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26, Report #1097515
Nov 06 2013
07:40 PM
Jimmy's Pools and Spas, Jimmy's Pool plastering Worst pool builder in Georgia! Acworth Georgia
My ordeal started almost 4 months ago when I hired Jimmy's Pools and Spas (http://jimmyspoolandspas.net/) to build a pool in my backyard. Following is a summary of service/contract issues I have had with Jimmy Cerna, who is the owner of the company: 1. Project is overdue by more than 50% of the delivery time. It took 3+ months to get the pool to an almost complete status (it hasn't yet passed inspection).  2. He was going to quit the project in the middle with nothing more than a hole in my backyard. After I posted reviews online about 2 weeks ago, the guy grudgingly showed up to finish the remaining work.  3. I have innumerable text messages where Jimmy promised to do this or that by today, tomorrow, etc. but has never shown up to do the work. First week after plastering is critical for the pool. It needs to be started so that the plaster dust can be brushed and removed by pump. The guy never showed up to start the pool or test the equipment even 2 days after the water was filled. I had to hire a maintenance guy to come and start the pool. The maintenance guy tried to start the pump & filter, but he couldn't because there was a leak in the return line of the filter. The equipment installation was done by a sub and the subcontractor did a shoddy job.  4. He did not pay one of his subcontractors. The subcontractor threatened to file a lien on our property. I finally paid the sub and subtracted the amount from the next payment. 5. Jimmy poured the patio concrete wrongly causing heavy flooding in the basement. I have 2 estimates asking for $5000 to extract water from the basement and clean up the mess. We decided to clean it up ourselves (3 to 4 days of heavy duty clean up). Since this was caused due to a construction project, it is not even covered by the home insurance. We called Jimmy at around 7am after the flood was discovered. He said he would come by in the afternoon. The guy didn't show up as usual. I called him again at 7pm in the night. He then sent someone at 8pm to take pictures (not to help extract water, but just to take pictures).  6. He never gave us a copy of the liability insurance card or the business license. Beware of this guy! This guy might change his business name or website in the future to escape bad reviews. Jonathan Alvarado is a cronie who works for Jimmy Cerna.  I posted this review on kudzu.com and it deleted the review. kudzu.com is another ripoff favoring the business and not the consumer.  
Entity: Acworth, Georgia
27, Report #467513
May 16 2011
08:44 PM
Corey Corbin defaulted on $25,000 loan Sandown New Hampshire
As documented here - http://www.ericscc.com/listings/9707 - Mr. Corey Corbin defaulted on a $25,000 loan that was funded by nearly 100 individuals. The loan originated on 7/12/09 and defaulted in a little under a year - 6/1/07. (It's perhaps noteworthy that Mr. Corbin served 2 terms as a New Hampshire State Representative, is the owner of Raw Power Stables, and The Breezeway Pub in Manchester, NH. In late 2006, his position as Chairman on the Sandown Board of Selectman was revoked by the Sandown Board of Selectmen.) For what it's worth, Mr. Corbin's business partner took out a $10,000 loan one month after Mr. Corbin got his loan, and similarly defaulted on 6/1/07. http://www.ericscc.com/listings/31433 Chantillian Chantilly, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sandown, New Hampshire
28, Report #590735
Apr 22 2011
12:30 PM
Construct Unlimited Stoneworks Concrete Concrete Overlay Rip Off. Paid big $. Cracks everywhere. Wont come back to fix. Internet, California
This company has had a suspended license since 9/09. It is still suspended as of the date of this complaint. I was unaware of that, when I hired him a few months ago. I paid thousands of dollars to have Construct Unlimited, AKA StoneWorks Concrete install a concrete overlay all around my house. It cracked within days, and the owner Steve Jansen wont do anything about it. He makes excuses for why it cracked, and blames it on everything, except his product, or installers. This guy is a joke, with a big attitude once you confront him on his warranty, or lack of one. There are lots of other companies to choose from. I had to hire someone else to fix my job the right way.
Entity: Internet, California
29, Report #869832
Apr 19 2012
10:39 PM
I'm feeling ripped off and foolish.  I can overlook a lot of things despite having to overlook poor customer service which was what I started out with for 8 weeks but that is not why Im writing.  I purchased a Groupon for $189.00 for 40 units of Botox. When I finally got an appt, the person at check in started a sales pitch about buying an extra 50 units of Dysport for $219.00 and a $50 mail in rebate. She told me my price after rebate wopuld be $150.00.  Math is math and the accurate amount is 169.00. I assume they think if they lower the price people wont think to do the math. Ok, that is beside the point. There was another woman who took me to my room and had the EXACT same sales pitch about how I would benefit from 50 u of Dysport. It is amazing that these women who aren't nurses were certain that I did not purchase enough units of Botox (40 is a lot and I dont have many wrinkles) as she too went o nwith the cost, rebate etc. They were reciting the exact same script. 50 units being the magic number. The nurse came in and sold the same idea! I foolishly agreed. Heres what is upsetting me. I spent a total $400.00 which is more than what I spend without having a Groupon. There has been no effect whatsoever. My face is very flexible.  The bottles the nurse was drawing from had their lids removed and who knows what was really going into my face. NOTHING has changed, the Botox nor the Dysport has taken. Ive had both of these services many times and have never experienced this.  I have seen many poor reviews with people stating the exact same thing, that their botox didn't take. The nurse also left the room to go make more Dysport, she was gone for a long time but I did not see what she was placing in the syringe.  Usually the provider will show you the bottle but in this case they did not and again, they were wide open and she did not take them from the fridge as it was sitting out on the counter. She'd apparently had been drawing from it all day because she came to the end of the Botox as well so she ran out of both products while I was in her chair. I am sick over this. I usually do my homework.
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
30, Report #205081
Aug 08 2006
01:32 PM
Direct Tv ripoff Lies unkept promises unprofessional and rude staff El Segundo California
From the moment I called to inquire about specific programs, and was put on hold by the salesman Mike every 2 minutes so he could double check, the red flags should have gone up. I clearly explained I had just moved from the East coast and my sons were looking to watch East coast teams. Mike informed me that they offered a sports package for $11.99 a month and I was extremely interested as my former provider charged around $150.00, so I agreed to cancel my former provider and switch to Direct TV. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! The installer showed up 3 hours late to begin with, then informed me he did not have all the proper tools needed to complete the job, but somehow he will manage. Upon completion some 4 hours later, it was time to activate. He placed the call to the activation center and put me on the phone. Immeditatly, she began to blurt charges I was not informed of including $4.99 per each additional, in my case it was 4, and that the so called $11.99 sports package was not major league teams but college, so I was completely turned off for the word go. I told the installer to go right back on my roof and remove the system and I thought he was going to cry. He asked to speak to the rep and he pleaded with her to resolve the matter asap. We had no choice because I was not going to disappoint my children again, but to purchase the Major league package for a mere $150.00, however they would credit us 1 month, well they had me by the neck, so I agreed. Upon signing the contract as a done deal, I clearly hand wrote accross the bottom that I was mislead and lied to right from the start. Then came the other issues. Signal??? Umm, God forbid a cloud hicupped, we would lose the signal, sometimes for hours. Cloudy or rainy days? Forget it!! I began calling on a regular basis to document my disatisfaction and got nothing but brush offs. On June 27, again I called and spent a better part of 2 hours on the phone with a supervisor named Aurie who promised me he would continue the promotional rate of $29.00 for the remainder of my contract, what a joke!!! I just got my first bill since the promotional ended and yup, you guess it, my charges are now nerely doubled. On August 7, at 6:10 pm, I called again to complain that I was being overcharged whowever, kept getting hung up on. I called again and again, this time I thought I got lucky and actually found a rep (Richard ID# 10039182) that gave a hoot. After going over and over my records, he agreed to credit my account $135.00, plus issue a credit of $10.00 a month for the remainder of my contract plus upgrade me to the plus package. Sounds great right?? Wrong!!! You see Richard put me on hold and never came back, the next think I heard was a dial tone. Well, I figured I was safe because I had his ID number, so I called back. This time I got a very rude man named Chris ID#U2422 who then told me it was easier to win the lottery than to get the same rep twice. He looked at the notes and agreed that Richard was in the process of issuing a credit, however his notes did not indicate the amount and he found it crazy that he would make such an offer. I asked him if he was suggesting I was lieing and he again said the same thing. He said my complaints and issues were not worth a credit that high, however he would issue me a $60.00 credit. Of course I said noway, I wanted what was promised and he said I see I cant help you, then guess what. HE HUNG UP!!!!! Now consummed with frustration, I called back and got Chrystal who would not give her ID# and said I should have accepted Chris's credit because she is only willing to offer me $45.00. Are they kidding me??? This time I HUNG UP! I called back again, now 3 hours later and got Steve who agreed I was intitled to something and promised me a call back from accounting within 1 hour. Well now 11pm, I did get a call back from Jessica who claimed to be the accounting manager who then informed me I was owed nothing and would get nothing!!!! When I informed her I was contacting the BBB and the State attorney general as well as my local TV station, she wished me good luck in a sarcastic manner and yup, you guessed it, she hung up!!! I have since called their headquartes, no responce, emailed them 3 times, no responce and have filed a report with the BBB in California who informed me that as of August 8, 2006, there are 5,191 complaints listed with them, and thats just in California!! TAKE MY ADVICE!!! DON'T GET DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott Manitowoc, WisconsinU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DirectTV
Entity: El Segundo, California
31, Report #230704
Jan 28 2009
04:06 PM
City Of Monterey Planning Department City of Monterey Planning Department is corrupt and inconsistant in allpying its rules and regulations Ripoff Monterey California
Our business is located next to the Ryan Ranch Daycare Center in an industrial business park. Historically, the daycare center depended on the parking spaces located at 4 Justin Court. When we moved our business to Justin Court, half of the 14 front parking spaces were used on a daily basis by the daycare center's employees. The daycare center's clients used the remaining parking spaces freely and frequently. We asked Donna Thomas, the Daycare Center's Director, numerous times that neither her clients nor her employees use our parking spaces. We posted numerous signs and we still have to defend our private property on a daily basis. I am asking the City of Monterey Planning Department to reevaluate Use Permit 93-35 for the Ryan Ranch Daycare Center in regards to parking. The daycare center has a use permit for 116 children and 25 employees requiring only 19 parking spaces. Rick Marvin, the corrupt Senior Planner with the City of Monterey Planning Department believes that the 19 parking spaces are sufficient. A restaurant serving 116 customers would require 29 parking spaces plus 25 parking spaces for its 25 employees. Presently, numerous childcare center clients ignore the no parking signs and delay deliveries and pickups. The City of Monterey should treat the daycare center like any other business in the Ryan Ranch Business Park. The daycare center should be required to provide enough on-site parking for its clients and to stop relying on neighboring businesses for parking and access. The City of Monterey is allowing the Ryan Ranch Daycare Center to operate as a parasite and nuisance business. Sigrid Monterey, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Monterey, California
32, Report #1869
Mar 29 2000
12:00 AM
It all started on 2/8/2000, when I found the Days Inn, Singer Island, Florida on the internet. I called to make a reservation for two and spoke with Myrlene. I had asked for a non-smoking room because my partner has asthma and alergies. I was told that when I arrive, I would be given a non-smoking room. Upon arrival, no non-smoking rooms were available. I had to settle for a smoking room which caused some breathing problems for my friend. Our room wsa not cleaned, towels replaced, beds made up, trash emptied until normally 9-9:30PM. Almost every evening, I had to call the front desk and ask for housekeeping to come bring us fresh towels and make up the room. One of the two times, that the rooms were finished before 6:00PM. I had to go down to the front desk and ask for toilet paper and tissues. The tissues were definately needed because my partner was sneezing and weezing from the room. Another time, when we came back from the beach, we discovered that we were locked out of our room. The security latch locked by mistake from inside the room. I went to the front desk (Myrlene again) and explained what happened. She beeped the maintanance person and I was told she would sent him up to our room. Approx. 1/2 hour went by and nobody come up to let us in the room. I gain went downstairs to the front desk and was told the maintanance person did not call back and that they would try again. I went back up to the room, waiting patiently outside, for another 1/2 hour and still nobody come to get us into our room. By this time, I was very upset about the situation and went down to the front desk again. I told the desk clerks that they need to either go find the maintanance person or they better contact somebody about getting my into my room. One of the desk clerks went looking for the maintanance person. I returned up to my room, still waiting outside on the deck. After about another 1/2 hour, I went back to the office and was told they could not find the maintanance person or could not reach anybody with authority about gaining us access to the room. I said And what am I suppose to do, just wait outside of a room I paid for? Myrlene told me that it was not her problem, she just worked the front desk and could not do anything about it. I told her maybe I could break the pins on the security latch with a hammer. I asked her if she had a hammer and she told me that she did not have one. She did say that I was more than welcome to help myself to the maintanance room to see if anything there could help me get into the room. Upon arrival to the maintanance room, which I discovered was wide open, all lights on and the maintanance persons beeper on the desk(no wonder nobody could reach him, he was out goofing off). I found a hammer and hacksaw, took them up to my room and had to hacksaw the security latch off the door to get into my room. This entire episode took approximately 2 hours, which caused me to miss dinner reservations with friends that live in Jupiter. After gaining access to the room, I went back downstairs and put the security lock, hacksaw and hammer on the desk and told the clerks that I gained access to the room. At that time, Myrlene was on the phone with a manager. When I got back to my room, the phone rang and it was the General Manager, Cynthia calling to find out exactly what happened. I explained the situation and she asked me if the room was secured. I told her it was, except for the security latch was now missing. She apologized for the problems and told me they were having major problems with the help. (as a paying customer, that's not my problem). She also told me that the maintanance department would be up to fix the lock so my room was fully secured. When I checked out approximately 6 days later, guess what? The lock was never fixed and I never heard from Cynthia again. Also, during this 2 hour ordeal, there were other guest in the lobby looking for the maintanance person and complaining about the rooms not being clean. They had customers walking in off the street at 9:00PM, wanting to rent rooms and were told there were no clean rooms available and it would be about 2 hours before anything would be ready. Besides this, the ice machine on our floor only worked 1/2 the time, the hot tub didn't get hot all the time, we had to share chairs on our deck and around the pool area with other guest(limited seating). To top everything off, upon checking out, I was given my receipt, never asked if I enjoyed my stay or even told thank you for staying, basic words I learned when I was 2 years old. There internet site on travelocity.com said they had a lounge and I-Hop Restraurant, which they have neither. The entire stay was unbelieveable. I never stayed in a hotel/motel and heard so many guest complaining about the services. I never seen such a mis-managed operation in my lifetime. I expect re-imbursement for my inconvenience and for the Days Inn not providing basic services that are expected when paying for a hotel/motel room. I did e-mail and they said they would look into it and contact me. It has been over a week and I have not heard from anyone. You can contact Judy Fairchild at Judy.Fairchild@rsd.cendant.com. I hope you can help. Thank you.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #155159
Mar 27 2006
02:10 PM
Hansel Ford dishonest sales practice misleading 21 year old college female RIPOFF Santa Rosa California
My daughter wanted to buy a car. I advised her to buy a used car so she would not have any payments in college and it would be easiser because she did not have good credit. Well, she decided to call Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, to ask about cars. She spoke with Josh, he gave this song and dance that she could buy a car and that her credit would not be a problem. She give him all her information and made sure to tell him she would not have a cosigner available. He took this information and called her back and told her she would not have a problem and she could buy the car. He even came to pick her up in Petaluma so she would buy the car the same day. I told her it was a bad idea and that she should not do it. She would be paying too much for a car that would depreciate quickly. She was eager, especially after Josh encourage her to come and that he could sell her the car with her credit and no cosigner. She bought the car, did all the paper work, signed the contract and drove off the lot that very same day. Four days later, the finance manager calls her and tells her that he could not secure a loan for her and that he would need a cosigner. I spoke with him and asked him how come he allowed her to drive off the lot with this car and that he should have know with his experience that this would not be able to fly. Yet they keep telling her it was not a problem. At no point did they ever give her an idea that they could not secure the financing. How in the world do you tell a 21 year old college student, with a miminal income, bad credit and not cosigner that she can buy a brand new car and that her credit history would be no problem. Give me a break. Mike Finney of 7 on your side - John Stosell of ABC, do a feature on thses type of practices. Now she has to give back the car, a car she thought she had purchased and signed a contract for even though she is paying 22% for five years. Commom Hansel, you do not think what you did to her was unfair. No of course you don't because apparently, you told my daughter that she could buy a car with bad credit, low income and no cosigner! You should be ashamed of yourself for misleading and being so dishonest. I did go to several dealerships in our area and they all said to my daughter, you will probably not be able to get fiancing without a cosigner and it might be difficult with your credit even with a cosigner. M Petaluma, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Rosa, California
34, Report #152894
Sep 05 2009
07:11 AM
Mbulu.F.Nzembe ripoff similiar to Nigerian 24,000,000 ripoff Dubai Internet
I received a unsolicited email message from mbulu wanting me to help him collect from a security company in Amsterdam Holland. Lewis johnston, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Dubai, Internet
35, Report #170908
Jan 12 2006
06:25 AM
Americredit Auto Finance EXTREMELY HIGH FINANCING RATE ripoff Fortworth Texas
I was told I could only get financing through americredit from a dealership in coldwater MI. I didnt realy realize how high my finance rate was untill a few months later and I didnt know I was paying most all of finance rate before they were putting money on the principle balance in all reality I could go buy another dang truck with the final intrest money that is ridiculous! I pay about $320 almost a month for the intrest and only about $140 toward the principle if that some month's what the ??? is that sometime's you wonder if your buying gold if someone can help me find a place to refinance cheaper please help these basterd's don't deserve my money Iv'e never seen this high of a finance rate 22%. No place should take a whole payment of $460 a month and apply it all toward the intrest first how the hell do you pay extra on the principle I borrowed $17,000 I owe $30,000 after financing come on I would be glad to do something obout them. This should be posible for normal people'd income it's almost imposible to make the cost of living as it is. Darick colon, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Fortworth, Texas
36, Report #1176605
Sep 13 2014
04:58 PM
Entity: liberty, Missouri
37, Report #1383472
Jul 06 2017
08:15 AM
DC Pool Dennis and Lou On may 24,2017,Lou from DC pool arrived to open the pool. He assured me that everything was under control and he would complete the opening because I needed to go out.the next day the pump was leaking.i called and they came within the next day to fix it due to the rainy weather,we didn't go into the pool until June 11th.at that time we discovered that although the pool ladder was in,it had not been bolted down.this resulted in using the ladder and having it come right out.my daughter banged her head because of this.we did not have the hardware to bolt it in ourselves because DC took it when they closed the pool.i spoke to Dennis the following day and he told me that he would send someone on Thursday, June 15th..it is July 6th and no one has come despite many phone calls to DC and their promises that someone will takes care of it..at this point they will not take my calls..this business is very disorganized and they were happy to take my money for the pool opening but their job was incomplete and they can't be bothered to correct it.DO NOT USE Medford New York
 On may 24, Lou from DC pool came to do my pool opening.Due to the rainy weather we didn't use the pool until June 11th. at that time we discovered that the pool ladder was put in but not bolted down.the ladder came out when my daughter was using it.on June 12th I called Dennis​and he said that he will send someone out on June 15th.. it's July 6thand no one has shown up.. despite repeated calls to DC and their promises to come. This was a pool opening paid for in cash and the job was incomplete.DC cannot be bothered correcting it.. very disorganized business. Do not use
Entity: Medford, New York
38, Report #1223423
May 12 2015
01:47 PM
Mian Situ 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Mian Situ, Rental Fraud, Hazardous House, Money Pit, 3216 Tyrol Drive Laguna Beach CA, 3216 Tyrol Drive Laguna Beach, Mian Situ, 3216 Tyrol Drive, Tyrol Drive Laguna, Laguna Beach 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach California
Product: 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651Company: 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651Location: 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651LAGUNA BEACH, CA, 92651, USURL: complaints.com/2015-04-15/building-construction/3216-tyrol-drive-laguna-beach-ca-92651/laguna-beach-ca-92651-us/1001429118249165663.htmlCategory: Building, Construction 3216 Tyrol Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651OWNER: Mian SituThis is a warning to anyone who is considering buying or renting this house. My comments will address both the disastrous condition of the house itself and what I believe to be the sociopathic nature of its owner, Mian Situ.PROPERTY: This is a 4 story luxury home in the hills of Laguna Beach. Some of the problems I personally had to spend thousands of dollars to fix and others will cost a small fortune to fix. Specifically?- The entire East wing of the house has no air conditioning at all and no heater. This is a problem for a number of reasons, one of which is that the back of the house is nearly all giant glass windows. When it is even remotely sunny out, the East half of the house becomes unbearably hot. When it is not a warm day, the East half of the house becomes very cold. Because of the windows and high ceilings, area heaters are useless. And plugging in area heaters will cause the electricity to have a shortage and go out. Mian Situ refuses to fix this.- The electrical system throughout the house was done on the cheap and lightbulbs often burn out after only 2-3 days. Mian Situ refuses to fix this.- Elevator. The elevator cable was not installed properly. According to an elevator technician, no one should use the elevator as the cable is ready to break, sending the elevator and those riding in it into a catastrophic fall. Mian Situ refuses to fix this.- Main balcony. Because the house was built on the side of a hill, and the foundation appears to be a problem, the balcony is slanted slightly downward. Not only does this look bad, but it seems to indicate that the house may be slowly drooping downward. I don?t know the cost of fixing this, but it would appear to be a major overhaul as the house is 4 stories and approximately 5,000 square feet. Mian Situ told me this is cost prohibitive to fix.- Entry way: To get to the front door, one must walk down a steep flight of stairs. These stairs or quite slippery when the fog rolls in. Because of the altitude, that is nearly every morning. Furthermore, because of what Mian Situ calls a ?problem with Lyme? the paint on the walls, all the way down, is peeling badly. And simply repainting it will not solve the problem, as water and mold are seeping through the concrete and destroying those walls. A fresh coat of paint will only hide this for a short while. We brought this to Mian Situ?s attention, but he indicated it is too expensive to fix.- Entire bottom floor. I lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, due to lack of ventilation and poor air quality. The room where the sewage pump is located is next to the main room and comingles with the air conditioning and heating for that floor. Because of a constant leak in the sump pump (this after I spent thousands of dollars to replace this pump) sewage air blows into the vents, thus rendering the downstairs office a serious and expensive safety hazard.OWNER: Mian Situ- We recently took legal action, broke our lease and moved out as the house was not safe to inhabit. Mr. Situ forced us to vacate for an extended period of time, while he attempted to fix some rather severe problems with the foundation of the house. I don?t believe those problems were adequately fixed. Because the house was a danger to my children, we broke our lease, at a considerable financial loss to my family.- It is my personal opinion that Mr. Situ knowingly and willfully misrepresented how badly the house had been neglected. Based on the opinions of contractors and other specialists, who examined the house at our request, I believe this house will be a money pit for whomever ends up buying or leasing it. And I consider it my moral obligation to warn the next residents of the problems that I was not warned of.
Entity: Laguna Beach, California
39, Report #403540
Jun 10 2010
06:47 AM
Aflac rude customer service, slow response, avoiding the claim is the #1 priority Columbus Georgia
my husband purchased an aflac accident family policy through work back in june of 2008, at first I wasn't happy about it but for ten bucks a week I figured we weren't wasting too much money. with the experience I am having with them I would cancel my policy even if it were free. I was confined to the hospital for several days in november for a ruptured disk. when I returned home I called the aflac customer service # and spoke with a very nice gentlemen who told me my accident WAS covered and I needed to print out the necessary forms from their website and file a claim, so far everything went well. I waited a few weeks for the hospital bills to arrive and faxed everything over on 11-30-08. I waited 4 days before I checked on the status of my claim. the website makes it very clear in at least 6 places that most claims are processed in 4 days. there was nothing posted that my claim had been received so I called customer service again. I was told that the paperwork faxed on the 30'th wasn't processed yet because they weren't working on that day yet, they were working on 11-28, the was she said it was quite snotty and really inappropriate seeing she is talking to people who in most cases are quite ill and don't need an attitude. finally a few days later my claim status finally said processing and it hasn't changed since, its now 12-20. so much for 4 days. my dr. accidentally forgot to check of a box that says was patient hospitalized, I had to refax the entire form, with the box checked off. and of course I had to wait the customary 8-12 days from the day I faxed it for them to actually scan it in and look at it. not to mention that from the day I originally faxed the form in until I was notified it was missing a checkmark in a very important box was 2 weeks later. I like to call twice a week now to make sure there is no other dotted I or crossed T missing, and to check on what date they are working on. on 12-19 they were finally working on everything faxed on 12-9. thats what the rude customer service rep told me, after that she said updates were available online and I should check there instead of calling. this is what your aflac premiums are paying for: you will not get anything in 4 days and anyone who says otherwise is lying. they are consistantly processing all paperwork at least 7 days after it is faxed. if you try to call customer service you will be on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. after you explain what you want to a rep in the claims dept they will transfer you to another rep in the claims dept so you can start all over again. after you are transferred 2 or 3 times you will be told they are still processing your claim. or they will get to it in time because they haven't made it to that day yet. If you tell the rep that aflac states most claims are processed in 4 days they will tell you that you are mistaken, there is no way that aflac made any such statement at any time including on the website. I told that rude lady to check it for herself, she put me on hold while she checked the website and told me I was a liar and she didn't see it anywhere. I do not yet know the outcome of my claim, I hope to find out before the sun goes supernova in about 5 billion years. starting monday I'll call every day. :) Michelle warwick, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
40, Report #1086213
Sep 20 2013
11:07 PM
College Pro Window Cleaning CPro, College Pro Painters. Scam, Worked for free, Lost money, car etc. Etobicoke Ontario
Okay where should I start with this company?It all started with a guest speaker in my lecture, talking about the perfect summer job opportunities for students to make a lot of money. It seemed legit judging from the fact that the prof stopped the lecture and gave the speaker some time to tell us about this. I signed my name down, and completely forgot by the end of the class.A month later I get a phonecall, from a GM from College Pro, he conducted online interviews and was really smart with selling the job. He told me I would be able to run my own business, be my own boss, and make thousands of dollars, and have all the freedom to do it. Ofcoarse being a first year student, living out of home, broke, looking for a great opportunity to get ahead I went a long with it. I must say these individuals are extremely smart when it comes to getting people to say yes! I just get filled with anger when I think about how gullable I was, but they just know how to cheat people, and completely manipulate them.. kind of like a cult attacking vulnerable students. My parents warned me, telling me to make sure it is what they say it is, and I continously told them it's okay I will be making money and it is legit. They told me I can make up to 20,000-40,000 just over four months of summer.. It just sounded too good to be true, but I was really sick of being broke. So I signed the contract and sold my life to them for a year, biggest regret of my life. Then they invited me to a training session, unpaid obviously. At training there were 30+ other students there, to my surprise I even knew a couple. This sold me even more. So the training took place from 7am-6pm, and the whole time they shoved financials and continously told us we need to dedicate our whole life to this company. Obviously at this point I didn't pay attention I just wanted to work and that's it.In February, the struggle begins. All of us were assigned to a general manager, mine was Taleb Oubayan. They wanted us to call customers every night and go door-to-door every day for 5+ hours to get clients, without pay. However, if you didnt do it to their standards, or the goals they made for you they would give you so much attitude, lecture you, and give you so much s*** that I probably cried every time. But silly me, I took this for months... just waiting for my first pay cheque. If you questioned why we had to dedicate our lives WHILE being university students, they would just tell you wait till the money comes, and that we will get a bonus cheque for all this. To ensure we were working to their standards they scheduled a weekly meeting with the general managers over the phone, to discuss our business. (funny, it not once felt like my own business). If you had an emergency and missed this meeting they took $50.00 out of your paycheque, which was never coming. During exams, they yelled at us to perform even more, disregarding all other priorities in our lives, like this was the #1 important priority in our lives, essentially to make them money.Also, while I was in Unversity out of home in another city, they forced me to come down to Etobicoke several times for unpaid training. Once again training was Sat-Sun 7am-6pm and 7am-7pm. In the training in June I realized these men were not good people, and there was something evil about them... I could not trust them any further... But I was trapped, in a contract. One of the students beside me was getting really sick, and they were extremely rude to her telling her she needs to pay attention or come back to repeat the training session. I told her to go home, and that this isn't worth it. That night she had tubes down her throat, and they called her saying that she was still obliged to make phone calls and book customers. Disgusting. At this training sessions, the CEO Jeff, would come in, flaunt his money, and assert his power on us like he is some sort of powerful figure, I did not like his vibe the moment I saw him like there must be something up here.In April, Taleb forced me to come back to the city to go door-to-door all easter weekend. Upon my arrival I had found out my cousin was in critical condition in the hospital. What do you think my priority was? During that weeks meeting, he scounded me for having 0 new customers, and when I told him about my cousin all he said was whatever. that was THE moment I knew 100% I was in a trap with devils that I cannot get out of. Ofcoarse they had it all planned out, if you quit you owe $2000 if you are fired you owe $2000, scaring us. I should also mention if any training sessions were missed it was a $100 fine. Then production season began, May. I spent $600 alone on the setup of this business, on roof racks, a vehicle, and ladders. Gas cost me $80 a week, and they assured they will reimburse me for it, ofcoarse another famous lie from these general managers. They pressured me to hire my own employees, put ads up costing me $30.00. To remind you, I was broke and this was my parents (who were skeptical from the beginning) investing this money into me, hoping I would come out with thousands of dollars. They offered very little ladder, and safety training. During training the ladder nearly fell on my face, and he just told me to stand back. When I started producing, I was dealing with the ladder all by myself. Unsafe conditions, and even nearly died a couple of times. How do you expect a 18 year old female to lift ladders, climb up them and clean windows at obtuse angles? Oh, and ALSO at training they assured us that we will only be cleaning 2-story windows, which I am okay with, but we ended up having to clean 3-story windows! Happy to say, I never went through with those houses, because it truely felt like I was going to fall to my death the first time I tried. Everyday, I woke up early, tied my ladder to the roof, picked up my employees, and went on to clean these homes. It was bad, and then it got better. I did not mind it at all, window cleaning is a lot of fun. However, I did jobs where I got $600.00 cheques, did an amazing job, and the customers loved me. However, all cheques I got I had to send to College Pro, and then THEY pay me from that. I worked my butt off, nearly died, worked through scorching hot days where I continously fell sick, and rainy days (they said we had to). I hired my friend who was also living alone, and was also broke and in need of money. I produced almost $9000 for this company, and was paid about $500, only in May. I worked till July, and I ended up paying my employees with all the money I had so I basically made $0. It's funny he didn't consider it my business, till my employees needed to get paid. Everyday, he would yell telling me I should be doing 5 houses a day, 3 was tiring enough. And not only doing 5 houses a day, he wanted us to go door-to-door while producing and then going home and making phone calls! WHAt! It got to the point where I am just like no, I will not do that, but assured I was not quitting. I still did jobs. I stopped producing in July when I realized I haven't been paid in weeks, and the pay I received was not even close to how much money I made for them. There are students who produced $40,000, $50,000 for these devils, and were paid back less than 10%. They just sit in their offices, calling us everyday yelling at us, pressuring us, and promising fake fortune. I ended up loosing my production vehicle to an accident, and Taleb told me that if I don't find a car I owe termination fee. I told him constantly that I am not quitting, I am too broke to find another car, I am struggling to pay tuition. I had many plans for my first summer after first year... I did none, I could not afford a single event I looked forward to for months. It angers me how hard I worked for nothing, just a lot of pain, bruises, near death experiences. During closedown, Taleb sat me down and asked me for $2000, told em I did quit so I owe him money. One of my friends told me he even tried going into her bank account and taking the 2 grand for himself. There were people that worked till the day of closedown which was end of August, and he still told them they owe 2000 for not meeting expectations even if they made them more than $20,000. I yelled, told them if anything they owe ME, owe my dad back for all the trouble he went for me, and told them I will NEVER give them a single cent ever and just left the office. He texted me saying I do owe the fees once again, I will stand my ground no matter what. I know he can't take this to court because even if I signed a contract or didn't meet their expectations I worked like a slave, for free, I made my dad suffer who took days off work to come fill in for employees with a broken shoulder, we deserve some justice if anything. Now here I am months later, still broke and dealing with this.  I truely want this company taken down, I don't want anybody to go through what I did, these people are truly evil, with nothing but bad intentions to take every little penny from you and your family that they can. They will work you like dogs, yell at you if you don't, promise you false fortunes, and after all your hardwork ask for even more money. These men are not professional, they sure know how to play the role though, but they will swear and use terms like pussy, and other words I will not mention and these words will be targeted towards us. I hope this helps anyone that is doing research before signing the contract. RUN!!! You will regret it and it will be a HUGE setback in your life, no where close to a step up. I have just written some of the stories of my encounter with this company.College Pro does not deserve to run any longer. Some of the GM's names are: Taleb Oubayan, Ashley Damphouse, Paul Molinaro, Dave, and ofcoarse Jeff Besharah. 
Entity: Etobicoke, Ontario
41, Report #103634
Aug 14 2004
11:43 AM
Days Inn rip-off! Disgusting room! Forth Worth Texas
I was coming from Houston Texas going to Forth Worth Texas to pick up my husband. Because it was late we decided to spend the night in Forth Worth Texas. We came across this Days Inn not realizing what shape the motel was in we paid the money to stay. Once we got into the room it was horrible. We decided to leave not staying in the room two minutes went back to the night manager and requested our money back. We was told that we could not get our money back. The conditions of the room was just horrible. It was dirty, nasty, and very unsanitized. Since we was not able to get our money back we decided that we would try to stay, once we returned back to the room we were trying to sanitize the room ourselves then all of a sudden someone tried to enter the room without permission. That was the lost straw and we decided to leave and find somewhere else to stay. Gretchen Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Forth Worth, Texas
42, Report #111159
Oct 02 2004
12:02 PM
Days Inn ripoff Union South Carolina
Made a tentative reservation for two rooms for Sept 17th, 2004. I called on Sept 16th to cancel the room. I was told there was no problem, then they billed me for one room anyway. Filed a complaint with my bank but I lost. It seems Days Inn didn't get my cancelation notice. I find that hard to believe since I had reserved two rooms, canceled two rooms yet got billed for one room. To me this is bad business, I will never stay with them again. Too bad for them though because we travel quite a bit and always used (past tense) Days Inn. Jacki gaffney, South CarolinaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Union, South Carolina
43, Report #85038
Mar 23 2004
01:00 PM
Days Inn Yuma Ripoff awful management Dishonored Reservations Yuma Arizona
After making reservations at Yuma Days Inn, we tried to check in at the rate quoted months before with mupliple stays. The Manager said we made a mistake the reservations weren't $59.00 but $89 per night, we said we stayed here last week and we got the $59 rate. He said that was impossible. It actually wasn't true, because the day we checked out he charged the additional $30 per night to our Credit card. We then were told our future reservations were cancelled, he asked us to leave the property because we refused to be taken advantage of. We then were charged for a no show, even though there were no reservations because the manager cancelled them. We have called customer service repeatedly, they refer us back to the manager, he then charges the credit card we made reservations with again. We dispute that charge being unauthorized and he charges the credit card we actually paid the stay with. Finally, Days Inn customer service should be called lack of customer service, the manager belongs in a business that doesn't deal with people, perhaps dairy farming. Dale Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Yuma, Arizona
44, Report #63271
Jul 10 2003
11:50 AM
Days Inn ripoff abused & mistreated Greenville South Carolina Internet
Abused and mistreated!!!!!!!!!! Hello my name is Melinda my parents was staying in Days Inn On July 6, 2003 I had to call them to tell them that my dad was dying in Moultrie Ga. Hospital I had talked to my mother around 8:00 To tell them then the Doctor Told me to call the family in. So I called Back around 9:00 To make sure they was coming! The same guy I had talked to before answered the phone. I ask for Courtneys room he had connected me that morning I absolutely told him this was and emergency he told me he had no one there by that name! I told him sir you just connected me this morning. I told him this was and emergency to please connect me to the Courtneys room! And plus this was Long Distanes ! He Got so mad at me and told me if this was such and emergency for me to hang up the phone and dail 911! Me being so upset And plus my Grandpa Dying! He Hung the phone up on me! That was Abuse and I was so scared to call back! My dad was so upset about he's dad Dying he had to leave quickly! I don't Appreciate being treated in that matter. that guy was not suppose to treat me in that matter! I was Hurt Melinda 30577, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenville, South Carolina
45, Report #397992
Dec 04 2008
05:37 PM
Days Inn look out smokers Owen Sound Ontario
the little woman and I were on a little winter gettaway last feb, and after searching about a month ahead for places to stay, taking in account proximity to things to see and amenities in the place we wanted to stay, as well being smokers the ease to be able to go out for a cigarrette as we please, we had contacted the best western which has lake veiw rooms and a couple nice suites. the draw back is if we wanted to have a cigarrete we would have to go from the suite down through the lobby and out the door. the days in when we contacted them they have ballconies and the only large luxury suite is on the third floor. I asked the person on the phone if we are allowed to smoke on the balcony, she said yes. later in the conversation I asked again to confirm and she again said yes you can smoke on the balcony just not in the room, and they would ask if we went out for a cigarrette that we close the door so it would not blow inside,,,, no problem I said. a month later we arrive there and go to our room for hopefully a pleasent 5 day stay, the Suite was excelent , having been remodeled about 6 months before, 2 tvs dvd player, fireplace, 2 person jacuzzie, large bath with full body shower, kitchenette with sitting area seperate from bedroom, its a 300+a night room. respecting that its a non smoking room we went out on the balcony for a cigarete and closed the door, dam cold thing to do in febuary with temps hovering around -10 not including windchill up on third floor. I am assuming that a cleaning lady saw a couple unopened cigarete packs on the kitchenette counter. when we came in from touring around there was a note stating that we can't smoke in that room and we will be charged a cleaning fee if we continued. I went to the front desk and showed the note and said we were not smoking in the room, just on the balcony like we were told we could, the desk person said ok no problem. the next day we got a call asking if we were smoking in the room stating that the cleaning person could smell smoke in the room and found a tin can we were using as an ashtray outside on the balcony. I went to the the desk and proceeded to explain that we were told by the sales person that we could smoke on the balcony, and thats all we have been doing, just a note we are not hard core smokers, one maybe once an hour or so, the person said that the cleaning person said she could clearly smell cigarette smoke in the room, I said the only thing I could think of is perhaps she could smell it on our dirty clothes which we had in a basket. I invited her to come to the room almost insisting that she check it out for herself. she declined and said that we really should not even be smoking on the balcony but since we were told we could that its ok. I then asked her for a garbage bag, she asked why, I responded with so I can put our dirty clothes in it so the smoke smell which is probley where the cleaning lady smelt it will be contained. I then started to wonder if the cleaning staff were trying to cause a headache for us as we had not yet left a tip for them, we were getting less of the daily freebees like coffee for the coffee maker and creamers and sugar, other little things, I allways tip at the end of a stay as the girls rotae rooms and if I based a tip on the previous days cleaning a differnt person would be picking it up. anyways we eneded up staying an extra day as there was a blizzard and the hwy was closed for a day and a half, I was asked again by the front desk if we were smoking in the room I said no again. when we left I gave an envelope with 60 dollars in it explaning it was a tip to be split among the cleaning ladies as to who did our room 10 dollars for each time, the front desk promised they would get it. hope they felt like shit after that, for trying to cause problems for us. All in all what this did was added some stress to our trip that we could possibly get hit with a 500 dollar cleaning fee at the whim of someone who thinks they smell ciggarete smoke, or can smell it faintly on our clothing, and the harassment of being accused several times of doing something we were not was annoying to say the least. Traveler fonthill, OntarioCanada
Entity: Owen Sound, Ontario
46, Report #637834
Sep 05 2010
08:41 AM
Days Inn, Indianapolis Turning Truckers Into Victims. Indianapolis Indiana
I work for a locally based trucking company. I live in GA but since one of our terminals is here, I stay at the company discounted hotel in town rather than share a room in the company bunkhouse. Every time I'm here, there's always a problem. Ask for a wake-up call at check in, oversleep when it never rings in the morning. Head down to the insanely small lobby for breakfast only to find everything gone or the heat so high that it's insufferable. I mean really, when it's over 90 outside, why does it feel hotter in the lobby?The staff barely speaks English, which I believe is partly why the service is so poor. Explaining over and over what is wrong, and it not getting fixed is taxing. The rooms themselves (many reports of bedbugs, I guess I've been lucky there) are in serious need of an upgrade. The A/C barely works and is loud. Not quite loud enough to block out the sound of traffic on Post road, but almost. The free internet only maintains good connectivity if you have a room that is very close to the front desk. As it's my lifeline to my better half back home, I try and get a room that's close. My truck has been in the shop for the last 3 days, so I have just been staying in the same room. Big mistake. Room 201 is to be avoided at all costs. Since this is not the best part of town, I can handle the young blacks that come here to party and goof off on the weekend. They talk loudly but usually keep it quiet and I've never had a problem where I am awakened by them. However, the staff is another story. Every morning, between 7am and 9am (I can sleep in, my truck is still in the shop, right?) the housekeeping staff congregates around the staff room immediately below mine. And begin jabbering in their native language. VERY LOUDLY. Loud enough to wake me and I'm used to sleeping in a truck stop next to other running rigs.A call to the front desk about it on day 2 resulted in the desk clerk trying to tell me it must be another guest, even though after my phone call I could hear HIS voice yelling at them (there is a connecting door from housekeeping to the front desk). They still kept on, so I finally got up, got dressed, opened the door and yelled at the ladies thank you for waking me. They shut up. That was yesterday. Today,  same thing. They don't care at all about customer service here. I brought to the desk clerk's attention yesterday when I was leaving that the pour spout on the coffee pot was broken and chipped. He mumbled something in almost English that ended with sir. He's very polite, just not very fluent. Why they put him at the desk is beyond me. This morning when I try to make coffee. I see the same carafe is still here, chipped and broken. Perhaps they think because I'm a trucker and bring in a sheet from my company so I can get their rate, that I can be ignored? I'm a lease operator. It's like a rent to own program to buy a truck. The company does not pay for the room, I do. It comes out of my check. So why am I treated as a second class citizen here at the Days Inn?By all means folks, if you don't need to stay here... don't. Keep driving. Truckers, save your money. Park in the gravel lot to sleep by all means, they don't check anything, but don't give them your money.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
47, Report #725458
May 04 2011
08:00 AM
days inn room wasn't clean at all horrible , Internet
on april  28 th  me  and  my  girl friend  checked  into  dayss  inn  booked  threw  southwest ,which  included air  car rental,and  hotel. air  and  car  rental  was  great,the  hotel was  a nightmare; first the gave us  a room  where  a bunch  of  people  just  hung  out  hanging, loud  music  like  in the  hood, open  the door  to the  room  number 518, days inn 5858 international dr.  orlando  fl.it  smelled  terrible on the  air  conditioner they  had  dead  love  bugs  on top  of  the  a.c. in my  room the  safety  lock  was  kick  off the  door  from  the  outside the  door  on the  bottom  you  could  see  outside  the  door and  all  metal  seems  was  rusty; the  walls  was yellow but  they  had  filling  in  the  walls that  was  orange,cracks  in the wall ,room  safe  not  working  at  all  not  enough light  in the  room and  the  bed  lamps  just  didn't  work, i went  to  the  lobby  to  try  to  get another  room, when  two  guest  ahead  of  me  had problems  with  there  rooms, air conditioner  didn't  work he was there  for  three  and  everytime  the  so  called  maintance  man  would  fix it  ,they  would  go to  the  park  and  come  back  and  it  was  broken  again. another  gentleman had  water  issues  pressure  problems  in  his  room..but  back  to  me  they  told  me  they  would  move  me  in  the  morning this  was  thursday  april  28 th now  you just  said  you was  booked  for the  next  two  days,so i  came  back  on the  29th  and  they  said  we  don't  have  a room so  i went  back through  the  whole  line  of  details  about  the  room,and  as  of  yet  we  still  haven't  received  our  microwave, we  went  to  the  park  and  came  back  about 10:30 p.m. room  appered  to  be  cleaned same  ole  love bugs  still  on  the  air  ci=onditioner  no  microwave and  dirty  towels on the  bathroom  rack,call for  clean  towels  had to  go  get  them,at 12:15 a.m. the  generator started  humming  dead smack infront  of  my hotel  window ,then  guess  outside  with  loud  music  doing  donuts  in the  parking  lot,guess over  me  every night  pour  some  kind  of sweet  drink  down  infront  of  my  room that was  sticky and  maintance  man  came a  couple of  timesand  looked  up there ,and  did  nothing;later  i  seen him  upstairs drinking  a  partying  with  them  later  that  day.the  shower  was  all  messed  up  and  could  hardly  be   adjusted. the  compressor  ran  alnight  on the  last  night  i saw  a  brown  roach  in the  closet  as  i attempted to  kill  him  and  i  noticed three  more... this  hotel  i checked  in  on  apr. 28 to  the  3 rd  of may....this  hotel  used  to  be  rosen  inn  but  now  days  inn,i would  never  recommend  this  hotel  to  no  one period.now  i  know  some  people,  a say  i'm  a nother  hotel  just  saying to  make then look  bad  ;so  here's the  caught my  name  is  jerome  marshall  i  have  pictures  and documentation  that  i was there  you  email  at  (((REDACTED))) @hotmail.com//or  call me 504 xxx-xxxx oh  beside the  pictures  i  have  a video.. that  days  inn  is  nasty  and  getto ,people  who  not  used to  traveling  doesn't know  better and  the  management at  this  hotel is  in  on  this  ripoff.....the  internet site  of  this  hotel  is  nothing  like it  looks on the  site,like  night  and  day.don't  you  far  for  it  we  did.... jerome  and  tracy   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet, Internet
48, Report #738187
Jun 07 2011
11:44 PM
Dollar Days Dollardays, defective stock Scottsdale, Arizona
Bought items for the first time from this company and was very disappointed by what they sent. Items were terribly made, had glue fingerprints all over from manufacturing process some didn't even look like picture! Company's return policy is next to none, makes it very difficult to return if even at all. Will not be using this company every again....stay away from the garbage they sell.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
49, Report #710454
Mar 26 2011
07:06 AM
Xperience Days Scam, Internet
This is a scam! I ordered the private hot air balloon ride for my boyfriend's birthday. I tried to schedule it and was told it was booked for the next 2 months! I emailed again to schedule when it got warm again and was told (after following up several times when I did not get a response) that the private rides were no longer available on the weekend (even though they were when I ordered it).  Over several email exchanges they were extremely rude and would not refund my full purchase price. I finally called and the woman (Chrissy) was horribly rude to me and then hung up on me! I called back and asked to speak to her supervisor. She said she was not there but would send me to her voicemail. I left and message and never heard anything back.  HORRIBLE customer service and down right unethical! What kind of company changes the terms of what it offers and refuses to refund your money??? I've never had a company be so rude and awful to me that I was literally shaking when I got off the phone. Do not buy from them - you will regret it!
Entity: Internet, Internet
50, Report #946019
Sep 24 2012
04:17 PM
Lazy Days RV Buyer Beware Seffner, Florida
Buyer Beware, Lazy Days does not honor their warranty or stand behind the products they sell. I purchased a used diesel pusher motorhome and have had a horrible experience dealing with their service department. Within the first 30 days of ownership, my coach was in their shop for a total of 3 weeks. They do not want to stand behind the 30 day warranty they provide on used motorhomes and look for every excuse they can to not pay. The final straw was over a $30 part that I simply wanted them to ship to my house. The piece only takes 10 minutes to replace. Instead of happily shipping me the part, they demanded that I bring the unit to them for inspection. It would cost more in diesel fuel to get there than to just purchase the part. To make matters worse, it was a further repair to the original problem they did not fix correctly and refused to cover under warranty. Instead they demanded that I turn the $7800 repair into my insurance carrier.I will never purchase any product from them again. Once you leave the lot, you are on your own.
Entity: Seffner, Florida

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