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26, Report #1149655
May 26 2014
06:01 AM
27, Report #694072
Feb 11 2011
09:32 AM
Al-Pi Publishing Company Charles Saenz Lithographic Poster Maps or Cartoon Maps Mamaroneck, New York
On Sepetember 29,2009 I purchased Lithographic Poster Maps from Charles Saenz in the amount of $360.00 and haven't received this maps to date, I 've left several messages and sent a certified letter and still no return call. I was told on 09/23/2010  that the printer had make a mistake with the maps and would be getting them soon, today is February 11 2011; still no maps, no phone calls. on the maps it has Carlos Saenz as the illustrator and designer. Also a Jessie Saenz is listing herself as a freelance illustrator.
Entity: Mamaroneck, New York
28, Report #950970
Oct 04 2012
05:10 PM
Everything below are the EMAILS directly form someone in their office, Pretty much telling me I GOT RIPPED OFF, I talked to to Mr Oneil and He said I would get a refund and that never came, I wish I would of looked on the BBB and here, This guy changes company names like he changes his underwear to try and stay ahead of the game, he is a Small Business Thief, I will report him to the BBB nest. PLEASE BEWARE U WILL GET RIPPED OFF TOO!!!!! Hello, Just wanted to know if someone is going to contact me about my order? I have not heard back from anyone, please let me know the status of this  order. Joe Centennial Carpet Cleaning Gold Star Publishing, LLC goldstarpub@gmail.com Aug 9to me Good morning Joe,   It can take up to 14 business days for the graphic designer to contact you once you made your purchase. If you would like to send him some of your own artwork for the ad before he contacts you, you can send it to patrick@authorizedpublishingllc.com. Please contact me directly if you have any further questions or comments regarding your purchase. Thank you. Melonie Kingsley Authorized Publishing LLC (561)330-4128 Joe Gomez jlzemog@gmail.com Aug 9to Gold Hello thanks for responding but it has been 4 months since I have heard anything? Please advise.Joe Gomez Aug 13 Hello did anyone get my last response? If not how do I go about getting a ref...Gold Star Publishing, LLC Aug 15to me Melonie no longer works here. Infact, goldstar publishing has changed their name to Authorized publishing llc due to the fact that their merchant account was closed becuase of the amount of chargebacks they recieved from customers that never recieved any ad, product or any other type of service. Authorized publishing llc targets small businesses with low advertisment fees and claim their product goes to local country clubs. If you call these clubs they will verify that they have never heared of or seen any green book. Authorized Publishing does infact have a green book but it is not what the sales people portray it to be. It is 15-20 page pixelated booklet. If infact they do send the books to the clubs its only 15 books sent one time and one time only. Whether the club decides to put these cheap looking pamphlets out is up to them. I suggest you save this email for your records. On 8/9/12, Joe Gomez <jlXXXXXXX@gmail.com> wrote: > Hello, Just wanted to know if someone is going to contact me about my> order? I have not heard back from anyone, please let me know the status of this order.> Joe  Centennial Carpet Cleaning > On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM, ONEIL DAVIS <GOLDSTARPUB@gmail.com> wrote:>>      Thank you for your order!>>  Order Information  Merchant:GOLDSTAR PUBLISHING LLC   Invoice Number: 426-3>>   Billing Information >> Joe Aug 15 Ok so how do I go about getting a refund? Are you saying that I got ripped off?Gold Star Publishing, LLC Aug 15to me The owners name is Oneil Davis. He might provide a refund. Although, he normally waits for a customer to charge back then rushes someone to create an ad, gathers any paperwork he has on the customer and sends it in with his response to the charge back. This normally works for him. On 8/9/12, Joe Gomez > Hello, Just wanted to know if someone is going to contact me about my order? I have not heard back from anyone, please let me know the status of this order. > Joe
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
29, Report #219321
Mar 22 2009
03:29 PM
Entity: MULWAUKIE, Oregon
30, Report #48073
Mar 05 2003
01:08 PM
Stephen Young, Communications Publishing rip-off deceptive company New York New York
On January 25, 2003, I wrote a check to Communications Publishing for $23.90. The check was for a book entitled America's Secret Cash Giveaways and for 18 bonus reports. In my February statement from the bank, my check was honored on 2/05/03. Today is 3/05/03. I tried to call the company with the phone number supplied on the returned check. There is a recording informing you that if you paid a certain amount, then it is for a certain book. Also, that the book is shipped by USPS and takes four or more weeks to arrive even though they say they ship immediately. Since I live in New York, I know it wouldn't take 4 weeks to arrive. I've gotten books from Barnes and Noble in New York the next day, so I know I've been ripped off. I don't know how else to get in touch with the company. I want my $23.90 back. Thank you for your help Karen Newburgh, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
31, Report #1183392
Oct 17 2014
07:42 AM
Executive Publishing 1 EP Group, Sean Kelly COMPANY PREYS ON SMALL BUSINESSES Boca Raton Florida
EP Group, also known as Executive Publishing is a so-called advertising group that will take all your money and not deliver on their promises. They promise to make an ad and print it in their little booklet called the Right Connection. (To be fair they did do this...even though I did most of the ad design work)   Then they promise to mail these booklets to your local golf clubs and communities and their members...plus other local establishments. ...reaching 4000+people   Advertisers ( victims in this case) pay anywhere from $300-$1000+ for an advertisement and the delivery to the promised clubs and member homes.  THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.  EP GRoup will provide tracking numbers, BUT, the golf communities do NOT have a relationship with them, and Sean Kelly (self proclaimed CEO), so they throw them away .  The Golf clubs are livid that EP Group keeps using their names in this way. They do not want to be associated with them. Most clubs say they never even got the booklets and if they did...there were about 7-10 in a small box, when their membership is 400+. .  I paid my money…and A LOT of it!!! $1000.00… and got nothing for it, except 1 booklet - I guess I will hang it on my wall in memory of a hard lesson learned.  Sean Kelly's picket (I mean, pocket book) is a lot fatter than mine now..and I worked hard for my 1,000!   This company cannot be trusted and unfortunately they somehow keep managing to operate on the mode of dishonest and get a way with it, through disputes and all.   It's unbelievable.  I hope this helps someone! The internet is litered with negative reports about this company. It's too bad I didn't see them before using them. I've learned a very hard lessons and hope YOU don't have to go through this.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
32, Report #986780
Dec 25 2012
08:17 AM
American Mail Publishing Bestmailingprogram.com I GOT RIPPED OFF $39.95 BY A MAJOR FALSE ADVERTISING COMPANY Internet, Arizona
   I made a mistake in my last Report, It wasn't Scamsearch.com, It was www.Scamadvisor.com wher I got the report about www.Bestmailingprogram.com.........
Entity: Internet, Arizona
33, Report #943408
Sep 19 2012
08:32 AM
Executive Publishing Jason Bradbury Executive Publishing executivepublishing1 Internet
A Jason Bradbury called me regarding a local golf club in the area. I am a landscaping company and he asked if I do landscaping. I was a little skeptical when Jason Bradbury said he had more private clubs in my area. Jason Bradbury asked me to do some advertisement for my company in a members directory. He said that they would be direct mailed out to all the members and home owners. I agreed to take a full page when the price was good. He started out with a high price then I talked him down. I thought I got a good deal. Then I called the clubs in my area to find out when the directorys were going out. I was told that they didnt put advertisement in the directory and they didnt know what I was talking about. I was out on the job at the time of the call so I was not able to find a phone number. When I looked up the web site there was no phone number on their site at all. I could not find the number to the company anywhere online. Why would a legit company not have their number anywhere online. I finally found the number in a vague attempt of a contract and when I called Jason bradbury to cancel he said that he would put it through. I waited a few days and no funds went back on my credit card. I called back and Jason Bradbury stated that it would go through. I have waited another few days and nothing. I guess its my loss. I will just take it up with my credit card company and charge back. I didnt sign anything or even authorize this transaction so I should not have any problems getting my money back. If they call you stay away. If you already advertised with them do not bother calling they will do nothing for you. They will just push you off the phone.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #615767
Jun 21 2010
11:01 AM
AT&T Yellow Pages - AT&T ADVERTISING & PUBLISHING - The Real Yellow Pages www.yellowpages.com They merged or bought another company & my advertising listing is lowered again & I am still charged the same Internet
I have been advertising since 1998 and they will always think they are right. When realpages.com merged with yellowpages.com, my internet ad went from the top 2 ads on page one to page three because they combined all the the advertisers in the United States and the ones who paid the more than me were a priority. It took several months for them to correct that problem. It didn't make sense that it happened again when www.yellowpages.com merged with www.yp.com. Instead of me being in 3rd place for the last 6 months, I am on the lower right below the map. They think that's a better placement because they said it works for Google. Well I called them in the beginning of April because I noticed my phones have dipped drastically and when I looked on my online advertisement, then I saw why.  They said the the advertisers bought more points etc to be higher so in the middle of my campaign I get thrown down. I complained and the manager of my Salesperson said I will be placed back on top again within 10 to 14 days until the end of my contract and here 3 weeks later I am in the same position. I didn't advertise in 2008 because I was so upset with the realpages.com & yellowpage.com merger  and now its happened again. I want my money back for advertising with this company !!!!!!!!!!!Now my hands are tied because if I don't pay their bill, my phone will get discounted.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #470690
Jul 17 2009
08:07 AM
Iuniverse Careless service, low class agents, and bad decisions, make consumers suffer Nationwide
When I was thinking to put my thoughts into a book, all the poetry I had proudly written from age 17, the e- based publishers seemed my quickest outlet. I universe hooked me with their snazzy graphics and all on one package offers,my package totaling about $800.00. About a few months after the publishing, I was browsing the net and, someone had contacted me that they thought I was writing religious poetry. Confused, since I am nature and family based, I went online and found to my dismay, i universe had published another author with the same cover they gave to me. This was a graphic that they insisted would be the best one, even though, I offered the graphics services of my brother, a great artist. When I called them, I asked them to take the other author's pictures off and let me keep mine, All my tool kit had been printed with that image, the same one she had, my business cards, my book marks, my event posters, post cards: and it would be disastrous to my event planning to change all that.After a short pause on the phone she said ,sorry, we gave her (the other author) the cover one month before we assigned it to your book! It took me a good deal of anger to convince, them they would have to replace my tool kit and my cover. I was even angry enough that they paid for extra changes, when my new artwork went in. They paid to replace the cover, but told me, since my tool kit had been done by a local Kinkos and not them, the could not refund me, although they got me a new tool kit with my new cover. I lost more than six months back then and my motivation to push my book. Within the last year, in searching my account information, and I find that they have me living in Kalamazoo Michigan., according to them..and my address at registration was always in Central New York where I live and have lived all along, Where are the royalties I have been expecting? Maybe some trailer park in Kalamazoo, but not back in my pocket where they belong. If you want a trip down Fantasy lane, don't mind being insulted, and don't really want to get rewarded for your hard work and stay passionate about your individual voice, I suggest you throw your money at i universe and let them abuse you. Once they have the money, they don't care anyway. It is a never ending battle with them and you can't win-- even before the holding company took over, they were in the dumper as far as I am concerned. Diane Camillus, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #996548
Jan 14 2013
10:55 AM
Iuniverse AuthorHouse, Other ? Betrayal, Deception, Theft of Intellectual Property, Fraud, Monetary Theft, Psychological Trauma and Pain Internet
In 2007 I had three books published via IUniverse - a company that worked with me via the Internet and phone calls - through the completion of each manuscript / book - with everything relatively easy to access via thier site up until that point.  Once sales began, however, I could no longer (it got more complex and then impossible) access any information about any of my books - not the number of sales, nothing about royalties, nothing (other than the fact that the books were still listed for sale) - period.  I would go online periodically in search of my books and found them accessible / for sale throughout the country via Iuniverse and other sites - and even in other parts of the world.  Sometimes these were new copies - sometimes they were (ahem) used (Amazon, EBay, other) copies.  All of these books / copies for which I was receiving no notice, no royalties / payment, etc.  [I did receive two small royalty checks early on, and then nothing.]  These books (published in 2007) remain on the IUniverse active status (January 2013) - and are still to be be found (for sale) at IUniverse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, EBay and a multitude of other websites.  I am shaking with anger as I write this, as I have every time I have tried to locate a way to find out what is going on with my books, my copyright, my (I would assume) monies.  The only calls and/or emails I get (periodically) from IUniverse - and I always speak my mind when I speak to someone on the phone - are to try and sell me new products.  In fact, the latest slam was a request to make each of my three books into ebooks - to which I stated (verbally and through an email) a more than explicit no.  No.  No.  No.  Irregardless, IUniverse went on to make each one of my books - against my explicit refusal - into e-books - adding ripoff to ripoff to ripoff.  I am intested in pursuing a lawsuit - definitely.  Three books.  My heart and soul.  Where are my rights?  Where are my royalties?  Where is my human dignity to be found in any of a situation that moved way beyond exploitation a long time (but ongoing...) ago.  I would love to hear from others in regard to this matter.  I would happily pursue a lawsuit.  My heart has been broken. 
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #504934
Oct 06 2009
04:57 AM
AT&T ADVERTISING & PUBLISHING, Yellowpage.com Advertising Ripoff west Sacramento, California
Well I had a representative by the name of Dean called me about advertising my website. He told me I would get alot of traffic plus keyword to optimize the search-engine with my package. Two months past and I only got 7 people from yellowpage.com. So I tried to cancel and they told me that I need to send a certified letter so I did and know they want to grub $200 for no services .Well all I can say is that Dean you got me good.Beware!!      
Entity: west Sacramento, California
38, Report #384156
Oct 23 2008
12:26 PM
Reed Publishing Advertising / Deceptive Plattsburgh New York
We've continued to receive statements with FINAL NOTICE in red stamped in the front notifying us that we are late in paying for an advertisement in a business directory we never placed an order on. The amount due is $471.98, which includes $67.53 in interest charges. Numerous times we've spoken to representatives from Reed Publishing with the same results. They are unable to provide a signed contract or PO number so that we may trace the original order, which is how we place advertisement orders. They tell us the order was a phone order which goes against our Company's policy. I requested to hear the phone conversation they claim to have on file that supposedly was made by our department's manager making the original request, and I put it on speaker phone so that several employees could hear the actual request. It was not our manager's voice. When I try to reason with them by asking them to provide me with the information I need, the representative raises her voice in disbelief, threatens to send our Company's name to a collection agency and hangs up on me. Skosh El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
39, Report #1161326
Jul 11 2014
12:13 PM
Friesen Press Friesen Press Self-Publishing company in BC, Canada. Scaming and fleecing. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Nationwide
 I bought a package from Friesen Press to publish my novel. I paid in full. As per the agreement, there must be two editorial reviews. They did the first editorial review, so unproffessional and low standard that I was surprised. I escalated this matter to their manager. They gave me the 'best editor'. The second review came with no errors removed and 140+ errors were added to the manuscript. I talked to the A/c Manager Ashley, she said, Everything is done correctly, this is the way we are going to publish your book. They hurt my feeling and my dream was shattered. A different ugly, crooked world opened up to me. I escalated again. They said they found out an amicable solution: I must pay 1484.00 to remove all the errors in addition to how much I had paid around 3200.00 I said, It is a rip off and a scamming. I should bring a criminal charge against FriesenPress. They terminated my contract and returned only 300.00. Then I complained to British Columbia Better Business Bureau and I found out that is another typical racist Canadian company. Why? Because the BBB reported and gave the verdict to Friesen Press first becasue Friesen Press is their member. They gave me the verdict a month after only when I requested them, whic is simply outrageous. Reason: I submitted too many emails to prove my case against Friesen Press. And good customer service, respect? As a non-white Muslim immigrant, I don't deserve that in Canada. I wish I didn't publish my book. Self-publishing has become a curse.          
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #707410
Mar 17 2011
04:24 PM
iUniverse I published with iUniverse and never heard anything about my book royalties or anything at all... ever.... , Internet
I published with iUniverse back in 2000 and did a 15 minute radio talk show about my book but never ever heard anything about my royalties... I have tried several attempts at trying to find out about this matter and keep getting the run around from one person to the next... It has been over ten years now and still I haven't heard anything... please help
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #391116
Nov 13 2008
10:08 PM
AT&T Advertising & Publishing yellowpages.com big ripoff! West Sacramento California
I, too, was lured into an online ad in March 2008. I've just stopped paying them as I'm on a fixed income and they're charging me $254/mo! I'm not listed under searches they said I'd be, I've gotten zero business since signing up, and here's a letter I wrote to them: September 12, 2008 AT&T Advertising & Publishing P.O. Box 989046 West Sacramento, CA 95798-9046 Dear AT&T: I'm asking to be released from my AT&T Online Yellow Pages contract for the following reasons: 1. I received my first bill today. 2. The price went up dramatically without notice (or in writing). 3. AT&T turned off my phone when my payment went missing due to the wrong account #. 4. I was never told in writing of a new account #. 5. I was never told in writing how my bill would be separated into the different services. 6. I am disabled and not having a phone put me in a bind. 7. I never received a warning of money owed or else' (I would lose service). 8. I was told on the phone last month that I would be receiving refunds in the amounts of (approximately) $800, $250, and $50. 9. To date, I've received NO refunds. This is unacceptable. I will not pay my bill and, as I've gotten absolutely no response from your advertising, I will not miss it (my ad) if it goes away. I told your sales person about my financial situation and if her spiel had come true, and I actually had people looking at my site, I know I would have made at least ONE sale by now. I've had NO sales. A google adwords campaign netting me sales, why hasn't the Yellow Pages? Martha Skyemanator El Dorado, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: West Sacramento, California
42, Report #622467
Jul 12 2010
09:18 AM
AT&T Advertising & Publishing Misrepresented Results Atlanta, Georgia
I signed up for this program at the beginning of the year and unfortunately did not check enough and do my due diligence. I wish I would have read this report. My sales person was good and represented typical results that are far from reality. This has been the single worst type of marketing I have ever done for the last 5 years. I spend more time with customer service going over my bill to try and get credited for bogus calls (job seekers, telemarketing etc.) than I have time for. I'm now referred to my contract which says any calls over 12 seconds is a charge and any unanswered is a charge. Very difficult to get a credit for anything now. I've had the same guy looking for a job call me multiple times and this last time I talked for 13 seconds (that's what they say) and they won't credit me for that either. It's changed my total attitude when receiveing customer calls now because as soon as I hear anything like a job inquiry or such I literally just hang up. Terrible way to have to run a business worrying about these calls. It's become all consuming. I just had a bill of $600.00 and not 1 real customer call. Up to this point I have never sold 1 thing from AT&T pay per call and have not only wasted my money but also has affected the business. I would like to know if there is any advice on discontinuing this service even if I had to pay a penalty. Is there anyone else in my shoes? Would appreciate any advice. In the mean time steer clear of this! Do not listen to slick sales people from AT&T.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
43, Report #789615
Oct 17 2011
06:36 AM
XLibris Publishing XLibris Book Publishing, XLibris Corporation POD publisher, vanity publisher, self-publisher Bloomington, Indiana
On 5 July, 2011, I began discussions with a representative of XLibris Publishing to  produce my third novel, Twisted Key. In the initial discussions and before paying for any services I made it clear to the consultant that I needed a cost-per-unit of around $6.00 before shipping costs are figured in for each copy I purchased. That price allows me to make a decent profit on each sale,  since I wholesale to indie bookstores at $12.00 per copy and retail to customers at $15.00. I was NOT given a cost per unit  but was assured it would be reasonable and until they calculated their setup and production costs any figure I was given would not be accurate. I liked what they had to say about what they could do for me and going with XLibris would put copies and promotional materials in my hands for the Fall selling season. So I signed their agreements and paid the $1050.00 fee to have the work done. It was only after the money changed hands that I was given a cost per unit of $13.00 for me to purchase copies for sale, and everyone I spoke with at XLibris said that is their Standard fee. Before the shipping charges were added, of course. Each of my novels requires 2 years of research, writing and editing. I cannot make a profit off of this novel. I cannot even make my $1050.00 back. I cannot afford to purchase copies of my own novel to sell, since nobody in his right mind is going to buy a 6 x 9 paperback for $20.00, which is what I would have to charge to make any money from a sale. On 27 September I sent an email to their Customer Service department laying out my concerns and their several failures to comply with the terms of the agreements for services (including the provision of an LLC# for the novel. I gave them 10 days to reply to the email. They have not chosen to do so. I am posting complaints and writing blogs to warn others away from doing business with XLibris Publishing.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
44, Report #1024716
Mar 06 2013
07:47 PM
Schiel & Denver Publishing Ltd. Self-Publishing Houston, Texas
I contacted Schiel & Denver to publish my second book.  I thought that I'd finally found a publisher that would pay me good royalties and also allow me to keep the rights to my book.  I paid them $1800.00 to publish my book and an additional $655.00 for the bookstore return program.  I submitted my manuscript and payment information as requested and they gave me a log on to the author website and a release date.  As the release date grew closer, I still hadn't seen any proofs or authorized my book cover, so I started to contact them to see if there were any delays with my production.  They finally sent me the proof two days before the book was due to be release.  I saw the cover and I reviewed it carefully, just as I did the manuscript.  I informed them that I was satisfied with the work and gave them to okay to complete the production.  During that time, I notified a local reporter to set up a book review and I also started preparing for my book release party.  The release date came and I started looking for my complimentary copies to come in the mail.  I also submitted a request to purchase 100 more copies of my book for the release party.  The books didn't come a month after the release date of July 23, 2012, and I still hadn't received any response about my book order.  I started sending messages asking where the free copies were and what would be my price for the book order, and no one responded.  Finally after several attempts, I finally received a response for a person identifying themselves as the shipping manager.  He apologized and said that my book was delayed because they had an equipment malfunction that put them on backorder. I finally received my free copies of my book in mid-October.  I overlooked the book as I started to plan the event that I had cancelled and lost big on.  The front of the cover was great but my name was mis-spelled on the side binder.  There were also numerous errors within the text of the book.  I immediately notified them of the error, and I was told that I authorized everything in the proofs.  I informed them that that was not in the proofs and demanded that it gets corrected immediately because I'm a serious writer, but no one that sees that book would take me seriously.  I was then told that the corrections could be made if I pay $800.00 for the text corrections and $800.00 for the cover correction.  I escalated my complaint to management requesting some immediate assistance.  I was then told that they had bent over backwards for me to get my work out.  I informed them that they were not doing me any favors.  I paid for a service, and I wanted the service that they had elegantly written on their web page and in the emails prior to publishing.  I did not get one on one author support.  I did not get a quality product.  I did not get the immediate response that they promised.  As a matter fact, everytime I called the main line and requested to speak to a manager, they were always in a meeting and the call was never returned.  At that point, I was told that if I didn't stop harassing them, they'd void my contract.  My log on to the autor website was deleted, and each time I sent them an email or letter asking about my proofs and the status of my book sales, I never received a response.  Now, my book is posted on several of their websites for sale, but my followers and readers are calling me saying they ordered my book online, but they never received it in the mail.  Some of them have been waiting for three months for their book or their money.  I didn't receive any royalty information in February and I know for a fact, at least 50 copies have been ordered online by family and friends. Do not use Schiel & Denver for you life work because it will end in disappointment.  They'll throw the contract in your face that you have to honor, but they are not honoring anything in it except their payment.  If anyone has a class action suit against Schiel & Denver in the process, I would like to be contacted.  If their are any attorneys willing to file a suit against Schiel & Denver, please let me know.  Just FYI, I have all of the emails stored that I received from Schiel & Denver and the managers since our relationship started. Authors, writers, and novelist, do not trust Schiel & Denver with your work, your book, or your dreams.
Entity: Houston, Texas
45, Report #45787
Feb 17 2003
07:55 PM
JMW Publishing Company ripoff Internet Worldwide
These people offer you a chance to have your poetry published for the price of 3 or 5 books which is fourty dollars.COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! They don't send you anything! Sarah Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1111913
Dec 31 2013
11:32 AM
Executive publishing 1 Was contacted by a gentleman and woman that posed as a publishing company. Sold me a year package of advertising to all golf clubs in Hampton Roads. I was promised a copy of the magazine yet never received it..... Boca Ratan florida
was contacted by a company Executive Publishing to place an ad for pilates training through golf clubs throughout Hampton roads. $700 for a full page ad that would run all year, of which I would get a copy of.  Was informed when I called the clubs that they hadnt any idea what I was talking about...called executive publishing and was told of the scam company posing under theirs.. want to warn others and be sure to put these evil doers out of business!    
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
47, Report #533245
Dec 03 2009
05:41 PM
National Business Publishing Corp. 13B National Hotel-Motel Guide, This company is a scam. They say we owe a bogus bill for advertising for $800 and fax us constantly. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
This company started off as just a fax to advertise with their hotel/motel guide.  I faxed them back stating we would like to be removed from their fax list.  The faxes kept coming and we recently received a bill for $800.  The invoice indicated the $800 was for advertising our motel in their guide.  Of course we never authorized anyone to advertise.  We only advertise on our website or locally.  And, we NEVER give authorization for ANY business transaction over the phone/fax.  All our authorizations require our signature here and then are mailed to the main office where the second signature is required. Just as the previous Rif-off Report stated, I knew immediately this was a scam.  There is no phone number; no removal number; located in Canada; no real person I could contact. I filed a complaint with the BBB.  They, in turn, sent my complain to the BBB of Canada.  Nothing was done but they suggested I launch my own campaign to let people know this company is a rip-off.  So, that's why I'm here.  Not only am I trying to spread the word, I also take all 18 copies of the faxes from the BBB, the BBB of Canada and The National Business Publishing Corp and fax it to them over and over and over, again.  I figure it costs them everytime I fax to their 800 number plus the cost of ink and paper.  I fax them on average approximately 20 to 30 times a day.  It may not cost much each time but, eventually, it should add up.
Entity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
48, Report #850642
Mar 08 2012
11:36 AM
Cedar Publishing Corp Alberta Arab Directory, Alberta Paramedics Newsmagazine, CSI News, Police Newsmagazine, Alberta Paramedics Magazine, Safe Parents Newsmagazine, Crime Scene Investigation Newsmagazine, Missing Kids New Deceptive Advertising... Add was never approved by our company! Edmonton, Alberta Canada
We have been receiving phone calls from Cedar Publishing Reps who claim that our company advertised in the Child Find Magazine in 2008.  Apparently, this add was invoiced 2 years later in 2010 and now (2012) they want to collect.  This add was never approved and yet they claim that it was purchased and confirmed by two different people who have never worked for our company.  I also called the Child Find organization and the person I spoke to said that they had a legal action against Cedar Publishing due to fraud.  I am not sure who these people are, but I have found various warnings about this company on the internet and I will also file a complaint with BBB.
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
49, Report #13367
Feb 05 2002
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing Co. Fraud
I sent out 40 for a kit over two weeks ago and have received no reply. I had a sense that this was a rip off home business scheme, too easy to be believable. What can be done to recoup our losses? Thank you. A. Gerstein Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Castlebridge publishing
Entity: Denver, Colorado
50, Report #16006
Mar 06 2002
12:00 AM
Communications Publishing false advertising ripoff
I received something in the mail from this company in January of this year. It stated information about getting government loans free. All you had to do was mail in $23.90 or give your credit card information and they would send you a book that told you the steps to take to qualify for government funds. I sent a $24.00 money order on 2-6-02 and I haven't received anything yet. This comany needs to be shut down for false advertisement. Now I will never send off for anything else. COMMUNICATIONS PUBLISHING I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Thanks, Kim Morganton NC Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: NEW YORK, Nationwide

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