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1, Report #406683
Dec 31 2008
11:49 AM
Crossings Book Club Crossings Book Club unauthorized book club and fraud fee charge Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
This summer I received two books from crossing book club. They asked me to pay for the books and membership annul fee. But I didn't order anything from crossing book club. After that, they keep sending me buggy letters for several times. Today, I received another one, in which it is said that they charged me $18.91 contract fee for four times in one day. How crazy and stupid it is ! Also, they threat me that if I don't pay it they will report to The Credit Index!!! But they have neither my credit card nor my SSN information. They even don't know my cell phone number. I wonder in this case, how could they report to The Credit Index? Then, I visited their website, where I cann't find any contact information, no phone number, no email, no fax number, just an address. I searched crossing book club fraud and found a rip-off report here. Cindy xxx none, AlabamaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
2, Report #35555
Nov 18 2002
07:05 PM
Groiler Book Club ripoff Danbury Connecticut
Disney Book Club Did not hold up their end of the deal, trying to charge me twice ..... I did order books from this place, I planned to get the 6 or 8 I had to buy, then to cancel my subscription. I wrote Cancel on the final bill--like I was supposed to, and they kept on sending me stuff. I sent them back. Wrote Return to Sender on the parcels. Yet they still are trying to charge me for them. I just got a notice from their collection agency for $47.73. Granted it's not that much, but I paid it in July. That was 4 months ago! I figured since I hadn't heard from them since then, that everything was taken care of. However, I opened my mail this afternoon (November) and What do you know, there is a bill for the exact amount I already paid! This really makes me angry. And to top it all off, the only contact number given was a long distance number (most decent buisnesses will at least give you a toll-free 1-800 number), and I get mister automated answering machine. Never a real person. I'm planning to write to them to let them know what I think about they way they do buisness. Too bad I threw the carbon copy of the check away LAST WEEK. I guess it just goes to show you that you have to keep up with EVERYTHING! I don't know what else to do. It really spoiled the perfect day I was having! Leah Houston, Texas
Entity: Danbury, Connecticut
3, Report #364965
Aug 20 2008
11:57 AM
The Book Depository Unfulfilled Order Internet
I ordered a two volume set of Offshore Engineering Handbooks for circa $521.00 through The seller sent volume 1 of a 2 volume set. I have sent emails to the company trying to resolve this situation and they do not answer, just ignoring my messages. If you order through this crook beware and do not be surprised if you do not get what you order. You have been warned, Beware of The Book Depository in UK or via Dennis Pyland Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1212739
Mar 02 2015
11:12 AM
Book Depository did not complete my pre-order Internet
12th September 2014 I bought a manga called Twittering Birds Never Fly: Volume 1. In Pre-order. This should be released October 7th.Nov 24 I sent a message asking why my Item status was like Awaiting publication since I saw that some people already had it. BookDepository said to me that the item Has Been delayed at the publishers. I am afraid que They Have Been Unable To provide us with a fixed date for this will be When available. Your patience and understanding is appreciated at this time.Once we have stock this title will be dispatched to you. Okay, I waited. Feb 19 I sent another email asking for news. The next day I received a refund of my manga. Without even asking! Then they sent a message about how they Have Been Unable to fulfil your order and my order que Has Been canceled.For Real? I can be very patient to wait, but cancel my order without asking? And if I don't ask I would never know about it. What's the point of a pre-order? I thought it was the safety of getting an item. If they could not fulfill their commitment they should have just told me to look elsewhere to buy. Now the manga is costing $ 88.88 at amazon when I bought for $ 15! I am really annoyed with all this.Another thing. The 'Order history' should be revised. Several people, including me, have problems with it. He never really shows all purchases. This one, never appeared, only when I wore the Order number.I really hope I never go through it again in a pre-order.Order number: BDU-500-48652560351
Entity: Internet
5, Report #456279
May 28 2009
03:55 PM
Book Holders Ripped off on Book product Towson Maryland
Yesterday at 3PM I purchased a Lab-book and asked twice if they check for missing pages, since this being a lab book, I was skeptical. They said that they check many times and that they do not sell any books with missing pages. Today, the first time opening the book, I find missing IMPORTANT pages (pages that are required for me to pull out and turn in) I call and ask for an exchange. I don't want my money back, I just want an honest exchange. After all, they sold me a faulty product less than 24 hours ago. Their response? No. I have to sell it back to them (which they won't buy, since pages are missing, DUH!) with a 15% price loss, and not only that, I will not receive the money until they sell it online. Their reasoning? They told me that it could have been me that ripped out the pages. IF THIS WAS THE CASE, WHY WOULD I ASK FOR AN EXCHANGE? After all, wouldn't I want a cash refund if I had ripped the pages out? Is this how they treat their customers? Selling faulty books, after they re-assured me twice that there would be no problems, and then not rectifying it? Robert Towson MD, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Towson, Maryland
6, Report #606480
May 23 2010
07:56 PM
Powell's Book Powell's email me saying book missing, package empty , Internet
I am very upset with Powell's Books. I sold by book to Powell's via their website. I sent the book in perfect condition in an heavy duty bubble envelope and used a heavy duty tape to sealed. I received an email today with this information: I regret to inform you that we received the envelope that you used for bid ####855 recently, but it arrived torn open without the book. The only thing that was delivered to us by the post office was the torn envelope with the email printout. I am very sorry for this disappointing information.   I do not believe it. It is not my first time that I mail heavy stuff in an envelope, and the book was not that heavy, it was paperback. I always make sure the item is pack right. Why they did received the print out email and not the book when the email paper was inside the book? It did not make sense to me. So I do not have my book, neither my money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #612400
Jun 09 2010
08:55 PM
Ez Book Recycle Inc. Have not paid for a book they accepted! Internet
In early May 2010, I sent Ez Book Recycle Inc. an order of five books with a total order quote of $32.08. However, when they received and processed the books I was paid only $18.26. The $13.82 difference between the quoted price and what I received was the quoted price for one of the books that I shipped.I notified them immediately and received a response from Rebeccah Grant, one of there customer service reps, on May 10 stating that her manager would be notified and that I could expect a response from them soon. It's nearly a month later and I still have not received a response from them in spite of the numerous followup emails I have sent to remind them. Ez Book Recycle Inc. still hasn't paid me for the book and still hasn't returned my book to me. Ez Book Recycle Inc. are nothing more than thieves. I DO NOT recommend that anyone send books to this company. There are far better book buyback/trade-in companies out there to use.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #14624
Feb 20 2002
12:00 AM
Doubleday Book Club/RIP-OFF
I signed up for the Book Club to get 10 books for the price of 1. The deal was get 10 books for the price of 1 as long as you order 4 books at regular price within 2 years. I ordered my 10 books and paid shipping and handling wich was a fortune to send 31 miles. About $5 per book. So On the next catolog, I ordered my 4 books to get it done and over with. I got the bill and paid it, plus the shipping and handling. I sent a cancelation notice to them after this. They responded that I still had 2 books to order. After aguing back and forth for 3 months, I orderd 2 more books and paid for them, plus shipping and handling. I then sent another canclation notice. After that, I was sent another letter telling me I couldn't cance yet, that I didnt purchase the required books. I argued again only to loose. They said the 2 books I ordered was a set, that it doesn't count. I ordered yet another book. I paid for it and the shipping and handling, and sent another cancle notice. After 2 months I received a book in the mail that I did not order, I sent it back rts. I now got a bill for the shipping and handling of that book, which I did not order or want and cancled before this. I still have the bill for $4.23. I feel I should not have to pay for this, but I will have to im sure. They give you no phone number to call, and the email that I send to them is never responded to. So to save your time and money, just go buy what you want. After almost $300 im still trying to get out of this situation. Rene Duncannon, Pennnsylvania
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
9, Report #795154
Nov 04 2011
01:01 PM
eCampus Wrong book, Refund Issues Internet, Internet
I used to order my books from this company. I ordered a book for this semester and was shipped the wrong book. I was told the book I needed was out of stock, so I should ship back the wrong book and I would receive a refund within 2-10 business days.I shipped back my book, and three months later, I still do not have a refund. I have called three times and was always told to wait longer. Now eCampus is claiming I never shipped the book back. I will never deal with this company again. I once had the same thing happen with Chegg and they refunded my money within 5 days.Do not purchase textbooks from this company! My mom has now called several times and they have hung up and laughed at her each time. They have very poor customer service.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #605321
May 20 2010
01:27 PM
TextbooksRUs TOTAL RIPOFF!!!! Internet
I sold a book to them and the report they gave me back said they would pay $19.60 for the book.  They claim to have received the book (3 days later), but claim a CD is missing so they will not pay for the book.  The CD was taped to the inside cover, with tape on all 4 sides, no way it could have gotten lost!!!!!!.  I tried to call them but no one ever answers the phone or calls you back.  They also did not repsond to e-mail.  DO NOT SELL YOUR BOOKS TO THEM!!!!!   YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY!!!!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #69376
Oct 17 2003
10:55 AM
Nurses Book Society (aka member Service Center) ripoff fraudulent orders and billing. Hanover Pennsylvania
The last book I received I cancelled my membership in writing and the nurses book society keeps on sending the books. This is fraudulent billing and orders, because I did not order the books and they are demanding the money for something i did not order. I refuse to pay for something I did not order. fraudulent web site and phone number on billing and this really makes me angry!! I demand the nurses book society be reported!! Patricia madison, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Hanover, Pennsylvania
12, Report #472519
Jul 23 2009
06:25 AM
Doubleday Book Club They don't honor their own discounts. Internet
I have had this problem with the company more than once. When you are shopping on their site, they offer a discount. Recently it was $2.95 shipping. So I found a few books that I wanted using the author search and placed the order. They then charged my credit card the amount for the books, plus the full cost of the shipping/handling, not the $2.95 that they had said that they advertised on their site. When I contacted them, customer service responded, but with a generic e-mail that did not address the issue at hand. It took me at least 2 more e-mails for them to really address the issue. And at that what they said is this : The search that I performed brought up books that were available through their BookSearch Plus engine, and were not qualified for the reduced shipping rate. I thought that this was interesting since the search that I did, did not reveal these books as ones that were only available outside of their website. When I again e-mailed them to say this they said that the ISBN number would be there for a BookSearch book and not a member number. I'm sorry, I am supposed to know this as a consumer using their website? I have seen booksearch plus searches before, and the results come up plain as day saying that they are not available on Doubledaybook club but through BookSearch plus. The books I ordered did not say that. I have to say that when I told them to cancel the order if they were not willing to honor their comittment, they did so immediately. And they also cancelled my membership before I was able to get back online and do another search for James Rollins books to prove that the search engine is at fault. I guess that is another way that they get you. They promise you a discount and then don't give it to you, hoping that you don't complain and you will pay the higher amount. Klsass Curwensville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #630208
Aug 10 2010
11:18 AM
Crossings Book Club gave out someone else's acct number to me... Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
     I contacted as I had purchased a book from them long ago, and finally got it read. It is a Christian book club, and this book was not Christian. So, they tell me I need an acct number. I told them my acct was closed.     So, what do they do, they tell me that it was an introductory book, and being my acct was closed that I couldn't send it back. Then they gave me an acct number, thinking it was mine, I logged in. It wasn't mine, it belongs to my sister...     Needless to say, they are still saying I owe for 3 books on an open acct. I tell them that is not my name or my email address. I've been in contact with them, I won't call them, as it's long distance, and I believe they will be just as dumb on the phone as they are on the internet, if not worse.     They rip you off with shipping and then they expect you to pay for the high priced books. They still think after all this time that I have an open acct. And I have lost track of how many people have sent me messages, and I know that they really don't read what you type to them...
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
14, Report #625027
Jul 20 2010
06:49 AM
Doubleday Book Club - MISLEADING BUSINESS PRACTICES - BEWARE Rantoul, Illinois
I signed up for Doubleday Book Club 2 years ago.  As with most book clubs there was a certain number of books to fulfill the commitment.   Since I did not fulfill my commitment, I received a letter and a total of what I would be billed if I did not purchase 4 books by a certain date.  No mention of HOW MUCH the books MUST cost in order to fulfill the commitment, just what they average their per book cost to be.  No problem, I made a commitment and need to fulfill it.  Last month, I purchased the number of books needed to fulfill my commitment and went on my way.  I just received a bill for $18.54 for each book-for a total of $74.16.  When I called, I was told that the books had to be a minimum of $9.99 each in order to count towards the commitment.  I explained that that information is not presented on the letter I received NOR the website.  I was told that it was in my contract when I signed up 2 YEARS AGO!  I can only question, if the company isn't trying to hide something and get extra orders, why wouldn't this information be clearly presented on their correspondence/website?  Nevertheless, I said OK, then if it is $9.99, why am I not being billed $9.99 each, but $18.54 each?  I was then told that the selections can be on items up to $40 each.  Well, the vast majority of the items on the site are priced under $18.54 so now I feel I am being ripped-off on the items.  You can get some great deals through these clubs so I am not suggesting not using them, but buyer beware as far as fulfilling the commitment.  In retrospect, before placing my order last month, I should have called them to verify how much the items had to cost in order to count.  I just feel that by not making the information easily accessible they are misleading their customers and it doesn't make me comfortable in purchasing from a company that is so non-transparent.
Entity: Rantoul, Illinois
15, Report #601502
May 09 2010
09:17 PM
Fascinations Adult Book John Myers Sell pirated DVDs Internet
Bought an adult DVD from fascinations in Manhattan, general manager and clerk at the time was John Myers. The DVD had genuine and anti-theft notices all over it. When I got home i popped it in and saw that it wasn't a genuine film, but some guy just took a camera into an NC-17 movie and taped it, then burned it to this DVD. I tried to return it to the store and told John the problem, but he just kept accusing me of switching the disc with my own.I have since mailed this into the FCC's copyright infringement department to make them aware of the issue. Don't buy DVDs from this place!
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #675401
Dec 26 2010
06:11 PM
Quality Paperback Book Club Be very careful when you order from this company! Internet
This is one of those bookclubs that lets you buy 6 books up front for 99 cents with the condition that you buy two books at regular price within 2 years. Sounds great...the only catch is that they have this customer's choice of two books each month that you have to decline or they send you two books that you don't even know what they are and charge them to your card. So even if you do an auto return (declining them at the post office without ever opening them) then you still have a charge for them on your credit card that you have to dispute! Also note that the books are not paperback, they are hardbacks and cost close to $20.00 per book! I was notified that I had to order my two books by Dec. 15th or I would be charged $19.70 penalty. I ordered 2 books, they charged my card for them then put a flag on my account's front page stating they would not be shipped until I paid the $19.70 penalty. I wrote them a nasty letter and they shipped the books. When I looked at the transactions on my card the $19.70 was there along with the charges for the two books! My card company declined the 19.70. I had not authorized that amount. Their reasoning was that one of the books I had ordered was not in the class of books I needed to purchase, this was not clearly marked by the book when I ordered it!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #671227
Dec 13 2010
10:11 PM
The Book Depository International Ltd. Never received my purchase Internet
I, too, am a victim of The Book Depository, Ltd.  I ordered and was charged for 2 books but never received them.  They indicated that they send all purchases via Royal Mail to the U.S. and cannot be responsible for lost shipments.  According to the U.S. Postal System, the company would be able to provide me with a tracking # if sent through the Royal Mail but when I've asked them for this information, they have not responded.  STILL WAITING, PATIENTLY, FOR MY BOOKS!  They were to be a Christmas present for my 6 yr. old daughter.  SCAM???
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #722187
Apr 26 2011
10:58 AM
Hot Book Sale Unauthorized charge. Boca Raton, Florida
I ordered a book from Hot Book Sale and next thing I know there were additional charges on my credit card.  I phoned the 888 number and was told that $19.95 was a monthly membership fee.  I DID NOT sign up for a membership.  As a matter of fact, I made sure I unchecked the box requesting weekly information.  They also charged me $1 for handling the membership application.  They didn't give me too hard a time about canceling and refunding the charge.  I am concerned as to how long it will take to see the credit.  Definite rip-off as there was absolutely nothing on the check-out form that committed you to a membership.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
19, Report #228839
Jan 05 2007
04:04 AM
Text Book Wheel Never paid me for the textbooks I sold to them Scottsdale Arizona
First I would like to warn everyone about Text Book Wheel: Do not sell your books to them. They are 100% a scam and will NOT pay you for your books. About 6 months ago for some reason I decided to sell 3 textbooks to textbookwheel. They had a fairly well designed website and did not have anything that looked incriminating. Also they seemed to offer a little bit more money than other sites. This should have been my first clue. I completed my order, packaged the books, and shipped them out media mail. I was supposed to receive a 52 dollar check in the mail plus get reimbursed for the shipping fee, but this never happened. Despite the fact that my delivery confirmation said Delivered my order status never changed. I tried emailing them but did not get a response until almost a month later. It basically said, Go screw we haven't received your package yet but I knew this to be false. I tried calling them but it went straight to voice mail. Also their Fax mysteriously did not work. Essentially they got three textbooks for free and I'm out about ~50 dollars. Frankly I don't know why of all the scams to choose they decided on textbooks but hey whatever works right? I really don't care about the money and I know I'll never get that back, but I thought it would be wise to file a report since it seems like nobody else on the internet has. When I shipped my books out their address was in Tennessee, now their website points to Arkansas. However if you whois their domain it comes up as Arizona, which I think was Ohio or Oklahoma last time I checked. Basically they have a bunch of addresses that probably change on a regular basis. Textbook wheel can plant a big smooch on my ass, and I hope they enjoy the books. I took them in the bathroom with me on multiple occasions so na-na-na-na-boo-boo. They touched tainted merchandise ;) I hope when you are finally shut down you feel like giant asses for starting a textbook scam. You guys better think of a tougher reason for being in jail because I don't think inmates respect textbook scammers. Theodore Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #89750
May 01 2004
08:15 AM
Double Day Book Club ripoff Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
I ordered books about a year ago from Double Day book club. They sent me a bill telling me that I had to order more products to fulfill my obligation. They did not specify which products would fulfill this obligation. I called them and they could not give me a straight answer on what I should buy to do this. They sent me a catalog and I picked out a movie set. I received another bill saying that the movie set did not fulfill my obligation and that I would have to buy more books on top of that. I called them and told them to send me a shipping label, and I sent the movies back. They sent me a bill saying that I could order more books and I they were still billing me for the movies. I called them and told them that I sent them the movies back. I asked them what books are going to fulfill my obligation. They said they didnt know. I asked them to send me another catalog since I didnt have the old one. They said they could not. I asked them how I should know what to get. They said I would have to figure that out on my own. I said that it was sort of hard to do that without a catalog. I got frustrated. I called back again and they still would not send me a catalog. I did not have a computer so I could not go online and look for books to order. I got very frustrated and was considering sending back all the books I got, but they would not take them back. So I gave up. They were confused. I was confused. I got a letter today in the mail from a collection agency asking me to pay off my debt to the bookclub. If I am going to pay this money, then I want a product in return. However, there is no phone number to reach them by at this point so I emailed the. I havent heard back yet. I'm wondering if they will even help me since its with a collection agency now. This is just frustrating having this bill come back to haunt me. I just want to get it over with. If it wasnt for their lousy customer service it probably would have been settled and would not have had to come to this point. I feel like they should either work something out with me or get rid of the bill altogether. If they want their books back I still have them. Whatever it takes. Chris pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
21, Report #338498
Jun 09 2008
12:17 PM
Quality Paperback Book Club Overcharge and no customer service Internet
I signed up in 2006 and was sent books I didn't order. I tried to contact customer service about this issue, but received no response to any of my letters. My e-mails were finally addressed after several months and, after a very delayed game of e-mail tag (that took nearly four months for a measly handful of e-mails!), I was finally told how to return the books. I was then charged a late fee, even though I hadn't paid or returned the books because I was trying to speak to their customer service representative. I received several threatening letters from their collections department regarding the late fee. I called them and, after explaining the issue, was told by their representative that it would be fixed and I no longer had to pay the late fee. I continued to receive letters from their collections department. I e-mailed and wrote letters and, if they were answered at all, were cut and paste responses that didn't even come close to addressing my issue. One phone representative hung up on me, another also promised that my account was okay and not to worry. Filed a report with the Better Business Bureau almost two months ago. I received one response from QPB about my complaint that accused me of trying to cheat the company. I told the Better Business Bureau that they didn't resolve my complaint. This was ten days ago and there's still no response! Whatever you do, do NOT do business with these people! Ann Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1184044
Oct 21 2014
06:42 AM
The book depository bad customer service, stolen money, blamed buyer United Kingdom Internet
After being a loyal customer for over 4 years, spending thousands of dollars on their site i have placed an order on the 11th Spetember 2014  and the books have been sent to the wrong address. i contacted them on the 12th September 2014 about a change of email and requested the confirmaiton order for the order be sent to the new one as i had been hacked and unable to view it.  No reply came, fast forward a month with no books and i message them on the 20th October 2014 asking about the books to be told they were sent to a previous address of mine that i no longer live in. I contacted the post office, current renters and the book depository about it all and the post office and current renters of the address they were sent to all said they did not recieve any parcels for me. i have singed witness statements from 3 people whom were wtih me at the time of purchase who confirmed for me that i had put the correct address as it was a new one and i wanted to be sure. This is a site malfunction that they have now said i will have to wait and see if the books are returned (could take months) and if no books are returned it is not their problem. The blame is 100% theirs. i did all the correct things, i changed the email address right away, requested a new confirmation order and now have done everything i can to get the company to work with me on a solution. They have taken to ignoring my emails and are not willing to help me with this issue. I did not ask for a refund, i asked that the books be sent to the correct address. The confirmation order says the correct address on it and did so before i messaged them, after messaging them i looked and it was changed to the address they had them sent to. I then requested it be changed back since there was still 3 books on that order yet to be sent. It took 4 emails before i was listened to on changing the address back to the correct one. The book depository will not cooperate with me on this issue and have taken to ignoring my pleas. I feel wronged after so many years of loyalty to them and would just like this corrected. i have all statements, emails and screenshots of what has gone on yet they still hold no blame and have said its now up to me. This does not seem correct that i am being turned out of a large sum of money due to their website making a mistake and them hiding it and shifting the blame onto a customer. 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1070971
Jul 29 2013
11:01 AM
Petropol Book Store Ripped off an elderly lady Brookline Massachusetts
Petropol Book store owner took down payment for the rare book from my 78 years old Mother on 02/25/13 promising her the delivery of the book within a month.  As of 07/29/13 there is no book, and no money back.  My Mother contacted the store several times, and the answer was -- the owner Ilya Livanov is not here, and nobody can give her a status of the transaction.  I live in WA state, so I can't physically go to the store and demand the money. I called the store, and got the owner on the phone.  The answer was -- I will give money back.  Still, no money, and no book.  I found the book on another website, and purchased it, but the deposit from Petropol book store still has not been returned to my Mother.
Entity: Brookline, Massachusetts
24, Report #578913
Mar 05 2010
08:47 PM
Discount Book Sale Discount Books Discount Book Sales Stole $140.00 from my credit card after I ordered an $11.95 book. Internet
On or about August of 2009 I ordered a book from for the price of $11.95. Unfortunately I do not check my credit card statements real close. However when I was reviewing my credit card statement on February 2009, I noticed a $19.95 charge from discountbooksale. I contacted my wife and we could not figure it out. When I pulled up my March statement I noticed another $19.95 charge from Discountbooksale, I was angry to say the least. I contacted them questioning these charges. They informed me that they have been charging me $19.95 for the past 7 months. I asked what am I receiving for the $139.65 that you have taken out of my account? Oh she said you are part of our discount club I did not sign up for any discount club. Long story short, I ordered a book, they signed me up for a discount club, where I can save $5.00 for every $300.00 I spend by being a member of their club!!!! WOW What a deal!!!! Last line was to make my point. Do Not Buy any books from, they will keep your credit card number and keep charging you $19.95 per month until you catch them. Isnt there any honest companies in the United States? The address is a PO BOX, boy what a surprise!!! Discountbooksale, PO BOX 810365, Boca Raton, FL 33481-0365 Phone number 866-707-5858. Do Not Order Anything from these Thieves!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #141374
May 03 2005
09:50 AM
Homestyle Book Club RIPOFF Homestyle Book Club Mysterious Late Fees & Deliver & Charge Books never ordered. Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
Homestyle Book Club is kind of like Columbia House and BMG, where they send you 5 books for $2 or something like that and you agree to buy another 3 over 2 to 3 years. The shipping and handling is ridiculous but you expect that. Here's where the deal goes bad. They send you books that you never ordered and you get bills with mysterious charges on the statement. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. THEY GIVE YOU THE RUNAROUND, BIG TIME! All in all, I finally got them to come up with a bill the actually reflected the books I bought and I paid it and cancelled my account. Then I get another bill with additional charges and a $4 late fee when I never even got a bill in the first place. Finally, I paid that bill just to end this BS because its time consuming and told them to shove it where the sun don't shine and I still got another bill after that. Which I called and they told me not to pay that one. I can only wonder what I'll receive from them in the future. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM. BUYER BE VERY AWARE!!!!!! (To backup my info: I have over 740 FICO and I have never had any lateness in the 14 years I have had credit cards, leases and car loans.) Steve coram, New YorkU.S.A.

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