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1, Report #1293565
Mar 31 2016
06:28 PM
Brian Marshall - State Police / Sam Wilson - Attorney General / Legal lawsuit resulting in arrest warrant Scam phone call stating arrest warrant has been issued for my arrest Nationwide Nationwide
 I received a frightening voicemail today, that caused me to immediately frantically panic and stress. The message was labeled as a voice mail from 911. After checking to verify I had not accidentally pocket dialed an emergency number from my phone's lock screen (I obviously had not), I rolled my windows up and played the message on speaker inside my vehicle. The message was as follows: Hey, this is officer Brian Marshall calling from State Police headquarters. This call is regarding a legal lawsuit and arrest warrant filed against your name. Now the very next second when you receive this message I want you to contact your local attorney general, attorney Sam Wilson at 850-702-2842. I repeat that is 850-702-2842. Tha.know you, and God bless you. After having a moment to chew on it, and having listened to the message 8 times consecutively, I started to realize that there were small details about it that did not sit right with me. The message never referred my name, or location. Nor did it include the reason behind the actions being stated. Not to mention the Florida area code when I am in Ohio. Following about 3 minutes of due diligence, I found references of the scam and word for word dialogue of the message. I was fortunate enough to figure this all out before ever having even considered providing this man with my personal information and payment methods. I hope this helps you to do the same. And if anyone out there can determine a way to seek this psycho impersonating a police officer and stealing people's money, then please be certain to ensure that every extent of the law is in forced on this man from a real police officer and attorney general. Thank you, - Ohio Victim
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1299664
Apr 13 2016
10:52 PM
officer brian marshall so called officer brian marshell from state police left voicemail on my cell using number to call from voicemail states im involved in a lawsuit and possibly have an arrest warrent then to contact us attorneys office and gave a fony phone number. Never mentions me personally by name . Nationwide
Officer Brian Marshall from state police left voicemail on cell phone that I was involved in a lawsuit and possibly an arrest warrant ..tells me to contact us attorney office gave fony phone number name used during voicemail to pinpoint me .
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1292483
Mar 08 2016
04:53 PM
Entity: National
4, Report #1103652
Dec 03 2013
08:00 AM
Brian Mason , Marshall Carriage Company Marshall Carriage Comany Prepaid them for a wedding , they didnt show up Marshall Michigan
  This company  was  contracted  for a  wedding  on  October  5  ,  in  Marshall  , local enguagment. They  were  prepaid  months  in advance  ,  but  they  didnt  show  up!!!   I  had  to  call  them to  see  where  they  were,  They  tried  to  use  a  lame  excuse  that  the  bridal  broke ,  come  on  man  ,  wouldnt  you  call  to  let  us  know ,  They  wouldnt  have  even  shown  up  if I didnt  call !!    They  made  out  photographer and  200 guests wait  for 25 minutes  and  then  the  carriage  arriives  with  a  brown  horse  instead  of  white ,  no  just  married  sign  or  decorations ,  and  the  driver  was  dressed  in  a  t  shirt  and  torn  jeans!! Worst  service  I  have  ever  seen ,  When  I  called  the  owner  to  complaint  his  first  response  was  , I  guess  we  should  stop  doing  weddings !!   He  is  right !!!  We  are  still  waiting  for  our  refund !! Do  not  use  this  company  for  any service ,  from  other  things  that  I have  read,  it isnt  good!!  
Entity: Marshall, Michigan
5, Report #878195
May 04 2012
06:14 AM
Marshall Carriage Company KBM Group, Brian Mason Neglectful businessman, tax fraud Marshall, Michigan
Brian Mason, the owner of the Marshall Carriage Company, is an extremely poor businessman and employer.  If you work for him, expect long hours without breaks, late paychecks, backbiting, lying, and possibly tax fraud.  If you're a woman, fully expect harassment. He's worked employees for ten to twelve hours straight without breaks during summer hours, but considers waiting out in the sun for potential customers to constitute breaks. He's regularly been up to a week late with paychecks without advance notice or reason, and becomes extremely difficult to contact during these times. He will, at some point, make disparaging remarks about employees to other employees.  When confronted, he'll deny ever making those remarks, even if you have another employee to verify what he's said. For tax year 2011 he withheld 20% of his employees' paychecks, all the while claiming that he was going to have his employees sign W-4s and work as fully recognized employees.  W-4s were never presented.  During tax season, he sent all of his employees 1099s and claimed he would send them the withholding he'd taken out in a gross check; this gross check, intended to help employees pay for any taxes they might owe, was apparently to arrive after the business had filed for and received its tax return.  Filing of the business's taxes took place the week of the tax deadline. After some employees made a request with the IRS, W-2s were generated after the tax deadline and employees were forced to file amended returns.  The W-2s generated under-reported both gross and net pay and employees were forced to correct them; Mason insisted his numbers were right when the sum of all pay stubs indicated otherwise. Pay stubs were rarely given out; when requested, he told his employees they were in Port Huron with his accountant.  His accountant said they were never in Port Huron.  When employees did receive their pay stubs, some stubs were missing outright and Mason claimed to lack them. Mason has made advances on at least three female employees, as well as asking uncomfortable and pointed questions of a sexual nature.  He has dated one employee while she worked for him and at no point questioned the ethics of such a relationship.
Entity: Marshall, Michigan
6, Report #1300913
Apr 20 2016
03:48 PM
Brian Marshall called andleft message that I had a lawsuit and arrest warrant PCB Florida
today I recieved a call from Officer Brian Marshall saying I needed to contact the Florida State Attorney Generals Office at 8503294888. He stated hewas Officer Brian Marshall with the (muffled noise) sheriff dept. He cautioned that I should not ignopre this call.
Entity: PCB, Florida
7, Report #1292458
Mar 08 2016
03:36 PM
Brian Marshall Sam Wilson Florida Attorney Generals Office This is a SCAM Florida Nationwide
I have been receiving a call from Brian Mardshall stating I needed to call immediately to settle a lawsuit brought against me or I would have a warrant issued for my arrest.   This is officer Brian Marshall from State police headquarters. This call is regarding a legal lawsuit in an arrest warrant filed against your name. The very second you receive this message I want you to reach attorney generals office state of Florida to attorney Sam Wilson at 850-296-3557.  Thank you and God bless you.   I proceeded to do some research knowing it had to be fake and I am glad I did because I see that many people have lost their money by falling for this scam.  These people must be stopped.  i am tired of receiving numerous calls during the day while I am working and being left nasty messages like this.  What action can be taken to stop this on my part?
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #8193
Nov 27 2001
12:00 AM
Saranac Lake police corruption, Judge Marshall T. Jarvis at it again!
How is it that police officers in the adirondacks are allowed to drive drunk and get away with it? A Saranac Lake Police Officer was convicted of D.W.I. and given lighter sentence D.W.A.I and was suspended WITH PAY. He was also given a small fine and was told he was going to be re-instated. According to N.Y. State Law a person who commits an offense of any type of driving under influence shall have a fine and have license suspended for 90 days. He was arraigned before Justice Marshall T. Jarvis(newly elected judge in town of altamont) who was censored while being village justice for being lenient to a Tupper Lake Police Officer who was arrested for petit larceny. Politics at its best.
Entity: Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, New York
9, Report #121673
Dec 07 2004
11:47 AM
Marshall Ford rip-off! Take advantage of people, State Code Violators. Marshall Virginia
Beware of Marshall Ford. Marshall Ford's Service Department has violated Virginia State Code Consumer Rights (including not posting said list of rights in the room where vehicles are received for service, required by Virginia State Law.) They also perform unauthorized jobs (even if the customer has requested an estimate, which, by Virginia law, means all jobs must be approved before being done) and presented inflated bills. If you insist on using Marshall Ford, make sure you get a written estimate and read it carefully before you sign it. Unfortunately, however, that is not protection enough, because when we rejected some jobs on the estimate we asked for (and never signed the estimate), they went ahead and did unauthorized jobs anyway. And if they still don't have the Consumer Rights poster in their Service Department lobby when you visit, make sure you know your rights before dealing with these people: they did not have the sign posted (in violation of the law) when we went in there, and seemingly are counting on people to not know their rights, because they trampled all over ours. Anonymous Northern Virginia, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Marshall, Virginia
10, Report #1299774
Apr 14 2016
01:58 PM
Brian Marshall Got a call from an unknown number telling me about a lawsuit and arrest warrant against me and he (Brian Marshall) provided me with a number to call and it's about loans which I know I NEVER took out Tallahassee Florida
 I received a call from a Brian Marshall who claims to work for a police department. He then gave me a number to contact. I called the number and I was told it was for a loan/s that I possibly took out. I never in my life took out a loan. Years ago I tried to but it didn't go through so I left it alone. And I was also told that I'll receive paper work and police will come to my house so I can go to court if I didn't go through with a payment. A man I talked to said if I payed 375 dollars then it would be over with
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #454872
May 24 2009
07:23 AM
Marshall Oil Corporation - David Chesher MINERAL INTEREST SCAM, ESPECIALLY ELDERLY OUT OF STATE OWNERS!! Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I am property manager for an elderly gentleman whose property is in a trust. David Chesher who lists himself as Marshall Oil Corporation wrote the trustee trying to get a lease of mineral interest, implying a well was proposed on his legal description. There is no intent to drill or application for permit to drill filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Actually, nothing has been done in this location since 1970 in which a dry hole was produced. This happens often, especially with non-resident mineral owners. They send a unsigned Authority for Expenditure listing over a million dollars proposed and ask the owners for a check for their proposed share of the well which is non existent, or as an alternative they can lease their mineral interest for a very nominal sum to the company. Beware and tell your elderly family members of this scam!!! Happy delsigne Durant, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12, Report #1069156
Jul 22 2013
03:21 PM
xavier marshall taylor and associates claiming i has lawsuits against me in New York New York
 after applying for a payday loan on some different sites, i received a phone call from xavier marshalls law office saying that there were charges being pressed against me but the woman wouldnt say what for. later on this same day i receive a call from an attorney in california. (taylor and associates). he also proceeded to tell me there were charges being pressed against me for not paying off payday loans. i let him know that i did not have any payday loans that had not been paid. i had already read all the other reports about xavier marshall on the internet so i let this man ( james davis i believe he said his name was) know that there are reports for this all over the internet and i know its a scam. he was really giving himself away. he started getting mad at what i was saying and trying to convice me that there were charges against me. he was foreign and didnt understand some of the things i was saying. eventually i told him he sounded really young and i asked if he made a lot of money doing this. he laughed and said that he was 22 and he said that he sees im only 24 and if i ever get bored i can call him at that number and he will talk to me.
Entity: new york/california, Select State/Province
13, Report #1141108
Apr 23 2014
01:05 PM
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
14, Report #543650
Dec 22 2009
10:24 AM
Brian Anderson Conned me out of over $250K. Reported to state bar. Dunwoody, Georgia
A long sordid story (See The summary is that Brian conned me into spending close to $300K to buy an IP portfolio. He took a one third interest to bring the patents up to issued status so they could subsequently be resold. It turned out that Brian had different ideas. He wanted to do a quick flip of the portfolio. When it turned out that he would actually have to do the work, he bailed. I sent this ( complaint to the state bar. Surprisingly to me, I received a one sentence response: Regarding your allegations of fraud and malpractice, these are matters for the court, not the State Bar of Georgia.  Thanks guys. It's nice to know the bar is just part of the lawyers lobby. My response to the bar is below:------------------ Dear Ms. Hulsey Thank you for your December 16th letter. I do hope it is not the final word on the subject of my grievance complaint against Brian Anderson. I realize that my earlier statement was rather long. I wanted to convey the full situation. Let me try a different approach. Instead of a full statement, Ill ask you to consider a subset of the facts that are clearly within the scope of the State Bar of Georgia. If somebody hires a lawyer for a civil case and the lawyer doesnt show up in court which costs the client a default judgment, that is something the state bar should accept as a grievance and should invoke some kind of sanctions. How about a lawyer that does that 41 separate times? Brian Anderson was hired to develop a patent portfolio of 41 patents and was paid over $120 thousand dollars to do so. I can produce a signed contract, canceled checks, and a witness statement, so this is a fact that is not likely to be disputed. The current status of the publically searchable applications in the portfolio is now Abandoned no response to office action. This can be checked at See the status of applications 10/962840, 10/930878, 11/211844, etcetera. Not responding to an office action is the patent lawyer equivalent of not showing up in court. I am bringing this to the state bar for two reasons: There is no effective remedy in civil court. If I am to have any chance at all of salvaging the abandoned applications with the patent office, I need to show that I am an innocent party. I have taken my case to a couple of lawyers already. Brian has no malpractice insurance and few assets, so nobody Ive talked to is willing to take this case on contingency. If I go forward with the case, it would cost about $10K for depositions and another $50K for trial. Meanwhile, Brian can defend himself for free and would likely drag things out as long as possible. Even when I win a judgment, it is not likely to be worth much because of his lack of assets. Im afraid I dont have $60K to spend on a quixotic adventure like this; partially because the shyster in question has already ripped me off for over $250K. (Pardon me, Im a working stiff engineer and my retirement funds have been sacked.) I can hire another lawyer and try to salvage some of the patents from the portfolio. My current understanding is that this is at the discretion of the patent office. They will only allow me to reclaim an abandoned application if I can show that it was abandoned through no fault of my own. To this end, I need something in the public record such as sanctions by the state bar showing that the lawyer did this on his own and without my authorization. Cordially,
Entity: Dunwoody, Georgia
15, Report #1097799
Nov 07 2013
08:06 PM
Brian Scagliola Liar, Sneaky, Disrespectful, Horrible, Criminal Newtonville Massachusetts
Brain Scagliola, took my deposit money for a home. He did not return my money. Brain the weasle would not answer my phone calls. He is a liar!!!! Buyer beware!!!!
Entity: Newtonville MA, Select State/Province
16, Report #1299769
Apr 14 2016
01:48 PM
Officer Brian Marshall 1-850-329-4888 called left message to call Florida Attorney General Office because arrest warrant and lawsuit has been filed against me Florida
Hello, today about eleven I received a voice mail from so called Officer Brian Marshall stating that I needed to conact the Florida State Attorney Office at 1-850-329-4888 because I had a lawsuit and a warrant issued against me, and I needed to get this taken care of.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #883365
May 15 2012
10:46 PM
State Farm Insurance (Brian Burklow) misrepresented my company Porter, Texas
They can my company and said they could save us money. We paid them to insure my company to find out they dont know even know how to insue a house hold good mover. State Farm does not sell cargo insurance. They totaly misrepresented me to the state of Texas. I all most lost my TX DMV #. They should have never said that they could insure my company or took my money. I will be seeking an attorney for misrepresentation. I am not the only person with complaints on Brian Burklows office. I would like to see him in court. So he can explain this type ripoff.
Entity: Porter, Texas
18, Report #350690
Jul 13 2008
08:50 AM
Pittsburg Oklahoma State Police Falseified police reports McAlester Oklahoma
the officer wrought a false police report for his frend on a reck that cost me thousands of dollers in the town of savanna okla the kid was traveling about 70 to 80 miles an hour in town and hit my son knocked him in to a house the officer wrought it up as my son fault for pulling out on the road within so many feet froma hill which every one on that street have to pull out in front of that hill it is a resident street in toun in front of a school and a church on top of that the county let my dogs out of my house and charged my son for dogs running loose so the hole county is crooked James Savanna, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: McAlester, Oklahoma
19, Report #215480
Oct 12 2006
04:44 PM
Marshall Media - Charlie Marshall Ripoff! scam artist Con Artist Burbank California
INVESTORS BEWARE Marshall Media a Scam!!! They are fraudlently soliciting money from investors around the world using illegal sales practices. They don't have technology nor legitamate business. Fraudulently raising capital by name dropping and falsely using fake names in PPM organization. The money they raise is solely for the purpose of enriching themselves. Charlie Marshall is a professional conman and is stealing your money with the help of 3 con artist salesmen from Orange County, California. If you have already been a victim of their scam, request audit and get your money back. Frankie Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
20, Report #8194
Nov 27 2001
12:00 AM
New York State Police Investigator corruption
To ALL New Yorkers in the Central Region ( Marcy, Utica, Rome etc etc ) area. Be on your guard as to corruption going on in the New York State Police Barracks in Marcy, NY. My fiance had filed a complaint against her ex boyfriend who lives in Indiana some time back ( In June of 2000). He had broken into our house and held her at knifepoint an attempted to sexually assault her with my child sitting in her swing. She filed a report with an Investigator who's name escapes me at this time. This investigator called her down to the barracks a few days later and threatened to take our children away from her and throw her in jail for lying on the complaint. The investigator goes on to say that the ex was in Indiana county jail at the time of the crime! ( Which I called EVERY jail, sheriff's dept, Indiana State police, probabtion dept in the area he was supposed to be in jail and everyone said he was not in jail, so the INV lied. No suprize there) My fiance being the naive person that she is signed the confession that she lied under duress and coersion. And now she has a record. The investigator also gave the EX our private unlisted phone number in which the EX called her and asked why he made those charges against him. If that wasnt enough, the investigator told my fiance that if she didn't just plead guilty to it in court, and if she brought this up again she would go to jail. If this is what justice has become I dont want any part of it!!! Even her public defender was incompetent. If anyone has any help that they might offer I am all ears.
Entity: Marcy, Utica, Rome, New York
21, Report #846398
Feb 29 2012
06:56 AM
New Mexico State Police Cited for speeding Santa Rosa, New Mexico
In Sept of 2011 I traveled to Albuquerque, NM to visit my dying father. My father has since passed away on Dec 14th. On my way back home to Alabama I was pulled over on I-40 near Santa Rosa by officer J. Campos. Just before being pulled over I was climbing a hill with my cruise control set on 70 which is 5 mph under the speed limit. In my rearview I could see a small car gaining on me pretty fast. When I topped the hill I saw the Nm Trooper slow down coming from the opposite direction. I said to my wife at that time that cop just got that car behind us. Shortly after that I looked in my rearview and observed the trooper behind my vehicle pulling me over. After pulling over the trooper approached my vehicle on the passanger and without telling me why he stopped me, ordered me out of my minivan and told me to step back to his vehicle. At this time the trooper wrote me a ticket for going 82 mph in a 75. I told the trooper that I had my cruise set at 70 and asked him if he saw the car behind me. He said NO that I was the only vehice he saw. At this time he gave me the option of pleading guilty and agreeing to pay the fine or return to court 1300 miles from my home in a few weeks. Since I was on the side of the hwy 1300 miles from home with my wife and kids I just signed the penalty assessment and thought I could fight it later. I was Wrong!!! Once you sign that part of the ticket you pretty much give up all your rights. After arriving back home I just had to pay the $75 fine no other option. Through my research I found that the trooper that gave me the ticket was a rookie hadnt even been on the job for a year. All I can say is poor training and a lack of common sense with result in mistakes like this. Up to that day It never even crossed my mind that I could get a speeding ticket if I was not speeding. I now realize that in these bad economic times states are hurting for money and traffic citations are a great revenue generator. My suggestion to anyone traveling to another state is get a recording device with a date and time stamp, record your speedometer and run a gps tracking application like my speed. If you dont have proof you were not speeding , trust me you will PAY. I currently have both and if it happens again the officer that pulls me over will have alot to explain in court. Dont be a victim of shady practices like this and Shame on the NMSP. Serve and protect is now serve and collect......
Entity: Santa Rosa, New Mexico
22, Report #217082
Oct 22 2006
11:06 AM
Brian McClard, Qualtiy Home Construction Brian McClard is not a trustworthy Contractor We filed a police report agains him and his company, Quality Home Construction, for Consumer fraud and Stolen goods DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM Aurora, Illinois
Brian McClard is an individual who cannot be trusted in any manner. He is the owner Quality Home Construction, located at 511, Metropolitan St,Aurora, IL 60502. Telephone number: 630-947-9145 and 603-947-9144. He took our money, did not complete the job and on top of it stole our personal belongings. We hired him on September, 14, 2006 to do remodelling work on our condo, located in Chicago, IL. The biggest mistake we made was trusting him to do a decent job. We have filed a police report for stolen goods and a consumer fraud report with the Chicago Police Department, on October 22nd, 2006 for non completion of his contract with us. Do not trust this person or his company to do any work, even if he signs a contract with you. After he took $4500/ from us, he did not report for work, pretty much damaged our property, stole our personal belongings and DID NOT return any phone calls we made requesting an explanation. Please do not make the same mistake we made. We feel the public should be made aware of him and his company so that he cannot continue ripping off honest people! Chris Schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
23, Report #1077216
Aug 19 2013
06:59 PM
Brian Reuter Construction Took money to reroof my house... never delivered material ... or did work Bellevue Nebraska
 On December 15, 2012 the contractor of Reuter Construction, Brian Reuter, gave me a Proposal to tear off my old shingles (two layers) and install the following; (1) ice and water shield and paper, (2)30-year Architectural shingles (Desert Tan), and (3) new ridge cap, boots, and metal. The Proposal also included a provision for clean up.     On that day, December 15, 2012, I gave him a check for $4,350 to cover the roofing materials, with the expectation that I would pay him another $1,692 when the work was completed.   On January 21, 2013 I received a message via Facebook stating the shingles have been paid for, but he could not do the work until his truck was fixed.  He asked for the rest of the money so that he could get his truck fixed.  He said the mechanic told him it would be done the first week of February 2013 and that he would be able to start on the roof at that time.  On January 22, 2013 I gave him a check for the balance (rounded to $1,700).  I did not hear from him again April 23, 2013 when he shot me a text message stating he would do the work on the weekend of May 3rd.  I responded (via text) asking him to start one weekend earlier because I was starting to see water damage.  That text was ignored.  I left him a voice mail on May 1, 2013 stating my roof was beginning to leak (we saw water on the floor).  He came over the next evening (May 2, 2013), put up some tarp, and said the roofing would be delivered that weekend (May 3rd or 4th).   As of this date, August 19, 2013, the work has yet to be completed and Mr. Reuter is not responding to my attempts to contact.
Entity: Select State/Province
24, Report #1145554
May 10 2014
07:21 AM
City Web Company Brian Good Brian Good hires people from Craigslist and never pays them Denver Colorado
Brian Good of Repairing Reputations, aka City Web Company, does not pay people who do work at home for his company. I came aross his hiring add on Craigslist, and responded. I was told several times that for the first week, I would be paid 10.00an hour, then he would prefer to pay per email. I was also told that I was expected to produce atleast 4 emails every 20 minutes. I was not given any more guidelines, expected amount of hours worked, or even expected sent emails daily. Over the next week, stories started to change, stipulations became unclear and the entire communication process between the two of us became very questionable. After looking a little more into the company I discovered this: This entire business is based around this very website, which in itelf is a bit shady in its practices, with a $2,000 arbitrator fee just to have the process started to remove your companys bad review. City Web Company doesnt even bother with the review, and how they claim to repair your reputation is a waste of the consumers time and money.  Once I read up on what this company actually does, it became very clear to me that I was not going to be paid for the work I had done. First I was promised payment on Monday, a week from my start date. When preferred form of payment came into discussion, I made it very clear that I would be more comfortable with a westerm union transfer, because I had no validity that this comapny was real and legit. The topic was ignored and tiptoed around. I remained patient. A week in, Mr. Good now requests 20 emails every hour, which there was still no word of payment for the work I had already done, and eventually Mr. Good claims that 20 emails an hour are what is required, and I did not meet the requirements for the first week so I will not be getting payed what I was originally told. Mr. Good also doesnt have a very good idea of what it is he had me doing, I was constantly having to correct him and expalin how things worked to him.  Then came the request for paypal and bank account information. I have no proof that this person is legit, he refuses to western union my payment because its expensive even though I already made it clear that I would like the cost deducted from my pay.  Now he states that because I kept my emails tidy by clearing out old sent items, he cant pay me anything even though he had informed me two days ago that my hours had been verified. He now claims he has screenshots of me trying to rip the company off somehow, yet he is unable to keep track of his employees clocking in and out? Who runs a buisness like that? Brian Good claims to be the owner and operator of Repairing Reputations, until theres a problem, then someone else is in change and he has to check with them. If you see any craigslist adds looking for a virtual assistant in the Central Florida or Denver area STAY AWAY. Best case scenario this is just a very poorly run company by people of moderate to low intelligance. No sense of how a buisness operates what so ever. Im just glad Im not a customer, what a faniastic SCAM
Entity: Denver, Colorado
25, Report #1339839
Nov 25 2016
04:51 PM
Roney Marshall Internet
 I got an email from roney Marshall telling me I got approved for a 10000 loan he put 1500 in my account but the check was fraud so my bank closed my account and now I can't bank with them anymore I told him all of this and he didn't care he just was like send me 300 dollars and I will send you 5000 I told him no and that he ruined things for my kids and he just didn't care
Entity: Internet

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