtesy he called to “follow up” and check my computer.  He claimed to be new there, however, he instructed me to open teamviewer 7, and commenced to scan my computer to assure everything was “OK” on my computer.  He stated he would hang up- then call me back after scanning my computer for problems.  After about 40 minutes, Michael Smith” (claimed to be titled “Accounts Manager) called me and informed me I “have a hacker on my computer”, and showed me CSRSS.EXE (in my Windows Task Manager) as proof.  He also informed me I had to remove this “hacker” program “right away-or my personal information will be open to the hackers;” however, he informed me I had to pay $240 to download a software program to remove this “virus” from “Software Solution Services.”  I expressed to him I was very disappointed because I was expected to pay additional money for services I believed to already be in place.  After further discussion, I became increasingly concerned about the true identity of the caller when he offered only excuses and was unable to furnish me with two support ticket reference numbers emailed to me from the initial contact I had with PCExperts one month ago.  He acknowledged I previously paid $300 to be their customer for 1 year, and I disagreed telling him I was informed this was for 3 years.  He told me to wait a moment while he looked further into this.  He then returned to the phone and replied that I do, indeed, have a three year service agreement.  He then informed me he could offer me a discounted price from the $240 for the software to remove the “hacker virus.”   I asked why McAfee didn’t detect this virus, and Michael informed me CSRSS.EXE is a new virus and McAfee isn’t “strong enough” to detect it.  I then began asking other questions and determined these people, and the content of this conversation, was too questionable to continue.  Michael informed me the company has a new toll-free number (800-510-0450) that I am to begin using it as of today and I am to disregard any other phone numbers I have for askpcexperts.  I told Michael that, due to my uncertainty of this call and potential false intent, I would do some research and call him back. I contacted McAfee and some friends I have who are involved in computer technology.  They all acknowledge the following: “Csrss stands for client/server run-time subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times.  Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and and/or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment”- as long as it exists in the WINDOWS\system32 subfolder-which it does; however, it also shows up in the folder WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386.  I understand this is not a concern though. CSRSS.EXE also does not show up in the “Startup” folder; therefore, unless you will enlighten me to something else, I remain skeptical of the advice for me to pay an additional $240 to remove “the hacker.” After researching this, I called an original phone number I was provided a month ago for “askpsexperts” tech support 800-491-3022 and heard a repeated recorded message stating you are helping other customers and it requested I “stay on line”.  After about 25 minutes, I called the other phone number I was provided, 866-757-6263, spoke with tech, “Tanmay”, and proceded to explain what had just occurred.  He informed me the call was “breaking up” and he would call me back.  He phoned me in less than a minute (my caller ID showed “unknown”), and he informed me the other “new” toll-free number (800-510-0450) provided me is not associated with their company.  He also informed me this situation is very serious, he provided me with the phone number of the “Senior Supervisor @800-491-3022-(the other number I already had), I could expect phone call from a senior supervisor within 20 minutes, and he provided me the phone number 800-491-3022.  After 19 hours, I still did not receive any phone calls. I am very concerned with the inconsistencies of “stories” and information from various staff from your company, and I am very prepared to make formal complaints to, amongst a few, the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, and Better Business Bureau unless I receive adequate explanations for the inconsistencies.  I am concerned for, and I must protect, the private and personal information of my patients and myself.  After I paid the $300 for your services, I also present two questions to you; what will you do to assure privacy of my patients and my information, and this how do I assure my personal and professional (and patient) information is at risk considering the accused file, “CSRSS.EXE?  “ Will you please help me? Thank you, Anthony ______, RN  
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Feb 20 2018
07:03 AM
William Technologies, Charge One,Zajes Techynologys usa,Informatic Experts, Orange Electronics, Informatico Experts Inc., PC Experts scam big time Internet
phone call told me that I had hackers and they would help me by putting more security on my computer.  Then would call every other day to update or check.  Every time it costs me more money to the tune of $8000.00 .  I'm 76 yrs old. Did not need this at this time of my life.  Thank you.  
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24, Report #787402
Oct 11 2011
09:43 AM
Live PC Solutions A representative called from India telling me how he would prove to me that my computer was infected and was about to crash. Internet
The evening of Oct, 11, 2011, a person from a boiler room in India called me.  He told me he was an affiliate of Microsoft and they had been getting error reports from my computer indicating it was infected. He wanted to prove to me how my computer was infected by having me push the Windows button at the same time I held down the R key.  I told him my virus protection system was set on high and no problems were showing up.  He insisted It's not a virus and I can prove it to you....and your system will crash soon without help.  I refused and hung up.  An hour later I got another call with the same story.  Then I read the Ripoff Report filed last April on this site.  I tried to contact Microsoft to tell them about this scam, but that is not an easy thing to do. They referred me to an email address abuse@microsoft but that address was no longer accepting email complaints.  So Microsoft does not accept email complaints.  They could not accept phone complaints.I called the USA phone number and spoke with another gentleman with a very heavy Indian accent, and asked to file a complaint.  They didn't seem to understand the nature of my call.
Entity: , Internet
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Aug 18 2014
09:37 AM
Live PC Expert Minimal repairs to make you think they are doing doing. then new issues occur to keep you returning Wilmington Delaware
Live PC Expert claims to be certified third party vendors for the major software providers like Microsoft and Apple. There is no list of vendors either company provides. The company did basic work however it is suspect of them being the culpriate fro my email accounts being hacked. They take control and you have no idea what is going on while they fix the issues. After scaring me into believing I needed more tha I did I got the pans to cover 3 computers. After one month my cell phone gets hacked and locked. Next step is get it turned back on. Apple informs me my email has been hacked and that is why I cant reset it. I get diverted to yes another comapny Tech Care Live registered in Las Vegas. Tech Care Live takes control of my computer and alarms me with all the great danger I am in because of Live PC Expert. See other negative reports at Rip Off Report. The greater concern and alarm is with the new company again a Certified 3rd party technichian for Microsoft and Apple. What is alarming and suspect is that because I just went through the process of cleaning 3 computer with Live PC Expert is EVER step from the link used to connect my computers to the biling forms we identical to Tech Care Live! Even names of techncians were the same. From the horriffic experience starting on Friday night until now they ALL are very good at creating issues, lying about what is a serious problem and the dire straights you are in. Based on this experince I believe Live PC Expert was root cause for the iPhone crash. They had access to everyting. They created this incident in order to scare me to another vendor which for all procatices is them in sheeps clothing. These comapnies are easily morphed since they use all off sjore technichians etc.   So also bewar of Tech Care Live Complete scam and over priced.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware

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