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1, Report #1146023
May 12 2014
04:26 PM
PSI Seminars Good, however... Scottsdale Arizona
I attended both the PSI Seminars Basic class and PSI 7 week long retreat. Both were amazing, life-altering classes and I learned many leassons and things about me that vastly improved my life, my relationship with my family and my overall outlook on life in general. Then I signed up for PLD, their in-state 90 day program... HUGE MISTAKE! They say you're not allowed to have an opinion until after you've graduated and the 90 days are up. Well, three years after graduating, here's my opinion... 1. The city staff running PLD and the volunteer coaches couldn't care less about your personal goals. The only one they care about is your enrollment goal (that's how many people you intend to sign up to go to the Basic. Basically, they are on you about enrollments and ignore everything else. You're paying them, to enroll people and make money for their company! 2. The coaches are volunteer, and some (not all) have no idea what they are doing. My coach was awful, and my teammates with the same coach agreed. yet when we went to staff with our concerns, they blew us off, telling us that we're supposed to hate our coach. After day 90, we all still felt the same way. Committing to starting your morning with talking to a controlling, mean, onscene person is not a great way to get off on the right foot! 3. Maybe it was just my team, but it seems that a lot of people who attend are pretentious, close-minded jerks. The seminars encourage being authentic with your feelings, but in PLD it seemed to be the opposite. If you had negative feelings and expressed them, you are chastised by both staff and teammates. It was so bad that I became very depressed and drew inward, afraid of the judgment that would be passed if I expressed how I really felt. It still effects me today, and honestly, I don't think I'll ever be the same again. The classes are very emotional and can deeply effect you. 4. They tell you that Suffering is optional yet the pile it on you by the truck-load. Like they want you to suffer and you're supposed to overcome it...??? It was awful! 5. The people with money and high limit credit cards are the ones who get the most enrollments, because they can just pay for people to go. Then they're praised for getting so many enrollments while the people who could not afford to pay for others to go to the Basic are ignored because of their low enrollment numbers. Of course people with lots of money and credit cards are going to get more enrollments! They just pay for it! If I had a credit card, I would have gotten more enrollments, too! I liked PSI up until I took part in this 90 program and realized just how much these people are in it for the money and don't care about you. They don't care if you're successful or happy, they just want your business. PLD ruined PSI Seminars for me and I will never go to another class of theirs again. I will just take the lessons learned from the first two courses and try to forget PLD. If you want to try it, go to the Basic and see what it's about, but beware of them sucking you into PLD! 
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
2, Report #410855
Jan 11 2009
07:28 PM
PSI Seminars is Evil Denver California
PSI Seminars is an evil, sick, controlling cult that has destroyed and continues to destroy many people's lives. It is operated by untrained irresponsible manipulative control freaks and provides substantial monetary benefits to a greedy, ego-maniacal couple who make others suffer with their delusions of grandeur. It's teaching are built upon false premises that undermine self-esteem and critical thinking skills. Because of its harmful teachings and extremely manipulative methods, many people and their loved ones have been irrevocably damaged, financially and emotionally (for a start). PSI tears families apart. Many of its graduates are incapable of healthy relationships, have lost the ability to think critically, and have lost spouses and children and other loved ones as a direct result of the methodical mind-fu**. All of its adherents are delusional. They have to be in order to buy into its precepts ... about angels, crystals, portal keepers, Atlantis, etc. etc. etc. Many of its graduates have required intense therapy to get their lives back. Some have committed suicide. There is nothing good about PSI. It hurts people ... for monetary gain and power and stroking of already inflated egos. Remember my advice: If you can't say anything bad [about PSI], don't say anything at all. This forum should be about helping and validating the feelings of those who are trying to recover from PSI's total mind-fu** or who have lost loved ones because of it. People who have been hurt and are still hurting come here for advice and insight and should not have their legitimate hurts invalidated by the false idea that PSI is a legitimate operation. It is a CULT, which by definition is harmful. If you had such a great experience at PSI and you believe its methods are legitimate, why are you posting here? Thumber Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: California
3, Report #592347
Apr 12 2010
11:37 AM
Oxford Seminars TESL Minneapolis, Minnesota
I had a terrible experience.  Unless you can completely commit to 3 weekends without being absolutely sure that you won't get sick or have an emergency, this is not the company to go through.  I tried numerous times to talk to a supervisor.  It never happened. The people I spoke to were rude and frustrating.  I have yet to read a good review of this company.  I felt like all they wanted was my money and once I paid them, I was no longer important for them to talk to.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
4, Report #385510
Oct 28 2008
02:52 AM
Ames Seminars worst SAT prep course - $855 scam Lafayette California
This place was the biggest waste of our money. The instructors didn't know what they were doing, and the material had a 1995 date on them. The class was so awful that my son's friends soon stopped attending, even though there was no refund. My son who has a 4.3 GPA and scored 780 and 800 on his SAT Subject Tests only improved 20 points. Don't waste your money on these guys. Angela Orinda, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lafayette, California
5, Report #456554
May 29 2009
10:48 AM
PSI Seminars, PSI selling illusions. Scottsdale Arizona
No, they don't ever take any responsibility whatsoever for the harm they do to people. As a matter of fact, they deliberately deny ALL responsibility for anything that goes wrong. For example, as an experiment to find out what is really going on, a person who did experience a psychosis from this type of LGAT seminar could attempt to inform those who run the LGAT on their public message board or in email to the company. What will happen? The email will be ignored, and be kept on file in for future reference in case they need to use it against the person in the future. The message board posts probably would not be posted, or they will try to play mind-games with it. All of these PSI/LGAT seminars have these terrible types of side-effects for some people, and the PSI money machine just don't care. They know it happens, but they are making Thousands in a weekend. They probably rationalize it in their minds somehow; by blaming the victim, etc. But in reality, it's the typical stance of the Narcissist seminar leader, who only cares about themselves. Many people have manic and hypo manic episodes at these seminars. They WANT people to go into that manic mental state, which is why they keep pushing people into those high-energy states 18 hrs a day, while not sleeping and not eating, while being so physically active, jumping around, yelling, etc. Why? Because when people go hypo manic they will buy everything. They will spend thousands and sign up for the entire the string of seminars; that you can't get a refund from, etc. The reality of PSI seminars is very ugly and very harsh, and it does not match the marketing about saving the world. Sometimes people have to find this out the hard way, as so many people won't listen to the warnings about these seminars, as they believe the marketing, until it's too late. Its profoundly wrong and even evil, what they do to regular people at these seminars. The seminar attended is one of the most advanced in the world, and the average person without training, has no idea of what is being done to them. If they play full out they are literally risking everything. People trained in the advanced methods used by these LGAT seminar leaders, will sit near the back, and very carefully analyze everything being done to people at the seminar, and remain as detached as possible. As they work on many levels at once. It's the regular everyday folks who don't have training in these areas, who go up to the front of the room, and play full out, and many of them do flip-out and get hysterical, in one way or another. Some go hypo manic, and buy every PSI Seminar that is for sale; such as this woman: Heather wrote at 3:44pm on March 4th, 2009. Hey Everyone! I am so driven in life now that I have graduated WLS. I did the Basic Seminar Jan 29th, four days later went to PSI 7, and then five days later went to WLS. I see the vision. I have felt the urgency needed to make changes in my life and my true vision came to me at WLS. My vision and purpose in life is to be of service to those all over the world. I will create and cause some kind of change in this world. PSI Seminars has a great vision, but it needs to be taken a step further or the vision will die. I will be a part of creating the first of many expansions of PSI all over the world. The first step for me is getting to principia so that I may also become a facilitator. With that being said, I am asking for support from my fellow PSI graduates. I exhausted my credit cards and bank account just doing what it took to get through Basic to WLS this last month. I need to raise $3800 to go to principia by March 6th, this Friday (to get the discounted price anyway).They have been pushed into that hysterical mental state by the seminar leader. But others are pushed right over the edge. The ones who ruin their lives and destroy their families, their finances and their minds. They are collateral damage for the greater good of the bank accounts of the PSI seminar owner and promoters. Be very careful of going to these same seminar people with the negative results, as they will try to encourage the victim to go to MORE seminars, believe it. They will be telling you that you didn't get it and sign you up for the next seminar for thousands of dollars. What is the ultimate insight, at the end of all of the seminars sold? Many people who have gone through all the seminars have said what it is. The supreme insight is that if you have the right techniques, you can sell anyone anything, for any price. People learn at the end of all these seminars, that they have been sold an illusion for more than 40K; any actual info into the seminars can be acquired from a few books. The people who attend these seminars usually get it and then go and try to use the techniques on others. But the shocking insight at the end of the seminar rainbow is that the person has been sold an illusion. Its' just an illusion!!!! The seminar leader probably tries to massage her conscience by telling herself that she is teaching people how not to get scammed in society, by teaching them a lesson in getting scammed they will never forget. But that is the insight that many pay 20K-40K to learn. Werner Erhard did the same thing, at the end of his seminars, you learn it's all about nothing. You see, these professional salespeople found it easier to sell nothing than to sell something. They are selling complete illusions. Mike Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PSI Seminars
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
6, Report #821618
Jan 12 2012
09:22 AM
Gorayeb Seminars Pill Ripoff Randolph, New Jersey
After buying the budjet pack of pills, which included 3 nicazam bottles, 3 respirlear bottles for a total of $175.99 paid by credit card. Next day went online to my bank, discovered Gorayeb charged me $299.99. Big Ripoff
Entity: Randolph, New Jersey
7, Report #733480
May 26 2011
10:42 AM
Fred Pryor Seminars Predatory Spam Nuisance Internet
Stay Away!  I've never taken a course with Fred Pryor Seminars and surely never will now.  These folks buy email addresses and will SPAM you to your death!  I tried 7 times in the last few weeks to get an address I don't give out,  removed from their service.  After the 3rd on-line OPT OUT attempt, I started politely calling to get taken off their list - only for them to admit that The on-line OPT OUT option does not work.   Its a scam.After failed attempt 6, I called and hadn't disclosed that I had a complaint.  I politely asked over a period of several minutes to speak to someone in their operations or president's office which they absolutely refused because they didn't want to disclose any of the management outside of the company.   That's rich -  a company that invaded my life uninvited sets up their customer service to block incoming calls.  I assume that they understand the lengths to which a company will go to once they have a victim's contact information.Since I first attempted my first OPT OUT with them, I'm now overwhelmed with spam to an address I don't give out to anyone.   After a bit of online research, I found that they are being run by Mr. Josh Klarin.  Fred Pryor is owned by Park University which is run by Michael Droge.My recommendation to you - watch for these companies and STAY AWAY!
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #570341
Feb 16 2010
06:15 PM
Peak Potential Seminars Rescheduling Fee of $500 - Rip Off Internet
We are big fans of T Harv Eker's book The Secrets of The Millionaire Mind and his Introductory Class Millionaire Mind Intensive (except for the hours of commercials they do). We signed up and paid in full for an upcoming event. Due to personal reasons we phoned to see if we could postpone our enrollment until the next course. yes for 2011 and pay an additional $500.00! Wait a second, they have had $3,500.00 of our money for months now and expect us to pay $500 and not take the course for another 12 months!Calling them is unproductive and sending emails - hopeless.At first we were not asking for our money back, but now our faith in their services is very tainted. How can they justify a $500 fee?
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #341405
Jun 18 2008
01:03 AM
Ames Seminars worst SAT class ever Lafayette California
These guys are running an amazing scam. Charging $855 per student, their instructors didn't even take the SAT, and were just reading out of a manual. My son's scores didn't improve, and the class was a total waste of time. And of course, they don't give refunds. I can't believe these guys are in business. Bill Ames, the owner, is a master at ripping-off students and families. Mike Lafayette, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lafayette, California
10, Report #983257
Dec 17 2012
11:20 AM
Armando Montelong Seminars Making Millions Internet
I have been to Armando Montelongo seminars, it was truthfully the best thing i have done. I am now buying and selling houses, & like armando said i am Making Millions. I started with the free seminar then the three day work shop... truthfully the three day worshop was all i needed. I got all the information i needed with the help of their real estate line. They helped me. After i attened the seminar i got access the the line.     I then decided to go to the bus tour in riverside in California. That honestly helped me beyond what i needed or expected, it was a help as to foward my real estate bussines. If you are thinking about canceling this program because all he negative attention, your making a mistake. Alot of people get upset when the figure out armando is not at the 3-day seminar, however there are many seminar happening all over the states. I personally got to meet armando at the Bus tour. I was able to shake his hand and even thank him for his seminars. I even managed to get a hug outta it.     All the others that have said negative things about him are wrong, They are all just too lazy to actually try.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1229515
May 15 2015
04:18 PM
Armando Montelongo Seminars SCAM!!!! San Antonio Texas
January of 2012, my son and I were watching an infomercial program where the Armando Montelongo Seminars were advertized.  I have experienced difficult times with a failing business and Bankruptcy was just around the corner.  I thought the Seminars were the answer to my programs.  I did everything I could possibly do to borrow money from friends and family to attend the Seminar.  January 19, 2012 we attended the “FREE SEMINAR”, which was only a sales pitch for a 3 day Seminar.  We paid $2,994 for my son and I to attend.  On January 27, 2012 we attended the 3 day Seminar at the Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach.  The entire 3 day Seminar was NOT what they pitched at the Free Seminar.  The $2,994 Seminar was another Sales Pitch within itself!  The first day we spent getting to know the team and hearing about their families and financial success.  The final day was a push to get everyone to purchase one of the 2 packages (one package was priced at $31,495 and the other $41,495).  I couldn’t afford the $31,495 and was only able to come up with $20,000.  Again we collected the $20,000 from friends and family to attend and we were able to come up with the funds.  The representatives take every penny they possibly can.  The $31,495 package was “CONVENTIALLY” reduced to $20,000 so that my son and I were able to attend.  At both Seminars the sales pitch is the same.  “You need to take care of your family”, “This is the only path to financial freedom”, “What is holding you back?”, “Say no to excuses”, “Investors take action now” etc. I feel as if we were lied to, it was just one sales pitch after another in order for people to fork out more money.  They sold a dream.  The pitch was you don’t need good credit or money in order to invest in properties; you only need to obtain Hard Money loans.  Hard Money loans have an incredibly high interest rate between 12%-21% and may go as high as 25%-29%.  The interest alone will take all of your profits! That was their ONLY solution, their ONLY plan!  They sold a dream to people that are facing financial difficulties.    On May 4, 2015 I submitted a formal refund request to  To date, my email as been unanswered.  Every time I call in to follow up on my refund, the Refund Department is either on  lunch, on break, in a meeting or unavailable.  Below are the payments made to: Armando Montelongo Seminars Purchase Agreement# 17263           Amount $1,497 Purchase Agreement# 17202           Amount $1,497 Purchase Agreement# 23390           Amount $20,000 I am looking to obtain a full refund so I can pay back my friends and family the money I borrowed.  This program is a complete SCAM.  I did not make a single penny.  The sad part is at the end of all of this I was forced into Bankruptcy. 
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
12, Report #1408085
Oct 23 2017
03:47 PM
Mark Patrick Seminars snake oil, Nationwide
My wife and I went to the Mark Patrick seminar in Pooler, Ga. to quit smoking a year ago. It didn’t work. I went back six months ago in Bluffton, SC., it didn’t work. I was told then if I ever needed reinforcement I would be welcome to attend any future seminars. This past weekend my wife and I decided to give it one more try and went to Bluffton, SC. The person conducting the seminar was a real jerk. He demanded that we pay again, when I objected he told us to leave. My wife and I left along with a paying customer that was with us. Since then I have done a little investigating and found out some things of interest. 1.         These people have no resale license. Not state, not county, and not city. So much for reputable. 2.         The supplements they sell are not even FDA approved. 3.         The product label states the product is not designed to treat anything (Snake Oil). 4.         The method used is called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) designed and developed for one on one sessions and not group application. Possibly this explains the low success rate. My advice would be to find an actual professional licensed physiologist who does this kind of thing.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #521693
Nov 09 2009
03:51 PM
Marshall Reddick Seminars Marshall Reddick Seminars Investors Beware! Fox News Reports on Marshall Reddick Internet
In case you have been educating yourself about real estate investing, and are thinking of making an investment through Marshall Reddick Seminars or Marshall Reddick Realty....THINK AGAIN! As you can see from other postings, Marshall Reddick is deliberately misrepresenting investment opportunities and is committing fraud, leaving his network investors with only losses, while he walks off with commissions and is trying to clear away loans of pending lawsuits by filing Chapter 11. Fox News just investigated Mr. Reddick's scheme and just aired the following news story.  Here is the link to the broadcast... Don't make the same mistake...stay away from Reddick and spread the word so that others do not fall into the same trap.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #373954
Sep 17 2008
05:49 PM
Maverick Seminars / Danniel Williams Maverick Seminars / Danniel Williams owner ripped me off too... Chandler Arizona
My company was contacted by Maverick Seminars to sell a seminar by Tom Hopkins to be held in San Diego. We spent $250.00 a piece for this seminar and it was cancelled at the last minute. I contacted Maverick Seminars and was told the ticket were non refundable but we could attend a seminar held by Danniel Williams, that is not what I paid for. I called Tom Hopkins International and to my suprise was e-mailed the following; Thank you for copying me on you email to Danniel Williams. We understand your dilemma. We have heard from other people who have the same concerns. Maverick Seminars and Tom Hopkins International are independent companies. Maverick Seminars sets the date, secures the location and hires Tom Hopkins to speak. When they cancelled the March 26th San Diego program, it was a surprise to us too. Obviously, they didn't contact the ticket holders either as several people came to the seminar only to find out that the event had been cancelled. This is totally unacceptable and we sincerely apologize for the situation it has put everyone in. Since the ticket money was collected by Maverick Seminars, they are the ones who will need to solve this dilemma for you. At this time, Mr. Williams also has a substantial outstanding balance owed to Tom Hopkins International. All we can do at this point is share our concern and yours with Mr. Williams, the owner of the company, and ask him to contact you. Know that he will not be representing Tom Hopkins any time in the near future. Sincerely,SharonTHI Web Team Obviously this company and the owner has a problem fulfilling their obligations so please take this e-mail as a warning to not pay any of your hard earned money to Maverick Seminars as you will not get what you were promised. For more information on this shady Maverick Seminars please google and scroll down to read many, many more comments on how people were ripped off by Maverick Seminars. Bad way to do business Mr. Williams. Pattie T. San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #357239
Jul 29 2008
11:22 PM
Maverick Seminars Scam to sell bogus Tom Hopkins seminars Chandler Arizona
A rep for Maverick called Nick came to our office to sell participation in a Tom Hopkins training that was supposed to happen in Carlsbad, CA, in May 2008. We were assured that Tom Hopkins himself would be leading this sales training. Nick is about 5'10, 185lbs, caucasian, pale skin, dark blonde/light brown hair, is a smooth talker, dresses professionally and has a good pitch, but he doesn't carry business cards (red flag). He sold admission to this supposed event at $159 to six people. About a week prior to the supposed seminar, we received anonymous notification from Customer Service at Maverick that the event had been cancelled, with no specific date as to when it would be re-scheduled. We called Tom Hopkin's organization and they were as pissed off as us at Maverick for defaulting on monies owed. We attempted to call Maverick numerous times, but you will never be able to get through and speak to a live a person. I disputed the charge through my credi card company, but after 3 months of back and forth they have put forth information that supposedly indicates no money is refundable after 3 days of purchase. I'm contesting the autghenticity of this documentation through the credit card company. Their billing specialist is a lady by the name Jessica Hoffman. Jessica claims that we were given an audio training disk at the presentation - not true. She also claims that we were told that we were actually buying a gift card for Maverick products and trainings - not true. To date none of us has any audio training disk or a gift card redeemable for training or product. This company, Jessica Hoffman, and her associates have gone to great lengths to deny the refund. It's odd coming froma company that supposedly teaches good sales skills - all reputable trainers I've ever dealt with have a no-questions asked refund policy, 100% satisfaction guranteed. Not Maverick Seminars. Buyer beware, Maverick Seminars is a shameless scam to ripp you off. Ripped off by maverick seminars San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
16, Report #369071
Sep 03 2008
03:48 AM
PSI Seminars Phoenix PSI Seminars is what YOU make of it Phoenix Arizona
I first became aware of PSI seminars in November of 2001. I was introduced to it/them by my girlfriend at the time (later to be my wife, then my ex-wife). I have since attended the Basic course, PSI7 and Men's Leadership. And yes, the total I shelled out for all of these was close to $7500. I found the teachings and phylosophies to be very sound and meaningful. The methods used to enforce those teachings were very effective and impactful. During the Basic course I cried for the first time in 17 years, and I consider PSI7 the best 7 consecutive days of my life. I am today much more aware of what is really taking place than ever before. I know it is me that holds me back, and that I am responsible for everything that takes place in my life. I may have gotten to this point without PSI. But PSI definately pushed me here and I am grateful. So you can say I pro-PSI. At the same time, I have encountered PSI graduates who bug the crap out of me; who, everytime I see them, ask me about playing PLD and what program I am holding onto that prevents me from moving forward. I haven't personally experienced anyone who left their wife or husband because they 'were enlightened' but I don't doubt that it has happened. And I don't doubt that there are those who, after reconsidering, wish they hadn't acted as they did. I have a message for you people: THAT'S LIFE. The underlying principals of PSI (YOU are responsible for your life and for not letting your programs limit you) hold true. So, stop blaming PSI, God, your wife, your husband, Mom, dad, whomever. Dave in phx phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
17, Report #837631
Feb 11 2012
01:39 PM
Armando Montelongo Seminars Deceptive Trade Practices San Antonio, Texas
Armando Montelongo Seminars are a rip-off. By using Deceptive Trade Practices the 3-day Seminar Attendee's are bombarded with Success Testimonials from previous seminar students.  What they don't tell you is that these students are in a program called the Master Mentor Program, which is not offered at the 3-day event, but is solicited to the students at the Property Flipping Bus Tour.  This is a guaranteed house to flip program for an extra $25,000.  This program then matches participants with investors and they are guaranteed a flip. I attended the 3-day event in Denver,  May of 2011.  I signed up for the top program they offered at the event which was the Diamond Elite Membership.  Not until the last day of the Property Flipping Bus tour was I solicited for the Master Mentor Program.  I was told for $25,000 more I could be guaranteed a successful house to flip and split the profits with an Investor lined up by Armando Montelongo Seminars.   In retrospect, I thought that the people in the testimonials were average students like me that attended the bus tour.  But they are not.  They have paid extra for the opportunity to get a guaranteed flip.  With over 400 people attending the bus flipping tour and only two or three real estate agents, hardly anyone who does not pay the extra $25,000 can even bid on a house. I feel I was taken advantage of using Deceptive Business Practices.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
18, Report #231272
Jan 18 2007
01:05 PM
Goyareb Seminars Jack-Leg Hypnotist Medicine Peddler ripoff Randolph New Jersey
I went and took advantage of this hypnotism scam. At the end of the evening, the man that was leading the seminar, Michael P., he sounds just like Regis Philbin, took me aside and told me that I am going to die and that I must buy the supplements, at least a month supply. I did with hesitation because I felt that maybe everything had to be done together. I have yet to take the supplements. I want my money back but they say you have to wait 28 days before you can get a refund. I want my refund NOW!! Sandra Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Randolph, New Jersey
19, Report #1028454
Mar 14 2013
12:31 AM
PSI SEminars why won't they refund classes san francisco, California
My daughter was talked into taking this class, her previous employer thought it would help her because she lost her husband and boys during Katrina. Personally, I thought she had learned to grieve and was handling her losses very well, however, after taking the class she started having severe nightmares and depression. My daughter also has AML, which she and her twin sister have shared growing up. We lost her sister last April to the illness. My daughter went throught a bout of Pneumonia in February which has exasperated her AML.We tried contacting PSI SEminars to get ger money refunded minus expected administrative and refund fees, and have recieved numerous runarounds. Nothing in the documents my daughter received ever told her that almost $7500 for the two courses she signed up for were not refundable. So if this is a legitimate company why would they not refund fees wither a customers has an illness or second thoughts the money belongs to the hard earned efforts of the payee not the receivee, if they have not taken the classes yet.I was told I must submit documentation from the hospital to receive her money back, my daughter is not working now, is sick, has no insurance to pay for medical expenses, and the hospitals have told us if there is money to gain from the refunds, they will also try to attach it for the medical expenses, so I am afraid to ask for ths documentation while she is receiving treatments from state services ect.... Either way my daughter looses (she needs this money while she is unable to work), and I am stuck paying for her storage fees for personal items, and she can't get them to give her the money back so she would have something to fall back on while she is not working .My daughter tells me that she would proably have re-signed for classes in the future because she did hope to gain some valueable skills from the courses, but now that she has been given such a run around and read the other reviews, she doesn't believe in the system anymore.I truely believe that no seminar or any type business has the right to impose a no refund clause on courses or services not taken, and this should have been explained when she sighed up, not with held. I am sorry to say that as soon as my daughter is able we will be submitting a small claims case against PSI Seminars, because the money should be return, she is not physically able to take these additionl course, and after the 3 day seminars awakening the repressed emotions of her husband and childrens loss, I wouldn't think she should complete the additioanl course for emotional sake., but I am only her mother, what do I know. I love daughter and want her to be happy and well. But, from what I have read PSI is not th way to help her.
Entity: san francisco, California
20, Report #1077099
Aug 19 2013
01:33 PM
Fred Pryor Seminars Career Track Seminars Paid for Incorrect Data Internet
 I am a business and accounting consultant and attended a Payroll Law seminar by Fred Pryor Seminars in hopes of learning about upcoming changes to Payroll Law and Obamacare Rules.  The instructor was very interesting in his presentation and kept everyone's attention.  He seemed very knowledgeable and had a PhD behind his name.  Sounded real good.  In this class he told us we had to keep I-9 forms separate from Personnel Files and under separate lock and key.  We were also told we could be fined very strongly for failing to do this.  Therefore, upon completion of the course, I quickly started a list of all clients and informed them that I needed to do a Personnel File audit, separate the I-9s and supporting data, and store them on my busniess server to keep them compliant with Federal Law. After going through 11 hours of working on client files, one of those clients is a daycare, and the owner said she would be OK with the change except that the State required I-9s in the Personnel Files.  She wanted me to print out the Federal Law that states otherwise to cover her butt when the state came in on their annual visit.  I proceeded to search Federal Law via the internet and found nothing stating that I-9s needed to be filed separately.  In fact, federal websites stated the opposite.  Eleven hours of work, 6 hours of class, $199 in course fees, and $1200 in unbillable time is what Fred Pryor cost me!  Not to mention that I had to go back to the six other clients I had already fixed and tell them I was wrong.  Fred Pryor reimbursed me $199 for the course, but I am still waiting for reimbursement on the reference materials I (also) purchased and returned because of this flub up.  And I will never get the $1200 in lost time. Never, never again will I attend another Fred Pryor/Career Track Seminar!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1252312
Sep 01 2015
02:51 PM
22, Report #384779
Oct 25 2008
01:13 PM
Danniel Williams Of Maverick Seminars Tom Hopkins / Maverick Seminars Rip Off San Diego California
Thank you Sharon for your response from Tom Hopkins Inc. I have great news though another speaker has come to my manager and offered to honor our tickets to attend his seminar in San Diego in March 2009. What a stand up guy!!! We greatly appreciate this man and we are all looking forward to his seminar. Pattie T. San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
23, Report #110025
Sep 24 2004
03:18 PM
Fitztgerald Seminars Offers promise to settle debt then never heard from again Tampa Florida
Fitzgerald Seminars held a seminar at our hotel in May of this year. They received excellent services from our hotel, and failed to write a check as they promised at the end of their function. We spent weeks phoning and emailing the company with no response. Finally, after notifying them that we would contact our legal department, we received a FAX letter from Bob Fitzgerald. He stated financial hardships had been suffered by the company and that he would like an opportunity to settle his debt. I believed him! He asked for a payment schedule of $300.00 a month, to be paid off by the end of the year. This was August 5, 2004. We agreed to this payment plan, but we never heard from him. Not a phone call. Not a return email. I even emailed him 2 times in September and not a courtesy reply to tell us his company folded. I hear it from my corporate office who is laughing at me because I believed his letter and didn't send him and his company's debt to collections by our legal department. Communication is vital in business, and he should realize that communication would have caused much less frustration on his vendor's part and his employees. Honesty is always the best avenue. I think he started that way, but didn't end that way. Terri Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
24, Report #110731
Sep 29 2004
12:13 PM
Bob Fitzgerald Seminars, Real Estate Programs ripoff! Fraud! Tampa Florida
I too got ripped off by Bob Fitzgerald Seminars and am going to make a report to my Attorney General in Arizona. At the free seminar we were told that Bob himself would be teaching the seminar and that if we didn't feel the seminar was worth it we could cancel after the seminar and get our money back. Well Bob didn't show to teach the seminar and I felt that everything taught at the seminar was what I had heard at the free seminar. Not feeling the seminar was worth it I put in my cancellation letter and was told I would have a refund in 30 days. No refund came 30 days later so I disputed the charge with my credit card. Now I just found out that the dispute went to arbitration and the Fitzgerald company said I wasn't entitled to a refund just because a specific speaker didn't conduct the program - did they forget about the fact that I had asked for a refund in the time period they required to get a refund? Obviously they had full intentions of never returning my money and ripping me off. Bob has left a bad taste in my mouth about ever buying anything at any seminar again. Nancy Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
25, Report #118492
Nov 17 2004
04:31 PM
Gorayeb Seminars Ripoff 110% guarantee reimbursement Rockaway New Jersey
I am writing to let you know that I have contacted the Gorayeb office about reimbursement. They stated that I had to attend two more seminars for the stop smoking program, so I asked them if there was a list of seminars within reasonable distance to possibly attend. They stated that they would get me out some seminar information, to which to this date I have not received anything. My daughter also had attended the losing weight program. I do still have copies of the newspaper clippings that stated 100% guarantee on the weight loss, and 110% on the quit smoking programs. in these ads it does not state anything about having to attend more than one seminar. My daughter attended the weight loss 9-20-04, and my husband and I attend the stop smoking on 9-21-04. We did infact buy the vitamins they stated would be very helpful in both seminars. I would like to contact the Better Business Bureau in that area to report fraudulent ads. As well as to being able to get reimbursed for any unopened vitamins and the cost of the seminars. That is what the newspaper clippings stated. Josette Rock Springs, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Rockaway, New Jersey

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