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26, Report #788730
Oct 14 2011
09:54 AM
Publish America Had 9 months of opportunity cost wasted! Frederick , Maryland
They accepted my book and a contract was completed.  I called and emailed every month or two to get updates and was always advised to email the customer support dept.  Other than the switchboard operator who does not know any specifics, I was never able to talk to someone about my book.  After 9 months of being in the dark ,they told me they were cancelling the contract because they did not approve of my book's content.  If that was the case, they should have never contracted with me.  It is too bad, because they could have possibly made alot of profit off my book by splitting royalties.  I will talk to an attorney to see if there is anything that can be done.  There are opportunity costs lost, but that may be hard to quantify.   So why would they do this to me or others?.....if you pay to get the express service or preorder copies of your book, they would get paid on the front end and may have a slightly higher inclination to do something with your work.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
27, Report #683287
Jan 16 2011
12:42 PM
Publish America Breach of contract, lies, misrepresentation of company & services Internet
Publish America offers themselves to the unsuspecting, would be, author as a Traditional Publishing Company. They are in fact a sham, only a POD that uses locations in the UK as well as the USA to con victims out of money with misrepresentations and lies about their services and products. Publish America has very one sided and vague langauge in the contract that leaves the Author with no rights, no help. PA is known to be a scam, they are referred to as a POD online and ONLY Publish America calls itself a traditional publisher. In the publishing business the services offered by Publish America are considered to serve the POD industry rather than a traditional publishing company: PA doesn't edit, unless you pay; they do not market unless you pay; your title, full of errors will be available on web sites and ordered as a POD. You will not have atracking method to know if your book sells or where it sells. You will not sell many books and probably will invest far more than you would make in the 7 year contract in the first year alone. Books are marketed to authors only! If you want more you pay for it. They bait authors with deals & offers to get you to purchase your books so they cansay theywill send FREEcopies to book stores, celebrities, industry magazines, etc. No promises it will happen just it might be read by who knows. PA can't sell your book so they have to GIVE it away, some marketing ploy! There are many thousands ofupset authors out there. The press, media and our government leaders should step up and shut down PA to stop the fraud and the heartbreak. RED FLAG Publish America's name. They should be named Scam America!
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #697305
Feb 19 2011
04:28 PM
I cannot show what I need you to see on this site. Go to this link and you will see for yourself the physical evidence of the proof that Publish America is guilty of copyright infringement. Here is the link..... I am author Amber Michelle and I am a victim of Publish America Posted this day of February 18, 2011
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
29, Report #864522
Apr 05 2012
05:21 PM
Publish America pretty certain they stole my 'untitled manuscript' Frederick, Maryland
i mailed them an 'untitled manuscript' because as a first time writer i did not know any better, they refuse to return it to me, and i am fairly certain they stole it, as they contacted me and wanted to publish it right away, but i did not, did not sign any contract nor give them permission to do so. they ignore my emails to return it but want to know if i want them to publish  it. please help me, don't know what to do
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
30, Report #320750
Mar 24 2008
08:42 PM
Publish America scammed; lied; deceived; perpetrated; false advertising; POD not traditional publishers Frederick, Maryland
The book was not edited professional. It was poorly critique. The newspaper in my city would not reveiw its contents. The editor said that PA were preditors and leeches. She said that they usually tossed their books in the slush pile. The need to be sued for the lies, pain and sufferings. They will not release me from the contract. I need legal advice. Patricia Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
31, Report #263211
Jul 25 2007
07:17 PM
Publish America Writer's Beware! An Author's View on a Scam Company Ripoff Frederick Maryland
July 25, 2007 Today I tried filing another complaint against Publish America. The last few days, I have been bickering back and forth about obtaining my rights back on two novels I published with them. My books are under contract for 7 years. I even took it upon myself to find lots of information to back up what I had to say, but they were very defensive, and still refuse to give me my rights back. In one of the emails, they wrote: often allow authors out of contracts, when they present a valid reason. So I have sent them many valid reasons which include: 1. I can't get my books stocked on the shelves in Canada, unless I pay to have this done. This is turn, causes me to lose money, by purchasing the books myself. By the time the store takes their cut, I'm left with nothing. The stores don't stock PA books. 2. My royalty checks, since signing with them in January 2006, have been next to nothing. The grand total of what I've made so far, is $3.36. Is it worth it for them to keep the rights? They're not even advertising my book. 3. Most bookstores I've contacted find the prices of their books too high. 4. My books are sequels. I want to rewrite parts of my previous works, and submit my new and old manuscripts to other publishers as a package deal. I would have a better chance with sales, if I could have my rights back. 5. They never did a press release as promised. I even called my local paper to find out, and PA never contacted them, with neither one of my books. 6. I've heard from other authors who easily got out of their contracts, while others had to fight tooth and nail to obtain their rights. Why do they discriminate? 7. My royalty statement says I've only sold 3 books since publishing with them, but when I look online, I found 12 used copies. Why is there a difference? 8. Some of the publishers I've approached, won't look at authors who have been published through PA. Just check out the website on Preditors and Editors. 9. I don't see the point in them keeping my rights for another 5 years, when they've done nothing in the last 2. I feel this company has let me down by not properly promoting me, like they promised in the contract. These are only just a few of the reasons I want out of my contract. Do you think my complaints have merit? I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau, because I don't know what else to do. Charlie Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
32, Report #124981
Dec 29 2004
08:58 PM
Publish America ripoff fraudulent do not pay for books sold do not return emails Frederick Internet
Publish America has not paid me for how many books I have actually sold. In a six month period they say that I've only sold 2 copies and now that I'm filing this report I would expect even less for my next check, if thats possible. When I expressed my concern and told them I knew for a fact that I sold more they simply stopped answering my emails. When I threatened legal action they told me to stop being foolish. Apparently they have two sets of books, if you know what I mean. I really don't know if there is anything I can do except strongly advise against anyone having anything to do with them. They truly are great rip off artists. James Portage, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #348688
Jul 08 2008
09:51 AM
Publish America An American Company that Should Hide It's Head in Shame Frederick Maryland
My fault for getting caught up in the excitement of publishing my book. My fault for believing Publish America. MY fault for signing the publishing rights over to PA. My fault for believing this American Company was one of integrity and based on professional business ethics. I'm 68, retired and on a very limited income and of course when Publish America wanted my book, I was ecstatic. I was doing handstands, calling my children and grandchildren to share the good news. Publish America seems to be good to be true and they darn sure fill that bill to a T. What you see is not what you get with PA! They're not in the least interested in seeing an author succeed - I believe they depend on a few hundred books that the poor frazzled writer purchases and if the truth were known no one has read my entire manuscript, in fact they have no desire to read it. They don't edit, promote your book or do any of the above to insure the success of an author. I realized this vividly after the third review of my book and the same grammatical mistakes remained in print. Being elderly, I just walked away from it all and chocked my Publish America experience as bad, nasty and heart breaking. I haven't wasted time contacting PA, but I'd like to have my small book back because it was written from the heart for parents and their children. It is a quick read, non fiction and a book that American Patriots would be interested in reading prior to the upcoming Presidential Election. It discusses the evolution of parenthood and the role reversal between parent and children. Too old to fight the legalities presented by PA - I was so ashamed of my book that I haven't bought a copy. Thanks for Listening Annie Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
34, Report #1110852
May 29 2014
04:35 PM
Publish America Breach of contract on at least four of the contract agreements. Baltimore Maryland
Entered into a contract agreement to publish my book 7 years ago. I received a couple of small royalty checks for 6 months. After that I never received any more money, no reports as to what my book was doing. I contacted them several times on the phone and emails.  Got no results from either one of them. My contract ends in February of 2014 and have notified them before the six month deadline with my intent to terminate the contract and also demanding a copy of what the book had done during the contract period with no answer from them.    
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
35, Report #918909
Jul 28 2012
02:16 PM
Publish America PA sold my book in several countries and paid no royalties, Internet
I wrote a book in 2005 the lingerie room, and have discovered that this book has been sold on amazon, ebay in uk, powels books, indiaplaza,,,,, and in canada. As I live in UK PA most likely think I not discover this but I happened to look on site a week ago and discovered all the places they are selling my book - some say last one left and sold for 25 uk sterling. I have received no royalties whatsoever for these sales and PA deny ever selling the book I want to report this scam as they also relayed that they would promote the book in finland which they never did although I paid $45 for it  PA is using authors to make vast amounts of unaccounted for income and scamming authors of their rights to royalties I see I am not alone in this !
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #1027957
Mar 13 2013
06:49 AM
I was selling my antique chest on Craig's list. They sent me a check for $2400. The chest was $600. They wanted me to deposit the check immediately and also take the $1800, keep my$600 for myself and go to western Union and send the remaing $1800 to a Justina Lee in Georgia. Needless to say the check bounced and I was only out $12 for a returned chek fee .Goes to show there are scammers everywhere, so be on the look out when things just seem to good to be true.
Entity: FREDRICK, Maryland
37, Report #969603
Nov 15 2012
10:26 AM
Publish America Stole my Money Ouright, have proof from Amazon and IRS Frederick, Maryland
I am the author of The Rhythm of My Soul ISBN 1-4241-9537-3. I have received one check since my book was published for .13 cents. However I have been fighting with them for years to release the rights of my book for FREE which they want to charge my over $1000 dollrs to do, to give me my money etc. However recently I received proof from Amazon, SSI, and the IRS that my book is selling and royalties are being paid in my name to them. I informed them to make immediate payment. they told me to send the original forms of proof to them so they can investigate, they said no copies of proof allowed. LOL that is so they can lose my proof. I am looking for a lawyer who will please help me sue them for breach of contract. If Amazon, the IRS, and SSI are correct which who would you believe them or PA them by book has been selling thousands of copies or which i have made thirteen cents (.13).  Please if you are a lawyer or know a lawyer who can help me please contact me at the following: (((phone and email redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
38, Report #992317
Jan 06 2013
02:47 PM
Publish America, LLC Royalty Sales Fraud, Shadowy Business Practices, Contract Violations. Frederick, Maryland
PA published my first book Up All Night in March of 2007. For some strange reason, the Amazon listing said the book's language was Welsh. PA gave me a symbolic $1 advance and  contract where I would receive royalties starting at 8% of the retail price of Up All Night, $19.99 for all copies I didn't purchase myself and sold via online vendors. Up All Night was required reading for two sections of creative writing at Gettysburg College in the fall of 07. It was PA's Book of the week for the first week of September in 2007. It was on Amazon US's top twenty sellers list for Welsh language titles for at least two months, #2 behind the Welsh translation of Harry Potter (not worldwide, just Amazon US but still, I have several eyewitnesses to testify to this fact.) And for one week, Up All Night was the #1 selling Welsh language book on Amazon US, one ring above the newest Harry Potter book, Welsh translation.   According to Publish America's royalty statement for this period, 10 copies of Up All Night were sold on Amazon, 3 directly from them making for a royalty check, which included Amazon's 14.99 retail discount, and totaled no more than 15 dollars. Thus far, I had given PA 5,000 directly from me and my family's personal funds. My parent's also spent $500 on a book signing at English Country Manor. PA had given me Print on Demand publishing for a book I could purchase starting at $10 and keep the commission for every one I sell myself.   My first royalty check was around four and change, I rounded up. But from July 07 January 08, UP All Night had crossed oceans, united complete strangers, been required reading for creative writing classes at a liberal arts college, usurped the Welsh translation of Harry Potter for the #1 spot on Amazon.US. Been dubbed PublishAmerica's Book of the Week out of 20,000 titles and 500 copies of UP All Night to my knowledge, were in circulation. With the cover design, 500 copies would cost PA an estimated $1500 dollars to print and a $3500 profit directly from the content creator/generator/marketer and chief.  I gave a lot of copies away, sold copies at face value to no more than 21 dollars.  The rates for my author royalty-less price kept rising, I could no longer pick up the books at PA's headquarters and a six percent tax for residents of Maryland was added. I had to pay PA $40 if I wanted to talk directly to their staff which I refused to do on principal. They tried to by my movie rights, E-book rights and spammed my inbox with multiple emails daily. Ultimately, me and my family gave PA around 7K for Up All Night (1K for my second book with PA, Three Weeks without my cell phone), they gave me one dollar, a royalty check sum that did not exceed $27 dollars and an option to buy out of my original contract for the small de-listing fee of $100 plus tax and shipping for the author plates that still haven't been sent, three months after I bought them from PA.   The buyout started when Up All Night, sold no copies for over a year at $200. It was tempting but I had made 8K that year and, at that point, decided to wait for the offer to go down. The buyouts stopped after they discovered I published a book via's POD outfit, Mentally Chill. They returned at $100 dollars plus tax and shipping once I begin to inquire via Amazon about the online sales for Up All Night's ISBN number. So mathematically speaking, PA gave me $27 directly from their bank account. Me and my family gave them at least 7K and I have no way of knowing how many copies of Up All Night were sold online because they gave me a number that I know is egregious, erroneous, is fraudulent based on all the people I had no idea had purchased Up All Night till they told me how much they loved it as well as my status as both book of the week and Amazon.US Welsh language book bestseller.  I paid them 7,000 dollars by a low estimate. When I begin to inquire how many copies Up All Night sold online, they made me pay $112 dollars if I wished to terminate my contract. They do not treat author's the old fashioned way, the treat them the Dick Cheney way--they hijack your baby, deceive you about the sales figures, censor any of your genuine complaints, charge you for a direct line to them and make you buy out of the contract they consistently violated and you signed under the premise that you would be treated with honesty, fairness and respect, i.e. the old fashioned way. The final tally was me  living through the age of first serious onset for a mental illness, spending two years writing, refining and securing publication for it. Investing 8K into the book and yielding $27 dollars from my business partner whom had unlimited ability to print a copy whenever someone ordered it online, from  anywhere in the world, distort the royalty figures, deceive the content creator/generator about his baby's performance on the online market and the audacity to keep raising the price, keep sending me fraudulent royalty statements whilst spamming my inbox with 50 emails a month, offering me buyouts for a contract they consistently violated for 8x the amount of money they had given me from their own finances and, for an encore, bringing back my buy-out almost immediately after I began asking for transparency. I need a skilled media lawyer to get transparent sales figures for Up All Night and hold PublishAmerica accountable for their fraudulent business practices and violations of our author/publisher contract. 
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
39, Report #1147975
May 19 2014
02:31 PM
Publish America American Star Books Publishing Hoax, Rip-Off Baltimore Maryland
Publish America, which is now known as American Star Books has published my work incorrectly (despite the claim at the front of the book claiming they did not change a word of what I submitted), then asked me to pay to have them fix it. They have not helped me at all in the sales of my books, send misleading emails claiming to help with the promotions should I pay excessive amounts for their time to do so, and continually tell me that I cannot own my own work once the contract expires though it is my work and not theirs.I have found many places online where my book has been made available via PDF, which is a contract breach.  Publish America will do nothing about it.  I find many book sellers that claim they have my books in stock, which means they are physically at their store, and I have not been paid royalties for those books.Upon trying to contact Publish America, I got nothing but immature, non-professional all-caps emails telling me to basically go to hell and I am the immature individual who needs to grow up and let them do whatever they want.  I have kept all email communication with the said company and anyone who reads it will understand that it is they not me who have behaved inexcusably.Publish America continues as America Star Books, completely removing all contact information from their site, making it impossible to contact them except through a format link that provides only the ability to send communication without a guarantee it will get there, and if by some miracle it does, does not indicate you will have the ability to receive anything back.Publish America is a scam which all writers must avoid.  Most authors have used them because publishing companies are so hard to get into without an agent, and it is near to impossible to get an agent unless you are either rich or famous.  I used Publish America because I essentially wanted my books on the shelf and out of the way.  Still, having them listed as my publishing company does ruin any potential for a future career as a writer, as their name which has been reported all over the internet is associated with a rip-off company that does nothing but overcharge authors for books that can barely last one reading without falling apart. 
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1120048
Feb 04 2014
01:55 PM
Publish America, America Star Books, Author House(publish America companies and sister companies) CONTRACT ARBITRATION, FRAUD, RENAMING THEIR COMPANY TO AMERICAN STAR BOOKS Baltimore Maryland
my name is Robby William Forg Jr. from Louisville,Ky Im Also Known Under The Stage and Pen Name Frogg Corpse which my book was written as (Frogg Corpse)ive never once talked to a real person, publish america is under a new name now at arbitrated my contract in 2012 , i challenged for proof of promotion of book as well in 2012 for the vanity marketing i purchased for the London book fair around march or april of 2012 among other things i have all emails saved since the contract in 2011 i was fired around july-August 2012 after asking for proof under the lack of demand of book loop hole aside the arbitration they failed in contract to send and register my book to the library of congress and without sending the official paper. they took all assets i accumilated also charged me 8% in royaltys which is about 2$ per book after selling without discretion of price at 25$ without my say at the time since contract was signed November of 2011.The-Mourning-Hour-Frogg-Corpse/dp/1462645011/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391251300&sr=8-1& removed everything off of the books a million web store....then i typed my ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 into Wikipedia and the search Engine this is some of where it went and what i dont understand having aspergersthe ISBN-13 bar code to my book 978-1462645015 (ISBN-13): ISBN-10: 1462645011this is what was found as well as numerous and still unknown to me microbook stores i had not known of i have all files backed up since most of the buisness was done very seldom by gmail conversation  WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Find this book at aNobii personal library catalog Find this book at Goodreads personal library catalog Find this book at LibraryThing personal library catalog Find this book at Shelfari personal library catalog Find this book at citation metasearch Find this book at Copyright Clearance Center online rights database Find this book at Open Library Find this book at The Universal Digital Library (or .cn, .cn, .in) Find this book at the Grand Comics Database Find this book at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Find this book at WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Im seeking a Lawyer i talked to the BAR in baltimore and paid the 35$ but cannot afford a Lawyer so any help is much apprechiated. i also have some peice of mind that they work with AUTHOR HOUSE from Bloomington Indiana. Please help ....Email me(((REDACTED)))     -Frogg Corpse
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
41, Report #612750
Jun 10 2010
04:06 PM
Publish America Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry! This Publish on demand ,POD,company has been misleading authors for years. They claim to be traditional publish Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry! Internet
Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry!        This Publish on demand (POD) company has been misleading authors for years. They claim to be traditional publishers, which is a total LIE. This company has made bundles of money off new gullible authors by publishing their books and selling them back at discounted rates to the authors. They do no conduct any promotions or distributions, even if the authors facilitate it. The alleged promotions are paid for by the authors when they buy their own books. No one will actually ever know if these promotions have actually taken place.  PA's representatives are only addressed by first name or anonymously as Publish America support. It takes miracle for them to get back to you with the simplest question. Most book stores will not carry Publish America books, because they equate PA to any other self-publishing house or worse. It also takes over two months to receive a book after you order it from Publish America. Their royalty statements are vague and inaccurate. You will never know how many books your book has sold, unless you hire a private investigator. They can basically do whatever they want. This is an unethical and integrity free company. You are better off being unpublished than being stuck with this alleged publisher. Review the innumerable complaints against this company on the internet. It is truly a publishing mill that will publish anything they receive. They actually have an electronic editor that will keep your book filled with mistakes. You better hire an editor before you approve your final transcript assuming that you will decide to go with this scandalous company. Ironically, their representatives are taught to defend their scams, and they pretend to have pride and ethics. Publish America is truly the biggest scam in publishing history! It's so big that many other scam artists have started their own POD publishing houses. Beware!!! Research this publisher before you submit your transcript.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
42, Report #786766
Oct 09 2011
05:53 PM
Publish America False advertisement: Publish America is actually a subsidary publisher more than a tradtional publisher. The publisher gains most of the profit; author, very little. Internet
Publish America advertises itself as a traditional publisher but this is incorrect.  They are actually a subsidary publisher.  But this you do not discover until after the author has signed a contract with their company.Publish America first says it never requests money or funds from the author.  But in time, they request money for any corrections on original manuscript.  They also then request funds for advertisments, for illustrators, etc.True, Publish America does give unknown authors the chance to be published.  But it is the author himself, or herself, that pays for copy of their books and that is the way the publisher makes money for their company.  Or they doing something illegal?  That I cannot say.  It is true, the author does not pay to have their book published with their company.  But at the same time, it appears the publisher itself is the one gaining the profit.There is never a guarantee with the publisher or perhaps with any publisher about what the profit might be on the sale of books.  Perhaps this is the same with all publishers, espeically with our present economy.  I believe everyone has to be aware of this before they decide to publish their book with this company. If anyone out there has had a profitable success with Publish America, I would like to know who that particular person is.  
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #728704
May 12 2011
07:26 PM
Publish America/Miranda Prather Raymond, Publish America, Miranda Prather SCAMS, LIARS, PRIVACY VIOLATION Frederick , Maryland
I've been with Publish America since about August 2009, at first I thought they were a great company and have given me a great boost as a writer in the industry.....Little did I know from the get-go this company is a scam in a whole. They are nothing but complete liars, scam artists, and people whom are (trained by Miranda Prather) to lie their way through business. My experience with Publish America started to turn sour when I noticed people had been buying my books (they'd come & ask me How you likin being an author? Is the money nice)? I asked myself time after time what money are they talking about? I for the longest time didn't believe any of my friends nor family when they said they'd boughten a copy of my book from anywhere for that matter. Turns out for the copies that were sold of my book (Not sure of an exact count) Publish America never paid the royalties that were due. After my first confrontation with Publish America, they dismantled my books and marked them no longer for sale at any such venue (like they were before) and haven't released any since, nor put my first two back up for sale. When 2010 rolled around, the scam started to turn serious & illegal at that. During November of 2010, I was a victim of a Privacy Breach (Publish America knowingly violated the privacy clause in the So serious contract that they send out before you actually sign up to be an author. They gave out my personal information to a complete stranger over the phone (note: this stranger has absolutely no connection to me, nor my work as an author, nor publish america for that matter). I myself have watched the video and specifically heard someone from Publish America answer the phone (Hello, Publish America how may I help you?). Upon giving out my personal information over the phone to a complete stranger, my information was then plastered all over youtube & the internet sparking rumors that I'm a Pedophile and outrageously older than I am. I have confronted Publish America about the privacy violation (I have a link to one of the videos that were posted, Youtube finally took the video down the morning of May 12th, but the description is all the proof I need).  When I confronted Publish America, they specifically said Sir we do not have the power to do such a thing (note: They were repeatedly laughing over the phone as I was saying this, not taking any such thing I said seriously). They then went on to imply that I was lying about having proof of the violation, (which I wasn't and haven't whatsoever I have the link proof, and proof of a comment left by the same woman they gave the information to on an entire different website.) (She clearly states Derick Goff is not a 16 year old minor, but a 20 year old pedophile, ACCORDING TO HIS PUBLISHER. Publish America is by far the worst scam I've ever come across in my life, and i advise all new authors to AVOID THIS COMPANY PERIOD HANDS DOWN NEVER APPROACH THEM WHATSOEVER.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
44, Report #701816
Mar 02 2011
02:47 PM
Publish America LLLP contract breaches, gag clauses, ceased to publish, communication has stopped, new $1.40 royalty check, Internet
After one year persuing this company on the internet via five different websites titled whypublishamerica I finally gave up.     I received on the average of 2-3 e-mail solicitations a day to purchase my own book and they would send the same number of copies to my great-great aunt lucy or whatever.     In June 2008 my book came out at an embarrasing $19.95, jumped to $24.95 and then to $29.95. Add $3.99 per book for shipping and its really out of bounds.    My first royalty check was a whopping $2.80 which seems to be the typical first check, then I bought 9 copies in order to get my book into a hard cover by replying to an e-mail special that they would pay royalties on the purchase. They first sent me a no sales royalty statement via e-mail (breach accounting error). I responded by sending them the e-mail solicitation and a check for $17.96 was sent (breach accounting error because the royalty should have been $17.97). The ISBN # on the check stub was for the soft cover (breach accounting error). I responded by informing them that the statement was wrong and in Dec 2009 I got another check from Larry-boy for $17.96 which had no accounting stub attached (breach).    I received my $1 as promised and the last item of my contract stated that this $$ would be deducted from my first royalty check (breach because to this day they have not deducted that $$).   Please excuse my fumble fingers if I have typo's, I suffer from A-O connected neuropathy and have a tendency to hold the key too long.   My 1099-misc was not sent for the $1 advance and the $2.80 royalties (breach) for 2008 sales. My 1099-misc for 2009 was for $17.96 and did not include the $2.80 which was actually paid in 2009, the second check which was issued in Dec 2009 (breach accounting error).    Now this may not seem like much but $31+ can push one into another tax bracket. Not reporting royalties can get one into trouble.    In several e-mails to author support I requested a full accounting of the number of bookss printed and distributed. I received no reply as my contract states that I have to pay for any additional accounting info. The Printing company LSource would not give me the data and sent me back to PA for it. I went into the book sellers sites and requested info and only Alibris acknowledged that they did in fact have 8 copies of the book.    Today I got another ccheck, yes to the above individual that mentioned a check for $1.40, so was mine. I still have no 1099-misc for 2010 (breach for yet another accounting error). By coincidence the book once again sold for $17.47. In totla I can account for 10 copies of the soft cover which, like a fool, I sent out in media kits to Regis, Larry king, a local radio station and my local library. I bought 9 copies of the hard cover and received nine free but I paid full price at $24.95. The hard cover then jumped to $29.95 and stayed there.    I've contacted the local office of the FBI, filed on the internet crimes site FBI-IC3, filed with th FTC, BBB-Maryland, DoD (Department of Defence), FBI disaster fraud site, the American Red Cross, The Barbara Bush Foundation, The Lincoln Library, Borders, B&N, Apple, NBC Today, Target, Walmart, and the IRS.     I have now prepared a presentation for the Kentucky Attorney General which will be my last effort to get someone to actually care about what these people are doing.    The contract mentions prromoting the book and has trapped all / any kind of publication but at their descretion which means you buy your own book at a deep discount and maybe they will approach Amazon to handle a kindle version. There is no way to track whether or not they actually send Oprah 5 copies or not.   I knew I would have to participate in seling the book, but I've been turned down by the local book sellers because this is a PA published book. B&N told me that when I get my publishing rights back andd re-publish the book they would let me do a signing. My local Borders manager told me the same thing.    I am not nor will I ever be a career author. It was never my intention to make a fortune on this book. I simply wanted to help undiagnosed narcoleptics find the relief I have found through modern medicine.   My re-write is no in print with a very good PoD publisher Avid Readers Pub Gp and I'm pleased with the quality and the price. Yes, I paid a fee +- $200 but I got a better book with three times as many photos and a fixed price per book. If it is sold through an online seller I get almost 50% royalties. If I sell the book myself I get it all.    So, for the novice like me, pay out the bucks and avoid PA LLLP like the plague unless you like reading redundant / repeat e-mail soliccitations to buy your own book.  Anyone refuting this article can buy a copy of the presentation I'm sending at the PA price of $195.00. Just kidding. If you want to use it as an example to send one to your state AG just google my ISBN and look me up in the phone book. 1-60563-294-5 can be found at B&N but please don't buy this book, buy the new one 978-1-935105-91-4.    PA wallflys...we don't blame you. You're just employees like the people who work for the company that sell their morals, principles for the price of a paycheck. 
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #190480
May 08 2006
12:34 PM
Publish America - America House - PublishIcelandica - PublishAtlantica - PublishBritannica Deceptive business practices advertising, fraud, scam, rip-off, unprofessional, Frederick Maryland
Publish America advertises to be a commercial publisher (traditional publisher), but it is not. It is a POD/vanity publisher. I was under the impression that PA was a commercial publisher. Publish America uses deceptive wording to draw in potential authors, such as saying that books will be available through bookstores. That doesn't mean an author's book will be in the bookstore, and PA books aren't. Books are listed at online bookstores. Bookstores and libraries won't carry Publish America books. PA books aren't 'standard' books, and the prices for PA books are horribly high. PA books are error riddled as well. My book had errors. Publish America does no marketing, though through deceptive wording, authors think PA will market their books. Authors are responsible for 100% of marketing. Authors pay out of their own pockets for books for book readings and the like. Publish America sends order forms instead of media releases to authors' families, friends, and local newspapers. Newspapers won't print these 'releases'. I had to write my own for the newspaper. Publish America responds unprofessionally to authors when they question what it does as far as books not being in the bookstore, small royalty checks, high books prices and the like. I have an email from PA after finding out what is really about, and it is blantantly unprofessional. Anyone who questions PA's practices on its messageboard gets banned, as I did, or has their comments deleted. Publish America wants its authors to buy their own books. Having a book published with Publish America won't give authors literary credit. Authors get a pitiful $1.00 advance. Commercial publishers give a lot more. The print rights of PA authors' books are with PA for 7 years, which is ludicris. Dana Four Oaks, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
46, Report #129408
Jan 29 2005
03:53 PM
Publish America ripoff : I think they are lying to me about how many books i have sold Frederick Maryland
I think that PublishAmerica is lieing to me about how many books I have sold, because my royalties only reflect What my family has bought. I keep a daily check on all the on-line book stores who carry my book. I have noticed when they say in stock and out of stock, and then in stock again. They have to be selling, to be going in and out of stock. And as I have watched this for servel months I think my royalties check should be more than three copies sold. When I tried to ask other authors, if they had noticed simular problems, Publish America deleted my message and then banned me from the message board. Tammy Moody, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
47, Report #534355
Dec 05 2009
11:09 AM
Publish America Book Publishers,, To categorize these people with the nazis, would be an insult to the nazis, Internet
My search for these jokers began, with a blog which I had read on a popular poetry website. The blogger boasted how she landed a 7 book contract with publish america. Wow!... I thought to myself. I contacted the company, and things seemed to be okay. I was then told that they only accept one manuscript at a time, and that there are no contracts for multiple submissions. Seems this blogger was a publish america plant Then I get a contract which I had signed, giving the publisher 7 years of possession of my book. I got that big one dollar advance on my book, which is an insult.  I received no real author support, just the printed book, and no information on my royalties, and the structure of the royalties. If you're an attorney, and you're reading this...I would like to nail these morons to the wall.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland, Internet
48, Report #616103
Jun 22 2010
10:29 AM
Publish America Book Publishers gave me a release date on a book that no one can order Internet
Publish America published a book for me and I was given a release date of May 24,2010, on June 26th I had a book signing at borders which had to be cancelled because no one can order the book. It's either out of stock, on demand but you still can't get it, I have called publish America which you get an answering machine and no one calls you back. When I am done here I intend to call the Attorney Generals Office to put a complaint in against them.  We should all get together and get a class action suit against them. Let all get together and get a class action suit going .  Please email me. This company should not be allowed to operate. I think we all agree on that principle, well lets not cry about what they are doing lets do something.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #797574
Nov 13 2011
01:30 PM
Publish America Kept money, didn't send ordered book, will not cancel my order, lengthy replay email from PA Internet, Internet
Unlike authors who have posted complaints about Publish America, I am a simple consumer - attempting to purchase a book on-line from Publish America, within their allotted time frame of 2-6 weeks delivery.  My cost of pocket expense is minimal compared to others' cost, time, and anguish, but feel this side of Publish America must be told as well.  PA accepted my payment mid September and two months later, I have still not received the book I ordered on-line.  Several of my first email requests for my product resulted in no reply at all - until I emailed again advising I have no alternative but to report their company to the BBB and their State Attorney General's Office - at which time I received a lengthy, 14 paragraph email reply from a customer service representative, Cynthia.  I was shocked at the content, repetitive nature and defense from a so called professional entity, simply because I asked for the product I purchased or will need to seek outside assistance!  I have since sent two additional emails requesting the cancellation of my order and refund of all monies - to no avail nor response.  Not since I reported a complaint to the CA State Attorney General's Office exposing a legal firm's scam of elderly/impaired individuals, have I received such an email.  That CA law firm is now undergoing state and federal investigation, they have closed their doors with criminal proceedings pending, thousands of individuals are united in pending lawsuits, and to date the attorney general's office has collected and refunded many of their victims monies.  The similarity of Publish America's email to me and the one I received from the CA Law Firm leads me to believe PA is truly a scam in operation and should be shut down.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
50, Report #777226
Sep 15 2011
02:52 PM
Publish America After the company takes your money they are unreachable by phone or email and wont retun your calls Fredrick, Maryland
I went with PA because they said they would get my book into brick and mortor stores, and that they took care of everything at their cost. However after signing the contract I was told there was an optional payment of $200.00 to get it done quicker.  I agreed but thought that should have been told prior.  I was told the payment would allow my book to be published within 10-14 days, it took almost 5 weeks and another 3 -4 weeks to receive a copy of the book.  I received a letter from them on hoe to sell my book to the brick and mortor stores myself, which was not what I was told or read in their webpage.  You have to do it all.   I called their authors support line and every single time I received a recording stateing I would receive a call back within 24 hours, that never happened!  I sent approximately 14 emails within a two week period that also went unanswered until I threatened to sue to get out of the contract, heres their reply.Dear Bryon Burger:Your book has been out for only two months and you are already spouting this sort of nonsense. That is not a good sign. Stop the whining and see an attorney. Your attorney will tell you that what you are saying is simply false. We will not bother to refute such childish nonsense from you again. Do not send us mindless accusations that you cannot possibly support. Unless you can answer the first question below, further such messages from you will be deleted unread:Of course it was unsigned.I asked once about someone calling me and they flately refused and one person in an email said they don't have phones in her office and everything was done by email, hmm wasnt that way before I signed the contract.I tried in vein to order books on their webpage and It just doesnt work, and I tried 6 or 7 computers, so I reported it via email to which again no reply.  The orders for  books I sold myself are now gone.  I have alot more horror with this company I just am so mad right now at their arrogance.   My email is (((REDACTED))) if anyone wants to vent. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fredrick, Maryland

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