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26, Report #1356551
Feb 16 2017
03:20 PM
BALANCE TREATMENT CENTER Balance Treatment Center is a Fraudulent Mental Health Treatment Facility Calabasas California
Balance Treatment Center came to the hospital to interview and assess their potential client on Friday February 10, 2017 and approved him to be a patient in their care.After which Balance Treatment Center negotiated a Single Payer Agreement with Blue Shield of California under the patient's policy of insurance and the Blue Shield Mental Health Counselor.The patient arrived at noon on Feb. 14, 2017 to Balance Treatment Center after employees from Balance Treatment Center picked him up from the UCLA hospital.In less than 24 hours, Balance treatment Center's Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) contacted the patient's parents to insist that they pick him up as he was not a good fit for their treatment program.The patient's parents knew that they could not just pick up their son as that was not a safe medical option and Balance Treatment Center than said that if we refused to do so, they would call the police and tell them that the patient was a threat to staff and when the police arrived the police categorically did not believe Balance Treatment Center's lies and said that the patient was calm and respectful and just wanted to go to sleep. Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) than told the Deputy by the name of Matt from the Lost Hills Sheriffs 818-878-1808 that they would charge their own patient with Criminal Trespass if the police would not force him off their property!The patient's parents had no medicines for him and Balance Treatment Center knew that that their patient was considered acute when they approved him for their residential treatment program just one day earlier.Balance Treatment center took the patient from a safe environment in the hospital only one day earlier, received 100% compensation through a single Pay agreement through Blue Shield MHSA managed care, and than within 24 hours threatened their own patient with criminal trespass if the police would not forcibly remove theor patient from their residential care facility. Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) ordered the officers to do this from the comfort of her own home, and her number is 310-620-6882. The Los Hills police at 818-878-8708 can verify just how many times this business does this sort of thing against their own patients. These reckless acts should in and of itself cause Balance Treatment Center to lose their license to do business. Balance Treatment Center solicits business through advertising and their website and they claim that they take care of mental health patients but than kick them out to the streets when their patient actually require their medical services. Balance Treatment Center is a fraudulent outfit that literally causes significant harm to their patients and caused this patient to be forced by police to leave Balance Treatment under the threat of a criminal trespass arrest! Balance Treatment Residential Center is now under investigation by the Joint Commission and patients and families should NOT EVER consider being treated at any Balance Treatment Residential or Outpatient program!
Entity: Calabasas, California
27, Report #1393327
Aug 16 2017
09:05 PM
Michelle ROSS Licensed mental health counselof Betrayal, unprofessionalism, abandonment Coral Springs Florida
I was a patient of Michelle Ross about 2 yrs ago and was completely abandoned and neglected by her as she would not return my phone calls to schedule another appointment. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I would not suggest anyone see her.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
28, Report #526657
Nov 20 2009
09:59 PM
SAMHC Behavioral Health Services Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation SAMHC Employs Mentally Ill Therapist with Drug & Alcohol Addictions and Falsified Licensure File Tucson, Arizona
I am writing this to warn you to stay away from SAMHC. What they will not tell you, and what they do not want you to know, is this:   One of SAMHCs therapists, Mary Perdue, is mentally ill, an abuser of both drugs and alcohol, and works under a falsified licensure file. Her licensure file was falsified between April November 2008, after a complaint had been filed against her. I am the one who wrote the complaint, I had obtained a copy of her licensure file prior to writing the complaint, and in December 2008 I obtained another copy of her licensure file after learning that she had falsified my SAMHC records in order to cover up what she had done to me.   In response, and in order to cover up what Ms. Perdue had done, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners (AZBBHE), under the direction of Debra Rinaudo, together with Laura Waterman, the clinical director of SAMHC, rewrote Ms. Perdues licensure file so that she would not be held responsible for what she had done, and also in order that neither SAMHC nor the AZBBHE could be liable for licensing someone whom they knew to be mentally ill, to be institutionalized on a regular basis, and who admits in her licensure file that abuse of alcohol and drugs impairs her ability to work. Yet, Ms. Perdue continues to work at SAMHC, and those who use SAMHCs services have no control over whether they are forced to meet with her. Should she do anything to harm you, she will rewrite your SAMHC records and you will have no recourse, as SAMHC and the AZBBHE will do what they can to maintain the facade.   When I presented the AZBBHE board members with phone and medical records indicating the Ms. Perdue and I had met when she denied that we did, Debra Rinaudo told the board members that they could not view the information. In addition, she told her investigator, Kami Thur, to disregard what I had written and to take no action on it. Last, when I appeared at the Board meeting at which the complaint was discussed, Ms. Rinaudo silenced me after I told the board members that, with the assistance of Ms. Rinaudo and Ms. Waterman, Ms. Perdues licensure file had been falsified and my SAMHC records rewritten. Ms. Rinaudo told me that I could not speak. Is this the position in which you want to find yourself?   With respect to her licensure file, Ms. Perdues current licensure file states the following:   1. That she suffers from bipolar depression / schizophrenia. 2. That she abuses both drugs and alcohol. 3. That her use of drugs and alcohol impairs her ability to do her job. 4. That she is regularly institutionalized as a result of her mental illness and drug / alcohol problems.   Her current licensure file also states:   1. That she received a masters degree from St. Lawrence University in the late 1970s. This is false. She received only her bachelors degree from this university in the 1970s. 2. That she worked at a mental health clinic in San Francisco in the mid-1990s. This is false. She was working in Seattle at the time, together with Debra Rinaudo. It is for this reason that Ms. Rinaudo agreed to help falsify Ms. Perdues licensure file between April November 2008. 3. That Ms. Perdue did her SAMHC supervisory evaluations under Laura Waterman. This is false. In fact, when I brought this to the attention of the Board, Debra Rinaudo later had the following comment added to Ms. Perdues supervisory evaluation: Laura Watermans name accidentally added.   If you believe that what I am saying is false, ask both Laura Waterman and Ms. Perdue to verify that:   1. Ms. Perdue has a masters degree from St. Lawrence University. 2. She worked at a mental health clinic in San Francisco in the mid-1990s. 3. Ms. Watermans name was accidentally added to the supervisory evaluations prior to December 2008.   Neither Laura Waterman nor Ms. Perdue will be able to verify this information, as they know that doing so will implicate both of them, together with Debra Rinaudo, in the falsification of Ms. Perdues licensure file. What Ms. Waterman, Ms. Rinaudo, and Ms. Perdue will be able to verify, and what they will not be able to deny, is that:   1. Ms. Perdue suffers from mental illness that encompasses bi-polar depression / schizophrenia; 2. She is frequently institutionalized; 3. She abuses drugs and alcohol; 4. Alcohol and drugs by Ms. Perdues own admission impair her ability to work as a therapist.   It is illegal in Arizona to drink / do drugs and drive; yet it is legal to work as a therapist on a falsified licensure file, to admit that alcohol and drugs impair your ability to do your work, to rewrite SAMHC client records, and to have the director of the AZBBHE, as well as the director of SAMHC, cover up what was done. It is also legal to be mentally incompetent and yet call oneself a therapist. Is this who you would want to be forced to have as your therapist?  Do you want someone who is mentally ill and under the influence of drugs and alcohol assessing the status of your mental health?   Dont assume that because someone works as a therapist she is qualified to do so. Additionally, dont make the assumption that someone is mentally competent because she calls herself a therapist. In fact, in this instance the opposite is the case: SAMHC, the AZBBHE, and Mary Perdue want you believe that the title therapist conveys mental competence. It does not. For this reason, you must ask questions first. You can begin by asking for validation of the statements indicated above regarding Ms. Perdues mental illness, drug and alcohol addictions, institutionalizations, and falsified licensure file.   If you must use SAMHC's services, do NOT allow them to assign you to Mary Perdue. SAMHC knowingly and intentionally continues to employ her only because such extensive efforts were made to falsify her licensure file and maintain SAMHCs image that it is a qualified and competent provider of behavioral health services. This, too, is false.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
29, Report #114587
Oct 25 2004
09:08 PM
Deer Oaks Aka Deer Oaks EAP Services Aka Deer Oaks Mental Health Associates rip off companies, government agencies, and postdoctoral psychologist residents San Antonio Texas
Deer Oaks is a mental health company in Texas with the HQ in San Antonio. The Deer Oaks modus operandi is to promise things they cannot and don't plan to deliver. They provide a benefit called an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through a company called Deer Oaks EAP Services. When they get these contracts they write all kinds of promises they do not intend to fulfill. Beware because they will promise you the moon and will not deliver the Deer Oaks EAP Service they promised. As an employee I was witness to the fact that they misrepresented the services that were going to be provided, including the credentials of their counselors. They also offer a postdoctoral program to train psychology postdoctoral residents through an outfit called Deer Oaks Mental Health Associates. The training program is a total joke. There is no training. This is cheap slave labor. They try to misrepresent this as a training program but all you are is an indentured servant. You will work at least 55 hours a week and many weeks more for no money. They also break their employment contracts. They contract to pay employees a certain amount of money for a salary, then without warning switch to a performance-based pay scale. Their employees are the unhappiest people I've ever met. They've had a turnover in their counselors and psychologists of about 60% in the past 6 months. They've lost every psychologist except for 2 at their San Antonio office and have had to shut down offices because people quit working for them and they can't find anyone else to work under these conditions. They are trying to expand their business across the entire U.S. right now, so watch out, they may be coming to your area! Thanks. Anonymous San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
30, Report #409695
Jan 08 2009
02:17 PM
National Institutes Of Mental Health Medical malpractice, died and came back to life, neglect, denied rights, lied to, etc. Washington District of Columbia
After being in Northern Virginia Mental Health Hospital where I was told I did not have any rights while the lady laughed at me, I was admitted against my will to this hospital. They weren't helping me. The NIMH was contacted and the Head Psychiatrist, a Mr. David Bigelow had me put in there after being courteous, and telling me that they could help me. This was in 1973 and I was in there for almost a year. While in NIMH I asked for a lawyer. One of their lawyers. He told me I had only 1/3 a chance of winning my case. Opinions of others mattered more than my life and rights. My health was endangered and I was put on large doses of stelazine. It cause me severe constipation. I did not know that you were to have regular bowel movements every so often. So, one night I noticed that my mind was leaving my body, as I screamed out: Oh, My God, I'm dying! Feces started pouring out of my body over and over again. A nurse came in and said:Stop shitting on the bed, and threw me off the bed where I landed on my head unconscious. When I woke up I had already had a needle inserted in my vein. My psychiatrist, David Warren: not clear on his last name was the one who was taking the blood out of my arm. Then, I was sick with a high fever for about two weeks. I don't recall even going to the bathroom. Then, after being in there a long time, they had put me in a seclusion room when I had not done anything violent. I was crying and Mr. Bigelow came in and said he was releasing me. After that, it didn't end. A series of events took place in my life. Many more hospitalizations from getting sick on the meds they gave me and saying that it was my illness or I was not complying with taking my meds. That is a lie! Then, I found how this all can be used against you by others who think they are privy to your personal records or other things they know. I had a hard time finding work. I found that I was always getting jobs that only paid minimum wage. I have been homeless 7 times due to the oppressive use of force of family involvement, police dragging me to the nearest hospital when I was no danger to anyone and only needed to go off the meds and have nutritional needs met. The psychiatrists see the results of what other psychiatrists have done and willingly take you on and automatically diagnose and drug you whether you are hungry, etc. I have come close to falling again due to being doped up. A nurse in a state hospital in Catonsville had to catch me saying that I needed to eat, and that I was skinny. Upset that this had been done to me. Accusations from family members which mostly came from my sister and my mom's past informing these kooks about what I was about, and how she saw things. I had a bad experience when I was fourteen, but was taken to a psychiatric hospital for this, instead of getting proper medical or nutritional care. I had mononucleoseis and it was treated as a mental disease. I was never diagnosed for this as it was treated as a mental disease. My doctor at the time was an Oswald V. Todd when I was fourteen. I have had to deal with all that is in my past presently and have even been denied the right to have my SSI money after being used and ending up out in the streets. This happened about 1 1/2 years ago. The NIMH thinks that they can use you as their guinea pig and try drugs on you that can kill you against your will! Sometimes, I believe out of sheer curiosity as a way to practice their arts, and sciences on unwilling, helpless victims. They think that they are the law. It is called Mental Health law. Not the laws of the land that were put here to punish wrongdoers. I realize this happened years ago, but it is not easy to hold them accountable for all they have done, and how it impacts your life later on. Because of them I have had arguments with a stubborn family, and lost the benefit of my health, my posessions, being exploited, examined, robbed out in the streets. They are not successful in helping most people. And certainly not me. They know that we are put on Government assistance and how poor we are because of our so-called disability. Therefore they use their postion and wealth as a way to manipulate us and cause us alot of pain and inconvenience. I have called lawyer after lawyer and not one of them is willing to help me even though I have a case. Even recently, I have people who are bothering me and know certain things about me. They know that there is such a thing as statutes of limitations and therefore what limits you can help them, as there seems to be little you can do about it. I want some legal advice. I even have my church invading my privacy and showing disrespect for me as a person. And because these crooks know the laws better than I (Which law is that)? I frequently come up with a lack of evidence and other things. No conscience, no compassion, and no morals from what I have seen. I could go on and on. Hope someone out there is humane and knowledgable enough to want to investigate this matter and help me. This case could open up the doors for others who have had their share of abuse and neglect. These are civil rights matters and it is not a pretty picture. There are psychiatrists that are so confident about all they have done that they are secretly planning to change and implement new plans to hone their craft and use it on unsuspecting people while convincing those they know, including familly members that I am to be their wimp. If you don't care, then don't bother getting in touch with me. I want someone who has been successful in winning cases of merit. I will gladly pay you a sum of money for winning the case. I will pay you a partial payment that I can afford according to my income level to help you earn your keep for time and effort done on my behalf. Don't tell me nothing can be done. You wouldn't want this to happen to you! God bless you. Any comments about what others have experienced are welcome. I don't need rebuttals. I don't care what you think anymore. Meanqueen Dover, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
31, Report #436314
Mar 21 2009
01:49 PM
Linden Method Missleading Nampa Idaho
I was sold a $177 self help package for anxiety disorder. Claimed in writing and on phone, when ordering was the pitch of on phone support and assistance, with the deal. (After trying other methods tapes, Cd's and books I wanted, and bought the on phone assistance,) I thought it would be very helpful. After ordering from a man in Idaho, USA. I found out I would have to call the UK. at 1 am. my time For any help! This missleading deception cost me $40 in shipping/return fees! The company will not even reply to my complaint! The program did not help me! And is a standard completion of the same old tired existing material! (This isn't to say the program might help you!) It just didn't help me!!!! In conclusion one shouldn't trust layers and deceivers, Steve M order # 103786 Steve lakewood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
32, Report #677693
Jan 02 2011
06:48 AM
FreshSalvia Fresh Salvia, salvia, Internet, Internet
Iordered from this website some salvia.And it was 20 days ago. I sent them e-mail and they never turn me back.They are all useless, i lost my hope.They gave me tracking number and it is still in Canada. I am from Turkey and why is my product in Canada? here this is the picture of my order order again this website.Because it is scamm
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #801831
Nov 28 2011
08:59 PM
US Veteran Affairs Mental Health Jennifer Buras, LCSW, Dr. Doucette, Dr. Costales Jennifer Buras, LCSW used gaydar 2 diagnose my sexual orientation n therapy New Orleans, Louisiana
My answer as 2 y I sought psychotherapy w/ Jennifer Buras, LCSW, VA Mental Health was that I am singled out constantly & pigeon held 2 the homosexual diagnosis despite my heterosexual identity & lifestyle. Jennifer, as she wished 2 b called told me that she has 'gaydar' & sing it could see that I was straight. That is not how a patient's sexual orientation is diagnosed. That is MEDICAL MALPRACTICE!Jennifer went on 2 explain that she & her husband 2gether try 2 guess people's sexual orientations by studying the persons mannerisms. When I asked Jennifer if she seriously believed she has gaydar she explained that she 1ce diagnosed someone as homosexual using her gaydar @ a party w/ her husband 2 later learn this as true. She said her husband is not as good @ homosexual witch hunting as she is & he often includes straight people n his misdiagnosis. This lcsw engages n the same behavior that landed me n psychotherapy, hurtful & degrading homosexual witchunting. I have been targeted as a sexually deviant homosexual since the 90's & have a leg long list of homobiased hate assaults yet when Jennifer looked @ me w/ her unscientific gaydar she said she did not see why I might be called homosexual by anyone. She proudly rattled off an unnecessary list of homosexual loved ones & family members & responded 2 my reports of homosexual treatment w/ & suggestions that maybe people just wanted attention or maybe I should find a classier crowd scapegoating the poor. What the panicked & outraged MASSes c clearly enough 4 me 2 have had bones broken, teeth knocked out, an order of protection & complaints of being isolated & called homosexual on the street, by grocery store clerks & sales associates, on public transportation & even @ VA facilities the experts ignore.Since high-school others have called my walk tomboyish & w/ features androgynous enough 2 get me confused 4 male regardless of hair length DrCostales, DrDoucette & now Jennifer Buras, lcsw all claim 2 not c 'it'. Ignoring a patient's condition is PATIENT ABUSE! 3 therapists n a row @ 3500 Canal St's all responded 2 my blatantly obvious gender queer nightmare, ''I don't c it! The exact words spit @ me 2 days after I met w/ Buras by a group of fat mainstream blk women w/ big bodies & relaxers who looked @ my interlocking Venus/Mars symbol necklace & boldly challenged my heterosexually w/ loud outcries of I don't c it! After my last visit w/ Dr. Doucette n which she seemed 2 have a new aggressive & abusive attitude I was called out lesbian by a group of black women n suits outside City Hall 2 blocks from the VA. They saw it, but the therapists office I had just shuttled from did not.What if S. Africa's Caster Semenya went 2 the professionals w/ claims that people kept saying she looks like a man & they responded, We don't see it. U look like a normal athletic woman 2 us. Maybe people r just jealous of you. Maybe u should find better people 2 hang out w/? What if my hormones r imbalanced? What if I am an Alpha female of the strongest race, Afrikans? I will never get 2 the bottom of anything being ignored & denied by this staff determined 2 sweep the growing epidemic of 'gay' biased hate now consuming heterosexuals pigeon held 2 the homosexual diagnosis by on lookers using their dangerous unscientific & inaccurate gaydar. It is scientifically impossible 2 study people's mannerisms & tell weather they r a pedophile, a perpetuator of incest, a rapist or a deviant homosexual. One can only c when a person is gender queer or gender different which has no relationship w/ a person's sexual orientation.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
34, Report #1077757
Aug 21 2013
10:19 AM
scbn refund austin Texas
 they took $195.00 from my account for services' not received  $149.00 for perscription costs and $50.00 for paper work to be done by the company.  the fee was taken from my account before and paper work was signed for the permission to do so.   we called on aug 8 2013 to cancel services not knowing that the first amount was taken from my account.  all paper work was returned on 8 12 2013 as to the requirements of the contract.   called and spoke to Arnetia on 8 21 2013 as to  the cancerlation and the fee that was taken.  we were told to contact the customer service through the internet. can not find the availability of the    connie k (((REDACTED)))
Entity: austin, Texas
35, Report #1244022
Jul 24 2015
09:23 AM
MDJunction People Hurting People Ann Arbor, MI Internet
MDJunction's motto is People Helping People.  I joined over a year ago hoping to make friends and get support for challenges I was dealing with in life.  It appeared to be a safe place to do so. I enjoyed the site very much at first.  I made friends and even became a designated advocate member. Unfortunately, everything changed very quickly when I discoved that there was a discussion forum called, Opinions and I decided to read it. I was immediately taken aback by the use of profane language and bullying taking place by a group leader.  It really bothered me, but I wasn't sure what to do. I considered contacting the owner of the site, Mr. Ron Lev, but decided I should simply address the situation to the fellow members first and see if it could be settled that way.   I wrote a comment in the Opinions thread expressing my concern.  I stated that I perhaps the thread started out with other intentions, but what it had become was not anything positive.  It was, on the contrary, hurtful to our own members.   Very soon after posting my comment, flash, it was GONE!!! I had a private message in my box that said nothing about my comment, but that ridiculed me for spamming the group with my diary entries. Members have the option of creating their own diary at MDJunction, and I had been enjoying creating mine.  I was contributing on the average of one entry every two days.  There is absolutely no restriction on how much you can add to your own diary, so I was really startled and confused about the accusation. I simply replied that I didn't understand what they meant.  I was just enjoying writing in my diary and did not mean to bother anyone.   The reply was that someone like me, who was in so many groups (there are individual groups for different medical issues) should know what spamming is. In the meantime, I flipped through the Opinions thread, wondering where my comment had gone.  That is when I spotted comments from this person.Her aim was clearly public defamation of my character, simply because I questioned the necesity of a thread that bashed fellow members. Of course, since she had deleted my original comment, other readers did not know what I wrote and could have thought that I wrote something nasty.   I decided to handle this directly with this person, but not publicly.  I sent her a private message telling her that I was not intending to be her enemy and that I didn't know why she was writing about me so negatively in a public way. This only served to prompt more public teasing.  Now, she took a list of all the groups I belong to...posted it...and made fun of the fact that I had so many problems!  Does that sound appropriate for a website like this to ANYONE? My response to that was to take my list of groups and write a short explanation about why I was in each group.  I have daugthers, ex's, parents and myself to cover.  Yes, I've had a lot of crap to deal with in my life, but each and every group I was in had a legitimate reason. I sent this to hear, again, with a nice preface.  I told her I didn't expect her to read it all, but wanted her to know that I cared enough to write this out for her and still hoped we didn't have to be enemies. Her response, once again, was the public teasing.   I tried to write something back on the Opinions thread (nothing mean) and discovered I had been banned and that my posts would not show up there. I decided to send my bully a hug with a nice note, still hoping kindness and treating others as you wished to be treated was the best way to handle anything. All I can tell you is that the bullying continued. Two days ago, I decided to ignore this person and was simply communicating innocently with other members, when I noticed EVERYTHING I WROTE was being deleted! I had already contacted the owner of the site about the bullying and had gotten a quick, I'll look into it response, but was not hearing anything back as this situation continued to escalate. I refuse to apologize for sticking up for myself and for other members, in the hopes of preserving our right to be guaranteed we would not be bullied at MDJunction.   Anyway, the final result, up until now, is that my entire account has been banned until further review.   Apparently, my bully has the ability to delete and ban things on a whim of her own.  As you can see in a prior ripoff report, I am not her first victim.   It has been two days since my ban.  I have written several times to Mr. Lev but have not gotten any communication from him. I understand that he is a busy man, but I also think that he has a responsibility to make sure the site he created and claims to monitor is SAFE for its members. Many of us have issues with anxiety, self-esteem, etc.  If we go to a pace to help with those things, this is the last thing that should happen. I am confident that when my account is finally reviewed, it will be restored. I have not done anything wrong and am sticking up for myself and other members who have been mistreated.   If the one member shoe is creating all of this drama is not taken out of her position of group leader, and does not have her account banned, then I doubt I will continue to use the site.   I caution others, especially from the mental health community, against joining this website and thinking it is a safe place for support.  Until changes are made, it is a place where you may find, People hurting People.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1315087
Jul 05 2016
09:49 AM
Synagen IQ Misleading Advertising Internet
Website offers trial of Synagen IQ for only shipping of $4.95. No where does it tell the user they are subscribing to a repeat service. I found this out by accident and attempted to cancel the subscription and was told I could do so easily online, The catch was that to cancel I had to pay $38 as a one time charge and could keep the trial. Beside the deceptive marketing tactic I have felt no benefit from the prodiuct.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1355042
Feb 09 2017
08:19 AM
Wadelochem SCAM WADELOCHEM SCAM Internet
Wadelochem is a scam once you pay for your order they will contact equesting more money for insurance.  The admin told me its cause Trump's in office, LOL.  They tried to tried to charge more for insurance than what the products cost.  This company is a bottom feeder trying to steal pennies.  Save your money.  
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1351647
Jan 24 2017
09:09 AM
Joanna Megraw Counseling Toronto Ontario
I went to Joanna for counseling for a short period.  At first I was happy that she charges less money than others but it is not worth it because she is not a real professional.  I wasted my money talking with her. She is arrogant and spends most of the appointment talking about herself.  I wasn't given any real advice on how to fix my problems.  Later I found out that she is not actually a registered psychotherapist she is just a nurse with a course from the nurse's association. Don't waste your money.  
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
39, Report #1407704
Oct 21 2017
11:11 AM
George Ankuta Internet
 Dr. George Ankuta is a fraud and a liar! He never wants to provide feedbacks to his clients like many therapists do and is so lazy! All he does is wants your money without sending you a bill! Stay away from him!
Entity: Internet
40, Report #159837
Oct 06 2005
11:13 PM
Health Partners employees read medical records &mental health records Minneapolis Minnesota
Buyer Beware, health partner employees are reading your personal medicalmental health record and having open discussions in the employee lounges/nurses station/medical records room. As an ex employee for Health Partners, I've witnessed first hand health partners employees reading patients medical records and mental health records. Along with having open discussions about patients medical conditions and mental health conditions. Would you want employees of your health plan reading your medical/mental health records and having open discussions abouth your medical/mental health condition? HELL NO! That's why I reported it to my supervisor and I was dismissed immediately and not taken seriously. I reported it to member services along with the CEO and nothing was ever investigated or done about. 2 weeks later, I got the boot. Julie arden hills, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
41, Report #196595
Jun 15 2006
02:35 PM
Community Behavioral Health Services - CBHS Ripoff Does Not Honor Patient Confidentiality Page Arizona
My husband was recently arrested for DUI, before even being convicted of the crime he was court ordered to do an alcohol evaluation, intake and group counsling even though the counsler who did the evaluation said he is not a problem drinker. Several days later he was approched by a freind of ours who's mom works at CBHS. He knew that my husband had been arrested and knew several details of the incident that my husband discussed with the evaluator. My husband asked him how he knew of the incident because there were only a few people he had discussed it with. He informed my husband that his mom had told him about it, but he would never admit to anyone that she told him. This woman has absolutely nothing to do with my husbands case or treatment, I believe she works in the accounting department. We are not sure how she found out about the details in my husbands case, but either way it should never have left the counslers office much less goten out into the public. Michelle Page, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Page, Arizona
42, Report #1041211
Apr 06 2013
10:47 AM
Carolina Behavioral Health Dr. Larter Very Unprofessional Burlington, North Carolina
I made an appointment with Dr. Larter, on my appointment day I drove 50 miles to his practice, it was raining very hard so I had to drive a little slower. I called Dr. Larter and told him I was going to be a little late. I was one mile away from his office, Dr Larter said I would have to make another appointment, I told him I had driven 50 miles and I was one mile away.  I ask Dr Larter to please set me up another appointment. Mr Larter told me I do not do business this way, then he became very rude and said I do not want to make you another appointment and further more I do not want to see you at all, then he hung up the phone in my face. I do not recomend Dr Larter to anyone due to his rudeness and unprofessional manner. God Does Not Like Ugly              Kittrell NC
Entity: Burlington, North Carolina
43, Report #1367589
Apr 13 2017
03:52 PM
Cascadia Behavioral Health uncaring staff, business as usual, dispassionate staff, waste of time Portland Oregon
To Whom it May Concern:This note is to serve as a formal complaint regarding the disservices of the staff at Cascadia Behavioral Health in Portland, Ore. The complaint regards lack advertised services rendered for mental health and rude, untrained staff who have no crisis management skills who supposedly work in 'mental health.' What a clown show if ever there were one!On the evening of 4/12/17 I entered into this walk-in facility to seek mental health treatment for myself, as I have post-traumatic stress. I checked in, filled out some forms, and waited for a staff member to come and speak with me.The woman with whom I first met is named Veronica. She introduced herself by name only, and did not identify what 'credentials' she held, if any. This should have been a red flag, but it was late and I had wrongly 'assumed' she held higher credentials than she probably did. She certainly didn't hold any sort of PhD or Cht etc. That's for sure.Veronica conducted an 'intake' regarding my situation, as I was inquiring in to long term in-patient psychiatric care. During the 'intake' I was asked many uncomfortable questions regarding my post-traumatic stress and was triggered regarding the woman's tone of voice and insistence that every question must be answered. She insured me this was for my ‘best interest.’Obviously Veronica had no understanding of post-traumatic stress or proper training in how to work with someone with post-traumatic stress.  I was never told I could skip a question or 'pass' if I felt uncomfortable. Or, take a moment to breathe. Veronica assured me she was there to help me. But, she never inquired into if I had ANY language barriers nor if I had any disabling conditions for which I needed an accommodation.  Way to do your job lady. During the 'intake,' I mentioned a very serious circumstance, for which she disregarded and continued to bring up many times later during our 'meeting.' This triggered me even further. I was asked to repeat a very deep trauma to someone who was untrained and uninterested in what I had to say and unaware of how her verbiage and body language may make me feel afraid or scared. Every time I disclosed to her personal information, she continued to repeat phrases such as, I see or I'm sorry you are going through that. Feverishly, she wrote down every detail she *thought* she heard. But, she was not present.  In reality, her eyes showcased that she really wasn't sorry at all for my situation; rather she was uncomfortable hearing of a major act of violence that happened to me. As a result of her anxiety hearing such, she misinterpreted what I told her and wrote incorrect notes in my 'medical' chart.Once the intake was over, Veronica left the meeting room. When she returned, all she had to offer me in terms of 'treatment' was to go to a women's 'shelter' run by the Salvation Army so I could obtain more 'stable housing.' I wasn't asking for housing resources and was very confused as to why she offered this to me. Veronica assured me Cascadia Behavioral Health had a mat 'reserved' for me there and that I could get the help I needed there.  In these places, women sleep on a ‘mat’ on a floor in a room of about 100 persons. That’s the resource she offered?  Really? She left with a smile.When she returned to the meeting room, she reported that the supposed 'mat' Cascadia Behavioral Health had reserved for me.... was not in fact reserved. Also, the facility she tried to send me to, closed at 10:00 p.m. They were not making an exception to have me enter, even given my very extenuating crisis circumstance. Assuming I wanted to be there, that is.To preface, in the aforementioned intake we did about an hour prior, I had told Veronica in my 'search' for help I looked at ‘programs’ run by such places like the Salvation Army, and explained to her why they were not a fit. I mentioned that assaults and theft occur in those places and that they further exacerbate my post-traumatic stress due to their crowded nature. I also mentioned the staff there have no training in mental health AND that what I seek is  in-patient psychiatric care. There was a real dis-connect to her thought-process here sending me to a women’s ‘shelter’ when I was seeking mental health help.At this point, I was furious as my time was completely wasted and I had NO leads! And, my post-traumatic stress reaction was worsening. At one point, Veronica brought up the 'incident' of which I told her regarding my trauma. I went into a state of 'shell shock' and was in a fetal position on the floor in the meeting room where we met. She screamed at me and said, That's it, you need to LEAVE. She never asked if I  needed water or food, or tea nor said anything such as, how may I help? She made very clear demands that the facility was closing and you must leave. My safety was not her top priority and I would not send anyone here, no matter what their mental health circumstance is, was, or will be.Veronica brought out a female comrade named Mandy and together they 'ganged' up on me and “bullied” me while I was under extreme emotional distress. Mandy yelled at me and screamed, We need to get you out of here - Now! Previously, I was told by Veronica I could take a cab to a different mental health facility in Portland, Ore. but, she retaliated and 'retracted' the offer to cab me there due to my post-traumatic stress episode. What an inhumane thing to do. No one properly intervened, asked if I was safe, if I was thinking of hurting myself, or just needed to sit and do a meditation and breathe for a few minutes to gather my thoughts.I needed a few minutes to gather my thoughts and think of the next step. But, before I could do so, Mandy called a male staff member who had the phone in his hand. They said they were going to call the police and have me physically removed from the property if I didn’t leave. Keep in mind, they gave me no leads as to where to go next, retracted the cab offer, and were pushing me out of the facility when I was an extreme state of emotional distress and could have been a risk to myself in terms of safety.After all this, Mandy came over and flashed a bus ticket and aggressively stated, “there’s a bus stop up the street.” Nothing as to what bus number to take or where to go except one 'emergency room.' Mandy never made any calls to see if the place was open or what the hours were, if the place was accepting new patients,  NOR did she print me out directions on how to get there. I was extremely anxious and had no resources to look it up myself, as I do not use a 'smart' phone. This whole series of 'episodes' interacting with these dispassionate and uncaring persons was complete and utter negligence all the way around by Cascadia Behavioral Health's untrained staff. Absolutely unacceptable. They are making a living at MY expense. Harassing innocent people trying to seek help for themselves and showing no remorse for doing so. Shame on them. SincerelyFreaking Freaked Out
Entity: Portland, Oregon
44, Report #1427551
Feb 06 2018
10:25 AM
ODSP ontario disability support program are responsible for Emotional, Mental, Physical abuse Ontario
February 5, 2018 After yet again no service available, I’m in need of faxing the information recently received by me by mail…to the legal clinic regarding on going issues with ODSP these issues affect my life in numerous ways, the mental anguish of knowing the primary issues are without resolve with complying issues adding to the complexity of what boils down to a broke system and service. After over a year of issues ranging from - being threatened with jail time for fraud – tormented by extensive lists of required information- fulfilling requests only to be suspended- financial peril due to extended suspension, 4 months of no assistance, with all being unfounded.-deducted for Jordan( my eldest daughter of 6 children), turning 18 in January yet didn’t graduate til June, and told they did me a favour by not charging me $100 a month on top of it, so another child born in December wouldn’t be subject to such deductions? This is Discrimination. -My 16-yr. old after my income suspension, attained PT employment to assist with her needs that I was unable to due to income suspension. Within 2 weeks injured herself @work and received WSIB- This was then deducted off my cheque…should my 16yr old pay our rent? Buy groceries? If I borrow the money for rent from her, I am bound to claim it and am deducted for it again….? What kind of logic is this? An already raised poverty- stricken child penalized for a work injury now affecting her home and siblings? This is Emotional & Mental abuse! I am tormented with the thought of being chastised for opting to raise my children, my children penalized for trying to play a productive roll in society, in a foster system this same child would suffer no consequence for the same action. Meaning if my daughter worked while in care no deductions would be made to her cost of living, housing or basic needs. Yet ODSP deducts any income in the benefit unit” and justified under policy. Regardless of her age or academic status. I have a mental illness/ disability, my children are being discriminated against because I am on ODSP, the rights of my children are compromised when the same government treats them differently because of my choice to raise them. As un-rational as it would seem, would my child be better in a foster care system where they are financially capable of housing and providing basic needs, among clothing, activities, and require standards set out by the same government one child in care is approx. $6000.00 a month that works out to about 200.00 a day. For 4 children and myself, I received $1682.00 after rent $1200…$400.00 for the month. I feel as thou my children are suffering because of my mental illness. The Emotional toil of tossing around such ideas and realizing the definitive outcome of my life on ODSP is no matter how hard I work, how good of a mother I try to be, how solid my morals are, how much I give, no matter how much I try to get 'Ahead’, there is no promotion, no bonus, no advancement. ODSP will continue to calculate deductions from the same government in my name, my children, threaten fraud, challenge my existence, probe my needs. The treatment I received from ODSP …the condescending language, and attitude, to being manipulated into withdraw, Phone calls challenging my character, morals, calling me a liar, trying to prove some action of fraudulence, dismissing my concerns and terminating conversations, after attending legal clinic MP and ombudsman over the past year numerous times, I have a new projected date of Aug22-2018. SBT. It’s daunting to think half a year from now…how many more complying issues will have transpired, how many more things will I be forced to contend with…off the top Jaden will be 18 in March 10-2018…this won’t sit well with ODSP I’ve already been told that she will have to apply to welfare? And pay me rent which is then deducted from me…Jaden is victim to sexual assault and lost time in completing her high school which she is now enrolled in fulltime…again this child in a foster care environment would be covered if attending school fulltime up to the age of 21? But because I choose to raise her she has no leg up. What a shame. Jaden’s want to finish high school and get a part-time job, this should excite me as her mother, unfortunately, all I for see is deductions to what is already a financially strained environment. Which leads me to my son Javan, who is in cadets, he is 13, this summer he will attend cadets camp in which they are awarded earnings for involvement, I’m horrified to think that all my children’s positive on goings, are going to have a negative impact on our household in the financial regard. This is hopeless! Do I hinder the productive involvement in society for fear of the negative implications to my financial stability in providing for the exact children I’m being deducted for? I have contacted multiple Mental Health Advocacies However my case is said by ODSP to be extraordinary, due to not having any allowances or previous cases and gives way to policy change. This is good news. however, My situation is Now! This doesn’t account for the last year of my life being stretched to every possible limit. Contemplating giving up my children, loosing any balance of payments, falling behind on everything, jeopardizing my rental unit for non-payment. Loosing 20lbs from stress caused by income suspension and lack of ability to provide for my children thus recanting the contemplation of giving my children up. The strains placed on me has a direct impact on my extended relationships with people, causes emotional withdraw, heighten anxiety, panic attacks. These are exaggerated by having to explain my situation and the issues I’m facing, with more then a few different people on more then one occasion, leaving me emotionally exhausted, fragile and feeling violated by the extraction of information. I’d like to sue ODSP for Emotional distress, Mental anguish, Mental abuse. Under the definition of each available. As well as discrimination against being Mentally disabled. Tort law. The reasons above and beyond add to the fact that these and other issues are going to arise in the next few months at least. I can not put myself in a situation that I know is essentially endless and detrimental to my well being over an extended length of time. This is the definition of insanity. The last year has pushed my mental health to the lowest depths, I am inclined to protect myself from being subject to again. I qualify and am eligible, why then am I under such microscopic scrutiny. For something I’ve already proven? Anyone looking for fraud thru a bias lens will see what they search regardless of validity. If anyone reading this can help me! I would be grateful. Sincerely emotionally exhausted Jessica D
Entity: Ontario
45, Report #729504
May 15 2011
07:47 AM
The Bridges Center Elaina Winfrey, Dr. James Winfrey Mental Health Professionals continue to hire employees under false pretenses the clients ultimately suffer Atlanta, Georgia
I accepted a full time position as a Psychometrics with benefits for the Bridges Center in December 2010 after resigning from a hostile and detrimental work environment from a previous employer to which they committed the same offense as the Bridges Center. To which they had to fully compensate for in DeKalb County Court. I received my first pay two weeks after my hiring date. We were paid bi-weekly for our labor. I was approached by staff members to which they informed me that the Bridges Center has a poor history of reaching their payroll goals. When it was time for me to receive my second paycheck I was overlooked or was I. I was told that this would be handled. In continuance, I never received my second or third paycheck. I was terminated by Elaina Winfrey's Assistant not HR! She expressed that I was creating a hostile work environment and not living up to the Bridges Center Mission statement because I asked for a gas card to get to work due to their lack of adequate funding to pay their staff. A vast majority of the staff are as low as them as they continue to assist the Bridges Center in their scheme of non payment.  Dr. Winfrey sent out a few emails stating, The accounting department is currently understaffed, and receives a large volume of calls for which the current staffing does not have the capacity to response to.D W, Lead Accounting Specialist, is only available to answer questions related to:-W-2 Receipt-Questions regarding discrepancies in amount of pay already received. Ms. Williams has been asked to not answer any other payroll or accounting related questions, and direct those questions to Dr. Winfrey, until the department is fully staffed Again, any other questions must be directed Dr. James Winfrey at jwinfrey@thebridgescenter.comThank You.Good Afternoon, Due to the decline in Direct Care staff not meeting productivity standards, adequate cash flow, payroll for many non-direct care staff will be delayed.Only Direct Care staff and new employees received compensation for the 1/14 payday today. Payroll for remaining staff is contingent upon staff productivity over the next 2 weeks with a targeted goal of 85% productivity.As income is received from staff productivity through service provision (billing), payments will be made each day to staff as revenue is received. In the event that staff are not productive at 85%, this deficiency will continue to affect TBC being able to compensate in a timely manner.  Respectfully, Dr. Winfrey   Dr. James Winfrey, LPC Chief Operating OfficerThe Bridges Center, Inc. 3855 Presidential ParkwayAtlanta, GA  30340770 - 451- 6838 - Office770 - 451- 7804 - Faxwww.TheBridgesCenter.comFrom: Kayisha Thompson   Mr. Winfrey,  In regards to the matter below, when should I expect to be compensated? Do you at least supply gas cards until we are fully compensated? At this time, I can only check my email in the office as my home internet is down as I couldnt pay it yesterday??? IMAGINE, your putting in your time and labor in a work environment and your not being compensated for it. I am sickened by the lack of humility, morality, and adequate judgement from the vast majority of Mental Health agencies here in Metro Atlanta. I am disgusted perhaps the CEO's are the ones that are in need of their own services. Ultimately, the workers and the clients suffer. The Bridges Center is a Mental Health Agency servicing children and their families struggling with Mental Health Disparities. FYI to the parents, probation officers, judges, school counselors when these children continue to suffer or fail to become successful from counseling go to this website and pull up the counseling agencies audit. If their audit score is below an 80-85 percent know that something is amiss!  To this day, the bridges center still owes me for my labor and I haven't received a response from them. I will be pursuing legal actions against this agency. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
46, Report #742855
Jun 20 2011
06:23 AM
Havenwyck Hospital, Auburn Hills, MI PSI Patient Abuse covered up by management at mental health hospital Auburn Hills, Michigan
I was a witness on September 2, 2010 at my employer at the time Havenwyck Hospital. I was one of the witnesses to a coworker Jon Rivera threatening a patients life or the option to get his blood drawn, named Joseph. It was a prolonged event lasting 45 minutes with no rounds done checking for safety by then the staff monitoring was Doris. The coworker was non-responsive to several attempts of prompting by myself and Amanda, tranced in repetative cycle over and over limiting with commands and physical threat repeating the motion and options by Jon, disabling Amanda and I to access more staff. The senses of any sudden movement may trigger a reaction to our coworker to resume from unresponsive state to further the risk for the patients  life. The coworker Jon Rivera was applying pressure with his entire upper body to the patients air passage above the right side of  his upper chest holding his face along with the patients upper body under his, restricting patients movement and the patients free right to move or as aware in a state of mind to refuse the option to follow through with a blood draw remaining in a choke hold position by Jon a staff at Havenwyck. I entered the room to Amanda frozen in position only able to make eye contact for seconds at a time non aware that the needle was in her hand clenched in a straight arm behind her back. I positioned myself placing my hands to my knees as I approached the foot of the bed only able to see Josephs lower body as his legs paced side to side in a still tense position tightening in a clenched knee lock, then Jon trailed his same commands, Are you going to do this the hard way or are you going to do what I say?  The muffled response faded to moans as the physical movement cycled. I called out Jon's name several times with no acknowledgement received, then I slowly walked to Amanda stating,Amanda you have to put the needle away it's not safe, unable to receive a result only a motion of her head to shift to me then back tranced on Joseph looking down in pattern, I lightly put one hand on Amandas elbow then the other on her wrist placing the needle in eyesight prompting to put the needle away, stating help me, so we can help Joseph. Amanda dazed slightly moving head side to side stated, Where? I motioned her direction to her red box that held the rest of her tools. Amanda stated,Okay, smiled in a displaced manner and dashed to follow through,I reminded her to lock it and motioned closer to Jons kneeling down to be eye length stating,Jon where is Josephs face, I cannot see his face, you are holding a patient at work right now and you are not allowed to hold the patient this way, then encouraged Joseph to try and remain as calm as he can, communicating I am going to help him then informed him who I was. I then informed Jon that he is going to lose his job if he does not let Joseph go, asking him to show me the patients face. Jon the patient does not have to do the blood draw, the needle is put up, let me see Jospeh's face?  Jon turned his face to me never making eye contact shifting head side to side stating,What? I stood up and took ahalf step away due to the lack of awareness Jon was displaying. As Jon was distracted focus for seconds long, Joseph was able to loosen the lock Jon was holding him in revealing his face, the sight of his reddened flustered expression gasping for breaths allowed a reassurance that I alert staff instantly triggered me. Jon lunged back in to a grasp of the prior position realing in Joseph's body under his, in the motion I was darting to the door instantly silenced of my motion to Amanda stating,Kathy, please don't leave me. I motioned to Jon and Joseph hen waved my arms out the door, then to her and I, as Jon repeated in cycle stated,You are going to do this the hard way applying pressure to the patient causing his body to shake at the intensity of his restriction, only allowing a moan by the patient. Amanda and I paused instantly in the trance of fear that a persons life at risk in the silenced rage of a coworker trusted to provide safety to the evidence witnessing a representation of animal instincts to the threat to wake Jon up resembling a bear over his meal, the sense of unknowning if woke what the outcome will be. Amanda and I met eye contact to her nodding head yes help in a whisper! I darted to the door as Ed was walking by alarmed motioning him in the room whispering tone stating,Help, Ed approached  the sight confused staring in a daze called Jon's name, then looked at me stating,What is Jon doing? I replied,He is somewhere else right now, repeating the same lines over and motion in cycle . Ed yelled Jon's name several times, stating to get up! Jon readjusted his body turning away from the patient having to lean on the frame of the bed to lift body, dazed from in between the wall and the head of the bed supporting his knees that the mattress was not placed on, overlapping the foot of the bed as was when I entered halfway placed on the frame leaving josephs upper body pressed against wood. Joseph layed still froze from the release as Jon was turning, Jon struggled to release to a stance from the short stop positioning stance, Joseph panicked shifting arms in motion to Jons back making uh sounds as made contact, loose arm form with open hands. Instantly Jon lunged back grasping Joseph in the choke hold as before only able to grip neck area. Ed yelled, Jon that is enough get up, now Josephs legs were kicking in every direction as Ed and I attempted to hold each of them Ed got kicked in the face holding his arm up and put one arm infront of me he yelled Kathy go get help. I ran from the room paused at the distance of the nurses station when Ed and Amanda hollared Jon get up! Then resumed to the staff in sight stating, April we need staff, Joseph needs help! I then ran back into the room to Jon standing up and Joseph laying on the bed with his hands placed on his head, then several staff an in the room. Torri was one of the staff who questioned the blood draw, encouraging to get it done, April glance at me as my head was shaking no, then announced to the staff that we do not need the blood draw today. Doris then handed me the rounds 45 minutes later with not one visible 15 minute round but they were marked as if she did perform rounds which is false documentation, I approached Joseph and encouraged him to come out of his room, then cleared any dirty laundry and offeres something to drink and reassurance that I will get a washcloth to wipe the blood off his cheek from a small enough cut to be from a nail or the placement of his face on the wood. I followed through with rounds as I talked down the patients  concerns. The presence of Jon after the incident was so calm it was confusing as if what he was blank to his conciousness. Carol aproached me shortly following asking to talk to me stating,Amanda came to me and I want you to tll me everything that just happened in that room! I yelled what if he can see us, shifting down in the chair I was sitting up in, then asking what just happened to me? Carol replied,I do not know! I could not remember anything only able to inform I could not see Josephs face. Caro excused me and prompted to come to her if I do remember. Then Torri and Carol approached me asking to discuss anything I remember because they just spoke to Joseph and he remembered the entire incident, recalling me as the voice who saved him. I stated,I felt like I just wanted to get Jon off of Joseph, and Amanda was like a stone, so still. Torrie stated,she looked stoned? I stated no her body was like a stone figure. I then became annoyed with Amanda just standing there and not getting help just as I blocked the event in whole. I suppressed my feelings unknowingly forgetting simple day to day routine finding my self lost in a daze lasting for a half an hour. I regained a conciousness to the reality to my self in the incident taking place as it was trailing almost two weeks later in a state of realization as if only four days passed engaging in the blocked memories I feared. I wrote an email to the state questioning the concern that was so silenced at work and reported the abuse I witnessed to the best I could process, then following after regaining realistic clear knowledgeably I arrived to work and provided my witness statement again reporting the abuse to Debbie H, my unit manager, Jane lozen, Carol Polley, and Torrie Robinson in an office that I did not expect to receive the response I was informed. Debbie h stated,Kathy we have to think about our jobs, media, and a lawsuit right now and if we go public the new company may not follow through with their offer to buy this hospital which will cause job loss for the entire hospital. We need you to not speak of this after you leave this office. I asked why? Torri stated, you will lose your job too, if you speak about this you will be gone, just gone! I replied,what do you mean gone? Torrie stated, That's it, gone! As I looked around to every person and they agreed in the same manner as I viewed them as I was telling them what I witnessed receiving reassurance to speak on I was smothered in a fear I was unable to lift  for months, absobing the nervous shock that weighed my characters normal functioning to a tranced fear deserted of any justification, reasoning to my self evident became the target of gas lighting to burn GONE gone in consistent harassment, dscrimination, and an invitation to a hostile environment with me as the guest of honor, tagged by any negative communication because anyone could treat me anyway they wanted and not get in trouble, If management wanted my work environment to be an uncomfortable, unsafe, intimidating daily shift scheduled as I was the subject of retaliation, creating gossip became the selling product of rumors. My displacement of guilt for the patient suffering redirected the consistent chaotic following events, threatened to misrepresent the abuse brought on by the employers liability that I was in flow with blame dilluted my own self identity to who I was as  person posting blame for the evidence following. I recall Carol approaching me informing that Joseph became angry wanting a follow up to discuss the issue as he approached me in question, so they moved him to the opposite unit characterizing delusional changing his doctor as well as informed the doctor to sedate the memories gone, from Dr. Gregory to Dr. Kakar and from the social worker Marissa to another being Donna who was on a leave of absence. I was able to absorb all the daily differences to the reality of how my own employer was creating the ongoing stressful chaos on purpose. I realized my comfort zone was now hazardous, it was four management at Havenwyck in a position that was allowed to mainstream my character into what hey wanted because I did not listen to them and as they did cover up patient abuse that took place at Havenwyck Hospital on September 2, 2010.
Entity: Auburn Hills, Michigan
47, Report #1006968
Jan 31 2013
05:41 PM
Sunny Horizons, Cheryl J. Hamilton SUN making mental health dianosis w/o education/certification to do so , Internet
Cheryl J. Hamilton of Sunny Horizons Life Coaching and affiliated with SUN.  Got involved in coaching her brother on his marital problems (my husband).  After 40 years of marriage, I know my husband well and wished for him to get the help he needs and knew that he would not be honest or forthcoming with important information related to our marital problems.  I wrote an narrative for him of our marital history highlighting specific events and telling him how it made me feel.  I did this in the light of self-reflection so that problem behaviors could be identified and changes made.  Even though it is NEVER good mental health practices for a family member to counsel another family member, I sent the narrative to MS Hamilton.  Ms Hamilton quickly responded making mental health dianosis of most of my family.  Family members that have been deceased for years and with whom she never spoke and other family members with whom she has not spoken for many many years.  First of all Life coaches are NOT qualified to make mental health dianosis.  I know this because I worked in the field for many years and had far more education and certifications than the omnipotent Ms Hamilton.  Further more Ms Hamilton has had 2 failed marriages and believed for many years that she was having an on-going affair with the then deceased JFK! Their song was Lady in Red!  This woman is a serious accident waiting to happen to some innocent person who thinks that they are going to get help from a stable, qualified professional.  All she has ever done in our life is to cause serious problems.  I am so glad that my husband realizes this step on his way to being healthier and happier!
Entity: internet, Internet
48, Report #986618
Dec 24 2012
01:26 PM
Triad Therapy, LLC Triad Therapy Mental Health Center Medicaid fraud, services not provided, intimidation Asheboro, North Carolina
Between May-Sept. 2011, I repeatedly addressed, verbally, in writing, and with existing falsified contacts, documentation, and treatment plans that were unrelated to client issues with the CEO/owner, Quincy Smiling, Ph.D., and with the Clinical Director. In Oct., I decided to blow the whistle, and reported the fraudulent claims to Medicaid and Sandhills LME (Local Management Entity). Even the small amount of documentation, that I could verify as having been falsified, totaled about $300,000 per year in Medicaid fraud, e.g. documentation of individual sessions when clients were out of town, several months of a three-member team providing services, when there was only one person employed in the program, and documentation of client sessions at school, 10 days before school started. Due to the closure of the local office, I was temporarily assigned to the Asheboro, NC office, about 1 hours each way. During my last six weeks with Triad Therapy, Doc would make comments like, Doesnt it worry you that your tire might blow out or your brake lines might rupture on those long, isolated, country roads, driving late at night? and If a big truck ran you off the road, you could be stuck out in the woods for a day or two, before anyone saw your car. If you were injured, you could even die before you were found. I was fired the day before Thanksgiving, without explanation, although given the information I had provided to Medicaid and the LME, 'connecting the dots' would have been easy. The Clinical Director had warned me repeatedly that Doc was ruthless, vindictive, and never stops in his efforts to get even with anyone who challenges or defies him. In Dec. or Jan., I received a letter from the LME that said their investigation had substantiated all of my allegations. Between Dec. 2011 and March 2012, I was subjected to gas-lighting. My house was entered several times a week, furniture moved, papers missing, computer tampered with, my stove was filled with water, a bulb that I never inserted blew up my microwave oven, my tire was slashed in my driveway, exterior doors I had locked were standing open, etc. I attempted to get a restraining order, but there was no corroborating evidence and no concrete proof of what was being done or by whom.  In March 2012, my neighbor asked me, What is going on with your house? She told me that there had been people coming and going, in and out of my house, several times a week, when I was not at home.  At the end of March, I hired a man to turn my house into a fortress, and the harassment/intimidation stopped. I have never received a response from Medicaid, so I do not know if Doc or Triad are even facing any consequences for fraud. The net result of this is that, in Jan., I started seeing a therapist who diagnosed Acute Stress Disorder. I have developed PTSD, and am virtually unable to work due to fear and anxiety.  I started a job in Aug., but my employer recently refused to pay me for approximately 50 hours. Turns out that he and Doc went to the same college and were both stars on the basketball team for three overlapping years.  Coincidence? Maybe As a licensed mental health therapist, I know this story sounds crazy. Things like this dont happen in real life. Until my neighbors comment, and the discovery of a muddy footprint and a latex glove in my home, there wasnt even any proof that anything was happening - my therapist didnt even believe me, and I dont blame her; I would have serious reservations if a new client came to me with a tale like this. But it happened to me.
Entity: Asheboro, North Carolina
49, Report #375769
Sep 24 2008
02:57 PM
PacifiCare - United Behavioral Health denial of coverage, failure to follow mental health parity, non-payment of claims Centennial Colorado
I am a 45 year old single mother who has had anorexia nervosa that has been inactive for many years until a year ago. I am currently working for a public school and completing a Masters in Counseling. I have always taken care of my family and worked hard to overcome hardships and better my self. I am not one to look for a hand out or to take advantage of the system. I opted to contract with PacifiCare through my employer. I had previously been with Kaiser, and though I received good care from Kaiser, I really wanted to be able to see my treatment team that I had been receiving care from and paying out of pocket. PacifiCare had contracted with each member of my treatment team. I made multiple calls to PacifiCare and United Behavioral Health checking to make sure that I would receive the care I needed for my anorexia nervosa. Colorado now has the mental health parity law and anorexia is considered a biologically based disorder. This law states that this disorder must be treated like any physical disease. I was told many times by several different individuals, even a care advocate, that I would receive the appropriate care and that the parity law did apply. I entered into a treatment center on July 7, 2008. I was approved for a partial hospitalization program, which is 11 hours which consists of therapy, 3 meals and 2 snacks that are supported by therapists, and monitoring of physical health. This was appropriate and I was doing well with this treatment. United Behavioral Health dropped my level of care as soon as my weight was at a level at which they felt I was no longer at risk of sudden death. This decision was made even though it went against the recommendations of the treatment center, my physicians, and the treatment guidelines establilshed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). This decision was appealed several times and is now up for external review. I was dropped down to the Intensive Outpatient Program, which is only 4 hours a day, which usually consits of one meal and one snack, and either an individual therapy session, psychiatric follow-up, or group therapy. I spoke with my care advocate at United Behavioral Health and she told me that if I was struggling with this level of care, that my providers could ask for more intensive care. Instead of being given more IOP days or a higher level of care, I was cut off because I was not participating enough in my treatment. The treatment center made an appeal after finding out that I had gallstones and needed my gallbladder removed, which was the reason I was struggling with my meal plan and continually complaining of being in pain. The appeal was again denied stating that I was non-compliant, despite a document from the surgeon stating that I would definitely be having trouble with eating and pain and would need help with reintroduction to eating my meal plan. Again, I am appealing this decision while my physical and emotional health is suffering, not to mention the financial and emotional strain this has put on my family. I am continuing my fight with this company and will continue fighting as long as I am able. I want others to be aware of the difficulties I have encountered and also would welcome help from any one who has experience in this area. Smorey Lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
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Jan 04 2012
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Sovereign Health of California Sovereign Health UNETHICAL MARKETING PRACTICES & NEGLIGENT PATIENT CARE PRACTICES San Clemente, California
I am compelled to enter a voice on behalf of the patients I know who have been wronged by Sovereign Health of CA.  I worked for this place for a very short while and had to quit because I just couldn't stand behind the unethical practices with regard to marketing, meds, and treatment. I know of others who were patients who probably would want to start a class action law suit against Sovereign. I saw too much and it broke my heart each time I would see a patient leave with more anxiety and problems than when they came, all because of the hard nosed business of greed! One of the patients I worked with was attacked by another patient who was clearly a threat to the other patients and even lunged at a staff psychologist and scared her so much that she called the police. She allowed him back into the house, and I told my boss clearly that it was NOT a good idea that he be allowed back, as he needed a higher level of care and needed to be in a psych hospital setting. I told her it was a problem waiting to happen. The next weekend after he was allowed to come back he attacked another young patient in his sleep and broke the cartilage in his nose and bruised his collar bone and chest area, gave him a black eye and hit him in the head a few times. The way Sovereign management handled it was appalling to me, as this young man had no one to advocate for him. He was a victim of a violent crime. He was suffering from PTSD waking up in the middle of the night if he heard a sound. They tried to make light of everything and acted like it was not a big deal. It sickened me as to the way they treated this young man. When Mr. Sharma (I don't call him a Dr.) was told by another patient about the assault, his comment was, I didn't know of it and it's of no concern to me.  This is the guy who runs the place using other people's licenses and had to leave the UK because he lost his license to practice!  The young man that assaulted him can't be blamed as he was delusional, highly anxious and absolutely should not have been in a house setting!!  The victim requested to be seen by a doctor and was seen by Dr. Snyder who is a medical doctor who works for Sovereign, who, in my opinion has sold out.  Dr. Snyder didn't even document his findings, but he told the young man that he had a broken nose and needed surgery.  Upon leaving, I subsequently wrote a good letter to Ruth Lewis, who is the Director of Operations there and Sharma's right hand person, and I told her exactly what happened in certain instances and what I thought of their unethical practices. She's as cold as they come and tries to come off so caring, but she was constantly at odds with the director of the house managers (who once was compassionate and caring, who is now acts like she doesn't care), coming down on her all the time, when half the time Ruth wasn't even there. The meds problem is on going and no one seems to care. They are always making excuses for the meds issues, which are grave mistakes that could cost someone their life!  Sharma hires interns because he can get them cheaply, and I know there are only two people who are actually licensed who work at the clinic, the rest they contract out so they don't have to pay for insurance, etc. The patients would report to me that the group sessions are redundant & boring and most of the time they get nothing out of them. Vickie Hartman was very much to blame for lying to patients to get them there and I would listen to their complaints on a regular basis when they got there and it was nothing like they were told or even what is described on their web site.  I saw the results of her lying firsthand.  When I complained I was told that I was getting too emotionally involved with the patients.  This was not the case.  I was a caring and conscientious mental health worker who had a responsibility to be a support to my patients, and in the scope of my duties, to care for them with compassion and understanding.  Sovereign is chaotic and the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing most of the time I was there!  There is no communication among the clinicians and other staff members at the clinic.  I hope and pray they are shut down soon and Sharma is kicked out of the US, along with Ruth Lewis. They should go back to the UK where they belong. They are lining their pockets with money taken from unsuspecting families who are in desperate need of care for their loved ones. They billed insurance companies for visits to the psychiatrist that never took place, blood panels that were not taken, etc. I hope the state gets back there to investigate them thoroughly!
Entity: San Clemente, California

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