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1, Report #1388477
Jul 26 2017
09:04 PM
The Ranch at Piney River Elements Behavioral Health Don't Go to The Ranch at Piney River Nunnelly Tennessee
I encouraged my son to go to The Ranch for treatment of his internet porn addiction and depression. We had searched in our area for a CSAT, but the nearest one was an hour and a half away. I researched other locations, but choose The Ranch after speaking with the admissions specialist. I told this person that we were looking for CSAT therapists that used Dr. Patrick Carnes 30 Task Model. The specialist assured me that my son would get that therapy at The Ranch. Upon arrival, my son spent three days in a small room with a jigsaw puzzle watching the heroin addicts detox. He said that on day two, someone told him to pack up his suitcase because he would be moving to his House, but then it took another two days to get there.  I didn't receive a call that he had arrived. I called several times before someone finally told me that he was there. His primary therapist called a week later to tell me that she was an expert and he was in good hands. I only heard from her on the phone two more times in the 40 days that my son was there. I had to call her supervisor to get her to respond to me about family day plans and discharge.  When she finally called me, she told me that I was spinning.  Needless to say, she wasn't impressing me with her therapeutic knowledge. I was simply trying to make plans in time to work around my job and make travel plans to come pick up my son. She was much worse in person.  When I arrived for family day, she was late and unprepared. She spent the first five minutes talking to the receptionist about her paycheck. She then launched into a story about why she drives a manual transmission truck. Finally she decided to find my son. She didn't appear to know what was going on. She seemed oblivious to the fact that our family has suffered from the serious effects of porn addiction. She has no business claiming she is a CSAT for young men.  We walked to another building and found my son patiently waiting for us. She then wandered around looking for a room to meet. We sat in a room with unpacked boxes and piles of papers. She then spent about an hour with us telling us that we are emeshed. She told me that I need to go to Alanon (I already do) and then she told my son to go to the CSAT location that is an hour and a half away from our home. The one that we already knew about, and that I told the admissions person about. She blessed my son, gave him a hug and sent us out the door. My son told me on the way home that his therapy sessions were always like that with her. She talked about herself and seemed too busy to prepare. My son spent most of his time hanging out with the other sex addicts-many of them gay men in realtionships, but unfaithful. One of those clients bought my son a book about being gay and told him that he is gay, So my son was diagnosed by another sex addict.  My son also said that at his discharge physical, the nurse told him that she thought he was depressed! Great discovery on the last day.  The family letter that they send to you tells you not to listen to your loved one if they say they want to come home. If you do have a loved one at The Racnh and they say they want to come home, drive there as fast as you can and bring them home. This place does more damage then good. 
Entity: Nunnelly, Tennessee
2, Report #1086585
Sep 23 2013
07:38 AM
The Ranch on the Piney River, Inc. Recovery Ranch, The Ranch, Elements Behavioral Health, Inc. The Ranch is a devastating experience and total ripoff with incompetent staff and an abusive atmosphere. Nunnelly Tennessee
Iwent to the Ranch in Nunnelly, Tennessee after finally deciding I need more help for depression and anxiety.  What I discovered there (and then later) shocked me!   The Ranch is a horrible environment for someone with depression.  You are ordered around and degraded by low level staff.  I was denied medical treatment and started medications which were then abruptly stopped and restarted days later.  I had to leave to get proper treatment. After seeing their psychiatrist for twenty minutes, I was given a devastating diagnosis which, even after being refuted by my own physicians and therapist, will not be removed.   When I left after ten days to seek medical treatment for physical ailments, I learned my initial telephone conversations were recorded in violation of the FCC regulations.   Fraudulent claims were filed with my insurance company which I am trying to have removed with a great deal of problems; over $15,000 in false claims. I was lied to, manipulated and suffered more emotional distress than when I actually went to this terrible place.  I was told my family said things they did not, that people in the house were talking about me and threatened that if I tried to sue them, they would make the misdiagnosis made to my insurance company, all while they were telling me how much they cared.  I learned my privacy was totally invaded; everything I said and did even in the house was reported and filed in my records.  So much for confidentiality! This is not the place for people with depression or anxiety.  In fact, I need to file a lawyer to help me sue the place!    
Entity: Nunnelly, Tennessee
3, Report #915060
Jul 20 2012
01:34 PM
Piney River Ranch because of poor customer service by manager Andy Berst; he has a negative, smug, and arrogant attitude that left us never wanting to return Vail, Colorado
The scenery and setting is beautiful. The facilities and restaurant are adequate but nothing special. The service from the staff was great with the exception of the manager Andy Berst who should get out of a service-related business immediately. It is easy to have a great experience in a beautiful setting but the measure of a business isn't when things go right, it is how they are handled when things go wrong. Mr. Berst is smug, rude, arrogant, condescending, lacks empathy and common decency. Three in our party went on a horseback ride which was supposed to be an hour but it was cut a half-hour short due to an afternoon storm. We politely asked if any refund, rain check or discount was available and Andy Berst rudely and aggressively stated that, they don't have to give refunds and that it was the risk was on us because we came in the afternoon when storms happen more often. He reluctantly gave us $20 back but because of his negative, smug, and arrogant attitude he left us never wanting to return. If you go to Piney River Ranch take some pictures and enjoy a hike but pack a lunch as I would not recommend supporting the businesses. I would never book an event (especially a wedding) or conference or stay in their cabins because, if you have a problem, Mr. Berst will most certainly make it worse. I personally do not recommend going there until they get a new manager.
Entity: Vail, Colorado
4, Report #1253540
Sep 08 2015
12:47 PM
Silverleaf Apple Mountain Resort Fox River Resort Hill Country Resort Holiday Hills Resort Holly Lake Ranch Lake O' The Woods Oak N' Spruce Orlando Breeze Resort Ozark Mountain Resort Piney Shores Resort Silverleafs Seaside Resort The Villages Scam Artists, Liars N Richland Hills Nationwide
I bought 2 timeshares with Silverleaf in Sheridan, Il at the FoxRiver Resort. I am a single mother of 2 and thought it to be a good idea to invest with them for my children in their future to buy one for each of my children. Wrong! I am now stuck with them and they will not let you out of the contract. They never tell you all you should know about what you are actually paying for. Before I bought I was told many things, to good to be true. Including when you stay they even come and do your dishes for you. I guess anything goes to get you to sign a contract. I certainlly was not told about the monthly maintenance fees Lodge-$60 and Presidential $80 a month. I was shown a well kept beautiful room, what you actually get is not that at all!  Just about every time I have went there I have had to clean. The balcony's are dirty and I have to literally take a washcloth and scrub down the walls so I feel comfortable sitting out there. They never explained that there are Destination and Getaway properties. So you will not be able to stay at all the properties depending on your contract. Also when you buy a Presidential you don't always get to stay in a Presidential, usually it's a lodge you stay in. This is a total rip off.  One time there were huge bees sworming the entrance to a Presidential building when I told the front desk, they told me they were some wierd bee that migrated here from somewhere else and not to worry they don't sting. It was not taken care of. There is always something broken or not working. ALWAYS. The last time I went was Sept 2015 for my birthday ( a 4 night lodge stay) these were the problems I had then, (1) The fan in the master bedroom was broken and could not be turned off so, I got sick from the air blowing on us the entire time, (2) The lockout room has a mini kitchen and the sink knobs were not even connected they came off in your hand, unusable (3) In the main kitchen 2 of 4 stove top burners did not work at all. (4) We found roaches in the lockout bedroom's bathroom and in the main kitchen. When I called the front desk they wanted me to move but, it was our last night and did not want to pack everything up and move to a new unit just to be in another unit with ROACHES! This is just one visit! What is it exactly that the maintenance fees cover! Not only do they not keep the units up they have raised the maintanence fees! This is not what I call a vactaion at all! When I was checking out I told the woman at the front desk that there was Roaches and she replied ok. She didn't act surprised at all! Not only are the buyers unhappy, I have noticed over the years that the employees have gone from happy to unhappy. They are the ones that have to listen to al the complaints.  I feel I was taken for a ride! The pressure they put on you to buy is beyond selling, it is a con game they have been taught. I am looking to start a class action lawsuit against Silverleaf. I am positive there are others that signed a contract with them that were lied to also. I am looking for a great lawyer and all that have signed a contract with Silverleaf. Please contact me, I am fed up with companies like this!
Entity: N Richland Hills, Nationwide
5, Report #1036332
Mar 20 2013
03:00 PM
The Ranch The Recovery Ranch, The Ranch on Piney River Complete Farce, fraud, money-hungry staff that does not provide services as listed. Nunnellly, Tennessee
Our family member was sick and we were searching for a recovery treatment center for truama and sexual/drug addiction.   The process started out ok with tons of promises and hope.  Immediately they began playing 'used car sales' games regarding our co-pay.   They new we were not rich but continued to pray on us and ask for additional money.  Around 2/15 David was admitted.   He was told he would be held in the medical unit for a few days before being transferred to the sexual recovery program that we paid for. Problem #1 - DJ stayed in the medical unit for 15 days and did not receive the treatment promised as a result.    Problem #2 - DJ was known to be a self-harmer yet they allowed access to razor blades and he severely cut himself resulting in 117 stiches Next - I (the spouse) contacted The Ranch to inquire as to why DJ was still in medical and not his recovery house (Spring House).   Craig Bosse, an intake coordinator, basically said he didn't care and that (exact quote)we have no shortage of clients here.    They disregarding my concern.   Half of his stay was NOT in the program we paid for.  Then, the mother of the client called to simply ask a question about insurance.   The young lady she spoke to told her (without merit), If you file an insurance claim you will go to jail.  She told her this  twice! I was promised constant contact with both of David's counselors.   I heard from nobody for nearly a week despite constant calls.  We just wanted to know if he was ok.   I was told in the intake process that I would be able to contact both Justin Roll and Tim Kiernon on a regular basis.   I spoke with Tim occasionally but he was very hard to reach and Justin never returned a single call or email.    I was promised Skype therapy sessions with DJ, myself and the therapist.   This never happened.  The Ranch tried very hard to collect additional funds from our family to get DJ to stay an additional month.  They used tactics like calling one family member and when they said no they called the next.   Finally, as a last resort they manipulated DJ (the client) and had him cry on a phone call with everyone on the phone in an attempt to get us to pay via shame.  The fact was we had no more money to spend. Family Weekend known as FOO - we were lied to and told we would have time to spend together on a Saturday night and dinner would be brought in from an Italian restaurant.  When Sat night came, nobody was aware of the plan and we were told to leave.   Finally after lots of fighting - I was allowed to stay until 8pm and we were served cold turkey and stuffing with no beverages at all.    In addition at FOO - we were told we would do a powerful exercise called 'regrets, requests, affirmations'.   The Ranch, in a miscommunication, failed to give us time for this important exercise while everyone else processed it in group.   When the money ran out - they turned all aftercare planning over to DJ with little help. Charged my credit for unauthorized charges.   My contract stated I needed to pre-approve any ancillary services.   They ignored this and charged my card on MANY occasions. Told me that DJ was receiving EMDR (and I was billed) when he was not receiving the treatment at all. They promised DJ would have, at minimum, weekly sessions with a psychiatrist.   This was not even remotely true. The icing on the cake was when the ranch emotionally abused the client DJ - three days prior to leaving treatment.    Net, net - we received nothing that was promised and instead got an abusive and manipulating excuse for a treatment center.  Do not go here or send you family member to this place - there are better alternatives.    This place simply does not care about family or clients. 
Entity: Nunnellly, Tennessee
6, Report #1296025
Mar 26 2016
11:08 AM
Flint River Ranch dog food The Flint River Ranch Company dishonest, disloyal to distributors, broke distributor contracts Roswell Georgia
This company lied to its distributors in Dec 2106 and said it was closing. Although we were told to sign a contract with them for 2106, and they broke that contract even though we were all intending to keep up OUR part of the contract. They knew when they told us it was closing that they were not really closing, and they had no intention of keep the contract they had us sign for 2016. We have no reason to trust this company or recommend it to anyone. This dishonesty has left a bad impression on the pet industry as a whole. We worked tirelessly and selflessly for this company for 17 years only to have them dump us all on Christmas, 2105, blaming us, the distributors who built the company over the past 20 years, as the reason for their financial trouble. We are embarrassed that we recommended this food. Who would recommend a dog food that some invisible investor, now, with no interest in the company, except for the value of it's customer base. And the final insult; Where are our checks? Last you told us, they would be slow in coming.
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
7, Report #707243
Mar 17 2011
10:28 AM
The River Club HOA The River Club Homeowners Association Lakewood Ranch Florida The River Club HOA Lakewood Ranch refuses to enforce the deed restrictions while declaring itself a deed restricted community. Lakewood Ranch, Florida
My family and neighbors moved to The River Club Lakewood Ranch based on published documents declaring the River Club Manatee County to be an exceptional subdivision with 'deed restrictions that would ensure a high standard of living'. Unfortunately, the deed restrictions are not enforced. One River Club resident home has weeds 10'-30' tall, trash, debris and even old furniture and toys in the flowerbeds. The Grass isn't trimmed and is over 1 foot tall in some areas. (This is not an abandoned home.) These and other deed restrictions have occurred here every day for years because the River Club HOA refuses to enforce the deed restrictions.
Entity: Lakewood Ranch, Florida
8, Report #1309016
Jun 01 2016
10:27 PM
Village at Piney Point Apartments poor maintenance, apathetic management, uncaring, not as advertised, lyers Houston Texas
We have been victimized for far too long by the management at the Village at Piney Pont, formerly West Point apartments.  For almost 3 years we've been having maintenance issues, in the sense that we just cannot get any out to the apartment within a reasonable amount of time. Under texas law, we have the right to security and health. We now have had leaky pipes for five months, with zero, weather it be ability or concern or motivation to get fixed by management, no matter how many times weve called, or visited the office.  Now we have mold, our backdoor doesnt lock securely. We do not feel safe in our own home. The vacant apartment next door was broken into 3 days ago. We notified the office of this, and they still have yet to send someone out to fix the broken window.  We are not asking for special treatment. We pay our rent on time. We abide by the community regulations. All we want is what is promised to us in our lease. A lot of the problems we've had, we've had to fix ourselves. Drawers, cabinets and the like. But for things like plumbing, we need our management to take care of it.  With all the management change overs in the last couple of  years, we dont even know if we're paying the right amount. It seems to be a little different every month. A variation of maybe 50 to 150 dollars. And not one can tell us a definitive amount. We think the management may have lost our lease, because they cannot provide us a copy.  I encourage all apartment seekers to stay away from this place. Sure they lure you in saying free electricity, its just not worth it. We all know the saying you get what you pay for and in this case its kind of true. The living is cheap, and so is the place. And they seem that they are unable, for whatever reason, to even make moderate changes, or repairs.  Do not rent here. We've been here a few years, and we've changed apartments. We currently live in one of the New remodeld units. I think theres a dead rat in my walls. That should say everything right there. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
9, Report #1280677
Jan 17 2016
10:24 PM
KQ Ranch/Colorado River Adventures Lured to a weekend stay at KQ ranch by CRA, in 2006 , pressured into signing agreement, unable to cancel, $13,000 bill now in collection, is ruining my credit. Julian California
Summer of 2006 recieved an invitation (promotion) for a weekend stay at KQ Ranch in Julian Calif, with condition that myself and wife sit in on a presentation by Colorado River Adventers. the salesman convinced us to sign a contract committing us to a camping membership with Colordo River Adventers. We failed to cancel within the three days right to recission so they claim, so we were billed $7,000, and the bill was placed in collections. The amount has balloned to $13,000 and is affecting our credit standing by lowering our FICO score.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #707215
Mar 17 2011
09:37 AM
The River Club HOA The River Club Lakewood Ranch Manatee County HOA refuses to enforce deed restrictions while declaring itself a deed restricted community Lakewood Ranch, Florida
My family and neighbors moved to The River Club Lakewood Ranch based on published documents declaring the River Club Manatee County to be an exceptional subdivision with 'deed restrictions that would ensure a high standard of living'. Unfortunately, the deed restrictions are not enforced. One River Club home has weeds 10'-30' tall, trash, debris and even old furniture and toys in the flowerbeds. The Grass isn't trimmed and is over 1 foot tall in some areas. (This is not an abandoned home.) These and other deed restrictions have occurred here every day for years because the River Club HOA refuses to enforce the deed restrictions.
Entity: Lakewood Ranch, Florida
11, Report #1350807
Jan 19 2017
11:15 AM
Continental Properties Springs at Braden River Refund Bradenton Florida
They lied about refunding moneys given to apply. I was told by their leasing consultant that if terms or conditions changed or I was denied the moneys I give when I applied would be refunded. Well they changed what I agreed to and now they say I cancelled and the money is not refundable. That is unethical and very misleading from what I was initially informed. Glad I did not move in there because if they can do this to a potential resident once your there what other practices will they do without properly informing or straight out lie about. Very disappointed with that company. In fact the manager called 2 days after I was told I would not get refund because I requested a quote on how much it would be to move in. Alot more than I had agreed. And she informed me it is their policy if you get a quote with a date you cancelled the deal making your money not refundable. Their rates change daily depending on move in day so to find out you need to get a quote. And that means I agreed to move in without a total dollar amount. Sounds crazy, but that is what she told me. What a scam to keep your money.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
12, Report #893105
Jun 05 2012
07:49 AM
After saying we were not interested in a timeshare, they asked what we were interested in, and we said camping.  They then asked where we like to go camping.  They then brought the sales manager Libby over and she proceeded to commit fraud.  She told us that the resort in the hill country was builiding camp grounds, which is where we would want to go.  Come to find out that was all a lie and they were not building anything like that there and they have no intentions of doing so. This is blatant false misrepresentation to make a sale!  We are no longer paying for our membership and have sought to recoup our money from them!
Entity: CONROE, Texas
13, Report #279739
Oct 19 2007
08:40 AM
West Gate River Ranch Denying employees erned wages when trying to leave on good terms River Ranch Florida
My husband respectfully turned in his notice and worked a total of three days. On the third day he was instead let go. 3 weeks prior to that he was not paid for vacation time and HR claimed that they forgot to turn in his vacation time and would be paid on the next check. He never was, instead they deducted 10 hours from his final check saying that he was not eligible for vacation. He was a hard working employee and was there for almost two year. Come to find out Florida does not have a labor enforcement office so the only way for us to recover his wages is to take them to court. Don't work for this company they are scammers and the place is full of convicted felons who clean rooms, have access to gusts personal belongings, and are around children. Please reconsider. After all we all work for money not for our health. Heatherh Winterhaven, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: River Ranch, Florida
14, Report #1321917
Aug 11 2016
08:42 AM
Eastern Star Express The company branch detinue customer property Piney Flats Tennessee
 In the past three years I have been using the company's services,Until July 26, 2016 I found that I was illegal possession of the goods. Considered a merchant fault at first, but after several times communication confirmation is being invaded.The Chinese customer service personnel of the company namedJessica Ruded to hang up my dialogue.To this end, I am very sad. God created us, let us love and respect. No credit services and irrational attitude is not acceptable,This is also I seek RIPOFF REPOETto help. Branches of the company,Eastern Star Express Inc.2131 Central AveSouth El Monte, CA 91733-2117 tel:(626) 444-4375 FEDEX NUMBER:9405509699938611264811,  Wednesday,July 13, 2016, AM10:12 Receive the goods,Until today, August 10, 2016 is not delivered to me.  
Entity: Piney Flats, Tennessee
15, Report #75644
Dec 22 2003
08:33 PM
Black River Ranch Scam artist landlord! Withee Wisconsin
The Black River Ranch rented a house and land to us 3 years ago. This past summer they told us we had to move out because they had a hired hand that they wanted to move in there. This practice by the way is illegal. They cannot make you move because someone else wants to live there. We had already told them that we were in the process of buying a house and that as soon as things went thru we would be moving. Well, it wasn't fast enough for them. They continually harassed us by showing up on our doorstep when my husband was gone at work. We're talking two good sized men ganging up on a 140 pound woman! Scared the living daylights out of me. Well, we finally were able to move out of there on 9/1/03 and have YET to receive our security deposit back. WI state law states that the landlord has to return the security dep in full within 21 days. I contacted a tentant resource center to ask for help. My only course of action was to send a cert. letter out demanding my deposit back. This I did and the deadline was 3 weeks from the date that I sent the letter out, which meant they had to return the deposit by 12/19. Well, that day has come and gone! NOw my only recourse is to take them to court for the deposit. I can within my rights sue for double the deposit and for court costs. I know I am not the only one who has been told to move out and then not given a security deposit back. Unfortunately these other people have not sued him. I AM. I will update this report when I know what the outcome of the court date is. Cynthia Medford, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Withee, Wisconsin
16, Report #1296169
Mar 27 2016
10:15 AM
Flint River Ranch FRR, Red Bandana Pet Foods, RB Pet Foods Flint River Ranch/Jay Margedant refusing to pay money owed for sales Roswell Georgia
Jay Margedant of Flint River Ranch had their distributors sign new compensation contracts effective Jan 1 which reduced our pay. Then after months of lying about their financial issues, sent out a message that they were closing. I never received my last commission check and am aware of other FRR distributors who were not paid either. Our sales were made in good faith and they collected the money but stiffed the loyal sales people who actually sold the products. Now the same people are suddenly back in business under the same name and location, selling the same products. They need to settle their debts like honerable people!
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
17, Report #656559
Jan 18 2011
11:02 AM treasure seekers webkinz, toys & gifts I placed a order on oct 2 2010 for two nursing t-shirts i have called and i have emailed nothing but they sure did charge me for them. I have order # and customer id # still can't get nothing.. Internet
I placed a order on Oct.2 2010 online at Treasure Seekers for two nursing t-shirts, I have called this company can not get anyone to answer. I have e-mailed michele mazur and still havent heard anything however they did charge my credit card $33.10. I would like my shirts or my money back it's that simple... I have a print out of the order that I placed..
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #1036706
Mar 21 2013
11:31 AM
The Glock Store Buyers Beware of this company Internet, California
I purchased 2 concealment T Shirts from Master of Concealment which is The Glock Store. Upon arrival they were the wrong size and tried to contact to exchange. For 2 solid weeks 3 times per day I called and emailed with No Response. I asked for a RA# for the exchange with no response. 6 weeks later still no call backs or emails and I'm past the 30 day return period now and still no response. I took and Sold the 2 T Shirts on Craigslist at a lost due to wrong size. I will never purchase anything from MASTER OF CONCEALMENT or THE GLOCK STORE and will let everyone I know what happened.  BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY
Entity: Internet, California
19, Report #1108506
Dec 20 2013
08:09 AM
loan depot Pulled fast one at the end of deal Foothill Ranch California
I just lost $495 and numerous hours of collecting my personal info to have this buisness pull a fast one at the end.  My wife and I have great credit scores and wanted to refinance.  After reading reviews it seems this company is notorious for getting the up front fee.Quoting one rate then changing at the end  My fault for not looking into them before hand.  I hope this helps someone else.
Entity: Foothill Ranch, California
20, Report #478715
Aug 12 2009
06:41 PM
David Fountain Karen Fountain and Fire River Outreach Waterstone Ranch Fire River Outreach Ministries Waterstone Ranch Career Criminal Financial Fraud Phoenix, Arizona
David (and girlfriend Karen) Fountain are career criminal(s) who have mercilessly harmed the public through systematic fraud. This has hurt elderly persons, children and those who could least afford to be harmed. He is presently in Hardyville, Kentucky but will be held in the Barren County in jail. Concerns and complaints should be addressed to the Barren County Sheriff's Office or the Glasgow City Police, FBI. If you need other assistance contact 1-630-699-9628 Kentucky Fraud Investigator.Fountain is a white male approximately 40-44 years old and claims to be Dr. and Rev. David Fountain. He drives a large motorhome, older white pickup and a custom black motorcycle. Residents in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee should be especially alert. If seen ANYWHERE contact police immediately.
Entity: Hardyville, Kentucky
21, Report #719068
Apr 18 2011
01:55 PM
Colorado River Adventures K.Q. Ranch Rip Off Rude Lies Cheat Julian, California
We joined this campground with many promises.  We were told one thing and after we paid 7000 dollars in full , we then got the full picture.  We never use the campground except once a year , when we are using the free week in a Cabin.  We were told our fees were locked in and we would receive the Cabin one week each year free of charge.  Now they want a 50 dollar nonrefundable deposit on top on the 365. 00 we pay each year. I had a Lawyer send a letter to them and their responce is we can do anything we want. Her name is Lisa in accounting that made this comment. Also they made a mistake in billing me and had some address I have never heard of and I have no idea where they got it.  I sent in my payment 3 months early of 350 for my dues.  Because I did not have a bill I was off 15 dollars.  They made the mistake and are charging me a 10 dollar late fee. When ever you want to talk to someone they are rude. I would steer clear of this camp resort as they do not care about you or taking care of the customer.
Entity: Julian, California
22, Report #745179
Jun 24 2011
09:14 PM
High Lonesome Ranch, Inc. Jim & Marcy Lilly Shepadoodle breeders misrepresented dog and sold dog infested with parasites. Birch River, West Virginia
Jim and Marcy Lilly of High Lonesome Ranch, Inc.,  Shepadoodle and Dachshund dog breeders, advertised two older shepadoodles for sale on their website.  They claimed that they were housebroken, in their own words, Crate trained, leash trained, House-broken... all the work has been done for you!  The dog that I bought from them has clearly never been remotely housetrained.  She has no concept of where to go to the bathroom, despite our frequent, routine walks and our effusive praise when she does go outside.  We have had her for two weeks now and she still pees and poops inside the house, nearly daily, just like a brand new pup who has never had any housebreaking training.  The dog is a hybrid German Shepherd - Poodle, two of the three most intelligent breeds, so if she were housebroken she would know by now to indicate in some way her need to go outside.  When I confronted the issue with Marcy, she told me that the dogs were left outside all day on their farm and only ever brought in at night when they were then crated.  How could she claim then that the dogs are housebroken??  I have adopted shelter dogs who indicated from nearly day one their need to go to the bathroom.   Further, I brought the dog home on a Friday night and took her to the vet first thing on Monday, as she was extremely lethargic and bony.  The vet diagnosed her with two parasite infestations, Hookworm, which is easily transmitted to people through not only stool, but also skin and fur, and Whipworms.  The breeders were aware through our e-mail and phone conversations that we have two young children.  They were obliged as breeders to have had the dog undergo a wellness exam, including a stool exam, within ten days of selling the dog.  They neglected to do this.  Now the combination of the dog being entirely unhousebroken and infested with parasites has created a lot of stress in our household, including for our children who are made to wash their hands whenever they touch the dog; my son won't pet the dog as a result.  Marcy Lilly has refused to pay for the vet bill for the parasites, despite her admitted negligence in not having the dog tested prior to the sale.  Another contentious issue is that Marcy and Jim Lilly claim that the dog is six months old.  Two vets, however, on two separate occassions, have estimated her age to be nearer to one year old, based on the size of her teeth and the tarter build up.  The breeders' claim is made more dubious by their saying that the other older shepadoodle for sale, from the same two parents, is ten months old.  This would mean that the female dog had a two litters a mere four months apart.  Even if that were biologically possible, it is bad breeding.  A big red flag that I did not heed was that the other older shepadoodle they were selling , a white male whom they call Mr. Fluffy Dude, was exceedingly avoidant- clearly not socialized.  Another apparent deception occurred when I asked Jim and Marcy when we met in person whether they had intended to breed these two older dogs they had for sale.  They answered at the same time, Marcy saying, No and Jim saying, Yes.  If you are shopping for a shepadoodle or a dachshund, please look further than High Lonesome Ranch, Inc.  Jim and Marcy Lilly misrepresented their dogs and refused to take financial responsibility for their negligence in selling a parasite-infested dog to a family with young children.
Entity: Birch River, West Virginia
23, Report #1404340
Oct 05 2017
07:23 AM
Piney Creek Property Owners Association Judy Manning, Bill Manning Barbara Byrd, Jimmie Byrd, Katherine A Hayward, Kathy Hayward, Gayle Turner, Reese Turner, Larry Ray Dawson, Denise Dawson, Bob Johnson Bellville Texas This company violated court mediated settle-mt and caused the shut down of my business and loss of my home Bellville, Texas this is the back story with video  Small Town HOA Bellville Tx Spends $100,000 In 8 years, Hires 13 Lawyers To Close Chicken Coop  Expose Corrupt HOA's In My Neighborhood Massive Media Dump They cost me very much money. this company cost me the shut down of my business which is now being slowely restored. I wish to file a compaint agaisnt this company Piney Creek POA in Bellville Texas These people are bing investigated by the IRS and FBI for activity that caused the loss of my home and business, pther investigative reports are now bing covered on the activities of this corrupt organization. BEWARE and do not purchase homes in Bellville Te xas in the Piney Creek area. 
Entity: Bellville,, Texas
24, Report #562063
Jan 29 2010
04:56 PM
Highland ranch collision center The most depressing work on body shop Highland Ranch, Colorado
This is a very dissapointing place because they guarantee a job that they don't even know if they could do it. They treat you with many lies and your car is kept teir for a long period of time and they don't get anything done. And when they say that it's done nothing was actually fixed and all the paperwork was wrong. They get mechanical jobs something that they don't do their. They lie to the people. When you go to claim your car or the bad job that they did they mistreat you by yelling at you and can't answer anything. All they say is I don't know it's very dissapointing and I don't know why the Dodge dealer refer to this kind of places. That on top of all this they discriminate the people.
Entity: Highland Ranch, Colorado
25, Report #1166766
Aug 01 2014
04:05 PM
River Ranch false advertising, entrapment elmendorf Texas
I had the misfortune of visiting river ranch resort. They claim to have morals even though they encourage and promote swinging. They give nudist resorts a bad name. I should have known something was wrong when AANR didnt approve of them. They are just a bunch of immoral white trash people. I got there at 3 in the afternoon and still had to pay full price. They made me leave about 8 pm. I guess they didnt like the fact that I didnt bring a woman to share. I made it clear that Im not a swinger. It looks like they had Trooper Shafer waiting for me outside the gate. Sounds like entrapment to me. Anyone with similar experiences with river ranch please contact me. Terry: (((REDACTED)))
Entity: elmendorf, Texas

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