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1, Report #289847
Dec 07 2007
08:18 PM
Finance Maryland DBA Mariner Finance Descriminatory Lending Baltimore Maryland
Ok, here is how it starts. My wife and I took out a loan to buy a very expensive puppy and fish tank. We are told that financing is available through Finance Maryland. We sign on the dotted line and all goes well until about 2 months ago. With a decent amount of credit card debt we enrolled in CareOne credit counseling. The idea was to consolidate all of our payments into one large payment and possibly end up saving some money. Anyway, in first contact with CareOne, they tell us they had dealt with CareOne in the past and were fairly certain that they would accept $69 a month instead of our normal $92. Ok, so the proposals go out... Months pass and we start getting nasty collection letters from Mariner Finance. A phone call reveals that they didn't receive the proposal, surprise. After wrangling with the local branch entirley too much, they decide they are going to call CareOne to straighten it out. So, needless to say they reject the proposal and now the account is past due. I wouldn't have a problem with that except that we didn't come up with the payment amount ourselves, it was based on CareOne's previous dealings with Finance Maryland. After asking around, nobody can tell me why it was denied nor explain to me why the proposal was denied. At this point, our account is still past due which we need to bring current to get out of collections. As far as Finance Maryland is concerned, they are the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. They send you checks in the mail trying to give you more money - how secure. Their interest rates are higher than a credit card. Also, they apparently discriminate against their borrowers. If you can help it, stay away from these crooks... We are going to pay them off in a few months just to get them out of our hair. Derek Grantsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
2, Report #69335
Oct 16 2003
06:58 PM
Conseco Finance Greentree Financial degrading harrassment Minnesota
We got behind for 2 weeks on a payment and they called day and night and harrassed me and my husband, I had a stroke and my father had just died and my husband who has a heart condition and is disabled. They called for instance and told my husband he needs to get off his lazy ass and go to work. that was their exact words. They said i may as well give them the house since i was sick and we could no longer afford it. We hurried up and refinanced the house to get rid of them only to lose it anyway because we could not afford the new finance company wich is another story, but conseco charged us over 9000 dollars in early payoff fees for a 102,000 dollar loan and it ended up costing us 112,000 to refinance, then when the house was repossed we found out they had not even let the title office know the house had been refinanced and that cost us another 6 months of fees. they kept calling even after the house was no longer with them and harassing us and we told them it was not their problem any more. two years later we ended up broke and bankrupt and all because of their harassment, I am on disability now because of a stroke from diabetes and high blood pressure and the house I land and home I lost had been in my father's family since 1908, the house that was worth over 140,00 was sold for 38,000. I felt sick. Bank one and conseco did a number on us i was not of sound mind having had a stroke and my father just dying and my husband sick also with a nerve problem and heart trouble , now has a stent in his heart after having a bad heart attack. Predatory lending should be stopped in south carolina before more people fall victim like us. Freda spartanburg, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Conseco Finance, Minnesota
3, Report #384205
Oct 23 2008
02:05 PM
FOREMAN FINANCE finance company North Hollywood California
This finance company really rip you off out of all fiance companies this is the worst. They repoed my car and it was not my fault. they get the contracts they never verify anything they never call the client to verify the information or send a welcome letter to see who will be your finance company when the accounts turns late. they come and pick up your car for none payment. but who will you know where to send the payment if they dont do there work and call there client to welcome them to the company. this company takes the cake. Unknown vannuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Hollywood, California
4, Report #400540
Dec 11 2008
09:53 PM
Aqua Finance Aqua Finance is unscrupulous Wichita Kansas
3 years ago, we purchased a water softner system and receiving financing through Aqua Finance. Approximately 2 years ago, we defaulted on our contract and were sued. Judgment was entered against us 1.5 years ago. From the month that judgment was entered against us, we submitted to Aqua Finance a repayment plan, to which they never responded. We immediately began making payments under our proposed payment plan, exceeding our original payment plan, and to date have not missed or been late on one payment since initiating the repayment plan. Today I was contacted by an attorney's office representing Aqua Finance stating that they had a judgment and wanted to make payment arrangements. I explained to the attorney's office that I was making payments to Aqua Finance and he stated that he does not have any record of payment for 1.5 years (since the judgment). Clearly I have proof through my canceled checks that payment has been received, and I've also received confirmation directly from Aqua Finance in the form of letters stating they've received my monthly payments. I suggested to the attorney's office that he contact his client for proof of my payment history and he told me it was my burden to prove I've been paying. I explained that my obligation under the judgment is to repay Aqua Finance and that is where my obligation ends. He said he would initiate garnishment proceedings since i'm not paying. I reiterated that I am paying and have been paying and he told me that I need to provide him proof. We went back and forth for some time until he became very beligerant and eventually hung up on me. I immediately called Aqua Finance and spoke to a representative. The representative told me that she cannot discuss my account with me and that I would need to speak to their attorney. I explained that I have tried to but that he refuses to contact you and that you need to provide proof that i'm paying. I requested a full accounting of my history and she stated she would mail it to me. I asked her to provide to me the name and address of the attorney and she said she did not have that information available to her. When the attorney's office contacted me, they had blocked their number. My frustration with Aqua Finance is their obvious complete disorganization with collection accounts and their practice of contracting with attorneys and agencies who resort to bully tactics in an attempt to collect on their accounts. While I'm an exception (as I am paying on my account per the judgment), how many others are out there experiencing this clear violation of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? I fully intend to file complaints with the Consumer Protection Division of the district attorney's office against both Aqua Finance and the attorney representing them as well as with the Kansas Bar Association. My advice - stay away from Aqua Finance. They're unscrupulous and have extremely poor business standards. Perhaps we'll soon see them on Capitol Hill asking for a bail out. Diana b Wichita, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
5, Report #774396
Sep 08 2011
12:21 PM
Hyundai Motor Finance Hyundai Finance Errors, Internet
HYUNDAI MOTOR FINANCE debited my bank account on September 6, 2011 after I had turned in my vehicle under the Hyundai Assurance program on August 25, 2011. They told me it would take 10 business days to return the money and they would not pay for overdraft fee even though they were at fault the blame was displace upon the customer with a hollow apology.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1151300
Jun 01 2014
05:42 PM
USA Finance Beware of USA Finance
 I applied for a loann on line and got a email from USA finance saying that I had been approved for a loan for 3.000.00 i called them and th gentlemen  who i could hadley understand because of his accent. Tells me that i could get the loan that all i had to do was go and get a pay-power- re-load-it and load it for 200.00 which he said that it was just to guarentee i would pay the loan and he said i would get it back  with the loann.  .Went and got th pay-power and loaded it for 200..00 scrached off the back of the back and could not read the last for numbers ii had scrached to hard. Called thee gentlmen back and told him about not being able to read all the numbers he said give him the numbers i could read. We wnt back and fourth for 30 minutes trying to get the right numbers but could not make thm out. He finally tells me to go get another card and load it for 200.00 and telling me that paypower would refund my first 200.00. Got another paypower and loaded it for 200,00. went through fine gentlmen tells me that ii would get my loan plus the 200.00 by 11:00 next day He calls me the next morning an tells me that because my credit is not good i would have to get another paypower load it for 365.00.I told him i did not have the money to in my account to reload this paypower he tells me that i wood get the money back with the loan i tried telling him again i did not have the fuunds. He tells me that i can cancel the loan  but would have to pay 108.00  to cancel it.  I told him again i did not have the money he said think about it and get back to him,.Called the paypower help line and told her what had happend with the first card not being able to read all the numbers .She lookes it up and said that Usa Finance had put it through they had somehow got all the numbers. She advised me to vall the plice and file a report. Called USA Finance and told him what the lady from paypower had old me he first denied even talkking to me and that i had he wrong company. I told him i knew it was him i had talked to and he finally admitted but wouuld nnot answer me about the first paypower transaction. I told him i was advised my paypower to file a reportwith the police, He said to do what i had to do. Called he police and they sent out a offiver and i told him what had happened he said because it was a out of state issue that there wa nothing the police could do he advised me to file a report with the FBI . He also said to call UDA finance one more time and tell them that i was going to the FBI  if i did not get my 400,00 back I left a message but have not got any response.
Entity: Select State/Province
7, Report #1032729
May 08 2004
06:05 PM
Maxi Finance Questions About Maxi Finance Ripoff
I received a receipt from the post office saying I have a package from a company named Maxi Finance. I did not order anything from this company, I have not even heard of them before. I have not picked up the package. I decided to take a look on the internet to see what I could find out about this company. Reading other reports here, I seen that some of you were threatened to be reported to the credit bureau. Can or have they done that? Even if you don't pick up the package. I think its obvious this is some sort of ripoff. I mean to be sent a package and a bill you never ordered doesnt really give me too high of expectations. Well I just wanted to know if anyone can help me out, on what to do here. Thanks. Laria Roswell, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1244850
Jul 28 2015
11:12 AM
GE FINANCE is another personal Loan company that get's people information from Payday Loan Company somehow and they try to get you to believe you have been already approved for $1500-$15000. The problem is #1 you say I need $10,000 they will respond with ok and then proceed to ask for your account information. If you have every been denied because of credit reason you will understand that out the gate this has to be to good to be true. Please Listen close they will ask you to pay for insurance on the money they are loaning you thats how they make there money. People are so excited the will pay $200-$300 to get $10,000 but it's all a scam. You will then be told that the money will hit your account in a few hours. #2 Can't be true the money has to take at least 24 hours to go through feredal processing. Please do not be fooled. GE Financial is a scam they will be on american greed the Tv show real soon. 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1347986
Jan 06 2017
07:21 AM
close brothers finance close brothers finance review london Nationwide
I have an account with close brothers finance ltd and I failed my direct debit.  This was due to my money going in a day late. I spoke to close brothers finance to try to get this refunded and spoke to someone the phone who was rude and unhelpful. This company is terrible to deal with, They speak to you nice when it is time to take your money buy when something goes wrong they turn nasty. I tried to explain to the advisor that they money was a day late going in the bank and the reply i had was that it was not her problem. Conclusion This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with.  They hire people who are rude and uncaring, I would advise anyone taking out insurance or any other finance deals to stay well clear of this company. 
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #73813
Dec 02 2003
05:44 PM
Household Finance ripoff Everett Washington
Deceptive practices Cynthia Indio, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Everett, Washington
11, Report #77379
Jan 19 2004
04:53 AM
Consumer Finance ripoff McLean Virginia
We had our van financed with them. Everything thing was okay, until 9/11. We were paid ahead, Then we got the notice that we were a payment late. We call them and they said that one of my checks was marked NSF. I had the canceled check and Fax it to them. They still did not credit our account. We were still having to pay late fees. We got the close out and paid them off,or they would still be collecting late fee. Please be on top of your payments if you deal with this company. Georgia York, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: McLean, Virginia
12, Report #166446
Nov 30 2005
09:10 PM
GMAC Finance ripoff Greeley Colorado
I am writing to state how this company has performed all types of white collar criminal violations. They allowed some one else to take up payments in my name after repo of a vehicle that was back in 1998. Then report to the three different major credit reporting company various dates as charged off. Now, with Experian they still got them with this on my credit report since the other two removed it when I showed them this was id theft. This car was taken out of my name final in January of 2000. I learned this after the person got THE NEW LICENSE PLATE THAT IS HOW THE TITLE WHERE CHANGE . ALL THIS WAS ILLEGAL ACTS. GMAC KNEW ABOUT ALL THIS. NOW, AFTER HE STOP PAYING THIS LOAN THAT WANT TO WRITE IT OFF OF ME WHICH ALL WAS ILLEGAL. THIS IS PROBABLY WHY THEY ARE GOING DOWN FOR ALL THE ILLEGAL ACTS THEY DID SO LONG. ITS IS ABOUT TIME THIS ERICA FRENSTEIN HAS TO ANSWER FOR ALL THIS RACKETERRING . MAIL & WIRE FRAUD, EXTORTION AND MONEY LAUNDERING THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SO LONG. Linda Missouri City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Greeley, Colorado
13, Report #109990
Sep 24 2004
12:30 PM
Household Finance ripoff Chatham Ontario
Household Finance are 100% scammers. I borrowed $5300.00 in February 20, 2002. Since then I have made $4522.00 in payments and only $200.00 has fallen off of the principal. I demanded a printout of all payments which they did not want to give me until I threatened to hop the counter and get it myself. Kelly Chatham, OntarioCanada
Entity: Chatham, Ontario
14, Report #83049
Mar 07 2004
05:55 AM
Finance Alternatives deceptive Virginia
This company advertised in our local newspaper,with no credit,bad credit,all approved to purchase a computer. I responded,because my old computer went out on me. Needed one right away,so I called. This company wanted my bank account number even before they would mail me the paperwork. They wanted to start deducting out of my account right away. I told them to send me the paperwork first then I will give them my info. Then the rep personality started changing.became demanding. That's when I said good bye. They did get some info out of me but not all that they wanted. Who are they? Debra middletown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia
15, Report #115855
Nov 02 2004
08:38 PM
Conseco Finance ripoff Okemos Michigan
We lost are home because these people are cold and money hungry. My husband got laid off and we fell behind when we did catch up they were still rude. We tried to refinance thru another company but could not because conseco would not take a life insurance policy off are loan even after we requested them to. The policy was place there with out are knowledge. So we were paying interest on it also. Their employees and management are rude. We tried to keep are home and get thgem there money but they would not be helpfull. They lied to us from the start until the end when are marriage and nerves could take no more I told them where to stick their house because I was not going to deal with them any more and we packed up and moved out. We have had to file bankruptcy but in the end I feel that I won because I have my family and what they have is made out of wood and nails. I feel some thing needs to be done about them but am not sure were to start there business practices are wrong and have ruined many familys. I thought we were alone until I did a search on the web and now I know I am not alone. This is so wrong. Tina gwinn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Okemos, Michigan
16, Report #2817
Aug 02 2000
12:00 AM
Beneficial Finance
My husband received a phone call yesterday at his place of work (how they got this phone number is beyond me)from a representative at Beneficial Finance. They asked for me by name, stated I had an account, and would not give my husband any further information stating that his name was not on the account. They gave him a toll free number for me to call. When I called the toll free number - I was asked for my account number. Never hearing of this company before in my life, I did not have one - they then asked for my social security number. I said absolutely not!. I told the representative that their company called for me, disturbed my husband at his work place, stated it was about an account I did not have... and I would like to know what information this is based on. Said they called a phone number and had my name.. they should be able to look up the account with that information. She said I was nowhere in her computer, and she could not look it up without my account number or social security. I recently opened a business, and have been dealing with soliciting phone calls left and right. I hope this was not such an attempt... especially upon stating I already had an account with them to my husband! It also scares me that they are asking for my social security number when I call.. they had my name and telephone number.. they called me. I makes me wonder how many people just go ahead and give them their social security number.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
17, Report #2558
Jun 29 2000
12:00 AM
Beneficial Finance
If Beneficial Finance owns your mortgage and you refinance for a better rate with another company, beware! I refinanced and had to pay a substancial pre-payment penalty for the entire term. It was not pro-rated as most are. Now I get a statement from Beneficial Finance for a late charge, over and above the pre-payment penalty because their payoff arrived a day late. Beneficial Finance may be the third largest lender, but they will try to suck you dry, when you leave them. They probably make more money from people trying to better themselves by incerting get rich clauses in their conracts, then they do, just collecting interest! THERE SHOULD TO BE A LAW AGAINST CHARGING FULL TERM PRE-PAYMENT PENALTIES...NATIONWIDE
Entity: Baltimore,MD, Nationwide
18, Report #11929
Jan 18 2002
12:00 AM
January 16, 2001 The following is a letter that I sent to Household Finance Corporation. They have been beyond reasonable and have done every underminded thing to make someone's life miserable. The letter only hits the tip of the iceberg as to how I was treated. They even had a private investigator calling my home to bully me. When I called HFC for the name and address of the corporate headquarters, I was transferred 4 times and was told they could not give out that information. Since when is such information confidential? Household Finance Corporation CERTIFIED MAIL Executive President 2700 Sanders Road Prospect Springs, IL 60070 Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing this letter to you for many reasons and I will explain them all to you as you read on. I have had a car loan with your company since 1996. For two and a half years of the loan I paid early and on time. I had fallen onto some hard times where I had been temporarily disabled. When I had phoned to look into my disability insurance on the loan, I was told I did not have it. Unfortunately, when I had signed my agreement, I took the word of the salesman that the insurance was included. The salesman also informed me that I would be able to refinance at a lower interest rate after one year, which was also false. I had called the loan company to ask for some help with making some type of arrangement to pay the loan, but I was told there was nothing anyone could do for me. I continued to make payments. I was not on time any longer and sometimes I was just unable to make the payments. HFC made it impossible for me, even with all of my attempts to try to make some kind of arrangement. Times became even harder for me. I was the given a Three month deferral, and in just a few weeks my phone was ringing up to ten times a day if not more, stating that I was late and had better pay. The calls continued from 8 am until 9 pm, all day long. I have struggled through these hard times and tried to work with your company but I was insulted, called a liar, a squelcher, I just didn't want to pay my bill, that they new people like me and I can go on with the insults and disrespect that I have had to subject myself to with your employees. The only thing I got was kicked when I was down. I finally called for a payoff in September of 2001, and was quoted a figure of $884.79. At that time, I requested a final bill to send they money and have never received it. I have made countless phone calls trying to get this from HFC, but have not been successful. As time passes on, my payoff is certainly mounting. I have been more than patient with this request. I have done some researching on HFC through the Better Business Bureau and several other sites available on the internet, and have found countless complaints regarding HFC that were very similar to mine. I am asking you to please have the requested information forwarded to me so that I may pay off this car loan and acquire the title of ownership. Thank you for your immediate attention in this matter. Household Services Plus aka Union Plus aka GM Karen Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Household Finance
Entity: San Diego, California
19, Report #12754
Jan 29 2002
12:00 AM
I requested a history of my WONDERFUL experience with this extortion operation. I was charged with so many finance charges. I borrowed 12,500 in 1995. and I just got rid of the scammers last month after refinancing and combining my first and second mortgage. After examining the report I found numerous finance charges, that were not fair, yes I had a few late payments but thousands of dollars were extorted from me. My payoff was 12,350, they made alot of money off of me, I may have paid for someones vacation or condo. By the way they charged me 350.00on top of my payoff for a foreclosure fee that they thought I needed to pay. This company is making alot of money off of people that dont have the finest credit history. the way the loan was for my son to attend college and was short of money. How a company of there magnitude can live with themselves is beyond my ethics or understanding. I love there web site not a single portion for customer service and complaints I wonder why? Denise Liverpool New York Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Household Credit Services aka Union Plus aka GM
Entity: Clay, New York
20, Report #14306
Feb 16 2002
12:00 AM
For a couple of years now we have had a problem with our local collection agency, PROFESSIONAL FINANCE. Yes we have past debts, most are medical and I stay home with our children and my husband is self employed. I was working for a brief time and had agreed upon payment arrangements and took a payment in one day. I was a little short, $2.75 to be exact and the lady refused payment. I told her it was all I had and she became very hostile with me. I became very upset and left. Since then they have taken out a judgement on us with the courts and at one time lied to me about what my rights were. this was a scare tactic obviously but since I was unaware of the laws I could not argue my point. Because the judgement had already been entered and they had lied it was past the deadline for me to act on our behalf after reading about collection laws. As it is now the judgement is still there and we are refusing to work with them as they have refused more than one payment, garnished wages ( when I was working) and harrassed us horribly. I am in the process of trying to get many of the old debts dropped as they are past 7 years. If anyone has had a bad experience with them please let others know and if you have any advice please let me know. Thank you
21, Report #494641
Sep 14 2009
12:45 PM
Triad Finance Ripped off and repoed, Internet
I am in on the Class-Action Lawsuit. In fact if someone blew this company to h*ll and watched their faces burn off, then I would be there laughing. These people deserve the worse possible that could happen to them.Purchased a vehicle in 2005, paid and struggled for 4 years. Almost had it paid off and got 2 payments behind. They came a repoed this vehicle and added the next payment due BEFORE it was actually due. (due on 1/27, repoed on 1/21).I will never finance a car again through a servicing company like this. I paid over $14,000 and got zero, zippo for my car. That's reason enough to kill people. $14,000 is enough to start a lawsuit against a company.FYI: No note or phone call prior to the Repo, either. Most respectable banks will send you a note in the mail at least.-TC
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #724097
Apr 30 2011
04:21 PM
quick finance scammed , Internet
This Company promised me  a loan for 1300.00.  i was told to wester union a payment for 112.00.  i did like a dummy. This loan was to help pay for my wedding which is in 2 weeks.   i am a very sick and i don't know what is going to happen...    now if i don't come up with money i have to cancel everything   my dreams crushed..... i don't know where to turn for help,
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #724099
Apr 30 2011
05:01 PM
quick finance scam delhi, Internet
This company promised me  a loan for 1200.00.  i had to send 112.00.  i did like a dummy I am a sick woman and that loan was for my wedding in 2 weeks, now i have to cancel everything.  i am in cleveland ohio if anyone knows someone to help so i can have my wedding.
Entity: delhi, Internet
24, Report #692434
Feb 08 2011
11:52 AM
Mariner Finance Virginia Total Ripoff Internet, Internet
My wife and I purchased furniture from Value City Furniture.The total cost of the furniture was around $1,900.  So they offered us a 3 months interest freeloan. We purchased the furniture in November and didn’t receive any bills orstatements from the company. So I called them and I was told that they haven’tprocessed the loan yet, and that I shouldn’t be worried, once they process theloan I will get a bill.I finally received a call from Mariner Finance on December15 telling me that they have my loan, and that my first payment will be due onDecember 24th, which happens to be a Friday. They told me that they will send me a payment coupon soon.I did not receive a payment coupon until December 30, 2010.I called them on that day to ask them how they would expect me to pay a bill I received after due date, but of course, their office was closed.So I mailed them a $500 check on January 1st that cleared my account on January 6th, 2011. Later that month, my wife mailed them another check in the amount of $700. Then on January 28th, I wrote them another check in the amount of $300. So, yesterday I called them to pay off the remaining balance which was supposed to be $400 or so. And they are telling me that my balance is $580. They have charged me over $100 for making a late payment. And the lady I spoke with was telling me that, “It is an unfortunate situation,but I should be glad they haven’t charged me additional interest, but just for the period of time that I was late on my payment (why would you charge me interest on an interest free loan which we made $1500 in less than two months?). She also told me that I was called on December 15 to be reminded that my first paymentwill be due on December 24, and that they sent me a bill on December 18th,which happens to be a “SATURDAY.”I think this is a total rip-off.  The only reason they called me on the 15 was to cover their a**es, and then sending me a bill after due day. And who would you charge interest on a “Three months interest free (like cash) contract? I called Value City Furniture to ask for a copy of my contract. I will review my contract and willing to take them to court.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #875653
Apr 29 2012
11:59 AM
for what it worth .i paid my loan off in full and on time but i got call from these (SOBs) every day x5 for two years.some thing very strange about this company,it leads you to think every body in the company is sick.i'm glad i don't deal with them any longer and will never again.smax
Entity: , Internet

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