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1, Report #1172307
Aug 25 2014
09:18 PM
Natural cleanse plus The took 60 dollars from me and wont return Califorina Internet
I got up this morning and checked my bank account to find that 59.92 was taken out by some florida cleanse company and it was the natural cleanse free trail i tried which was suppose to be only the 4.95 shipping and handleing here to find out that i cpuldnt get my money back an they gave me a run around the whole time the customer service was also craip! I recommend that noone ever buys antthing from this company because they rip you off and dont give your money back! I had to start a whole new card because of this! I was so upset! this is the worst place ever
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1390716
Aug 06 2017
06:51 AM
Natural plus Naturalplus_nj Orderered products , paid for them using chase quickpay and they never mailed my products New jersey Internet
 I ordered hairloss products through an Instagram account for Mother's Day (may2017) were now in August and ive yet to receive my products or money back. Ive been told there are several other people shes done this to , and i beleive its not fair that she continues to steal peoples money .
Entity: Internet
3, Report #288147
Nov 30 2007
10:58 PM
NATURAL CURES I was charged on my Chase card for $29.85 for books not received or ordered for three months plus interest. Elk Grove Village Illinois
I was charged $29.85 for the past three months plus interest from Nat Cures for books not received or ordered. Julie Bradford, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
4, Report #68978
Oct 13 2003
02:20 PM
Inst. Of Natural Health ripoff on vitamins sent the free sample plus the 3 month supply back none of which was opened did not receive credit back on my card Internet New York
I sent back the sample after reading the lable, which says if you have high blood pressue do not take, then I received the 3 month supply and sent them back with a letter stating please credit my card back, and a letter stating why I couldn't use this product I have tried calling the 800 number with no response, because when you call, the automated voice says to put in your box number, which I was never given when I was contacted about using this product, I was given the name of the person who sold the product, his name was Cain Barancelli, I have had no response in getting a credit on my credit card. Mary Kill Devil Hills, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, Internet
5, Report #1415194
Dec 05 2017
02:50 PM
lumidaire face cream natural They sent texts to my phone for free trial , cost shipping and handling , no rules ended up stealing 160 from my acct plus the shipping and handling Costa Mesa California
This company sent several texts to my phone, for free trial size face cream... there were no rules... just  free trial size face cream for shipping and handling... then started charging my account for 160..     i tried to stop it with no luck.. by the time my bank (netspend in texas) reviewed and i lost my money, i tried contacting this face cream scam , they say it was too late and could not get my money back.. so i ended up losing $160 for 2 trial size 1oz jar of junk face cream...  this is a fraud.. i learned the hard way..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            i contacted my bank and told them to not give this so called company one dime but my bank gave them my money after i told them not to , so in my view , Netspend is complicit.. i had to wait for a month only to find out that my bank told me i lost the review, so i contacted lumidaire and finally got them to answer the phone.. not only were the rude but refused any refund..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              i call it a fraud because of the fact that they sent texts instead of me finding them on a website, not have any info and rules,... i was under the impression that it was free trial size for shipping and handling.. but they got shipping and handling plus every dime they could get from my acct..they would have gotten so much more if i hadnt cancelled my debit card.... BEWARE people... never order a trial size ANYTHING for free, just shipping and handling.... Its a scam!!!
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
6, Report #854587
Mar 15 2012
08:51 PM
RES-V MD Natural Body Scape Res-V MD (GREEN TEA) A charge for $99.41 plus $3.89 appeared on our VISA credit card bank account and no indication of what it was for. We did not join the club or order any products from RES-V MD. Internet
A charge for 99.41 and 3.89 for Res-V MD occurred on our VISA bank account I was able to cancel it on the phone but no news on returns yet. I have nothing to return. I don't have any membership information to use in getting an RMA #. Any help would be appreciated. Meanwhile I am going to cancel my card and get a new one.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #2760
Jul 27 2000
12:00 AM
Natural Essence
I ordered some hair care products in June. My check cleared June 8 and I still have not received the products. I have tried on multiple attempts to contact this company, and I never get an answer.
Entity: Lansing, Ill
8, Report #4166
Jan 10 2001
12:00 AM
Elliott's Natural Food's - Liars
I talked with an employee at Elliott's about purchasing a Champion Juicer. I specifically asked him if I would be able to return it if I was not satisfied. When I told him that a previous store I had been to would not take returns he assured me that Elliott's policy was not to accept opened bottles but that they would accept returns on juicers. I called today to find out about returning it and was told that no employee there would tell me that I could return a juicer.
Entity: Carmichael, California
9, Report #289575
Dec 06 2007
09:48 PM
I ordered the book More Natural Cures Revealed by Kevin Trudeau via an 800 number on May 28, 2007. The offer was for postage and handling only, $9.99. I charged the sum to an American Express Gift Card which had a balance of $25. prior to the charge. The book was delivered. On June 26, 2007 my credit card was charged $5.95 for WTLOSSCURE which I did not order or receive. On July 26, 2007 my credit card was again charged for $5.95 for NTRCURES which I did not order and did not receive. I had no knowledge of the two transactions against my gift card until I attempted to use the card on December 3, 2007 when I attempted to use the card to pay for purchases and found it only had a balance of $3.15. I contacted American Express and was given the phone number 347-545-8178 as the merchants phone number. When I attempted to make phone contact the number was no longer in service. Cj Golden, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #296649
Jan 03 2008
12:04 PM
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1111908
Dec 31 2013
10:58 AM
K9 Natural Buyer Beware! Internet
Last month my beautiful yellow lab, Cava, died because she ate K9 Naural dog food. Her kidneys failed because of eating this raw dog food. She first started having respiratory problems, and would try to vomit but nothing would come up. After the first trip to the vet, my vet told me that her lungs were full. After doing research, I have discovered that I am not the only one. I do not understand how pet stores continue to keep this dog food on their shelves?  I only hope this does not happen to any other beloved pets. No animal should have suffered as my Cava did, and  no family should have to witness their pet die such an agonizing death.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1331556
Dec 15 2016
12:27 PM
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1264503
Oct 29 2015
02:49 PM
Natural Grocers Many illegal activities Nationwide
First of all, if you go to their web site, they try to illgally download spy ware unto your computer. They promote this rewards progam based on your purchases, yet they don't give you your points like you're entitled to. They will have items on sale with the sale price on the shelf, but when you check out you sale item is rung up for a lot more. They promote themselves as selling organic, non-GMO products in such a way as to make people believe that everything they sell or at least the majority of their products are organic, non-GMO. Yet, when you read the labels, only around 5% of their products are 100% organic, non-GMO. All of their store brand supplements contain GMOs and other harmful chemicals.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1348431
Jan 08 2017
11:57 AM
Shills natural science Internet
 Charged my debit card for $89.31 that I did not authorize.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1156492
Jun 21 2014
11:59 AM
Natural Cambogia Garcinia, Natural Green Cleanse unauthorized charges - fraudulent practices Lutz Florida
BUYER BEWARE !      I should have known there'd be a problem, when in the beginning of ordering the trial order for only $1.99, that I'd gotten a call from my credit card company to see if these minimal charges were authorized - as that's how things started. I advised them, that yes, I'd ordered some things and yes those were okay.  How wrong I was!   I noticed the two charges of about $89 on the day they were posted to my account.  I called my credit card company, and said they couldn't do anything until the charge went through and then I could make a dispute, (which I have done).    Next, I went back to my emails for the confirmation, looking for a phone number. Unfortunately, all you get is a recording in which to cancel your subscription for the pills. I also sent an email, asking for my account to be refunded, which was on 06/16/14.  I have yet to receive my refund.  I have put in a complaint with my credit card company, so we'll see where that leads.  However, seeing all the complaints online, it makes me wonder whether or not, or how soon, that I will see my credited refund.    Lastly, I did state to the company(s) that:  As this seems to be your M.O., I do hope that the Florida Attorney General, and those from each other state, go after your company for the fraudulent practices in which you seem to operate.     I think those of us also need to write your specific State's Attorney General's Office to notify them of your particular issue.  With what I am reading, we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, at the least.  If all of us write to your A.G., as well as the state in which yours was purchased, someone needs to hear us.  If we don't, companies like this will continue to do so. Why wouldn't they, they keep making money by keeping our hard-earned money.   Good luck!    
Entity: Lutz, Florida
16, Report #1330634
Sep 28 2016
02:13 PM
Natural Notts Natural Hair Foods Hair Products Hair Product of this business are scam or ripped off and not real business Internet
Hello my friends, There are something that I would like to sharing every each one of you which I have been really caring and concern all of you. I want to let you know that I have been very so disappointed and really make me upset about the hair product which I have been place the ordered of hair product it is called Natural Notts Natural Hair Foods which I was so excited at the very first time but there were something not right after I had placed an order and have not r...eceived my package almost over three week now for some reason I have not got no heard nothing from email confirmation or text message or called confirmation information which I realized there are something is wrong. so , I decided to search in their website to looking for contact phone but they only have just email that it and no contact phone number so, I decide get more searched and searched still something goes wrongs, I went on here Facebook to looking for this name of product and I spoken one of the person and we were discussed about what was goes on but this person who I spoken that said Oh! I am so sorry that I will have to get the confirmation number and get the refund money back and get the 50% off product of package confirmation to send to me which I have no idea. I was so disappointed that I have not heard anything from them yet since I talked to that person and that person told me that will give me confirmation number the next day and all that I feel that they are ripped off and I feel that they are not real ,real professional business of hair product or whatever that called. I feel so,disappointed that I never ever had to place this hair product before in my life. I have always get hair product from the store but the one I have always used has been closed out and they don't sell the one I used before this is why I thought that I can place order for very first time to get the new hair product from Naturals Notts Natural Hair Foods. now, I am not happy about it. I decide want to posted and sharing each one of you all to let you know tnat beware and do not order this product and I don't trust them at all ever !!!They are really horrible business and  not really real business or professional. They are scam and ripped off people money.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #95314
Jun 17 2004
02:28 PM
Natural Herbals Internet rip-off! Robbing people blind. Internet Nationwide
These people sell almost every herbal product you can think of, they even sell non-herbal products. You place your order, they even call to verify, then they never send your product. They have two email address to contact and never respond. I just want to let people know to NEVER use this website. Amita Chicago,, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #459590
Jun 08 2009
09:59 AM
Natural Synthesis UNAUTHORIZED DEBIT FROM YOUR ACCOUNT!! Richardson Texas
Natural Synthesis - UNAUTHORIZED DEBIT FROM YOUR ACCOUNT!! Richardson, Texas and don't let them get away with it! Natural Synthesis Phone: 877-7443577 Fax: 797 N. Grove Rd, Suite 112 Richardson, Texas, 75081 U.S.A. Submitted: 2/7/2009 5:34:00 PM Modified: 2/7/2009 5:34:00 PM Unhappy lt Lugoff, South Carolina I ordered a trial sample of this product to see if this would be something that will help with my thinning hair. After I selected the product I thought was for me, it took me to another screen asking if I wanted a stronger strength, which cost more money. I only ordered the trial sample and confirmed my order after going through many screens. I checked my account today 02/07/09 and saw a debit in the amount of $87.95 from Natural Synthesis. This was not authorized by me. This unauthorized debit has caused my account to be overdrawn. I immediately sent an email to my bank to block any future debits from this company. Unlike 'Unhappy Layton, Utah', I haven't had the chance to make contact with this company regarding the unauthorized debit. This type of unlawful business causes one to not trust other companies. I will send further updates once I make contact with Natural Synthesis. I just copied this complaint because it was the exact thing that happend to me. I did call the company and their reply was Sir it states plainly on our website that its a 14 day trial period Blah blah blah. All i know is that i did not authorize the $87.95 to be taken from my account. Not sure if i can get the money back but i used my visa and i will try to have them refund my money from my bank. Hope this helps anyone looking for hair loss products. They say over 99% of these freaks trying to promote hair loss products are a ripoff. Cauthorn Nash, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Richardson, Texas
19, Report #469008
Jul 13 2009
09:35 AM, NATURAL SYNTHESIS Scam Richardson Texas
Last June 2009 (first week) I received an email from about a product which stops hair loss. I ordered a trial sample for free, as advertised in first screen.It took me to second screen asking if I want a stronger strength product which sells for $44.92. I bought the product after going through several screens using my credit card. Nothing was mentioned about other charges which I will incur. In June 17, 2009 I was charged $87.95 from my credit card which I contested and rerported to the credit card company as an unathorized charge. I was again charged $34.96 last July 7, 2009 which I also reported to the credit card as unauthorized transaction. I was not able to contact the merchant to air my complaint on the telephone numbers they gave. I stopped using the product after 4 weeks of trial. The product does not work for me. I experienced itchy scalp and thinning hair using the product. Jun BROOKLYN, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Richardson, Texas
20, Report #854080
Mar 14 2012
10:29 PM
Nathans Natural Nuvoryn Slimming Pills Order not Delivered Internet
I ordered a package of 2 plus 1 with order number 2310001586. The order was done on the 22/02/2012 and got an automated e-mail saying it has been shipped on the same day. I have been phoning and e-mailing Nurovyn Cape Town from the 05/03/2012 and since then I haven't got any feedback/response. When I phone I've been told someone is going to contact me within 24 hours and no one has done that. When e-mailing I get an automated e-mail response with no explaination about my order. Today is the 14/03/2012 and still no one has contacted me. What kind of service are you providing? I paid R958.00 that was deposited into your account for this order and this quote is from you Please Note: All orders will be shipped within 24 hours of the order time. You also quote Free Worldwide Delivery - within 5-12 days. It's going to be 30 days in a week's time.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #874888
Apr 27 2012
02:29 PM
Nathan's Natural Stole my money Internet, Internet
I purchased Nuvoryn from Nathan's Natural.  They were running a buy 2 get one free special.  They claim the product was 100% gauanteed.  I received the product and started taking the supplement.  The product made my heart race.  I called the customer service number 800-216-3801 and they gave me the address to send back my product to.  I had the post office track my package so that I made sure it was received back by them.  After several weeks passed I called and asked about my refund.  They said it takes 21/2 weeks and I told them it had been that amount of time.  They said someone would contact me with 24 hours either by phone or by email.  Nothing.  I have call now several times and I get the same thing.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said all they could do is write a report and send it in.  It has now been more than a month since they received my product back and I have not heard from them.  I have since read all kinds of complaints about them on the internet.  I am now out $99.90.
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #209763
Sep 06 2006
02:28 PM
Natural Cures ripoff Elk Grove Village Illinois
Natural cures a HUGE rip off! After returning the book, calling and canceling everything, a year later my credit card has been billed $71.40. I've tried calling, I've tried email. No response from the company whatsoever!!! My credit card company was highly aware of the company! Whatever can be done to stop this company from false advertising, and being able to automatically charge whatever they want whenever they want needs to be done!!! Angela Cantonment, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
23, Report #46553
Feb 22 2003
09:04 PM
Natural High Supplements ripoff, stole money
BIG RIP OFF!!!! Ordered product on Feb. 6th and had not received in 5 business days. So I wrote a complaint because I had paid extra for speedy shipping and here is what they sent me: [===> OUR REPLY
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1101570
Nov 22 2013
05:49 PM
natural cleanse scam lumberton New Jersey
I ordered the 18 day trial of natural cleanse for $4.95 and never received the item. I then got billed $85 later on. They emailed me about the membership after I ordered the trial.There are 3 different numbers to call and they all ask for my credit card number and the website i ordered from.
Entity: Select State/Province
25, Report #1190063
Nov 19 2014
02:52 PM
Natural Green Cleanse SCAM Internet
 This product is a scam! They lure you with a deal of one bottle for $4.95 but the fine print - which is too small to read - apparently commits you to outrageous monthly fees. They allow you to cancel the ongoing plan, but by then you've accrued hundreds of dollars in fees. After that, they do not answer the phone. I am out several hundred dollars for a product that doesn't even work.
Entity: Internet

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