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1, Report #385612
Oct 28 2008
11:23 AM
Magic Jack Magic jack has been blocked Unknown Internet
Magic jack advertised unlimited calling for Local and longdistance calls in USA, after using it for one and half months they blocked the service and asked to call a given number(automated) when I call this number after lot of trials got to a rep who says my magic jack was blocked due to high call volume (advertised as unlimited) and refered me to fineprint in agreement saying they can cancel the service if they F****ing feel its over used...the rep refused to give me what my usage was and what the limit which they call as over usage. Kiran richardson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Internet
2, Report #389862
Nov 10 2008
05:27 PM
Magic Jack magic, jack does not work internet
MAGIC JACK IS A RIP OFF like everyone is saying> I have been fighting with them to help me resolve issuses i have with their unit and they keep having me try different things with my computer and nothing helps. I asked for a replacement unit to try that because I really want the thing to work like they promise it will, but no matter what they have me try it doesn't work. Do not waste your time and money on this! I thought Vonage was bad. Busabrye tecumseh, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
3, Report #345334
Jun 28 2008
11:02 AM
Magic Jack Useless Magic Jack West Palm Beach Florida
With Most people using XP Magic Jack will soon be useless. It is reported that if you install XP service Pack 3 Magic Jack will no longer work. The Service Pack being extremely important to install to fend off hacking and other security issues most people will eventually install the update rendering Magic useless. I have contacted the online support but found that it was useless to even talk to them. Magic Jack has worked for me although not magically. I would NOT recommend anyone to use this device. Unhappy jack St. Augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #458837
Jun 05 2009
07:16 AM
Magic Jack DONT BUY MAGIC JACK Miami Florida
Avoid using this product. They are a dishonest company: when I ordered the Magic Jack, they sent TWO, and proceeded to charge my credit card for two units. I then made a fuss (no one works there apparently since you cant speak to a person) and they credited my credit card. About the product: you have to leave your phone on all the time, and if you have a wireless telephone at home, it wont work! It has to be a phone connected to the PC. A scam! Corruptionwatch coral gables, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
5, Report #435041
Mar 17 2009
09:15 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack scam Internet Nationwide
I bought the magic-jack phone device in Dec. 08. I have been trying to get it to work for 4 months. I contacted magic jck via internet live help, the only way to contact anyone and was told more or less too bad. This company should be put out of business. They need a live person you can talk to to get help. As easy as 1 2 3 I thik not. Mary Hueytown, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #442008
Apr 08 2009
03:49 PM
Magic Jack magic jack lies about number porting NationWide
during 2008 magic jack told customers by there web site that they would be offering porting in 2008 then they changed it to sometime in 2009. they promised me by 2009 they would have it, then by feb 2009. both were lies. now they dont have any idea. what a bunch of idiots and liars. i placed a complaint about them to the fcc and the fcc contacted them. they will give us our money back but they wont fix the lie. magic jack is run by liars. stupid idiots. Mark chico, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #638326
Sep 07 2010
08:14 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack - Rip Off, or worth $20 Internet
Magic Jack is $20 a year, it is only worth that. I bought it and after 3 months, having troubles with it. There is no phone number to talk to a human, only online chat. Some of the complaints I read I have not had troubles with. Calling a number then having to enter a code in worked fine. My Mac is on a battery back up and always stays on, no problem there. Never had to dial 911, so no comment there. BUT to get some one to help you with problems is at best - POOR. When they can not resolve an issue, they have you chat with a Top 10% tech that is almost as clueless. My Mac is now messed up from all the setting changes they had me make, and to mess up a Mac is not easy. But, it was only $20, and I guess that is what I got, was $20 worth of electronic junk. If you decide to purchase one, remember, you only get what you pay for. And as for putting in an a PC, I tried and removed it. It dogged down the system to the point that I removed it. On the other hand, I ran it on my Mac, there was no issues or conflicts. I believe my issue is in the product, not in my settings, but they do not want to admit it. SO, good luck with this great idea, just poor quality electronic device and lack of support.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #855705
Mar 18 2012
03:27 PM
I bought this Magic Jack based on the advertisement: Port your old number  Get a life time of savings Nothing works! I spent two weeks trying to get customer service. I tried calling their main number 561 594-2140 when i finally got thru the unlady found my issue to difficult and hung up. after calling back a few times they just hung up on the first ring. Then next two weeks I tried their online Chat. Aleast they responded to that. I finally got wise I was getting the run-around. Each person I live chatted with had me carry out different step to try with the magic jack Nothing worked snd it wasn't going to. Finally I got tired and asked for my money back.  The Chat session mysteriously ended. The way I see it is that Mel Arthur keeps advertising that you can port your number and Dan Brislow (the inventor) is sitting there on the beach in West Palch counting his millions.  These two Dudes need to be WHIPPED!  Another Bernie Maddoff scan. I reported them to the Federal Communications Commission. We'll see if anything comes of it
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #343811
Jun 24 2008
04:34 PM
Magic Jack Not so Magic, Jack! Florida Nationwide
Magic Jack says it's so easy to install, a grandmother can do it. I'm not a grandmother, and I couldn't install it. They claim you only need to connect the Magic Jack to the USB port in your computer. Well, I tried and it doesn't fit because the USB ports are already being used, and the one that's open doesn't fit the Magic Jack connector. I tried to call but as others have noted, there's no phone number. I just looked on the packaging for an address (the packaging LOOKS legit, but don't judge a bood by its cover), and there is no address, just the web site information at what else, When I went on the website last night for help and clicked on to talk to a live person, no one came on my computer. I'm sick that I didn't ask my daughter about this before I bought it - she's the one that immediately found the Rip-Off Report and forwarded it to me and I'm reading about all the same problems I've had with this product. I called my bank to get protection from future withdrawals on my account. They are changing my card. What a despicable company or person to do this to people using the ruse that they are helping them to save money in this terrible economy! Thanks, Magic Jack, I just donated $50 bucks to your evil endeavor - may you burn in hell. You will get yours, and I hope I get to see it. Rita LaGrange, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Florida, Nationwide
10, Report #1068035
Jul 18 2013
10:10 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Double Charges Be Careful Internet
I responded to an email from Magic Jack to upgrade. I placed the order using a credit card. Their site said that card was denied and to use a different card.  Within minutes the fraud department of the 1st card I used called and said Magic Jack is flagged as a fradulent company. They said Magic Jack issued 3 different charges and they finally denied the 3rd nd called to warm me When I did the Live Chat with Magic Jack the 1st agent said my order was denied an no card was charged. I was transferred to a second agent who said they did not place any charges with the 1st card, but did charge the 2nd card. They went ahead and cancelled the charges on the send card. I called the billing department and they said only the 2nd card was charged, but when I mentioned the 1st card they said it was charged too. I asked why, he said he didnt know. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said the supervisor was busy. I asked for a confirmation of our discussion he said they can not do that. This is clearly a scam
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1103309
Nov 30 2013
08:25 PM
Magic Jack No Magic here, Jack! Internet
I purchased a MagicJack Plus on November 29, 2013 for $69 at my local Meijer store. During online registration of the device, I purchased the 5 year call plan which totalled $107. I did this based on a positive experience a friend has had with this device, even though on-line review are quite mixed.I followed all installation and registration directions carefully, and while the device was connected to tecomputer at a USB port, there was a dial tone and all seemedwell.  I then followed directions to connect the device directly to the router,and that was the beginning of the end.  Phone was as dead as it was before I started.I went to the web site, searched FAQs, followed instruction, but to no avail. I initiated on-line chat. 90 minutes in, I was told to restart thecomputer--thus closing the chat session--then insert the device which would automatically reload and problem solved. I did, but it wasn't and guess what? in the 5 minutes it took to do that, the chat line closed for the evening. Plus,  it didn't work.  Hmm...Today, I tried again. 4 HOURS and 5 AGENTS LATER...I was told I had a defective unit, exchange it for a different one, which I did. I was told to log in with my existing e-mail, password and phone number, and 5 year plan would automatically credit to the new device. WRONG. On top of that, IT STILL DIDN'T WORK!(Sorry. No more shouting) So, back to online chat/tech support. The first agent promptly transferred me to another one who informed me that the remainder of the 5 year plan (that would be ALL OF IT!) could not be transferred to my new device, I needed to buy a newer and improved 2014 Magic Jack Plus if I wanted to do that. All along, through 7 agents I was crystal clear that I had a regular Magic Jack Plus, not a 2014. I was clear about this with the previous agent, the one who said everything would transfer, a top 10% agent according to them--that I had a regular, not a 2014, Magic Jack Plus.  None-the-less, the agent told me the plan would transfer. It didn't, and the new top 10% agent said it couldn't. Buy more equipment, he said. SMFH.At this point I just said forget it, I needed an immediate refund to the credit card I used for the purchase of the 5 year plan and asked when I could expect it. I got a non-answer--that he would have to file a complaint report and it would have to be reviewed and IF it was found to be a valid complaint, it SHOULD then be processed within 1 to 2 business days. I then asked whom I should contact if there should be a problem, and guess what? ON LINE CHAT! Holy Moly.I'll let you knowhow this turns out. Meanwhile, I have no phone and can't do anything about it till I get the refund. Amazing how businesses can get those payments in a nanosecond, but they can sure take their time with refunds!  Besides, No one should have to review anything since the last time I checked, a consumer had the right to cancel a contract without reason or penalty, for 72 hours after entering into the agreement. It's not even an object they might need to inspect--just a service agreement, a mark in a checkbox. I'll take the object back to the store tomorrow for a refund, which I will get on the spot.On the positive side, the agents on chat were pleasant and professional during our interactions.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #992804
Jan 07 2013
01:46 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack is a rippoff Internet
I signed up for the 5 year plan for Magic Jack and paid $169 for a phone number plus subscription. I just went to use it after not using it for a while only to find out that I have to pay more money for each year for the phone number use---very very misleading! Watch out and don't get ripped off by misleading advertising. Not worth it!
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #418690
Jan 31 2009
07:40 PM
Magic Jack Dishonest advertising ???? Flordia
BIG RIP-OFF! 30 day free trial starts the day you order not the day you receive it and activate it. ALSO... they have NO phone support in their customer service department. So if you have a question or a problem you have to use their on-line chat. And as stated in other posts..... they WILL charge your credit/debit card as soon as you place the order even though you get a conformation e-mail stating otherwise. Looks like a very shady operation hat I would steer clear of!! Rob Porterville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
14, Report #373231
Sep 15 2008
08:02 PM
Magic Jack unauthorized charges Nationwide
Back in July of this year I heard of magic jack and thought hey I travel alot this may be worth having. I should have listened to my wife when she said it was too good to be true. First they charged my credit card right after I signed up for the 30 day free trail, and it took 2 weeks for them to take the charge off. 2 weeks later after the 30 days they took $46, no problem it seemed to working fine. Just last week 2 weeks after I purchased it it started acting up, people could hear me but I could not hear them. I tried all their upgrades and this and thats but nothing worked. Victoria said that they would replace it at no cost to me as long as they got the old one back within 2 weeks, with an rma number. She told me that I would get an email within 24 hours and it would contain the rma number. All I got in my email was another purchase confirmation. I chatted with them again and asked for the rma number and that person said they would resend it and confirmed that I would not be charged for the replacement. (transcript to follow) info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: You are now chatting with 'Ashton' Ashton: Hello, how may I help you? David: yesterday it was determind by victoria that my mj was defective David: she or he said that they were going to replace it Ashton: Good day. Ashton: It's my pleasure to assist you. Ashton: Thank you for addressing your concern to us. David: they said i would get an email with an rma number that way i can send the old defective one back and not be charged for the new one but the email was just another order confirmation David: so i need an rma to send the old one back Ashton: Okay. Ashton: May I have your sales order number of the old unit please? David: dt00745927 Ashton: Thank you. Ashton: Ashton: 277 ABC AVE Ashton: anywhere, OH 45503-5131 Ashton: US Ashton: ? David: once you guys get the old one back you will not charge my cc correct David: that info is correct Ashton: Yes. Ashton: Okay. Ashton: Thanks. David: has the new one shipped yet David: i was told that he or she put rush shipping on it for free David: so i would get it quicker Ashton: Not yet, Sir It is on process. David: since i just paid for it 2 weeks ago David: so how about the rma Ashton: It will be ship this afternoon. David: but there is rush shipping on it right? Ashton: I do apologize Sir but the return is not accepted by our database since it is beyond the 30 day trial. Ashton: Yes, rushed ship. David: i was told that since it was defective that i would not be charged for another one David: i just paid for it on the 18th of last month Ashton: Okay. Ashton: You will received an RMA number on your email for the old magicJack. Ashton: Once receive please send the unit back to us. David: i got an email for the new one but there was no rma info all it had on it was the new replacement info David: the email did not have and rma Ashton: I have resend the RMA page for you please do wait within 12 hours. David: so i am NOT being charged for the second one Correct? Ashton: Yes. David: yes i am not being charged? Ashton: Yes. David: and you did send the rma info for the mj order number dt00745927 Ashton: Yes. David: and did you say that victoria did add the rush shipping like she said she would Ashton: Yes, It is on registered as rush ship. David: ok thank you have a nice day David: i am not being charged for the rush ship correct Ashton: Yes. Ashton: You're very much welcome. Ashton: Thank you for stopping by to chat, I hope I did a good job at addressing your concerns. Please take a second to answer a one question survey about the service I provided. Please click the close button on the top right of this screen and the survey will appear. Thanks again! Ashton: Goodbye and have a nice day ahead! Ashton: Take Care. Ashton: Please do me a survey :-) David: thank you Ashton: You're very much welcome. As of today I still have not gotten an rma number, I have reported them to my bank for fraud. My bank but a hold on my account to see if they would charge me for the second one, if they did it would show insufficient funds that way they could not get the money, so just tonight I chatted with them again and here is how that went. Enjoy I know you will. info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: You are now chatting with 'Jeaniza' Jeaniza: Hello, how may I help you? David: for the 3rd time i need an rma number for order dt00745927 victoria did troubleshooting and determined that it was defective, i was told that i would get an email with the rma number by 3 different people but still have not got it David: i am supposed to be getting a replacement since it was paid for not even a month ago Jeaniza: Hi, David. David: i just want an rma number why can't you just give me one why have i been lied too i just want to ship this old one back to you so i dont get charged for the replacement info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat. Jeaniza: Please be informed that your replacement order is not yet shipped due to the following reasons: Your bank did not give us an authorization to put a hold status from that order, or yo have an insufficient amount for your order. David: i should not be being charged for the replacent David: i was told and i have the transcript to prove it David: that i would not be charged David: this is fraud David: i was told that my card in no way would be charged Jeaniza: Please be informed that we need to put a hold status amount for that replacement, once you return the defective device, we will automatically release the hold amount. David: oh no that is not what i was told David: do not play that game David: i think i need to report you to the ohio attorney general for fraud David: i have the transcripts to prove that i was told my card in no way shape or form would be charged David: because of this one being defective David: please tell me why you charged my card without my consent Jeaniza: I apologize for that, we will put a hold status for the replacement device so that we can make assure that you will return the defective device. David: i was never told that therefore i can now report you for fraud David: i never authorized you to charged my card for the replacement Jeaniza: Okay. David: the only reason my bank refused you was because they have a copy of the transcript where i was told i would not be charged so if they caught you trying to charge my card they would deny it Jeaniza: But please be informed that we are doing that so that transaction will go through. Now doesn't that contradict what the first rep said about not being charged. I love my bank for helping out. My next stop is the BBB and the Ohio Atterny General. I am am personally sorry that people have to go through this like I have. Good luck with these people. David Springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #394472
Nov 24 2008
11:21 AM
Magic Jack Incompetent customer support Florida
This company provides NO phone number or email that you can actually contact them through. Their only means of support is through their online chat service and believe me it is worthless. The techs are untrained, unskilled and completely unable to handle assistance with your account. Half of the time the phone did not work and god forbid you should ever try to change you email associated with your account. You can forget it. You'll have to get a whole new number to start over. Then getting the original account cancelled is another nightmare. Don't use this product - you'll only end up crying and having to notify everyone you know of a change in telephone numbers. (And thats if you one of the lucky ones) Lindylobo fredericksburg, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #370488
Sep 06 2008
06:33 PM
Magic Jack Fraud Internet
Where to begin, I ordered the unit over a month ago and it has not worked as advertised from day one. After looking for phone numbers to contact them and not finding any, I had to resort to Live Chat, after an hour of going round and round they tell me that I need different phone and a Powered USB Hub. I told the Live Chat person that prior to purchasing the unit I watched the infomercial, which states will work with any phone. They wouldn't respond to that... I told Live Chat that I had tried the unit with several different phone, both wired and wireless. I also told them that I had tried it with several different computers. So I went out and purchased a new phone and a powered usb hub, what a waste of more then a $120. No change still wont work, so back to Live Chat I go. After an hour of them telling me to try this and that and me telling them that we have tried all this the last two times I contacted them, they put you in touch with upper tech support. And you go thru the whole process again, with the same outcome. They fall back on you needing a different phone and powered usb hub, at which point I say, look I have tried everything you have told me to do with no luck will you just try sending me a new unit. The response from that was we will let our engineers look at the problem and get back to you. As you guessed that was the last time I heard from them other then they charged me for something that doesn't work... Terr Ariel, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #596075
Apr 24 2010
06:18 AM
THey are Pure FRAUD! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Product erased my drivers on my ghard drive after 3 days and phone service stopped working after 34 days of use! They will NOT GIVE YOU A CREDIT NOR ARE ALLLOWED 2 talk 2 somone live after 32 days! E-mail tech support and live help was over 4 hrs and they still did not solve my product issues!!!!!!!!!!   THROW IT IN THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #625136
Jul 20 2010
11:23 AM
Magic Jack free calls Internet
dont buy. they changed the contact mid term. kicked me off and wont refund money. with no response and wont give me number to call. then just say to bad in chat
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #938357
Sep 08 2012
09:29 AM
Magic Jack Unassigned Telephone Number Internet
On 31 August 2012, after 5 months of satisfactory telephone service, MagicJack turned off my telephone service.  I had been traveling so I didn't realize the service had been terminated until 6 September 2012.  When I returned home, I contacted their customer service.  The first customer service live chat wrote that I had violated Section 6 of the TOS and promptly disconnected from our chat.   I read Section 6 of the TOS which states Proper Use: If magicJack sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack's customer's usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or systematic or intentional misuse, the magicJack may be terminated.  I immediately reentered live chat with a new customer service agent who could not tell me which part of Section 6 I violated.  I was five states away from my magicjack when my account was terminated for excessive use and when I am home, I rarely exceed 30 minutes a day of useage.  (and I certainly don't have the time to call 50 different numbers a day!)  It should be no suprise that my second customer service interaction was equally fruitless.  Elaine quoted Section 6 and could not tell me which item in Section 6 I violated; only that I had to reactivate my account.  When it was clear that she could not explain the termination, she stopped answering my questions and began to repeatedly thank me for my professionalism.  I saved a transcript of my customer service interaction to remind me to NEVER pay for phone service a year in advance (and as a reminder to stop buying from businesses who outsource their customer service departments:)
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1068680
Jul 20 2013
10:46 AM
Magic Jack False Advertising Internet
Beware of Magic Jack False Advertisement. They claim that you can make international phone calls by buying prepaid credit.  Yes, you can buy credit and make phones but according to their terms and when they want you to make a phone. I bought $40 worth of credit on 2 occasions . When I tried to buy additional prepaid credit I was told that their policy / site will not allow me to buy credit. i have to wait a few weeks and until next month to be able to do so . Imagine you want to make a call and they ask you to wait few weeks until next month.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #975587
Nov 29 2012
12:29 PM
Magic Jack False advertising Internet
First of all Magic Jack says free local and long distance calls. This is not completely true,. When trying to phone my husband's doctor (23 miles away) we were told this is a conference call???? and we needed to pay for it. Contacted them via chat, but to no avail. They state it is in their terms of service. So - false advertising.Then I decided to end my 30 day trial. They had already charged me even tho the 30 days was not up. Then they wanted ANOTHER fee to port phone back - $31.00.I will be reporting them to BBB and ask my credit card company to reverse the charges. Unsure what will happen there.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1141381
Apr 24 2014
11:13 AM
Magic Jack Bogus Charges Internet
Yesterday I plugged in an old magic jack usb that I never used. It asked me to update my info.  I did.  Then it asked me to re-new.  I did not re-new. Today I got two charges in my bank account from them: $63.49 and $1.00. I was not able to find a customer service number, only the chat online.  Rep was not helpful.  I asked for the customer service phone number and would not give it to me. Stay away from this scam.  Shaddy company that offers phone solutions and do not offer a customer service phone number.  Now it is clear why!  Probably they get a ton of complaints.  These thieves should be behind bars.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1321171
Aug 07 2016
12:27 PM
Magic Jack MagicJack worst custome support Internet
 I cant attache the image on this editor  anyway  MagicJack  are cheating with users i have complete subscription and its going to expire in 2017   and i have $12 in my account and still im not be able to do out going calls, so many time i have contected to customer care they said you subscription is expired then i send then iTune subscription confurmation email then they said you have to delete the app and install it again now still im not able to do outgoing calls. they dont have proper supprt guys dont beleve what they said i will request Ripoff guys allow me to attach the screen short on this editor so that i can show you guys.     some text i will copy that from my mail.    From: H........ [] Sent: Friday, August 5, 2016 2:50 AMTo: CustomerServiceMgr <>;;;; support@ripoffreport.comSubject: Re: Error on purchase - MD you guys are doing time pass with me nothing else,   i have given you proof that you have to find out what is the hell  issue  going on with you magicjack i have option that i have  to ripoff you everywhere with this email reference.   Regards,H.......       On 03-Aug-2016, at 11:18 PM, CustomerServiceMgr <> wrote: Hi .....: Thank you for the receipt. Can you please also follow the steps described by Apple in the following link, and then send a screenshot of the magicApp subscription for the in-App purchase for your iTunes account? This is the screen I mean, bit for the magicApp (not Apple music):  From: H.......... [] Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 6:06 AMTo: CustomerServiceMgr; connect2magicJack; Misrepresentation; ReportAbuseSubject: RE: Error on purchase - MD Hi I have already subscribe here is my proof   if still you guys doing this things then i have to think about different a very strange.  Regards,h     Invoice      APPLE IDin.........comBILLED TOVisa .... 1oo8........hyderabad indiahyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 110025IND TOTAL₹ 620INVOICE DATE05 May 2016ORDER IDMN918S9K3NDOCUMENT NO.120125770282     App StoreTYPEPURCHASED FROMPRICE magicApp Calling & Messaging, US Phone Number with Enhanced Dialing and Texting (Automatic Renewal)Yearly | 05 May 2017Report a ProblemIn-App Purchase ₹ 620      TOTAL ₹ 620   Learn how to manage your password preferences for iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases at       Apple ID Summary • Purchase History • Terms of Sale • Privacy Policy   Copyright © 2016 iTunes S.à r.l.All rights reserved             in my account there is $12. but still i won’t be able to do outgoing calls  it says you have elected for inbound call only. please select both inbound and outbound then you will be able to do outbound calls.   not in my account there is $12  many time i have selected but its not working for me.     is this will not resolve in one day i will post everywhere vey bad feedback to all social network.  you know it will effect you  even your live chat guys also cant help me  one of your customer say this   haseeb khan: do you have any email guys  Jay: We don't have email address Haseeb. We only assist our customer through chat. haseeb khan: what is your customer email id  Jay: This will be your reference number 160728-000502  haseeb khan: jay what your customer email address  Jay: What do you mean ?  Jay: Okay2  haseeb khan: you don't understand what I'm asking you  haseeb khan: i am asking magic jack customer care email address   Our records indicate your magicApp subscription is expired. You upgraded your magicApp subscription 5-5-2016. That subscription expired 5-5-2017. Please renew the subscription through your iTunes account by following the steps explained at this link from Apple: sure to turn the automatic renewal for magicApp to “ON” Sincerely,magicJack Customer Care From: H........ [] Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2016 11:20 AMTo: ReportAbuse; Misrepresentation; connect2magicJackSubject: Re: Error on purchase  in my account there is $12. but still i won’t be able to do outgoing calls  it says you have elected for inbound call only. please select both inbound and outbound then you will be able to do outbound calls.   not in my account there is $12  many time i have selected but its not working for me.     is this will not resolve in one day i will post everywhere vey bad feedback to all social network.  you know it will effect you  even your live chat guys also cant help me  one of your customer say this   haseeb khan: do you have any email guys  Jay: We don't have email address Haseeb. We only assist our customer through chat. haseeb khan: what is your customer email id  Jay: This will be your reference number 160728-000502  haseeb khan: jay what your customer email address  Jay: What do you mean ?  Jay: Okay2  haseeb khan: you don't understand what I'm asking you  haseeb khan: i am asking magic jack customer care email address  Jay: We only assist our customer through chat Hasseb.. However you can visit      Regards   On 18-May-2015, at 5:12 PM, ReportAbuse <> wrote: Dear Customer, For technical support please chat with one of our agents by clicking Tech Chat. If you have a billing question, please call us on 1-844-866-2442 inside the United States, or 1-561-594-9925 from outside the United States. Sincerely,magicJack Customer Care  From: H........... [] Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2015 3:32 AMTo: ReportAbuse; MisrepresentationSubject: Fwd: Error on purchase  Several time i have tried to contact you and chat with you but still i got error.  you guys are very slow  i have to move with other service provider.     Begin forwarded message: From: H......... <>Subject: Error on purchase Date: 6 May 2015 5:40:44 pm ISTTo: <> II got error whenever I try to purchase Please solve my problem ASAP. Sent from my iPhone   
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24, Report #592742
Apr 13 2010
09:08 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Magic Jack Product, Support and Service Sucks - No Refunds! Internet
Magic Jack is just another moneygrabbing company that promotes a 30 day money back guarantee product that is designed to accomplish a single goal. That goal is to get your credit card number. The Magic Jack I purchased did not function. I also purchased for $69.95 the extra 5 year plan. But all my clients said the sound quality was horrible! The web site is a joke. There is a bunch of instant fix downloads (that don't work). There is however, a great deal of hype about the amazing thirty-day no-risk guaranty. What is MAGICALLY missing is any way to contact this company to arrange to return the product and cancel the scheduled payment at the end of the thirty-day trial period. There is a live-chat customer support line. I wasted 90 minutes of my life there, with no solution at all. This is exactly what you can expect from a predatory rip-off company such as this. My unit never worked properly. The flatly refused to refund my costs. I intend to dispute this charge with my credit card company. MagicJack support phone numbers: Main Office: 561-594-2140 you can apparently only leave a message Billing Inquiries: 281-404-1551 open from 11am to 8pm EST Magic Jack PO Box 6846 West Palm Beach, Fl 33045
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25, Report #988696
Dec 29 2012
05:16 PM
magic jack dan borislow/magic jack Magic Jack is a Rip Off Company Internet
January 2012 I bought a Magic Jack and made the mistake in transfering the number to Magic Jack, it is a business line that I have since 1994, when I tried to renew it, Magic Jack would not let me, I was told it was under review and that could not make or receive phone calls until they finished with their review, I had not choice but to transfer the number to another carrier before it was too late , so that I would not lose the number.  Dan Borislow is the Biggest Rip-Off  there is, all the claims that you can make local calls, it is not true, try calling a number from a calling card, Magic Jack would not let you, even if you use the toll free number to make calls, Magic Jack will not recognize the authorization code on the pre-paid calling card.  Dan Borilow should penalized for ripping people off.  WE NEED TO STOP THIS GUY!!!!!
Entity: , Internet

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