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1, Report #6418
Aug 30 2001
12:00 AM
I took my '98 Saturn to Just Brakes #22 (Airport Frwy - Irving, TX) on 8/27/01 to have them inspect my brake trouble. There had been a slight vibration in the steering wheel for about a week when I would apply my brakes. They said a complete friction relign would cost $99.88 plus tax. That would include new brake pad, brake shoes, turning the rotors and the drums. I was informed the shimmy in the steering upon braking was probably due to warped rotors. I told them to only fix the problem, if it was only the rotors then ONLY turn the rotors. I received a call about an hour later from Charlie, the store mgr, he said I needed new pads, shoes, turn the rotors and drums. Also, he said, both my rear wheel cylinders were leaking and needed to be replaced along with the calipers on the front (both of which he said were binding). A new master cylinder was highly suggested. The total of all needed repairs (excluding the master cylinder) was quoted at $600. I told him I would get back to him and didn't authorize the work. The charge for the inspection alone if no work was to be done would be $40. After making a couple of phone calls, I contacted Charlie again and told him to just do the original quote for $99. He was very adament that it would be VERY DANGEROUS to drive my car AT ALL without having the rear wheel cylinders replaced immediately. Imminent and total brake failure were about to happen. The calipers could wait he says. Again I stated I only wanted the friction relign done if it was needed, and I requested all parts replaced to be returned to me. He said OK. I'm now scared to drive my car, but don't believe it's really that bad. I picked it up and went straight to the Saturn dealer. (They have never ripped me off, they just cost more than the special at Just Brakes) I had my usual mechanic inspect my brakes and the old parts. My brake pads had over 75% life on them, the shoes over 85% left. Neither needed replacing. My front rotors were machined to less than minimum specs and the drums were turned incorrectly. Now I will have to replace the rotors and drums due to lack of professional work. AND, there is nothing wrong with my calipers or rear wheel cylinders! The scare tactics that were employed by this man are disgusting. I tried calling him when I returned home that evening, he was gone and I left a message to call me the next day. I haven't heard from him after two days now and was told he's on vacation when I tried to call him again. I am holding (over 30 minutes now) for their customer service rep at the home office as I type.
Entity: Irving, Texas
2, Report #10541
Jan 03 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes = Just Bull !!!!!!
My sister Just got ripped of!! They charged her $685.00 for a full brake makeover !!!!! Don't be fooled! Take your car somewhere else! Click here to see other Rip-off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
3, Report #7351
Oct 26 2001
12:00 AM
Just Brakes = Just Idiots
I just read a rip-off report from another individual regarding the identical location of Just Brakes. At the beginning of October, 2001 - I took my Lexus SC-400 to Just Brakes for a friction re-line. Well... I didn't even have the pleasure of receiving amateur work from these jokers because they busted my wheel trying to take the wheels off. Now.. knowing these wheel lugs are not cheap, I went to the dealer, sewell LExus, and they quoted me a price of $30 and 3 weeks wait time to replace it. Now, I can't get any brake work done because these losers stripped my wheel lock using an air wrench. The dealer even laughed when I showed him the stripped wheel lock and he told me anybody who knew anything about brake work knows not to use an air wrench on wheel locks. I'll never go back there and now I'm out $30 for absolutely NOTHING!! AVOID JUST BRAKES IN IRVING AT ALL COSTS!!
Entity: Irving, Texas
4, Report #284627
Nov 13 2007
03:54 PM
Just Brakes Just Brakes Reporting Norcross Georgia
The best way to officially report problems about companies like these (as I have found out in the past) is to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau http://welcome.bbb.org/ and also contact Your State Attorney General's office.. this is what these organizations are there for. The company legally must reply to these complaints. You can also, file a complaint with the federal trade commission. www.ftc.gov , by doing this the companies must comply. Whatjayjay Norcross, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
5, Report #277560
Oct 07 2007
09:10 AM
Just Brakes Just Ripp Off Brakes Garland Texas
Lured by the $99.88 special I took my 2004 Grand Caravan to have the brakes replaced. After inspecting it they claimed it needed $619.85 in repairs. About $286.00 were repairs the man in charge (Bob) said were not needed right away but recommended. When I told him to do everything else but not the $286.00 work since my brother in law is a mechanic and I would have him do that later, he got very upset and told me it was all or nothing. Shocked by his reaction I asked him why and he angrily struggled to come up with an excuse. After a few seconds he said he would be responsible if they didn't do all the work and something happened to my van. I said that could not be so; he had given me a written estimate and I was choosing to do only what was actually necessary not just recommended. He kept arguing in a very rude way and telling him I would report his business practices and offensive behavior to his corporate office only made him angrier. He shoved the estimate towards me and told me (still very angry), that I could keep it. Al along he was trying to intimidate me and force me to pay the $619.85. Since I had spent about 30 minutes there already, I insisted one last time and asked him to do the necessary work but he still refused. Note that I kept my composure and at no point replied to him disrespectfully or offensively. Interestingly, one person in Ripoffreport,Com said the mechanic used a screw driver to poke the wheel cylinder on his car to make it leak and charge the extra $300.00-$500.00 to replace them. This could have happened to me too. In my case, in addition to the front brakes, which I knew my van needed (the rear brakes were still good), I was surprised when they showed me that the rear right cylinder was leaking (I had the brakes checked 2 months ago). Now, I cannot prove they caused that damage and I am not accusing them of that, but judging by their deceptive business practices and Bob's attitude, I would not be surprised if they were found to be doing that. I reiterate that I agreed to have the brakes AND the wheel cylinders replaced but not the other (recommended but not yet necessary) work. I have filed a claim with the BBB in Dallas, not because I expect anything back (I paid them nothing), but trying to stop them from abusing and ripping off other customers. P.S. I took my car to another mechanic who inspected it and performed only the NEEDED work for a reasonable amount, with no scams or gimmicks. Problem date: 10/3/2007. Truth Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Garland, Texas
6, Report #60876
Jun 16 2003
06:05 PM
JUST BRAKES ripoff Brandon Florida
I went in for a simple brake job and walked out with at bill for $330 dollars. I was treated horribly and will never go back! DO NOT GO TO JUST BRAKES. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!! Valerie Riverview, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
7, Report #12868
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes Close Call ripoff
I should have read these testimonials before wasting my time, and risking my life and those of my family. A dramatic statement, yes, but read on and decide for yourself. I admit am a cheap skate and wanted to believe that for under $100 my brakes would be done. Tire Kingdom quoted me $119 each for the front and rear. A reasonable price from a reputable company, but did I listen? NOOO!!! So Just Shit, excuse me, Brakes seemed like a deal. Oh, what greed will get you. Then the phone call came. As I should have known it would. Hi, this is Felix, you need new front rotors at $125 each. (When asked how they can charge so little I was informed that they buy in quantity from the factory. Makes sense. Except rotors at NAPA are about 1/2 as much. But I'm a reasonable guy, even idiots need jobs, maybe their buyer just slipped through the cracks.) So I respond that with only 45,000 miles on the car, the rotors should still be good and that I am going to go to the Ford dealer and make him repair the car. I tried to sound angry but was scared to death that more damage could be done. (Any excuse to get my property away from these people.) When I go to get my car, my new friend is not so friendly, and my car is still on the lift. I watch in horror as the mutant with the torque wrench tightens the lugs in a clockwise pattern, not in the cross pattern recommended in the owner's manual. But I have a mechanic not far away that I trust so I don't worry. Upon arrival at my mechanic, I watch and learn as he shows me that the lugs have already loosened in less than 4 miles. That another bolt behind the rotor was only hand tightened. That is dangerous and just plain stupid. Ultimately I spent $282 legitimate dollars for front brake pads, new rotors ($68 each) and an oil change. By the way, the minimum thickness standards for rotors they use are wrong, at the extreme end of stringent or their micrometer is not calibrated corretly. Just as a little test. Post your total bill. I understand that nobody gets out for less than $500.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
8, Report #18037
Apr 02 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes ripoff deceptive company Austin Texas
I went to one of the Austin Tx stores for the $99 special. My story is like most of the rest, however I have a brother who is a top notch brake man and have worked on some brakes myself so I knew what to watch out for. I was told it was bad and needed around $600's worth of work. As the Tech took me around the car to explain what was needed, he told me that the rear drums could not be turned that they needed to be replaced. To his suprise I asked him to prove that they could not be turned. He looked shocked an it took him a second to gather himself. Not only was he was unable to prove that they could not be turned he proved that there was enough metal left to possibly turn them twice. The whole brake system looked dirty as normal, but no leaks. I got the $99 dollar special, but I had to watch them close. Mark Kyle, Texas
Entity: Austin, Texas
9, Report #14809
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes...$99.00 brake service rip off
Does anyone actually get a 99.00 brake job from this company? I had heard the radio adds numerous times. An advertisement claiming fast, reliable, and cheap service from a company that specializes in brake repair. My brakes were making some noise so I knew it was time for me to get them to a shop. I got online one day to find the location of this heavily advertised brake repair company. When I searched Just Brakes the first item the search returns is a rip-off report. This took me back a bit, this company must have an awful reputation if the first search quarry returns a rip-off report. I read the report and then decided to press my luck and found the location. It is in Lewisville, TX on 400 S Stemmons. I called the shop and spoke to a man named Frank. He gave me the directions and I proceeded to the shop. I was there pretty early, there was only one person ahead of me, so they got my car right in. It took a total of about 20 minutes for them to strip the brake system (pads, hardware, calipers, etc.) from the car. While I was waiting for them to tell me the cost of repair I was talking to a guy in the office who was waiting for his car to be finished. I told him about the report and he agreed it could be true since he was quoted at a repair cost of $598.00 to repair his brakes. He stated he had some added problems so the price seemed fair to him. Then Frank returned to the office with the clip board of problems my brake system had. He took me back to the car and began to point out all of the issues I had. Which I did know I had issues with the brakes and I was not expecting a $99.00 repair but I had no idea what I was about to hear. He told me all of the hardware from the rear brakes were gone, so whoever repaired it last had taken advantage of me. He told me the front rotors were under spec. and I needed brand new ones. The pads were shot. The front hardware was shot. I had an issue with my right front boot as well, and I needed that fixed. Everything he had told was true, and the boot most definitely needed fixed. Then came the quote, which blew my mind. An atrocious $1064.00 to repair my car. After hearing this I called a friend who has a garage, I told him about the issues and the items needed repaired. He advised me the parts could be bought and he could do it himself the following weekend. The parts new would cost about $350.00. I didn't want to bother my friend though since he is busy with his races. I advised Frank I was not going to allow him to repair my car and that I would like brake system reassembled and I would be leaving once done. Frank goes into a 15 minute debate on why I needed to get them fixed, not just that day, but at his shop. After a lengthy conversation of me repeating the words no, no. no he finally got the idea and had his employee reassemble the system. Now, by this time the other customer had left since his car was complete, there were no cars in the garage, just mine, and two men in the garage and Frank sitting in the office telling me how I needed to at least let him put pads on the car for $99.00 which I continuously denied. It took the two men in the shop about 1 1/2 hours to assemble brakes. I left and on the way back to my place I decided to stop at a Goodyear and see if they could give me estimate. They agreed to a free estimate and they had the estimate in about 20 minutes. They agreed with almost everything that Just Brakes had said, but they quoted me an estimate of $604.54, including the boot. This included new front rotors which Goodyear stated did have some hot spots but they did not have to replace. I had them replace them. Basically, Just Brakes from my one time impression is an absolute rip off. As I stated, I did not plan on getting the $99.00 radio deal, but I would never have expected a $1064.00 brake job. So keep this in mind, had I listened the rip-off report I read before going to Just Brakes, I would not have wasted about 2 hours of my day and the frustration of knowing there are such obvious scammers out there!
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
10, Report #1363
Feb 22 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes
Took my wifes 1994 Camry to just brakes for new shoes.They told me the car needed calipers and other things to fix it right and I opted for just new shoes.The brakes were so bad the wife complained constantly. I took the car to Meineke and was told they put $5.00 shoes on. They put new shoes on and the brakes work fine.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
11, Report #3301
Sep 11 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes Ripped Me Off Too!!!
On 8/21/99, Bob at Just Brakes did extensive work on my braking system totalling $611.35 on a 1992 Ford Explorer. He replaced the pads, reconditioned by calipers, replaced my hoses, changed my fluid, and replaced the grease seals. All was well. Not. On 9/10/00, my wife was driving home from work and was almost in an accident. She nearly lost control of the veichle when she had to stop. She continued to drive the truck home (gingerly) and told me about the problem. I called the Just Brakes service center at 6380 E. Hampden Ave in Denver Colorado, and they happily agreed to take the car in and take a look. I was shocked to learn that they wanted another $450.00 from me for repairs to things they had already done a year ago. Well, we have a pro-rated warranty they said. I said that they sold me bad pads and that's what caused this and they were liable for their shoddy products. They got mad at me and my wife and blamed our driving for the pads breaking. (Keep in mind that the last speeding ticket I recieved was seven years ago for doing 60 in a 55.) I called the Denver Area Manager and he never returned my callls. (Go Figure) Then I tried to find a corporate office. After calling 10 stores in Colorado and in Texas, I finally found the person who could do something about this. His name is Chris Coomer (spelling?) In Dallas Texas, and can be located at 800-445-7105. You need to keep calling about every 30 minutes to aviod the useless messaging system they use, as they never called back on that. Then I learned something that really upset me. Chris and Just Brakes didn't care that my wife was in harms way due to a product that they sold. They didn't care that everything that they did had to be re-done and explained to me that it was to be expected with that model. (I never told Chris the model or make of the car until after he told me what to expect.) Then I learned something else. I got ripped off. I told those idiots to take my truck down and put it back the way they found it and drove it home. Do yourself a favor, never, never, never go to Just Brakes for any reason other than to use the wash room and becarefull with that. I will be putting out a website bashing these idiots, and keeping track of every complaint I find. Look at Yahoo under Just Brakes, and probably consumer rights pages as well. Guess what Chris, you messed with the wrong web admin!
Entity: Denver, Colorado
12, Report #576239
Mar 01 2010
03:33 PM
JUST BRAKES Overcharging, unnnecessary work Dallas, Texas
On Thursday, Feb. 25, I took my 2007 F-150 to Just Brakes on Lemmon Ave. in Dallas as my brakes were starting to grab.  Knowing this was a tell tale sign of brake wear, I was anticipating $150 for brakes and probably another $400 for a new rotor. Ben called me and told me it would be $1800 for 2 rotors, new brakes, spindle nuts, and calipers. I decided $1800 was well worth a 2nd opinion.  After taking it to a mechanic referred to me by a friend, the total ended up being $676 for 1 new rotor and pads and shoes all the way around.  He said the calipers didn't need to be replaced, just cleaned off and greased up. The mechanic I ended up going with was Auto Cxxx (((REDACTED))) in Plano on J. Place - I highly recommend!!! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #189184
Apr 29 2006
11:18 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Dallas Texas
I had a complete brake job done that was necessary according to the rep at just brakes at the Richardson garage it was very pricey in my opinion about 650 dollars and was warranted for 50,000 miles. I was told to flush the brakes at approximately 15, 000 miles to prolong the brake part life. I went to the new store that opened closer to me just to flush the brakes. I told them to only replace the brake fluid. The store manger named Eugene Allen told me I had all these problems and gave me an estimate for 300 dollars over the phone. I told him that I know I shouldn't need anymore service work and that the brakes were just done approximately 20,000 miles before at there Richardson location. He then wanted to me to fax my receipt I faxed it to him. The parts that were replaced new 20,000 miles ago he wanted to replace and charge me 300 dollars for the service and couldn't bleed the brakes without replacing these parts. This guy was very rude he screamed at me You got a service warning why are you refusing service you got a service issue! I then said just let me get my car don't do anything and I'll leave. An hour later the car was ready. They lied and said they bled the brakes, I said whatever and paid them I just wanted to get the hell out of there! On the receipt for the supposed brake flush it still states that I need all these parts replaced and had to sign this area that I was advised of these so called problems funny how the price estimate disappeared. 20,000 miles later my car stops on a dime and I safe and sound. John dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
14, Report #178702
Mar 01 2006
08:40 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Sarasota Florida
Went to Just Brakes for brake job. After 3 days of getting the run around they called to say it was completed. When I drove out of the parking lot the brakes failed, I returned to the store to find that not was the brake fluid pouring out, the calipers were put on incorrectly. After these Yahoos worked on my car, I took to the Ford dealership the next am, for a brake inspection. Low and behold not only did they put parts on wrong, and brake fluid still leaking out. I never needed new calipers to begin with. I know this because Ford had my car a week earlier to fix my rear hatch. They did a 50 point safety inspection and recommended only new pads. Hummmm. Makes you think. Jessica Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
15, Report #33758
Oct 29 2002
03:37 PM
Just Brakes ripoff Waco Texas
I experienced the same problem but it was in Waco,Tx. I was only 20 at the time and when they presented the estimate that I signed it listed $138.00. I explained that I was a single mom and had to stay on budget but had to have my car for work. They assured me that after they had taken it apart that this was an accurate estimate. I requested that they call me and get further authorization if they changed anything from the estimate. I received no call but when I arrived the following day to pick up the car they said nothing to me and I went in to pay and they rang it up and said $589.16. I said oh no you must have grabbed the wrong ticket I have only a brake pad repair being done. They said Nope we changed the rotors,pads,master cylinder, calipers etc... I said there is no way you must be talking about someone else. They pulled the ticket and I said it is the green car out front. They said see there is you signature. I said yes but that is $138 I authorized. They said look lady until you pay up you dont pick up. I was in shock. I had a small child and no transportation. I called everyone I knew for a loan and no one had it. I said well set me up on a payment plan and I will just have to pay it out. They said Nope cash,check, or credit card. I said what if I cant pay? They said We own you car I called the dealer and he said they could file a mechanic lean and since I only had two payments left they would own the car. I told the man to put all the old back on and I would just have to drive it that way until I could afford to have it fixed. He said no and it will be locked up until you pay. I was ushered out the door. I left and had to take all my wages for the next two weeks to pay them but when I went in to pay they said that they also had to now charge me for storage fees. Storage fees were another $150 for the two weeks. I was not happy but paid them. I now refer to this experience as Just Fakes I have told everyone about it and advised them to go somewhere else. I just wanted others to know that this is happening in all cities with this company. Lana Waco, Texas
Entity: Waco, Texas
16, Report #320397
Mar 23 2008
03:28 PM
Just Brakes Just Brakes. Why do you do it, Just Brakes? - FOR THE MONEY! Atlanta Georgia
Several years ago, I bought a used truck from an aquaintance. The truck was in bad shape, and pulled to one side whenever I hit the brakes. Friends suggested I get them checked asap. I always heard the Just Brakes commercial and figured they were just as good a place as any to take the truck. And they advertised the $99 special. After they got my truck up on the rack and looked it over, the manager called me over and explained what the problem was. The brake system on the right front was completely frozen and would need replacing. That made sense, so I agreed to have the work done. After getting started on that, he called me over and added that the brakeline should be replaced because it was so worn. Not knowing anything about brake systems, I had no choice but to believe him. Everything added up to over $700.00. I was there all day. I got to witness others getting the same workup and getting mad. One woman told them to take her car off the rack and give her the keys back. She'd just recently bought the car and didn't buy what they were telling her. A guy who'd come in for the special sat down waiting his turn on the rack. We struck up conversation and he said he just came in for the special. I guaranteed him they'd quote him at least $300.00. He said No way. When the manager called him over and I saw the look of disbelief on his face, I didn't know wheter to laugh or cry for him. He asked for for his car back. He came over to gather his things and said they were a ripoff! I watched this repeat itself all afternoon. Whenever I hear the commercial, I just want to rip the radio out of the wall and throw it. ...they really do care! AAAAAGHHHH!!! They are the scammers of the century! Listen to the fine print quoted at the end of the commercial! You will NEVER pay the $99 special! Jg Lithia Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
17, Report #2709
Jul 20 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes is Just a Rip off
My brakes were bad, and I knew they were going to need to be fix. Well I pull in to the Just Brakes in one of the Georgia Locations. Well they checked them, and then came back to me saying that it was going to cost over 1100 dollars to fix them. They told me that my entire brake system needed to be replaced. I tried to get them to put my brakes back on to get another place to look at them. They keep telling me that it was unsafe for me to drive my truck. It got to a point that I told them just put my brakes back on. They then sold me to just get my brake shoes and pads on and replace the master cylinder. The over charged me for putting my own brake pads, shoes back on and double the cost of the master cylinder. Just to get out of the place, I ended up playing over 250 dollars. I guess I was lucky, Just Brakes will not get any of my bussiness. In Bussiness School, we are required to take an bussiness ethics class, Just Brakes whould fail that class.
Entity: Lawernceville, Georgia
18, Report #26843
Aug 13 2002
03:38 PM
Just Brakes ripoff Just Say No! Houston Texas
My story seems to be similar to others who have experienced the rip-off techniques of Just Brakes. I had a little grinding sound in the front left wheel. After getting the $99 price on the phone, I rushed over. There were no other customers when I arrived. (I can guess why now.) A couple of guys started working on my car while I read a book in the waiting area. (If you insist on going to Just Brakes after reading this, at least don't let the vehicle out of your sight.) The guy who was running the shop (a veritable genius wearing a white shirt to distinguish himself from the crew who wore navy shirts) was in the service area for a long while and then came in to tell me that he needed to show me something. (Please note: He had to know what that something was already wrong or he would not have come to get me in the first place.) He leads me over to my car where the head mechanic proceeds to tell me all the problems with my brakes. The car only has 38,000 miles on it. It hasn't been abused. Each time the mechanic would point out something else that needed replacing, the white shirt would make that tsk, tsk, tsk sound with his tongue with an occasional oh, no! thrown in for good measure. It was an Academy Award-winning performance. Remember, this guy already knew what was wrong. And yet, the profound level of his empathy for me, his customer (translate that as HUGE SUCKER) led him to suffer through the entire report on the sorry state of my brakes. I was set up! Well, I controlled my anger and asked how much it would cost to repair the problems they described. White shirt said he could figure it out quickly because he just happened to have all the necessary part numbers already written down. In no time at all, he cheerfully told me that the $99 job was now only $653 and change. I told him I wouldn't pay it and that he had two choices: Either give me my vehicle back as it was when I came in or do the $99 job. They said that they were worried about my safety and didn't want me to drive away with so many problems. Therefore, they would not repair anything. They did find a way however, miraculously, in a few minutes to make me safe for just $282. I refused. About this time, the Big Boss arrives. These places must be franchises. This guy got angry at first trying to use scare tactics to convince me that I should pay for the big job. I told him I would not. He asked why and I simply stated that I was still looking for an auto mechanic that I could trust. That cooled him off. He then tried to buddy up to me. He asked what kind of business I worked for, if I was married, did I like Italian food, oh, well, there's this great Italian place on Post Oak Blvd. you should go to with a piano bar, yadda, yadda, yadda. I told him to give me my car back. Then he said he didn't want me to leave angry so he gave me a card stating he would change my brake fluid for free anytime. Finally, he offered to change my front pads for free. If I weren't such a stubborn fool, I would have taken him up on the offer to even the score between the rip-off-ers and the rip-offees. I refused however, stating that I didn't expect anybody to work for me for nothing. I reminded him of the two options I gave them. Either fix it according to the $99 agreement or do nothing. He said that he could do the $99 job. Knowing that I'm very likely to get ripped off going somewhere else, I allowed them to repair my brakes. I did not want to sink more time and emotion into another unpleasant experience. Doug Houston, Texas
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #6051
Aug 07 2001
12:00 AM
my father took his car to just brakes and asked them to repair his brakes. They informed him that the cost would be $700.00, a bit steep for a minor brake repair but my father was in a rush to get to work, so he paid it. Upon leaving the repair shop my father discovered that he was out of $700.00 and STILL had absolutely no brakes. He returned to the repair shop with the hope that although they'd made what could have been a fatal mistake, the mechanics would be willing to repair it. However, when he returned he was met with the hostility of the mechanics who told him that he just didn't know how to stop a car! and he had brakes. My father, steaming, returned home to cool down a bit. He then called the Just Brakes on in Stone Mountain Ga. again and they preceded to tell him that they didn't have time to spend on the phone with him! The Just Brakes never admitted that there was something wrong with the brake job they'd done. However, after my father took it to another just Brakes not far up the road, that mechanic told my father that the other just brakes had installed defective parts on his car and it was unsafe to drive. So, after 700.00 my father has a car that's worse off than when he started(but really, who knows because the other just brakes could've been misleading my father again to make even more money). One thing's for sure! He has NO brakes! We called their corporate office and they have only 1 person available to help you. Chris something or other. He refused to give my father compensation for the week that he's been off work and says that it will take at least three days to fix the defective part that they installed. AND , he wants to charge us for ANOTHER problem that HE says we have with our brakes! It's all a RIP-OFF! :::::::::::::::::: Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: Stone Mountain, Ga.
20, Report #14466
Feb 19 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes Just Bad Experience
I was in the hospital on nov. 27, 2001 when my wife told me that the brakes were making a noise. I asked my brother to go with her to the last place that had repaired the brakes. They told him it would be a couple of days before they could get to it so he takes my wife to the Just Brakes on Hwy 92 in Woodstock, Ga.they did a four wheel friction replacment, turned the rear rotors, rebuilt the calipers on the rear and sent her on her way. The bill was $250.00, which was okay with me. I was discharged from the hospital on Dec. 3 and on the way home my wife said the car was not running right, it felt sluggish, when we parked in the driveway and got out of the car I smelled the hot brakes and surmised that the front caliper(s) were sticking. The nest morning we went back to the Just Brakes location and after a teardown and inspection we were told that the front calipers needed to be rebuilt and that the new pads were shot and the rotors were gone too. Now here I am with a catheter and foley bag walking around the car with the manager trying to get an explanation of why they thought the rear calipers needed replacing but the front ones didn't when the car was there before. His explanation was that the new pads on the front had caused the calipoers to bind up. Anyway after replacing the pads under their warranty he told me that I would have to pay for the new rotors, my postion was that they caused the problem and were responsible for the repair. I was in so much discomfort that I really did not have any business being there and just wanted to get the car repaired and get home. The rotors cost $98.00 each and when I questioned the high cost (vs. $23.00 at a local parts house) was told that those were made in China and they only use American made parts. So I acquiested and let them finish the repairs. two weeks later I was driving the car when the same thing happened again with the front calipers sticking and causing the brakes to overheat. My wife returned to the Just Brakes shop and she was told that there was nothing wrong with the brake system and that I must have been riding the brkes with my left foot as I was driving. I learned to drive in a stick shift car an only use my left foot for the clutch pedal. Over the Holidays it happened several more times and we learned that if we jammed on the braked it would cause the calipers to release and we could continue on. On Feb. 18 we took the car back in and they told us that the reason for the problem were the flexible hoses going to the calipers and they needed to be replaced. The cost was $32.00 per hose and $50.00 labor total about $117.00. We got there at about 11:30 am as the parts were delivered I would go out to see how the work was progressing, the hoses were the last thing to be delivered and the technician (LM) was having a hard time getting them installed. The hoses are side specific and the brackets that hold the metal hose-flex hose connection have different type holes for the left and right. LM's solution was to grind away part of the driver's side bracket to get the hose to fit ( he must be from the old school of, if it don't fit force it) when I saw the sparks flying I knew that that is not part of a hose replacement ( two wrenches) and went out to investigate. I was told that they had the wrong hoses and that he was just trying to make them fit. After expressing my view that modifying the bracket was not a smart thing LM and the manager Mark told me that they were not really needed anyway and I told them that if they weren't that Ford would not have put them there in the first place. Then they ordered more hoses and when they got there magically the first ones somehow fit. After all this when they went to road test the car it would not start, the battery was dead, the hood, trunk, doors had been left open and the battery drained down after 6 hours. They tried to charge the battery with a small 10 amp (home style) charger and it wouldn't do it LM begrugdingly brought his truck in to jump it off and was unable to get it started. Luckily I had my truck there and took my batery out and put it in the car and got it started. Now I don't blame them for the battery (6.5 years old ) but their attitude was that it is time to go and now it's my fault the car is stuck in their bay. All I can say at this time is that I do not think that the problem is fixed on my brakes and that Just Brakes Woodstock, Ga. is in need of a good dose of ethics and just repair people's vehicles. Jim Barron Acworth Georgia Click here to see other Rip-off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
21, Report #1531
Mar 09 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes is Just A Rip Off
I knew my truck needed brakes so I figured I would try the new Just Brakes on Highway 6 near Westheimer. I also knew that fixing my brakes would cost more than the $99 friction relign. The first estimate was approximately $450 and included everything to put my brakes back in excellent condition. I agreed to the price and waited at home for the repairs. I soon received a call at home from Ben at Just Brakes. He was calling to tell me that I also needed new rotors and that the new estimate was around $720. I told him that seemed high and asked to lower the price. He did lower price but only by $40. At this time I told him to put my old parts back on and that I would go get another estimate. This is where he tried to hook me into accepting the price; he said that all the new parts were on and that all I needed to do was approve the new estimate. I told him no. He then suggested I go buy the rotors at Hi-Lo and that he would put them on for me. I also told him no and indicated I would pick my truck up in 30 minutes. Within 2 minutes of hanging up he called me back and said that he would put the rotors on for the agreed price of $450. When I picked up my truck one of my wheels was missing a lug nut. Coincidence or not? When I asked where my lug nut was I was told that I didn't need it and that they would order me a new one. They also tried to suggest that perhaps it was missing a lug nut when it came in. I told them to find the lug nut. After 10 minutes they miraculously found my lug nut. After all of this my brakes are worse than when I brought them in. The front end locks up under hard braking and severely pulls to the left. To anyone that is considering a brake job do not go to Just Brakes.
Entity: Houston, Texas
22, Report #1119680
Jan 30 2014
04:31 PM
Just Brakes Brake Team Just Brake It Sparks Nevada
 We took our one-ton Dodge Diesel to Just Brakes in Sparks Nevada, because we had to push the brake pedal to the floor in order to begin stopping. The truck would still be coasting.The first time we went there, they said we needed a whole new braking system. Without even taking it on a test drive. $1,800 later they replaced everything. There is an online coupon I tried to use. He said we couldn't use the coupon for one-ton trucks. There is nothing in the rules that says it cannot be used for one-ton trucks. After a couple of weeks, we still had to push the brake pedal to the floor in order to just begin stopping. The second time we went there the receptionist took it on a test drive and said the brakes work fine. the brakes were too new and had to wear off the coating.One month later, we still had to push the brake pedal to the floor in order to just begin stopping. The third time we went there, the receptionist took it on a test drive and said the brakes work fine. Now I was really mad! But it gets better... He said the truck was too old and wouldn't work the same. Even if the truck is thirty years old, the brakes were only thirty days old. Thirty days later, it had aged too much? Then I took THE ONLY Mechanic there. The other mechanics are posers. There is only ONE MECHANIC listed on the wall in the waiting area. SO I took him on a ride and showed him that I had to push the brake pedal to the floor in-order to begin stopping. This time the mechanic knew what to fix and how to fix it. But there is still the receptionist to deal with…He said it is not covered in the warranty. He printed it out, I read it, everything is covered. He said it was in the exclusions. I read the exclusions, everything is covered. He also said we couldn't get warranty on master cylinder because too many warranty claims and they won't honor it. This would have been the first warranty claim. They did not return the first master cylinder for a deposit, because I kept it. In fact, I still have it. So, it was another $300 for another master cylinder.Judging by everyone’s comments, everyone knows that, every vehicle that goes to Just Brakes, they will change every part of your brake system. Cause they fix Just Brakes. They have to make all their money on, Just Brakes. A dealership, on the other hand, makes its' money on ripping people off on new cars. So, they are less likely to rip you off on repairs. “Just Take” your car to a dealership. 
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
23, Report #83648
Mar 12 2004
11:46 AM
Just Brakes Just Brakes - Just a Rip-off Atlanta Georgia
Man, do I wish I would have called my friend before I went to the Just Brakes in Atlanta on Howell Mill road. Here's my story; on 3/1/04 my boss said why don't you give just brakes a call, I don't know anything about them but they advertise the 99.88 special. So I called that day right at 6pm and spoke to Troy, he seemed nice though his persistence questions of getting my name right kind of frustrated me. So, I really wanted to get my brakes looked at so I scheduled an appointment the next morning. When I got there I went through the spill of four wheel friction reline, in most cases. Two things, most cases, yeah right how about rarely ever. And the other nice wording I wonder how much money they paid a marketing guy to come up with that phrase. Anyway back to the point, He stressed that $99 dollars in most cases and he would call me when the shop took a look at it. Well, guess what, they did and he came back with a $504.73. This vehicle is a little over two years old and has only 48K miles. I was shocked and couldn't believe the price, at this point mind you I didn't think I was being scammed and thought they were on the up and up. So, to my later regret I said go ahead, then Troy asked for something strange from me. He asked for my birthday. I thought that was very odd. Immediately after getting off the phone I went and spoke to my boss about it then I called my good friend. Rob's first words were, Adam tell me you are kidding, those guys are rip-off artist, they charge you for work you don't need. So within 10 minutes I call Troy back and say that I don't want you to do anything to my vehicle and I will be there in a few minutes to pick it up, I will pay him for any labor. He states, Well we've already finished the caliper rebuild, and they are almost finished with your vehicle. I said, In ten minutes, you guys are almost done with the job in ten minutes! Troy's answer to this was, Yeah we've got four guys on this and it goes really quickly. Five if you count me. I replied with You guys make $500 in ten minutes, what kind of business is this? So, I head down there to pick up my vehicle and they have it already torn apart and still working on it. Never did they give any regard to me wanting them to put my vehicle back together or that I want them to stop. They literally held me over the barrel and force me to pay. Troy keep fighting with me on the caliper re-build, the very thing I know wasn't needed. I finally got so frustrated with the whole situation, he knocked off some money and agreed to wait for them to finish. I told my friend I just made a $400 mistake. I don't mind paying for a service provided but do not force me to pay for something that isn't needed. On 3/2/04 I called the corporate office and spoke to Jim Ship the customer service manager, I left him a voicemail and he called me back. Before I was ever able to tell my side of what happened he told how they do business or let me paraphrase how they rip people off, He said that he will get back to me in a couple of days, after he reviews the work order. He states that he can tell pretty much what happened by the work order. Man he must be really smart to ascertain the whole situation from a work order. It's been over a week and I'm still waiting, I'm going to call him now. Just Brakes is a corporation that makes money from ripping people off. They us their suggestive up sales to make people think that there are more problems then really are. And the Howell Mill Store lies on their work orders. If you want specific examples please let me know I can provide them. There is power in numbers, there needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company as a whole. I plan on providing some negative media against them thorough my friends in radio and tv. Also, depending on what Jim Ship does report them to BBB. Please just follow the words of my good friend, tell everyone you know, stay away from just brakes. They will rip you off!! Adam Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #425238
Feb 17 2009
03:55 PM
Just Brakes DON'T TRUST THEM!! JUST BRAKES JUST CRAP! Stockbridge Georgia
On February 16, 2009, I went to Just Brakes in Stockbridge Georgia, because the highly attractive advertisement promised customers $99.98 brake job for both front and rear brake pads! Upon completion of the inspection, the Manager told me that they only carried the front pads for my 2004 Toyota Highlander, and that the rear pads were a specialty pad, since they did not have them in stock and charged me an extra $88+ to have their source deliver them to the shop. To my surprise, other Just Brakes locations carried the same brake pads in question. Ironically, another customer came in behind me with a 2001 Toyota Highlander, so while the manager was away, I warned him of their devious tactics. In addition, both the manager and the mechanic tried to get me to cough up an extra $788 for a brake fluid flush, rear rotors and fron calipers. Oh, and did I mention that prior to this, Toyota changed my oil conducted a full complimentary inspection of my brakes and rotors and advised that I ONLY needed pads - nothing else. I have the inspectors signature to that effect. The only reason why I went to Just Brakes is because it would of course be cheaper than Toyota fixing the brakes. In conclusion, stay away from the Just Brakes shady mechanics and managers because what they'll tell you is JUST CRAP!!! Shopper-b-aware! Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
25, Report #728548
May 12 2011
01:49 PM
Just Brakes Ocala #631 Just Brakes 631...Just say NO! Ocala, Florida
Recently I had the misfortune of using the company Just Brakes.  After being greeted by the service manager I was told they would take a look at the brakes. After waiting for 15 minutes, the service manager told me the brakes were completely destroyed.  I was charged $912.72 and if it was not done immediately the brakes could seize up and there would be major consequences.  I later took the invoice and parts that were replaced to three other complete automotive repair shops and were told that the same repair with them would have been $770.00, 750.00 and $776.95 respectively based on the paperwork and parts from the repair. All three said that it was unlikely that the ceramic calibers would have needed to be replaced on a vehicle has less than 50,000 miles as well as only one rotor needed to be replaced the rest were resurfaced.When I returned to discuss being overcharged and over sold I provided the written estimates for the general managers review. Several days later I met with him again regarding the price differentials and parts that were replaced unnecessarily.  He informed me that he would be willing to refund me $200.00 to go away.  I accepted his offer and thought the matter was concluded. I then received a call from their Orlando Market Director that he would not approve the refund unless he saw the parts of the vehicle.  I then asked for the corporate office and have spoken with the Director of Customer Services who said there would be no refund since their prices are comparable to Sears and K-Mart.  I explained we dont have Kmart automotive in Ocala.   The companys history of complaints is extensive.  I only wish I would have known earlier.
Entity: Ocala, Florida

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