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1, Report #1335295
Oct 05 2017
09:53 AM
Sterling Management Verified TRUSTED Business REVIEW: Sterling Management has the solutions for business growth and improvement with total customer satisfaction and a unique approach that achieves results for clients. *UPDATE: Sterling Management pledges commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits consumers, ensuring complete satisfaction, confidence when doing business with a member business. Sterling Management recognized by Ripoff Report Verified™ as a safe business service.
Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW EDitor's UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Sterling Management for its full commitment to quality customer service. Ripoff Report's discussions with Sterling have uncovered an ongoing dedication by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any concerns. Sterling listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services. The principal philosophy at Sterling is to provide service that is exchanged with clients in abundance in order to help clients grow their practices. CEO, Kevin Wilson has done this by codifying customer needs at Sterling and allowing for clients to have customized programs for their specific industry including: Sterling Dentists Sterling Accountants Sterling Veterinarians Sterling Optometrists Sterling Physical Therapists Sterling Chiropractors Sterling Podiatrists With each industry, Sterling offers a series of workshops, seminars, executive training courses and individualized training. The workshops allow the staff and owners to get on the same page, while the hands on, individual training allows staff to list out their goals and steps taken in order to achieve them. Executive training courses help give staff and owners the ability to handle any aspect of the practice or business and individualized training aids in increasing overall practice performance.Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.. The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Dana Moraru during an onsite inspection held by a third-party verification company with no biases towards Sterling Management. Sterling Management is a consulting company whose clients are primarily accountants, CPA's, and other small business practices. Dana Moraru stated the following about her company, we consult with them on management and management technology that helps them improve their business. We have been in business for over 40 years now. We have customized programs for these clients of ours and they come here to Sterling in Glendale, CA for consulting and we can consult with them over the phone. We provide them with some instruction, materials, and training if they need it. Mostly consulting for their businesses. Leads for Sterling Management are primarily obtained through promotions in magazines and newspapers. This promotional product sometimes includes a free DVD with a promotional seminar. Ms. Moraru explained the sales and services process for a prospective client, they get a couple of hours of very in-depth consultation over the phone. It is done by one of our senior lead consultants. If they are interested they will purchase a package of services. It can vary. They can purchase an introductory package that goes over basic services. They might need help with production, collections, personnel and those types of things. If they can implement some of our technology, it gives them the opportunity to improve their business. We have the ability to manage by statistics. Keeping track of what you are doing. These professionals are very good at their jobs, but they need help keeping track of their progress. We help them step by step to help them with different situations. If they are down in production or if they are really high in production, we give them the steps to do better. CUSTOMER CARE & COMPLAINT RESOLUTION – STERLING MANAGEMENT During the on-site interview, Ms. Moraru was asked to describe a situation where a client was not satisfied with the level of service they received. Ms. Moraru expressed that they very rarely experience complaints, and if something does arise they will always offer a refund. When asked to comment on complaints posted on Ripoff Report's website Ms. Moraru expressed that the complaints are in correlation with their use of L. Ron Hubbard's technology, there is nothing religious in our company. Everything is secularized. Hubbard is known for a lot of things. He wrote Scientology, ethics, and a body of technology for management, which is a very simple but in-depth technology that goes step by step to get your business to a higher level. We have thousands of clients that are happy with that. Time to time you get one that says they were forced to learn Scientology. We provide them up front the information they need. We provide them with our books and explain exactly what we are doing before they arrive here. Our consultants go over the information for a client. Our contract is very explicit and lays down the source of our materials. Where it is coming from and how it is presented to our public. It also states in the contract that we are a privately-owned company and are not a subsidiary of the Church of Scientology. We are licensed to use Hubbard’s technologies. When asked what type of changes they have made to honor their commitment to making things right with the consumer per the request of Ripoff Report, Ms. Moraru expressed that they are constantly striving to improve on their impressive customer service. She additionally stated, we have proven with all the success stories and referrals. Our clients are writing reviews on different sites without us asking for it. Sterling Management is proud to be a part of Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, it’s a great opportunity for us to present the truth to come out and say exactly where we are at, what we are doing and that we want to help people that are asking for help. We can provide them with something that is hands on and helps them to do better. It’s an occasion to provide them with true information. STERLING MANAGEMENT – STATEMENT FROM THE OWNER We started Sterling over 34 years ago in a dental office and grew the company to a multi-million dollar corporation. The hard work and dedication from the staff and executives to help clients earned the company a number 45 spot on Inc.'s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies. The goals of the company are to continual to provide stellar customer service, products and training that allows companies and practices to expand. Sterling's team of executives and staff are very confident in helping clients to grow and expand their companies. Sterling takes employee satisfaction seriously as well. Employee feedback and surveys reveal comments such as this, Sterling Management provides a positive and supportive environment for employees to thrive and grow in. Employee satisfaction is key in expansion of a business and Mr. Wilson ensures that Sterling is an ideal workplace. Ripoff Report was pleased to learn that Sterling's past and current approach to business is focused on its pledge to total commitment towards client and employee satisfaction. STATED IMPROVEMENTS FROM STERLING MANAGEMENT Sterling recognizes that complaints posted on Ripoff Report (whether true or not) are issues that need to be addressed, not ignored. If handled correctly, complaints can be valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Ripoff Report's review, Sterling has made organizational changes allowing its clients and employees a more streamlined approach to problem resolution and a commitment to a great client experience. In summary, after our review, which included discussions with Kevin Wilson, Ripoff Report is convinced that Sterling is committed to quality delivery of services resulting in total client satisfaction. How does a business get Ripoff Report Verified™ The member business allows Ripoff report to email everyone from the past. Those who respond to Ripoff report with a valid complaint must be take care of. They have made a commitment that if anyone contacts Ripoff Report in the future, they will make things right within 14 days. The member business must err on the side of their customers. Otherwise the member business is off the program. Ripoff Report has determined that Sterling Management meets Ripoff Report Verified™ standards which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Members of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction program do pay a fee for our on-site review, 24-hour monitoring and for support with customers to resolve any disagreements. Ripoff Report sends a 3rd party service to do an onsite inspection of the new member business. The on-site inspection / review does not mean that the products or services offered by the business have been evaluated or endorsed by Ripoff Report, and has not made a determination as to the business' product quality or competency in performing services. We can verify, that Ripoff Report went to the business, verified their business or “work from home business”, there for, if a customer in the future does not get treated correctly, Ripoff Report can get the problem resolved. If not, and the customers is right, the member business will be taken off the Corporate Advocacy Program. Remember, Ripoff Report emailed every customer from the past that filed a complaint to make sure the member business made things right with customers from the past. Again, to err on the side of their customer, those from the past and those in the future. Read more about why consumers should feel confident when doing business with a member of Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Yes, it’s a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike. Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, a program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. This program works. As a matter of policy, when a business becomes a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program they agree to allow Ripoff Report to contact every client who filed a complaint so they can make things right with them. In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer. NOW TO THE ORIGINAL REPORT THAT WAS FILED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Entity: Glendale, California
2, Report #281439
Oct 28 2007
01:47 PM
Sterling Corporation Sterling Sterling needs to have their a** kicked... very lawsuit happy and sinfully greedy Somewhere Ohio
Yep, Sterling must be wasting their money so they've resorted to their usury collection practices. Sterling employees were not crediting my account with my payments and now I have been sued. Sterling-- YOU WILL NEED TO DRAW BLOOD BEFORE I GIVE YOU FREAKS A DIME. And, no judgment has been made but my Experian credit report was dinged. I am suing Sterling for damages. Andrea Somewhere, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Somewhere, Ohio
3, Report #1139543
Apr 17 2014
11:30 PM
Sterling Properties Ltd, Sterling properties Bury, Sterling Properties Manchester, Sterling Properties Bolton, Sterling Properties Northwest Avoid, Poor Communication, Unbelievable Greedy, No Morals! Bury, Manchester, Lancashire Lancashire
Angry and anoyed Sterling Properties Ltd Bury has to one of the top compaines to Avoid, I can't believe how this company boasts they won an award in 2013, as the only award i would give is worset trading comany in the UK.Kicking myself!! Fell twice for the same Staff/Director aggressive Grabby Sales techiques, broken promises & even phone calls shouting at me as a customer. I swear to Avoid this company when renting a property as the communication is unblieveable poor, everyday calling and emailing but mainly greedy director, playing you after the deal is confirmed as personally found them to have no morals, commitment as delaying contracts to play my family and my time.In future I promise never to deal with Sterling Propties Ltd Bury. Regards.  
Entity: bury, Select State/Province
4, Report #1074937
Aug 11 2013
10:13 PM
Systems Logic iVision Solutions, Inc Decitful, Sham, Lies, False, Illegal Sterling Virginia
Please stay away from this shelf company. the facts serve accurate. As an OPT student struggling to grasp a jump start with my career, I fell in the dead end at this surge of stench. First let me warn you that Systems Logic is really know as iVision Solutions, Inc. The same company that is posted online with an establishment of a staffing agency to promote placments with high end clients/vendors. The issue stands as such, there altered format of resume enhancement after Training is forged and falsely promoted experience that is dishonest and untrue. I was marketed after arriving in 16 weeks. The training was for a period supposbility 8 Weeks. The catch in this is that there recruiter lures you to their office after finding your profile online or at their weak job boothes at local or state regitheystered job fairs at colleges preferrbly targeting the Chinese community beause of their OPT status. I am a victim of this. I came to their offices and found that the offices suggested on the website were going to be upheld as professional enviroment, not some vacant run down office. I walked in and none of the lights in the hallway were on or even working. I noticed sleep employees or students or someone the first day I came taling about how tired they were of the internet never working. Right then and there I should of walked off, but I had no choice at this point, I already bought my flight ticket and spent the remaining amount of money I had on taxi because they were too cheap to pick me up. Once I arrived, I was greated by the office mananger Bilal Shabbir, he listed all the rules and etc and told me once I signed the Agreement I would be binded by their contractual rules. I only sought this far because of H1B sponosorship promised from their or my recruiter, who by the way lied to me about being in the united states, he was in India!!! I waited for like 6 hours in the office until finally Bilal came back to take me to Guest House which was not in the apartments like I was told I would stay, but at a townhouse. When I walked in it was like a punch to my face. Dirty, smelled like trash, no A/C, trash everywhere. I was like am I really staying in this dump?! Eventually after weeks of complaining, they sent someone to come fix the issues, but wow. We had to be clearly begging becaues just after a week there, I had bites all over my body. I went to a local doctor and had to pay out of pocket to be notified that I had been bitten by Bed Bugs!!!! I went to the training for the period mentioned, the traininer was never there or always calling off, his name is Ravi. We would be told to be there at 9 am by the staff and traininer and noone would show up or we would get notified by the office manager that he would be running late. By then our training went from 6-8 weeks to 12-14 weeks. Once we were started to be prepted for marketing, I noticed that they had their India office assinged to marketing people. Who I could barely understand. What makes this even worst is that they lied about my resume and promoted me to interviews with falses experiences and I felt so ashamed by then. Fianlly after months of being at this dump, I got a job. The funny thing is that once I arrived at the clients location, I decided to just quit. I took the offer from the client. I never got paid unitl like 4 weeks being at the job site. I never got my promised incentives or part of my deal or offer. I honestly only had one good experience when I was there, but it seems that person is not even working there anymore.If you get approached either online or by phone by these scam professionals, hang up, ignore!!! I was told I would be sued or sent to collections. I was threatned like a million times since I've left, but it felt good to leave. There never get a penny out of me.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
5, Report #314768
Mar 04 2008
07:25 PM
Sterling Credit Corporation BIGGEST DEADBEATS OUT THERE Ambler Pennsylvania
Sterling Credit Corporation is a big scam and we need to unite with the Attorney Generals Office against these types of deadbeat collection agencies. I don't understand how these scam artists can put anything they want on our credit file, but the credit bureaus do not help us (the consumers) to have it removed. Sometimes I think these guys are in operations together. I owned a business and we sold it and the dirt bags at Sterling Credit Corp. put a $27,000 charge on my personal credit report. I am trying to buy my first home and the people will not take it off. I have sent 4 Validation Letters, 4 Certified letters, a Lawyers letter and sent this proof to OUR LOVELY credit bureaus and it still remains! I complained to the FTC and Att. Generals Office of Pennsylvania, but nothing has been done yet. STERLING CREDIT CORPORATION the lowest form of pond scum that exists in society. America, you want to know why the economy is so horrible? It's companies like this that ruin people's lives and nothing is done about it. Disgusted with collectionagencies DuPont, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ambler, Pennsylvania
6, Report #32043
Oct 08 2002
12:02 PM
J.T. Sterling Sablya Corporation ripoff fraud business Tampa Florida
On December 28, 2001 I placed an order with JT Sterling for the amount of 130.00 When I did not receive my items by February I called and was informed by Donna that a new person had taken over and that I was assured to receive my items. At which time I was FOOLISH enough to place another order for nearly the same amount of money I contacted the BBB in April adn was informed they had not responsed I have placed numerous calls and letters and emails to no avail. I wish some one could help me with this.! Teri Malden, Massachusetts
Entity: Tampa, Florida
7, Report #64894
Jul 29 2003
12:58 PM
Sterling Shoes Rude Deceptive Management Low Quality Products Lousy Return Policy Victoria British Columbia
Most young people in Victoria, BC, Canada will not shop at the downtown Sterling Shoes, mainly because of the attitude and behavior of the manager. I purchased a pair of Guess sandals at Sterling shoes last summer. I tried them on in the store and they felt good. The salesgirl said they looked like a good fit. I bought them for full price (around $80) and took them home. I wore them around the house for about five hours, as a test, before wearing them outside. After wearing these shoes on concrete for less than ten minutes, I realized the straps that wrapped around my ankle were made from leather too thin and stiff to support my feet. They were literally cutting into my ankles, causing both bleeding and bruising. The next morning I put on some different shoes and went back to Sterling, with the shoes in their original box and my receipt. I approached the salesgirl and explained my problem. She told me that I was probably wearing them too tight, and that I should try loosening the straps. If that didn't work, I should come back. So I loosened the straps and wore them for the rest of the day. It didn't help at all. Now, fourteen months later, I still have scars on my ankles from wearing these shoes for all of fifteen hours. The salesgirl told me to return to the store if the shoes still hurt, so that's what I did. The same girl (actually an Asian woman in her early 30s, usually dressed in very cheap looking bar-style clothes with reddish streaks in her frizzy hair) was working. I said her solution hadn't worked, and that my ankles hurt a lot. I said that I would like to exchange the shoes for something with a sturdier ankle support that wouldn't dig into my skin and cause bleeding and bruising. She told me there was nothing she could do because I had worn them onto the street (the second time I wore them on the street it was at HER recommendation, PLUS she had told me to return if loosening them didn't help- why tell me to return if there's nothing she can do when I return?). I asked to speak to her manager, and she told me SHE was the manager! I asked to discuss different options, such as exchanges, returns or store credits. She told me there was NOTHING she could do for it. Having worked in fashion retail myself (including covering shifts in the shoe department of a high-class department store), I KNOW that if shoes cut into someone's ankles so badly they bleed that the manufacturer will reimburse the stores for the cost of the returned shoes, since they are considered defective. Since the manager would not offer me a solution, I asked for the contact information of her superior. She told me that she was the last word for Sterling Shoes. Pressing her, I managed to get the pager number for the regional sales representative, but I was told by the manager that she never answers her pager anyways (which was true). At that time, Sterling Shoes didn't have a website and I couldn't find any more contact information, so I gave up. I tried contacting Guess' customer service department, but they didn't respond to any of my queries either. Even funnier is the fact that this winter I pulled the shoes out of their box and decided to risk wearing them out to the bar. The ankle strap broke on the way home from the club- on the THIRD occasion I wore those shoes. Many of my friends have shared similar stories,such as shoes by Roberto Vianni, their house brand, breaking before they were even worn outside the house. As well, most of us have had numerous problems trying to return the faulty merchandise. We all pledge NEVER to shop there again! Carly Victoria, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
8, Report #410341
Jan 09 2009
10:57 PM
STERLING Investment management is a HUGE scam! Virginia Beach, Virginia
I just want to inform everyone of this company before they get taken advantage of! Luckily for me I found this site before I actually sent out the money. Someone has just recently wrote a report on this site regarding Sterling Investment management by the name of ROBERTA. So i would like to Thank her! For she just saved me 700 dollars! My situation was much like Roberta's. I filed for a loan on-line and came across a site for Sterling Investment Management. Within days of completing the appliction I was contacted my a Marcy Young of the company. She in formed that I had been approved for a $5500 dollar loan. She then proceeded to inform me that before I received the funds from the loan I must send 4 months worth of payments for collateral in the total amount of $679.28. She sent an acceptance loan documentation to my email that had to be signed and sent back via fax along with a copy of my lisence and proof of income from my bank. Once she received those documents they would then inform me of whom to send the funds to via Western Union or Moneygram.They would then wire my loan amount into my checking account. I followed her instructions completely, but was a little warry of the situation. The next day I called the company back to speak with marcy, but she was in MEETINGS all day. Another women told me to send the money to a CHRISTOPHER COOMBS who was located in Malton, CANADA. The whole situation sounded fishy. When I called moneygram they told me that the company sounded fraudulent and not to send the funds w/out checking thoroughly about the company. I then came home and proceeded to call Sterling National again for the second time today. This time I got a male. I stressed to him my concern for sending funds to someone I don't know. He said because of the state of the economy that their investors were in Canada. He tried to make me comfortable in the situation by saying he's worked there for seven years and they are a very legitimate company. Yet, when I asked him for the email address for the company that He WORKED for, he didnt know. Couple of things to look out for. I looked up the location that was on my documents 701 Lynhaven PKWY, which was spelled wrong by the way. On the search site I used I found the adress @ a mall located in virginia. None of the stores located had the STERLING NATIONAL LENDERS contact info. I also called 411 to find a telephone number for them, but couldn't find one. Lastly the contact address on the site and on the loan documents didn't match. I even called my bank to see if they had heard of such a Bank. They said NO! This is wrong to do to people, and this FAKE lender needs to be stopped! I called phone busters located in Canada to report these people! Please keep yourself protected! Best wishes... Claudette Whiteplains, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
9, Report #802057
Nov 28 2011
12:53 PM
Sterling Chevrolet Typical used car dealer Sterling, Virginia
To All Please stay away from Sterling Chevrolet located at 46990 Harry Byrd Hwy, Sterling, VA.   We went to this dealer on 11/11/2011 to look at a used 04 Chrysler Pacifica.  The car was in good shape with low mileage (only 60k) and loaded.  We talked to the salesman who it turned out I had worked with in the past.    We took the car for a test drive and it seemed ok; it ran good and everything worked so I made him an offer.  We waited for a call back and went in the next day Sat the 12TH to finalize the deal. After going back and forth with the used car manager they finally agreed to our price.   We paid for the car (a cash deal) as my wife was leaving in the car, our salesman told me if you any problems just call me; we ran this car through our shop and you wont have anything to worry about.  Looking back now we should have seen that as a red flag.After driving the car for 4 days the check engine light came on.  So, I called our salesman as he had requested.   I told him we had only put 100 miles on the car and even though we had only a power train warranty on the car that they should take care of this.  I was told to bring the car back and drop it off at Sears automotive.That should have been red flag # 2 as this Sears auto is located at the dealership and owned by them. I called Sears around 130pm and they were just getting it in and said they would call me back, no worries since it was being billed through used cars and they would be taking care of the repair bill.I did receive a call back and it was to tell me it was going to cost $260.00 for the repair and that the dealer would not pay for the repair.  I called our salesman and was told that things happen they would not cover the repair bill.  The used car manager refused to help out in any way.We had purchased our own warranty via the credit union and Sears would not accept or participate with that warranty.  I picked the car up that night.  The very next night my wife opened the trunk and when she tried to close it, the power gate would go into the lock position before the gate reached the closed position.  She finally got it lowered to the point that the interior light wasnt on and it wouldnt drain the battery overnight.  In the morning I finally got it to lock correctly but only after messing with it manually for quite a while.  I know that we only have the power train warranty but come on.  In one week we only put about 100 miles on the car and to have two issues within the first week of ownership?All I wanted was for them to 1) Either goodwill the repair since I am sure when it went through their shop for inspection they just reset the check engine light.2) pay my 100 deductible or at the very least split it.They promise you that you got a great deal and dependable car and we stand behind our word and then could care less about you once you give them your money and have an issue. Typical used car team.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
10, Report #939528
Sep 11 2012
09:42 AM
Heatherann Jones Wilson, Richard Waters AKA Dr. Thomas AKA Mike Kimbell Heatherann Jones-Wilson, Plaswallusa, Rock Solid building Systems, Fabtech-Sterling, Nigerian Extortionists The Truth About the Plaswall Fraud & Extortion Methods of Richard Waters, a Nigerian Con Man and Heatherann Jones Wilson Internet
The person who wrote this is the NIGERIAN CON MAN RICHARD WATERS, CEO of Plaswallusa an insane psycho and EXTORTIONIST and his sick girlfriend Heatherann Jones Wilson The person who wrote this about Stephan Schurmann is Richard Waters, a delusional psycho. He has been accusing and stalking Mr. Schurmann, and his company Powerconcrete on the internet for more than one year because Schurmann exposed their plaswall franchise fraud.  In fact, he is the one who has been stalking people. This guy goes by the name of Richard Waters and 50 other fake IDs.  He has been using twitter and ripoff report as a way to attack people.  This Waters guy is mad because Schurmann posted a comment on the plaswall franchise fraud. He is mad because he wants that comment to be deleted off of the internet because he claims he cannot get a job and he claims he will soon be homeless.  The real reason for his not working is because he is too busy posting on the computer instead of going out to look for a job.  Richard Waters claims that certain people altered what he said in order to make him look bad.  He did admit to saying that he said the things about Schurmann that were posted.  This guy also thinks that people are making prank phone calls to his home every day.  This is his way of getting attention from people and making them feel sorry for him.  Only a few people believe this guy's lies and they also have been helping him to attack whoever does not think his way.  They also operate These web sites: Government and Grant Solutions, Heatherann Jones-Wilson, Richard Waters, PlaswallUSA  Government and Grant Solutions, Heatherann Jones-Wilson, Richard Waters, PlaswallUSA Richard Waters, Heatherann Jones-Wilson Synergy and Development, LLC, PlaswallUSA, Richard Waters and Heatherann Jones-Wilson NIGERIAN CROOKS, connected to Plaswall Franchise Fraud have just setup two more fake companies and web sites Internet Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters (TWO NIGERIAN EXTORTIONISTS) have two more criminal web sites established to con people. and These are the same two crooks who are involved in the Plaswall Franchise Fraud, Money Laundering and Extortion Techniques to destroy other peoples business and reputation. Just go to which shows how these crooks Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters operate. EXTORTION:1.) Obtaining something by illegal threats. A criminal who extorts money or property from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them.Criminal Law: The crime of obtaining something such as money, property or information from somebody by using force, threats, or other unacceptable methods 2.) Getting something (such as money or property) by force The acquisition of something through the use of force or threats   They are involved in the Plaswall Franchise Fraud and Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters are EXTORTIONIST who are  highly specialized and trained to destroy their ex-franchisees and competitors by slandering their reputation.  Richard Waters and his evil wife Heather are being paid a CHARACTER ASSASSINATION FEE to destroy competitors of Plaswall USA! Richard Waters and Heather are two evil creatures that can make money off you, by posting on Google hundreds of FALSE REPORTS and the next day you will find a FRIENDLY E-MAIL in which they offer you under A FAKE IDENTITY to take these false reports off the Internet as long as you pay them for their SERVICES...!  This means you would be hiring YOUR OWN CHARACTER ASSASSIN to surpress the FALSE information they posted about you and your company. STAY AWAY FROM THESE NIGERIAN CROOKS!!! Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters are sick and evil bastards. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM OR ANY OF THEIR FAKE COMPANIES. you can find all FRAUD NEWS ABOUT Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters HERE: AND HERE: For more details on the Plaswall Franchise Fraud go to: and Hey Richard Waters and Heatherann Jones Wilson, Why dont you two clowns build something with your plaswall s**t? As long as you post lies and false statements about PowerConcrete we post your stupid names across the world. Have YOU build anything yet in USA? NOT EVEN A DOG SHELTER!!! You need plaswall to 'leach onto because you two losers have nothing else... The moment you get dumped by plaswall and Mark Taylor you will be all alone again and have NOTHING to show... Good luck with that! You cant even stand on your own feets you losers! The Truth About the Plaswall Fraud & Extortion Methods of Richar Waters, a Nigerian Con Man Reward for Richard Waters, Nigerian Scam Artist with Plaswallusa He is an International Con Man who has done this smear campaign to anyone who finds out the truth about him. Please look at Richard Waters and Plaswallusa were evicted from Tennessee office for not paying his rent and his cons. He is hiding from police and creditors. Ask for an appointment to see him and he will tell you no without sending him money and your passport, which he will use against you and keep your money. What Richard Waters wrote about himself will be in Capital letters. RICHARD WATERS A BLACK CON MAN, WHO HAS NO HOME IN NASHVILLE, TN FOR OVER 10 YEARS, A TIME WASTER AT HIS CHURCH FOR MORE THEN 10 YEARS. WATERS TAKES MONEY FROM PEOPLE THEN MOVED ON LIKE HE HAS DONE ALL THE TIME. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE IS. HE ALSO HAS OVER 50 WEBSITES, BUT ALL THE PHOTO'S ARE OTHER PEOPLES WORK JUST CUT AND PASTE. NO BUSINESS JUST A WAY TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. Plaswallusa is a fake NON-EXISTING patent and Richard Waters CEO of originating from Nigeria, is trying to enter USA markets to rip off Americans with selling non-patent protected Plaswall franchise agreements for, said our CEO Schurmann., who is an ex-master franchise holder for and an alleged Plaswallusa Franchise fraud victim.  Our CEO explained that although he has allegedly been victimized by Mark Taylor and Richard Waters, losing a total of $750,000, his No. 1 goal is to provide information in the field of consumer protection against Plaswall Franchise Fraud.  The CEOs decision to take his findings public could prove to have perfect timing. Richard waters HAS NEVER BUILT ANYTHING ALL HE DOES IS TAKE MONEY. ASK HIM WHERE HIS OFFICES ARE ASK HIM WHAT HE HAS BUILT ASK HIM TO PROVE IT HE CAN'T Richard Waters the Nigerian Scam Artist and Con Man is running virtual companies to scam large amounts of peoples' money and to make someone who is NOTHING seem like he is something. Check out for yourselves the Plaswall Franchise Scam:  Plaswall Franchise Fraud & Extortion, Richard Waters, Nigerian Crook Richard Waters, a NIGERIAN SCAMMER AKA Dr. Thomas Jennings AKA Heather Jones-Wilson, is operating in the USA a fraudulent company's called PLASWALL offering building products and service , loan , finance etc. his entire website  is all virtual reality he has never supplied a single materials or built a single building ever. Richard Waters is a complete NIGERIAN con artist with a long track record the public is warned to do their homework prior to doing any business with this BLACK CON MAN , it is to be noted he is pathological in amateur  and will attack anyone who exposes him by posting lies and trying to damage complainants reputation and cover up his own frauds for information just type Richard Waters Plaswall Fraud into any search engine and read carefully the more than 100 fraud warnings coming up. For more information please go to to see all the links of his activity's, he has currently closed his Plaswall  factory ( showroom) and is on the run in Tennesse, he is wanted by clients who paid him for non existent products and the authority , any information on his location is appreciated . Richard Waters the Nigerian Scam Artist and Con Man is running virtual companies to scam large amounts of peoples' money and to make someone who is NOTHING seem like he is something. Check out for yourselves the Plaswall Franchise Scam: and their EXTORTION SCAM web site:
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #604517
May 18 2010
12:51 PM
Sterling Home Mortgage Corporation - Jack Mahoney Request for payment for ufair and dishonest service Palatine, Illinois
I did sign contract with Sterling Mortgage Corporation on April 26 for 3.875% 5/1 APR. When I asked loan officer what will be if rates will go down, answer was that in that case he will get for me lower rates. Rates for 5/1 ARM indeed went down. On May 3, Sterling Mortgage obtained Loan Commitment. Three days later on May 6th I called  loan officer and asked him, why he is signing me for a loan with 3.8755 when on his own mortgage company webpage rates for the same loan were listed as 3.375 (0.5% lower). He promises me that I will get lower rates. He came back to me May 12 (six days later) with alternative offer that was still significantly higher than that on his company webpage. I told him on the phone that he was doing unfair service and I have to look for another mortgager. He answered that Sterling Mortgage will sue me. I did not cancel loan application officially. The same day I got E-mail with Loan application cancelation, blaming me for cancelation and requesting $1738.80 payment. Next day May 13 lawyer send mail to me that said that I have to pay Sterling Home Mortgage $2,038.80 in 30 days period. They send me YSP_invoice + $300.00 service charge.   
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
12, Report #697006
Feb 18 2011
08:58 AM
Sterling Foundations Management, Canada, Mrs. Wills, Lincoln Wills CSR/Receptionist Position on Craigslist/Houston , Internet
Responded to a craigslist ad from Houston Craigslist looking for a part time CSR/Receptionist. Pay was $17 per hour.  Contacted immediately by Lincoln Wills and hired on the spot through an email. Info. was requested from me, which I did  not send. I immediately got on the web and found a report such as this!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #742295
Jun 17 2011
09:30 PM
Sterling Gold Management David Love Tim Cavender Preston Schultz Rafael Silva lie cheat steal your money Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Recently, an out of state resident filed a law suit, in the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, Florida, against the Lloyds Asset Management, LLC., Lloyds Asset Lending, LLC., James Burbage, Marni Burbage, Sean Stropp, Sylvia Williams, David Love, Tim Cavender and Frank Gaudino, in which it was generally alleged that the defendants, some of who were previously licensed by the NFA, set up a high pressure precious metals firm that cold called individuals and extolled the substantial profits to be made by purchasing precious metals, on margin, while downplaying the risk associated therewith.It is further alleged that the Plaintiffs do not believe that the firms ever actually took possession of the metals as they represented that they did. Initial Opening to the Script:Hello, _____, (hey) it's ____, Senior Account Executive with _______,  Glad I got you!  The reason for the call is sometime back you responded to one of our programs for information about the precious metals market.  (Whether you did or not)  I wanted to touch base with you and personally introduce myself, more importantly get some fresh, free information out to you first thing in the morning!  Now ____, have you ever invested in the precious metals market before?I'm sure that you realize that the secret to making money on any investment is proper timing (Right Place, Right Time), do you follow?  Absolutely, that's especially true in the metals market.  So DO THIS -- grab a pen and paper, jot down my name and company contact info.  I'm also going to give you some facts and figures to correlate with the package being sent to you.  Let me know when you have that.Alternative Opening Pitch:Where did I catch you -- at home or at work?  What do you do for work?  How long have you been doing that?  I bet you've seen a lot of changes, right?  Absolutely.  Now here is my contact information.Back to the Script:Now ____, if I could show you an opportunity in the physical silver market, an opportunity that YOU JUST COULD NOT SAY NO TO, are you in a financial position to take advantage of my firm's initial recommendation of $50,000, if you wanted to do so?Alternative Methods to Qualify The Money: Where is that money working for you?Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc.Is that money liquid to you right now?Where else could you pull funds from to invest?Percentage wise, what does this initial investment represent of your total liquid capital?Overcoming Objections:No: --- No big deal -- understand, it takes money to make money, right?  If you knew in your heart that $50,000 could quite literally break $100,000 in the next three months, I'd have to believe that you could invest $50,000, am I right?  I'm just asking.No -- No problem.  If you saw something that you absolutely loved and you though that you would be successful, what is the maximum that you could put behind a great idea?  Great.The Reasons to Invest:1.  The U.S. dollar is poised for a new all time low!  Now with almost 3 trillion new U.S. dollars being printed, it is dramatically devaluing the existing dollars in circulation.  History proves that when the U.S. dollar weakens, silver does what? (Higher!) Absolutely!2.  Supply and Demand Imbalance.  With industrial and investment demand at one of the highest levels in history were in the midst of a global slowdown -- a high lack of supply is shown coming out of the ground!  Lack of Supply + Higher Demand = What??  (Higher Prices!) Exactly!3.  Geopolitical tensions.  This is the wild-card!  We have ongoing tensions in the middle-east, threats of nuclear capability by Iran and North Korea, and the possibility of terrorist attacks in you home country!  These tensions have caused investors to look for safe havens to invest in and for thousands of years the safe haven has been precious metals.  What do you think will happen to the price if these tensions escalate?  (Skyrocket!) Absolutely!Overcoming Objections:Are you following me on all this? Does this make sense to you? ExcellentBack to the Script:Now all of this is factored into the current price.  It's the continuum and the magnitude of the situation that we are looking to take advantage of.Now I've explained why we are entering into this market, but it's more important that I explain exactly who we are because, as an investor, it's important to know exactly who you are dealing with, right?The firm I represent is ________.  We specialize in finding fundamental and technical opportunities in the precious metals markets.  In this case we are dealing with bars and bullion.  We are a primary broker/dealer trading with various international traders and suppliers.  Safety and reliability are assured as you assets are insured in one of our secured bullion depositories.  Are you with me? (Great).My secretary is going to inundate you with research materials, news articles, and some risk disclosure so that you fully understand the market that we are going into.  Do you follow me?  (Fantastic!)Are you still holding on to that pen? (Great).  You need to jot down a couple quick figures to correlate with the package I am sending to you.  I want you to make a decision based on facts and not emotion.  Does that make sense?  (Great) One of the great advantages of trading with ____ precious metals program is the ability to utilize leverage.  Are you currently utilizing leverage in the stock market, or do you typically buy and hold on a one-to-one basis?  Follow me closely on this -- this is the meat and potatoes!$50,000 / 18.00 per ounce (Current Price of Silver) = 2700 oz (Round Down 100's)2700 x 3 times leverage = 8,100 oz Silver8,100 oz Silver x 18.00 = $145,800 TMVThat's the beauty of it!  We make our money on what we control, and not what we invest!  Do you follow me?  Great!$145,800 TMV - $50,000 Down = $95,800Market moves up to a recent high of $22.l00 per ozSell 8,100 oz @ 22.00 per oz = $178.200 Gross Return on Investment (Circle that!)$178,200 - $95,800 Credit Due - $50,000 - $32,400 Net Return on Investment (Circle that!).Do you see how I got that number?Does that make sense?Is that the type of money you are looking to make? (Must get a solid Yes before moving forward)Lets say in the next 6 months I show you half of that -- would you fire me as your broker? I've still got to believe that's the type of money you are looking to make -- Am I right? (Great).Now, working with ___ gives you the flexibility of utilizing all of the latest computerized trading strategies.  We have an office full of 'teaches' that analyze data 24 hours a day.  You want a firm not married to a market -- if we find additional opportunities in other markets we want to remain flexible so you, as our client, can capitalize on those situations.Now, the commission is only __% (amount varies substantially with firms).  Based on the leverage we can overcome that with a fractional move in the market.  We will provide all the research for you.  We will explain when to buy, when to sell, when to cut losses and, more importantly, when to take profits.  That's what you're looking for in a broker, correct? (No Discussion of Margin Interest to be Charged, How the Price of the Metal is Determined or How Much of a Mark-up will be Charged on the Metal by the Firm when it is Sold to the Client)Now ______, of course I can't guarantee you profits.  But we do put our reputation and trading experience to work for you.  So ______, because investments like this are not for everyone, can you truly afford an investment of $50,000 without changing you lifestyle?  (Wait for answer; re-qualify if necessary)  Do you have any questions right now about our investment program? (Push for fax close if client sounds ready)The Final Push:What address do you want it sent to?Once you receive the package, how long will it take you to made a decision?My firm requires me to provide full disclosure to all considering parties.  Will anyone else be involved in the decision making process:  (Wait for answer -- cover wife objection HERE!)My firm requires 2 phone numbers to get this package out to you.  What is another phone number you can be reached at? (They will hound you to death)When you receive the material, I want your word that you will give it your immediate and undivided attention.  Will you do that? (If Yes)  That's good enough for me.  If No, why not?Now, when I call you to discuss the information, do I have your word -- as a -- man that:  There will be no (your name) who?, no the Loch Ness monster ate my package, no Bigfoot ran off with my money, no Lets play phone hide and go seek? (Wait for answer).  So I have your word then as a man ______.  Ok.  How good is your word? After you review the program materials and I've answered all of your questions to you satisfaction and you truly understand how the program works, can you see yourself opening an account with my firm so that we can start doing business together?  (Wait for Yes, if no requalify)  So what you are saying is, if everything is on target and outlined like we said I am talking to my next client?  (Fantastic!)The arrogance of the caller: NEVER EVER THANK THE CLIENT.  Look for them to be thanking you.  Maybe say I appreciate your vote of confidence., or Congratulations you have just taken the first step to making some real money. 
Entity: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
14, Report #9981
Dec 26 2001
12:00 AM
Sterling Automotive, Sterling, VA - DON'T TAKE YOUR CAR THERE
On 10/19/01, Sterling Automotive, Inc. sabotaged my car by draining my transmission fluid in order to create symptoms which would lead me to believe my car needed major repairs. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, as well as the State Attorey General's Office. I am still waiting for the results of their investigation. I will update this report as soon as I have won my case, which I am confident I will. These people are criminals!!! They tried to get me for $824 worth of repairs that were not necessary. They have done this before, I'm certain and they will not stop.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
15, Report #435362
Mar 18 2009
12:03 PM
Sterling Lendersnational Sterling Lenders major fraud preying on people in need Sterling Virginia
at the end of jan a coworker gave me sterlings number. i gave them a call and talked to a felicia adams she instructed me to send a copy of check stubs and deposit info along with $864 i would recieve my loan withen two hours which never came then i had to send money to change from canadian to us dollars $500 nothingn acme they are a rip off and a class action suit must be filled Elaine decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
16, Report #728074
May 11 2011
12:00 PM
Sterling Star Automotive Sterling Star Auto Auto Air Conditioning System Repair Sterling, Virginia
Two incidents to report:I took my 2005 Mercedes SL 500 to Star Sterling Automotive last year because the air conditioning was not working on the car. The technician diagnosed and said it needs some A/C oil and gas and I paid up for the work. The next day the A/C wasn't cooling again so I took the car to them again and this time they said there might be some problem with the compressor. They took some time to actually diagnose the problem and confirmed that the compressor was leaking and I ordered the repair job be conducted on my car and paid up for the repair.. paid up around $1700 up until now. The work is guaranteed for a year. A couple of days after I got the car back from them, the A/C wasn't cooling again so I called them and told them about the issue and they said since the summers are already gone, bring it back next summer and they will fix it, no worries. Fast forward next summer, I took the car to them and now they claim another hose is leaking and it will cost be another $480 to fix it. I have asked them not to fix it. I am not going to pay anymore to fix for the problem that who knows now does not exist or was the only one that ever existed but was not diagnosed by this shop. Around the same time this was going on my wife's car had starting trouble and also was showing battery sign, obviously battery needed changing so I took it to them. They tried to tell her that the crank shaft on my under warranty Mercedes was bad and needed replacement and they were ready to change it even without asking my permission. She got suspicious and asked them not to and took the car to the dealership and they changed the battery, the crankshaft had no problem what so ever. 
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
17, Report #339738
Jun 12 2008
03:00 PM
BMW Of Sterling Overcharged by $800 for a repair part Sterling Virginia
I had my car in for service at BMW of Sterling in sterling Virginia. They determined that they needed to replace the Radio unit in my vehicle which was faulty. I talked with them about this issue since this is the second time they have had to replace this part. When I picked up the car the price for the radio was $1423 and labor was another $300. I then called back to the parts department of BMW of Sterling and was told the part was only $893. They charged me more money on this part for unknown reasons. Sterling bmw sucks Sterling, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
18, Report #1320708
Aug 04 2016
01:11 PM
Public Storage - Sterling VA Rip off Sterling Virginia
I rented a unit with Public Stroage of Sterling, VA in September of 2014 and paid each month.  In December of 2015, my payment for December was paid 15 days later than the billing date.  The next month, unknown to me, Public Storage charged me a $75 late fee.  I paid my bill in January and called in Feburary, made my payment only to find later they had sold my unit because they claimed my payment in January did not cover the late fee so my account was not paid in full.  I argued that I didn't know I had a $75 late fee.  They claimed they sent a letter certified mail which I never received.  I told the woman I had made a payment in Feburary and that payment was taken.  Why was my payment accepted in the same month you auctioned the unit.  She said the payment did not cover the late fee so my account was not current.  I argued you could have pad locked the unit and block any payments until payment was brought current or until you reached me.  I would like to sue Public Storage for $35,000 in damages and lost goods.  Personal records such as tax forms which includes my family's social security numbers were stored in that unit.  If there is any lawyer in the Commonwealth of Virginia that would take this case I have all my payment records.  Please contact me.  I have been searching for a lawyer but unable to locate one in the area that handles litigation.  I am furious with Public Storage and warn everyone to be very careful should you chose to deal with them.    
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
19, Report #943473
Sep 19 2012
10:41 AM
Massage Envy Sterling, VA Horrible management, policies which are misrepresented on the phone, Internet
My husband and I joined Massage Envy in 2011 after having a very enjoyable first massage there.  Following are the issues that we had:  1) We were told that we could use our Health Care Reimbursement account to pay for the visits; however, when we tried to charge the visits there, they were denied.  So we gave Massage Envy our credit card accounts and they charged us on a monthly basis.  2) On more than one occasion, they charged us more than once for a given month.  About every 3 months, they would claim that our cards did not go through and they needed an updated number.  And when I explained that our cards had not changed or expired and that our charges had hit the account as expected, they would insist on swiping our cards again, for their records. 3) After the first visit, we could never get back in with the therapists that we so enjoyed on that first visit.  In one visit where we had a 90 minute couples massage, we could hear the therapists whispering back and forth to each other because one thought it was supposed to be 60 minutes and the other thought 90.  Very unprofessional. 4) The quality of their therapists varies widely. 5) When I called to ask about canceling our membership, I was told that that the sessions that we had already purchased during our membership would no longer be valid after we canceled. and that we would have 4 weeks from the date of cancellation to finish any unused sessions. 6) Their payments are in arrears and they were going to charge me on 8/28 so I canceled the memberships on 8/26 expecting to have 4 weeks to use at least two or three of my 6 remaining sessions. 7) When I called to schedule an appointment for 9/22, I was told that my membership was canceled and that all of my sessions had been canceled on 8/28 when my last payment was received. If I had known that the 4-week policy for cancellations was inaccurate, I would have used my sessions before canceling.  As it stands, I lost $413 for my sessions and $294 for my husband's sessions. I can accept that I had not used my membership and was willing to accept that I was going to leave some sessions on the table, but the fact that I was misinformed by their management about the cancellation policy and lost 6 more sessions than I had originally thought I was going to lose, really irritates me.  I only wrote this review about the Massage Envy in Sterling because I am not positive these management issues exist at the other locations.
Entity: Sterling, VA, Internet
20, Report #1041848
Apr 09 2013
07:16 AM
Metropolitan Property Management MPM - Greg Cueter Metropolitan Property Management (Greg Cueter) Unacceptable Condo Property Management Company Sterling Heights, Michigan
OMG, whoever wrote that report about Metropolitan Property Management (Greg Cueter) on 1-1-13 was right on and then some.  I have to agree with everything this person says and more.  Also, if you have a Board that is more enamored with titles and are ineffectual and just not very bright at doing their jobs as Board members, you are ripe for a takeover by Greg Cueter.  He may play nice in the beginning, but THEN you are really in trouble.  After awhile, as an owner, you start seeing things that are not right in your community.  Things just don't get done right. Your Board is useless by now, because Mr. Cueter runs the Board and that's when the problems begin; and god forbid you should try to cross him, because any time you try to go against Mr. Cueter or say anything against him, his first response is 'I'M GOING TO SUE YOU.  That's how he intimidates people when they start to criticize and complain. This man is the most arrogant, pompous, arse you have ever met and he throws out the I'm going to sue you letters faster than Sam Bernstein has commercials on TV.  So, BUYER BEWARE, if you are looking for a management company, make sure you have a strong, well-working Board who knows what they are doing, reads their Bylaws, and can keep MPM in check, because you are going to be in for the run of your life with this company. BUT, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION AND MR. CUETER WILL PROBABLY TRY TO SUE ME TOO.
Entity: Sterling Heights, Michigan
21, Report #367527
Aug 27 2008
02:46 PM
Sterling & King/ Aka Sterling United Sterling & King/ Aka Sterling United The collection company from Hell. Casselberry Florida
Sterling & King/ Aka Sterling United is the worst collection company that ever attempted to collect a debt. They have called and harassed me for the last time. Im flipping the script. I have been calling just to speak to MRS. Clark who is never in or always on the phone. They use illegal tactics to attempt to bully you. Get a good tape recorder and tape every time they hang up and go off. I did and they dont like it when you call them. I want to not only join the class action lawsuit but I want then to pay. Contact me with any story and join me to put them out of business. The want to go to war Im going to take them to war...... Ldeweaver Saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Casselberry, Nationwide
22, Report #500495
Sep 25 2009
01:54 PM
National Electronics Warrenty Corporation Claims Account AKA NEW. They refuse to replace stolen ring. Sterling, Virginia
NEW took over Whitewhall's jewlry service plan. We sent them a wedding ring for repair and they informed us that they will send us a label and told us to buy a bubble wrap envelope and place the ring in it and they assured us that their label would insure proper delivery of the product and that we did not need additional insurance.  We sent the ring in July 06, 2009, it arrived their company July 13, 2009. We called on several occasions to inquire about the ring and was informed by this company that it had not arrived. We called in August and the company told us that it had not arrived. We called again on August 12, 2009 and they informed us that the ring did arrive but they did not start the repair on it and the next day they called us and claimed that the package was opened and the ring was missing and that they was going to send us the refund amount of the ring. We told them that we would like the replacement amount of the ring or they can have someone make another ring like the one we purchased and they refused. To sum it up, we ended up with what they wanted us to have for a 2kt diamond princess cut wedding ring and we have to come up with the remaining balance for a ring that they stole from the package. My wife is hurt and upset and this is her first marriage and we have been married a year as of August 2009. What a way to celebrate our first year anniversary.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
23, Report #1319255
Jul 27 2016
02:05 PM
Sterling hearing Warren mi Michigan
 We were told that shearling hearing would work with us on a discount for hearing aids we had bought hearing aids there before and they did not work good so we were hopeful that we could get a discount to find out there is no good discount we refuse to take them signed a paper saying we did not want them couldn't afford them they sent us the hearing aids by FedEx to my house we call them a number of times could not get any response In June we called the manager Ron mcgeorgavich and he said to late we can't return them. We are so upset about this and fell we were ripped off A credit card Co called the healthy plansent us a bill for 3900.00 I called them saying we signed a paper refusing to except the hearing aids,they said it was never sent to them and we are responsible for this it is a credit card so they say..thank you for any help..
Entity: Warren mi, Michigan
24, Report #638205
Sep 18 2010
08:40 AM
Sterling Point Systems New Economy----New Scam----Same Crooks I, Internet
BUYER  BEWARE.   This groups leadership /ownership has a history of previous failed business opportunity, franchise, investment opportunities. After they sell you a bunch of hope and promises, they will run the price up on the service program and run off with everyones money. If you are fortunate enough to make some money before the suspected ponzi scheme (based upon this groups leadership business opportunity history) is executed, then you will be better off the unexpected buyers of their future service program. A 100% guarantee is not much of a guarantee if they are not open for business to collect from.   Those of you who are optimistic about this program and to those who just need to be properly armed, before you part with your hard earned cash, please ask about the following matters;   1)  Who are the principles and what state are they registered to sell these opportunities? 2)  Who is the management and what is their business history? 3)  Insist on them disclosing their financial statements with you before you send money. 4)  What happens to your business interest if Sterling Point closes the doors? 5)  Ask for a list of all of their business opportunity purchasers and call them all, not just the few they offer to give you. 6)  Ask them about the managements business experience with Commercial Property Consultants? 7)  Why are they not publishing the names of the alleged training professionals or there world class management? 8)  Ask them how long they have been in business and how much their business opportunity owners are making in income? 9)  If these services sell themselves as their ad claims, why do they need you? 10)  Needless to say, verify everything these people are telling you.   If you buy, when this blows up, you have no one to blame but yourself
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #697656
Feb 20 2011
05:20 AM
The first Sterling whirlpool I purchased I had to return because it was missing parts and the unit was damaged.  After a small scene that I created at Home Depot they were happy to give me a second unit but it was also missing parts and I had to make two more trips to obtain all the parts I needed.  Once I had the unit installed and running I noticed the floor of the unit did not feel right and it was making popping noises while moving around in this unit. I contacted Sterling and asked if this was normal and was informed that it was ok.  About two years later I now have a crack in the bottom of the unit which has damaged my new hardwood floor.  I am now researching how to fix the crack if it is possible and assess how much damage to what was a beautiful hardwood floor.  If I have to pull out old unit I will have to rethink using Sterling again. Also I see now these units are being manufactured in Mexico. I will make sure to tell this story to all my family and friends.  BUYER BEWARE
Entity: KOHLER, Wisconsin

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